Qualia XXX: The BASICS (continued): Creating the Past and the Future, in the Present! From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUFD

Qualia XXX: The BASICS (continued): Creating the Past and the Future, in the Present!

Exploring QUFD Principles,
from the QUFD website,
at: http://go.to/QUFD

By Father Jerome

    Note: This continuation of Explorations into the Basics of QUFD Physics continues the process, without however, the participation of Dr. Ruquist of Harvard University. Thusly, this Monograph is merely further contemplation thereof and thereon by Jerome.

    "I don't understand it... Corporeality and this side of the fence (speaking of the invisible 'fence' between the Known world, i.e., Corporeality, and the Unknown 'world', i.e., Incorporeality!) Corporeality is so complex and unknown, at least to me, and it is unreal, untruthful, inhumane, inhuman, and so terribly unimagineable, in its realities, its grotesqueries and its complexity! On the other hand, the 'other side of the fence', what everyone calls the Unknown and Incorporeality, is also complex but its 'complexity' is so simple, to perceive, to 'see' (in one's Mind!), and to understand! Yes, there are infinities of complexities, between the infinitesimal and infinity, but the understanding of all these complex relationships and 'realities' is... just so simple, to comprehend and to understand! It is like the one big, gigantic jig-saw-puzzle of humanity that I have spoken about over there, on that corporeal side of the fence, except that now the gigantic jig-saw-puzzle I am speaking of is actually here, on the Unknown 'side of the fence', and that jig-saw-puzzle is the Cosmos and everything in it, down to the most excruciating detail! And it is a jig-saw-puzzle because it all fits together 'over here', meaning that everything is truthful and factual and fits together and cooperates with everything else 'over here'... even Negativity and Positivity, in their 'opposition' to each other, can be 'seen' so simply! I am glad and Thankful to be able to understand such 'complexity' as does exist 'over here', because that complexity over there, on the Corporeal side of the fence, is way beyond me!

    Because, how in the world is one supposed to begin to comprehend and understand, just the News of one minute's time, as reported from 'over there', in the real world, when that one-minute of news is so terrible, in human loss and tragedy? ""BBC News reports that today, in the nation of Chad, Africa, in one of several refugee camps just across the border from the inhumanities and raw tragedies occurring in the African nation of Sudan... a 2 day-old baby has been born into poverty! A further News item for this minute of the day, in Sbrenicia, Bosnia, as an aftermath of the horrible genocide of the recent Bosnian-Serbian war, investigators today found a mass grave, of over 7000 mutilated bodies! And in the latest minute-by-minute News from Iraq, the fighting in Fallujah... ""

    And on and on it goes! Over here, on this 'side of the fence', I can 'see' the exact 'dynamics' taking place, which cause it all to happen over there in Corporeality, and I can 'see' the obvious cooperation-of-all-of-humanity which is needed to eliminate such atrocities 'over there', but I am 'over here', not 'over there', in my Mind, and... Damn, I'm downright afraid to even step 'over the fence', into Corporeality, and all the competition, war, savagery and such, 'over there', which are the results of the 'dynamics' coming from this 'side of the fence'! It is easy to 'see' the scientific 'realities' that occur 'over here', as to everything that happens 'over there', and it is merely the observation of such 'mechanisms' as they occur, with no violence or bloodshed or tragedies to see! But when these 'dynamics', from 'over here', get translated by the human brain and body into their corporeal realities of that corporeal world 'over there'... Well, as I've said, the violence, tragedy and bloodshed is more than I can stand! I hope someone, and all of us, can someday 'rise to the challenge', and do something about the situation! As for me, it is safe 'over here', because all I have to do is simply avoid monsters, Black Holes, etc.... "


  1. I'm going to start this Exploration with a very basic fact and reality of QUFD Physics, which I will then be compelled to elaborate further upon in scientific and factual detail! And that fact is, that the Past and the Future can be created and even changed, here in the Present! But, in order to explain such a 'reality' at the equivalent of the molecular-scale or even larger, I am going to have to start at the quantum-level, and not the quantum-level of Corporeality, but the quantum-level of Incorporeality or Undifferentiated Relativity! (And if the Reader, at this point, is not familiar at least with those two terms... Well, you will just have to start over, in your perusal of this Textbook, such as with the Monograph "QUFD: An Introspective!")

  2. Actually, before I do so (proceed with discussion of this topic), I want to review and reiterate a most important 'aside' to these discussions, which I believe I have mentioned before elsewhere on the pages of the QUFD Textbook, but which I'd like to repeat here and now. And this concerns my use of 'quotes', or actually 'double quotes' (not "quotes", although sometimes this form may show up!)

  3. And in order to explain such linguistics use more fully, I will have to herewith give the Reader an adequate and detailed description of exactly what are the implications of 'quoting' something, versus not quoting it! Actually, here is an example of one of my favorite ways of explaining opposites, which is necessary quite often in explaining QUFD: the use of what might be called 'double apostrophe quotes', or simply 'quotes' (rather than "quotes"). 'Quoting' a word or phrase generally means some form of opposition, or opposite nature or state, than the word or phrase would normally imply! (But it also could mean an un-truth, or something less than the word implies, while at the same time, it could instead imply a truth and something greater than the ordinary word might imply! Exactly which case applies, in such a use, is up to the Reader to determine from the context of the text! Which means, of course, that the Reader must really and truly understand the context of what is being discussed! This is just another means of insuring that a Reader, who actually takes the time and effort to truly understand the contextual-level of any discussion, will certainly and accurately understand the content of any discussion, no matter how difficult such might be! Here is where my 5 year-old friends can really 'shine', in understanding such discussion and concepts, when even adults might find it hard to do so, due to the typical adult-preference to 'skim-over' something, i.e., 'surfing', in Web lingo, rather than truly 'digesting' it, context as well as content, as my erstwhile 5 year-old friends are sure to do!)

  4. An example might be 'unknown' versus known (certainly relevant 'terms', with regard to much of what I discuss on these pages!) And in this case, 'unknown' certainly (and perhaps doubly, considering the prefix un-) implies the opposite of known! A more accurate example is 'reality' versus reality, where one might think that 'reality' means not real or unreal, when it does actually mean something that is 'real', but of a 'state' or 'nature' that might normally be considered as the opposite of physical and material reality! And such distinctions become most important here, when one is trying to explain the Unknown! (Capitalizing something also precludes 'quotes', when the opposition is apparent!) Accordingly, besides the use of 'quotes', we also have several established scientific terms to distinguish which 'side of the fence' (between the Known and Unknown) we are talking about, and those terms are Corporeality (the physical/material world) and Incorporeality (the non-physical/non-material 'world'), as well as Differentiated Relativity (i.e., Corporeality) versus Undifferentiated Relativity (i.e., Incorporeality)!

  5. Okay, I think I have made my point here, as to the linguistic use of 'quotes', so I will go on here with the main discussion.

  6. And just to make sure that the Reader hereof has the 'context' of this discussion correct, I want to go back to the words I used previously herein above, when I said that I will have to detail the quantum-level of 'reality' in order that the Reader might then understand the molecular-scale-level of something! And I think the very 'loaded' word used therewith was the word equivalent! And that word is very important here, because I am NOT talking about molecular-physics here at all, which would put the discussion on the Known, or Corporeal 'side of the fence'! And since molecular-physics, deriving from the corporeal quantum forces, fields and gravity, are all on the Corporeal 'side of the fence', I doubly want to make sure that the Reader understands that such is NOT the 'context' of which I speak!

  7. I am talking about the EQUIVALENT of such a scale-level of reality, a 'reality' that exists on the other 'side of the fence', the Incorporeal side, rather than the Corporeal, or Known, side of the fence! Because, the 'equivalent' scale-level of molecular-physics, on the incorporeal 'side of the fence', is yet undifferentiated and unitary (as is all 'reality', within Incorporeality!), but is merely 'larger', which is a distinction that is extremely hard to define when everything, and anything, within Incorporeality, is unitary and exists everywhere and anywhere in the Cosmos!

  8. So, in order to even clarify that 'concept', I am going to have to go even more basic yet in definition! And the defining term here, is non-local versus local! First of all, most anyone can realize that the term local implies not only things that are close to each other, but are also associated with each other, by reason of affinity, purpose, reason for existence and such! Thusly, local is Corporeal and of Differentiated Relativity (where everything is different, unique, and separated from each other, in some manner of time and space!) And that is a further key there, in defining local, that of time and space, or spacetime! Because anything that exists within Corporeality exists within spacetime!

  9. Okay, non-local! (Or even 'non-local', meaning non-local emphasized, NOT meaning the opposite of non-local, or local!) Actually, to avoid possible confusion here, I will try to stick to the use of non-local, rather than 'non-local'. Non-local might be defined by Classical Newtonian Physics and Quantum Mechanics as "quantum coherence over a distance", which, to a certain extent is true, but such a definition only tells half the story, plus it is defective in meaning, in that the word 'distance' might imply the reality of spacetime when such is not the case!

  10. This is not to say that spacetime cannot exist within Incorporeality (it CAN!), but that any 'spacetime' that should exist, or be created, within any 'condensate' of incorporeality, has NO RELEVANCE thereto THAT particular 'condensate' of incorporeality, but is, instead, a 'function', or 'dynamic', of a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT 'condensate' of incorporeality, which has 'created' that spacetime and which lies outside OF THAT SPACETIME and adjacent thereto!

  11. "WHOA! Wait a minute, here! Didn't you say that all 'reality' inside a 'condensate' of Incorporeality was UNDIFFERENTIATED? But now, you just used the term 'different', in your explanation of non-locality! What goes???"

  12. Okay, I can see where I am going to have to get even more basic yet, so Pardon this incomplete definition of non-locality, but I will have to come back to it to complete it after the following further basics!

  13. Before I do so however, let me interject here another definition of a term that I just mentioned in the previous paragraph - relevance, or relativity, pertaining to our very important terms Differentiated Relativity versus Undifferentiated Relativity! Relativity itself is important within the 'state' of Incorporeality and it is here where a further and accurate understanding of the term 'different' is important! Because, within a unitary and coherent 'condensate' of Incorporeality, the very basic 'reality' is that everything everywhere is unitary and coherent and One (of Oneness or Wholeness!), which also applies to all sub-condensates or 'condensates' of Incorporeality that exist WITHIN the overall or Ultimate Condensate of Incorporeality! And it is this basic unitary and coherent 'nature' of any and all 'condensates' of Incorporeality that does cause or result in the unique 'dynamics' that any and all such 'condensates' can perform as part of the overall 'dynamics' which are executed within such a 'condensate' relative to the purpose or reason for the existence of that particular 'condensate' of incorporeality, as well as, in relation to our main topic of this discussion, the 'creation' of the Past or Future, from the Present! However, even though Oneness and Unity prevails at the basic level of any 'condensate', each 'condensate', as I just noted, is different FROM any other 'condensate', again because each 'condensate' exists for a specific reason or purpose, which is realized in the specific 'dynamics' that occur within any 'condensate' relevant thereto its reason/purpose for existence! So, the further 'reality' is that, not only are our 'condensates' of Incorporeality UNDIFFERENTIATED from each other at the basic level, but above that basic level, they ARE 'DIFFERENT' from each other as to reason/purpose! This is the exact opposite of such relativity as applied to Corporeality!

  14. Let me explain this further by comparing, say, the micromolecular-level with the macro-molecular-level (of Corporeality!), which would be the 'micromolecular-level and macromolecular-level' of Incorporeality, because such 'levels' CANNOT EXIST within Incorporeality, and thusly the terms are used here only to presuppose comparisons! In Corporeality, at the micro- (and thusly quantum!) levels, as well as at macro- levels, Differentiated Relativity means that everything is unique and separate or DIFFERENT, while, at the same time, such differences DO HAVE A RELATIVITY, or relevance, to or for each other, in some way, meaning and implying 'affinity'! However, within Incorporeality, the situation is opposite and reversed, as to both 'differentiation' AND 'relativity'! Because, UNDIFFERENTIATED RELATIVITY (i.e., Incorporeality!) means that everything is Undifferentiated, or NOT different, at the micro- or quantum-basic level, where Unity and Oneness prevails, BUT, at the macro-'quantum' level (if it might be called such!), DIFFERENCE DOES PREVAIL, meaning that any and every 'condensate' of incorporeality, HAS NO RELEVANCE or 'relativity' TO ANY OTHER 'condensate', AT SUCH LEVEL, but ONLY at the basic-quantum level! So actually, we could say that EVERY 'condensate' of Incorporeality, IS DIFFERENT AND UNIQUE, and further, has NO 'relationship' (at a macro-'quantum' level!) with any other 'condensate' of Incorporeality! However, EVERY ONE of our incorporeal 'condensates' also has the unique quality of EXISTING EVERYWHERE IN THE COSMOS simultaneously! And the reason for that is that they are ALL UNDIFFERENTIATED or NOT different from each other at the basic level, where Unity and Oneness prevails, which also means that they (ALL 'condensates' of incorporeality!) are NOT 'related' or relevant, to each other (which would imply difference!), but instead are of a 'relativity' which is One or Whole! This then further means that EVERY 'condensate', as well as existing EVERYWHERE simultaneously, is ALSO existing (extant!) WITHIN the exact same 'point-locations' of existence as every other 'condensate'! (We cannot use the term 'spacetime' within Incorporeality, because spacetime does not exist within Incorporeality, so we use 'point-location' to identify what-it-is-that-exists-at-the-exact-same-point-location-as-anything-else!) The final point here being, that anything within Incorporeality can just as well occupy the exact same point-location of existence as anything else, and yet NOT KNOW OF such other 'realities' AT ALL, which might exist at that very same point-location! In fact, since all 'condensates' of Incorporeality are unitary and coherent at the most basic level, therefore ALL 'condensates' do likewise exist simultaneously at any and every 'point-location' in the Cosmos, WITHOUT them necessarily 'knowing' this (because of 'differences' of purpose/reason-for-existence ABOVE the most basic level)! This, however, excludes all Sentience and Knowing which exists at the most basic 'quantum' levels of God and Lucifer and such, because at such basic levels of 'quantum' Unity, EVERYTHING is certainly KNOWN by and about everything else in the Cosmos!

  15. Okay, to get back to our earlier terminology discussion, let us now examine the very basic nature and 'state', or 'landscape', of a 'condensate' of Incorporeality! The ONLY thing, that one will find, within a BEC 'condensate' of incorporeality, is the quantum axion particle (or waves!) Sorry! NO other kind of quantum particles, waves, or quantum forces, fields or gravity, exist within a 'condensate' of Incorporeality, because all of such 'entities' or Life-forms are corporeal, and therefore can only exist within the spacetime of a condensate of Corporeality! HOWEVER, this does not preclude the existence of such 'entities', etc., within a 'condensate' of Incorporeality, WHEN such 'entities', etc. actually exist within a condensate of Corporeality which itself is extant WITHIN a larger 'condensate' of Incorporeality that has NO RELATIONSHIP (primarily!) with the existing spacetime-condensate of Corporeality!

  16. PLUS, I need to say here, that all of the corporeal quantum forces, fields and gravity that I just mentioned (although NOT quantum 'entities', meaning anything larger than basic forces and fields!) and of which I just spoke, ARE actually 'there', within any 'condensate' of incorporeality, but they are invisible, as it might be said! In other words, they do NOT exist, but they DO 'exist', but even their 'existence' cannot truly be considered to be 'real', because of the fact that they are 'there', BUT IN A DIFFERENT FORM! Yes, the corporeal quantum forces, fields and gravity are 'there', within a unitary 'condensate' of Incorporeality, but they 'exist' in the form of the quantum axion particles of Consciousness! In other words, they are contained within EACH SINGLE quantum axion particle! Not only that, all the corporeal quantum forces, fields and gravity can be found WITHIN EVERY quantum axion particle that exists! But they (the corporeal quantum forces, fields and gravity!) are actually the invisible twin-equivalent of what might be called the 'visible' quantum axion particle (which is not visible, but is invisible, because it only exists within Incorporeality!)

  17. Also, the incorporeal quantum axion particle is the condensed-form of all those corporeal quantum forces, fields and gravity that 'exist' within each and every axion particle! (Considering the significance of the containment of such tremendous powers within just one quantum axion particle, I am sure the Reader hereof can thusly comprehend the further 'reality' and fact that such a single axion particle can actually 'exist' everywhere in the Cosmos simultaneously! Also, if mankind ever thought that mere nuclear and atomic power was tremendous, imagine the tremendous 'power' that could be unleashed from a single quantum axion particle that contains ALL of the corporeal quantum forces, fields and gravity of the entire UNIVERSE!)

  18. So, within a 'condensate' of incorporeality all is truly condensed and each axion has tremendous powers condensed within itself! And when that axion (or axions!) need to 'create' spacetime, or a condensate of Corporeality, anywhere and anytime, those 'condensed' powers within the axion particle are un-condensed, or expanded, back to the essential and fully-extant corporeal forces, fields and gravity, which now exist within the spacetime of that condensate of Corporeality which has been 'created' and which does thusly enable all of the actions and functionality of any and all dynamics that take place within that condensate of Corporeality (and I use the term dynamics here as the opposite of the 'dynamics' which take place within a 'condensate' of Incorporeality!)

  19. Now I am going to have to bring in here another important 'aside', that must be made in order to facilitate the accurate understanding of both the context and content of this discussion! And such 'asides' are doubly-important here, in order to prevent the typical misunderstanding-of-linear-thinking, that many Classically-trained Physicists might so engage in, in their attempts to 'scientifically and mathematically' define a 'reality' or concept from the perspective of Corporeal-reality-thinking, wherein mathematically-derived corporeal-scientific law and principle might be used to try to understand the 'unknown', or Incorporeality! Again, as I have said many times, such orthodox linear-thinking and Classical Newtonian Physics and Quantum Mechanics (and the Mathematics thereof!), DO NOT APPLY to Incorporeality and the 'dimensions' and 'realities' of the Unknown!

  20. So the 'aside' that I will have to address here is the mistaken 'notion', by those of linear-thinking, that since we have used the term 'distance', that we are thusly talking about spacetime! We are NOT! But we ARE talking about 'distance' and the quantum 'state' of coherence of the quantum axion particles of Consciousness, at a 'distance', meaning that EACH and EVERY quantum axion particle, does EXIST EVERYWHERE and anywhere WITHIN THE COSMOS! So the 'distance' here, as opposed to a state or nature of distance that might so imply spacetime, or the certain limitations of a particular spacetime, does instead imply the 'state' or 'nature' of BEING EVERYWHERE POSSIBLE SIMULTANEOUSLY! Which is certainly quite different from the definition of a limited spacetime-of-existence and distance!

  21. Now, with further regards to my discussion of the 'basics-of-coherence', as to the basic 'state' of existence of a 'condensate' of Incorporeality, I have already stated that quantum axion particles and waves are the ONLY thing to be found in the GROUND-STATE 'landscape' of any individual and particular 'condensate' of Incorporeality! (And here we have 'implied', as the Reader might correctly note, some kind of 'difference', between various 'condensates' of Incorporeality, which subject I will address in the next discussion following herewith!) Actually, in accord with the basic laws and principles of BEC condensates and QUFD Physics, 'coherence' of the quantum axion particles (and waves thereof!), of any and all 'condensates' of incorporeality, does exist everywhere and anywhere in the Cosmos, thus basically defining our term non-local! Such 'coherence' does thusly further define the unitary 'state' or 'nature' of a 'condensate' of Incorporeality, wherein all of the corporeal quantum forces, fields and gravity do 'exist' in such a unitary 'state' and as embodied within each and every quantum axion particle therein such 'condensate' of Incorporeality!

  22. Now, however, such unity and coherence, of the ground-state of ANY 'condensate' of Incorporeality, DOES NOT PRECLUDE the quantum axion particles thereof from being of either of TWO OPPOSING 'flavors', that of Positive Consciousness and that of Negative Consciousness! Thusly, our coherent and unitary ground-state, of almost any 'condensate' of Incorporeality (but NOT ALL 'condensates', in that there ARE 'condensates' of Incorporeality which are exclusively of one 'flavor' or the other!), has both quantum axion particles of Positive Consciousness as well as quantum axion particles of Negative Consciousness! And the 'reality' here is the necessity (if it might so be called such!) of such a basic 'coherence' within which exists the necessary Duality of Order versus Chaos! Thusly, as Positivity versus Negativity does exist throughout the Cosmos, so is such a Duality reflected in most 'condensates' of Incorporeality, where Order derives from Positivity (God-Consciousness!) and Chaos derives from Negativity (or Lucifer-Consciousness!) And so we also have, existing within the Ultimate Condensate of the Cosmos, the Dualities of God versus Lucifer, Positivity versus Negativity, Heaven versus Hell (or Hades!), and Good versus Evil, and so on!

  23. So, to conclude this discussion of the character, or nature or 'state', of the ground-state of a 'condensate' of Incorporeality (which is also called a 'landscape', especially when subjected to the further morphogenetic changes that nominally occur in that 'landscape' when it does subsequently experience the 'functions and dynamics' that do usually occur within any 'condensate' of incorporeality!), let me reiterate that the basic, unitary 'state', of a 'condensate' of Incorporeality, is composed of quantum axion particles (and waves!), which are coherent and non-local and exist everywhere in the Cosmos simultaneously, with, additionally, the existence of two 'flavors' of said quantum axion particles, Positivity and Negativity, as well as Order versus Chaos, which nominally exist side-by-side within most all 'condensates' of Incorporeality! However, the existence of such a basic ground-state DOES NOT IMPLY ANY ACTION, OR FUNCTIONING, OR DYNAMICS, occurring within such a 'condensate'! All of these 'attributes', as we shall call them, contribute TO the very 'differences' between any and all 'condensates' of Incorporeality, such 'differences' specifically related TO these two reasons: First, the 'dynamics' that occur within said 'condensate'; and Second, the PURPOSE or 'reason' FOR the existence of that 'condensate'! And let me note here one final remark regarding our 'condensates' of Incorporeality: Even though the actions and 'dynamics', that might nominally take place within such a 'condensate', do contribute to the various 'differences' and differing-outputs that any specific 'condensate' might so produce, the BASIC unitary 'state' and coherent nature of ALL Incorporeal 'condensates' TOGETHER, is yet UNDIFFERENTIATED and UNITARY, as to the existence everywhere of such 'condensates', AND of the quantum axion particles (and waves!) which so comprise a 'condensate' of Incorporeality!

  24. Okay, to get back to my previous discussion wherein I used the term 'different', I believe I just partially explained why there might be a 'difference' between 'condensates' of Incorporeality when each and every one of them are Undifferentiated and Unitary! But, the major reason for any and all 'difference' is this: Over and above the existence of the basic unitary and coherent 'state' of the ground-state of any 'condensate' of Incorporeality, IS: THE BASIC REASON OR PURPOSE for the very existence of that 'condensate' of Incorporeality! And here is where most linear-thinking Quantum 'Mechanics' and Classical Newtonian Physicists might have troubles understanding the very basic nature of a 'condensate' of Incorporeality! Because, THAT IS ALL they are concentrating on, i.e., the singular, coherent-nature OF a BEC condensate! Well, that might be the reality, of a corporeal BEC condensate, but it is certainly NOT the 'reality' of a 'condensate' of Incorporeality and Consciousness! Because, for a simple fact, which is: THAT ACTIONS AND 'DYNAMICS', HAVE TO OCCUR or take place, within that 'condensate', in order for there to be ANY OUTPUT THEREFROM! And such 'dynamics' therefore create 'differences' between 'condensates'!

  25. So, let's conclude this particular discussion regarding 'differences' with two very simple examples. Let us say that we have two 'condensates' of CORPOREALITY (which exist, as any 'condensate' does, specifically for the specific reason or purpose FOR that condensate's existence!) And, of course, we have the twin 'condensate' thereof each of these condensates of Corporeality, which is a 'condensate' of Incorporeality, FROM WHICH the condensate of Corporeality actually came into existence in the first place, i.e., ALL condensates of Corporeality are Life-forms, or groups of Life-forms (a condensate having a singular reason or purpose for any group to come together!), in that any and ALL condensates-of-Corporeality, are Life-forms which were 'born' or came-into-existence FROM CONSCIOUSNESS and are thusly likewise imbued WITH their own individual 'condensate' of Consciousness-Incorporeality, which I have noted elsewhere is the 'twin' of the condensate of Corporeality! In other words, EVERY Corporeal Life-form, or group of Life-forms, has a CONSCIOUSNESS, which is the 'twin' OF THAT condensate of Corporeality! Everyone and ALL of Corporeality has a 'condensate' of Consciousness and Incorporeality! ONE CANNOT EXIST WITHOUT THE OTHER! (Well, actually, I'll have to take that back, because we certainly can have 'condensates' of Incorporeality WITHOUT a 'twin' condensate of Corporeality, BUT NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND!)

  26. Anyway, what I need to say here to conclude this particular discussion is that, disregarding the condensates of Corporeality to a certain extent, what actually happens and takes place IN each one of those condensates of Corporeality, DEPENDS UPON THE OUTPUTS, and 'decisions-of-Consciousness', that are rendered and 'executed' FROM WITHIN each twin 'condensate' of Incorporeality! IN OTHER WORDS, the ACTIONS, the physical/material-world dynamics, that take place, ARE ALL rooted IN the 'dynamics' of Consciousness, that take place WITHIN the 'LANDSCAPE' of each one of those 'condensates' of Incorporeal-Consciousness of each of those corporeal Life-forms! ALL activity and Reality, that takes place in the visible and corporeal Known world, is actually the result OF those 'dynamics' that are instantaneously-occurring in the invisible and unknown incorporeal 'condensate' of Consciousness OF that condensate of Corporeality! (Our linear-thinking Quantum 'Mechanics' are yet, at this point, still contemplating the nature of the coherence of each 'condensate', and haven't even got to any of the 'dynamics' that are instantaneously 'roiling-up' each one of these 'landscapes' and thusly producing 'output' within the condensate of Corporeality associated with each one! Plus, our linear-mechanics may even yet be trying to understand the difference between a condensate of Corporeality and a 'condensate' of Incorporeality!)

  27. Incidentally, in one of our condensates of Corporeality, which is the condensate for the San Francisco Giants baseball team, slugger Barry Bonds just hit another home run, as a result of the instantaneous 'dynamics' of Consciousness of the entire team (the SF Giants 'condensate' of Consciousness-Incorporeality)! And in the other condensate of Corporeality, which is the condensate of the entire Iraqi Nation, the Iraqi Governing Council today tried to arrange a peaceful solution to the impasse between Coalition Forces and the Shiite Cleric al-Sadr, as a result of the instantaneous 'dynamics' of Consciousness of those people so Constituted as the Government of Iraq (the 'condensate' of Consciousness-Incorporeality of the Iraqi Nation)! But, our linear-thinking Quantum 'Mechanics' beheld, nor realized, neither one of those 'dynamics', because they are yet trying to comprehend the non-locality, coherence and unity of a 'condensate' of Incorporeality, from the Corporeal side of the fence as well, rather than actually 'seeing' such 'realities' in the Consciousness of their own Minds! When one has 'access' to Incorporeality via one's Mind or Soul, it is theoretically possible to be able to 'access' any and all other 'condensates' of Consciousness, of any form or nature whatsoever (I personally, Jerome, have enjoyed 'conversations-in-Consciousness', with that most-intelligent Life-form-species, an Ant!), throughout the Cosmos, because such 'access' is taking place within the atemporal and aspacial unity of that infinite 'condensate' of Consciousness, Infinite Consciousness (God)! Incidentally, a 'quid pro quo' here, though, as to 'access' to God! One has to be 'Invited', for such 'access' to occur!

  28. Okay, to continue the discussions that I had not as yet finished from previously herein this Monograph... Non-locality, and 'differences', within a 'condensate' of Incorporeality! Now, I can presume, I hope, with all of the previous discussion of basics, that the Reader hereof does now know and understand that all 'condensates' of Incorporeality are basically unitary, coherent and of a Oneness, at the most basic 'quantum' levels of the 'condensate', with each and every quantum axion particle thereof such a 'condensate' existing everywhere in the Cosmos, in a unitary 'state' that comprises the essential ground-state 'landscape' of that and those 'condensates'! Thus the term non-local can, more or less, be thusly self-defined, as likewise existing everywhere! And, again, as per our previous discussions herein, the reason for such a 'function' of incorporeality is that all of the corporeal quantum forces, fields and gravity are invisibly-'extant' and in a condensed-form, within each and every one of those quantum axion particles of Consciousness!

  29. As to 'differences' within a 'condensate' of Incorporeality, I trust that I can likewise presume that the Reader is now clear as to why and how 'differences' of reason and purpose-for-existence and the 'dynamics' of any 'landscape' relative to such reason/purpose, do constitute the basic reason that 'differences' do exist within 'condensates' of Incorporeality above the most quantum and basic levels of Unity and coherence and Oneness! But the Reader should also now understand that such 'differences' and the 'dynamics' thereof are actually a very 'real' result OF the Unity and non-locality of the very basic quantum levels, wherein all of the corporeal quantum forces, fields and gravity are also not only unitary, coherent and of a Oneness, but also are atemporal and aspacial (having NO spacetime!) AS A NOMINAL CONDITION OF their condensed 'existence' in such a 'state'! Additionally, to get back to our main subject of discussion herein this Monograph, there being no spacetime extant within any 'condensate' of Incorporeality (at the basic 'quantum' levels!), therefore the Past, the Present and the Future ARE ALSO unitary and One, at any point-location of such Incorporeality!

  30. And, at this point, I also can presume that the Reader hereof now completely understands the use of the term 'everywhere', as such does so pertain to the basic 'quantum' levels and the unitary 'state' of existence of any 'condensate' of Incorporeality, and thusly any further 'dynamics' that shall occur within any specific 'condensate' which are, in effect, based upon the fact of that 'everywhereness' and Unity OF the basic 'state' of existence of any and all incorporeal 'condensates'! In other words, what I am saying, relative to our subject/topic of discussion, creation of the Past and/or Future in the Present, is that any quantum axion wave 'function' (NOT referring to mathematical functions, which do not exist within Incorporeality, but merely referring to a 'dynamic' of quantum axion waves, or particles-in-motion, relative to the timelessness of their very basic 'nature'!), existing everywhere simultaneously, can thusly 'access' any and all 'quantum' possibilities and probabilities as shall exist ANYWHERE in the Cosmos, and the fact that such 'access' can be 'brought-into' the Present, by the QUFD Physics principle of 'observation' (and 'seeing', IN the Mind!), to, in effect, actually 'create' or even change, those 'realities' of the Past and/or Future!

    And with that, I certainly think that I have adequately discussed our subject/topic of creating the Past or Future in the Present! For a more overall and general discussion of this subject/topic, I am going to refer the Reader hereof to an older webpage on this website, which is actually a graduate-level Lecture that I gave almost 10 years ago, in 1994, if I am correct, which can further enlighten the Reader about the Past, the Present and the Future! Here is the Link: The Quantum Physics of Time!

    Aum, Peace, Amen

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