Father Jerome's "colorful" Syndicated Commentaries (reprinted from past publications), under one of his pen-names, entitled "Dr. Bugaboo's Ramblings"!
(Actually, this material is somewhat regional in content, but we have left it on the website for the value of such commentary as being of interest to the website's viewers/readers.)

(A Note from your Website guru: The following syndicated commentaries, Dr. Bugaboo's Ramblings, by Jerome, are Copyrighted 1991, so they are a bit dated. But, the expressions of truths that Dr. Jerome does put forth DO apply ever so much to today's world and society that we are glad to reprint them here for your viewing and reading consideration. We will be adding to the collection here from Dr. Jerome's extensive archives, in the near future, and we do surely welcome your comments thereupon and feedback as to those ideas and truths that Dr. Jerome has expressed herein. Thank You.)


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