QUALIA XCII: It's Going To Take All Of Us, To Create/Assure A Survivable Future, That We Can All Live In/With! From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUF D

QUALIA XCII: It's Going To Take All Of Us, To Create/Assure A Survivable Future, That We Can All Live In/With!

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By Father Jerome

  1. As I write this, a new email-contact Lady-Friend, who just moved into this area, is unpacking her moving-boxes, seemingly a necessary chore that has, or will, take her several days! As the Reality of her situation finally 'sinks in on me', i.e., into my Consciousness, I am reminded of, and 'transported back', to similar situations of my own, when, over the years, I too found myself moving from one place to another occasionally! And so too, did I have lots of boxes, of 'stuff & things'! But now, in retrospect, I find that not only my Life situation, but also my very Existence and Interests, has/have drastically changed, such that I find that I no longer have any concerns whatsoever, about 'stuff & things', and the necessities of having boxes to 'pack such things up'! (But, I also come to the Realization that I have yet to 'shake off' the 'compulsion', in that I do still have a large 'collection' of empty boxes of all sizes, just 'ready & waiting' to be filled and ready-to-move, should I ever have to do so again! But then, I also 're-cycle' shopping bags, which is a bit more 'realistic', except when the quantity of used shopping bags begins to take over the kitchen!)

  2. But, getting back to the subject-of-concern here, I do realize that I am no longer under any 'compulsion' whatsoever, to Live my Life, in and/or by, the 'accumulation' of once-upon-a-time 'Meaningful Things', to 'remind me' of such aspects of my Life as, Where I Had Been, What I Had Been, What I Had Enjoyed, Who I Had Been With, and on and on... the typical things that most people today concern themselves with, which, to them, over time, become the 'antiques-and-memories-of-their-Lives'! And I'll even include here such 'antiques' as many folks do 'collect', the antiques of other people and of days-gone-by!
    "...Imagine no possessions,
    I wonder if you can,
    No need for grief or poverty,
    A brotherhood of man.
    Imagine all the people,
    Sharing all the world...
    You may say I'm a dreamer,
    But I'm not the only one,
    I hope some day You'll join us,
    And the world can live as one!"
    "Imagine", by John Lennon
  3. But, as I say, I am no longer 'concerned' with such 'trivialities'! I guess I would say, that I am Living For Today Only! But let me explain this 'quite-something' Existential Change in my Life, and as to how it came about!

  4. Once-upon-a-time, I too, was like my Lady-Friend, concerned with all of my 'possessions'! In fact, I had so many 'possessions', merely because, when my Parents passed away, I inherited what turned out to be a giant 24 foot long U-Haul truck-load, of mostly antiques and some other 'minimalist' accoutrements! (I won't even try to list such things!)

  5. But the 'experience' was not only worth-while, but quite an 'adventure' (driving 'cross country, as a 'Trucker', that 24 foot U-Haul, from Pennsylvania to the San Francisco Bay Area!), as well as an 'education', that changed my Life considerably! Because now, not only did I possess 'lots-of-things' (as well as now having become 'interested', in the 'acquisition-of-more-possessions'), all of which I needed to be concerned about, in some way, but I now also found that, as a mere consequence of 'possession', there was also a 'Societal-Prerogative' which... Lo and Behold! Seemed to require-that-any-and-all 'possessions'... be 'displayed', in some appropriate manner thereto said 'Possession'!

  6. If you 'own' a House, it should be prominently 'displayed' in the Most Suitable Location/Neighborhood, commensurate with your Income, Status and such! And, of course, 'Societal Dictates' almost require that one must 'show-off' one's Home, by having suitable Parties, Get-Togethers and such, where all of your admirable and 'esoteric' Possessions, Shall Find Their Suitable Display! Or, in other words, such is the 'Life', thusly 'Lived', by most Americans, if not much of the World! People who are 'Concerned', For Their Accoutrements and Possessions! (And Nations, for their 'Possessions', Lands and Peoples!) All of which, are not necessarily concerned, therefore, for the actuality of the 'People' themselves, and do thusly 'care not', for the detritus-of-Humanity!

  7. Along-the-way, one of my particular 'vices-of-possession', became the 'possession' of Antique and Classic Vehicles, which eventually led me to the possession of 23 vehicles, of various kinds, from Exotic Sports Cars, to Vintage & Classic Cars, to Vintage Trucks, to large Commercial-type Vehicles, i.e., a 60 foot long Truck-Trailer 'rig'! All of which, eventually, led to my Personal and Professional Bankruptcy, and the loss of everything that I was, or had become... including all of my possessions! (Interestingly, but I yet have my 'memories' of, at the time, living in a free-use Flea-Market 'shack', with yet some of my possessions, and that same day, finding out from my Friend, the Flea-Market Owner, that his 'clean-up-crew' had emptied a trash-barrel in front of my living-quarters (where I had thrown-away some things), and they had found a stack of 23 Credit-Cards, all in my Name or Company-Name! Of course, currently being in Bankruptcy at the time, none of the Bank Cards or American Express, were no longer of any value!) Oh, one thing more I'll include here, among many such 'particulars'! I had once 'owned' a nice 'Executive-Mansion', of those Days, at the Top-of-the-Belmont-Hills on the San Francisco Peninsula, which was worth over a $Million at the time! In effect, prior to my Bankruptcy Court Final Hearing, I more-or-less 'gave-it-away' to the Fifth Mortgage Holder-on-the-Property... for $1.00, and I never even got the dollar!

  8. But, again, in retrospect, years later, in reflection, I realized that it was all done, or came about, at the 'Doing' of my Good Friend, the Guy Upstairs, who finally did it for me, that which I was unable-to-do-for-myself... i.e., get rid of all of my possessions, which were 'holding me back', from becoming-the-Person-whom-I-was-about-to-become!

  9. Also, in retrospect, I now realize that I, myself, needed-to-change, and was changing, because the Reality-of-the-situation was... the World was changing, and I needed to Change With The World, in order to not be left behind, in order to Be Able To Contribute To Humanity, In Such Ways That Might Enable Mankind To Survive Such Changes! So, in effect, such is That I Am today! As my Good Friend Upstairs has said, "I Am That I Am!" (Certainly no longer the owner of a Classic 1956 Packard Executive automobile, and so 'defined' thereby!)

  10. And so, also in retrospect, I now realize that much of the Societal, Social and Cultural 'norms', of the American Past and of my Personal Past, are likewise gone! Oh, that doesn't mean that, just because I no longer listen to any kind of Music... that I might not, at some time, for some reason, find myself doing so again! But, the next time, it would be the In-The-Moment 'context' of the Situation, and not merely the Memories-of-the-Musical-Content, i.e., such as Barbra Streisand, singing "What The World Needs Now...", because of the feelings and emotions that present themselves In-The-Moment, of whatever the Present Situation might be!

  11. Especially, I find that any and everything to do with Culture, is gone! Although I do yet find the daily and weekly 'misadventures' of the Hollywood 'crowd', to be fascinating, and watchable-on-TV, as examples of exactly how and what such 'Fame and Glory' actually does to human beings-suddenly-imbibed-and-embedded-into-such-a-situation! (Hey! The Britney-Watch reports that she ran-a-red-lite-again, with her kids in the car!) Oh, the 'Trials and Tribulations' of the Famous! And yet one can accurately surmise the 'Generosity' and 'Humanity' (in quotes!), of such as Angelina and Oprah, in 'providing for-the-needs-of-the-poor', and, in Angelina's case, actually adopting poor children from around the World! But, of course, underlying all such 'Realities', is the fundamental 'need' of such a Rich-Person, to Make such Charitable-Actions, which will accomplish two important things, as to their 'apparent-situation':

    1. For Angelina, the Personal Importance of being, not only a 'Humanitarian' but also an Official United Nations Ambassador-To-The-Poor... is immeasurable, as to her Financial Standing in the World Community!
    2. Of course, behind-the-scenes, she is, of course, in that rarified strata, of a Rich Person who, for every Dollar 'given/donated' to Charity... in effect, her Personal Wealth increases by 2 Dollars, for every Dollar 'given'!
    3. And what does such a Person, of such wealth, do with their 'riches'? Well, many of us have already heard of the 7 homes/estates/mansions, around the World, which are now owned by Brangelina and Family!
    4. But also, little heard of, but indicative that she is just 'being pragmatic'... just in case! What am I talking about? I am referring to Ex-Prez Al Gore's recently acclaimed Documentary Movie, shown nationwide this last year, entitled "An Inconvenient Truth!" One of the 'interesting' scientific facts, that worldwide Scientists have realized with regard to Global Warming, is that if the present situation continues, the Scientists are predicting (according to the Movie!) that the Water Levels of the World's Oceans, will rise about 100 feet, within the next 20 years! Now, who knows whether Brangelina and Pack are actually 'discounting' such scientific info, but the further Reality of their Financial Situation is that, she and Brad are also spending $140 Million of their own money, to have a gigantic Luxury Yacht built-from-scratch, at a Ship-Yard in Italy! Don't know how many animals it will hold, but I understand she has named it "The Ark"!

  12. And such is the Reason, for my own present concerns, regarding the World that we now Live in! From my own Personal 'experiences', I can factually and truthfully say, "We Ain't in Kansas City, anymore!" Meaning that, say even back in the 1950's, I found that there were many places worldwide, where I could go and freely travel by local transportation, or walk, and be greeted by the Native Peoples, with friendliness and hospitality and much more... as an American! However, over recent years, and somewhat due to American 'Policy'... the World has changed! No longer can I do as I did then, back in the '50's! Today, say, any American attempting to drive the Inter-American Highway, all the way from Alaska to the southern tip of South America... would probably be shot! Likewise, traveling in Africa, Asia, the Middle-East, and even in Europe!

  13. But, my own 'conversion', to a practicing 'Realist' (also defined by an Online Dictionary to include 'Unitarian' and 'Universalist'), came about more so of my own doing, as explained in my recent Lecture (see http://www.fiwd.org/JeromeLecture.htm ), as well as my own Education, in the Halls-of-Learning, of the (OA/OWB), as a Graduate of The Most Ancient Order!

  14. Because Scientific Reality IS Reality and 'Reality'... no matter Where or How it might be taught or be extant! Facts, Truths, and the Scientific Details thereof... are just that!

  15. I especially remember, and I have it included on the 'Opening Page' of my 'QUFD Textbook' Website, the words of another old Friend of mine, the late (deceased) great Philosopher (and Editor-in-Chief, of the Encyclopedia Britannica!), Dr. Mortimer J. Adler, who once told me (paraphrased here): "There is nothing within this World and Existence, which cannot be accurately defined by Science! And if, by any possibility, something might elude a Scientific Definition, then it most surely can be Defined with the Logic and Reason of Philosophy! And finally, if by chance, there might be something that eludes Definition by both Science and Philosophy... then such might be turned over to Religion, whereby any and all attempts to accurately describe something within a frame-of-Reality... might be so there-unto applied!"

  16. However, in my case, I had already learned my Science and Quantum Physics, as well as Reality and 'Reality', and I did so apply such thereto the World, Humanity and such Situations! And therein, as noted in my previously noted Lecture, I discovered much of the Realities and 'Realities' of this World, that caused me to, for the very Sanity-of-Oneself, to now forego all of the 'trivialities-and-trappings' of Society... and to Search-out, instead, the Realities of Existence and of Life, that I have now Written About in my Works, on my Website, and in my latest online Book!

  17. Just think about the following yourself, and decide whether you will be attending that 'soiree' which you have been invited to, in order to 'party-the-night-away', in celebration of the Host's recent promotion to CEO of your Firm, and the purchase, by your Host, of that $5Mil Home in Woodside, when:

    1. If you actually live in San Mateo, California, on the San Francisco Peninsula, and you are concerned about the Scientists 'predictions', in Al Gore's Movie, when the actual current Level Above Sea Level, of San Mateo itself, is only 28 feet! But, of course, you will certainly want to 'Check it out'! So you go to your Local Library, where you can now find a recent San Francisco Bay Area Map, issued by UC Santa Cruz and the U.S. Geological Survey, that actually shows all of the areas and Cities of the Bay Area, that will be under water in 20 years, if the Scientists 'prediction' comes true!
    2. Also, if you live in San Mateo, by now you realize that the current Levels of the Crystal Springs Reservoir, are about 200 feet over your heads, and that lying but 100 feet behind the Crystal Springs Dam... is the famous San Andreas Earthquake Fault, which is likely to 'crack' any day now!
    3. Of course, you're also concerned, that Scientists have voiced the possibility, that a giant Meteor will hit the Earth in the next 4-5 years, leaving but few survivors of the Human Race!
    4. Likewise, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), has calculated recently that there have been almost 3 times as many deaths in the United States from MRSA, over the past 2 years, than from HIV/AIDS! And what is MRSA? It is merely the virus that anyone might get, from placing their hands on the shopping cart handle-bars when you go shopping... or by touching that doorknob on the door you just closed!
    5. As to HIV/AIDS, Scientists now say that it does not come from monkeys-to-humans, as originally thought, but is actually present in the body of every human baby when that baby is born! It is somewhat of a genetic 'reality', just sitting there, waiting to be 'triggered' at some time in a person's Lifetime, by some kind of adverse bodily-incident, that might 'turn-it-on'!
    6. Hey! What about Hurricanes, Wild-Fires, Cyclones, Tornadoes, and anything else that our planet's Biosphere might 'throw-at-us'?
    7. And Volcanoes?
    8. I once had a dream, that I was standing on Green Street in San Francisco, at the Top of Russian Hill... as the entire City of San Francisco... slowly sank under the waters of the Pacific Ocean! But reputable Scientists have already 'predicted' a suitably similar 'subduction-area', however extending the waters of the Pacific Ocean, all the way to the borders of the State of Montana!
    9. Hey! What else is there? The answer: Any and everything... if Mankind, and Human Society, continue on as is today!

  18. BUT THE REALITY IS... that We CAN Do Something About All of Such Possible Disasters! Science has shown us the 'Way'... All we have to do, is to 'Get In Touch, In Concert, In Sync, with Our World and the Cosmos!' And quit the things we are doing today, that are killing our World, and its very Life-Systems! Eliminating such Negativities as: wars, conflicts, animosities, adversarial relationships (personal, legal, political and otherwise), competition, and anything that is Negative, to either Mankind itself OR to our World!

  19. And Mankind CAN get in touch, with the Consciousness of our World, and can begin a Dialog with our Earth, that would allow Mankind and our Earth... to Live-in-Peace-and-Love, as it should be!

  20. Yes, and again Science has already shown us that it can be done! All we have to do, is to Understand the Basics, the Fundamentals, of the Facts of Life, about Ourselves, our World and Universal Consciousness! When we understand the Basics, we can then go on, to understand that the Consciousness of a rock (and our World!), is not measured in the seconds and nano-seconds of our own Consciousness... but is, instead, measured in Billions of Years-of-Time-and-Reality! Therefore, in order to 'communicate', with any Living-Entity 'Life-Form' other than ourselves, we must, within the Maturity of our MATURE Human Minds, be able to fully 'access' and 'go into' Consciousness, or Incorporeality, in order to communicate with any and all other Life-Forms-of-Intelligence, which exist in the other Dimensions of the same Infinite Consciousness of which we are an integral part thereof!

  21. But, more important yet, is the realization that Consciousness, and the Communications-In-and-Between-Conscious-Entities, does scientifically and factually 'take place' within Consciousness, or Incorporeality... which is NOT the Human Brain, but is, instead, exclusively the Human Mind... which is, again, NOT the Human Brain!

  22. But, as the great Swiss Psychologist Carl Jung has said, a long time back, "Man needs to 'breach' the Veil of Separation, the Veil of Unknowing, between Brain and Mind, in order to allow OneSelf to 'access' one's Mind and Soul, whereby then, that individual might then access and join, the Consciousness-of-Incorporeality, wherein any Entity-of-Consciousness (such as Humanity), is equally 'accessible' and 'Real', to/from any other Entity-of-Consciousness, such as our Earth, a tree, a rock, an ant, our galaxy... and even Infinite Consciousness (which some religious people might call God, not necessarily implying, instead, the strictly non-religious scientific Term/Name 'God'!) You folks out there, would be fascinated at the intelligent 'conversation' that you might have with my Friend 'GoBo', an Ant! Or my other Friend, 'Zoom', a Pulsar! But such cannot be, until Mankind is able to access Incorporeality and Consciousness, within one's own Fully-Mature Human Mind!

  23. In fact, there are actually 'Destinies' at stake here! Not only the 'Destiny' of the Individual... Who will NOT 'breach' Carl Jung's Barrier-Veils UNTIL... each and every human individual KNOWS Who and What they 'Are', and exactly What they have been Born-To-Do-and-To-Be... as well as their own individual Destiny! THEN Mankind has already been Challenged... to Fulfill the Eminent Destiny of Mankind... which is to Bring Back Together, both Ying and Yang... Positivity and Negativity, God and Lucifer... who were Parted a long time ago, to the misfortunes of All of God's 'Children' everywhere!

  24. And Sorry here, but this Ending has somewhat departed from the strictly scientific analyses of this Subject Matter, and Yes, has Philosophically told of certain Cosmic 'Realities' of Incorporeality, which underlie All Of Cosmic 'Reality' and Reality! And there has been nothing 'religious' involved here! Just the 'telling' of some very basic Cosmic 'Realities', that Mankind needs to understand as well as all of the other scientific 'understandings' necessary to Mankind's Future Survival! Because, the very Future 'Life' and Existence of Humanity, may very well depend upon Mankind's 'ability' to Negotiate-With-Our-Own-World, within the 'Realities' of Incorporeal Consciousness, as humans might so do today in Corporeal Reality with one another!

  25. One more thing that I might mention here, which is important for the Future of Humanity! And that is the 'role' that Carl Jung's 'Collective Consciousness of Humanity', has to 'play' with the 'Destinies' of individuals and Humanity itself! Because, presently, each and every moment of action and 'experience', of each and every human being (and groups of human beings!), is instantaneously 'recorded' forever, in that great 'Dimension' which is the 'Collective Consciousness of All of Humanity' (of which every one of us is a part thereof!) But until the 'Veils' (Carl Jung's) are swept away, any individual is prevented from 'accessing' the Collective, and the mountains of permanently-recorded fact and reality, that exist therein! Not only must Mankind KNOW THYSELF (as per Carl Jung!), but scientifically, Mankind has to COMPLETELY Eliminate ALL of the Luciferian Negativities that exist within our World today! Because, it seems that Infinite Consciousness and Lucifer, together, have made the following a 'Reality':

    1. As long as ANY Negativity shall exist within the Corporeal Reality/Dimensions of Mankind and the Earth, the Collective Consciousness will immediately Know Of such Negativity... and both Veils will genetically be 'active', within the Minds of each and every human being, preventing Mankind from truly Knowing OneSelf, one's Soul, the Collective, Consciousness and the Cosmos!
    2. However, when ALL Negativity shall Cease and Desist within Mankind's sphere of influence... at the WILL of Humanity to so bring about such a Situation, and as so Verified BY the Collective... THEN all such Negativity will forever Be Banished, genetically, from the Human Mind, with the appropriate Human Mind-genes 'turning-on' to block all of Lucifer's 'interference' within the Human Mind, and that Mind will truly THEN be The Actively-Mature Mind of a Mature Human Being, able to 'access' at-will, the Wonders and Consciousness of the Cosmos and All of it's Inhabitants!

  26. But, the 'Reality' and Reality here, is that the Elimination of Corporeal Negativity, MUST BE A Conscious Decision and Effort, BY ALL of Humanity, to... as Captain Jon Luc Picard might say, "Make it So!" IF Mankind might so WILL it, then Infinite Consciousness will do as Humanity does so Desire! In other words, as it has been said many times, "It's All Up To Us!"

  27. Finally, as to the scientific details of any and everything that I have mentioned here, read either my latest Book or my Website, the 'QUFD Textbook', for all of the details! Links follow:
    All of the above Links also include further important Links within themselves!

Aum, Peace, Amen

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