Qualia VIII: The Sociology of 'Living in the Moment' as the Only Real Solution to Negativity! From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUFD

QUALIA VIII: The Sociology of 'Living in the Moment' as the Only Real Solution to Negativity!

Exploring QUFD Principles,
from the QUFD website,
at: http://go.to/QUFD

By Father Jerome

  1. Yes, 'Living in the Moment' IS the solution, as I have said numerous times already. However, it MUST be a concerted effort of ALL of humanity, using human WILL and COOPERATION, to effect 'activation' OF that PERMANENT Maturity of Mind, which awaits us all, IF we would BUT CHOOSE IT!

  2. Otherwise, ANY human being could likewise experience that which I just did experience today. First, some background. Okay, I admit that I am nominally a Positive person, as many folks in this world are likewise. BUT, as I have also noted a number of times already, no matter how Positive one may be, the REALITY of this world IS that we are, day in and day out, yet 'swimming with the sharks', in this world of Immature minds and Lucifer's Negativities. The point is, no matter how Positive one may be - as a result of KNOWING (awareness) of the basics, the fundamentals, OF Positivity versus Negativity, of that DUALITY of Good vs. Evil in this world - one is YET IMMERSED in the Negativity that surrounds us all, and thusly one cannot help, at times, to being Negatively 'influenced', as to one's actions, in seeking a solution to OTHER Negativities that one might encounter.

  3. Here is my own personal example, of today's experience. Another resident, of the communal 'home' in which I am currently ensconced, was walking through the dayroom/lounge, in which a 49er's football game was prominently blaring away on the TV, and noting that the room was almost empty but for one person, stopped me as I was also traversing the room, with the comment/question, "You're not much of a football fan, are you?" Now he, surely, was certainly not aware of my extensive writings, here on the Web, of the Negativities and evils of sports, so his question was most innocuous. However, in answering him, my answer did surely show my own Negativity, as a 'solution' to the Negativity of football and as an expression OF my own 'Knowing' and awareness OF the basic Negativity of sports, and yet, in 'voicing' a 'solution' thereto, I WAS INFLUENCED accordingly BY that very Negativity in which we are all immersed. I'll let you, the Reader, see what I mean, as I tell you what my answer to his innocuous question was. I said, pointing to the TV, "Every time I see a sports game on that damned TV, I feel like I'd like to get out my Uzi (Israeli submachine gun) and just let rip, at the TV and the damn people watching it!"

  4. Yep! 'Swimming with the Sharks', and being Positive, IS ONLY POSSIBLE WHEN one can remain 'in the moment'! And yet, immersed as we all are, in Lucifer's Negativity, one cannot help sometimes but be 'influenced' BY those Negative surroundings in which one may find oneself. I've also said, that if a man (or woman) is being chased down an alley by a pack of wild dogs, and suddenly finds oneself up against a high wall or fence at the end of the alleyway, when those wild dogs start biting and nipping at your legs, you are going to turn violent yourself, turning to defend yourself against that violence which is 'hounding' you! And so it is in the world! Many of humanity have known violence for so long - in EVERY IMAGINABLE FORM, even just the 'violence' of being 'hounded' by one's creditors or some other monetary 'violence', especially THE LACK of monetary resources! - that their only response IS VIOLENCE!

  5. So, the question might be asked, "How does one find PEACE, and the POSITIVITY of 'Living in the Moment', WHEN all is violent about oneself?" Well, I've already put forth some other thoughts on these same subjects. See Father Jerome's SIMPLE PROPOSAL for WORLD PEACE, and Father Jerome's Question: WHAT CAN BE DONE TO STOP THE VIOLENCE? Both Works espouse those Realities that I have already mentioned in these webpages, and 'Living in the Moment' is one of the primary requisites.

  6. HOWEVER, 'Living in the Moment', AND MAINTAINING one's Positivity, REQUIRES that one also be surrounded BY OTHER POSITIVE PEOPLE! OR, as an 'alternative' to being surrounded by Positive People, ONE MIGHT BE surrounded BY THE POSITIVITY OF GOD, of Infinite Consciousness! YES! Such IS possible, but the reality, for most folks in today's world (even this Cleric of the Ancient Order, who has personally shaken the hand of God, and thusly KNOWS Him!), is that we are inevitably influenced BY THAT Negativity which surrounds us, and until such a day as mankind, with WILL, COOPERATION and LOVE, can eliminate such Negativity BY ACTIVATING Maturity of the human Mind......until that day, ANY ONE of us is susceptible TO violence and Negativity, NO MATTER WHO one might be!

  7. I guess, as an example of the previous statement, it is well known in history, as to WHO it was, who sent his Armies rampaging across Europe, 'Conquering the Infidels' FOR CHRIST! It was none other than the POPE - the Holy See of Roman Catholicism - himself and his Armies, who wrought violence upon the northern territories of the European continent. In fact, I am amazed, as the classic movie, "The Agony and The Ecstasy!" points out, that while his Armies were yet out conquering the 'pagans', he was also intent upon Michelangelo to complete his 'drawings' in the Sistine Chapel. Oh well, so it goes.

  8. I'd like to address one final point here about 'Living in the Moment'. Since 'Living in the Moment' involves one being POSITIVE, therefore, as an obvious reality thereto, it follows that ANY person engaged in or addicted TO Negativity......CANNOT BE POSITIVE, and cannot be, in any way, TRUSTED TO BE RATIONAL, or to make rational decisions, AS LONG AS such a person IS, in effect, A SLAVE TO Lucifer! And particularly note here, that I used the word 'addiction', because that is what Lucifer uses to corrupt and enslave people into his Negativities. And who are these 'addicted' folks? Well, just count up the Negative 'addictions' that mankind adheres to: coffee, cigarettes, drugs, medications, alcohol, food, pastries/sweets, sugar-coated cereals, tea, sex, money, power, sports, 'experts', religion, spirituality (the fantasy kind!), psychoses, dependent relationships, and on and on! Unfortunately, I must confess, that any person who is 'addicted' to any of these addictions can, of course, NOT BE TRUSTED (being one of Lucifer's agents!) to make a RATIONAL, POSITIVE decision, that would benefit all of mankind, such as the elimination of Lucifer's 'fingers of Negativity' and activation of Maturity of the human Mind for all of humanity.

  9. Consequently (and I will make the necessary requirements of this point in the next paragraph), it necessitates, and behooves, ALL OF US, to put forth WHATEVER IT TAKES - whatever is required - TO INSURE that one's 'fellow-man', one's neighbor, one's fellow-worker, AND ALL OF US, no matter what our position or situation, ARE RATIONAL HUMAN BEINGS, the ordinary 'man (or woman) on the street' kind, WHO CAN BE TRUSTED! IF any person IS NOT a 'normal' human being......Well, it will have to be up to the rational citizens of our democracy or society, to do whatever needs to be done about such a Negative person, NO MATTER WHO IT IS - even if it be the President of the United States, who might be the Negatively-addicted, non-rational person! THEN, when we have a society of RATIONAL human beings, rather than 'addicts'......THEN the next paragraph hereinfollowing shall apply! Of course, making such a 'judgement-determination' on one's neighbor, might certainly be a very 'loaded' societal question, and as to who can be considered to be 'normal' or not......I have no answer, other than the first and most important criteria for Positivity - Live in the Moment!

  10. "So, what can the ordinary and RATIONAL man (and woman) on the street, do about 'Living in the Moment'?" Well, I'd say it takes ACTIVISM - activity, in one's Words, Deeds and Actions......in other words, RESPONSIBILITY, for oneself AND others! And that means PARTICIPATORY WORLD DEMOCRACY, NOT 'Representative Democracy' (where all the 'Representatives' ARE CORRUPT ANYWAY!) Each and every INDIVIDUAL - LIVING 'in the moment' - in POSITIVITY, and surrounded BY POSITIVE PEOPLE (where ANY Negativity would instantly be eliminated AS THE abnormal condition which it would be!)

  11. And what does it take, to bring about such a beautiful world? Well, as I have also noted many times, ELIMINATION - BY ALL OF HUMANITY - of each and every facet of Negativity, that Lucifer has foisted upon us, INCLUDING that most insidious and underlying Negativity of it all - MONEY! UNTIL that culprit can be vanquished, and humanity can "Do Unto Others, as You Would Have Others Do Unto You!"......until that day, there can be NO "Peace in the Valley" and NO Peace among mankind.

  12. BUT, IT IS POSSIBLE! It can be done! All it takes is WILL, COOPERATION and LOVE! SO, why not give it a try? As John Lennon said, "Give Peace a Chance!"

Aum, Peace, Amen!

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