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Did you know that you can't "fix anything" (in Life, in Reality, or whatever!), UNTIL, and UNLESS, you understand "what the problem IS", or how the mechanics/dynamics of the situation/problem/REALITY ......EXIST! In other words, HOW SOMETHING WORKS - at the most basic, fundamental REALITY! (Hey! This is like trying to fix your car's problems. You got to know the "mechanics"!) Well, the "mechanics" we are talking PHILOSOPHY! Because, in order to "fix anything", in Life, in society, in yourself, you have got to understand the REALITIES OF HOW that something "works"! The BASICS, the FUNDAMENTALS, the MECHANICS, the DYNAMICS......THIS IS PHILOSOPHY!

And that is what we are talking about here! Philosophy......which requires A MATURE HUMAN MIND, as well as one who KNOWS Who and What one IS - as an individual, as a human being and as an integral part of humanity AND All That Is!

HAVE YOU FOUND YOURSELF - your MATURITY OF MIND, or are you yet laboring under an IMMATURITY OF MIND?
Because, IF you don't understand that YOU are part of the SOLUTION......then you are yet a part of the PROBLEM!

This Philosophical gathering is directed ESPECIALLY at 5 year old KIDS, and is at a level of kid/adult discussion FOR 5 year old "scientists" TO UNDERSTAND What the world, in the Cosmos, in humanity, in society and IN THEMSELVES......such that they will be better prepared TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT "What IS", once they DO understand WHAT IS!

We talk about PHILOSOPHY here - on the personal, basic, fundamental level - of YOU, and HOW you are PART OF All That Is, and thusly you are ALSO PART OF any problem. BUT, at the same time, you CAN be part of the solution!

IF YOU ARE JOINING US FOR THE FIRST TIME TONITE, we ask that you might limit your participation to observing and quietly respecting the participation OF the other participants......UNLESS YOU HAVE READ FATHER JEROME'S WORKS COMPLETELY and fully understand them, the perspectives, the scientific realities expressed therein, AND the PHILOSOPHICAL "dynamics" OF what has been discussed therein! IF you HAVE READ Father Jerome......YES! We DO WANT to hear from you, with your feedback and elaboration OF those very realities which Jerome has written about, AS APPLIED TO YOUR LIFE!

In other words, WHAT can you ADD......WHAT can you contribute, to the further understanding of Jerome's Works BY ALL OF HUMANITY? WHAT can you "GIVE UNTO OTHERS......", that would be YOUR CONTRIBUTION to ALL? SUCH IS one of the most important attributes of the MATURE human mind - GIVING - and likewise Receiving! Such is also Philosophy! WHEN you KNOW, understand and are aware OF exactly WHAT you are DOING, SAYING and BEING, THEN you are exercising your MATURE HUMAN MIND!

Such is ALSO what this gathering is about. IF you cannot immediately contribute YOUR OWN PERSONAL words of wisdom (and some of the most knowledgeable people on the planet have, at times, failed this requirement!), you are hereby INVITED to LISTEN, observe and to FIND YOURSELF! (See Father Jerome's World Community Sermons, on the WorldWideWeb, specifically Sermon Number 5, "Getting Back In Control of Your Life!") When you HAVE done that (FOUND YOURSELF!), PLEASE JOIN US! As John Lennon (once a Member of the same Ancient Order as Father Jerome, with over 135 million Members worldwide!) said, in "Imagine", "Join us, and the World can be as One!" (See Jerome and John Lennon's INVITATION to JOIN US, at:
on the Web! A copy is available below for your convenience.)

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