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By Father Jerome

  1. I was almost going to say that this might be another short QUALIA Document that has come about as the response to a News-of-the-Day item, but somehow I 'feel' that there is also more content 'available' in Consciousness, so we shall just see what happens.

  2. The News-of-the-Day, actually, was not so much an actual news item, than a PBS showing of the PBS series "Frontline", this one entitled, "A Jew Among the Germans". It was the story of a 65 year old American-Polish Jew who goes to modern-day Germany to understand the present-day 'feelings' of modern-day Germans with respect to the Holocaust and why the German people, once upon a time, were 'responsible' for such atrocities as did then occur!

  3. However, he finds a certain 'ambivalence' among Germans of various ages, with respect to not only their 'History' but also the task of creating a National Holocaust Memorial, as a 'Symbol of Apology' by the entire German Nation, as well as a means of expressing (or not!) their guilt, responsibility, memories and regrets for what they had done!

  4. It seems that the younger the generations of Germans go, they just want to 'forget about what happened' and thusly the issues of guilt, responsibility and such, are not only distant in their minds but also not even relevant to Life-of-Today! A lot of such 'feelings' are expressed by a new book by a 24 year old German student-writer, "Nobody Asked Us!.

  5. In the end, this Gentleman-Jew-Filmmaker's 'rendition' of his 'questioning-of-History' leaves more to be desired, in that he seems to be seeking a 'resolution' of his question of 'Why?' that involves a continued and forever 'Penitance' by the German people, but such a 'resolution' is found to be not even a consideration but certainly to be 'a long time in coming'. And thusly, the German National Memorial to the Holocaust Victims, as finally approved and built, turns out to be somewhat less than our Jewish Filmmaker might have desired, as well as something less than a 'Resolution' of the German National 'Psyche' with regard to their Past! So much so, in misunderstanding of the 'Intent' thereof the Memorial, that today, German children visiting the Memorial, rather than finding it a place of serious reflection, instead take it to be just a new 'playground' and accordingly enjoy 'romping' among the many obelisks as though they were a new toy instead of symbols of something to concern their Consciousness!

  6. Getting back to the point of this discussion, i.e., Why?, we might say that our Jewish Filmmaker, as well as, perhaps, most of humanity, seems to be 'missing', or misunderstanding, the Reality of History, as well as their own 'Part', in their own Tragedies and Travails. I think this 'assumption' can most eloquently be summed up by another website, which I shall refer to here: see A Question of God's Participation in the Suffering of Man.

  7. Because, returning to our examination of the 'Intent' of both our Jewish Filmmaker and the German National Holocaust Memorial, there is a basic flaw in the reasoning and rationale of both these parties. And that 'flaw' does reflect the same 'error', or 'errors', made by most of Humanity, when asking this most Vital Question, "Why?"

  8. The problem is, it seems that, one way or the other, everybody wants to 'attribute' such 'suffering' and 'atrocities', to GOD! It is, as the 'rhetoric' goes, either a case of 'attribution' OR of 'abandonment! And thusly we have the many folks who say that, Whoever or Whatever 'God' is, He has surely 'abandoned' Mankind and left us to our own 'devices' and so, these people say, we will therefore 'abandon God', or no longer 'recognize' anything to do with such a malicious and cruel 'Entity', if such should Be! On the other hand, the rest of humanity seems to feel that 'suffering' and 'atrocities' ARE, in fact, God's 'Justice and Punishment', upon Mankind for the 'transgressing' of God's 'Laws', in some way or form! Thusly, by such an 'attribution', all such 'suffering' does merely bring such 'All-Suffering-Masses' even closer to God, in the mistaken 'Belief' that somehow, somewhere, sometime, God will finally Grant Mankind a Reprise and Finally Alleviate His (Mankind's) Suffering... as long as We (Mankind), can continue our 'Obligatory' and Penitential 'Reverence' for God!

  9. WAKE UP, People! Such 'suffering and atrocities' ARE NOT the 'Result' OF God! GOD IS ALWAYS WITH US, throughout whatever it is that we might be asked to endure! It is God, His 'Agents' and Agencies, that usually 'salves' our wounds and consciousness, and allows us to 'save' whatever is left of our Humanity! But, IT IS... LUCIFER, and OURSELVES, that we have to 'Blame', and even then, mostly ourselves, for allowing ourselves to be 'distracted' and 'consumed' BY Lucifer's 'machinations' and 'Negativities', which he has 'foisted upon us', to his evident delight, in so corrupting and disrupting our Lives! (And for any Reader hereof this QUFD Textbook website, you most certainly already know that such Truth is what I have, throughout these webpages, not only stressed but also extensively and scientifically, detailed!)

  10. THIS IS LUCIFER's World, and he is the 'Prince of this World', so EVERYTHING is a 'result', of his Negativities, in one way or the other! But, even more so, we need to 'Blame Ourselves'... FOR ALLOWING OURSELVES TO BE LED ABOUT, by Lucifer, in following any and all of the multitudes of Negativities, that he has cast into our Lives, and which we automatically 'accept', WITHOUT QUESTION, or without even attempting to 'Look Within Ourselves', FOR the Just, and Right, and Positive, answer or resolution, to anything! INSTEAD, we 'look to others', to our teachers, professors, lawyers, politicians, parents, ministers, and most any 'Third-Party', other than ourselves... for an answer!

  11. Thusly others, and that Ultimate 'Third-Party-of-Responsibility'... MONEY, has, and have become, the 'Responsible-Parties', for whatever it is we are deemed 'Responsible' for! Because, the Reality IS... WE, HUMANITY, much less the German Nation itself, IS NOT RESPONSIBLE!

  12. As I have said numerous times upon these webpages, We, Humanity, is NOT RESPONSIBLE, for our Words, Actions and Deeds! And, as long as that is so, that Money, and 'Others', MIGHT, or COULD, Be Held Accountable (as our Jewish Filmmaker was surely seeking in the German People!), THERE CAN BE NO DIRECT RESPONSIBILITY, by ANY Human Being, FOR ANYTHING!

  13. And so do we live in the 'Fantasy-of-our-own-Making', as instigated upon us by Lucifer, who does enjoy seeing all of the turmoil and disruption-to-Human-Life, that his Negativities do cause! Whether it is competition, adversarial-relations, animosities and so much more, his Negativities practically rule, and Ruin, our Lives!

  14. In fact, we might say that it could be called, 'The C-L-R Syndrome' (referring to the household soap-cleanser), where, however, C-L-R refers more properly to Culture, Laws/Lands and Religion! And here we come back to, not only the Holocaust, but the forever-existing 'Reasons', for all of the wars, animosities, adversarial-relations, competitions and such, EVERYWHERE! Because, ALL of such 'atrocities' and Negativities, can be 'attributed' TO... the CLASH OF CULTURES, and the Laws, Lands, Religions and more, OF these conflicting Cultures!

  15. MANKIND CANNOT, and has NOT yet, made Peace, with the various Cultures-of-its-own-Creation! The DIFFERENCES between Man, and the various 'Kinds of Man', is yet a Source of his many 'Trials and Turmoils'! But, more importantly, we have all of Lucifer's Negativities, to 'egg-us-on', IN the 'competitions', between Cultures, FOR the inevitable human-needs-that-are-so-expressed in and by each Culture, such as Sex, Family, Male-Female Relations, and just about anything else in Human Society!

  16. YES! Each and EVERY 'Culture' (to include Religion, Society and more!), IS A TICKING BOMB, of 'Relativity' and 'Difference', to ANY OTHER Culture! And as long as Mankind has all of Lucifer's Negativities, to 'reinforce' and 'propagate' ANY individual Culture AS SOMETHING 'Special' (think 'Black Culture', or 'Nazi Culture', or 'Jewish Culture', etc.)... THEN we have a potential for Conflict, and Atrocity!

  17. Not only that, but since Culture is a main part of a Society and its Institutions, it further 'boils down' to those 'Institutions' that Mankind does so create, and those 'Institutions' include Educational Systems, Government and... But Hey! That further 'boils it down' TO those 'people', or peoples, WHO HAVE created such 'Institutions! AND WHO IS THAT? Why, the RICH folks, the 'vested interests', and the various Powers-that-Be, throughout Society! (Which I have also discussed extensively elsewhere on these webpages!) So it 'comes down' to the eternal conflict, between Rich and Poor! The Rich forever create the Institutions of Society and Culture (to line their pockets!), and the Poor (throughout the World!) forever 'experience' the 'tears and tears-upon-Society', that is the result of the 'Violence' that is 'attributable' TO the Power-Relationships of Culture, Governments and Institutions, as they 'exercise' Lucifer's Negativities upon each other, as the 'Clashes-of-Culture' that they might be called, but, in Reality, are really just the 'Clash' between Power and Money!

  18. UNTIL Mankind CAN ELIMINATE those underlying 'reasons... BY ELIMINATING ALL of Lucifer's Negativities, WHICH CORRUPT all-that-is anything to do with Culture... Until the Day, that Mankind EVERYWHERE, can Accept and Respect ALL CULTURES, 'stripped' and shorn of Lucifer's Negativities... there can be NO 'Resolution', of these Issues of... Responsibility, Accountability and Concern... FOR ALL OF MANKIND! UNTIL Mankind can 'create', a Worldwide Culture, Society, and Participatory Democracy, devoid of Money and Power and all the Negativities thereof... Well, you know the answer, UNLESS you continue to Look Outside Yourselves, rather than Within! If so, all you will 'see', will be to Lucifer's enjoyment!

Aum, Peace, Amen

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