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If you are arriving at this Website in search of fancy pictures, graphics and such, BE ADVISED that you will NOT find such here! This Website is for and about WORDS, and it is for the thinking person who does appreciate WORDS - AND the nuances, inflections and such, that give various and sundry MEANING and UNDERSTANDING to, and with, the useage OF those words. Thusly, herein this Website, one will find WORDS used in such a way as to give information, knowledge, wisdom, inspiration, and KNOWING, to any individual so inclined as to be searching for such, in order to find MEANING and UNDERSTANDING, in one's OWN LIFE...AS that individual DOES CREATE, and/or need, such KNOWING. In other words, WORDS that can assist one in finding MEANING in, and to, THEIR OWN LIFE! THAT is what this Website is about!
In such a context, does this Website provide an appropriately suitable content for those in search of the Meaning of Life, Existence, Reality and much more, AND their own individual part, and participation, IN All That Is! SO, read on, and ENJOY, folks!

AN ADDITIONAL NOTE: Be further forewarned, that one will NOT find, herein this Website, what is, in the business world of today, known as "business English" - a supposedly concise, expedient, efficient and practical English-language-useage-form of "every-day" necessity and transaction.
INSTEAD, what the Reader WILL FIND is what may be more precisely and succinctly known as "classical English", an English-language-useage-form of more "import", depth, and richness of "flavor" and understanding, than any other comparable "brand". (Okay, we're not talking coffee here, but the simile DOES apply!)
By and through the use of such a language-form, the Reader might come to "feel", understand, and to KNOW, a more thorough and complete "richness" OF what is being "communicated" herein, and thusly to more fully come to KNOW, not only what is being stated, described, conceptualized and communicated, but also to KNOW oneself, as to how each and every individual does, or might, relate, connect, or pertain thereto, what has been presented here.
IN SUCH A WAY, does this Website portray the MEANING, and understanding, of Life, Reality and Consciousness, that might be used BY the Reader hereof TO improve one's own life, society and our world.
Again I say, ENJOY, folks!

You have reached a Website dedicated to TRUTH, TRUST and the Homeless Person of INTEGRITY, offering Job Listings of Professional/Hi-Tech Employment Positions AND Resumes of Homeless Persons looking for such (and otherwise), as well as Syndicated Commentary and Opinion regarding Homeless Issues and Society, Quantum Physics AND SO MUCH MORE! CHECK IT OUT!

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