QUALIA LIII: Exploring the Systemics of What 'Is' and What Might Be: Proposing the Obvious, as to the Plight of the World and It's Peoples - All of Us! From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUFD

QUALIA LIII: Exploring the Systemics of What 'Is' and What Might Be: Proposing the Obvious, as to the Plight of the World and It's Peoples - All of Us!

Exploring QUFD Principles,
from the QUFD website,
at: http://go.to/QUFD

By Father Jerome

  1. I don't know where this document will lead, but I feel that I have a Point to make, so here goes. I noticed on the News the other day, a most remarkable Report and the findings thereof. It is the recently released (as of Jan. 16, 2005) "Report of the U.N. Millenium Project". Without reviewing the 'Purpose' of the Project itself nor the 'August Body' that has issued it, I am merely going to note a few 'statistics' from the Report, as to certain obvious Realities that I have already expressed previously on these Webpages regarding the overall Plight of the World and of Ourselves!

  2. Actually, in starting this discussion, it may be well to at least note the 'fundamentals' of this Esteemed Report, as to those two primary aspects of the Report, its 'Purpose' and the 'August Body' that has issued it. That 'August Body', first of all, is the United Nations, and therefore the Report is intended to 'Be Noticed' and to be 'Taken Seriously', by all the Member-Nations of the United Nations World-Body!

  3. And, Please Note, that 'Taken Seriously', of course, implies that that 'August Body' is therefore issuing the Report with 'Certain Expectations', with regard to the 'Purpose' of the Report. And what is that 'Purpose'?

  4. Well, overall, based upon the 'Statistics' of the Report, with regard to how well 'All of Us' (meaning the United Nations and all of it's functions and services!) are doing in 'Providing Assistance' to ALL OF US 'In Need' of whatever existential 'Assistance and Services' are in effect to be rendered thereto 'Those In Need' thereof! In other words, it is a 'Report Card', on how well WE, all of Humanity, are 'doing', in 'taking care' of those unfortunates among us! Meaning, of course, the disadvantaged, the dispossessed, the disenfranchised, and the hungry, the homeless, the diseased, the destitute, the war-ravaged, and the general 'run-of-the-mill' ravaged, which might include all of the rest of us!

  5. EXCEPT for one 'exception'! The Report is, of necessity, addressing the 'obvious', of the World Situation, with regards to the 'Poor' of the World. But, with regard TO such 'Clientele' or Venue (i.e., the Poor!), by 'creating' such a Report, there is thusly one other 'necessity' required in and of the 'creation' of such a Report - the Venue or 'Party' TO WHOM the Report IS TO BE ADDRESSED, as to the 'Expected ACTIONS' thereupon!

  6. And if the Report is being made 'On Behalf' of the 'Poor', therefore the receiving 'Party', or the 'Significant Party To Whom Addressed', IS... contrary to the 'Formal Addressee' being the Member-Nations of the United Nations World-Body, actually the unnamed 'Recipient-Party' IS a most-distinct 'Venue' or obvious 'Portion Thereof' EVERY 'Member-Nation' of the UN (to actually include All of Humanity!)... In other words, the 'RICH' Persons and People, of our World!

  7. Yes! The Report is actually a 'Report', TO the 'Rich' of our World, about... What? THE 'Poor', AND the 'Discrepancies' BETWEEN the Rich and the Poor, at the present time! But, more than that, as is usually the case with most any 'transaction' involving the Rich, it is 'disguised' as something else! However, in this case, the 'Disguise' is so patently obvious, that it is equivalent to a Rich Person receiving a 'Formal Invitation' to an 'Opera-Party' or other such 'Event', that everyone knows is really a 'Solicitation for Money', in some form or the other! (And Yes! Even though the 'Lesser-of-Us' are the ones nominally solicited, or, rather, 'scammed', of what little money we might have, the Rich do likewise experience the constant 'harassment' of 'solicitation'!)

  8. And such is the case here! Behind the 'Officiousness' of the 'Presentation', by such an 'August Body' as the UN, is the 'Reality', that this Report is actually a 'Solicitation for Funds', FROM THE RICH, on behalf OF those 'Poor' of the World, as so enumerated by and within the Report!

  9. BUT, there is yet more, because, in 'soliciting funds' by such a means, in Reality, the Report ALSO is telling us the actual 'Status' OF the current situation between the Rich and the Poor of our World! And since we all know the 'Status' of that 'Situation' (i.e., the Poor are getting Poorer, and the Rich Richer!), the actual 'Statistics' of this Report make for interesting fodder.

  10. I'm not going to get into those 'Statistics', though, except to mention what has been verbally 'Reported' in the News Media by the Director of the Project itself, as the more relevant aspects thereof! (And I am not even going to provide 'substantiation' of such 'hear-say', as I don't have any. But, if such an 'Official' can go on International TV and make such 'Statements', there must be something to it!) Nor am I even going to attempt to place such 'facts' in economic 'context', except to the extent implied and stated by such Official.

  11. Okay, first of all, as I understand his 'assertion', IF ALL of the Member-Nations of the UN (actually, meaning the Rich People thereof!), were to 'Give' $50 in 'Assistance' TO each and every Disadvantaged Person in our World, such a 'Collective Sum' would equal a quarter of one percent (.25 of 1%) of every $100 that exists in the World today (actually, this 'Statistic' is related to GDP, or Gross Domestic Product, BOTH Public and Private!) I can't explain such an 'Interpretation', by such an eminent Official, so I won't try. But the point of his 'Contention', with respect to such a 'Statistic', is that this is the Minimum Needed today to, at least make some 'impact' UPON those 'Needs', of the Poor!

  12. THEN, the next 'Significant Statistic' (given by the Official!) IS... that the actual SUM TOTAL ('Collective Sum'!) OF ALL THE FUNDING-ASSISTANCE ACTUALLY GIVEN... is .15 of 1%, of that $100 USD (US Dollars)!

  13. Looking at that 'Statistic', I cannot help but be amazed... BY THE 'SHORTFALL', of NOT that which is 'Needed' versus that which is Given, BUT of the 'Net' versus the 'Gross'! Additionally, what is further of amazement, is the 'Relativity', of That Which 'Is', TO That Which Might Be!

  14. In effect, the Report is saying, for every $100 of Gross Domestic Product in the World today (which we might also 'interpret' as "Relative TO ALL the Total Resources That Might Be Produced by and within our World today"!), currently the 'disadvantaged' (the 'Poor'!) CANNOT even 'avail themselves' of a Minimum of .25 of 1% of every $100 of GDP! And in actuality, they (the 'Poor'!) ARE actually 'availing themselves' (via the UN and other 'Assistance' and Services!), of ONLY .15 of 1% of every $100 of GDP!

  15. .15 of 1% of $100! BUT... what this means, is that the remainder, the rest of that $100... or $99.85 OF EVERY $100... IS GOING INTO THE POCKETS OF THE RICH!!!

  16. Think about that! Then (mis-quoting the words of the famous song by Rocker-Singer Barry McGuire, "Eve of Destruction"!) "Think about all the tragedy there is in Iraq, in Palestine, in Darfur, in Banda Aceh, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and in all the other cities and countries of our World..." ALL of these 'Tragedies', TOGETHER, receiving ONLY .15 of 1% of every $100 USD GDP!

  17. Actually, there is one other matter involved here! TAXES! IF a Rich Person WERE TO GIVE $50 (equivalent to .25 of 1% of $100 GDP!), assuming they were in the top 50% Tax-Bracket, that means that 50% of their actual (Taxable!) Income is 'paid' in taxes. But, Reality being that which it is, of course, that Rich Person can 'claim' that $50 equivalent-of-$100 GDP, as a 'Deduction' or otherwise, and there are many and sundry ways to do such! The RESULT: IF the Rich Person 'Gives' $50,000 (the $50 equivalent of .25 of 1% of $100!) to a 'Charity' (the UN or otherwise!), that Rich Person IS ALLOWED TO KEEP the remaining $19.95 MILLION USD! The Rich Person has 'Given $50', and is allowed to keep almost $20 Million! (One needs to be a Tax Lawyer or more, in order to explain this!) The Taxes of almost every Nation, especially the U.S. of A., work to the advantage of the Rich Person! In effect, the higher the taxes go, the more the average Poor Person pays and the less the Rich Person pays!

  18. BUT, getting back to our Report here, as the Report merely states statistically, "the Rich get Richer, and the Poor get Poorer!" THAT IS THE SYSTEM, the Monetary-Economic System of our World! THAT is What 'Is'! And as long as that is What 'Is', the Rich will get richer and the Poor poorer!

  19. Now, how about the obvious alternative, which I have spoken about previously numerous times on these webpages? I just mentioned, in the heretoforegoing, the use of 'Total Resources', as an equivalent to Gross Domestic Product, when referred to ALL of the Goods and Services OF THE ENTIRE WORLD, that Humanity might 'Produce'! However, there is one difference here!

  20. And it is 'Efficiency' versus 'Inefficiency' (not even considering 'Corruption'!) We currently have a World Economic-Monetary System in which the 'Third-Party-Representative', of Money, 'Represents' ourselves, in all transactions involving Goods and Services and, ultimately, the Resources of our World! (I've also already discussed, numerous times on these webpages, the aspect of 'Personal Responsibility', and the fact that, as long as there exists such 'Third-Party Representatives' as Money, the Individual human being is actually NOT RESPONSIBLE for ANYTHING in his/her Life, neither their words, actions, deeds nor anything else! Instead, Money IS THE RESPONSIBLE 'Party', and, of course, the 'source' of all corruption and inefficiency within the System!) The result, of course, as with any 'Representative' form of government, finance or anything else, is the 'inefficiency' of the corruption and everything else involved therewith, that makes such a 'System' highly inefficient and thusly allows such 'disparities' as the Poor receiving .15 of 1% of GDP while the Rich receive the remaining 99.85% of GDP!

  21. But there is an alternative! Mankind has always spoken of 'Egalitaire' and Equality-For-All with regard to Politics, but why cannot such a 'rationale' be applied to the World Economic System? IF "All Peoples Are Proposed as Equal", then, just as well, we might further Propose "That All Resources Be Proposed As Equal!"

  22. "Whoa! What does that mean?" Well, lets expand the concept to the World Stage. IF All People were 'Declared Equal', THEN, likewise, ALL Resources, INCLUDING ALL of Humanity, would have to be Declared 'Equal'. Now, I realize that all resources are NOT equal, there being less of some and more of others! BUT, it IS entirely POSSIBLE, within human means, that IF the entire resources of Humanity can be 'directed' toward ANY lesser-resource, THAT 'lesser Resource' CAN BE equated with the 'Production-of-the-Whole', the entirety-of-Humanity! THAT is 100% EFFICIENCY! (It probably takes an Economic Major to understand this, but perhaps not! An ordinary Person, merely using 'common sense', can see the logic in such a Proposal, whereas an Economic Major, hidebound to his/her 'training/programming', might not see it at all!)

  23. SO, applying such theoretics to Economics, WHY can we not 'create' a World-in-Stasis, or a WORLD-IN-BALANCE, where every resource is 'balanced' by every other resource, so that every Need (of every individual!) is 'balanced' BY the Necessity of Giving (of every Individual!) OF That-Which-Is-Theirs-To-Give (their Resource!) (See An Evolutionary Maturity of the Human Mind for further discussion of such.)

  24. Anyway, lets look at how this might work on the World Stage, with the present Economic System and with a Balanced Economic System. At present, as exemplified in the recent Asian Tsunami Disaster, many of the Aid-Agencies advised all Relief-Aid-Donors to "Send Money", with the assumption that the funds received would be channeled by local Aid-Agencies into obtaining, in local markets, the Relief-Aid 'Goods and Services' needed by the destitute survivors and the local Governments faced with rebuilding their cities, villages and societies. But, the 'Reality' is already turning out to be just as 'Reported' by other United Nations Agencies-of-Assistance. Past examples of such agencies has shown a most interesting 'similarity' to the GDP 'discrepancy' cited in the UN Millenium Project Report, with only a trickle of a few % or less (after a 'Bravado' initial-start, usually!) of $100 of GDP, actually trickling down to the Poor-in-Need, in the form of various (and minimal!) forms of 'assistance'! The majority of the donated funds (comparable to the 99.75% of GDP 'going-to-the-Rich' in our previous example!), wind up in some 'Development' or 'Consultative-Project', or some other local, national or international 'Agency', whereby the majority of those funds actually wind up in the pocket of some Rich Person somewhere!

  25. Now, INSTEAD OF MONEY, IF those-in-need WERE TO INSTANTLY 'make their needs known to the World'... Okay, this is assuming a Technology comparable-to-today, whereby any-and-everything is instantly 'known' via the worldwide Internet! Anyway, such that the 'need' FOR ANYTHING, at ANY location on the entire World, would 'create' such a vacuum that it would literally 'suck-up' all of such a specific Resource IMMEDIATELY! And such would be Well and Good, because THEN the rest of the Worldwide 'Balance' of the Economic System, would instantly 'respond' to the unbalance-in-the-System and thusly 'activate' ALL RESOURCES everywhere toward re-establishing that precious World-wide System-Balance of Goods, Services, and Production, with respect to THAT SPECIFIC RESOURCE NEED! ALL WITH NO MONEY INVOLVED, ANYWHERE! NO MONEY, to 'instigate' ANY corruption or inefficiency into the System! The 'Flow of Goods and Services' would be just that - Goods and Services, and the Production thereof, with everyone everywhere GIVING and RECEIVING EQUALLY, WITHOUT the 'necessity' OF MONEY, 'That Which They Need, In Order To Be Able To Give That Which They Were Born To Give'! In other words, "Do Unto Others, As You Would Have Them Do Unto You!"

  26. A Balanced Non-Monetary Economic System, of 100% Efficiency, where each person EQUALLY receives that which they 'need' (whatever such might be!), and the 'Whole-of-Humanity' GIVES, equally and freely ("Egalitaire, Freedom and ..."!), to each other! NOT an inefficient Money-System, where most of the World 'struggles' to survive, to progress, and to receive that which is needed, in which the Rich Person gets over 99% of the Value of the World's Resources (and largely on the 'backs-of-the-Poor'!)

  27. Recent U.S. Congressional Hearings examining Dr. Condoleeza Rice, as the current Administration's Nominee for Secretary of State, found Dr. Rice expounding a U.S. policy of maintaining a 'Balance of Power' in the world. Although not of the same concept as that meant by Dr. Rice, I would say that I could 'go along' with the idea of a 'Balance of Power'! BUT, ONLY IF, that 'Power' was PEOPLE-POWER, where the actual 'Balance' meant that EVERY PERSON in the entire World, HAD the exact same 'Balance of Power' AS ANYONE ELSE, meaning that each Individual's 'access' to 'Resources'... the entire Resources of the entire World, WAS EQUAL, or 'Balanced', with every other Individual's 'Power'! THAT would be a Real 'Balance of Power'!

  28. Unfortunately, Dr. Rice did nowhere, in any way, imply such an Egalitarian 'Balance of Power', but, instead, was merely referring to the presently existing World Economic-Political System, of 'Monetary Power', whereby the disadvantaged have less and less and the Rich have all the rest of the 'Power' (translated as Goods, Services and Product, or GDP!) Unbelievably, this is practically 'invoking' the exact same 'Balance of Power' that, years ago, brought on the 'Nuclear Balance of Power' between the 'Super Powers of the World', and the 'Cold War' and all of us teetering-on-the-edge-of-unknowing... Unknowing as to whether we would survive the next minute of our Lives or not!

  29. Today, instead of there being only two 'Super Powers' in the world, there are quite a few more, wielding various kinds of 'Power', but all of it, in some form, based upon Monetary Power! Even such a renown 'Terrorist Power' as Al-Quaida, yet relies extensively upon the Monetary System, in support of its 'Spiritual Powers', as felt or enacted by every Muslim 'devotee' thereof, down to the 'commission' of their very lives and bodies, to the supposed-justness of their 'Cause'. And even though this supposed 'Balance' of Monetary-Power existing today is worldwide, it seems that such 'Powers' as Al-Quaida can yet most easily amass enough 'Power' and Resources to continue the perpetration of their terrorist activities upon us!

  30. So the 'challenge' nowadays, to Dr. Rice, as the U.S. Secretary of State heir-apparent, is not to humanitarianly 'Balance' all of the 'needs' of the World's indigenous peoples and individuals, in a new 'Balance of Power' that would truly BE a 'Balance of Power' that would be "Of The People, By The People and For The People", but instead, it means that Dr. Rice and the United States, are now committed to finding a way and means for the U.S. to REMAIN the Number One 'Power' in the World, among many more 'Equals' who are all clamouring for their 'Right' to Equality and more, with respect to all of the World's Resources. So, as the former 'struggle' for a 'Balance of Power' in the World led us into the Cold War, so this new Policy-Concept (of our present Government!) can do no more than achieve much of the same, among all the Political and Economic 'Powers-That-Be'... In other words, the Rich of the World!

  31. In the meanwhile, the 'struggle' for Life, will go on with the rest of us, along the way, instead of Giving 'That Which is Individually Ours To Give, Unto Others and All', to a 100 % Efficiency of Utilization-of-Worldly-Resources-in-the-Service-of-All, a wonderful and beautiful 'Balance of Power' AMONG ALL Individuals... Instead of such, Yes! We will yet be 'Giving', That Which Is Ours To Give... our bodies, and our Souls, in 'Service', to either the 'Means of War' or the 'Means of Fanatical Religion'! In either case, our bodies will 'Come Home', in body-bags, or Not-At-All!

  32. So, again I imply herewith, in 'comparing' What 'Is' (today!), with What Might Be (in our near future!), that we all consider that alternative 'Balance of Power', of the Individual Power and Resources of each and every one of us all, in providing a money-free balance-of-the-world-economy, that justly provides for One and All, in BOTH their 'Needs' to Receive AS WELL AS to 'Give', of THAT which is exclusively theirs to Give! Such a Participatory Democracy-World Economy is exactly what this World 'Needs' today! "Let it Be, Let It Be-e-e, Let It Be, Speaking Words of Wisdom, Let It Be!" (quoting The Beatles, I think!)

  33. Have I made my Point here? I don't know! But, I think that any rational, thinking Person will agree, as to What is 'Obvious' about What presently 'Is', versus What might be 'seen', as just as Obvious, about That Which Has Been hereby Proposed!

  34. "What? Change the world's Economic System, for the Better? Can it actually be done? WILL it actually be done? Some would say, that only Time will tell!" Well, unfortunately, as Dr. Freeman J. Dyson has already noted, we may not have the 'Luxury' of Time! (See Father Jerome's Sermon entitled "Are You Prepared for 2010 A.D.? - The Future-Realities of famous Physicist-Futurist Freeman J. Dyson!")

  35. But surely the Reader hereof can, with the Mainstream of Humanity, see the logic, the reason, the efficiency, and the obvious Reality, of that which has herein been Proposed, as to a Means and Methodology of Resolving that terrible Plight, of All of Us! Thusly I, Father Jerome, Ask but One Thing More of YourSelf, in Reading What You Have Read here... DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, as ONLY YOU CAN SO DO! Each and every one of us, of All of Humanity, was 'Created' to Better Our World, in Whatever Way that we have individually been Born to So DO! BE THAT WHICH YOU WERE BORN TO BE AND TO DO! Such is my Challenge to All of Us!

  36. One more thing here, in closing. I have written numerous pages herein this QUFD Textbook/Website, in discussion of such a Future-Society that-might-be, as I have hereinabove discussed in this QUALIA Document, and the Reader hereof might find the searching-out of those various pages to be worth their while. But, one of those numerous webpages that I am especially fond of (even though most of the content was not even of my own contribution!), is the QUALIA IX Document, an Examination of a Future-Past 'Utopian Society', that I would say most of us today would love to be a member thereof! Read those beautiful words from the Past, about What Might Be... And THEN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

    Aum, Peace, Amen

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