Qualia V: The Quantum Physics and Sociology of Participatory Democracy. From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUFD

QUALIA V: The Quantum Physics and Sociology of Participatory Democracy.

Exploring QUFD Principles,
from the QUFD website,
at: http://go.to/QUFD

By Father Jerome

    When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another,
    And to assume among the powers of the earth the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and of nature's God entitle them,
    A decent respect of the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impell them to the separation.
    We hold these truths to be self-evident; that all men are created equal;
    That they are endowed by their creator with inherent and unalienable rights;
    That among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness;
    That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed;
    That whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter and abolish it, and to institute new government;
    Laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness...
    For the support of this declaration, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.
    The Declaration of Independence, Jefferson's Original Draft
  1. First of all, I want to dispel a myth about Participatory Democracy, which has given this wonderful mode of human relations a bad name over the years. I'd say that most people, just upon hearing the name, "Participatory Democracy", would already have a good idea of what it was all about: People, the public, and all of humanity, EQUALLY participating, in the running and operation of their society, by each and every individual HAVING A VOTE on everything and all that matters, and was of concern, in society; a public, a society, in which THERE WERE NO REPRESENTATIVES, but instead, each and every individual WAS 100% RESPONSIBLE, for their EVERY WORD, ACTION AND DEED; a society where there were NO THIRD-PARTY AGENTS OF RESPONSIBILITY ("Representatives"), whether Politicians, Congresspeople, Lawyers, Judges, Brokers, or ANY form of 'Representative', INCLUDING THAT ULTIMATE third-party-agent of 'responsibility' - MONEY! A society of INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE, to pursue one's Life according to one's Destiny, IN SERVICE TO ALL of mankind - NOT in 'service' to ONESELF! A society of PEACE, HAPPINESS, JOY, LOVE, HARMONY and so much more! (See my continuing Monograph in this QUALIA Series, QUALIA IX: Utopia Revisited - An examination of a Societal Alternative from the Future-Past.)

  2. BUT, as I have said, the very concept of such a Utopia has garnered a 'bad name', from those 'vested interests' (Of course!), who would 'put down' such a wonderful society, in favor of a 'Representative Democracy' and, of course, the 'protection' OF their 'vested interests' (Money and Power!) - JUST AS Lucifer would have all of us to do, invoking the Negativities OF his 'Representative Democracy'-form of societal order (a social order of POWER, MONEY and the RICH vs. the Poor!), in lieu of the Positivity OF 'Participatory Democracy'! And what do you think that 'bad name' IS - that has been 'foisted' upon humanity, by Lucifer and his influences? Well, tell you what. Let's look up the term 'Participatory Democracy' in a Dictionary, and guess what? You won't even find it, in some dictionaries! BECAUSE, if you do find a reference, or synonym, to/of 'Participatory Democracy', it WON'T BE under the P's, but instead, under the A's! "A's?" YES, for......ANARCHY! THAT is the 'bad name', that has been attached TO 'Participatory Democracy', invoking definitions of CHAOS and VIOLENCE and DEATH, things which would, naturally, 'scare the bejesus' out of any self-respecting human being who did not understand the real meaning of Anarchy (Yes! The 'bad meaning' DOES apply, IF WE LET IT!): a society in which the PEOPLE RULE - 'Of the People, By the People, and For the People' - IN PEACE AND HARMONY with each other, NOT in chaos and violence! And NOT 'through' third-party-agents of 'responsibility' - Representatives - but instead, where every individual, as I have said, is 100% RESPONSIBLE, for their every WORD, ACTION and DEED......AND a society in which everyone does ACCEPT and RESPECT, ALL OTHERS, as to Who and What one IS, and does, and shall BE!

  3. WHOA! This, of course, is NOT what Lucifer WANTS for this world of his - a land where people LOVE each other, in POSITIVITY, Peace and Happiness! NO! He wants a land of NEGATIVITY, where wars, animosities, divisiveness, representation, vested interests, and, of course, his CORRUPTION, shall prevail! And that is just what he has, presently, in a world, a civilization, of 'small minds', Immature minds, where everyone - EVEN THIS WRITER - has been either 'brainwashed' or otherwise influenced (however unwantedly!) by his Negativity!

  4. Actually, 'brainwashed' is a quite strong perjorative and not accurate at all, as far as a scientific explanation of reality. Because it is impossible to 'wash' the brain and corrupt it. It (the brain) is merely a somatic, physical, material organism, not possessing the Sentience or any other ability to conceptualize, and corrupt, human functioning. Those faculties, WHICH ARE SUPERVISORY to brain function, LIE IN THE MIND! BUT, in this case, it is ONLY the LOWER MIND, the self, which has been 'mind-washed', BY Lucifer's Negativity, NOT the Upper Mind, or even the entire individual Local Mind - ONLY the Lower Mind, which has been influenced, IN ITS SUPERVISION of the human brain, BY LUCIFER! The Upper Mind, the Soul, is, of course, yet the individual's KEY TO POSITIVITY and all that lies beyond the Local Mind - and it HAS NOT BEEN CORRUPTED BY LUCIFER!

  5. And, as I just admitted, EVEN THIS WRITER can be 'influenced' - 'mind-washed' - by Lucifer, WHEN I am forced OUT OF THE MOMENT, out of the Positivity OF Infinite Consciousness (God) and the 'connection' to my Soul, BY the situations and dynamics OF this 'ocean of Negativity' which we are ALL SWIMMING IN! And THEN, in such instances, I might tend to especially FEEL Lucifer's Negative 'influences' UPON ME, urging me to act NEGATIVELY! BUT usually, being a person who is nominally 'clothed' IN the Positivity OF Infinite Consciousness, all it takes, for me to REGAIN MY POSITIVITY, is to get in touch with my SOUL, of which I DO KNOW (my Soul), since I do KNOW Who and What I AM, AND that I ALSO KNOW (am aware of) the 'dynamics', OF that DUALITY which does exist in the Cosmos, that basic, fundamental REALITY of existence - Good versus Evil, Positivity versus Negativity! So, in 'breaching' that VEIL OF SEPARATION/UNKNOWING, those influencing 'fingers of Negativity' AND returning my Consciousness TO THE SOUL, I can again resume LIVING IN THE MOMENT, where there IS NO NEGATIVITY!

  6. So, this is NOT to say that I am any different OR BETTER than anyone else, as my situation is yet that of everyone else in this world - YET 'swimming with the sharks'! But, as I have so written, and AS IS POSSIBLE with each and every individual of humanity, I DO KNOW Who and What I am - I AM THAT I AM, in the MOMENT! ANYONE who KNOWS, is 'aware', of the basics, the fundamentals, of Life, and who KNOWS Who and What they are, and were BORN TO BE......IS a POSITIVE PERSON, and cannot but momentarily (IF 'knocked' OUT OF THE MOMENT!), be a Negative person! They CAN, 'swim with the sharks', and nominally yet BE that Positive person which they are!

  7. Okay, enough of such discourse. Back to Participatory Democracy. And I especially want to note that there is, at present (December, of 2001), a most unique challenge and opportunity, for......YES! PARTICIPATORY DEMOCRACY......to gain a foothold in the world! It is in AFGHANISTAN, and in Kabul, and the other major cities of that war-torn land! With the recent 'liberation' of Kabul, by the Northern Alliance and the U.S.-Allied Forces, the PEOPLE of Kabul are now ENJOYING THE FREEDOM OF PARTICIPATORY DEMOCRACY - and doing 'as they please', AND ENJOYING IT! From restoring freedoms to watch TV and movies, to women 'commentators' on TV, to enjoying freedoms of dress and action, the Afghan people ARE engaging IN Participatory Democracy! Let us hope that it does NOT degenerate into Anarchy (OF the kind that most people THINK anarchy is - violence and chaos!), or that military or tribal war-lords take over, or even that the Bonn Conference on Afghanistan comes up with a 'government' for Afghanistan, which would, of course, just be, in effect, the 'parcelling out' of victorious-chunks of land, or ministries, or other government 'functions', TO THOSE IN POWER, i.e., the 'vested interests'! Let us hope NOT! Because IF 'Power' were to truly remain with the PEOPLE, they (the 'People' of Afghanistan) can surely come to a COMMUNITARIAN-style (NOT Communist!) 'agreement', for each individual to SHARE FREEDOM and RESPONSIBILITY for the Social Order, BY ACCEPTING AND RESPECTING ALL of their 'Peoples', their Afghan neighbors, in a PARTICIPATORY DEMOCRACY! Let us see, if the human Spirit and Positivity and Love, will prevail, at this momentous event! (Of course, Lucifer will have nothing of the sort, so we will just have to see what happens there, and who prevails - Lucifer or, through the People, God!)

  8. Actually, in that Lucifer's Negativity CAN ONLY BE REPEALED by the concerted action of ALL OF HUMANITY, in Love, Will and COOPERATION......I must say, that it (Afghanistan) may not be the momentous 'event' that it could be. Because, already OUTSIDE 'vested interests' (including the United States!) ARE PRESSURING the Afghan People to come up with a GOVERNMENT - NOT 'Of the People, By the People, and For the People', but instead, 'Representative' (YES!), of all the 'vested interests', who have interests in POWER and RULE, in Afghanistan! Well, we'll see!

  9. Okay, back to Participatory Democracy (and see my continuing Monograph in this QUALIA Series, QUALIA IX: Utopia Revisted - An Examination of a Societal Alternative from the Future-Past, for a look at a Utopian 'Participatory Democracy' set in the future!) But, let's take that possible example that we just mentioned - AFGHANISTAN - and see HOW 'Participatory Democracy' in Kabul MIGHT WORK! And using the scientific principles OF QUFD, AS APPLIED TO Participatory Democracy, we can see HOW the SOCIAL ORDER, and society, might evolve. The QUFD principles we are talking about are the SAME PRINCIPLES that apply to THE MATURE HUMAN MIND and CONSCIOUSNESS, which does present an excellent 'model', or structure, or framework, for the sociology OF a Participatory Democracy! THOSE PRINCIPLES ARE (from a condensate ground-state of Consciousness): self-ordering, coherence, adaptation to complexity and evolvement of new forms (i.e., LIFE), of existence and reality, as well as those particular 'dynamics' and attributes OF such a 'ground-state' Social Order!

  10. ALL of those principles, dynamics and attributes, OF a condensate of Consciousness, OF a Mature human Mind, OF POSITIVITY, existence and REALITY OF SPIRIT (the Spirit OF Infinite Consciousness - God!), CAN SURELY BE APPLIED to the sociological example of Afghan society! So, let's do that! Let's see how close of an example Afghan society MIGHT BE, to a truly Participatory Democracy! THEN, later, we might also compare such a sociological order TO THAT WHICH MIGHT BE here in the United States of America!

  11. Okay, a Participatory Democracy for Afghanistan. Taking the first basic QUFD principle, COHERENCE, let's see how it might apply. And how it might apply IS, actually, 'across-the-board' OF Afghan society, reaching into the very basics, the fabric, of Afghan life. Because we are talking about the BASIC NEEDS OF EVERYONE! Basic 'needs' of food, clothing, shelter, AND a few more things which I will mention shortly - but, the basic needs come first! And they relate to the principle of Coherence, or Unity, because, until there IS Unity, of the societal functions having to do with the production, manufacture, distribution, and use/consumption, OF food, clothing and shelter, THERE CANNOT even be a 'basis' FOR A SOCIETY!

  12. The people's needs, for food, clothing, shelter, FOR ALL members of society, are the starting-point of the Social Order. But then, yet talking of Coherence and Unity, OF THE PEOPLE, as to the 'basics' of their lives, we need to bring in a few more basic functions, including the human needs for LEARNING/EDUCATION (preferably SOCRATIC, rather than 'hierarchical' - see my earlier QUALIA Monograph, QUALIA III: The Quantum Physics of Societal/Sociological Existence and Reality and the Fundamental Negativity Therein As Created By the Human Mind, for discussion on the ABUSES of 'hierarchical' education and society!), COMMUNICATIONS, MEANS/MEDIUM of EXCHANGE, and the various forms of QUALITY OF LIFE: personal relationships; professional relationships; intellectual relationships, i.e., arts, sciences, humanities, etc.; and more than I might mention here! BUT - and this shall be the limit of my discourse regarding the Coherence, or Unity, the 'basics', of a society - THERE ARE SOME OTHER 'basics', that I need to throw in here, BECAUSE they are exclusively FUNDAMENTAL TO a Participatory Democracy!

  13. And those FUNDAMENTALS ARE, as I have already mentioned, ACCEPTANCE and RESPECT, FOR ALL members of society! In Afghanistan, this means acceptance and respect FOR ALL 'TRIBES', or ethnic 'variations', of the people! And since we are herein talking about ethics, religion, customs, values, history, and so many 'variations' IN HUMAN LIFE - THIS MEANS THAT each and every member of society WILL NEED TO ACCEPT and RESPECT......EVERYONE ELSE (and we DO have some fairly close examples of societies that have done so today - like the Japanese!) - NO MATTER WHAT ONE'S DIFFERENCES MAY BE! BUT, in order to do this, we need to have one more FUNDAMENTAL 'dynamic', of a Participatory Democracy, in operation.

  14. "What is that?" you might say. It is - TRUST! In order for there to be a Social Order, a society, OF UNITY, of Coherence, and OF a basic ONENESS - in and of the HUMAN EXISTENCE, human LIFE, human PURPOSE, and human REALITY - WE NEED TO TRUST EACH OTHER! Now my feeling IS, that in Afghanistan (as in the rest of the WORLD!), THERE WILL NOT BE, nor can there BE, ANY TRUST, between individuals or groups, AS LONG AS MONEY, or ANY SUCH means/medium of exchange, EXISTS, to 'corrupt', and influence UNTRUTHS and lies, in any and all transactions that a people and a society might engage in with each other!

  15. "But", you say. "What will take the place of money?" HEY, we have it already! In this modern day and age - EVEN IN AFGHANISTAN - the INTERNET, and world-wide communications - ALREADY EXIST! FREELY PROVIDING the Afghan people, BY THE REST OF THE WORLD, with the means of communications, INCLUDING down to THE INDIVIDUAL (YES! Personal wireless laptops or pocket units, with a wireless range in excess of 100 miles or via satellite, ARE ALREADY POSSIBLE, with today's technology! Just think of Finland, with all the mountains in that county, EVERYONE has a personal telephone/Internet unit!) - would enable the Afghan people, down to the lowliest 'peasant', TO USE THAT great 'bulletin board-in-the-sky', the Internet, AS A FREE POSTING-BOARD and exchange 'medium', for ALL goods and services, THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE COUNTRY! Following the 'Golden Rule' - "Do Unto Others, as You Would have Others Do Unto You!" - individuals and groups would FREELY GIVE, unto all of mankind and unto ALL IN NEED, THAT (goods and services) WHICH is theirs to offer (of their particular talents, abilities and resources). And they would FREELY RECEIVE, that (goods and services) WHICH THEY NEED, for their own personal and professional needs, IN ORDER TO FREELY GIVE, that which is theirs to GIVE! GIVING AND RECEIVING, via INSTANT COMMUNICATIONS (bringing Afghan people into the modern age IMMEDIATELY!), in enabling the Social Order to work, WITH ALL PEOPLE TRUSTING IN ONE ANOTHER (NO lies, NO deceit, NO 'holding back' something, NO cheating, NO 'ripping another off', and so on)! For HOW COULD IT BE any other way? If one needs something, one merely LOOKS ON the 'Net', the Web, FOR WHAT ANOTHER HAS OFFERED! When one has received, FREELY, EVERYTHING that one needs, THEN that individual can, LIKEWISE, turn around and FREELY GIVE (Offer), THAT which the individual produces, has the talent or ability, or can so provide the service. And IF each and every individual REALIZES THAT, in order to RECEIVE what one needs, that individual NEEDS TO TRUST those who supply his/her needs, THEN the individual will realize THAT the individual him/herself LIKEWISE NEEDS to be TRUSTED (NOT committing any untruths, lies, OR ANY OTHER DECEITFUL actions), in whatever one GIVES back to society! GIVING and RECEIVING - to and from ALL OF SOCIETY - is the BASIS OF TRUST (along with Acceptance, Respect and much more)!

  16. Okay, I've defined the BASICS of a Social Order, a COHERENT society, of UNITY, of purpose, of existence, of Acceptance and Respect for all, and OF TRUST, for each and every individual! Of course, a society WITHOUT MONEY, or anything else that might Negatively influence ANYONE! A society in which people realize that WHAT IS THEIRS, as to goods, services, resources, talents and abilities - IS THEIRS BUT TO SERVE THE COMMON GOOD, the Common Weal, OF ALL OTHERS! And NOT TO SERVE ONESELF (the ultimate Negativity)! A society in which ALL INDIVIDUALS realize that their individual JOY, HAPPINESS and FULFILLMENT of Life, DEPENDS on their TRUST and relationships WITH OTHERS and ALL of society! THUSLY, within such a framework of INTERDEPENDENCE on one and all of society, CAN THE INDIVIDUAL achieve a maximum of FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE, to Be, and to achieve, THAT which one might BE - OF one's OWN DOING and FREE WILL!

  17. And since WHAT ONE MIGHT 'BE', in turn, bears directly on WHAT ONE GIVES UNTO THE REST OF SOCIETY, we have to thusly get into another QUFD principle - that of SELF-ORDERING! Now, before I do though, I will mention further a few other things which are sort-of 'basics' yet. Religion, beliefs, faith, values, ethics, customs, traditions and so forth. Those are 'basics' that, I feel, CAN CERTAINLY BE ACCOMMODATED WITHIN a Societal Order of ACCEPTANCE, RESPECT and TRUST, of one another - in order words, a Participatory Democracy. And once that BASIC ORDER - that COHERENT ground-state 'landscape' of the Social Order - a 'condensate' OF THE GREATER 'ORDER', of and from which it derives, the Infinite Condensate OF Infinite Consciousness (God) - has been achieved, VIA THE ASSENT, WILL and COOPERATION OF ALL - 'Of the People, By the People, and For the People' - THEN we can further consider the FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE of the individual! And the key to such is SELF-ORDER!

  18. Now, all of those further 'basics' that I just mentioned - ethics, religion, belief, faith, values, customs, traditions and so forth - are actually the 'stepping-stones' TO the greater achievements and enjoyments of one's Life. So, they are like another level, in the 'actualization' OF one's Life. (And I am NOT, herein, going to make any kind of comparison to Maslow's 'levels of actualization', as it might be called, in that his 'levels' were hierarchical and, as a Negativity, I want to avoid hierarchies OF ANY KIND!) So I will just say that there are a number of discrete, or non-discrete, 'levels', just as, in Quantum Mechanics, there are various increasing 'levels' OF ORDER, or SELF-ORDERING, all 'focusing' further ON THAT subject, topic, concern, issue, matter, or WHATEVER of substance and relevance, which is being 'addressed', or self-ordered.

  19. So, in Afghan society (or ANY society!), WHEN THE PEOPLE - individuals - CAN SELF-ORDER their Lives, as to all those things I mentioned - ethics, religion, etc. - THEN we are, again, talking about Participatory Democracy. A Participatory Democracy IN WHICH, by virtue of the Quantum Mechanical and Sociological Laws and Principles of QUFD, the 'landscape', or ground-state - the BASIC 'Order' - of Society, CAN 'COME ALIVE', with those INDIVIDUAL and GROUP 'attributes', which ARE CREATED BY individuals and/or groups, BY THE PROCESS, and the 'dynamics', OF SELF-ORDERING!

  20. SO, individual SELF-ORDERING 'creates', FROM ALL RELEVANT 'INPUTS', from ANYWHERE......And remember, a condensate is a quantum UNITY, of ALL the quantum forces and fields, INCLUDING GRAVITY, therefore TIME and SPACE ARE INTEMPORAL! Actually, intemporality is only possible in the incorporeality, or Spirit, OF CONSCIOUSNESS, so as far as our corporeal Afghan society is concerned, IT IS THE RESULTS of Consciousness that count! WHAT the individual 'creates' - THOSE REALITIES - coming from Consciousness, IN CONSIDERATION OF ALL INPUTS, from ANYWHERE IN TIME AND SPACE - Past, Present, Future - are what will, justly and Positively, BRING ALL that man does so 'order' - ethics, religion, values, customs, etc. - INTO a new 'level' of Social Order, FOCUSED ON THAT ATTRIBUTE!

  21. THEN, from the self-ordered (BY individuals AND society!) organizations, or 'levels', of a societal order......THEN, from there, INDIVIDUALS can further self-order THEIR LIVES ACCORDING TO THEIR INDIVIDUAL DESTINYS! And AGAIN, the KEY to all of this IS: ACCEPTANCE, RESPECT and TRUST - of each and every individual member of society, FOR ONE ANOTHER - a PARTICIPATORY DEMOCRACY, 'Of the People, By the People, and For the People'! A Social Order of BASIC POSITIVITY - NOT NEGATIVITY! In which MATURITY OF MIND is the 'norm' - NOT the exception!

  22. And this brings us to the next important 'attribute' of QUFD principle, and that is ADAPTIVE COMPLEXITY! Because - and we are yet at the second-level OF the Social Order, that of self-ordering - self-ordering ALSO 'creates' itself VIA its 'relationships' TO ALL OF ITS INPUTS! And these 'inputs', in this sociological Afghan society that we are discussing, CAN BE ANY AND EVERYTHING, that might affect individuals and the Social Order IN ANY WAY! SO, the 'self-ordering' that is transpiring, going-on, BY and through the 'groups', or attributes, involved......such self-ordering HAS TO BE RESPONSIVE TO ALL 'COMPLEXITIES' of the social situation - those 'attributes' just mentioned, INCLUDING 'tribal' customs, beliefs, values, and on and on - AND BE WILLING TO 'ADAPT' - 'adaptive complexity' - TO such vagaries and differences IN HUMAN LIFE, existence and REALITY!

  23. This is where we, again, NEED a Participatory Democracy BASED UPON Acceptance, Respect and TRUST! Because WITHOUT such Positive aspects, AS THE BASIS, the FOUNDATION, of the Social Order, we will have the 'bad' form of Participatory Democracy - ANARCHY, with chaos, violence, death and all the rest of Lucifer's Negativities, OR 'Representative Democracy' OR WORSE, with, again, Lucifer in command!

  24. Okay! Say we now have a stable Afghan Participatory Democracy, stable as to those two basic 'levels' which we have previously discussed. But NOW, let us get back to the INDIVIDUAL and one's realities, opportunities and DESTINY! And, in such a Positive milieu, of BASIC TRUST, opportunity, and 'Doing Unto Others, as You would Have Others Do Unto Oneself!'......where WHAT ONE NEEDS, in order to achieve that which one might achieve, or DO 'Unto Others...', i.e., what one might GIVE, unto society......where such as one NEEDS, IS FREELY AVAILABLE FROM ALL OF SOCIETY, i.e., housing, food, clothing, resources, goods, services, etc., etc. - and NOT from GOVERNMENT, or 'vested interests', BUT INSTEAD, freely available from INDIVIDUALS and GROUPS, who FREELY OFFER that which THEY 'CREATE', IN ORDER THAT, by freely offering that which is their exclusive 'creation', THEY MIGHT SO CONTINUE TO FREELY RECEIVE THAT WHICH THEY NEED IN ORDER TO FREELY GIVE! In this, I am reminded of the old Negro Spiritual: "May the Circle Be Unbroken, In the Bye, Lord, In the Bye..." YES, MAY that CIRCLE, of GIVING and RECEIVING, in this Afghan Participatory Democracy BE UNBROKEN, in each and every individual's INTERDEPENDENCE on everyone ELSE - THE WHOLE OF SOCIETY! For ONLY in such a manner, can Afghans TRULY be FREE and INDEPENDENT individuals! FREE to CREATE, that which they might so 'create' - THOSE REALITIES, that Reality, which any and all of Afghan Society - AND THE WORLD - might so bring into existence. And remember: in QUFD Principle, the ULTIMATE REALITY, that which is 'created' IN the self-ordering of Consciousness, and which, rising BY and through the 'levels' of its own order and creation, BECOMES that 'Perturbation', that PEAK of achievement, which IS...... LIFE, or a new 'creation', a new ground-state of existence, A NEW REALITY! Such is the 'purpose' OF all human Life and existence, and may I hereby WISH ALL THE BEST, to the Afghan People, AND, by extension, ALL PEOPLES around the world, FOR A society, a better LIFE, OF FREEDOM, OF INDEPENDENCE, of Joy, Love, Happiness, and so much more, IN A WORLD-WIDE PARTICIPATORY DEMOCRACY - of ALL NATIONS, of all 'Peoples', around the world!

  25. INCLUDING THE UNITED STATES! And getting back to the earlier statement that I made, that I would make a comparison with the U.S. and the Afghan society, as to Participatory Democracy. Well, that comparison was just made: a Participatory Democracy OF THE ENTIRE WORLD! So, when all of the principles, QUFD Principles, that I just used in application to the Afghan Social Order, CAN ALSO BE APPLIED TO the social order OF THE U.S. and every other nation-state and People IN THE WORLD......THEN we will TRULY HAVE A WORLD- WIDE PARTICIPATORY DEMOCRACY!

  26. Actually, what more can I say but to summarize this discourse. TRUST, ACCEPTANCE, RESPECT, LOVE, WILL, COOPERATION, FREEDOM, INDEPENDENCE and so much more! All these, are 'components' - Quantum Mechanical and Sociological - 'components', of that ULTIMATE SOCIAL ORDER - of Positivity, NOT Negativity: Participatory Democracy! MAY SUCH BE THE REALITY OF MANKIND, in fulfillment of our DESTINY!

Aum, Peace, Amen!

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