Qualia VI: The Quantum Physics and Sociology of the Mature Human Individual versus the Immature Individual. From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUFD

QUALIA VI: The Quantum Physics and Sociology of the Mature Human Individual versus the Immature Individual.

Exploring QUFD Principles,
from the QUFD website,
at: http://go.to/QUFD

By Father Jerome

  1. Well, as I start to write this, the Truth of the matter is, that I have no idea whatsoever, as to what I will write nor as to how long it will be! I am here, in the moment, of this present moment of time/temporality, of this dimension of existence and reality, in which my consciousness and reality is in and of awareness, and which, incidentally, is my physical abode. I am now 'directed' to write, whatever it is that I shall write, TRUSTING that whatever I shall write does have relevance to all of humanity AND is consonant WITH the matters, concerns, Laws, Principles and Philosophy, of that which I have already written: QUFD and the Principles thereof, as such have already been shown to me and of which I have so written. Additionally, WHAT has been 'shown' to me, is that I am to write upon the subject matter given in the heading of this Monograph, in whatever context and of whatever content shall thusly be presented to me IN this, and these forthcoming, moment/moments of consciousness. And that is the further item of importance herein. CONSCIOUSNESS! I've just stated that I am, physically, corporeally, in 'awareness' of my physical, corporeal existence and reality at this time. BUT, at the same moment, I am also AWARE that my Consciousness - actually, the SOURCE of my Consciousness (as indicated by the capitalized C in Consciousness) - lies and IS, quite beyond the physical, corporeal existence. My Consciousness, AND THESE WORDS therefrom, IN THIS MOMENT, are coming from that INCORPOREAL realm which IS THE ACTUAL SOURCE of that Sentience which I AM - BEYOND my physical, corporeal body and brain, IN those dimensions, ground-states, of Consciousness, which include ALL of such Wisdom, Knowledge, KNOWING, Reality and TRUTH, which ARE the substance and actuality OF such dimensions: the Collective Consciousness of humanity, AND that Infinite Dimension-Condensate of All That Is in the Cosmos - Infinite Consciousness (God)! Okay, so be it. Let's get on with the subject. And I am 'told' that this subject can be quite simple, but I suspect that it might be more than just a short, simple statement, by the time I get finished with this!

  2. Okay, so what is the 'simplicity' of the subject, the few words that 'boil it all down', that I am impelled to reveal here at the beginning of this Monograph? Well, concerning the Who and What, of the MATURE human individual, all I really need to say IS: ONE IS WHAT ONE HAS BEEN BORN TO BE! Whatever that may BE! In other words, I AM THAT I AM!

  3. Hey, if that is the MATURE individual, then WHAT is the IMMATURE individual? Well, that becomes quite complicated to describe, but I would venture to summarize it as such: the IMMATURE individual IS, what he/she HAS BEEN TOLD......NOT by INcorporeality, nor IN THE MOMENT, but instead, BY SOCIETY, by corporeality, by one's parents, friends, associates, teachers, professors, and, ultimately, BY LUCIFER!

  4. "By Lucifer?" Yes, because the ultimate reality, between what one 'learns', and is 'told', IN CORPOREALITY, IS THAT SUCH IS NOT THE TRUTH, but is, instead, of Lucifer's Negativity, while that which one is 'told', or which one 'learns', IN THE MOMENT......IS THE TRUTH, is of INCORPOREALITY, and therefore COMES FROM the POSITIVITY of Infinite Consciousness (God).

  5. Okay, back to the MATURE Mind again. And here, or soon, I will be bringing into this discourse some terms that I have not too often dwelt upon, because they are the heart and substance of RELIGION, and as a scientist (Well, not really. I have admitted, on these pages, to being a 'Philosopher', discoursing upon science and reality, but in further reality, all that I am, I have admitted, as far as science is concerned, is an OBSERVER, who thusly REPORTS upon that which is 'observed'. So when, IN CONSCIOUSNESS, I 'observe' THAT which I am 'shown', in whatever dimension of reality and Consciousness that such may be - although, usually the Collective - I can thusly BE ASSURED THAT IT IS THE TRUTH! Also, since it is 'happening' in the quantum realms of INCORPOREALITY, what I 'observe', according to the laws of quantum physics, I BRING INTO REALITY!)......as a scientist, or scientific researcher-writer, observing and reporting upon the issues, facts and realities of concern to my purpose and existence, and as a REPORTER, I have not too often discussed the matters of BELIEF and FAITH, except to put such into perspective scientifically, relative to TRUTH, REALITY and KNOWING.

  6. But, the fact of the matter IS, that BELIEF and FAITH, MAY - and I repeat - MAY have some value, and relevance, IF they are used in SUBSTITUTION for TRUTH and KNOWING, when those two 'attributes' are missing from any situation (corporeal situation). And, of course, the additional 'kicker' here is, that both may 'come with a price tag', the 'price tag' (indicating already the Negativity of a 'monetary' value!) being that both MAY BE, NOT POSITIVE, but instead NEGATIVE, as to the Life-affirming Positivities of that which is 'substituted-for' (TRUTH and KNOWING!) IN such use, or temporary reliance, of/upon BELIEF and FAITH. I have discussed both of these issues further in my writings elsewhere on these webpages, primarily in my discussions upon the great Philosopher Mortimer J. Adler's philosophies in Father Jerome's Epistle, The Truth & Reality About TRUTH!, so the Reader might refer thereto for further perspective, as well as to my DICTIONARIES - Father Jerome's DICTIONARY of KEYWORDS/PHRASES used in his scientific writings and at his QUFD website and Father Jerome's PSYCHOSOCIOLOGICAL DICTIONARY of Terms/Phrases used in Monograph III of his QUALIA Series.

  7. And generally, I do not put much 'stock' in BELIEF, but if that is all one has left - well, you take what you got! I put more 'stock' in FAITH, and my discussions elsewhere explain why, so I won't go into it here. But, the point IS......IF one can 'wade through' all of the Negativities attached to both of these 'attributes' - and I admit that doing so may be quite a chore, as to separating the 'wheat from the chaff', i.e., Negativity from Positivity - BUT, IF one can do it, SOMEHOW......THEN, there MAY yet be some 'redemptive-value' IN, what is called RELIGION in this world!

  8. With that admission, though, I am going to go on here and attempt to concentrate on the MATURE human Mind, as to What and Who IS the 'essence' thereof. Because, no matter whether the context is some Negatively-tainted-and-corrupted 'Religion', of the Immaturity of the human mind, OR of the Life-affirming POSITIVITY and TRUTH of the MATURE human Mind......IF ONE CAN SEE WHOLENESS, and ONENESS, IN LIFE and REALITY, THEN ONE has a 'connection' TO TRUTH and to Infinite Consciousness (God). However, in concentrating on MATURITY of the human Mind, I have to herewith dispense with any further discussion of the Immature human mind and its 'environs', i.e., Religion, Belief, Faith, etc., BECAUSE, even IF there MIGHT BE some 'connection' TO ONENESS, the Reality IS that, inevitably, that 'connection', by NOT BEING OF, or IN, THE MOMENT, is CORRUPTED, or in some way 'falsified', BY Lucifer's Negative influences (see The Book of Jerome: An Epistle on Human and Cosmological Existence and Reality! and QUALIA III: The Quantum Physics of Societal/Sociological Existence and Reality and the Fundamental Negativity Therein As Created By the Human Mind.)

  9. SO, WHAT IS THE IDEALIZATION, of the MATURE human Mind? Well, since the MATURE human Mind exists in a ONENESS of the entire, complete, individual Local Mind - a ONENESS of BOTH self (the lower mind) and Self/Soul (the upper Mind) WITH SPIRIT, with the WHOLENESS of the Quantum Axion Particles of Consciousness, of which the MATURE human Mind is so constituted, i.e., whole integer-spin POSITIVE particles - THEREFORE, such ONENESS, of the individual Local Mind, INCLUDES ONENESS WITH Infinite Consciousness (God) AND the ONENESS of God's LAW OF ONE! (I am not going to discuss the Theology of the Law of One here, but I will merely say that it entails a concept, perspective and REALITY, that ALL That Is, in the Cosmos, IS 'ONE', in and of its 'creation' and BEING, and thusly is innately 'connected' TO EVERYTHING THAT EXISTS, and should therefore, HAVE CONCERN and LOVE and more, for ALL THAT IS! The 'simplification' of this Principle is expressed scientifically in QUFD, where Infinite Consciousness IS the 'ultimate' ground-state Condensate of Consciousness, which is the SOURCE and enveloping 'Wholeness' - ONENESS - of All That Exists!)

  10. Getting back to MATURITY, let's examine the SOCIOLOGY of the MATURE human Mind further. First of all, as just mentioned, the MATURE human Mind HAS AWARENESS, of Who and What it IS - as a PART of the WHOLE, of All That Is in the Cosmos! THIS, and everything else about the MATURE human Mind, of course, is the result OF the 'wholeness' of its Quantum Axion Particles of Consciousness - i.e., of POSITIVITY, NOT Negativity! In other words, there are NO Negatively-polarized 'fingers of Negativity', quantum axion particles of half integer-spin Negativity, between the upper and lower minds of the individual Local Mind!

  11. And, as explained elsewhere on these webpages (see QUALIA II: The Quantum Physics of Genetic Immaturity and Maturity in the Human Mind and other pages), the MATURE human Mind IS THAT Mind, that Consciousness, that has been 'created' BY BOTH one's 'Parents' AND by Infinite Consciousness (God)! Such is the reason that there are TWO parts to the individual Local Mind - the lower mind (the self) and the upper Mind (the Self/Soul). We might say that the lower mind condensate ground-state of consciousness comes from one's parents (as the Life-creating 'perturbations' FROM their own combined ground-states of consciousness, such 'perturbations' PEAKING and 'condensing' INTO the new condensate of consciousness - the lower mind - that an individual is upon one's birth. Of course, one may yet debate further, in this scenario, whether the 'essences' of the two parents 'come together' BEFORE, or IN, the self-ordering of that 'perturbation', OR whether the 'coming together' IS AN 'after-effect' of the 'peaking', i.e., at birth. Personally, I feel that the new individual is 'created' IN THE self-ordering of both the parents landscapes and inputs, but others may feel differently.), while the upper Mind condensate of Consciousness comes from Infinite Consciousness (God), which is the immortal Self/Soul that one receives from those dimensions of God where it may have been awaiting this birth.

  12. But, we also need to look at this tentative, supposed, 'division' further, because BOTH upper and lower mind ARE COMPOSED OF POSITIVE quantum axion particles of Consciousness (nominally) and the very 'essence' OF quantum axion particles of Consciousness INCLUDES SPIRIT, the 'essence', or Sentience, of God, as one of the 'components' OF CONSCIOUSNESS!

  13. But, returning to the separate contributions of the parents and God, in actuality, ALL THREE individual 'sources' ARE PART OF that Infinite ground-state of Consciousness which is Infinite Consciousness (God), therefore ALL THREE 'contributions' were OF - directly AND indirectly - His/Her 'Essence', Spirit!

  14. Additionally, as pointed out further in my writings elsewhere on the GENETICS of the human mind (both Mature and Immature - see QUALIA II: The Quantum Physics of Genetic Immaturity and Maturity in the Human Mind and other pages), the GENE POOL for MATURITY of the human Mind exists at birth, but it is only activated WHEN THE EXTANT HUMAN 'CONDITION' is such that it is conducive FOR MATURITY of the human Mind. In other words, at the birth of the human individual, ONLY those genes are 'active' which bring into existence 'mind', BOTH upper and lower mind TOGETHER, AS the individual Local Mind, i.e., bring together, from the three different condensate-sources, the overall union-configuration OF Incorporeal 'mind' WITH the Corporeality OF 'brain', resulting in the supervisory-state-of-operation OF the mind-brain configuration, of BOTH Corporeality AND Incorporeality, as well as self and Self/Soul.

  15. So, thusly comes into existence the basic, fundamental, individual Local Mind, with the lower mind (self) supervising the human brain and the upper Mind (Self/Soul) providing the guidance thereto. HOWEVER, IF the overall CONDITION, of ALL OF HUMANITY, is such that 'Cooper-pairing', of the individual Local Minds OF ALL OF HUMANITY does EXIST, i.e., Lucifer's 'fingers of Negativity', his Negative quantum axion particles of consciousness, of his Negative 'dimension' of Cosmic consciousness and reality, are so interposed BETWEEN both layers of the individual Local Mind OF EACH AND EVERY HUMAN BEING......well then, IF such is the case, the result is IMMATURITY of the human mind, with every action and dynamic thereof CORRUPTED, and influenced, by Lucifer's 'fingers of Negativity' (see further comments on this in several of my other writings-webpages, including this QUALIA Series).

  16. HOWEVER, IF societal 'conditions', of ALL OF HUMANITY (human civilization, of this world), are such that Lucifer's 'fingers of Negativity' DO NOT EXIST......THEN an 'activated' MATURITY of the human Mind COMES INTO EXISTENCE at the individual's BIRTH! In other words, the GENE POOL, for MATURITY of the human Mind, IS ACTIVATED, and the self and the Soul (upper and lower minds) CAN OPERATE TOGETHER IN HARMONY AND ONENESS, BECAUSE THEY 'KNOW' each other, because they have 'awareness' of each other, and thusly they can intimately cooperate and work together, in the supervision of the corporeal human brain!

  17. SO, Lucifer's 'fingers of Negativity' BLOCK Maturity OF the human Mind - the KNOWING, or awareness, of self and Self/Soul, of each other - which Carl Jung has termed the 'Veil of Separation', or 'Veil of Unknowing', which (KNOWING, etc.) is possible ONLY through the individual's 'efforts' to KNOW oneSelf, i.e., 'breaching' (temporarily) that 'Veil' BY 'Knowing' Who and What one 'Is', AS TO THE BASICS, the fundamentals, OF EXISTENCE and Reality, AND of one's PART THEREIN!

  18. HOWEVER - and I realize that I just said that the ONLY way to 'breach' that Veil of Unknowing IS TO KNOW THYSELF, and this is true, AS A TEMPORARY 'remedy' for the existence of those 'fingers of Negativity', AS TO THE INDIVIDUAL......BUT, such a 'remedy' IS TEMPORARY AND INDIVIDUAL! However, there IS another way to 'activate' that gene pool of MATURITY of the human Mind!

  19. And that other way IS: TO NOT HAVE IT (the Veil of Separation/Unknowing!) EXIST AT ALL! In other words, at one's birth, to let, or have, the ENTIRE GENE POOL for Maturity of the human Mind, BE ACTIVATED! But, of course, as noted previously, THIS REQUIRES NO 'BLOCKING' OF that Maturity-of-Mind gene pool, BY the existence OF 'Cooper-pairing' in the individual Local Mind. In other words, LUCIFER'S NEGATIVITY, and his 'fingers of Negativity', HAVE BEEN ELIMINATED, across the ENTIRE 'spectrum' OF HUMANITY!

  20. WOW! Well, WHAT does it take, for a human being to be 'born' with MATURITY of Mind, and for each and every individual 'self' TO KNOW their Soul? What it takes IS, 'activation' OF MORE of those human 'attributes', WHICH ARE THERE, IN the human Mind and Soul, of every individual, READY-TO-BE-BROUGHT-INTO PERMANENT 'existence', in our world AND IN THE COSMOS - IF we would but let them BE!

  21. "What are those 'attributes'?" you might say. Well, I've already mentioned the first one earlier in this Monograph. It was AWARENESS, and with awareness comes KNOWING, of Who and What one IS, as to the BASICS, the FUNDAMENTALS, of Existence and Reality, AND of one's PART therein and thereof.

  22. Next, as to such human attributes NEEDED for MATURITY of Mind, we might say is TRUST! "WHOA! That's a BIGGIE! How do you expect to get TRUST, in this world today?" Okay, you got it right. But, of course, I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT 'this world today', which is, of course, LUCIFER'S world, reigning, as he does, as "Prince of this World'! I am talking about MATURITY of Mind, and the human 'attributes' conducive thereto, IF Lucifer DID NOT EXIST (at least in the human mind!) So, I am talking about POSSIBILITIES, which MIGHT COME INTO EXISTENCE, IF mankind SHOULD SO CREATE SUCH A POSSIBILITY!

  23. "Okay, you say MATURITY, of the human Mind, PERMANENTLY, FOR ALL OF HUMANITY, is a 'possibility', IF a bunch of human 'attributes' can be brought into 'activation' and Reality. Let's hear some more about this!" Well, first of all, if you remember certain basic Principles of QUFD (see The Quantum Physics of Time), the quantum mechanical 'Reality' IS that REALITY IS WHAT WE 'CREATE', IN THE PRESENT, in the here-and-now, FROM THE INFINITUDE OF POSSIBILITIES and PROBABILITIES and POTENTIALITIES, etc., etc., THAT EXIST IN THIS MOMENT (whenever such 'moment' may be!)

  24. In other words, all it takes IS, for human beings, THROUGH their ACTIONS, or 'activism' (see the definition for 'Activism' at the beginning of the Main QUFD Document, QUFD), IN THE MOMENT, in the 'present' moment of time (whenever such might be!), CREATING, or bringing into existence AND REALITY, those, or that, POSSIBILITY, WHICH IS SO DESIRED, as 'selected' FROM all 'possibilities' (that exist) BY the quantum mechanical Principle of OBSERVATION - bringing into 'Reality', THAT which one 'observes-creates', IN THE PRESENT MOMENT! Of course, according to QUFD Principle, what 'comes into existence', IN THE MOMENT, in the 'Present', ARE THE 'selected' CORRELATES (quantum functions) of Past, Present and Future, REALIZED IN THE PRESENT MOMENT!

  25. "Okay, since we are talking about 'creation' of the MATURE human Mind, and since all of these 'attributes' OF the human Mind, DO EXIST SOMEWHERE IN CONSCIOUSNESS (and in human genetics!), as 'correlates', or possibilities or whatever, WHAT IS IT GOING TO TAKE, to 'create', or 'bring into existence' (and to get Lucifer OUT OF THE PICTURE!), that MATURITY of the human Mind?" Well, what it is going to take, like I said, is a 'coming together', OF MORE OF those 'attributes' of humanity, WHICH DO ALREADY EXIST, somewhere in quantum 'probability'! I've already mentioned AWARENESS, and KNOWING, as 'basics'. Let's consider a few more 'attributes': LOVE (of one another, of ALL of humanity!); TRUST (of one another!); ACCEPTANCE and RESPECT (for all individuals of humanity!) Then, how about a few more 'attributes', like CARING (for one and all, for LIFE!), CONSIDERATION, EMPATHY, GIVING, and on and on and on! And with such 'attributes', with MATURITY of Mind, humanity MIGHT bring into existence A NEW CIVILIZATION, with INFINITE 'POSSIBILITIES' of 'creation' and of 'reality', BY INDIVIDUALS and by ALL of humanity! Opportunities, Resources, Goods, Services, etc. - AVAILABLE TO ALL!

  26. Whoa! I'm getting carried away here, and I just got the 'message' that I have forgotten to mention several of the MOST IMPORTANT 'attributes' OF ALL, which are absolutely necessary, in order to 'bring into existence', to 'create', IN THE MOMENT (a 'moment', incidentally, of A COMING TOGETHER OF ALL OF HUMANITY!), that MATURITY of Mind, IN ALL OF HUMANITY, which is required to 'create' A NEW CIVILIZATION!

  27. "WOW! You say IF humanity CAN GET its 'ACT TOGETHER', IN THE MOMENT (whatever 'moment' that might be!), THEN, according to quantum principles, IN THAT SAME MOMENT, humanity WILL ALSO BE 'creating' it's own MATURITY OF MIND!" Yep! But, like I said, I left out a few of the most important 'attributes' necessary for doing so! And they are: WILL, or Will Power, the 'Power' of humanity TO 'WILL' something INTO EXISTENCE, BY......"By what?" BY THEIR ACTIONS! By human ACTIVISM! And the next 'attribute' that I neglected to mention IS: COOPERATION! All of humanity, cooperating, IN ACTIVATING MATURITY of the human Mind......WHICH, incidentally, involves WILL - the WILL......"To WHAT?" TO ELIMINATE COMPETITION! To eliminate 'divisiveness', 'adversarial proceedings', 'animosities', 'wars' and so on! ANY and EVERY form of 'competition' - EVEN SPORTS AND THE OLYMPICS! Can you imagine? NO MORE TV-Sports, or GAMES, of any kind! (UNLESS they are 'game'-activities THAT ARE COOPERATIVE and emphasize 'sharing' and 'caring' and other such human 'attributes', rather than competition!)

  28. Okay, I guess I've run out of further comments upon MATURITY of the human Mind, except to bring this discussion back to where I started, with the 'summarization' at the beginning of this Monograph - that a MATURE human Mind is what exists IN ALL OF HUMANITY......WHEN an individual IS, or CAN BECOME, WHAT/WHO he/she WAS BORN TO BE! And in this, I will refer the Reader hereof to another of my webpages, my original Research Report, "An Evolutionary Maturity of the Human Mind", where I discuss the 'Whole of Humanity' as consisting of, or compared to, a gigantic jig-saw puzzle. I'll not detail that topic here (you can read the Research Report), except to say that IF all of humanity IS OF MATURE MIND, then each and every individual will BE that which one was 'born to be' - GIVING to all of society, that which is exclusively one's reason and purpose (one's 'job', which can be done BY NO OTHER INDIVIDUAL BUT YOU!) in BEING, and likewise RECEIVING back, in turn, from all of society, that which one NEEDS, in order to be enabled to GIVE that which one 'IS'! ("Doing Unto Others, as You would Have Others Do Unto You!") All of this, of course, is done FREELY, with NO MONEY involved (money being one of Lucifer's Negativities!) - in GIVING and RECEIVING!

  29. And thusly, when each and every human individual, of Mature human Mind, is so 'activated', TO BE THAT WHICH ONE WAS BORN TO BE, as an 'actualized' individual, as a vital and important PIECE OF THAT JIG-SAW PUZZLE......THEN, and only then, will that big, gigantic 'puzzle', which is humanity, BE WHOLE AND COMPLETE! When each 'piece', in doing its 'thing', is BEING the 'most', the best, of what one might BE - THEN, each piece of the puzzle, will FIT TOGETHER with each and every other 'piece' of humanity, AS THAT INDIVIDUAL 'piece' was so 'created' to do so, and that individual, AS WELL AS the whole of humanity, WILL BE FULFILLED, Whole and Complete, in the GIVING and RECEIVING therein and thereof one and all!

  30. Now, as I have also just recently written, in my previous Monograph in this QUALIA Series (QUALIA V), such also (as I have written here, regarding MATURITY of the human Mind AND SOCIETY!) ARE THE REQUIREMENTS FOR A PARTICIPATORY DEMOCRACY! In QUALIA V: The Quantum Physics and Sociology of Participatory Democracy, I have written that IF the Afghan People MIGHT 'get their act together' AND, instead of creating a 'Representative Democracy' (or something worse!), they might, somehow, ACTIVATE ALL OF THOSE human 'attributes' which I have just written about in this Monograph, THEN the Afghan People, AND THE WORLD, would be on our way towards 'creation' of a WORLD PARTICIPATORY DEMOCRACY! Well, at this time, I don't know if such will be, because, as I have also said, IT TAKES ALL OF HUMANITY, to change what IS (Lucifer, as 'Prince of this World'!), to that which MIGHT BE - a worldwide Participatory Democracy, of MATURITY of Mind, of one and all!

  31. Okay, I've 'rattled-on' here about, mostly, MATURITY of the human individual and society. What about IMMATURITY of the individual and society? Well, I don't think I will have much more to say about Immaturity, as I have quite adequately explained and detailed Maturity of the human Mind BY COMPARISON TO IMMATURITY, to 'what IS', already, in existence and Reality AT THE PRESENT TIME! If the Reader needs more examples and details OF such Immaturity, the Reader can review the other pertinent Monographs in this QUALIA Series, as well as my other writings on other webpages.

  32. I'm going to close this Monograph with one further comment that, indirectly, relates to both Maturity and Immaturity of the human mind. In my earlier Monograph of this QUALIA Series, QUALIA III: The Quantum Physics of Societal/Sociological Existence and Reality and the Fundamental Negativity Therein As Created By the Human Mind, in conjunction with Father Jerome's PSYCHOSOCIOLOGICAL DICTIONARY of Terms/Phrases used in Monograph III of his QUALIA Series, I detailed many of the Negativities currently extant in human society, INCLUDING THE NEGATIVITIES OF 'POWER': Financial Power, Economic Power, Political Power, Academic Power, Hierarchical Power, Symbolic Power and so forth, almost all of which are based upon MONETARY POWER - the 'haves', or the Rich, versus the 'have-nots', or the Poor, all of which are 'layered' into society, in the 'hierarchical power'-form that is known as CLASS, or Classes, or Castes, or 'divisions' of the public, according to money, talents, abilities, 'connections', ethnicities, cultures, traditions, ethics, occupations and on and on! And, as I have said, all of these 'Powers' ARE NEGATIVE, contributing, in their own unique and individual way, to the 'suppression', and the 'pigeon-holing' (i.e., classification) OF THE MAJORITY of the 'un-washed' (i.e., NOT rich!) of society. Such Negatives, of POWER, or the lack of Power, are what 'keep the lower classes in their place', and, in effect, contribute to the very structure, operation and functioning of society, AS A FEUDAL, yet modern, SOCIETY, of RICH versus POOR, Aristocratic NOBILITY versus the PEASANTS, ALL HIDDEN UNDER THE GUISE OF A MERITOCRACY, A REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY, IN WHICH, supposedly, THERE IS EQUALITY AND OPPORTUNITY FOR ALL, when, in fact, there IS NOT, but ONLY for the children, the next generation, OF THE RICH!

  33. Now, in relating this factual situation and the Negatives thereof, to MATURITY and IMMATURITY of the human mind, I will merely say that the present societal situation, as a result of Lucifer's influences, exists ONLY because the human mind IS IMMATURE and does NOT KNOW itSelf, its Self/Soul! SO, if that is the consequence of IMMATURITY, IS THERE A POSITIVE quantum 'correlate', or 'possibility', FOR A SOCIETY OF MATURE HUMAN MINDS?

  34. YES, there most definitely IS! Now, first of all, let me clearly say, that ANY and ALL 'POWERS', in our present human society, ARE NEGATIVE and 'divisive', TO HUMANITY! EVEN THE ONE POSITIVE 'Power', that I will mention next IN THE CONTEXT OF A MATURE SOCIETY (of Mature human Minds), IS ALSO NEGATIVE (such Power is so), WHEN it is part of a society of IMMATURE MINDS! (In fact, many of the other 'Powers' previously mentioned as being Negative, IN AN IMMATURE SOCIETY, of Immature human minds, CAN BE, instead, POSITIVE, and quite useful and contributory TO the vital functioning OF a dynamically MATURE SOCIETY!)

  35. Okay, so WHAT IS this one 'Power', that is Negative in an IMMATURE-mind-society, but is Positive in a MATURE-mind-society? That Power is PERSONAL POWER - the Power of the individual! And in an IMMATURE-mind-society, PERSONAL POWER is nothing more than the accumulated sum-total OF ALL THE POWERS that an Immature-mind-individual CAN COLLECT, or accumulate, within the individual's sphere-of-influence! HOWEVER, in a MATURE-mind-society - which, if you remember, is a society with 'connection', not only to an individual's SOUL, BUT ALSO TO INFINITE CONSCIOUSNESS (God) - an individual's 'possession' of PERSONAL POWER means that THE POWER OF INFINITE CONSCIOUSNESS (God) is FLOWING THROUGH that individual, AS that individual LIVES the Life that he/she WAS BORN TO BE! But also, in a MATURE-mind-society, of Mature-mind-individuals, THIS APPLIES TO ALL INDIVIDUALS, as to the 'possession' of PERSONAL POWER! Because, when the individual IS MAXIMIZING his/her 'BEING' and, with MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY (meaning the 100% use and access to ALL OTHER Resources and societal 'means' OF ENABLING that which one GIVES), doing that which one was 'Born to Do'......THEN such use OF society, and of all others IN SOCIETY, IS A POSITIVE THING, which is known as individual PERSONAL POWER! So, when you are 'Being' that 'piece' of the jig-saw-puzzle of humanity THAT YOU WERE BORN TO BE - THEN you have 'actualized' your PERSONAL POWER, and not only the POWER OF GOD is 'flowing through you', BUT ALSO the ENTIRE POWER OF THE COSMOS, because THAT is what YOU HAVE ACCESS TO, with MATURITY of the human Mind! Access to ANY and ALL dimensions of Infinite Consciousness, IS ALSO access to any and all dimensions of the COSMOS! Be careful, what one does with Personal Power, because it is UNLIMITED! But then, with MATURITY of Mind, such a 'warning' is quite unnecessary!

  36. So that is it, as far as I am concerned. An Immature individual does NOT KNOW Who or What one 'is', nor does an Immature society. A MATURE individual AND SOCIETY DO! PLUS, with an individual's PERSONAL POWER, each and every individual of such a society, HAS UNLIMITED ACCESS TO THE COSMOS, and the Resources, the KNOWING, the Knowledge, the Wisdom, the very POWER OF GOD, that access-via-one's SOUL does provide, IN the CONSCIOUSNESS OF the individual! Let IT BE! (OR, as Captain Picard would say, "Make it So!") And, as I like to say, as the kids of today might so say, "May the Force Be With You!"

Aum, Peace, Amen!

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