Ode to Sherman


Ye were an ornery ole 'cus, but ye had a heart of gold,

You'd give a friend in need a blanket for the cold,

But, hidden away inside your always worn jacket pocket,

You always kept that handy bottle of vodka-rocket.

Every few minutes you felt the need of a slug,

'Til it dropped you in your tracks about two years back.

I remember askin' you, shiverin' there on the bench,

If'n ya wanted me to call the Cavalry at 9-1-1,

And when you sed "Yeh!", I knew ya was in trouble.

Well, in about 9 months they fixed ya up good as new,

I remember seein' ya when ya got out-a the hospital

(or was it the nursing home after the hospital?)

You were feeling fine and jumpin' aroun' like a

3 year old kid, ya had so much Life and energy,

no longer needin' a cane, you were on your second legs.

But you were still on the street, old friend,

Shinin' shoes and doin' whatever to get some coins,

And that street is surely not the best place for everyone.

You took it in your stride, not havin' anything else,

But that good ole bottle of rocket to keep ya goin'.

I saw ya again, only a month later, and I could tell,

Your cane sed Johnny-Rocket was back in town and it was

The only thing keepin' Sherm goin' on dem mean streets.

I saw Pat and Chuck just today, and I told them

That my old friend Sherman had just crossed my mind

The other day, and that I had a 'feeling' he'd 'kicked the bucket'.

They sed, "Yeah, just a week a-two back!"

So let me tell ya, Buddy, that if'n dem mean ole streets

Out there dun't get ya, Ole Johnny Rocket

Shure as Hell will!


Nelson, an ex-homeless Guy in San Mateo, California,

Where some Make it, and some don't!

Bless'd Be All of Us, Dear Lord,

And Be Prepared to Take Us 'As we Is',

'Cuz dat damn 'Other Guy's' still In-Charge Down Here!

But someday, we-all's a-comin' home, Dear Lord,

An' der'll Be a Hot Time In de Ole Town,

Praisin' an-a Singing Your Name, O'Lord,

For we know you can't Be with Us all da time,

But when dat Day duz come, We Is Ready!

We'II a Be a-singin dat Ole Spiritual:

"May the Circle, Be Unbroken, In the Bye, Lord, In the Bye,

Der's a Better Home Awaitin', In the Bye, Lord, In the Bye!"

And Amen, to All the Homeless Everywhere!