QUALIA XXXXVI: Exploring the 'Orders' of Differentiated Relativity and Undifferentiated Relativity in QUFD Physics! From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUFD

QUALIA XXXXVI: Exploring the 'Orders' of Differentiated Relativity and Undifferentiated Relativity in QUFD Physics!

Exploring QUFD Principles,
from the QUFD website,
at: http://go.to/QUFD

By Father Jerome

  1. First of all, as noted in the title of this Qualia Monograph, we will be discussing only such 'relativity' as does apply to QUFD Physics, which means such as does so occur instantaneously within any QUFD condensate of Incorporeality wherever found! In other words, we will be talking about the 'Levels of Order' that occur as a result of the instantaneous 'dynamics' that are instantaneously occurring within that condensate, in response to all of the 'inputs' to that condensate from both Incorporeality and Corporeality.

  2. As I have already noted elsewhere in this QUFD Textbook (and in the Book-in-Print, "God, Lucifer and You!", by Jerome!), when any condensate of Incorporeality is 'processing' all of the instantaneous 'dynamics' that it may be 'under load' with at any instant, it is also, as a matter of necessity, creating instantaneous interim 'orders', or 'levels of order', between the 'horizontal' or convivial 'qualities' of Order versus Chaos (relative to that specific reason, purpose or 'reality-dynamic' being processed!) and the 'vertical' or relative 'qualities' of Unity versus Individuation that might so exist at each and every instant of that 'dynamic'! (If the Reader is not 'following me' here, as to understanding what I am beginning to discuss here... Dear Reader, You need to re-read, or Read, the pertinent sections of the QUFD Textbook that have already covered the 'basics' of what I am talking about here!)

  3. To Continue: And, of course, all four (4) of these 'characteristics' of our 'dynamics'... Order, Chaos, Unity and Individuation... do, in some way, come from the basic characteristics and qualities of our basic unit of Consciousness, the quantum axion particle! So that, therefore, we might say that there is, or might be, an 'Implicit Order', in varying 'degrees' or 'levels', from the ground-state level of Unity of the Cosmos itself, to the highest-level of Individuation and Differentiated Relativity that any 'dynamic' might achieve before being 'discharged' from it's perturbation or criticality!

  4. Let us review what I have just mentioned here, that the Reader might thoroughly and completely understand the context of what I have referred to here just previously.

  5. As the Reader most certainly knows by now, the Order and Chaos of any condensate of Incorporeality, as the fundamental 'attributes' of the ground-state or 'Landscape' of that condensate, come from the quantum axion particle of Consciousness, Order deriving from the Positive quantum axion particle and Chaos deriving from the Negative quantum axion particle, as both are thusly extant in the ground-floor or ground-state of every Incorporeal condensate, and as those two types of particles do so exist everywhere in the Cosmos simultaneously!

  6. As I have also noted elsewhere, the 'dynamics' that occur within any condensate of Incorporeality are the result of the 'processing' of all the 'inputs' to that condensate, by the Sentience or Spirit of those quantum axion particles of Consciousness which have so contributed to the very existence and definition of that specific condensate of Incorporeality as the Life-form of reason, purpose or reality that it is!

  7. Here we already have the start of the 'Implicit Order', which I have just previously referred to. And the primary constituent of such an Order IS the 'Level of Order' existing for the occurrence of any 'dynamic' that shall so occur at that 'level' of existence. And what is the 'level of existence' here, at the most basic 'level' of any condensate of Incorporeality, its ground-state?

  8. Well, first of all, as to determining any 'Order' of such an 'Implicit Order', we need to be totally aware of the context of the 'functions' of our two most important 'entities' here and at any 'level', our quantum axion particles of Consciousness, one of Positivity and the other of Negativity!

  9. Because, at the Most Basic Level Of All, that of the Ground-Floor or Ground-State of the Cosmos itself... OR THAT of the Most Basic Condensate of Consciousness Of All, that of Infinite Consciousness (God)... All is Unitary, Oneness and Wholeness, with all of the Laws and Principles of QUFD Physics, as to unitary-field condensates (Quantum Unitary Field Dynamics) and the 'qualities' of the quantum axion particles of Consciousness within such a ground-state of Consciousness and 'Reality', so applying thereto! In other words, here at 'Implicit Order' #0 (Zero), each and every quantum axion particle, Positive and Negative, is comfortably entwined with each other and is thoroughly Unitary and extant everywhere in that Cosmos and Infinity of Consciousness that does so constitute that One and Single gigantic Condensate of Cosmic Incorporeality (God)! One might thusly envision this Unity and Oneness of Positivity and Negativity as one does when viewing the ancient Chinese Sign-Symbol of Yin-Yang, and such is the actual 'Reality' (by necessity!) of the quantum axion particles of Consciousness, which do so comprise the actual Ground-Floor of this Most Gigantic Of All Condensates! Thusly we might call this 'Implicit Order Level Zero'!

  10. And even though we do so 'designate' the 'Implicit Order Level' as Zero, it is, in actual 'Reality', the highest level of 'order' that can be achieved within a condensate of Incorporeality, that of Unity, Oneness and Wholeness, or Undifferentiated Relativity! In other words, as the 'Implicit Levels of Order' might increase in Number, by actually also increasing in 'quantity', within any 'dynamic', thusly that 'dynamic' is becoming LESS 'undifferentiated' or unitary and MORE 'differentiated' and individuated, as to the 'complexities' that are arising as a result of the adaptive 'processing' functionalities of that particular 'dynamic'!

  11. Now, however, even though (as I have just said, "by necessity"!), the Ground-Floor of the Cosmos (God) MUST 'comprise itself' of both the Positive and Negative quantum axion particles of Consciousness (otherwise nothing could exist in the Cosmos, not even itself!), the actual 'Reality' IS, that God (Positivity!) and Lucifer (Negativity!) have actually 'separated' and are no longer 'together' themselves, in the Yin-Yang of a Cosmic Unity, Oneness and Wholeness, which is, as we shall see, a detrimental 'condition', relative to all the higher (higher than 'Implicit Order Zero'!) 'Orders' of the Cosmos and the sub-condensates thereof, which can exist ONLY AT such higher-levels of 'Implicit Order'!

  12. In other words, at any 'Implicit Order Level' higher than Zero, the quantum axion particles become unentwined, or separated, within any lesser condensate of Incorporeality (and the boundaried-area or 'Outer Limits' thereof!), in order to therefore 'create' both Order (from the Positive quantum axion particle!) and Chaos (from the Negative quantum axion particle!), and thusly that Order versus Chaos does so constitute the basic essential and necessary 'qualities' of the ground-state (or ground-floor!) of that individual and specific condensate! This is 'Implicit Order Level One', the basic Level of Order of any condensate of Incorporeality that is less-than the Cosmic Condensate itself!

  13. Because, whereas the 'Reason and Purpose', for the very Existence of the entire Cosmic Condensate of God is the Creation and Maintenance of ALL Life and Reality everywhere within that Infinite Condensate, the 'reason and purpose' for the existence of any lesser condensate of Incorporeality as shall exist within that overall Condensate of theCosmos/God, is whatever the specific lesser 'reason and purpose' for its existence might be! So this includes not only every other condensate of Incorporeality as might exist within the Cosmos, but also that specific condensate of Incorporeality of the 'Luciferian Complex' or Lucifer, even though, as to his powers within the Cosmos, Lucifer was almost equal to God, almost like a brother, in their 'originality' and the histories thereof!

  14. Accordingly, and in 'accord' with the Legendary Histories, as so 'recorded' in the Collective Consciousness itself (BY humanity, NOT God, in that such 'recordings' are merely Mankind's 'Tales', of what actually happened between God and Lucifer at the Most Fundamental Level of Existence, which is even more 'Basic' than the Collective itself, and was therefore NOT directly 'attributable' to God Him/HerSelf!), God and Lucifer 'separated' (See Father Jerome's 'Book of Jerome', for an 'explanation' of this!), with Lucifer becoming the 'Luciferian Complex' of Consciousness and 'Reality', or the 'Nether-Regions', Hell or Hades! And since Lucifer is yet the 'Source' of the very existence of the Negative quantum axion particles of Consciousness, therefore the 'Nether Regions'/Hell/Hades is a condensate of Incorporeality separate from God (Positivity!), which is the 'home' of our Cosmic Negativity and the Negative quantum axion particles thereof!

  15. This is the Level of our 'Implicit Order Level One' again, by which, in this case, our quantum axion particles, rather than untangling into both Order and Chaos, have, within the 'boundaries' of this condensate and it's 'regions', dis-engaged ONLY the Negative quantum axion particles, such that the Ground-State (Ground-Floor) of this condensate is always Negative! (Therefore Negativity is the 'reason and purpose' for the very existence of this condensate, and thusly any and all Levels of Order that are 'created' by the 'dynamics' OF this condensate are, accordingly, Negative Order, or Orders of Negativity!)

  16. Okay, beyond the 'Nether Regions'/Negativity/Lucifer and Positivity/God, most every other condensate of Incorporeality that is a Life-form, actually starts as a 'discharge' (as a Life-form!) from one or the other, either God or Lucifer, although most condensate Life-forms are basically Positive and therefore from God! (Although, when condensates of Incorporeality are 'birthed' that are NOT Life-forms, and have no 'twin' condensate of Corporeality existing in the physical/material World and Reality, then, more so, the 'birthing' of a condensate of Incorporeality, may be either Positive or Negative!)

  17. The point here is that usually, for any Life-form condensate of Incorporeality, the ground-floor, or ground-state, OF that condensate, IS BOTH Order versus Chaos, PLUS the 'reason' or 'purpose' FOR the very existence of that condensate in the first place! This, then, as far as the ground-state of any lesser-condensate in the Cosmos is concerned, IS 'Implicit Order Level One'!

  18. Now, 'Implicit Order Level Zero' AND 'Implicit Order Level One', are BOTH considered to be basic enough, that the QUFD Physics Laws and Principles regard these 'levels' as UNDIFFERENTIATED RELATIVITY, and thusly all of the unitary principles of such a 'condition' do apply to ANY 'dynamic' that has been 'initiated' at such a fundamental 'level'. What this means, is that, although that specific 'dynamic' may 'evolve' to higher 'levels of order', relative to all subsequent 'inputs', the fact remains that it is still basically 'rooted' (as to its very existence!) IN the UNITY OF 'Implicit Order Level Zero' and 'Implicit Order Level One'! Therefore, all the Principles of Unitary 'Dynamics' shall thusly apply TO that particular and specific 'dynamic', as to the Final Output Decision (perturbation, criticality or Life-form!) that shall emerge therefrom that specific and instantaneous 'Landscape' of that condensate's Life-form!

  19. Okay, beyond 'Implicit Order Level One', and becoming LESS unitary and undifferentiated (or MORE differentiated or individuated!), the 'processes' of any 'dynamic' become more complicated and adaptive, to all the arriving 'inputs', and thusly the 'processing' of that particular 'dynamic' rises up the verticality of our 'Implicit Order Levels', from 'level one' to higher, as such 'processing' does occur! Along the way, at specific 'processing nodes', our 'dynamic' has 'created' various 'levels of order', all at various and higher levels than 'level one'! And each and every one of those 'levels' is more individuated and differentiated, relative to the basic 'reason' or 'purpose' from which it was derived in the first place. And yet, it still 'exists', as part of a 'dynamic' that does 'exist' within a condensate of Incorporeality, and therefore all of the Principles of QUFD Physics relating to the unitary 'nature' OF that condensate, do so apply! Actually, such QUFD Laws and Principles shall yet apply up to the point whereupon that specific 'dynamic' should be 'discharged' or 'communicated' FROM that condensate, and become (either permanently or temporarily!) an 'attribute' or 'quality' OF a condensate of Corporeality!

  20. One more thing here, regarding the 'Implicit Order or Level of Order' of any 'dynamic'. There is some 'quantum correlation' (a Quantum Physics term!) here, between any 'dynamic' of an Incorporeal condensate, and any and all 'Non-Local Point-Locations' throughout the entire Cosmos which have contributed 'input' TO that particular 'dynamic' of that particular condensate! Of course, all such 'correlation' can only be at the most fundamental 'levels' of 'Level Zero' or 'Level One' (in other words, Unity!), between our specific 'dynamic' and any specific 'Non-Local Point-Location', where the specific 'correlation' to/from that 'Non-Local Point-Location' might be at an 'Implicit Level of Order' of such 'Point-Location' as to be 'Level #72975563' or such! In other words, any such 'correlation' between the two is NOT at the same 'Implicit Level of Order'!

  21. Now, regarding 'correlation' here further, with regard to 'LOCAL Point-Locations', we have a completely different story! Because any 'output' from a condensate of Incorporeality will be a result of the HIGHEST 'Implicit Order Level' so achieved by that outputting 'dynamic', when the quantum axion particles of that 'dynamic', do 'release' that 'output' TO the temporary condensate of Corporeality (that is created by the Condensate of God, existing outside the 'boundaries' of the 'releasing' condensate!) of that specific 'Local Point-Location' for 'communication' TO the receiving 'Landscape-ground-state', therefore the 'Level of Order' MUST remain the exact same, from Sender to Receiver, in order for there to be reliable 'communications'. In this case, the 'communications' is 'phase-space-shifted' via the Electromagnetic quantum fields of Corporeality thusly 'created' temporarily to do so, but 'behind-the-scenes', it is the 'twin-condensate' of Incorporeality OF that temporary condensate of Corporeality, that is 'guiding' that corporeal 'communications' via the Incorporeal 'Local Point-Location' existing at that Location between the two condensates, Sending and Receiving!

  22. And if we are talking here about the Sending and Receiving condensates of Incorporeality being the Upper Mind condensate and the lower mind condensate of the Local human Mind... Well, then, at the present time, we will also have to consider Lucifer's 'Fingers-of-Negativity', when we are talking about the 'Implicit Orders of Level' that might exist for any Corporeal 'communications' that are being 'guided' by the 'Local Point-Location' for that phase-space-shifted 'communications', such 'Local Point-Location' being extant IN the Incorporeal 'twin-condensate' of the temporary Corporeal condensate that has been 'created' to enable that specific 'communications'. Because it is here, in the 'interstices' between these two different condensates of the Mind, that Lucifer's Incorporeal 'Fingers-of-Negativity' are 'in effect', attaching themselves as a 'branch' connection TO the original Incorporeal twin-condensate's 'Local Point-Location' for that 'communications' and, within the Incorporeality of Lucifer's condensate itself (Negative consciousness!), again 'phase-space-shifting' that same 'communications' (via the Negative twin-condensate of Corporeality that has been created along with the 'branching-connection' condensate of Incorporeality that has temporarily been created by Lucifer to enable this 'branching-connection', all of which then can successfully deliver the original 'communications' to an Alternate 'Point-of-Delivery' of Lucifer's choice upon the 'Landscape' of the Receiving condensate of Mind! In this case however, as to the specific 'Implicit Order Level' that is consequently delivered to the Receiving 'Landscape', in that the 'Received Communication' certainly does need to correspond to the correct 'Implicit Order Level' for that Landscape's specific 'Receiving Point-Location', Lucifer therefore has the further necessity (in order to make his 'substitution' acceptable to the 'Receiving Point-Location'!) to 'phase-space-shift' the subverted 'communications' additionally, so that it certainly does correspond to the expected 'Implicit Order Level' for the actual 'communications' that is 'received' at that secondary 'Local Point-Location'!

  23. As the Reader hereof might therefore realize, Lucifer, in his manipulations of the 'communications' between Upper Mind and lower mind, does certainly have the ability to change the 'Implicit Order Level' of the original 'communication' to match that of Lucifer's substitute 'communications'! As such, the Reader can then certainly realize that whatever 'Implicit Order' might have been inherent within the 'output' from the Upper Mind (Soul) when such an 'output' might have been the 'quality' of LOVE (as the original 'communications'!), by the time Lucifer has converted that 'communications' TO his 'desired-substitute', and the actual 'communications' that the Landscape of the lower mind does 'receive' AT such a secondary 'Receiving Point-Location' is actually the 'quality' of HATE, one can surely realize that whatever 'Implicit Order' might be inherent within THAT 'communications' (and the 'quality' so conferred BY that 'communications'!), it is NOT the same 'Implicit Order' as that which was originally 'outputted' in the original 'communications'!

  24. Anyway, so much for Lucifer's abilities to affect the 'Implicit Order' level of any 'communications', via his 'Fingers-of-Negativity'! Getting back to our basic discussion here regarding the 'Implicit Order' level of any 'dynamic', I believe that, by now, the Reader hereof can surely see that the complexities of all the various 'inputs' to any specific 'dynamic', can certainly create various 'levels' of 'Implicit Order' that might vary greatly.

  25. And certainly the 'reality' OF the 'Implicit Order' at any 'level', can surely have effects upon the Final Outcome-Decision that is the 'output-communications' of that specific 'dynamic'! Such that, if we were to have a 'Ground-States Analysis Physician' (Doctor-of-the-Mind!) 'diagnose' any specific 'dynamic' that might be contributing to a perturbation or point-of-criticality upon our 'Landscape of the Mind', perhaps we might find something like the following: "The Doc sez that all is basically fine with the 'dynamic' for our specific perturbation-on-our-Landscape, but that the slight problem we are experiencing at this Point-Location of the Mind is that there is actually a bit of instability at two separate 'points' or 'levels' of this 'dynamic'! The 'Implicit Order' level at Level 73 and the level at Level 9665 are unstable! What this actually means is that there is (or was) instability of the 'inputs' that were received for those two levels of order! All we have to do is go back (in Time, here!), and find out what the instabilities were (at that Time!) for the 'inputs' at each of these 'levels' and then see if we can 'correct' those instabilities at the 'Source', wherever it might have been!" And so our good Doctor has so 'diagnosed' our 'malady' and proposed to 'cure the problem'!

  26. In conclusion here, 'Implicit Order' levels, 'Local' and 'Non-Local Point-Locations', and so much more, will be the 'Tools' of any future Diagnosis, by any Doctor of the Mind, in resolving any and every kind of 'problem' having to do with the human Mind and Spirit! Such are the things that any normal human individual of the Future will need to be knowledgeable of and aware of! Then such 'problems' as ADD, as a 'condition' of the human Mind, will be relatively easy to resolve! But for the more serious 'problems' of human Society and our World, however, the only 'Solution' thereto will be the Cooperation and Willpower of ALL of humanity, to 'root-out' and eliminate, wherever found and in whatever form, ALL of Lucifer's Negativities, that he does daily and minute-by-minute, inflict upon us via his 'Fingers-of-Negativity' intruding upon ALL of our Minds! Be With Us, Dear Lord God, that we can ALL find the Resolve to Do What Needs To Be Done!

    Aum, Peace, Amen

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