and the answer, to your most asked question, IS... YES!

This update on the Report, An Evolutionary Maturity of the Human Mind, is in response to the quantity of e-mails I have received from numbers of you - department heads, professors, etc., at schools around the world - requesting permission to use the material of this report as the basis for new courses and curricula and further inquiring whether and when additional details and textbooks will be available. To all of such queries, I send the above Thank You and Answer - YES!

Yes, you may use the material/content of my report, however and in whatever manner you wish (with crediting, of course). As I have stated, reality is what we do create ourselves, and you are certainly welcome to create those realities that further enable your students to find, and create, their own realities, in Service to others and All. If my material does assist in such, I am most grateful.

As to when additional material will be forthcoming, I cannot say as yet at this time, as we still do not have the needed publisher(s) and sponsors for the book, KNOWING: The Quantum Physics of Consciousness, Life & Reality! And I might also add that, as I understand, there are already over two dozen of you who are already teaching this material, in whatever forms and realities you may have already formulated, but yet anxiously awaiting the further specific details of the book. Hopefully, we can get that material, and KNOWING, to you as soon as possible.

Incidentally - and this is only a suggestion, not even from myself, but from those of you who are already using the material - it seems that the following course title/description has become the consensus of the users:
A new Theology and Science - of REALITY - for the new millennium, bringing together science, religion, and so much more, INCLUDING OURSELVES, in a holistic cosmology that details exactly what it is to be a human being TODAY!

Again, thank you for all your e-mails and congratulations.

Aum, Peace, Amen,
Father Jerome


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