QUALIA LXV: QUFD and the Incorporeal Mind versus Orthodox Medical Science, Neurophysics and the Corporeal Functions and Realities of the Human Brain: A Disclaimer by the Author! From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUF D

QUALIA LXV: QUFD and the Incorporeal Mind versus Orthodox Medical Science, Neurophysics and the Corporeal Functions and Realities of the Human Brain: A Disclaimer by the Author!

Exploring QUFD Principles,
from the QUFD website,
at: http://go.to/QUFD

By Father Jerome

  1. First of all, if the Reader of this QUFD Textbook hasn't as yet noticed, in a number of my discourses relating to the various functionalities and operations of the Mind and Brain of a typical human being, I have always noted or stated that, inasmuch as I am no expert at all on the physics nor operability of the human brain, I have, in effect, gone out of my way to state that my analyses of the Incorporeal Mind should not imply anything other than a relative acquaintance with the actual functions and operability of the brain.

  2. On the other hand, regardless of my cognizance and degree of intimate familiarity with the brain and its functions, I am no less than absolutely convinced that the Incorporeal Mind is the actual 'genesis' or genitor of all the 'functions' of human intelligence and sentience, rather than anything related to the functioning of the human brain. As such, I am firmly so aware that the Mind 'oversees' and supervises the human brain, in all aspects of the brain's functioning, due merely to the interactions of Incorporeality and Corporeality via the interface functions of the glial-synapsial junctions of the human brain, and the Mind's abilities to know and 'map' all functioning of that brain via those interface realities.

  3. In effect, what I am saying and implying here is that, regardless of the fact that this Researcher may not necessarily known his left amygdale from his parietal lobe or hippocampus, the absolute fact-of-the-matter is that... the human MIND DOES! In fact, not only has the lower mind (of the local human Mind) not only 'mapped' the exact interface (glial-synaspsial) junction of each and EVERY such 'connection' between EVERY neuron in the human brain, but that lower mind also knows the exact neurotransmitter chemicals in use at each junction and everything else related to the exact functioning OF that individual junction!

  4. Not only that, inasmuch as the Mind 'knows' the overall functions as well as the individual functions of the brain, the Mind can 'stimulate' and actually cause the 'creation' and re-alignment of new and existing synapsial junctions, increasing (and decreasing, as necessary!) the density of neuronal 'activity' in any selected brain region, as should be necessitated by all extant environmental and biological factors of that individual human entity!

  5. In all of this, again it is the human Mind that is the 'Agent-of-Will-and-Creation' and Sentience, and the brain and its functions are merely subsidiary thereto such 'dynamics' of the Mind.

  6. However, to 'breach-the-divide' here between QUFD Medical Physics and nominal Orthodox Medical Science, what I am trying to say here is that QUFD Physics, inasmuch as this Researcher can determine, does in no way invalidate all of the exceptional and empirical research and discoveries which Orthodox Medical Science has made with regard to the actual CORPOREAL OPERATIONS and FUNCTIONALITY of the human brain. (Although this Researcher DOES withhold acknowledgement OF such 'studies' that actually attempt to place any and all functioning of human consciousness and mentality, within or local-to any functioning of the extant human brain, except AS A RESULT OF the Incorporeal Mind!)

  7. In other words, it seems to me (this Researcher), that the explorations of modern Medical Science and Neurophysics, are well and necessary to determine the relative functions of such areas of the brain, that might be necessary to the health and etiology of the human individual. It is just that I firmly feel that Medical Science needs to firmly 'differentiate' as to Mind and Brain, with the understanding that actual 'cognitive-function' derives FROM Incorporeality (the Mind!) rather than Corporeality (the Brain).

  8. Then, with such a proper understanding, in the future, Medical Doctors and Technicians can specifically 'address' their 'tasks' with the true and realistic understanding as to whether it is a 'major-task' (equivalent to 'surgery' on an automotive engine!) or whether it is a 'minor-task' (equivalent to a 'peripheral-task'!) In all respects, such an understanding needs to realize that, for any specific function of the human brain, whatever is happening there, in that part of the brain, as to the corporeal 'blood-and-guts' of the chemical and biological realities occurring there, that ALL of such specific biological-and-chemical 'activity' IS... but a result of the functions, activities and dynamics, OF THE HUMAN MIND, as so felt and 'activated' VIA the specific and associative synapsial-junction 'interfaces' therewith that Mind!

  9. In other words, to finally conclude this exposition, Medical Science (and all of its modern-day Practitioners!), need to realize that Consciousness and all of the cognition related thereto, is an 'attribute' of the human and Incorporeal Mind, whereas the human Brain is but a 'periphery' thereto. With that basic understanding, I feel that much great advances can be made in 'treating' and understanding human health and Reality!

Aum, Peace, Amen

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