QUALIA LXXX: Parturition in the Quantum Realms of Incorporeality! From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUF D

QUALIA LXXX: Parturition in the Quantum Realms of Incorporeality!

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from the QUFD website,
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By Father Jerome

  1. Sometimes, in the quest to explain Incorporeal 'realities', terminology tends to obscure further 'realities' that do need explanation. Apparently, such is what I have done, in my online Scientific Dictionary, "Father Jerome's SPECIALIZED DICTIONARY of KEYWORDS/PHRASES pertaining to Bose-Einstein Condensates of Non-Matter and Incorporeality, as used in his Works, QUFD Physics and the 'QUFD Textbook' Website." (https://www.angelfire.com/ca/sanmateoissues/BECdict.html)

  2. Specifically, I refer to my Definition, as so rendered therein that Dictionary, for the 'Quantum Axion Particle', at: https://www.angelfire.com/ca/sanmateoissues/becdic/quaaxpar.html

  3. In that Definition, as a part and means of explaining the quantum nature of the quantum axion particle, I included a brief description of the quantum 'realities' of parturition, explaining the 'realities' that take place within the quantum realms, as an integral part of the birth process. Here is a copy of the specific section that I am talking about:

    1. But, WHOA! I'm going to 'back-up' here, to detail further, the incidentals of which I have just spoken! We now know that Condensates of Corporeality come from Condensates of Incorporeality, and that both types of Condensates are 'Born' of other Condensates of Incorporeality, all of which involves our trusty axion particles! So, let us now 'get the facts down pat', by going through the actual 'Birth' of a human Life-form 'Entity', from start-to-finish!
    2. They say it 'takes Two-to-Tango', and in this case, it does take the Incorporeal Condensates (as well as the corresponding Condensates of Corporeality!) of the Parents of the 'Soon-to-Be-Born-Baby', to 'do-the-initial-Dance', that will start the process! But there is also another 'Party' involved here from the beginning, that of the Condensate of Infinite Consciousness (God)!
    3. Those three Parties, as Condensates of Incorporeality, determine the 'actuality' of Who and What the 'Baby' will Be, with God 'providing' the appropriate Soul, of the required 'Level of Wisdom and Maturity', for the Life-that-is-to-be-Lived! The Parents 'provide' the extensive 'lineage' and 'phylogenetics', whether desired or not, that will be the 'Reality' of the new Life-form!
    4. The 'Life-form' comes forth, as a 'peak-of-criticality', or 'perturbation', within the Condensate of Incorporeality of the Mother... And I just said, the Condensate of Incorporeality, NOT the Condensate of Corporeality! ... which starts the 9 month Gestation Period. At the start of that period, with the Emergence of the new Life-form from the Ground-State 'Landscape' of the Mother's Condensate of Incorporeality, what has happened is that that 'Perturbation', or Emergence-of-Life, has now become a new Condensate of Incorporeality which, by 'Reason and Purpose' (i.e., the new 'Dimension' of the Baby!), has now separated from the Parental Condensate of Incorporeality of the Mother, but is yet contained within the Corporeal Condensate of the Mother!
    5. Now, it is within this 9 month period, when the Mother 'holds' the new Life-form within herself, that the new Life-form starts off, initially, as only a Condensate of Incorporeality, of the new Life-form to Be! Very soon, however, this Incorporeal Condensate within the Mother (which, incidentally, is incorporeal and thusly invisible!), then 'Gives Birth' itself, to the Corporeal Condensate, which will forever be the dual-'Twin' of itself throughout the Life to come! The quantum axion particles of the Incorporeal 'twin', provide the Corporeal quantum Forces, Fields and Gravity, which will supply the Time and Space and everything else (jncluding the genes, etc., which have already been 'programmed', by the Parents and God, via the Incorporeal 'twin' of oneself!), that will be required for that Corporeal Dimension of Reality, which that Condensate of Corporeality is to become!
    6. And thusly, the Condensate of Corporeality of oneself, having actually been Born FROM the Condensate of Incorporeality of oneself, within the Birth Process, now continues with its development and Maturation, into the actual Corporeal Baby that is physically Born into Reality! But, what is not realized, is that, along WITH that Corporeal Condensate of a Baby that has been Born, we ALSO have 'Given Birth' to the dual 'Twin' Condensate of Incorporeality of that Baby AS WELL! EVERY BABY consists of TWO CONDENSATES! One Condensate of Corporeality (i.e., of Brain and Body, and of Reality, and also visible!) and one Condensate of Incorporeality (i.e., of Mind, Consciousness and Spirit, and of 'Reality', as well as of invisibility!) And so each and every human being goes through one's Life, not only with the Corporeal Condensate of oneself, occupying the Time and Space that has been given to that Dimension at Birth, but also with the dual-'twin' Condensate of Incorporeality of oneself, occupying NO Time and Space, because it (and its quantum axion particles!) is yet a part and parcel of Incorporeality, the Cosmos, and Infinite Consciousness (God)! (Note: I hope by now, the Reader hereof truly realizes, that when I say that we all have a 'Twin' of oneself with us at all times, I do not mean to imply that such a 'Twin' even should 'look' identical or, in any way, be similar, to the Corporeality of oneself! Such is just not so!)
    7. The new Life-form now exists wholly and fully within the overall Condensate of the Cosmos in two ways: as a lesser Corporeality within the overall (lesser) Corporeality of the Universe (i.e., lesser than the Cosmos!), and as a lesser Incorporeality, within the Infinite Incorporeality of God and the Cosmos! Also, incidentally, this applies to ALL Life-forms of any kind, that shall be found on the QUFD Scale of Life, including trees and pulsars, all of which have a somewhat similar Birthing Process to that just described here!
    8. Now, I've also said that Man-made 'creations-of-corporeality', such as the United Nations, also have their Incorporeal 'Twins', of Consciousness and 'Reality'! In such cases, the Birthing Process is quite different, with the Incorporeality of the Proposed artificial-Life-form being extant within all of the thought, energy, attentions and more, which are 'put into the Project' over time, and which finally culminate in the Incorporeal 'concept' of the 'Reality', at some time along the way, 'Giving Birth' to some form of physical Reality of the Corporeality that was Proposed! By that time, the physical Reality of the artificial-Life-form Condensate of Corporeality, can surely be realized (if not 'seen'!), in all of the time, effort, investment and energies, that were expended on behalf of the Project, which 'represent' the invisible and Incorporeal 'Twin' of the Corporeal Reality, and which shall probably remain with that Corporeal Life-form throughout its entire Life-time, just as if it were a true Life-form instead of an artificial-Life-form! The point here, is that all of that Incorporeality, of the 'Twin', also exists as quantum axion particles that actually came from the living (human) Life-forms who 'put-their-time-and-efforts' into the Project, and thusly represent the incorporeal equivalent of the 'Mind' of the 'Entity-Life-form', which is probably yet, in some form, exercising some kind of 'Supervisory-control' over the Brain and Body of the Life-form (such as the Charter and Operation-Laws of the United Nations!)
    9. So, no matter what the 'form' of the Life-form, whether Real or artificial, Mankind or otherwise, for every Corporeal Brain and Body, of the Corporeal Condensate of the Life-form/Dimension, there is also a 'Twin' duality of itself, an Incorporeality of Mind, Consciousness, Spirit, and God (and also Lucifer!), that is 'included' as well, and which 'attends' that Corporeal Life-form during every moment of its Lifetime! And such a 'Twin' duality exists within a Cosmic Unity of NO Time and Space, in which its quantum axion particles exist everywhere in the Cosmos and 'Know' everything there is to Know! Whether or not the Corporeal Twin can 'access' the Mind/Soul of its Incorporeal 'Twin', depends upon whether such a Life-form/Entity actually has a functioning Maturity of Mind or not! (See further discussion on Maturity of Mind in this Dictionary, on the Website and in Father Jerome's Books!)
  4. The problem here, is with what I omitted from the Definition. In my intent to concentrate on the incorporeal nature and side of parturition, I neglected to also point out the realities of the corporeal side, merely stating:
    (quote)"They say it 'takes Two-to-Tango', and in this case, it does take the Incorporeal Condensates (as well as the corresponding Condensates of Corporeality!) of the Parents of the 'Soon-to-Be-Born-Baby', to 'do-the-initial-Dance', that will start the process!" (unquote)

  5. Well, there is much more involved here, on both the corporeal and incorporeal sides, than just saying,
    (quote)"...(as well as the corresponding Condensates of Corporeality!) of the Parents of the 'Soon-to-Be-Born-Baby', to 'do-the-initial-Dance'..." (unquote)

  6. Here is where my terminology went awry, in the assumption that the foregoing statement would be sufficient to explain the sexual nature of the conception of the new Life-form, or Baby! Because, there is a further 'dynamic' involved here, like I said, on both the corporeal and incorporeal sides of this 'equation'!

  7. Because the Parent's actions of 'doing-the-initial-Dance', also involves some other Corporeal Life-form Entities here that are also Most Important... that of the Ovum and the Sperm!

  8. Now, most Medical and Scientific Reality, in the Corporeal World, stops (or starts) with the ovaries (ovum) and the sperm! But those Medical and Scientific Realities do not take into account the Incorporeal 'side' of what is happening here!

  9. Because the fact of the matter is, that each and every Sperm and Ovary, as Corporeal Life-form Entities themselves, also have their 'Dualities', or 'Dual-Twin', which is invisible and resides within Incorporeality! So when the incorporeal 'dynamics' get started, within the Incorporeal Condensate of the Mother (primarily, but the Father 'contributes' his incorporeal 'sperm-twins', to the dynamic process that will be occurring within the Landscape of the Mother's Incorporeal Condensate!), it is a momentary 'vying', within that 'dynamic', of all the incorporeal 'sperm-twins' of the Father, for the 'Final Prize'! (Here is yet another instance where the non-locality of the quantum axion particle, is 'gathering' all the relevant, and possible-Finalist 'sperm-twins', of the Father, from the Father's non-local point-location, and providing each and every one of those incorporeal 'twins', to the momentary 'dynamic' that is occurring within the Mother's incorporeal Landscape, in an attempt to 'bring together', the 'twin' of the desired ovary, with the 'twin' of the desired sperm, within that 'dynamic' (as well as the necessary and specifically 'provided' input-from-God!)

  10. The Incorporeal 'Twins' of all these entities (Mother, Father, God), at this point, are being 'processed' in this Incorporeal 'dynamic', while each and every individual and Corporeal ovary and sperm await the 'result' of their twin's acceptance or rejection!

  11. Finally, the Landscape of the Mother, makes the Final Decision, and out of the Order-Chaos of that Landscape, a Perturbation arises, gathering strength from all the other 'contributions' to that 'dynamic', until it becomes a 'Peak-of-Criticality', finally emerging from the Mother's Condensate-Landscape, as the new Life-form of a new Incorporeal Condensate, whose 'Reason-for-Being', is the new Human Baby Entity! And then, very soon thereafter, the Incorporeal Condensate-Landscape of this new Baby, 'outputs', or gives Birth, to the Corporeal Condensate of itself, the Corporeal Dimension that contains all of the Time and Space of that Life-form, within which will now appear each and every quantum particle, atom, gene, molecule, and Life-organ, necessary for the Corporeal Life of that Entity-Dimension!

  12. It is to be further noted here that, once the Final Selection/decision has been made within the Incorporeality of the Mother's Landscape, and a new Life-form (Baby, in Incorporeal-form) has emerged, that Incorporeal Life-form almost immediately 'gives Birth' to the Corporeal 'Twin-Dimension' of itself, wherein all of the Corporeal functions that now subsequently take place within the Time and Space of that Entity's Corporeal Condensate, are totally 'activated' within that new Dimension of Time and Space, and have nothing to do with the Time-Space realities of the Corporeal sperm and ovary that were finally selected. In other words, as to the Corporeal side of all these ovaries and sperm, corporeally they no longer exist! The specific ovary and sperm that were 'selected', have contributed their 'essences' into the 'dynamic processing' of the Mother's Landscape, via the non-local point-location 'quality' of the quantum axion particle, so their essential 'essences' have now been 'incorporated' into that Final Life-form that has emerged from the Mother's Condensate of Incorporeality! And since the new Incorporeal Life-form almost immediately 'gives Birth' to the new Corporeal Life-form, the visible molecular and physical functions that are now seen to be occurring with the Corporeal Mother's womb, are only and strictly processes that are coming from the new Corporeal Life-form itself, and nothing that might be considered to be 'left over' or 'causitive-from' the Time-Space of the Corporeal Mother-Father Dimensions!

  13. At this point, again, as explained in the previously-quoted Definition, the Corporeal Entity-Dimension (the Baby!), has now become the physical/material Fetus, containing all of the Time-Space and multitudes of Life-form realities, which have been provided to it by its Incorporeal 'Twin' (as so 'received' from the Incorporeal 'Twin' of the Mother!)

  14. So, we now have both a visible Fetus and an invisible 'Twin' thereof, both Condensates-Entities 'residing' within the Corporeal-Condensate-Entity of the Mother's body!

  15. Incidentally, backing up here a bit again, and going back to all those ovaries and multitudes of sperm, on the Corporeal side of our 'Reality-Fence', who are just sitting there, awaiting 'The News', as to which of their 'Twins' has been 'Selected' in-the-Final-Draw... Well, this all takes place so fast, momentarily, in the 'dynamics' of the Mother's Landscape, that it is impossible to 'see' it, even if it all were visible (which it is not!)

  16. However, when the instantaneous 'result' of the Mother's 'dynamics' is known, something occurs that can only be called 'a synchronicity'! The specific sperm and ovary, that have been 'selected' by their 'Twins', on the Incorporeal side-of-the-Fence (in the Landscape of the Mother), now begin a synchronistic-motion with their 'Twins', joining together within Corporeality, and thusly furthering the combined growth and development of the Corporeal Entity-Dimension-Condensate, following the invisible 'directions' and supervision, of their 'Twins', just as they will ultimately do, when the human Brain of the Baby has finally formed, and is completely controlled and supervised by the Mind, which resides within the Incorporeal 'Twin' of itself, 'over there', on the other side of the Fence!

  17. The final point I wish to make here, is that, at the quantum level, nothing remains of the ovary-sperm from the Corporeal Mother and Father. But all of their 'essences', have now been incorporated into the new Life-form, that develops as a new Dimensional-Entity of Corporeal Reality, along with its 'Twin', until both arrive in the Time-Space of 'The Outside-World', upon their Birth!

Aum, Peace, Amen

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