A Special Note to CERN Researchers:

A Note to CERN-affiliated Researchers and Theoretical Physicists Everywhere!

The following brief (and vintage!) 'inspirational paean' to the Common Man, notes the 'quantum axion particle', as applied to Society. For a more scientific perspective, including a Cosmology and theoretical 'possibilities', from a well-respected purely-scientific metaphysical researcher, see Father Jerome's extensive definition of the quantum axion particle, from a BEC approach that invokes Non-Matter Nested-Condensates/Dimensions within an Infinite Dimensionality, rather than BEC Condensates of Matter! All of which exists within Einstein's Unitary Field! However, be forewarned here! You will have to leave a lot of your 'baggage' behind, when you jump over this 'Fence' between Corporeality and Incorporeality, because, to put it bluntly, you folks have not as yet found a Mathematics-of-the-Unknown, or Incorporeality! Nonetheless, much of what many of you have been looking for is here, but it exists within a completely new context! A Cosmology of Unitary Incorporeality, of Quantum Unitary Field Dynamics (QUFD), where everything that takes place therein is Unitary, where all of the 'dynamics' and activities that occur therein are of Undifferentiated Relativity and so much more, that you will find such 'Realities' to be totally scientific and 'Real' (not metaphysical, psychic nor anything else!), in comparison to the Corporeal-side of the Fence from which you just came! Read these details of scientific thought and investigation from... Yes, an 'unaccredited' Researcher! ... and you will, however, find such to be... not Real (meaning of Corporeality!), but instead, Most 'Real' (meaning of Incorporeality!) But also... Guess what? You will also find one (or more!) 'reality', that you cannot deny! That Incorporeality BEGETS Corporeality! EVERYTHING... that exists within the Cosmos, within ALL dimensions/condensates and realities of Corporeality... is created FROM Incorporeality... from the other side of that invisible Fence, between the Known and the Unknown! The 'other side', where (as yet!) your math, your quantum 'mechanics', your experiments and theorizations, CANNOT, and do NOT, apply, because... Hey Folks! This is INCORPOREALITY! Not Corporeality! When you 'jumped over' that Fence, you are now in a parallel-world, another dimension, a DUALITY... because... Guess Again! EVERYTHING that exists within Corporeality... has its own TWIN-'reality'... over here within Incorporeality! You... are a completely-physical, corporeal-dimension, unto yourself (differentiated relativity!) At the same time, you have a TWIN... of Incorporeality (and undifferentiated relativity!) A twin which exists, invisibly, 'over there', on the other side of the Fence! And Guess What Again? Your Incorporeal Twin exists within an Infinite Condensate-Dimension of NO TIME AND SPACE! A Unitary Dimension! And one more Guess! You were born... came into existence, within Corporeality... FROM YOUR TWIN, from the Spirit that is the Incorporeal Twin of yourself! Incorporeality BEGETS Corporeality! And this applies to everything else in the Corporeal world! The Universe is Corporeal, and has a Twin! Black-holes, galaxies, planets, trees, rocks, horses, ants, hearts, lungs, molecules, atoms, fermions, bosons... ALL are Corporeal, and have their individual 'Twins', from which they were actually born! One more thing! The 5 forces/fields... Electric, Magnetic, Weak Nuclear, Strong Nuclear, Gravity! They are ALL CORPOREAL! Found ONLY on this, the Corporeal-side of the Fence! BUT... they COME FROM Incorporeality! Incorporeality/Spirit... not only creates Corporeality, but also creates TIME AND SPACE, which defines and exists ONLY WITHIN a Condensate/Dimension of Corporeality! And what is the SINGULAR 'mechanism' (but I shouldn't use such word, because there is nothing corporeal about such a process!), that is responsible for all of this? Our trusty Quantum Axion Particle! Time/Space, all of the quantum forces/fields and gravity... All exist WITHIN... the quantum axion particle! If you can now encompass a quantum particle THAT EXISTS EVERYWHERE IN THE COSMOS SIMULTANEOUSLY, as well as existing within a sort-of 'bosonic' condensate of infinite dimensionality, and much more... You have 'jumped over' the Fence! Following is your 'start', to your investigation of a 'New World'... the UNKNOWN... instead of the Known Worlds of Corporeality! Best Regards, Jerome
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Had enough of psychic soothsayers, economic futurists and just about all types of prognosticators, whether they are "clothed" as Information Technology Consultants or as Madame Zurka???
INSTEAD, how would you like to know WHAT IS ACTUALLY POSSIBLE

Computer Technology INTERFACING with the HUMAN MIND presents tremendous possibilities! Better yet, the MATURE HUMAN MIND can do SO MUCH MORE! As Tom Hanks put it, upon accepting the 1998 Emmy award for the TV mini-series, "From the Earth to the Moon":
"ANYTHING is possible, if we put our minds to it!"

Below Ambient Noise Level (BANL) communications; Holothetic communications; Quantum Axion Particle communications; Quantum Consciousness communications; Quantum Unitary Field Dynamics (QUFD); and other cutting-edge technologies OF TODAY, show what is possible with technology AND the HUMAN MIND! NO shamanistic "psycho-babble" or $200,000 IT consultants, with some "expert" purporting to "tell you" what the future MAY BE!

IF your Mind is "mature" enough that you DO "know" yourSelf AND you "know" Who and What you are, your products, your services or whatever it is that you "Do Unto Others...", THEN, should not you, YOURSELF, be the one to see, to "know", EXACTLY what IS POSSIBLE - what ARE the REALITIES - of whatever it is that you need to "know", in order for you to provide your services/products/whatever TO OTHERS, OR to live your Life AS you would like to live it?

KNOWING - is the hallmark of the MATURE HUMAN MIND, which exists IN EVERYONE OF US...
YES! ALL OF HUMANITY! ANY and everything IS POSSIBLE! (No way, can I even begin to list all of the possibilities, BECAUSE such quantum realities DEPEND ON YOU, the individual, and what YOU CAN CREATE!)

NOW, read all about the MATURE HUMAN MIND and that KNOWING which resides within each and every one of us, and how humanity can reclaim its evolutionary birthright of mental maturity AND the KNOWING that comes with such.

Father Jerome, a Scientific and Societal Systems Theoretician, with extensive background and education in quantum communications technologies AND the human Mind - D.Sc.(Quantum Physics) and D.Th.(In Esse-the Theology of Reality), both OA/OWB - has researched and written his masterpiece of scientific research on just such topics: "KNOWING: The Quantum Physics of Consciousness, Life & Reality!", an 8,973 page multimedia E-book, currently pending publication and sponsorship.

NOW he has also provided us with an OVERVIEW of that original Work, in the form of the RESEARCH REPORT, "An Evolutionary Maturity of the Human Mind", which has been INDEXED at:


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