QUALIA LXXII: Examining the Negative Aspects of Incorporeal Dynamic Entropy upon Our Lives! From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUF D

QUALIA LXXII: Examining the Negative Aspects of Incorporeal Dynamic Entropy upon Our Lives!

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from the QUFD website,
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By Father Jerome

  1. I've written here previously about the Negative Effects upon our Senior citizens of U.S. Governmental and Societal Policy! Specifically, that American Government and Society, by institutionalizing a Social Policy that, in effect, outlaws Sex Between Consenting Adults in this country, effectively penalizes Senior Citizens who, in Conformance of Said Policy, do not have a Legal Marriage with a Spouse, in further Conformance with the 'National Religious Policy' of the Society, in it's 'Alliance' with Churches and Religion in this Country!

  2. Briefly (more thoroughly explained in the previous QUALIA examinations!), separated, divorced and otherwise single Seniors, male and female, in this country, are placed into a disadvantageous situation with regard to their health and well-being, by the national social and religious Policy, whereby such elderly citizens are prevented from associating, fraternizing, patronizing and befriending, 'Sexual Providers' or even other 'consorts' of any type/means, that do not 'comply' with the 'Accepted Societal Standard Policy' of 'No-Sex for anyone Outside of Marriage'!

  3. Of course, the 'illegalities' of the 'Sex Trades' are, as a matter of course, therefore innumerable and outstanding, in contravention of such a National Policy! But, the existence of that very Policy becomes especially onerous upon Seniors, who, at their age, have their natural physical as well as legal liabilities, as to their 'participation' in such under-the-table-illegalities.

  4. What this means, in effect, is that such a National Policy, with regard to a Free and Openly-Engaged-In Sex-Between-Consenting-Adults, does not, effectively, exist and this places said Seniors, male and female alike, at a profound disadvantage in their 'waning days', when such persons especially have a 'need' for the companionship and nurture of a person of the opposite sex! (Scientific research alone has shown that, in addition to the normal and natural 'activity' of sexual 'activity' on a daily-basis, likewise daily 'ingestion', into the human mouth and body, of the sexual 'juices' of one's sexual partner, are definitely required by the human body for the maintenance of a normal and healthy somatic/physical entity!)

  5. In other words, as has already been detailed in an extensive article in the American Journal of General Psychology a few years back, what such an American Policy does, with respect to Seniors, is to say, "When you begin to, or constantly, feel the normal and natural 'cravings' of your body (the dynamic entropy of the moment-by-moment activities of your incorporeal ground-state!), for the sexual and nurturing 'administrations' of a person of the opposite sex, i.e., you are 'horny', or 'hungry', for the natural sexual activities that a normal human body 'needs' on a regular basis, in order to maintain its stability and functionality... Which has been scientifically and medically 'diagnosed' as the Onset-of-Dynamic-Entropy within the Incorporeal Condensate Ground-State of the Human Individual (see the Main QUFD Document, Qufd2, and the details of the words 'Entropy' and 'Refresh Rate'!)... such 'activities', not being condoned by this Society as a matter-of-National Policy, said Policy therefore, in Recognition of such a Human 'Need', does therefore and consequently State, as a 'Matter-of-Fact', that there is a Simple Solution to Said Problem! That Solution is: When you are Hungry for Sex, you are actually Hungry for something to 'alleviate' a 'certain physical hunger', which, by definition, this Policy does so identify as: Food, not Sex! In other words, what your Body is telling you, when you 'crave Sex', is that you are actually 'craving Food'! So, when you are 'Horny-Hungry', the simple solution is: EAT, EAT, EAT!" Or so goes that National Policy!

  6. So, here in the U.S. of A., when you are a single Senior, and are 'Hungry' for Sex, INSTEAD, Society and the Government tell us... EAT, EAT, EAT! (An easy way to reduce the Senior population! They'll get so fat that they will soon die and eliminate their onerous 'burden' upon our Society, of Upstanding American Citizens, who Realize that Sex is ONLY to be Engaged In between Legally Married, by the Church, Partners!) Eat yourself to Death, and the Government and Society will Love You for it! (For more details and discussion of this point, see previous QUALIA Documents.)

  7. Continuing on here to further discussion of sex and entropy, we have a number of other 'situations' here in the U.S. of A. that have similar consequences upon the Body Polis as a result of Governmental and Societal 'Policy' regarding Sex!

  8. Next, is the plain, unvarnished, scientific fact, that all human individuals 'need' and require, the companionship, association and nurture (i.e., sex!), of another (at least one!) human being, in order to maintain their stability and functionality within human Society! However, Government, Society and the Church, have also 'instituted' another National Policy, which is designed to reduce the Population, while, at the same time, leading its followers to believe that they are actually contributing toward an increase in the Population! And all of this does legally occur within the sacrosanct 'Institution' of Marriage!

  9. Because, when folks 'conform' to such a legal National Policy, of engaging in sexual activity ONLY within the confines of Marriage, then the children naturally begotten of those marriages, are not only 'Acceptable' to the Church-Society 'partnership' and associations or groups, but are definitely 'Acceptable' TO the Societal/Governmental/Educational and Employment 'Associations' as well! (It is well known, that MANY 'procedural' and Policy and other 'problems' befall both the parents and children of sex and parturition 'outside-of-marriage'! Such 'problems' are what the Social Services 'agenda' of much of Society is made up of!)

  10. But the Point here, is that WITHIN an 'Acceptable', Legal and Church-Society 'Ordained' Marriage, the normal and natural 'cravings' of the human body, of both of those Parents, even though possibly yet occasionally being 'refreshed' via normal sexual 'activity', the fact remains that the PRIMARY CONCERN for 'Nurture-of-an-Individual', no longer rests upon nor benefits the Parents, in respect for Each Other, but has NOW, actually been 'transferred' to the Children! And since the Primary Concern now is the Children (and the more the children, the more the Concern for them All!), besides the innumerable 'problems' that arise with regard TO Children, we also now have a 'lessening' of Concern by the Parents for Each Other (however many 'denials' thereof notwithstanding!) And unless that very 'Institution' is superficially 'reinforced' by a Societal or Church-sponsored 'Membership' and the 'Groups and Associations' sponsored by such a Membership, those Parents will, at some time, feel the effects of the 'Cages' that they have put themselves into! So, again, the effects of Dynamic Entropy, within the human individual, as a result of the 'lack or lessening of sex', are apparent! (And this Monograph is not even considering the Negative effects of Lucifer upon these individuals!) And such are the many 'stories' thusly 'created', for the movies, TV, etc.

  11. Next, we have a similar means, whereby single individuals, of their own 'Choice and Free Will' (sometimes 'questionable', though!), make a 'Choice' to Forego their own Primary Concern and Nurture (for and unto themselves!), and to permanently (just like those earlier noted Married Couples!) place their Individual Primary Concern (for Nurture, etc.), in an Adopted or Surrogate Child, arrived at and 'Realized' independently of sex-with-another-person! In this case, we can think of such as the Hollywood Actress Angelina Jolie and others, whose Primary Concern now is for those infant adopted Children whom she has, however heroically, 'rescued' from their natural-born 'plight' of poverty and misery!

  12. The Point here again is, that whether such as Angelina Jolie and others, can yet 'experience' or 'Give' Sex, as a Primary Concern, to another adult, regardless of such existing Concern for their Children, her/their actual Primary Concern will now always be, again, the 'Children'! And again, likewise, we have the 'stuff' of which movies and TV are made of! Whether the 'consequences-of-their-Choices' eventually come-to-be that of their Choosing, for such folks, we will never know! But, the Reality here, is that one's Primary Concern, for Sexual Activity and Nurture, of oneself and another/others of one's Concern, has shifted, and whether such is a satisfactory 'Choice', only the individual knows!

  13. But the other Reality, for our Seniors and others so 'inflicted', is a deterioration in their Health and Vitality, all due to that National Policy, when they cannot find a normal Partner to provide for their 'needs' in the 'waning days' of their Lifetimes!

  14. As I have written in previous QUALIA documents, what SHOULD BE a National Policy, is a 'Corps of Providers', of sexually-trained-and-competent males and females, to 'administer' to the sexual needs-for-health-and-vitality, of such as Seniors, the Disabled, Prisoners (Incarcerated), and others-of-Society, that might have the 'need' of a rejuvenating-and-healthful continuing 'Medication' of Sexual Activity! Such a National 'Corps of Providers' would surely fulfill and alleviate a number of national 'problems', most efficiently and effectively!

Aum, Peace, Amen

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