Qualia XXVI: The BASICS (continued): Corporeal/Incorporeal 'Realities'; Mind/Brain 'Dynamics' and more! From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUFD

Qualia XXVI: The BASICS (continued): Corporeal/Incorporeal 'Realities'; Mind/Brain 'Dynamics' and more!

Exploring QUFD Principles,
from the QUFD website,
at: http://go.to/QUFD

By Father Jerome

    The following email communications, between Father Jerome and Theoretical Physicist Dr. Ruquist, of the Yanniru Foundation, Cambridge, Massachusetts, continues the preceding 'Conversations Between Physicists', in Exploration of the QUFD Principles. Some of the emails contain original thoughts and the replies thereto, and so such emails identify who the person is making the statements.

    This Monograph continues from the discussion thread of the QUALIA XXV Monograph.

    The first email repeats the last email of the previous Document.

    (An email from Father Jerome to Dr. Ruquist)



  2. Hey, methinks that is what I have been saying all along... that the ONLY place one can 'see' the quantum 'realities' of the Incorporeal realms, is in the MIND! But, what I am also trying to say, as well as get the scientific community to accept, is that what is 'seen' in the human Mind, whether it comes from a viewpoint or 'perspective' that might be called the 'Mind of God' or from wherever, IS actually 'seen' WITHIN Incorporeality and IS, therefore, REAL! And the further point is, that Reality CANNOT BE 'observed', in the Incorporeal realms, but only 'seen', in the Mind!

  3. I know! Now you're going to say, "But what if that which is 'seen', in the Mind of each and every different human being, is also different?" Well, I don't know how you're going to work that out, Richard, except to say that WHEN one 'perceives' or 'sees' Incorporeality, they are actually 'viewing' any and all probabilities and possibilities, therefore EVERY differing 'view' that 'seen' in different Minds, may just as well be REAL, but predicated upon THAT INDIVIDUAL's personal 'reality'! So, even though everyone might 'see' something different, ALL of that which is 'seen' could just as well be REAL!


    (Reply email from Dr. Ruquist)

  4. No. I think there is but one reality, and if I could like it, it would look like what you see. But of course that is just an assumption that helps me think I understand reality. It's more like faith.

    All the best,


    (Response from Father Jerome)


  5. Okay, I understand what you are saying, but I am sure that you certainly understand that everyone's 'reality' is quite different from any one else's 'reality'! Reality is what we make it, of course, within the limitations of those 'macro' realities that are 'created' by Society (actually, all the probabilities of Incorporeality, working down to that which is 'created' by corporeal Society!) But, regardless of the societal 'context' (which provides the 'framework' for our own personal 'reality'), it is then ALL the individual quirks, traits, experiences and 'Knowing', of oneself and of the world, that actually conspire to 'create' our own personal Reality! (Actually, it is ALL the 'decisions' that we make, as to WHAT probabilities and possibilities, from the Incorporeal realms, that we actually 'Bring into Existence', IN the instantaneous 'realities' of our Life and its experiences, and the 'decisions'... perturbations-of-Consciousness!... that we have actually 'created', IN the 'present-Moment' of our Lives, and thusly brought into REALITY!) NO one else, can have the knowledge of specific Buddhism, NOR the quirky 'addiction' to ice cream, UNDER a somewhat trying-to-be-dietarily-rigorous 'reality', as someone I know has so just described of themselves! You canNOT 'believe', nor even attribute to a 'faith', that such 'realities' have been imposed, or learned, or influenced, by someone else! True, some aspects OF yourself, may have come, or been adopted, from others! BUT YOU ARE YOU! I just love it, when someone might bring up the old 'saw' about 'Perfectness', by saying, "Well, no one's Perfect!" To which I usually respond, "Like Hell, no one's Perfect! EVERY one in this Life, in this world, IS PERFECT! They are the perfect person they have become at this specific point in time! They were perfect when they were Born (regardless of their deficiencies!) and they are 'Perfect' NOW, WITH all of their accumulated deficiencies and problems and such! YOU... are a perfect Richard Yanniru Ruquist, just as I am a perfect Nelson Jerome Rau, and Hillary is a perfect Hillary Rodham Clinton, and so on! We are ALL perfect... perfect WHOEVER we are! And that 'perfection', that 'reality', has, to a certain extent, been 'created' BY US as individuals!

  6. So the more we 'create' our own 'realities', the more we will be 'living up to' WHO it is we have been Born to Be and to Do! We WILL be living our Destiny, AS it has been 'created' BY US, both before we were Born, and ever since! (And I am not even, herein, going to attempt to address those souls who do not even 'believe in', or know, that they have a 'Destiny'!) Plus, not only the individual has a 'Destiny', BUT all of humanity has a Destiny! And that is TO MAKE THIS A BETTER WORLD, by eliminating Duality, Good and Evil, from the Cosmos, and replacing it with harmonious Yin-Yang, BY restoring ONENESS in the Cosmos, by Bringing Together again, God and Lucifer, in Oneness!

  7. Okay, I could 'rattle-on' here all day about Reality, 'realities', 'perfection' and more! But the major point is that IF you want to 'BE All you can Be', living up to your 100% maximum potential, and thereby being able to 'Do Unto Others...', THAT which it is your DUTY to Give Unto Others, in Service to ALL of Humanity... THEN you will NEVER become anything that is 'told to you' BY others, BUT ONLY THAT which you have so found yourSELF TO BE! As Carl Jung and so many others have said, "Look Within, and Be That which you were Born to Be!" Do I need to say more, Richard?

    Father Jerome

    (Dr. Ruquist's Reply back to Father Jerome)

  8. I agree that everyone is unique and has a unique set of experiences. That is not what I mean by reality. I believe that there is a reality that is separate from all of us, and if we all had the same ability as you, we would "see" the same thing. That for me would be the reality of god.

  9. Now my thinking creates my own reality in the axion condensate. And under most circumstances only I can "see" it. The waves of axions are so easily perturbed that I can will them into whatever shape I wish. But if someone else could tune into what I am tuned into, they would "see" the same thing, e.g., mind reading. So even though each of us can create a separate reality, the sum total of all these realities is a unique set of realities.

  10. For me reality is an instantaneous thing. It may be a product of experience. But it is what exists at an instant of time. It is all that exists at an instant of time. Most of us cannot experience the totality of reality. We can only experience a small filtered aspect of the total. That is a partial reality, and that is different for each individual. But that happens because of our lack of ability to "see" it all. I would suggest that a definition of god is one who sees all of the total of reality.


    (Father Jerome's return Reply to Dr. Ruquist)

  11. BEAUTIFUL, Richard! "Ya got it!", as they would say! And Yes, there are different and many 'realities', some of which we can 'see' and others we can not 'see'! One of the primary 'realities' that many people cannot 'see', is the social, or societal, 'realities' (the societal 'Big Picture', which is especially why I did so appreciate your words concerning the 'social value' of 'knowing' oneself and one's 'world' and especially such 'knowing' from a scientific 'perspective'!), but even more than that, are/is the social 'reality' of the individual... the reasons ('realities'), as to why one might be in the Life situation that one 'is', and what it is that does so constitute the 'bars' of that 'cage' that one has 'created' about oneself and put oneself into!

  12. Yes, Richard, there are many 'realities', in Corporeality and, as you have so recognized, in Incorporeality ("I believe that there is a reality that is separate from all of us..."), which some folks call God! But the thing I am trying to get everyone to realize is that that particular 'Reality', God, is not only available to each and every one of us, but that there are so many more wonderful, and not so wonderful, 'realities', ALSO available to all of us... THERE, in Incorporeality, as well! The possibilities and probabilities are infinite! All it takes is 'access' to one's SOUL... one's individual, unique, Soul, which is the 'key' to 'accessing' Incorporeality! Jung has said, that the way to achieve that 'access' is by 'knowing oneSelf' (i.e., overcoming, and 'breaching', those Luciferian 'fingers-of-Negativity', that are sandwiched between 'self' (lower mind) and 'Soul' (Upper Mind), which presently corrupt everything that transpires between Upper and lower Minds of every human being! We can 'breach' that 'Veil of Separation/Veil of Unknowing', as the Literati-of-the-Ages have called it, but briefly in our dreams or, as you say for some people, lucidly, but the problem our civilization and Society has, is eliminating such Negativity-in-our-world on a permenent basis! And such a thing CANNOT happen, as long as there is competition, wars, animosities, adversarial relationships, dysfunctional relationships and so much more... ALL a result of Lucifer's Negativity, his Negative axion particles, known as the 'fingers-of-Negativity', that are sandwiched between the two condensates of the local individual human Mind of every one of us! The ONLY thing, that can eliminate such 'encroachment' upon our Minds, is... COOPERATION, among ALL of humanity, and a worldwide Participatory Democracy, where EVERYONE can vote on everything that affects each and every one of us!

  13. Yes, Richard, there IS 'social value', to the scientific 'knowing' OF the 'realities' that individuals and all of us are confronted with, in our daily Lives! Because ONLY through such 'Knowing', and the subsequently ensuing cooperation that such 'awareness' can bring into existence, can that large gene pool, which 'creates' the human Mind, BE UNBLOCKED, of Lucifer's 'fingers-of-Negativity', and thusly RESTORED to NORMAL Maturity OF the human Mind, whereby each and every human individual does so have the 'RIGHT to ACCESS one's Soul', and all of the wonders and information and 'knowing', OF Incorporeality, of God, and of all those quantum realms beyond the Soul, that are ONLY 'accessible' BY and through one's 'knowing' of oneSelf and one's Soul!

  14. So the 'reality' is, that not only has your thinking 'created' your 'reality' in the axion particles condensates of your Mind, but the same thing has also happened to ALL OF US! When the last previous human civilization fell, with the fall of Atlantis, and Lucifer's 'fingers-of-Negativity' moved in, between the two condensates of our Minds (Upper and lower, Soul and self), we ever since have had Positive-Negative-Positive axion particle (or wave) 'sandwiching', of the genetic structure of all our Minds, and Lucifer has 'ruled' as 'Prince of this World'! Mankind 'fell from Grace', of its own doing and 'creation', by embracing Lucifer's Negativity, and thereby 'inviting' him in, to our Minds! WE DID IT! BUT we can also CORRECT the 'situation'... by THROWING Lucifer OUT! BY and through COOPERATION, genetic Maturity, and normal mental functioning, can be RESTORED... to all of us! It is our CHOICE!

  15. So you are most assuredly right, that there is an 'unknown reality' out there, that 'influences' and deceives, all of us! And you are also right, that it takes Science and scientific 'knowing', to realize such and to be 'aware' of its ramifications upon all our Lives! But, more than that, through such scientific 'knowing', we, all of us, can thusly realize that WE DID CREATE THE SITUATION OURSELVES! BUT, we can also FIX IT! We CAN RE-CREATE OUR REALITY, and throw Lucifer OUT!

  16. But, guess what? Not only can we eliminate him, Lucifer, from our human 'reality', but God also has a special Destiny for all of us! And that is, that by eliminating Lucifer from ALL our Minds, mankind can ALSO RESTORE the UNITY of the Cosmos, and eliminate the Duality of Positive-Negative, and instead Bring Together again, both God AND Lucifer, in the Oneness, of the original Harmony of Yin-Yang, that did prevail before God had to 'throw Lucifer' out of Heaven, into the Nether Regions, thusly 'creating' the present Duality (and actually, all Dualities!)

  17. So, Richard, we not only can 'create' our own personal 'Reality', BUT. by 'Knowing-the-Mind-of-God', i.e., Incorporeality, we can ALSO 'create', or RE-create, GOD's REALITY! We can restore Oneness, to the Cosmos! All it takes, is... COOPERATION! THAT is what the Guy/Gal Upstairs, would have us to Do and to Be!


    (A further email to Dr. Ruquist from Father Jerome)


  18. I just realized that I had overlooked one of your comments that I should have replied to. I guess I sort of got carried away in describing the scientific, genetic, social and other aspects of the historical 'perspective' of the human Mind, as to why it got to where it currently is within all of us and what we need to do about the situation to restore all our human Minds back to normal.

  19. Anyway, going beyond the historical 'perspective', this is the comment that you made that I needed to reply to further: "The waves of axions are so easily perturbed that I can will them into whatever shape I wish." And in saying such, you are also again correct in your 'view' of the 'reality' of the human Mind and the two condensates that nominally comprise the human Mind, Upper (Soul) and lower (self)! But let me explain exactly what it is you are describing!

  20. As I have said numerous times, a condensate, any condensate, is basically a coherent ground-state of Consciousness, comprised of quantum axion particles, normally of Positive Consciousness (NOT 'polarity', which is an aspect of Corporeality ONLY!), which are coherently 'ordered' relative TO the basic reason or purpose FOR the existence of said condensate in the first place. In other words, if it is the condensate of Consciousness for/of the entire team of the San Francisco Giants baseball team... the Giants are a baseball team, aren't they? I'm not much of a sports fan, so I'm only guessing here!... that means that the basic purpose of the 'group', in this case, is baseball, and so the ground-state of consciousness of this group, of all the players on the team, revolves around the basic purpose for their existence, i.e., baseball! And so this 'living entity', this Life-form, this condensate of consciousness, has come into existence, by and for the very reason of baseball and of the players who are a part of this 'group'! Carl Jung stated that 'groups', of/for whatever reason/purpose, were one of the several levels of consciousness, any one individual being possibly a 'member' of any number of 'groups', depending on his/her 'affiliations', as well as being a 'member' of his/her 'family'-condensate, his/her 'tribe'-condensate, his/her 'nationality'-condensate, his/her 'race'-condensate, and any number of other condensates of consciousness, by the very fact of that individual's inclusion therein the very reason FOR the existence of any one of such condensates! Additionally, ALL individuals are also participants IN the overall 'Collective Consciousness of humanity'-condensate! AND, of course, any individual is a 'member' of that very basic condensate of consciousness, his/her own personal individual local Mind-condensate, which is actually two condensates together, Upper Mind (Soul) and lower mind (self)! I have described all these 'levels' of condensates in one of my Lecture pages, "Remembering!".

  21. Now, to continue here, each and every one of these condensates of consciousness has, as I have said, a coherently ordered ground-state, relative to its existence! But I need to 'qualify' that statement just a bit. Because, a very important 'part' of any ground-state, is a certain 'duality' (and Yes! There ARE Dualities, as I have said, some of which are Good and necessary, and others of which are Evil and unnecessary!), and that 'duality' EXISTS, not only relative TO whatever the reason/purpose for existence OF our condensate IS, but ALSO by and for the very nature OF a condensate itself! And that 'duality' is Order versus Chaos, WITHOUT WHICH that, and ANY, condensate, just could not function AT ALL!

  22. So, Order versus Chaos, are a necessary criteria for the ground-state of EVERY condensate, and the quantum axion particles thereof. Now, let me explain a few 'realities' about these particular quantum axion particles that comprise Order versus Chaos in a condensate's ground-state.

  23. First of all, nominally, we are yet talking about POSITIVE quantum axion particles of Consciousness (and I should be using a capital C, every time I refer to a Positive quantum axion particle of Consciousness, to distinguish it from a Negative quantum axion particle of consciousness, which belongs to the Luciferian Complex-condensate of Negative consciousness of the Cosmos, instead of the Positive Consciousness of God! But sometimes, when such 'differentiation' is not necessary to the discussion, I might just use consciousness without the capital C!) Of course, there are Negative axion particles, which are part and parcel of the Luciferian 'dimension' of consciousness, but I'm not going to discuss such Negativity, except as it might relate to our discussion of Positive axion particles! (The Negative axion particles of Lucifer's 'fingers-of-Negativity', which are 'sandwiched' between the Positive axion particles of the Upper Mind-condensate and the lower mind-condensate of the human Mind, is an example of a necessity in discussing such, although I have already most thoroughly discussed such elsewhere on this website, especially the fact that, in the human Mind, both the Positive and the Negative axion particles are unduly 'influenced' by each other, due to their close proximity to each other, such that Positive whole-integer axion particles are converted to half-integer-spin particles and Negative whole-integer axion particles are also converted to half-integer-spin particles! But, I have already discussed this 'anomaly' elsewhere on these webpages, so enough here! Except for the further question, which I will not attempt to answer here, that might be asked, to wit: "Hey! How can axion particles, of whatever consciousness or Consciousness, affect each other by their 'proximity' to each other, when they are both part and parcel of Incorporeality, which is Unitary, when the very term 'proximity' implies the 'separateness' of Corporeality?" ...... Actually, there is a simple answer, which I will state here and now, in resolution of this issue. Both condensates, and the Positive and Negative axion particles thereof, are yet part and parcel of that most Infinite condensate of Consciousness, Incorporeality, so therefore such 'proximity' IS Unitary rather than 'separate' and thusly they can affect each other IN and OF that 'Unity', resulting in half-integer-spin Positive and Negative particles rather than the normal whole-integer-spin particles that they would nominally be IF NOT SO 'entangled' AT such a specific point-location or locations! This is just another instance of 'perspective', and what exactly is the 'viewpoint' from which you are looking at or 'seeing' anything!)

  24. BUT, the further point that I need to make here, is related to the composition of the quantum axion particles of Consciousness that make up both Order and Chaos in any condensate's ground-state! Because, those axion particles, of both Order and Chaos, are YET of a Positive Consciousness, BUT... and the BUT here implies the following. Because Chaos, of its very nature, comes from the opposite or opposing 'duality' of Negativity, what is the 'reality' here is that Chaos, and the axion particles thereof, have a more-negative 'reality' than axion particles of Positive Consciousness. In fact, we could say that there is a 'graduated' sliding-scale in effect here, from Order to Chaos, with 'degrees' of Positive Order becoming more 'Ordered' as we depart from the boundary between Order and Chaos! Likewise, in the same manner, on the Chaos side of the boundary, there are 'degrees' of Chaos, becoming more chaotic, i.e., less-Positive, as we depart from the boundary between Order and Chaos! BUT, the 'reality' here IS, that ALL of these quantum axion particles, no matter HOW 'maximally-Ordered' OR 'minimally-Ordered' (i.e., 'maximally-chaotic', or 'minimally-Positive'), they are... YET ALL POSITIVE quantum axion particles of Consciousness! (The same thing applies to axion particles of consciousness within the Negative realms of consciousness, but merely in reverse, i.e., Order versus Chaos, in any Negative condensate, is merely a matter of more or less Negativity!)

  25. Okay, so I think I have sufficiently explained a ground-state of any condensate of Consciousness (or consciousness), including the more or less Positive (or more or less Negative) nature of the Order versus Chaos axion particles of any ground-state! And incidentally, as you will soon realize, our 'ground-state', is soon to become a 'landscape', of mountains, hills, valleys, plateaus and such, which is the more appropriate term that does apply to any 'ground-state' which has become ACTIVE, as I will describe next!

  26. NOW, I can get back to your statement, Richard, that I wanted to comment further on. BECAUSE, again, as I have said, you have it correct, when you say that you are able to 'perturb' the axion particles of the condensate of your Mind.

  27. Actually, the Upper Mind condensate, or Soul, is what is being 'perturbed', even though you may not necessarily 'know' your Soul! And it is the Soul that is being 'perturbed', rather than the self, because the lower mind condensate is actually more of a supervisory-interface-condensate between Mind and the human brain, the lower mind being more concerned with the proper 'routing' of signals/outputs from the Upper Mind TO the proper specific and individual neuronal synapses of the brain, via the glial interface cells, and thusly a large part of the 'self' is concerned with 'knowing' each and every specific function of the human brain and the specific location of the interface glial-synapse that connects with and activates a specific brain function via that specific glial-synapse! So the self has thusly 'mapped' the entire human brain and its specific 'synapsial-road-junctions', as well as 'knowing' the overall functioning of ALL the parts of the brain, so it does, accordingly, thereby 'supervise' that brain and its 'functions', as 'directed' by the Soul and the 'perturbation-outputs' therefrom TO the self! (Which are, however, usually 'waylaid', corrupted, and mis-directed to different point-locations of the self's 'landscape', BY Lucifer's 'fingers-of-Negativity!) So, overall, we can say that the specific 'purpose-for-existence' of the condensate of the lower mind, the self, is supervision and 'knowing', of the human brain and every one of its functions!

  28. Getting back to you, Richard, and the specific SF Giants condensate that we are examining, what is actually happening here IS, as I have already mentioned numerous times already, that the ground-state of Consciousness of the human Mind... is NOT just 'sitting there', doing nothing but 'admiring' itself and its quiescent-state of coherent orderliness and chaotics! Because, it is RESPONDING TO INPUTS... all the 'inputs' that it is 'receiving', from inside itself (within the condensate, such as phylologic/phylogenetic, or long-term 'hereditary' inputs) AND from OUTSIDE itself, from other condensates AND from the Corporeal world (physical, sensual, emotional, psychological, etc., etc., which I have quite nominally discussed in the Main QUFD Document, in the Section where I discuss all such 'inputs' TO Consciousness!) BUT, there is also one other 'source' of 'inputs' to any condensate, and that is 'inputs' from INCORPOREALITY, or from the quantum realms BEYOND that Soul, such as God, the 'Collective Consciousness', and ANY OTHER condensate, within Incorporeality, having ANY relationship TO the purpose or reason FOR the existence of the condensate we are hereby looking at!

  29. And ALL of these 'inputs', are 'felt' BY, or 'perturb', the basic ground-state of our condensate! And what is the result of such? DYNAMICS, or 'sworls', or further 'perturbations', or points-of-criticality, OCCURING AS A RESULT OF, the self-ordering, complex-adaptability, decision-making, SENTIENT 'dynamics', or functions, that are the 'meat' OF any condensate's ground-state that is 'worth its mettle'! IN OTHER WORDS, things get 'stirred up', and active, and momentarily and instantaneously 'dynamic', in the results of all this that occurs! ALL as a result OF the 'inputs'... from wherever AND WHENEVER, because we are also talking about 'dynamics' that are occurring IN the UNITARY, no-space-time, Incorporeality, of Consciousness and Reality! Past, Present, and Future, ARE ONE!

  30. So all our 'inputs', contribute TO what happens within that condensate ground-state AND THE OUTPUTS therefrom! When one of our baseball players hits a home run, ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE within that condensate that is the Consciousness of the San Francisco Giants! And since each and every 'member' of the team is a part of that condensate, THEY ALL contribute to the 'inputs' to Consciousness, AS WELL AS the 'perturbations-of-output' that occur THEREFROM that condensate! And, of course, those 'perturbations-of-Consciousness', from the Giants condensate, have to 'communicate' and further 'connect' TO, OTHER condensates of Consciousness, such as the Team Manager, the Owner, the fans, the media, and so on and on! And each 'output', each 'perturbation-of-Consciousness', PHASE-SPACE-SHIFTS itself across the necessary and intervening space-time and Corporeality between any and all of these condensates, and the result IS... REALITY, and Baseball! Incorporeality has begotten Corporeal Reality!

  31. So, getting back to Richard, however, the 'perturbations-of-Mind' that you 'create', ARE actually the many multitudes of 'dynamics' that are going on in your condensate(s) of Mind, AS A RESULT OF ALL of your 'inputs', long-term, short-term, physical, spiritual, nutritional (I seem to remember someone saying, "You ARE what you eat!"), and so forth! Are you happy, Richard, with the results? But, the further point IS, that when you finally BECOME AWARE of all these 'dynamics' that are going on in your Mind and Consciousness... THEN, is when you are beginning to do that which Carl Jung has described as 'breaching' the Veil of Separation/Veil of Unknowing, between self and Soul! You are coming to KNOW your Self, rather than just your (s)elf alone!

  32. Oh, incidentally, by now you realize that WHEN all of these many 'dynamics' are occurring, or happening, within your Mind and Consciousness, all of these 'activities' are the result of quantum axion waves and wave functions, rather than just a quiescent axion particle! In other words, I'd say that, when things get 'stirred-up', in the Mind and Consciousness, it is the axion waves that are 'riding' on anything and everything that is happening!

  33. Also, WILLPOWER is one of the 'inputs' to Consciousness, so again you are correct!

  34. Oh, one other thing, that I have not mentioned here, but is surely implied! When I talk about Sentience, and the 'dynamics' that are going on in a condensate, I am also most intimately talking about one of the most basic-nature things about Consciousness and Incorporeality... that of Spirit, or the Holy Spirit!

    Aum, Peace, Amen

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