Qualia CIV: The Ultimate Challenge for Humanity: To Restore the Oneness, of Humanity, of the World, of the Cosmos and of Mankind and God! From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUF D

Qualia CIV: The Ultimate Challenge for Humanity: To Restore the Oneness, of Humanity, of the World, of the Cosmos and of Mankind and God!

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By Father Jerome

  1. This is going to be a summary... of all The Points of Challenge, for/unto Mankind, that have been presented throughout all of my Works, on the Web, in writing and in video/film. A Summary... of exactly what Mankind needs to Do, to Change Our World For The Better... and even to just survive, in order to enjoy that Future!

  2. First of all, Mankind needs to get out of its shell and realize not only Who and What it is but also exactly What it needs to do about its present situation and Reality! Too much today, people 'escape-the-World-and-themselves', taking 'refuge' in those 'cages-of-their-own-making', and saying, "This my cage! This is my Reality! This is my Life! This is what I have made for myself (or not!) There is nothing outside of my cage (i.e., Life!) Anything else, I do not care about and I don't even want to hear about! People, soldiers, refugees, across the world may be dying, destitute or starving, but unless it is my son in Iraq, or in jail or in trouble... I don't care! I don't have time for such nonsense!"

  3. So we live in the cages that we make for ourselves, to escape the realities and negativities of this world, whether that 'cage' is being the professional soldier (or the soldier's mother), the politician, legislator, justice, policeman, sports figure, businessman, banker, pie-maker, plumber or whatever! We become that which we have made of ourselves (or even that, which we have failed to make of ourselves), by whatever means and byways that we have taken, to escape the realities and negativities of this world, in order to not have to even think about them! (Yes, however, it is hard to avoid the 6 o'clock Network News!)

  4. "Oh? Exactly what are all these negativities that you are talking about, that no one wants to hear about, but constantly must hear about, because they are the very-realities-of-our-world that we have created ourselves?" Well, besides the very real fact that they have all been created by our very Minds and the realities thereof, as so 'influenced' by Lucifer, let us then give 'name' to all of these negativities in Mankind's lives... wars, conflicts, divisiveness, animosities, dysfunctional relationships, adversarial relationships (of all kinds, from the legal, political, national, international, and more), competition (sports, business, national, scientific, musical/entertainment, and so much more), and on-and-on! No one even recognizes the very fact that, the neighborhood Little League Softball Team... is a Negativity that is destroying the very 'heart' of America! And the same could be said about the SF Giants, or the Sharks, or the Warriors, or even Tiger Woods!

  5. I'm going to insert here, the lyrics of an old Vietnam-era song that was not really sung, but more so 'voiced', by Johnny Sea. Some of the noted realities, of that era, may no longer be valid, but the entirety of the lyrics are just as valid today as they were back then, in the voiced-indictment of American Society of then-and-now! Here is Johnny Sea's "Day for Decision":
    Day for Decision
    Johnny Sea [Warner Bros. 5820]
    (Allen N. Peltier) [Moss Rose Pub. BMI]
    The other day I heard someone say, "You know, America is in real trouble."
    It's true. Old Glory has never fallen so close to the earth. Our embassies
    are being stoned. Our diplomats are often in fear for their lives. And we're
    involved in a half-dozen nameless, winless conflicts spilling American blood
    on foreign soil. Our young men are dying for ideals that don't seem to mean
    much to Americans anymore.

    The truth is America's real trouble doesn't lie in the rice paddies of Vietnam,
    in the masses of Red China, or in the diabolical intrigues to the south of us.
    The real trouble lies in the playgrounds of St. Louis, the hillside mansions of
    San Francisco, and in the slums of Chicago. A disease which is slowly eating
    away at the heart of America lives in the small Southern towns, the fishing
    villages of New England, and in the hot dusty streets of the Midwest.

    This is the age of the American cynic. The year of the unbeliever. The day of
    doubt. We've killed all the sacred cows and destroyed all the images. And
    there's nothing left to respect. Old fashioned love of God, country, and family
    is pass‚. We stare at our shoelaces when they play the national anthem. We
    wouldn't want to be seen at a political rally or a town hall meeting. And we
    don't want to be caught with our eyes closed during public prayers. We've
    decided the only way to get into public office is to buy it. Our heroes are the
    fast guys who get away with things. Patriotism, the old hand-over-the-heart,
    flag-waving singing patriotism, has been condemned. Think about this. Patriotism.
    When you tear away the fancy phrases and crepe paper, it's plain and simple pride.
    It's a new car-prettier girl-bigger house sort of pride in country. Somewhere along
    the way we've lost it. Our form of government is the same. We still say America
    stands for the same things. But next time you're at a party, ask someone to sing
    "America the Beautiful", and see what happens.

    The basic ideals and structure of America haven't changed. We have. You and me.
    Our enemies know it. They've seen the newsreels of the discontented marching
    around the capitol. They've distorted and blown up our mistakes. They've been
    putting steel wedges in our wall of solidarity. The new idea is: Don't attack America;
    wear it down gradually; it'll eventually fall under the weight of its own corruption. And
    did you know, it's working?

    This sneering complacency, once stamped out by the bloody feet of a tattered
    Continental Army in 1776, once drowned beneath the keel of the U.S.S. Arizona in
    Pearl Harbor Bay, has risen again. This deadly "Let George do it" attitude lights the
    way for the Viet Cong in the swampy jungles of Vietnam. This "Better Red than dead"
    cancer is more feared by the American soldier than all the communist mortar shells. It
    kills the vitality and spirit of America. Democracy is a frail and fragile instrument. Made
    of hope, prayer and Yankee ingenuity. It is held together by a fourth-of-July flag-waving
    patriotism. And we've almost exhausted our supply of it. Try this test. Lift your eyes to
    a flag, then sing out as loud as you can that old out-worn antiquated freedom hymn you
    learned so many years ago.

    For purple mountain majesties (for purple mountain majesties)
    Above the fruited plain (above the fruited plain)
    America (America)
    America (America)
    God shed His grace on thee (God shed His grace on thee)

    Now if you feel a little pride welling up inside of you, if you feel a little mist in your eyes,
    then, thank God for you, mister, you're still an American!

    (America, America,
    God shed His grace on thee
    And crown thy good with brotherhood
    From sea to shining sea)

  6. And so does the typical American, live his/her Life! In reality, people have 'given up thinking'... of the productive 'reflective thinking' kind, and nowadays merely do what they have been 'programmed-to-do', by their education and otherwise, or that which they have been told-to-do, again by superiors, circumstances or otherwise! No one wants to engage in any kind of thinking that might be personally-and-beneficially 'rewarding', either to themselves or... "Heaven forbid!"... to others, unless the 'reward' is some kind of monetary or financial 'reward'! (As mentioned already, a Negativity!)

  7. Many critics of this American 'lackadaisical-spirit', point to the 'excess' of substitutes in American Society and Reality, that encourage physicality, notoriety and anything 'feel-good', rather than mentality! It has been said, "If you want to get people to stop thinking, merely introduce them to sports and physical exercise! They will never again have any substantial thoughts about anything that really matters, that is of importance and of consequence, to Mankind, our World, Life, Existence and Reality!" (Yeah, I know! Here we will get all those stalwarts who say sports and exercise "helps me think"! But, what kind of 'thinking', and what about? That is the real test! It is a real Negativity in Life!)

  8. All of which is well and good, but not when such activities are a 'substitute' for the necessary thinking that is required today by almost any human being! Because, contrary to the Vietnam jungles of the foregoing lyrics, today is another Day and another Age! At least any concerned human being, who expects to survive not only another year, but well into the Future... Yes! I'm talking about Reality here! Not only the basic facts of the daily realities of our Environment and of Earth's Biosphere, which everyone nowadays needs to be aware of, like...
    1. The daily 'barrage' of unusual-and-atypical weather phenomenon, not only all across our American nation but all across the World: For example, today, in June of 2009, the temperature is near or well over 100 degrees, across much of America!
    2. Across America, houses, entire towns and villages, are being destroyed, by tornadoes, floods, bad weather conditions, and much more!
    3. The hurricane season is starting, and predictions are for more Hurricane Katrinas!
    4. Incidentally, speaking of Katrina and the Earth's Biosphere, there was an old sort-of-joke, that was really based in scientific fact, at least with regard to the various effects and interrelatedness of such, within the Biosphere.
      "If a butterfly, flapping its wings in the Amazon, is the cause of the 6.9 Richter earthquake in Tajikistan, then what was the cause of Hurricane Katrina?" The answer: "President Bush!"
    5. Just a few weeks ago, the Network News reported an official news-release from the Government, that was very brief and limited. It seems that just a few days ago, a huge meteorite passed between the Moon and the Earth. The meteorite was so big, that if it had hit the Earth, say in California... there would no longer have been a California!
    6. The poles are melting, the oceans are rising, animals and species are dying, and so much more... and yet Mankind goes-on-its-Merry-Way, doing what it has now become-accustomed-to-doing (i.e., having fun!) and oblivious to it all! (Except for those thinking and concerned individuals!)

  9. What will it take? Three years ago, in a Hollywood-produced Documentary Film, "An Inconvenient Truth!", ex-Vice President Al Gore and environmental scientists, warned of all kinds of forthcoming disasters and even ones that were upon us already! I remember the part of the movie, where a satellite over Antarctica, is looking down on the huge Ross Ice Shelf, that extends out from the Antarctic continent over the Antarctic oceans for miles-upon-miles. But, the ice was melting, and that satellite watched in amazement, as fully one-third of the Ross Ice Shelf, melted into the sea... in 35 hours!

  10. Or even just recently, when concerned scientists from all over the World, produced another Hollywood Documentary, live on National TV, reporting the Future Time-Chain of probable events, leading to the demise, if not extinction, of Humanity, by the Year 2100! In fact, according to that Documentary-Film, we actually only have 6 more years, to the Year 2015, to 'get things right'! By 2015, if Mankind has not stopped immediately, all of the destructive activities-vented-upon-our-Earth, that it does so create and produce daily, and has not completely changed all of Mankind's lifestyles-and-realities... Well, the scientists from around the World agreed, we have until 2015! After that, it is too late!

  11. Okay, enough with such catastrophism, no matter how true and factual it may be! Let me henceforth in this Document, concentrate upon what we, Humanity, might be doing, to 'help-the-cause', by returning ourselves, all of us, to the American Nation-of-Thinkers, that we once-upon-a-time-were! Such as the Founders-of-our-Nation, and a Document that Proclaimed a Nation, "Of The People, By The People, and For The People!"

  12. To start with, we need to be eliminating all of the destructive-and-negative 'activities', across the entire World, that have been influenced-and-created within our Human Minds, by Lucifer's 'Fingers-of-Negativity' within the Minds of All of Us! And this includes all of the previously-noted-hereinabove Luciferian Negativities, including sports! We need to get Mankind 'thinking again', as to just What we can do about our present situation, among many other concerns of Mankind today!

  13. "Wait a minute! I hear a 'voice-in-my-head' (Lucifer!), telling me that it's-all-a-bunch-of-crap! The Negativities that I'm saying need eliminating, including sports and competition, are the very basic and necessary realities of American Life and Existence! We can't eliminate such things!"

  14. And so we will hear, from all of the nay-sayers, who are yet being 'influenced' by Lucifer's Negativity within-their Minds! And they are all probably good, up-standing stalwarts-of-the-community, looking out for all of us! (Actually, for legal reasons, I will leave such 'accusations-about-certain-peoples', out of any further discussion here, and merely concentrate on the Human Mind.)

  15. Mankind (all of us) presently has an Immature Mind! As described by Carl Jung, we have both a 'Veil-of-Separation' and a 'Veil-of-Unknowing', that not only prevents each one of us, from actually knowing Who and What we are, as a Human Being, but also from Knowing our Soul, or Upper Mind, which is every Human Mind's 'access', to the Wonders-of-the-Universe and the many Worlds and Dimensions of Incorporeality and Spirit!

  16. We need to 'actualize' Maturity-of-the-Human Mind! But, in order to do that, we, Mankind, must all 'come together', in Oneness, Peace, Love, Cooperation and much more! For that to happen, we must first eliminate all of the Negativities of our World! (Previously noted!)

  17. Understanding the Basic-and-Fundamental Realities and 'Realities', of Life, Existence and Reality, of the Human Mind and of Consciousness and Incorporeality, are necessary thereto!

  18. The 'Collective Consciousness of Humanity', is the final arbiter, as to whether any Luciferian Negativity does yet remain in the World, because it is 'aware', on a moment-by-moment basis, of each and every individual human experience, and thusly will know of any Negativity! When worldwide Peace is achieved everywhere, there is a human gene, within the human genome (an invisible gene), that will 'shut-down' Lucifer's influence within all of us, preventing his 'Fingers-of-Negativity' from influencing our Minds! Doing so, will thusly enable Maturity-of-the-Human Mind, whereby both Upper and Lower Minds are 're-joined' with each other, and the Local Human Mind of each human being is once again as it was so-created and was once-upon-a-time! And what I mean by, once-upon-a-time, is that Immaturity-of-the-Human Mind, is endemic only to our present Human Civilization (since 9644 B.C.), in that Humanity, in numerous previous civilizations, was known to have achieved Maturity-of-the-Human Mind! (Info derived from the Collective.)

  19. Of course, with Lucifer finally blocked from 'access' within our Minds (as so created, purposefully and willfully, with the cooperation of all of humanity!), we might then do something about our Good Friend, the Earth, yet residing in Hell/Hades. Someone might 'go-into-Consciousness', and 'grab-hold' of the zero-point-location, of the Earth itself, and then move it, within Incorporeality, back to the Positive regions and realms of Positive Consciousness and Incorporeality, and out of Lucifer's 'grasp', in Hell/Hades, where it now resides!

  20. And finally, with the Earth out-of-Hell, with all Human Minds thinking clearly, with no Negative 'influences' anywhere on Earth or within any Human Mind, we might finally have a World of Peace, Love, Joy and Happiness!

  21. Then, the Final Destiny-of-Mankind might be achieved, as so 'challenged' unto all of us, by Infinite Consciousness! Which is, that here, within our Universe, instead of the Negativity of Lucifer's Complex-of-Negativity-and-Consciousness (Hell/Hades), versus God's Positivity elsewhere in the Universe, we might once again re-unite both God and Lucifer, here within our own Universe, in the ancient Yin-Yang of Oneness, of Positivity/Negativity, that prevails elsewhere throughout the Cosmos! Doing so, we will then have fulfilled Mankind's Destiny... to not only re-unite God and Lucifer, but in doing so, to re-unite Mankind ourselves... with Infinite Consciousness (God)!

Aum, Peace, Amen

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