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On Certain Issues of Discrimination and Prejudicial Conduct

We, this Declarant and others of like theological and philosophical persuasion in the World Community, do hereby make our POSITION known and relative to certain issues of discrimination and prejudicial conduct by certain Persons and Peoples of the World Community, as prejudicially exacted upon these Declarants in a judgmental and discriminatory manner, certainly not consonant with the Spirit of Christ nor any other acknowledged and respected principles of humane, egalitarian and respectful human conduct.

In Identification of such alleged MISCREANTS, I will merely state that a population of supposedly 'religious' persons, of whatever and all included 'religions' (without the necessity of specifically and adversarily identifying such), within the World Community, has, and continues to, exact prejudicial and summary 'justice', upon those others of the World Community who may not be of a similarly and specifically sectarian persuasion.

In further Identification of the DECLARANTS, I will merely state that we are adherents of the Philosophical, Scientific and eminently Christian Principles and Scientific Truths of QUFD, Quantum Unitary Field Dynamics, the Science of Albert Einstein and many other knowledgeable and scientific luminaries, and of their KNOWING of Christ, the Holy Spirit and Infinite Consciousness (God).

In Identification of the Actions, judgments, Transgressions and NEGATIVITIES vented upon these Declarants, without elaborating to the point of condescension upon such (which would be a Negative and adversarial 'judgment' itself, to do so, in violation of Christ's admonition, "Judge NOT Lest Ye Be Judged, but Judge ONLY for Thineself Alone!"), I will merely state that the programmed proclivities, prejudices and propensities of said Miscreants has resulted in actions by the Miscreants which are, and have been, detrimental and constraining to the free exercise of the freedoms and rights of those who KNOW and Practice the Spirit of Christ in their daily living.

In EXAMPLE of such 'actions' (without any further adversarial 'identification', but merely as a Notice of what has occurred), I will merely Note that said Miscreants, WITHOUT knowing or understanding that which they might condemn, have exacted vengeful 'acts' upon the rights and freedoms of the Declarants, including what might be construed as transgressions upon the morality, the culture, the intelligence, the ethics, and the very humanity OF the Declarants, WITH THE FURTHER (limited) 'special example' of the Miscreant's condescension of SCIENCE, and anything scientific, as being (in the words of the Miscreants) "devil-worship"!

In REPLY to such alleged transgressions, the Declarants do hereby make KNOWN those upstanding, Positive, Scientific and Christian (in the SPIRIT of Christ, NOT of any man-made Christian 'religion'!) PRINCIPLES, by which those who KNOW Christ and do adhere to the Principles of QUFD in their daily Lives, do hereby RESPOND to such acts of discrimination. (And the QUFD Principles expressed herein shall be limited only to those as shall apply to the issues raised herein this Position Paper, the entirety of QUFD Principles nor of God's Law of One not to be invoked here.)

FIRST, in adherence to the POSITIVITY of Christ and Infinite Consciousness (God), as so promulgated by Christ and God, we do hereby Bear Witness to the need of all of mankind to COOPERATE, as the 'Brotherhood of Man', which was so intended in the Creation of mankind.

By and through such Christian Positivity, we do Vitiate and Invalidate the NEGATIVITY of LUCIFER, as so imposed and influenced upon humanity, in such forms as COMPETITION, including wars, animosities, adversarial (legal) proceedings, judgments upon others, even unto all forms of sports and 'games' (including the Olympics!) Christian QUFD Positivity is a Message of TOGETHERNESS ("Bring Us Together!", as in Community), NOT divisiveness, competition, and the further creation of animosities by and through acts of vengeance or 'winning versus losing'!

That said, we do hereby further Note that, by QUFD Principle, we do ACCEPT and RESPECT all Life and All That Is, INCLUDING those Miscreants who would commit such vengeful acts upon Us, even to the extent of Respecting and Accepting LUCIFER, as Christ did also so do. BECAUSE, as Christ did so realize, UNLESS YOU KNOW Who and What Lucifer (evil) IS, through 'Knowing' yourself AND All That Is... until you know such Realities and Truths, Lucifer CAN, and shall, retain CONTROL of you and your Life, and you will forever FEAR him, if you don't 'know' him!

QUFD Principle says that by KNOWING BOTH God and Lucifer, you place yourself ON AN EQUAL BASIS WITH both God and Lucifer, by which God then GIVES YOU the 'opportunity' TO CHOOSE Positivity over Negativity, Good over Evil, and to be able to, with the INFINITE resources, Wisdom and Knowing of Christ, live one's Life as one's Soul does so wish to live and was so BORN to BE and to DO!

However, QUFD Principle then further states that, in order to KNOW yourself, as to Who and What you are, by KNOWING your Soul, and by KNOWING Who and What BOTH God and Lucifer are, YOU MUST KNOW and understand the BASICS, the fundamentals, the Realities and the TRUTHS, of Existence and Life! And how does one do that? By KNOWING SCIENCE, and the Quantum Physics, the Laws, the Principles, of the Cosmos, of God's Law of One, which is what Science IS!

Now, let me explain this 'almost impossible' conundrum here, that of, as I have just implied, the requirement that ALL human beings need to KNOW EVERYTHING THAT THERE IS, or that exists, which is, supposedly, an impossibility! Because, the Truth of the matter is, in order for you to KNOW... to find, or resolve, ANY answer, to ANY problem in one's Life... NO! You don't need to be an all-knowing 'Master-of-the-Universe' AT ALL! In fact, you don't really need to know ANYTHING AT ALL! All you need to do is to TRUST, in GOD, in YOURSELF, and in What you can Do and Be, BY LIVING IN THE MOMENT, with Christ, where ANYTHING that you need to Know, from the Past, the Present, the Future, AND from God, WILL BE PROVIDED TO YOU WHEN YOU NEED IT!

So, in Reality, knowing SCIENCE, knowing yourself, knowing BOTH God AND Lucifer, IS, in Reality, 'getting back in control of your Life', HOWEVER you might define that! This, and much more, is what the Principles of QUFD teach. And, just as some 'religions' might also imply, these 'teachings', these answers, these TRUTHS, are NOT found within a book (a college/university/library textbook or even the BIBLE), or by listening to someone else (your guru, teacher, professor, priest, rabbi, minister), or even in the QUFD Principles themselves, but are instead, FOUND WITHIN YOURSELF! QUFD says, as Christ did so say, "LOOK WITHIN, and find your own answers, from the 'higher powers' of your Heart and from your SOUL!" Hey, after all, YOU are the ONLY one who knows your LIFE!

Okay, one last QUFD Principle. Once you have 'found yourself', and you KNOW both God and Lucifer, as well as All That Is, and you have taken DIRECT RESPONSIBILITY for your every WORD, ACTION and DEED... Well, then, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? As much as some 'competitive' folks might say, "I'm GOING TO DISNEYLAND!", I think, in Reality, once you KNOW yourself, you can leave the Disney and other 'fantasies' behind, and get on with COOPERATING with all of humanity, in doing your part, TO MAKE THIS A BETTER WORLD! After all, as Christ has said, "Once you KNOW yourself, and you KNOW God, there is nothing left for you to change, but the WORLD and the COSMOS!" Doing Unto Others, as You Would Have Them Do Unto You! In Peace, Love, Joy, Happiness, and a Brotherhood of Man! That's what it is all about!

Aum, Peace, Amen
Father Jerome

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