Father Jerome's Science, History (and so much more!) Lectures

An Evening Lecture Series Delivered to various Student Groups in 1994

The complete text of this evening's lecture follows:

Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen.

Today's topic is one of those subjects that many people, just plain and simple, find to be: BORING - B-OR-RR-ing! Well, I hate to tell you so, BUT I have especially endeavored to make it even MORE boring than usual. HOWEVER, bear with me, and you may YET find something interesting about the boring subject of: QUANTUM PHYSICS.

Now, I believe I can presume that we ALL know SOMETHING about quantum physics, ESPECIALLY its history. Briefly, quantum physics can be historically compared to the modern knowledge that, as most people know, the Earth is ROUND...VERSUS, back in the old days, when a lot of people ABSOLUTELY KNEW that the Earth was FLAT. (Well, actually not everybody knew the Earth was flat, back then. There WERE SOME souls who DID know that the Earth was round, and, of course, much more. But, that's another subject.) Anyway, the Earth-is-flat people can be compared to the old, classic, Newtonian....(Newtonian??? Newtonian!!! FROM Sir Isaac Newton...the guy that got hit on the head, by the falling apple!!!) Anyway, the old, classic, Newtonian ideas of physics. AND, we can place a cutoff date, of approximately 1900, more or less, after which the theories of quantum physics took over, and replaced the old classic Newtonian physics.

Now, however, I'm going to get REAL specific, because the ONE aspect of quantum physics that really interests me IS, the subject of TIME. The old, classic Newtonian physics WAS, what is called deterministic, meaning that TIME, and its sequence, or progression, is DETERMINED. OR, in other words, that TIME proceeds FROM the past, to the present, and on into the future...all events of time occurring along the pre-determined path, from the beginning, OR A beginning, IN the past, TO an ending, or finish, somewhere in the future. THAT is classic, Newtonian time.

Well, quantum physics takes another approach. And we all know where quantum physics came from. There is a veritable pantheon of names - of the founders, the theoretical physicists, who came up with the principles of quantum physics...STARTING with Einstein (Albert, that is!), and his theories of Relativity, and continuing with Heisenberg, Bohr, Mach, Podolsky, Rosen, Schroedinger, and on and on and on. Well, what they did, in developing the theoretical principles of quantum physics, was to take the concept of time, and turn it around, as compared TO the old Newtonian physics. So, that TODAY, the MOST interesting thing that I find about quantum physics principles IS what they state about time. WHICH IS: the PAST, does NOT, and CANNOT, exist, UNTIL it is created by the PRESENT; AND, the PRESENT, does NOT, and CANNOT, exist, until it is created by the FUTURE. WOW!!! Think about that! That's quite something!!!

Well, I'm going to tell you something MORE, that I really find to be fascinating, about quantum physics and TIME. If you read about what modern theoretical physicists, such as Fred Alan Wolf, have come up with, it gets more interesting yet. Apparently there are quite a few of the theoretical scientists of today, who have solved one of the major problems of the universe. And HOW do physicists solve problems? Why, with MATHEMATICS, of course (and don't ask me to explain THAT subject, thank you!). Anyway, what these scientists have IS, these very intricately complex mathematical calculations, that solve a major problem of the universe. And what is that? Well, these physicists, using the principles of quantum physics, have mathematically proved that GOD exists. WOW, again!!! BUT, before we pursue this a bit further, let's stop and get a bit of background perspective on the concept of God.

Actually, before I do that, I'd like to make one qualifying statement, in regard to this talk, as well as read a most interesting quotation to you.
First, the statement: I want to tell you that, I am speaking tonight about the quantum concepts of TIME...BUT, I also want each one of you to think about what I am saying in relation to the concept of "BEING" - in this case, defined as YOUR consciousness (or awareness) of the "I AM" of yourself...WHO am I?, WHAT am I?, and What am I DOING?, AT this (or any other) instant of TIME. In other words, the concept of YOUR awareness of, that by REMEMBERING yourself, AT EACH instant of TIME, you are "BEING" a part of "ALL that IS", a part of "ALL is ONE", with the Universe (God).

And second, who do you think wrote this quotation?:
"Still, there are moments when one feels free from one's own identification with human limitations and inadequacies. At such moments, one imagines that one is standing on some spot of a small planet, gazing in amazement at the cold, yet profoundly moving beauty of the eternal, the unfathomable: Life and Death flow into One, and there is neither evolution nor destiny; only BEING!"
Well, that profound statement was made by none other than the most eminent founder of quantum physics, Albert Einstein himself. In fact, Danah Zohar, the eminent researcher from Harvard and M.I.T., has more or less postulated quantum physics as the theology of today:
"Quantum theology makes it clear that the physics of human consciousness is also the physics of the quantum vacuum itself, the ground state of all that is. In this light, we might come to see ourselves as thoughts in the mind of God."

Okay, now, back to that background perspective on God, that I promised you earlier. We all know, and some of you may even now be learning about, what the concept of God is, in your Philosophy classes. What does your good textbook in Philosophy tell you? Why, it tells you that all the old philosophers, who ever debated the concept of God, all used a quite similar term to describe the concept of God.
And that term was: FIRST CAUSE. FIRST CAUSE! Meaning, in the BEGINNING, the CREATOR, the ORIGINATOR, from CAUSE to EFFECT!!!........
HEY!!! Wait, a minute! THAT'S the OLD Newtonian, classic physics concept of TIME, as proceeding from the PAST, to the PRESENT, and on into the FUTURE.
BUT, quantum physics says TIME goes the OTHER way. SO, if God was the FIRST CAUSE back in the old days of classic physics, so where is GOD today? Why, he's in the FUTURE!!!

Remember, quantum physics says that the PAST does NOT exist, UNTIL it is created by the PRESENT, and the PRESENT does NOT exist UNTIL it is created by the FUTURE. SO, if God is in the future, what does that mean? THAT means that the BIG BANG, the VERY CREATION of the Universe, has NOT YET taken place, UNTIL it was created in the PRESENT. And yet, the PRESENT does not exist, until it is created by the FUTURE. So, the quantum physics principles of TIME, more or less, tell us that God is in the FUTURE, AND the UNIVERSE, and YOU, and ME, and everything else, WILL be created...WILL BE!!!
Well, actually, there's more to it than that. But first, to understand how quantum physics comes up with this seemingly contradictory paradox, we will have to explore the principles of quantum physics a bit closer. THEN, a little later, I'll get back to WHY this concept of God IS actually true.

Okay! How does the concept of Time, in quantum physics, actually work? Well, first of all, we need to understand that there are such things as, what is called, a quantum WAVE FUNCTION, commonly known as a QUIFF, OR, more accurately, a Quiff Wave. Now, a Quiff Wave is actually a quantum wave of PROBABILITY... MEANING that within any quantum wave of probability IS...ALL POSSIBLE REALITIES!!! In other words, ANY possible reality, THAT COULD BE, is present in a quiff wave.

Now, one additional principle of quantum physics, needs to be injected here, at this point. And that is the principle of OBSERVATION. What this means is that something does NOT EXIST, UNTIL it is OBSERVED. In scientific terms, when the experiment is performed, AND the results of the experiment are observed (by whatever means, be it the meters, the equipment, or the person themselves, who is conducting the test) - WHEN the OBSERVATION takes place, THEN, and only THEN, does the RESULT come into EXISTENCE. In other words, quantum physics says that a particular, specific, individual REALITY...did NOT EXIST, until it was observed. PRIOR to being observed, and coming into existence, at THAT time, it ONLY was a reality in PROBABILITY!!! And ALL realities exist in PROBABILITY ONLY, until such time as ONE of those realities is OBSERVED (or SELECTED). THEN, by the act of observation, that ONE reality comes into actual EXISTENCE. And that is what is known as "popping" a quiff wave, or bringing a singular reality INTO EXISTENCE (which can also be called CREATION).

Now, to get back to the aspect of Time. What we actually have, in quantum physics, is two quiff waves, of probability (Remember?)...one quiff wave is coming from the PAST, and the other quiff wave is coming from the FUTURE. AND, if you remember, contained within each quiff wave IS ALL POSSIBLE REALITIES. SO, if we, or whoever, CHOOSE to OBSERVE those quiff waves, from the PAST and the FUTURE, we THEN "pop" those quiff waves, BRINGING INTO THE PRESENT, WHATEVER REALITY it is, that we have chosen to observe IN EACH ONE of those quiff waves.
In other words, the PRESENT then comes into EXISTENCE, and the present is composed of two parts: the individual, specific REALITY, from the PAST, that was chosen, AND, the individual, specific REALITY, from the FUTURE, that was also chosen. SO, the PAST, AND the FUTURE, constitute (or create) the PRESENT!

Now, one more time (and this will be the last), we need to inject one more principle of quantum physics. And that is, the principle of CORRELATION.
Correlation means that, when something occurs, when two things come together...THEN, by the very act of interacting with each other, those two things are forever bound TOGETHER, in that interaction that has occurred between them.

Now, I guess each one of us can certainly remember the last time we had "most excellent" sex, or whatever it was, with our spouse, significant other, or whoever it was. THAT MEMORY, that connection, WILL FOREVER exist, somewhere in your consciousness, and eventually, in your subconscious. THAT is the principle of CORRELATION. BUT, in the aspect of Time, what this means, is that, when two quiff waves "pop" into EXISTENCE in the PRESENT, the two correlating parts OF those two quiff waves, ALSO come into existence...one in the PAST, and one in the FUTURE. In other words, by the VERY act of bringing two realities into EXISTENCE in the PRESENT, we have NOW ALSO brought into existence, those two corresponding realities of the PAST and the FUTURE. THE PRESENT has now created the PAST and the FUTURE!!!

Now, in reality, I guess we have all known about this already. We have certainly heard about the Hippies, back in the 60's and 70's, who used the expressions, "Live for Today!", "The present is where it's at!", "It's all right here, now!". Well, they DID have something. I used to say myself (and this was way back before I heard of quantum physics), that the past and the future, were right here, in the present.
BUT, there ARE people who do NOT live in the present. We all know some of them. As an example, how about antique collectors, who put some kind of great meaning on things from the past. I used to be one myself. Once upon a time, I owned 23 classic automobiles, as well as all kinds of other antiques. I was living in the PAST, not the PRESENT. Maybe you've even heard parents, or other old folks, use the expression, "Things were better in the old days!" They WERE, for that person, because that person is still living in the past, NOT the present.

Now, on the other hand, maybe we know somebody who is living in, or for, the future. "Things WILL get better!", "There's better days ahead!", OR, how about, "When Christ returns, everything will be fine!", OR, how about YOU, yourself? Are you worrying about taxes, that new job, or about an exam coming up? WORRYING, is that not living in the FUTURE, by worrying about the future? Sure it is! You're certainly NOT here in the Present!

Well, I said that I realized, quite some time back, that the present IS the past and the future, and that is certainly where I want to be. Also, remember earlier, I said that God is in the future. Well, He IS, BUT, He is ALSO in the Past and the Present. Remember the principle of correlation?
Well, God is ALL that IS...PAST, PRESENT, and the FUTURE. SO, if you are right here, IN THE PRESENT, then the PAST, the FUTURE, AND GOD, is right here, with you! And that's right where I want to be.

I hope I haven't bored you too much. Thank you.

Aum, Peace, Amen!

Father Jerome.

Note: For further details and commentary on Quantum Physics and much more, be sure to read Father Jerome's E-book,
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