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WELCOME to the Physics of Reality 101!

This is the tale, students, of Josephine ("Joe"), who knew what she wanted to be, and do, with her life, when she "grew up" - she wanted to be a Doctor, to get her M.D., and to be a Ground-States Analyst/Physician. Of course she realized that, in order to properly diagnose and treat afflictions of the human Mind and consciousness, she would have to learn all about the techniques of "viewing" those ground-states and condensate-fields of consciousness, through the use of Holothetic Imaging Spectroscopy (H.I.S.) analysis, as well as learning all about such important quantum-state conditions of those ground-states of consciousness as: Links/Bridges; Perturbations; time-space continuum Ripples; phase-space Shifts; Transcendences; as well as dimensional Interferences and Occlusions. She was most confident that she could be that Ground-States Analyst that she wanted to be.

BUT, there was only one thing in the way, of her becoming what she wanted to be. And that was the "Bad Man", and the societal conditions that he had produced, which tried to tell Josephine that there was "no such thing" as consciousness-beyond-the-human-brain/body, although her (already) partially mature mind certainly was showing her that, indeed, there WAS!

Okay, now I'm going to tell you a second tale. So, gather ye round children(of any age)! Professor Jerome is going to tell you the story of how the Bad Man (Satan) seduced us all (humanity) into believing that all there is in the world (and in Life) is what you can see and touch and what is told to you by your officials and authorities (and this even includes this "authority", your Professor). It is a story about actual reality, of what actually and truly DOES EXIST, including what we can see, hear and touch, but, more importantly, about what we can NOT see, hear and touch, but which is, nevertheless, REAL. It is a tale about that which exists in those quantum realms of reality and CONSCIOUSNESS that lie both WITHIN US (within our brains) as well as BEYOND US (beyond our body/brain physical entity).

YES, I am talking about your MIND, and what goes on IN your Mind. And the very first thing I need to do here is to make sure that you are all clear as to what I mean when I say "your Mind". I am NOT talking about that thing on top of your shoulders known as your "head" or brain, which you can, of course, see, because it's right there in front of you, when you look in the mirror. NO, I am talking about that part of you which is the REAL "you"; the part which is "aware" of itself and which has all the intelligence, memory, knowing and sentience of that wonderful person whom you are, BUT which lies BEYOND "you", or anything that you think you can see, hear or touch.

In other words, I am talking about the "part" of you which is NOT material, physical, corporeal or anything else described by "classical" Newtonian physics as existing "in the flesh", in materiality or in substance. I AM, instead, talking about the INCORPOREAL YOU - the spiritual "you", the conscious you, and the you that IS that individual and wonderful person whom you REALLY are! (And we are certainly NOT talking about any nebulous "psychic"-thing either, of any "New Age" or seance-style Madame Blavatsky theosophical palaver or such! We're talking about the REAL thing here!)

Because this is where we all have been "seduced", as I said earlier, by the "Bad Man", who would have us believe that all we ARE is what is the physical, corporeal, reality of ourselves AND NOTHING MORE! BUT the truth IS, that there is SO MUCH MORE, which is truly ourselves, AS WELL AS that which we can "connect with" BEYOND OURSELVES, to the benefit of both our individual selves AND ALL of humanity. And that, of course, is the real reason that the "Bad Man" doesn't want us to know anything more than what he tells us, because he realizes that IF we were to truly KNOW OURSELVES - as to Who and What we ARE, and so much more......Why then he, the "Bad Man", of course, would be "out of business"! HEY! Just think about that, kids! IF YOU actually "knew" Who and What you were, AND you had wonderful "access" to ANY and ALL knowledge and wisdom of the Ages and the Universe......Now would you really and truly be willing to listen to somebody "telling you what to DO", as far as your Life is concerned?

CERTAINLY NOT! But this is where we have all been seduced, by that "Bad Man", and some of humanity are only just now beginning to realize this. And those whom I am now talking about DO INCLUDE some of the most influential and respectable scientists of today, who are on the cutting-edge of the scientific discoveries and realities which are now being discovered BY modern science, and specifically QUANTUM PHYSICS.

BECAUSE children, the story, and the tale which I am talking about here today, IS ABOUT Quantum Physics, and specifically the Quantum Physics OF THE MIND!!! YES! That "part" of yourself which lies partially WITHIN your brain, but mostly WITHOUT, or outside OF, your brain/body system and which surrounds you wherever you go, constituting that which is your own personal quantum ground-state system and which IS your "connection" TO that which you truly ARE...AS WELL AS your connection TO THE ENTIRE Cosmos, and to those dimensions of spirit and consciousness that lie BEYOND your physical self, INCLUDING your Soul AND all of the rest of your human companions in this world (as described by Carl Jung, in what he has called the "Collective Consciousness of Humanity"), but ALSO including...AND GET THIS!...that most wonderful "person", whom you may have already "known", in some way or another for most of your Life already... Infinite Consciousness, or, as most people like to call Him...GOD!!!

YES! Because finally modern science, and our eminent quantum physicists, are beginning to realize that the REALITY of Life IS...that we ARE all "connected", to each other, to one and all, and to ALL THAT IS! And that "connection" is CONSCIOUSNESS - the kind and reality OF that which does reside THERE, in YOUR BRAIN, AND BEYOND, enabling YOU, as an individual, to be "part of" something which is more than yourself and which can be such a wonderful experience of being connected TO and with that which "IS".

OKAY, kiddies, now I'm going to tell you what this story is all about...the real reason FOR this story-telling. Because your teacher here today, Professor Jerome (actually Father Jerome), has gotten "fed up" with all the "dancing about" OF the subject of the human Mind and consciousness which has taken place in the world and in the scientific communities over recent years. And even though many scientists of the Quantum are now gradually beginning to realize the realities (the quantum realities) OF the human Mind and consciousness, the problem is that they STILL haven't got it quite right! (For a further update and analysis of the current state of brain/mind research, with LINKS to some of the most advanced and promising orthodox quantum physics research out there, see Father Jerome's COMMENTS on where the quantum "Establishment" is today.)

SO, having spent most of the last 20 years researching and writing about this wonderful subject of the human Mind and consciousness (see Father Jerome's Vitae), and noting the increasing quantities of scientific agreement, by other scientists of the Quantum, with those basic quantum physics principles and realities of consciousness and reality that do constitute QUFD, Quantum Unitary Field Dynamics (the branch of quantum physics describing the principia and realities of consciousness), which I have, myself, formulated and put into publication (partially, online - see the following), in my massive tome of research, the 8,973 page multi-media Electric-book (E-book), "KNOWING: The Quantum Physics of Consciousness, Life & Reality!", as well as in my more recent online Research Report, "An Evolutionary Maturity of the Human Mind", I do NOW wish to expand and enlarge the distribution of this most important information TO the widest-possible audience and readership (beyond the Internet), that each and every one of us could, and CAN, finally "throw off" the chains of Satan (AND those incorrigible and overbearing classical Newtonian physicists), that bind us to mere corporeality (PHYSICALITY/materiality, for those who are still "hung up" on any and all things classically physical and material, rather than quantum physical/spiritual [as I said earlier, NOT "psychic" spiritual, of such "New Age" or Madame Blavatsky-ish nonsense]), and let the entire world KNOW WHAT the realities of Life and consciousness REALLY ARE, to the benefit of one and all!

This is a PROPOSAL, for a Video Documentary AND MORE!

A proposal to ENHANCE, even further, the present content of my E-book (already in its Second Editing, although yet requiring further publication and sponsorship), to VISUALLY and appropriately SHOW the dimensionalities and realities of consciousness - from the individual Mind, to the Collective Consciousness of all of humanity, to the infinitesimal/microcosmic reaches of the Cosmos and on unto that of the Most Infinite...
IN 3-D, 3 dimensions OR BETTER
(PREFERABLY in the actual 12 dimensional-layering OF actual reality, as such might be viewed with Holothetic Imaging Spectroscopy),
in graphical, virtual video or however that modern technology might be able to so accomplish that which is desired, in providing unto the reader/viewer THAT and THOSE images which should so inform such a person AS TO the actual realities OF Life, Consciousness and OF All That Is! In other words, that one might SEE for themselves (in a holothetic virtual "reality"), the actual representations OF those REALITIES which ARE the human Mind and consciousness, but which are normally NOT VISIBLE, or sensible, in any physical manner, and which are ONLY "perceivable" IN THE MIND, in that consciousness OF the Mind that is only "accessible" BY a human being who has "unlocked" their maturity of Mind and has opened themselves TO those dimensions of consciousness BEYOND themselves (and I am certainly NOT talking about any "abnormal" means of attempting to do so, such as with drugs or otherwise, but ONLY by the extant normal faculties OF the human Mind ITSELF!)

The purpose of this PROPOSAL/PROJECT is, of course, to give people everywhere a holothetic "glimpse" of those realities of THEMSELVES which they COULD ACCESS IF they were to "unlock" their mature Mind - their Soul - and that part of themselves that is (for most of us) "blocked" by the machinations of Satan and society and those everyday "pseudo-realities" of Life that most of us do yet labor under. (See my online Research Report, "An Evolutionary Maturity of the Human Mind", for more details of how to do this!) That we might realize, and SEE (if only virtually), that there is a whole 'nother world out there - a wonderful world of REAL reality - IF we all would but do something about our "bondage", and seek to "overcome" those chains that bind us. We CAN DO IT - FREE OURSELVES - and hopefully this Project can help to inspire that wonderful happening.

I do hereby SOLICIT your acceptance and collaboration in this endeavor and ask that you might contact me at your earliest convenience with your further ideas, questions, possibilities and more, regarding such a project! I can be reached at: fatherjeromeusa@fiwd.org

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