QUALIA LV: Managing World and Societal Resources: Financially or Egalitarianly. Which is Better? From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUFD

QUALIA LV: Managing World and Societal Resources: Financially or Egalitarianly. Which is Better?

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from the QUFD website,
at: http://go.to/QUFD

By Father Jerome

  1. Okay, initially the Reader will ask, "What the h--- is he talking about?" So let's get to the definitions.

  2. Resources: The resources I am referring to here, are everything... Everything that grows, comes out of the ground, is produced by Man, or is a service or otherwise, provided unto Man or 'created' or obtained, in some way, shape or form! In other words, ALL Resources that exist, at one time or the other, both Natural and Manmade, which are utilized across our World and Societies, in providing Goods and Services unto the individual and entire groups of humanity.

  3. Managing said Resources: In other words, the 'Economy'. To put it a different way, the question I am raising is, "How Best Might the Economy Be Managed? By What Means or Mechanism of Doing So?"

  4. Well, first of all, we need to note exactly what is meant by 'Differing Means' or Mechanisms, of Managing the Economy. Which means that we are about to compare, First, the presently extant 'means' or mechanism, of managing the Economy, WITH another or an OTHER, 'means' or mechanism of potentially doing so. THEN I merely mean to Ask You, the Reader, WHICH of the two 'Means' or Mechanisms, MIGHT BE the Better!

  5. Okay, First, the Presently extant 'Means' or Mechanism, is via Financial 'Means'. In other words, monetarily and financially 'accounting for' all such Resources, with the Supply and Demand for such controlled financially (i.e., barrels of oil converted to dollars, etc.), as well as all of the associated 'mechanisms' (investment, government, policy planning, and most everything else in Life), that does so constitute the 'Means' (and Mechanisms) OF our presently extant worldwide and societal Economies. As the Reader hereof can surely realize, today, in our World and Society, everything 'boils down' to money!

  6. And, as the Reader hereof can surely also realize, such IS the REASON whereby our World and it's Societies, HAVE many of the 'problems' that we do have (corruption, wars, animosities, adversarial relationships, divisiveness, and much more!)

  7. "Yes, that is true! But there is NO alternative, is there?"

  8. Yes there is! How about a 'Means' of Managing our World Economy and Society NON-Financially???"

  9. "Hey, that sounds GREAT! Without even thinking about HOW such a 'Means' might work, inherently and innately, within the Heart and Soul of ANY Individual, that Person can surely 'Feel', and KNOW, that the elimination of Money, the very crux of today's 'Problems' (leaving out religion and other such 'sources'!), of any and every kind, CAN BE NOTHING BUT A GOOD THING!!! So now, tell us HOW such a wonderful 'Means' and Mechanism might work!"

  10. Well, I'm not going to really 'Tell You How', because such an important matter is surely worthy of the consideration and input of and from ALL of the People... YES! This is something that WILL REQUIRE that this... our ENTIRE World... BE TRULY a 'Democracy OF The People, BY The People, and FOR The People', EVERYWHERE, all across the entire World!
    In other words, I am talking here about WORLDWIDE PARTICIPATORY DEMOCRACY... of Everyone, NOT the currently corrupt and abusive Representative Democracies (or otherwise!), that presently exist anywhere in our World! (PLEASE! Everyone is INVITED to CONTRIBUTE TO the Writing OF a New World Constitution, that might enable such a Worldwide Participatory Democracy to become a Reality! See: The Worldwide Democracy Project and The New World Constitution Project, Cordially Invite Everyone To Participate In Collectively Writing a New World Constitution!
  11. Okay now, to get back to the point of the matter here, WHICH IS an Alternative 'Means' of Managing the World's Economy! Actually, as I have previously noted, it is not really a question of 'Managing the Economy', but of, instead, Managing the RESOURCES, of our ENTIRE World!

  12. So, let me ask a further Question here. IF there were an alternative 'means', of equally and egalitarianly 'guaranteeing', that each individual and group ANYWHERE, would receive the necessary amounts of any 'Resource' that they (or he/she) might have need thereof, would that 'Means' (and the Mechanisms of doing so!), NOT be a much better 'situation' than the extant 'situation' that we have in the World today? I am quite sure that any intelligent and humanitarian individual would surely say YES!

  13. SO, it is thusly and merely a matter of... as Captain Jon Luc Picard might say, "Make it so!"

  14. Not being an Expert Economist myself, and realizing all of the 'problems' that need to be resolved in order to 'create' such an 'Economy', I can do no more than say that I 'Leave It Up To All Of Us!" Actually, I do give some hints and suggestions, throughout the many webpages and Documents on this Website, as to How such a Wonderful and Peaceful Human Society of the Future of Mankind might come into Existence. Also see:
    QUALIA IX: Utopia Revisited - Examining a Positive Mature-Mind Society from the Future-Past.
  15. Well, that is about all that I am going to say about this matter here. Refer to my writings elsewhere upon these Pages and then... Make Up Your Mind! Are all the troubles and 'problems', of a monetary-financial 'Economy', worth it, OR... Can we really create a truly Egalitarian Economy, of Peace, Happiness and Equality, for Everyone Everywhere? Can you do Your Part, in 'Creating' such a Wonderful Society, by also Doing Your Part, to Eliminate Negativity Everywhere? What is your answer?

    Aum, Peace, Amen

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