QUALIA LXI: Mankind's Forever and Continuing Search for the 'Ancients', and our Fascination with the 'Maturity' and Advancement of Mankind's Ancient Cultures/Peoples! From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUF D

QUALIA LXI: Mankind's Forever and Continuing Search for the 'Ancients', and our Fascination with the 'Maturity' and Advancement of Mankind's Ancient Cultures/Peoples!

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By Father Jerome

  1. Whether it is our ancient ancestors of this current Civilization (since 9644 B.C.), or of bygone former civilizations, humanity seems to have a pervasive and widespread 'interest' in its 'ancestors'. True, a lot of such venial 'respect' usually turns on a 'religious' or otherwise venerative motive, because the one reason that would justify such a great 'Search' for the 'History' and Antiquities of Mankind, always seems to turn up missing.

  2. And that one just 'Reason' for doing so, that of Learning and Educating ourselves with regard to those 'Lessons of History' that might be Learned therefrom, just doesn't seem 'to hold water', because as much as Man dost 'review' and discover 'His Past', it just doesn't seem to 'register' or impact upon human and worldly activities, because we, humanity, do yet continue, daily and forever, to 'desecrate' ourselves with impunity! (See the previous QUALIA LX document!)

  3. Yet it is 'Search' that we do, here, there and everywhere, for any and everything that is 'Ancient' and that is 'Venerable'! And the 'Tales' of all these 'Searches' ring across our current-day Media, in many forms, all 'telling of' some 'admirable' and supposedly 'venerable', trait, reason or eminently-just 'Quest', for some form of 'Holy Grail' or 'Knowledge-Beyond-Comprehension', that is surely guaranteed to solve all of Mankind's problems-of-today-and-of-his-own-making'!

  4. And that, right there, '...of his own making', is, of course, the primary 'reason' for all of this 'searching'! Because Mankind has a 'habit' of 'creating his own Mess', and then looking around for Someone Else to 'Solve-The-Mess'! (With Lucifer's help and instigation, of course!)

  5. And so we do 'Look', within our own Civilization, to such Legendary Ancients as Christ Jesus and His Followers, or the Most Ancient Order, the OA/OWB, or the Knights Templar, or the Knights of the Round Table, or any number of other 'Heroes', who Led Us in some admirable Way, or who left us with some admirable Legend of 'How We Should Live Our Lives', in all cases, of course, So-Much-Better than we do today!

  6. Or, we 'Search' beyond our current Civilization, for some ancient 'connection', some ancient knowledge or artifact, that might 'tell us' that there is, or once was, some Admirable and Magnificent 'Reality', to Man and His History! The great Historian, Educator and Anthropologist, Dr. Joseph Jochmans, whom I have quoted a number of times on the webpages of the QUFD Textbook, has stated that there have been over a hundred thousand (100,000!) previous ancient human civilizations which have existed upon this Earth of ours, since the early days of Earth's beginnings! Let me just give you, the Reader, one example here, of that which I speak of! (And this is a re-telling, from one or more of the webpages of the QUFD Textbook!) It is a 'Tale', a Legend (which is True, ONLY insofar as anyone can so Verify its 'telling' by and from the Collective, in that, lacking 'corporeal evidence', modern human society will not, of course, attribute any Truth-of-the-Matter to such 'telling'!), that not only 'proves' a 'connection' between ancient-Man and modern-Man, but also 'evokes' a sense of Right-and-Wrong in relation to Human Morality and so much more!

  7. The 'Tale' begins in Central Africa, along the Great Rift Valley, that tremendous area of volcanic, earthquake and tectonic-plate activity for untold eons of history. According to this 'telling', there were once-upon-a-time a lush and fertile and peaceful land in this area (as also in the rest of Africa) and the entire continent was inhabited mostly by the various peoples of the Red race! (Although the White race was actually predominant in some areas of Northern Africa as well as throughout the rest of the world!) In other words, originally, by this 'telling', there were NO Black-race-peoples extant at all, anywhere in the entire continent of Africa, much less the entire World!

  8. Getting back to our area-of-focus in Central Africa, there was a medium-size lake (in this particular area, one of a number of lakes throughout the region!), abundant and luxuriant 'lands' and the peoples thereof were happy, peaceful and prosperous, having most anything they desired, and were able to travel, via their personally-owned air vehicles, to most anywhere in the world. (Although there were yet immense areas of the planet that were uncivilized and wilderness!) One of the reasons for this prosperity and well-being is that the center of this area, on the shores of the lake, was one of the most renown steel-producing areas in the entire world, with large air-freight vehicles bringing the resources from around-the-world that enabled these people to produce the finest steels and alloys known to Man, which were then sent via other freight aircraft around-the-world for use by all of humanity. And the Red-people of this land enjoyed Life and their contributions to Life and others!

  9. The scientists of this Red-people-land, along with certain White-people scientists of the Northern lands, had also started certain scientific experiments in DNA and other basic realities of Human Life that had (mostly in the Northern lands) produced such unusual 'lifeforms' that, for a while, there existed numbers of living 'Beings' that were half or part one species and half or part another species, as half bird and half human, half dog-half human, and there were 'minotaurs' and many other 'monstrosities', all of which were told about in legends that have been passed down to modern days about those times.

  10. One of the most important scientific experiments that was engaged in by these Red-people scientists (locally, in their own area), however, was the fact that they had discovered that they could 'produce' human-Life from the clay and soils of that richly verdant land! By 'energizing' a mass of clay with human DNA, these Red-people scientists 'produced' the very first Black-people of the Black race, making the Black race 'native' to this World, Earth, as opposed to the rest of Humanity throughout the Cosmos, which is either White or Red primarily! By 'creating' the very first Black-people there, in Central Africa, eventually the Black race would spread across the entire African continent and beyond!

  11. "And what happened to the Red-people?" Well, an emergency-situation of a localized-virus-that-infected-only-Red-people, along with some cataclysmic and natural occurrences, eventually caused the mass-exodus of the entire African continent by the Red-people, who uprooted themselves and flew away to the Asian continent, where they established the early roots of the Empires of China and other Asian Civilizations.

  12. "And the Black people?" The Black people, who were not affected by the Red-people-plague, were left to their own 'devices' but were not able to continue the advanced-levels of civilization that had been enjoyed by the Red-people and thusly fell back to subsistence and agricultural levels of existence! And those Black 'ancestors' became the progenitors of all of today's Black race everywhere, which is the only human race that is 'native' to our World!

  13. (Incidentally, as this info has been 'provided' from the Collective, there has been an 'attribution' of the Red-people in the foregoing 'tale', actually being 'Red-people' instead of 'Yellow-people' or anything else, which might have some conflict with current human anthropological circumstance! However, I do not believe that there is any contradiction here, in that whether the Ancient History of the Collective might call them Red-people or Yellow-people, whichever they were, they were yet human beings, who have thusly 'evolved' into the whatever-people-of-today that they are, with relation to the primary 'lands' of their 'heritage-of-today'! Also, as I seem to have briefly gathered from the Collective, the 'virus' that primarily caused their exodus from the African continent, may have had something to do with their appearances, possibly being the reason the 'Red-race' might have become the 'Yellow-race', at least in Earth's History, because there are other Yellow-race peoples throughout the Cosmos!)

  14. And, to continue the story of this-once-fertile-and-verdant-land, there in Central Africa, it is interesting to see what has become of these lands, in modern times. The lake, after passing through numerous rumblings and eruptions along that Great Rift Valley area of Central-Eastern Africa, now is known as Lake Kivu, and the surrounding areas are now the countries of Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and the primary 'Tribes' of the peoples of this area, are the Hutus and Tutsis, and, in recent years, that old and venerable Lake Kivu and its waters, have 'run red', with the blood and bodies of the hundreds upon thousands who have been killed in the wars and genocides that have occurred... in this once-peaceful land!

  15. THAT is but one 'story', the 'telling' of which should give Man cause to 'Pause and Reflect', upon that which Man does unto Him/Herself! BUT, whether it will produce any Change... that is to be seen!

  16. Three other, more popular and widely known 'Tales', are the following, all of which have been 'reported' in the media and academia of our current Civilization, by that great Historian, Educator and Anthropologist, Dr. Joseph Jochmans, whom I have also quoted several times on the webpages of the QUFD Textbook!

  17. The first 'story', presented chronologically, tells of the many cities, towns and villages, that once existed along the banks of the Upper Ganges River of India, but now are nothing but burnt-out ruins of war. But it is the facts of that 'war' that are interesting, as well as why this Upper Ganges area is generally avoided today by the Indian people. Because, should one notice, most any human fossil remains that might be found in this area today, probably has almost 300 times the normal 'radiation' content of a normal human body! And the surfaces, of the stones and masonry that had been used to construct most of the destroyed buildings and structures in this area, have been vitrified, or turned into glass, which could only have been the result of the immense heat of an atomic explosion! In fact, the Mahabaratam, the ancient Indian Historical Texts, tell of the Atomic Wars that took place in these areas of the Upper Ganges, and of the 'flying-machines' that delivered the bombs... around 70,000 B.C.!

  18. The next 'story' (and forgive the Author here, for I may not necessarily 'remember' the 'times' of these 'Tales' accurately, but I am close enough!) tells of the Ohlo 'Find', in Gabon, West Africa, about September of 1970-something (as reported in the New York Times of September 17, 1974?) Anyway, it seems that what was found, in this area where there are a number of existing uranium mines already, was a 'deposit' of uranium that was quite unusual-in-its-nature. First of all, it was 'deposited' in the ground in concentric layers, one upon another, for 7 levels-deep! Next, it was not really useable raw uranium, but was, instead, 'fissioned' or used-uranium, exactly the same as that which is removed from nuclear reactors of today when the material has been 'spent' or used up! Thirdly, it was determined that this 'deposit' had been lying there, in the ground, undisturbed, for... 1.8 Billion years! Humanity had found a nuclear-dump... that was 1.8 Billion years old, from the 'times' at which a previous civilization of Humanity had deposited this used-up nuclear waste there in the ground!

  19. There are many, many more such factual 'tales', of bygone days, that have some relevance and meaning to modern man, if he/she would but sit up and 'Learn the Lessons of History' that such 'tales' evoke! A few more quick 'tales' here:

  20. You've probably heard of the various famous 'tales' about Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal Man, but how about 'Sunnyvale Man'? Yes, in the early 1800's, in the area of what-was-to-become the relatively-famous suburban citadel of Sunnyvale, California, there was a monumental 'discovery' made, that has not had any 'significance' whatsoever, down through the years since then! That 'discovery' was the fossilized-bones of a human being...which were promptly shipped off to some famous university somewhere, and thusly lost and forgotten! But, the 'significance' of this 'discovery', is that the 'bones' were those of a... 17 foot-tall human being! Mankind had found the remains of one of the legendary 'Race of Giants', of a people who had supposedly, according to some vaguely-told 'recollection', inhabited the lands of the North American continent, a long time before even the Native North American Indian!

  21. Another corroborating 'tale' tells the story of 'Virginia City Man', in terms that one can see, even until today! It seems that, in that old 'one-horse' Western almost-ghost-town of Virginia City, Nevada, with its single main street of Old West saloons and dilapidated commercial buildings, there is one building of 'Note'. In one of those saloons, in the small barroom, there is also a very small 'Museum', being nothing more than a glass-covered hole-in-the-floor, with an appropriate monumental Plaque, to explain what one might see below that glass-covered floor. For there, in full view, are the bones of a human being. But, these bones are of a human being who was... 16 feet tall, another example of our 'Race of Giants'!

  22. Let me ask another question here, relevant to the 'gist' of this discussion. In the decades and centuries before 'Columbus Sailed The Ocean Blue', where-in-the-entire-World was the location of the largest city and population of all worldwide mega-cities? "Why," you would probably say, "Perhaps London or Paris?" And you would be wrong! Because the largest city in the World back in those days, was located in a place where modern-day human history speaks very little of... 'Mound City', on the banks of the Ohio River in Ohio, North America! In other words, right here in the gud 'ole U. S. of A.! Or, at least, the U.S. of A. that existed back then! Yes! The American Native Indian population of the 'Mound People', was the largest in the world! But today... All that is left, is a landscape of earthern 'mounds', along the Ohio River, that few people understand nor realize the history or significance of. In other words, no 'History', no written, recorded 'History', but that of the actual experience, as 'recorded' in the Collective! As to Mankind's actual written 'History'... very little of anything, of a once-great civilization!

  23. My next 'story' I've already told, in extensive detail, upon these webpages. (See QUALIA XXXXII: The Societal Consequences of the Scientific Reality of Worldwide Immaturity of the Human Mind and the resulting Negativity: Analyzing American Culture and Tradition: Stan Kenton and his Big Orchestra, playing "Ambivalence!" and Masonic History, both as Felt at the Personal Level of our Lives as Americans; i.e., How Power, Money and Competition Have Changed the Face and the Reality of America and the World!, and particularly the 'story' of the Knights Templar, starting at Paragraph 14!) And I'd like to note here, that the latest Hollywood blockbuster Action-Adventure movie, "National Treasure", starring Nicholas Cage and admirably 'romanticizing' the legends of the Knights Templar and the FreeMasons, is quite an excellent movie, but it does 'bring up' certain other vague legends of the Knights Templar, which, in their 'telling', do actually add-to and improve the 'significance' of the legends themselves!

  24. Because, in further Anthropological History, there are also legends of the generational-and-migratory history of the Early Christians who, after Christ's Passing, for many years were persecuted by almost everyone else. Such that the 'core-constituencies' (peoples), of this 'Venerated' and 'Special-People' (special because they followed and practiced the very human and wonderful 'attributes' of Christ, such as "Love Thy Neighbor!" and "Love Others, As You Did Love Me!" and "Do Unto Others, As You Would Have Others Do Unto Yourselves"!)

  25. Thusly it is, in Legend, that these people traveled (and travailed!), over the centuries, from Palestine and the Mediterranean lands, to Azerbaijan-Armenia and other Central European lands, and from there, across Europe and the Atlantic, to North America, bringing with the descendents of such peoples, not only venerated 'Traditions' but also human 'values', ethics and morality, as the very 'attributes' of Christ, which are especially of value in the World of Today! And so it might be, that the very 'Heritage' of Americans and the 'American Way of Life', are so based upon the Legends and Traditions, of centuries-and-millenia-old-Peoples, who, whether as immigrants from wherever-in-the-World, OR, as Early Founders of the American 'State', found their way to our American shores, to Create Our American 'Dream', of a World of Peace, Tranquility, Love and Respect, for One and All!

  26. Whether such is yet as it once was, is debatable at great length today! But, such IS what the Legends and 'Tales', are largely about... a World, a Society, world-wide in scope, of Love, Goodness, Happiness and so much more, where People Count and People Matter, in a Land "Of The People, By The People, and For The People!".

Aum, Peace, Amen

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