Qualia XIII: The Quantum Physics of Reality: <i>The Matrix</i> versus real Reality! From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUFD

QUALIA XIII: The Quantum Physics of Reality: The Matrix versus real Reality!

Exploring QUFD Principles,
from the QUFD website,
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By Father Jerome

  1. Well, I guess most everyone has seen the first two movies of "The Matrix" Trilogy, the third one not having been released yet as of the time of writing this. And I guess most everyone can surely see the philosophic, psychologic and theologic parallels and synchronicities to our QUFD Philosophy and Principles, which have been expressed verbally and dramatically in those movies.

  2. And I want to assure the Reader hereof that the scriptwriters for those movies did NOT steal any 'content' from the QUFD website! The 'reality' of what has transpired here is the same 'reality' as to why numerous other 'creative arts', of today and yesteryear, do also similarly 'parallel' our QUFD 'realities', and it is the fact that there is, in Reality, an 'awakening of Consciousness' occurring, over time, within the mass of humanity, that will, some day soon, help to fulfill the Liberation of Mankind from his present slavery and the additional fulfillment of Man's Destiny in the Cosmos! I'm not going to talk about such an 'awakening' here, as I do not feel that the pages of QUFD are a proper context for such a topic which is more so 'religious' than scientific, as to its 'realities'. Not that I do deny such an 'awakening', but I just feel that the purveyors of 'religion' can more adequately discuss and elaborate thereupon that subject than this humble scientist might!

  3. What I do wish to discuss here is the one 'parallel' that is missing from those "Matrix" Trilogy 'flics', which is the scientific 'reality'! Although there seems to be quite a bit of 'science and technology' evanescent in those movies, the reality is that it is all based upon a singularity - computerization! And Lo, do we know, that 'computerization', in all its many and sundry forms, is both the 'banshee' and the 'bane', of life today, in the computerized years of the 'double K' millennium. And so many of the screenplays for current movies do reflect such 'computerization-gone-amok', with such a nihilistic and 'computerized-holocaust-annihilation-of-mankind-reality' being the story of such 'flics' as "Terminator 3" (Welcome back, Arnold!), "Dark Angel", "Matrix" and others.

  4. This is not to deny the 'possibilities' of 'computerization-gone-amok', but the 'reality' today is that it makes more of a good 'story' than logical sense. Of couse, who ever said that human history is based upon 'logic' much less reason or common sense! The story of mankind, if anything, has been the LACK of such things as logic, reason and common sense! And the most important 'reality' or truth that these movies DO portray, is that history DOES repeat itself!

  5. Well, getting back to QUFD and physics, and leaving such negative 'possibilities' for mankind to the 'flics' and such positive 'possibilities', as mankind 'getting its act together' via a worldwide evanescent 'Consciousness-raising' of a religious-sort, I believe I'll forego either of such 'nebulosities' and concentrate on the actual facts and truths of Quantum Physics and how they do produce, in the incorporeal quantum realms, the corporeal 'realities' which we all do experience in our everyday world of today! Because when we all - ALL of mankind - can understand the basics and fundamentals OF such Quantum Physics ... THEN mankind MIGHT have a chance, of logically and purposely, turning our 'realities' around and of making this, and our Lives, a Better World and a Better Reality!

  6. And so the first thing I need to do here, in differentiating between the 'realities' of the 'flics' and the real 'realities' of Incorporeality and the quantum realms, is to do just that ... differentiate between 'differentiated relativity' versus 'undifferentiated relativity'!

  7. And in discussing both 'differentiated relativity' and 'undifferentiated relativity', I'll have to, first of all, discuss that most important 'Reality', which, in effect, defines, or describes, BOTH of these 'relativities' - LIFE!

  8. Now, as to Life, the first thing I might say is that, according to the Laws and Principles of Quantum Physics ... Okay! Wait a minute, here! I guess there is one other thing that I will have to include here first, before I can even get into the subject and Realities of Life! And that is, the conundrum between 'Quantum Physics' and 'Quantum Mechanics'! Because, in the following discussions, I will be pointing out that there are two distinct and opposite 'realities' about Life and all that defines the 'realities' of Life, FROM EITHER SIDE of such a scientific and real 'divide'!

  9. In order to resolve this issue regarding "Quantum Physics' versus 'Quantum Mechanics' as quickly as possible, so that we might move on to the more important distinctions and definitions of our discussion, I will state here and now a 'basis' for distinguishing between the two quantum 'sciences'. 'Quantum Mechanics' defines the science and the 'realities' which such science does investigate, as being of 'differentiated relativity', but NOT of 'undifferentiated relativity'! Thusly 'Quantum Mechanics' DOES encompass all 'realities' of materiality/physicality/corporeality, as might be described by Classical Newtonian Physics (AND early twentieth-century Quantum 'Physics'), ranging from the quantum corporeal realms of the microcosmic to the infinities of the corporeal realms of the macrocosmic (i.e., nano-, molecular and quantum physics to astrophysics and cosmophysics)! If there might be one other defining 'factor', in describing 'Quantum Mechanics' as the Science of Corporeality and of 'differentiated relativity', it is the mere fact of ... Temporality! In other words, in 'Quantum Mechanics', TIME, Temporality, and 'Cause and Effect', hold sway, and can be reduced to Law and Principle.

  10. And all this is 'well and good', as it might be! BUT, it is NOT the complete story, or 'picture', of Reality! It is merely the scientist - the Quantum 'Mechanic' - looking at the 'mechanics', or corporeal 'realities', of the individual tree and the forest, BUT NOT the 'Big Picture'!

  11. Because 'Quantum Physics' IS the means of looking at the 'Big Picture'! 'Quantum Physics' is the Science of INCORPOREALITY, or of the 'undifferentiated relativity' of the Cosmos! The Laws and Principles of 'Quantum Mechanics' NO LONGER 'hold sway', nor pertain, to the Incorporeal quantum realms, NOR DOES that most important defining 'factor' of Corporeality and Quantum Mechanics - TIME, or Temporality! In other words, in the Incorporeal quantum realms, THERE IS NO 'Cause and Effect'! (I'll have to explain this a bit further later.)

  12. To get past this conundrum between 'Quantum Mechanics' and 'Quantum Physics', let me state two final distinguishing 'realities' between the two Sciences.

  13. The first is, that the Laws and Principles of 'Quantum Mechanics' DO NOT APPLY to Incorporeality, to the Science of 'Quantum Physics'! True, some laws and principles might seemingly 'cross-over', but it is really any 'universality' of such laws and principles that might pertain. The primary Laws and Principles of 'Quantum Physics' and the Science of Incorporeality, are the principles of BEC (Bose-Einstein Condensates), Complex Adaptive Systems and several other new or redefined 'principles', as so described and defined by Quantum Unitary Field Dynamics (QUFD)!

  14. And the second, defining factor, as to the Science of 'Quantum Physics', IS THAT Time does NOT 'prevail'! There is NO 'Temporality'! There IS 'Atemporality', or Intemporality! There is NO 'Cause and Effect' (measured in Time!) THERE IS ONLY 'CAUSE', because the 'Effect', of Incorporeal 'Cause', TAKES PLACE 'across the border' IN CORPOREALITY, in the material/physical/corporeal world, of 'Quantum Mechanics'! In other words, what is 'Caused' in Incorporeality, in 'undifferentiated relativity', finds 'Effect', or 'resolution', in CORPOREALITY, in 'differentiated relativity'! So, in effect, the actual 'Cause', in Corporeality, i.e., the 'beginning' of ANY time-defined sequence, action, event or 'reality', is merely the 'Effect' OF that 'Cause' which did actually originate in INCORPOREALITY, and did 'pass-over' the divide between 'undifferentiated relativity' TO 'differentiated relativity'! So to put it another way, 'Quantum Physics' (Incorporeality) studies, or IS THE CAUSE, and 'Quantum Mechanics' (Corporeality) studies, or IS THE EFFECT!

  15. Before I close this preliminary discussion and finally get into discussing 'LIFE', let me merely note here some 'alternative' descriptions and terminology that do apply to our just previous discourse on the difference between 'differentiated relativity' versus 'undifferentiated relativity' (and, likewise, 'Quantum Mechanics' versus 'Quantum Physics'). Because the Reader will more so, in his/her Reading, now and in the future, find these terms used to define what is being discussed, than the terms 'Quantum Physics', 'Quantum Mechanics', or either of the noted 'relativities'.

  16. 'Quantum Mechanics' refers to the Corporeal world, of quantum-to-cosmic materiality/physicality, as defined by Classical Newtonian Physics and early Quantum 'Physics', and is described as 'differentiated relativity'! In other words, it deals ONLY with what can be seen, felt, touched, heard (or physically 'observed')!

  17. 'Quantum Physics' refers to the Incorporeal world, of quantum-to-cosmic Incorporeality (non-materiality) or SPIRIT, as defined ONLY by QUFD Law and Principle, and as described by 'undifferentiated relativity'. The other terms applicable here are: Consciousness, Infinite Consciousness, Spirit and 'Dark Matter' (as so defined by modern scientists and astrophysicists).


  18. Okay, earlier I started to say, as to Life, that according to the Laws and Principles of Quantum Physics and of QUFD, Life is 'created', originates, is 'caused', by Incorporeality or Spirit, and then 'takes effect', or becomes extant, exists, in Corporeality! Likewise, I might add thereto, any 'changes', of any sort (depending on the 'form' of the 'Life'), are 'directly attributable' to 'interactions' caused by BOTH: ONE, the Life-form 'interacting' itself with Spirit AND with other Life-forms; AND, SECONDLY, and 'indirectly', those 'causes', from Spirit, that have 'effect' upon All That Is!

  19. In other words, before and after a Life-form is 'created', or 'caused', it is the quantum realm 'dynamics' and functions of Incorporeal Spirit (as fully described, according to QUFD and Quantum Physics, elsewhere on the pages of this website) that determine exactly What transpires as to each and every aspect of that Life-form and its 'existence'. After the Life-form becomes extant, or exists, it is the 'realities', or 'effects', of its existence, which are 'created' by or for the individual Life-form, depending upon its 'interactions' and 'awareness' of Spirit and of its 'connection' TO Spirit via its Soul!

  20. Now I realize that I may have said a 'mouthful', in that last statement, but let me give some examples and then clear up any further ambiguities before I go on.

  21. I am talking about Life-forms of any and ALL KINDS, because the Laws and Principles of QUFD and Quantum Physics apply equally to all Life Forms. In other words, the Life-form is 'created', and is 'supervised' throughout its entire 'Life', FROM the quantum realms of Incorporeal Spirit, or 'undifferentiated relativity', which might also be called 'Consciousness', or 'Infinite Consciousness (God)', or the/a Cosmological condensate and ground-state of 'Dark Matter'. Once the Life-form becomes extant, or 'in effect', its minute-by-minute (or nanosecond-by-nanosecond) 'existence' and 'reality' is determined by the actions and 'awareness' of both itself and of those environmental 'determinants' that have 'differentiated relativity' relative TO that Life-form.

  22. So, as to examples, we can say that a planetary or Cosmic Life-form is 'created' within 'undifferentiated relativity' (Incorporeal Spirit) and then takes 'effect' in the cold (OR intensely hot!) astrophysical space-time (or 'dimension') of its Corporeal 'reality' in the Universe, with its second-by-second 'dynamics' and functions living out their 'Lives' by and through those 'interactions' between Incorporeality and Corporeality! ('Cause' and 'Effect'!)

  23. On a more closer frame of reality, our Earth likewise comes into 'creation' and 'existence' in the same manner, as does each and every sub-entity Life-form existing within the Earth's 'biosphere' (meaning ALL Life-forms existing within a certain environmental milieu). In this respect, as defined by QUFD and Quantum Physics, the Earth itself is the larger Life-form (or condensate ground-state) in the 'Biosphere', while such smaller (or different) Life-form condensate ground-state 'entities' as the atmosphere, the weather (Yes! Surely a Life-form!), mountains, rocks, water, tectonic plates, continents, volcanoes, the hardened-mass intensely-hot iron-crystal core of the planet itself, the hot liquid magma of the Mohorovicic Discontinuity Layer (the liquid layer between the planet's crustal formations and the solid iron-crystal core), as well as trees, forests, plants, animals, and lastly, human beings! Yes, ALL are Life-forms, having their own individual condensate ground-state of existence! But, to get to the point of all this, EACH AND EVERY such 'Life-form', has its own individual 'connection' TO the 'source' of its 'creation', and like all other Life-forms, its second-by-second CORPOREAL 'realities' are determined BY those instantaneous 'dynamics' of Incorporeality and Spirit, that guide the Lives of every Life-form that exists! In other words, ALL Life-forms HAVE CONSCIOUSNESS and their own (possible) 'connection' TO SPIRIT, or to Infinite Consciousness (God). Because THAT is what 'undifferentiated relativity' IS ... Spirit, Infinite Consciousness, and God! So, the answer to my Question (as so Asked elsewhere ... "What is the Soul-level condensate ground-state of Consciousness of the Mohorovicic Discontinuity Layer?"), is: the 'undifferentiated relativity', of the quantum realms of Incorporeality of Consciousness and Spirit! And, I might add, the answer is the same FOR ALL Life-forms, INCLUDING human!

    Going On, from Life!

  24. Okay, to go on with our original topic of discussion, comparing "The Matrix" Trilogy movies with the actual scientific reality of what they come so close to describing otherwise!

  25. As I've said before herein this Monograph, where the "Matrix" Trilogies fall short of Reality is in their penchant for 'blaming everything' on computerization. Of course, this is the 'doubleK millennium', computerization is rampant and thusly it can surely be 'blamed' for lots of problems and tragedies already, all of which make for a 'good story'! And that's what these Trilogies are - a 'good story'!

  26. And to 'see' the 'good story' in these Trilogies, though, here is what one has to do! Forget all the computerization stuff and concentrate on the WORDS! Because where these 'stories' are exceptional is - in the philosophical, psychological and sociological 'repertoire'! THERE one can actually get a REAL and actual 'sense' of 'what is going on', in the movie AS WELL AS in REALITY!

  27. Okay, but not to detract from the purpose here, let me say that THAT - the WORDS - is the value of these 'presentations of Art', and one needs to keep that in mind. Because, as I say, the 'computerization' aspects of this 'Art', are just a bit 'off mark'!

  28. So let us get into the actual Reality, of what such 'presentations of Art' MIGHT have implied or related, if accuracy were to be their nom de guerre!

  29. What is 'implied', in any and all such 'stories' and 'Art', is that there is a 'war' going on, or that there is a 'conflict' in progress, in which mankind is in the middle thereof, and central to the 'battlefield'! Well, unfortunately, that IS the case! That is the Reality! Because everyday human existence and 'realities' ARE where the 'battles' are being fought, whether anyone realizes such or not! These are the important 'battles', not only between individuals (even husbands and wives!), but between groups, societies, nations and more! Because they are between Negativity and Positivity! Between all the 'negativities' that are found in each and every aspect of both individual and group 'daily Life' and existence, and the 'pull' and Positivity of the Guy/Gal Upstairs (Infinite Consciousness, 'undifferentiated relativity', Spirit, etc.), who is trying to get us all to 'see' those 'negativities' in our Lives, and to 'Do Something About It', in trying to overcome such 'negativities' and to 'create' A BETTER WORLD and COSMOS!

  30. Okay, such may be the 'Reality' of everyday Life, which requires Positive 'actions' BY ALL OF US, so I am not going to 'belabor' the subject nor get into any theological or sociological aspects of it here, as I have already done so with regard to mankind's 'options', in certain other Monographs of this QUALIA Series and other documents on this website. So what I would like to concentrate on is the 'realities' OF the Quantum Physics and the scientific aspects of that 'battle' that is going on all around us every second of our Lives!

  31. In my previous discussions regarding Life, I pointed out that there are many 'Life-forms' within the 'biosphere' of our planet Earth. Most of those 'Life-forms' DO have their 'Soul-level' of Consciousness residing directly within 'undifferentiated relativity' or Spirit, and they are fully 'aware' of such AND of their 'direct connection' TO Spirit! (See my discussions, in the latter pages of the Main QUFD document, where I relate the 'realities' of what I have called The QUFD Scale of Life, from the smallest to the most largest, as to 'differentiated relativity' versus 'undifferentiated relativity'!) On the QUFD Scale of Life, planetary Life-form 'entities' such as stars, quasars and black holes, might 'clock in' at the upper-most reaches of temperature, density and Spirit, while quantum 'entities' such as bosons, leptons, quarks and such, might be toward the bottom-end of that Scale of Life! Somewhere in the middle-ranges, of temperature, density and Spirit, do we find humanity and the individual local human Mind!

  32. Now, however, I need to explain a most pertinent difference here, between most other planetary (and cosmic) 'entities' and the human 'entity'! I've already said that most planetary 'entities' (Life-forms), HAVE DIRECT contact and 'awareness' OF their Consciousness and Soul, as residing IN 'undifferentiated relativity', or Spirit! Thusly Spirit (God) may have 'created' the Earth, land 'forms', water, air, weather, etc., but it is the constantly changing quantum-level 'dynamics', OF EACH entity's 'interactions' BETWEEN 'differentiated relativity' (CORPOREALITY) and 'undifferentiated relativity' (INCORPOREATITY), or Spirit/God/Consciousness, that 'cause' the Corporeal 'effects' which take place in the 'interactions' between ALL 'entities'! And so we have the 'changes' in the land-forms, and land-masses, in the weather, in the oceans, the atmosphere and so on and on! ALL of these 'entities' HAVE DIRECT CONTACT WITH SPIRIT, at the Soul-level, in the quantum realms OF 'undifferentiated relativity'!

  33. Now, however, there IS one 'Life-form' entity, of 'Terra Firma', which does NOT (at least consistently!) HAVE DIRECT CONTACT WITH SPIRIT! And that 'entity' is Man! And therein do we have all the problems, of Negativity versus Positivity, that do exist in the human plane of existence!

  34. Because, as I have said elsewhere on this website (See the QUALIA Series and other QUFD documents), when an 'entity', a Life-form, can LIVE IN THE MOMENT - that very instantaneous and 'Present Moment' of its existence (AS MOST ALL planetary and cosmic Life-forms DO!) - THEN that 'entity' is surely, and definitely, in contact WITH ITS SOUL and with the POSITIVITY of Infinite Consciousness (GOD) and Spirit!

  35. Negativity (the Luciferian Complex, or 'dimensionality' of existence), does ONLY EXIST where there is 'Past' and 'Future', as well as 'Present'! And that is in Man's world! Actually, in that Lucifer is well-known as 'The Prince' of our world, the meaning therein implied merely means that he, Lucifer, has 'sway', or influence, in ALL that mankind does and is!

  36. Actually, as related elsewhere on this website numerous times already (such as in the Main QUFD document and in 'Father Jerome's DICTIONARY of Keywords/Phrases...' or in the QUALIA 3 document), it has already been explained scientifically, using Quantum Physics and QUFD, as to how Negativity (Lucifer) can affect and influence the 'interactions' between the various 'dimensions' wherein the human Mind does so function. See those other referenced documents for the exact details as to how Negativity exists and influences us all from within the human Mind!

  37. Getting back to living 'In The Moment', THAT, if he would but realize it, is the only way that mankind can eliminate the 'negativities' that he/she does experience in our daily Lives! (After all, if we could have DIRECT CONTACT with our Souls and with Spirit, as all other Cosmic 'entities' DO ... Well, we wouldn't have any of our 'negativities'!) But Mankind just has to 'live in the Past' and 'live in the Future', as well as 'trying' to be 'here', in the 'here and now' (the Present). But all of mankind's societal and existential 'connections', with each other, 'look to the Past' or 'to the Future', in some way, shape or form (See my original Lecture, in the 'Father Jerome's Lectures' section, about 'The Quantum Physics of Time', for more insight as to the Quantum Physics of 'Past', 'Present' and 'Future'!) And until we can change that, and Live In The Moment, our Minds will constantly be exposed to Lucifer's influences and 'negativities'!

  38. To clarify, more so, what I am talking about here, is that all of humanity has, just as all other Cosmic 'Life-forms' have, originated FROM Spirit, or 'undifferentiated relativity' (Incorporeality/Consciousness/God), and our Souls (our Upper Minds) do yet 'reside' therein that Spirit. But in between our Upper Minds (our Souls) and our lower minds (the self), within that singular 'entity' (actually 'dimension', in that every human individual is a completely separate 'dimension' unto itself!) which we call the individual human being and the individual local human Mind, we have that 'negative incursion' ('fingers of Negativity'), which has been variously called 'The Veil of Unknowing' (because the individual does NOT 'know' one's Soul nor Who/What one 'is') or 'The Veil of Separation' (separating Soul from self, Upper Mind from lower mind) and which has been explained by many scientists and philosophers already over the ages (Carl Jung, Einstein, Plato, and on and on), so I will not go on here except to refer the Reader to existing QUFD webpages that more adequately discuss such subject. But the point is, that Negativity, the Luciferian Complex of 'dimensionality', Lucifer, DOES EXIST ... IN and surrounding our planet Earth, AND WITHIN THE MINDS OF ALL OF US! (See the QUALIA Series Monographs for how to eliminate that situation!) And until we CHANGE that situation, we will have the 'negativities' that do so daily inundate our Lives and our world!

  39. In getting back to the subject of 'Reality', I want to remind the Reader hereof that ALL LIFE-forms DO CREATE their own existential and instantaneous 'Reality'! IF the Life-form, the 'entity' (whatever it may be!), has DIRECT CONTACT WITH SPIRIT, with one's Soul, then the 'Reality', that is so 'created', IS ALWAYS POSITIVE! IF, however, there is little or no direct contact with one's Soul (with Incorporeality, Spirit, 'undifferentiated relativity'), because one is actually 'living in the Past or the Future', rather than the 'Present', then the 'reality' that such a Life-form/entity does 'create', is duly influenced BY those 'effects' of the Past and the Future as ARE the consequence OF the quantum realm 'influences' and 'CAUSES' which shall so derive from the NEGATIVE 'dimensions' OF Incorporeality (YES! The Negative 'dimensions' of 'undifferentiated relativity' DO EXIST! They are known as 'Hell', or the 'Nether Regions', and they are of Negative quantum axion particles of Consciousness! See such explanations elsewhere on the pages of QUFD!)

  40. The further point to be made here, however, is that humanity, in its Corporeality, its material/physical world, is so 'influenced' by the 'Negativity' of Lucifer, coming from Negative Consciousness, from the Negative 'dimension' of 'undifferentiated relativity', that all of the 'negativities' to which mankind is instantaneously exposed, are, as far as he/she 'realizes', just 'normal everyday events'! WE DO NOT KNOW ANY BETTER! THIS, then, is the 'similarity' TO the "Matrix", philosophically and otherwise! Because the 'Reality' IS that, we have had the 'wool pulled over our eyes'! WHAT we 'see' and experience, every day, IS NOT REAL! It is NOT 'Reality'! Call it a 'Matrix', or call it Lucifer, but the 'reality' IS that we have all been 'duped'! And this situation will continue as long as we live in the Past or the Future, and NOT IN THE MOMENT! ONLY 'In The Moment' do the 'creations' OF the individual COME FROM POSITIVE 'undifferentiated relativity', NOT FROM NEGATIVE 'undifferentiated relativity'! Positive 'Cause' occurs in Positive Incorporeality or Spirit, and results in Positive 'Effect' occurring in Corporeality! Negative 'Cause' occurs in Negative Incorporeality or Spirit, and results in Negative 'Effects' occurring in Corporeality!

  41. When we Live In The Moment, we are in contact with our Souls AND with Positive Spirit or Consciousness! When we Live in the Past or the Future, Lucifer and his Negative 'dimensions' of Spirit, Reality and Consciousness, do so affect us, such that the 'Effects' ARE, in whatever way, Negative! And thus and so, have I explained 'Cause and Effect' AND Reality! I hope the Reader can thusly 'see' WHERE any 'Cause' might come from, as to 'undifferentiated relativity', and WHERE the 'Effect' might occur, as to 'differentiated relativity'! And remember those 'alternate terms', for these 'relativities', because they are the terms you are more likely to hear and use!

Aum, Peace, Amen!

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