QUALIA XXXV: The BASICS (continued): Condensates of Incorporeality: From Non-Local to Local, the QUFD Scale of Complexity and Point-Locations! From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUFD

QUALIA XXXV: The BASICS (continued): Condensates of Incorporeality: From Non-Local to Local, the QUFD Scale of Complexity and Point-Locations!

Exploring QUFD Principles,
from the QUFD website,
at: http://go.to/QUFD

By Father Jerome

  1. I've said on other pages of this QUFD Textbook, that each and every 'condensate' of Incorporeality actually occupies the entire Cosmos (and is therefore non-local!), but I've also 'qualified' that statement by additionally noting that, even though each and every incorporeal 'condensate' is yet and always of a basically coherent and unitary 'nature' (a non-local property!), such 'condensates' do also have the further 'properties-attributes' of self-ordering and adaptivity-to-complexity, as a result of other innate 'properties-attributes' as Sentience/Spirit, which, together with a few more potential 'dynamics' inherent therewithin any 'condensate', can actually cause any incorporeal 'condensate' to create 'sectors' within itself that become more local than non-local as that individual 'sector' becomes more complex!

    (Hi there, Timmy! Glad to know that you are always with me, on these further 'explorations' into QUFD! I know that you and all of the other 5 year-old 'Mad Scientists' like yourselves who are reading these words, can totally understand what I am talking about because these QUALIA 'explorations' and all of the QUFD Textbook have really been written for your level of comprehension and understanding, even though there may be some adults who might have 'difficulties' herewith, depending on the extent to which their 'programming' is already 'locked-into' Classical Newtonian and Quantum Mechanical Physics theory! Glad you're 'aboard' and Enjoy the Ride!)
  2. Anyway, getting back to the discussion, these 'sectors-of-complexity', which actually result from the 'dynamics' taking place within any incorporeal 'condensate' in response not only to the innate 'properties-attributes' of the 'condensate', but also from any and all external 'inputs' that are also 'felt' by the 'condensate' (whether from Corporeality OR Incorporeality!), are thusly the reason that we also have what I have called the QUFD Scale of Complexity, as applied to and within any 'condensate' of Incorporeality!

  3. And since we are talking about non-locality versus locality, we will need to 'explore' the ramifications of the QUFD Scale of Complexity a bit further here! The QUFD Scale of Complexity can be applied to ANY 'dynamic' occurring within any 'condensate' of Incorporeality and needs to be distinguished from our previously mentioned (on other webpages of this QUFD Textbook!) 'attribute-potentiality', likewise found within most any incorporeal 'condensate', that of a 'point-location' of any 'landscape' of an incorporeal 'condensate'!

  4. The QUFD Scale of Complexity is merely an arbitrary scale-of-measurement (and if the Classical Newtonians reading this might 'take offense' at the use of the possibly-corporeal-in-definition term 'measurement', then I should instead use the term 'scale-of-reality' in lieu of scale-of-measurement!) Either way, the intent of the QUFD Scale of Complexity is merely to note the difference in the levels of complexity WITHIN any self-ordered region or 'sector-of-complexity' within any incorporeal 'condensate' resulting from the 'dynamics' occurring within that 'condensate'! And the QUFD Scale of Complexity is actually registering the 'activities' of the quantum axion particles of Consciousness that make-up any incorporeal 'condensate' AS WELL AS the 'dynamics' that might take place therewithin!

  5. So let us 'explore' the potential 'qualities' (for the lack of a better word, in that I have also used the term 'qualities' or 'quality', to also refer to such a 'quality' as Love, or Hate, or Joy, or Sadness, or even Terror, when applied to the morphogenetics of the 'landscape' of an incorporeal 'condensate'! See the QUALIA XXXVI and QUALIA XXXVIII documents!) of the, or a, quantum axion particle, in order to 'see' exactly what I am talking about here in relation to 'complexity' within an incorporeal 'condensate'.

  6. First of all, we all know already that a quantum axion particle, or particles (or waves), is the ONLY thing that one can find within an incorporeal 'condensate'! We also know that each and every quantum axion particle (or wave) exists everywhere in the Cosmos and thusly is non-local! And a 'condensate' of Incorporeality, comprised of quantum axion particles (and waves!), is thusly also unitary, coherent and non-local, likewise existing everywhere in the Cosmos! We also know that a quantum axion particle (or wave!) also contains a 'quality' known as Sentience or Spirit (or both!), which comes into effect and 'reality' as any self-ordered 'dynamic' within any 'condensate' becomes more complex and 'Life-like' or of the 'dynamic-nature' of a 'critical-perturbation' (all of which are functions of incorporeal 'dynamics'!) We also know that any 'dynamic', arising from the 'ground-state' (the raison d'etre for its existence!) of that 'landscape' of the 'condensate', has both Order and Chaos as integral-and-systemic-components of that 'dynamic', and therefore that 'dynamic' thusly contains both Positive quantum axion particles (or waves!) (i.e., of Order!) AND Negative quantum axion particles (or waves!) (i.e., of Chaos!)

  7. Now, I've said that any 'dynamic', arising from the 'ground-state' (in response to both internal 'attributes-properties' AND external 'inputs,' as well as phylogenetic 'inputs', or 'conditions' of heredity!), contains Order-versus-Chaos in the form of the Positive and Negative quantum axion particles contained therein! As that 'dynamic' arises, in response to all the 'inputs' directed thereto and thereupon (as self-ordering, adaptive-complexity, Spirit and Sentience do so direct!), that 'dynamic' becomes more complex in its 'nature'! In so doing (becoming more complex!), the quantum axion particles (and waves, which are resulting from the complex activities!) begin to 'exercise' a further 'quality' of axion particles, which is to 'stretch' itself/themselves (NOT a corporeal 'quality', as Classical Newtonians might here imply!)

  8. Now, briefly here, I will note the reasons for this incorporeal 'quality' of 'stretching' by axions! It (the 'stretching'!) is merely a part of, or mechanism of, the functionality of any 'dynamic', but I will also note that, in the actions of a 'dynamic', in the producing of 'criticalities' and 'perturbations' as well as (possibly!) 'Life-forms' (as 'outputs' therefrom that particular 'condensate' of Consciousness!), such 'activities' might so necessitate the 'expansion-stretching' of any (or more!) axion particles (or waves!) to thusly 'create' a SECOND, or secondary, or NEW, axion particles (or waves!), in the birth-of-a-Life-form, OR the 'output-perturbation-quality-signal', whichever of such might so occur! In such a 'stretching-expansion' and 'giving-birth' to a second or new axion particle (which may or may NOT occur, as a function of any said 'dynamic'!), the corporeal quantum forces, fields and gravity contained-within-the-original-axion-particle, are so copied INTO that new axion particle that MIGHT be created, in order that the new Life-form (OR the 'perturbation-output') MIGHT, if necessary, be able to 'create' its own 'spacetime', IF NEEDED, for any reason! I'm not going to go into this aspect of axion particles any further here, as there are many possibilities/probabilities involved here, all of which are dependent on the specific and particular 'activities' of any 'dynamic' (which is, itself, instantaneous!)

  9. But, getting back to our subject of non-locality versus locality, the point herein, with reference to our quantum axion particles (and waves thereof!), whether Positive or Negative (or of combinations thereof, resulting from any 'dynamic'!), is that the more complex and further-rising-above the 'ground-state' of the 'condensate' that the 'dynamic' does so become, the more 'stretched' or 'expanded' our quantum axion particles-waves become, as a part OF the 'activities' of that 'dynamic', whatever such may be! And it is also here, then, that our QUFD Scale of Complexity applies, in determining how non-local or local that 'sector-of-complexity' has become, in creating that 'dynamic'! Because the bottom of our Scale here, is non-locality, or the 'ground-state' of the 'landscape' of that 'condensate' of Incorporeality and Consciousness! And the top of our Scale is, of course, the ultimate or most-complex 'state', which is local, rather than non-local! And to give an example here, when any and all 'dynamics', which have started FROM the 'ground-state' of that 'landscape', and also have INCLUDED the 'state' of non-locality THROUGHOUT and as a vital and most important PART THEREOF those 'dynamics' that have occurred... in the final 'rendering' (whether a 'quality-signal', to be sent on to a further 'condensate', OR the actual 'birth' of a new Life-form, a new 'condensate' of Corporeality!), incorporeal non-locality has been converted to, either LOCAL Incorporeality OR LOCAL Corporeality!

  10. Such is the QUFD Scale of Complexity, that it might range from entirely non-local Incorporeality of any 'ground-state' of Consciousness anywhere, as so indicated at the bottom of the Scale, TO the completely localness (or locality!) of a 'phase-space-shifted' quality-signal-of-Love, as so sent from the 'landscape' of the Upper Mind (the Soul!) TO the receiving 'landscape' OF the lower mind (or self!) OR, again referring to the absolute top-of-the-Scale, instead of an 'output-perturbation' of Consciousness in the form of a 'phase-space-shifted' signal-of-communications between incorporeal 'condensates' (Upper to lower mind!), we might instead have an 'output-perturbation' of Consciousness that does actually 'create', or give BIRTH TO... a new Life-form, a new condensate of Corporeality! And that new condensate of Corporeality (and spacetime!), might even be YOU! (Well, probably not, in that you, the Reader hereof, have already been born, in order to now be reading this missive! But, methinks you do 'get the point'!)

  11. Okay, such is the QUFD Scale of Complexity, from non-local to local, or Incorporeal to Corporeal (but not always!) When it is merely from non-local to local, or to another 'condensate' of Incorporeality, even though that new 'condensate' of Incorporeality is now called 'local', IT IS YET Incorporeal AND non-local and unitary! Such is the situation when we refer to the individual local human Mind, referring to both the Upper Mind (Soul!) and the lower mind together! In this sense, 'locality' refers to and has a similarity with, the reason or purpose FOR the existence OF a 'condensate' of Incorporeality OR Corporeality! In other words, local or locality more so implies the existence of a local-reason or local-purpose FOR that 'condensate' of Incorporeality OR that condensate of Corporeality! If it is a condensate of Corporeality, though, NO FURTHER 'actions' of non-locality apply or occur therein, except within the 'twin-condensate' of Consciousness and Incorporeality thereof, the invisible 'twin' of Consciousness and Mind! (Which I have already covered in a previous QUALIA document!)

  12. However, IF it is a 'condensate' of Incorporeality, as the Mind (or lower mind!), therefore it is yet a 'condensate' of Incorporeality, and even though the 'inputs' thereto and the 'outputs' therefrom, are 'local', the actual 'activities' and 'dynamics' OCCURRING WITHIN that 'condensate', are yet NON-LOCAL, in their functionalities!

  13. So, what we actually have, say, in relation to the individual local human Mind, and particularly with respect to the 'activities' of the lower mind (the self!), is that the 'inputs' thereto AND the 'outputs' therefrom, as such do instantaneously occur within the 'landscapes' of the lower mind (referring to BOTH the top 'landscape' AND the lower 'landscape'!), are both local, in 'nature'! The top 'landscape' interacts with the Upper Mind (the Soul!), and thusly its 'inputs' and 'outputs' are local, in reference to the individual local human Mind itself and the Life-form thereof! Likewise, the lower 'landscape' interacts with the corporeal human brain and thusly its 'inputs' and 'outputs' are again local-in-nature!

  14. But, between the two 'landscapes' of that lower mind, the actual 'dynamics' that occur, in transferring any 'input' or 'output' between these two 'landscapes' (and thusly between one's Soul and one's brain!), do occur in the non-locality OF Consciousness and Incorporeality, as to the various and myriad 'processes' that are accordingly 'processed' as the nominal functionality of any specific 'dynamic' so operating within that lower mind! (Which, to repeat again, has the function of passing any 'output-quality' or 'decision', from the Upper Mind, to the appropriately-mapped-and-known glial-synapsial-junction of the human brain, for further 'execution' within that brain and body, and likewise 'inputting', FROM the human body/brain, TO the Soul and Upper Mind, any and all sensory and intuitive (and otherwise!) 'inputs', as may be needed for the Upper Mind to so 'perform' its necessary 'dynamics'!)

  15. So, our 'landscapes', on both sides of the lower mind, are local-in-nature, but the 'dynamics' within that 'condensate' are incorporeal and non-local, in their 'activities'! As to the 'landscapes' of the Upper Mind, both 'landscapes' are again local-in-nature, although the top 'landscape', interfacing as it does with exclusively and only the Incorporeality of any and everything beyond that individual human Mind, is sort-of an interface between the locality of the individual human Mind and the non-locality of anything else in the 'beyond'! (The bottom or underside 'landscape' of the Upper Mind, should normally 'interface' directly with the top 'landscape' of the lower mind, as in a nominally Mature human Mind, but, in our current civilization, as already explained elsewhere on these pages of the QUFD Textbook, we have Lucifer's 'incursioning-fingers-of-negative-consciousness' to contend with, as has already been most thoroughly detailed herein these pages!)

  16. So, to continue on here with the subject at hand, non-locality versus locality, I need to discuss one other pertinent point here, and that is the differences between our QUFD Scale of Complexity (and thusly locality versus non-locality!) and the specific 'point-locations' OF any 'landscape' OR of any 'condensate' of Incorporeality, as such 'point-locations' may be local or non-local! (Just to clarify one other possible point of misunderstanding, I will also add here the fact that Corporeality and a condensate of Corporeality IS ALMOST ALWAYS LOCAL, in nature, however this is not to say that there might not be specific situations or condensates of Corporeality, such as the Universe, that might have some aspect of non-locality inherent in that basic 'locality'!)

  17. Okay, 'point-locations', first of a 'landscape'! First of all, I presume by now the Reader hereof does realize that when I am talking about whatever might be happening with, or any aspect of, a 'landscape' (of an incorporeal 'condensate'!), I am talking about the entire range of the 'dynamics' that are instantaneously occurring on and within that 'landscape' on ANY Scale of Complexity, where a specific Scale of Complexity does so pertain ONLY to any specific 'dynamic' that might occur, with that 'dynamic' being so 'measured', in and of its 'realities', from the basic 'ground-state' level of Order-versus-Chaos TO the ultimate 'criticality' or 'perturbation-of-Consciousness' that such 'dynamic' might so produce, the range of that Scale being, as I have previously said, from non-locality (at the 'ground-state' level!) to locality (at the most complex level!), with varying degrees of non-locality and locality therein between! And all of this is yet occurring within a 'condensate' of Incorporeality, which is yet and always non-local in its basic and unitary 'nature' or 'state'!

  18. Now, with regard to a 'landscape' (and I think the Reader can also understand by now that any incorporeal 'landscape', ranging from non-locality at the 'ground-state' level to locality at the most-complex-level of either a 'perturbation-of-Consciousness' OR the 'emergence-of-a-Life-form', is thusly called a 'landscape' because of its exact 'morphology' to the mountains, peaks, foothills, valleys, ridges and plateaus, of a nominal 'landscape', however, in this case, such 'landscape' really being of a 'morphogenetic' nature, meaning that it has basically been 'born' by reason of the very human genes which have thusly created the invisible human Mind and that its 'activities' or 'dynamics', are constantly 'morphing', or changing, in response to any and all 'inputs' thereto!), I need to further point out that, since any and all 'outputs' therefrom said 'landscape' shall so occur AT the 'perturbation-peaks' OF the 'landscape', where it is the 'decision' or 'quality' OF that particular 'dynamic' which is being 'output' in all of its 'complexity', IT IS ALSO at such a 'point' where we find the specific 'point-location' OF that specific 'quality' or 'decision'! Additionally, any 'point-location' is not only unique TO that specific 'quality' of our sending 'landscape, but that very same incorporeal 'point-location' does also exist and pertain to the RECEIVING 'landscape', at the very same exact 'point-location' ON the 'landscape' of the receiving 'condensate' of Incorporeality!

  19. So, the major point of consideration regarding 'point-locations' between 'landscapes' of two co-ordinated 'condensates' of Incorporeality is that they correspond to/with each other EXACTLY! In the case of the human Mind, the under 'landscape' of the Upper Mind corresponds exactly with the exact same 'point-locations' of the upper-side of the lower mind! And if a new 'point-location' is required for any 'output' (or 'input'!), the incorporeal 'dynamics' of both 'condensates' can recognize such a 'need' and thusly 'create' the required new 'point-location' on the 'landscapes' of both 'condensates'!

  20. Thusly, as I have already noted elsewhere, the 'outputs' (and 'inputs'!) from one 'landscape' to another, are 'phase-space-shifted' from one to the other, across the 'interstices' between the two 'landscapes', AT those specific 'point-locations' that exist relative TO the exact 'quality' (or 'decision'!) being 'transferred' from the one 'condensate' to the other! Also, as I have already discussed extensively on these webpages, with regard specifically to the 'interstices' (and the 'point-locations' thereof!) between the Upper Mind and the lower mind, we also today have a 'secondary-condensate', in the form of Lucifer's 'fingers-of-negative-consciousness', currently existing between our Upper Mind and our lower mind, which results in any and all 'outputs' of the 'landscape' of the Upper Mind, BEING ADDITIONALLY 'phase-space-shifted', BY that 'sandwiched-layer' of negative consciousness, TO a DIFFERENT 'point-location' ON the receiving 'landscape' OF the lower mind, which enables that 'communication', of that 'quality' or 'decision', to be corrupted BY Lucifer, IN and OF its ultimate 'rendering' BY the lower mind AND the human brain/body which ultimately 'executes' that 'control-signal' from the human Soul! (Within the incorporeality of Consciousness, Lucifer's negative consciousness can also 'map' and know the exact location of any 'point-location' of any normal 'quality' and can then, if necessary, 'create' an alternative receiving 'point-location' for receipt of any 'quality-or-decision-signal', if a suitable alternative one does not exist already, on the 'landscape' of the lower mind!) It is also to be noted here, as I have also noted elsewhere, that ONLY sent-signals FROM the Soul (Upper Mind!) are so re-directed by Lucifer's 'fingers-of-negativity'! 'Input' signals, FROM the lower mind TO the Upper Mind, are NOT 'influenced' or redirected IN ANY WAY! (It is not worth Lucifer's efforts to bother with such 'signals'!)

  21. Okay, I guess I have covered the subject of 'points-of-location' on the 'landscape' of a 'condensate' of Consciousness and Incorporeality! Now, going beyond the 'locality' of 'landscapes' (and any and all 'landscapes' are, indeed, 'local' TO their immediate 'reality', of the two con-joined or co-ordinating incorporeal 'condensates' which are so 'interacting' or interfacing with each other! So such 'point-locations' might be called local 'point-locations', or 'point-locations' of locality!

  22. Now, however, my final discussion herewith will be about 'point-locations' that are truly and exclusively non-local! Meaning that such 'point-locations' exist throughout the Cosmos, as 'point-locations' WITHIN every incorporeal 'condensate' that exists, because each and every incorporeal 'condensate' does truly exist everywhere in the Cosmos!

  23. "Whoa! How can a 'point-location' BE a 'point-location', of any specific 'point' in the Cosmos, when all 'condensates' of Incorporeality are unitary and One, or coherent and non-local, at any such 'point'?"

  24. Well, you've sort-of answered your own question there already! What you have got correct, is the fact that an incorporeal and non-local 'point-location' IS truly OF (or 'located' AT!)... a 'point', rather than a 'location'! Additionally, what this means... and I realize that this will be a 'kink', or a possible-absurdity, in one's understanding of Incorporeality, but once you can comprehend the 'reality' of this, I think it will be that much easier for the Reader to totally understand the very concept and context OF a Unitary 'condensate' of Incorporeality! What this means, is that, in the context of Cosmic Incorporeality, ANY non-local 'point-location', is actually... LOCAL!

  25. Okay, I will certainly need to explain that 'conundrum'! First, let me return to a prior discussion elsewhere on these pages, where I mentioned that if we took any single 'condensate' of Incorporeality, and placed it within the 'borders' of (or 'bounds-of'!) the entire Cosmos, the quantum axion particles thereof, AND the potential 'dynamics' OF those quantum axion particles (or waves!), said particles/waves to include ALL 'attributes' OF such a 'condensate' (such as self-ordering, coherence, complexive-adaptivity-to-inputs, Spirit, Sentience and whatever else might so instantaneously become 'reality' as a function of ANY 'dynamic'!), would yet and still be unitary and One, in and of that 'condensate' of Incorporeality and Consciousness! Now, let us try to 'visualize' such a unitary 'condensate'!

  26. Say that, if it were possible to 'see' ANY ONE quantum axion particle (and I will no longer refer to quantum axion waves, in these discussions, as I do believe, by now, the Reader realizes that 'waves' are merely the 'actions' of a quantum axion particle or particles, which is so 'acting' IN RESPONSE to the specific 'dynamics' of any 'condensate' and therefore 'waves' are actually 'responses' TO complexity and complex-activities BY any quantum axion particle or particles!), which, as I have said elsewhere, exists throughout the Cosmos, then I do believe what one would 'see', would be a single 'plane' or 'planar-surface', extending everywhere and throughout the Cosmos! This is yet even a 'simplistic' view, in that it is thusly implying a single-dimensional 'view' (using the definition of 'dimension' as per conventional Classic Newtonian Physics!), in such a 'planar' description! But, since we are saying that this single 'planar-construct' does so occupy EVERYWHERE in the Cosmos, we would thusly have to up-grade the complexity of our 'view' (which is being 'seen' in the Mind's 'eye' of 'reality'!), to so include ALL 'dimensions' (Classical Newtonian dimensions!) that would so accomplish such a feat of 'existing-everywhere-in-the-Cosmos', NO MATTER how many (conventional!) dimensions that might so require, whether 12 or 26 or ? Could you possibly now 'view', in your Mind's 'eye', yet using conventional definition of a 'dimension', a 'planar-construct' existing in ALL dimensions simultaneously?

  27. Perhaps not! Now, however, to simplify matters (and our 'view'!), using the QUFD definition of 'dimension', let us just say that, in occupying each and every possible 'point-of-reality' in the entire Cosmos, our single quantum axion particle is thusly occupying a single and whole and complete 'dimension', in this case our 'condensate' of Incorporeality! Such a QUFD 'dimension', apparently, includes any and all necessary conventional 'dimensionalities' as might be necessary to enable the 'reality' of our 'view' of a 'planar-construct' of a single quantum axion particle!

  28. Now, getting a bit more complicated, if one single quantum axion particle were to so occupy the entire Cosmos as to be 'seen' as a single 'planar-construct' extending to infinity everywhere, let us again 'simplify' that 'view' in order to get more complicated yet! Let us call that infinite 'planar-construct'... a single 'layer'! Let us additionally, then, further say that each and every quantum axion particle IN THE ENTIRE Cosmos (actually, only within our single 'condensate' of discussion!), can be 'seen' as a 'planar-construct-LAYER', all of these 'layers' superimposed on top of each other, and again occupying the entire Cosmos, as it might be said, from TOP to BOTTOM!

  29. Thusly, by now you realize, that we have defined the unitary 'nature' OF a single 'condensate' of Incorporeality, to include not only one quantum axion particle but actually ALL quantum axion particles, that might so exist in that unitary 'state' of Cosmic existence! Of course, by our 'definition', we have only 'defined' the basic 'ground-state' of our single 'condensate', in that all those quantum axion particles are, in effect, now just 'sitting there', shoulder-to-shoulder, squeezed together within the entire Cosmos, but NOT DOING ANYTHING! In other words, totally inactive! Of course, it would take 'inputs', from anywhere and everywhere, to actually get this stew 'boiling', or actually producing the 'dynamics', that these quantum axions would so produce, along with such 'inputs', in the further production of 'outputs', therefrom our 'condensate'! And we are only talking about one 'condensate' here! What would our 'stew' really look like, with infinitudes of 'condensates', all 'roiling' and 'a-boiling', in some way or the other? And we also have every other incorporeal 'condensate' in the Cosmos as well, existing simultaneously WITH our single 'condensate'! (Which also includes all of the quantum axion particles of every one of those infinitudes of 'condensates'!)

  30. But that is actually getting beyond the scope of our discussion here, which is merely 'point-locations' within incorporeal 'condensates', so I will leave the 'analysis' of such overall Cosmic activity and 'dynamics' to some other scientist(s), more so inclined to so investigate the 'nature' of such complex-activity! So, getting back to 'point-locations', within quiescent or static 'condensates' of Incorporeality (not that such a possibility/probability WOULD EVER EXIST!), I have said that each quantum axion particle is everywhere in the Cosmos, therefore that single quantum axion particle also occupies EVERY 'point-location' or 'point-of-reality' IN THE Cosmos!

  31. Now, a further definition here, of a 'point-location' or 'point-of-reality'! And the important point here is that the 'reality' IS DIFFERENT for every 'point-location' in the Cosmos! (This difference-of-reality does yet NOT negate the fact of the basic unity, or unitary-nature, of all these 'condensates, and thusly Incorporeality is yet Undifferentiated Relativity! In other words, since Undifferentiated Relativity HAS TO BE 'relative' to undifferentiated 'qualities' or entities, such is yet so with regard TO the 'realities' of 'points-of-reality' or point-locations', which is what we are discussing here!) The difference-of-reality, of our 'point-of-reality', is ONLY with regard TO each and every quantum axion particle in the Cosmos! Because, even though a single quantum axion particle occupies EVERY 'point-location' in the Cosmos, that single axion particle ONLY occupies each 'point-location' BUT ONCE!

  32. SO, the actual (and only!) 'difference', between any 'point-location' of non-local Incorporeality, is the 'difference' between what ANY single individual quantum axion particle IS DOING! In other words, its individual 'activity', or 'dynamics', on the QUFD Scale of Complexity! What this further means, is that each and every 'point-location' in the Cosmos, having each axion particle of each 'condensate' of Incorporeality APPEAR BUT ONCE thereupon or thereat that specific 'point-location', thusly it is possible for any 'condensate', which yet has a 'representation' AT any one 'point-location', TO NOT BE AWARE OF the overall 'activity', or 'dynamics', OF ANY OTHER 'condensate', even though both 'condensates' might be 'represented' upon that very same and specific and non-local 'point-location'! However, this ALSO means that, since EVERY axion particle AND 'condensate' is equally 'represented' upon ALL 'point-locations', therefore it is entirely possible for ANY 'condensate' OR 'dynamic' THEREOF, to so 'feel' an 'input' FROM ANY quantum axion particle that is extant UPON THE VERY SAME 'point-location' as the quantum axion particle so 'receiving' such an 'input'! Such is the non-local 'nature' of an incorporeal non-local 'point-location' of 'reality', that the non-local and unitary-nature OF such a single 'point-of-reality' can yet provide necessary and essential 'input' TO any 'condensate', WITHOUT said 'condensate' actually 'knowing' or being 'aware' OF where such 'input' is coming from! In other words, ALL incorporeal 'condensates', via the unity and non-locality OF 'point-locations' of the quantum axion particles of Consciousness, ARE a 'part of' the WHOLENESS and Oneness OF the Cosmos, WHETHER any such 'condensate' should realize that 'reality' OR NOT! And, of course, these facts and this discussion has not applied to condensates of Corporeality, such as a corporeal human being, but it DOES APPLY to that incorporeal 'condensate' of that individual human being's 'twin-condensate' of Consciousness and Mind! So, via one's Mind and Consciousness, each and every one of us IS truly 'a part thereof' the Cosmos AND God!

  33. As to our individual 'point-location' of 'reality' (that we have been discussing here!), that single 'point-location' is actually the 'home', or existence, OF EVERY LEVEL OF COMPLEXITY within the entire Cosmos, BUT, as compared to out local 'point-locations', THIS 'point-location' is non-local, and therefore there is NO 'locality' (affinity, 'awareness', similarity, etc.) between ANY 'condensate' (and the quantum axion particles thereof!) ANYWHERE upon, or AT, that single Cosmic and non-local 'point-of-reality'! And yet, via that very same 'point-location', ALL IS ONE and Unitary, within the Cosmos and with EVERY 'condensate' of Incorporeality therein! I hope this discussion has enabled the Reader to more fully understand and comprehend the unitary-nature of 'condensates' of Incorporeality!

    Aum, Peace, Amen

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