Qualia XXVII: The BASICS (continued): Science versus God and Lucifer (Positivity/Negativity)! From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUFD

Qualia XXVII: The BASICS (continued): Science versus God and Lucifer (Positivity/Negativity)!

Exploring QUFD Principles,
from the QUFD website,
at: http://go.to/QUFD

By Father Jerome

    The following email communications, between Father Jerome and Theoretical Physicist Dr. Ruquist, of the Yanniru Foundation , Cambridge, Massachusetts, continues the preceding 'Conversations Between Physicists', in Exploration of the QUFD Principles. Some of the emails contain original thoughts and the replies thereto, and so such emails identify who the person is making the statements.

    This Monograph changes the discussion thread of the QUALIA XXVI Monograph.

    (An email from Father Jerome to Dr. Ruquist)

    On Sun, 22 Feb 2004 10:01:07 -0800, Father Jerome FIWD wrote:


  1. You made a comment the other day that got me thinking, I guess, unless it was more from the Guy Upstairs. You said something to the effect that not many other researchers as yet 'appreciate' LQG (and, by implication, the esoteric nature and realities of Incorporeality!), except for you and I! That, plus my own 'thread' lately to you, regarding the 'social value' of some current TV shows.

  2. Well, Richard, I guess what I am about to 'muse' upon might be classified or categorized as 'Philosophy of Science', even though I have, on one of my pages of the QUFD website, written quite derogatorily about that very 'discipline'! Because, what I am concerned about here, is that Science, and cutting-edge physics in particular, is NOT going to 'see' the 'value' of certain fundamental and basic 'considerations', as to their investigations, UNTIL Science and researchers can begin to accept some very basic 'realities' that you and I have accepted!

  3. And, in one way, I am talking about a 'Reality' that you yourself have voiced 'concern' about, and that is 'Duality in the Cosmos'! Because, Richard, I ask you this. WHO, and what 'researchers', have even recognized, that Duality in the Cosmos MIGHT even be a factor, in whatever their investigations are??? NO MATTER WHAT researchers 'investigate', are they NOT doing so WITH 'blinkered eyeballs', pursuing their research as if there is NO Duality WHATSOEVER as to whatever they are investigating?

  4. IN OTHER WORDS, I am saying that Science and research CANNOT, and does not, recognize, what I have called 'the fight between Good and Evil', that rages throughout humanity and the Cosmos (what, I presume, you are calling 'Duality'!) As long as scientists cannot 'see' that their very investigations, AND the very laws and principles that they use IN their investigations, ARE PREDICATED UPON the very existence and Realities OF, that battle between Good and Evil, between God and Lucifer... they will NOT, in no way, be able to even comprehend the very nature OF Incorporeality, and of the very complex 'dynamics' and 'realities' that nominally and instantaneously take place in the quantum realms and condensates of Consciousness with respect TO... any and everything, that occurs IN Corporeality, the physical/material 'world'! HOW is Science to even comprehend, that Corporeality, the entire physical/material 'world', is but a condensate of 'reality', a 'bubble', that has been 'created' BY and FROM Incorporeality, or SPIRIT... IF they cannot even recognize that there ARE 'Dualities', of quantum axion particles of Consciousness, some of which are Positive and some of which are Negative, WITH the understanding that Positive-Negative implies a DUALITY, NOT a 'polarity'??? HOW is Science to even recognize the fact that the very 'basics' of their 'quantum particles', whether of positive or negative 'polarity' or whatever, DO NOT EVEN EXIST BEYOND that 'bubble-condensate' of Corporeality in which such Life-forms occur and are 'created' BY Incorporeality AND a 'Duality-of-existence' THAT THEY HAVE YET to recognize? WHO has even yet written a scientific research Paper recognizing such 'Dualities' and postulating the very effects that such opposing dualities/realities HAVE on ALL Reality, of whatever it may be?

  5. Such, Richard, are the questions of the 'Philosophy of Science' that I might ask! WHO is going to respond thereto, WITH acceptable (to the scientific 'establishment'!) and reliable (the TRUTH!) 'answers', predicated IN the 'realities' of WHAT IS, in the Cosmos, rather than the constrained and restricted 'investigations', that occur WITHIN Corporeality (and EXCLUSIVELY within Corporeality!), just because the researchers cannot 'see' beyond their proverbial noses, and thusly cannot 'see' the Dualities of Consciousness and Reality that are most obviously extant in the Cosmos TO any nominally perceptive human being who might just 'look about' oneself WITHOUT any 'blinkers' on themselves! IF Science is supposed to be, as theoretical physicist David Deutsch has said:
    "The primary purpose of science is to understand what the world is like. Everything else that science does - test theories, produce new technologies - is incidental to this fundamental purpose of gaining a deeper understanding of reality." - David Deutsch, Theoretical Physicist, Oxford, Great Britain
  6. THEN Science is going to have to begin looking BEYOND ITSELF, beyond the limitations of that 'bubble' or condensate that is the Corporeal world, within which all of their nice classically Newtonian laws and 'realities' CAN EXIST... BECAUSE, in this Cosmos, IT TAKES MORE than such limited 'understanding', in order to comprehend the magnificence, and the tragedy, of Existence and Reality! UNTIL Science can do that, it will yet be 'locked-away', in its own little world, a 'bubble-condensate' world, that is but a fraction of what true Reality really IS!

  7. Also, I might ask, does Mathematics even conceptually recognize such 'Dualities', as Math seems to be at the very root of any scientific 'understanding' of anything? I seem to remember, someone somewhere, once upon a time, noting that mathematics HAD, supposedly, derived formulaes, FOR BOTH God and Lucifer! If that is so, THEN Mathematics MUST have 'recognized' the existence of such Duality-in-the-Cosmos MATHEMATICALLY! SO, what happened? IF mathematics CAN show 'Negativity' as well as 'Positivity', as OPPOSING STATES OF EXISTENCE, or Duality (NOT mere Corporeal 'polarity'!), then why cannot Mathematics delve even deeper into the 'mysteries' of the quantum realms, and go BEYOND Corporeality and the physical/material 'world', into worlds that CANNOT EXIST within Corporeality, but CAN certainly EXIST within Incorporeality, or SPIRIT, or Consciousness?

  8. What might your thoughts be, Richard, about this?


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    Father Jerome,

  9. I think it is too much, to ask or expect scientists to recognize good and evil, in terms of the duality of axion condensates. I admit that I even have a problem with that argument.

  10. But scientists are very good at recognizing truth versus lies, and for this we should be, you and me, thankful and supportive. Science, despite its shortcomings, is still our best source of truth; and scientists, in my experience, are best at recognizing untruth.

  11. So this brings me to the recent work of the UCS- the Union of Concerned Scientists. In a NY Times article and on their site http://www.ucs.com, they are exposing the scientific lies of the Bush Administration, which seems bent on giving corporations license to do anything.

  12. We, you and I, have stayed away from political discussions. But in my opinion, the Bush Adminstration, and indeed the Bush family has been the most significant threat to a democratic America ever. President Bush's grandfather, Prescott, gave me the leading appointment to West Point in Connecticut in 1955. But I am not sure if I should be proud or ashamed, for just 12 [days] prior to that, Prescott Bush was convicted of aiding and abetting the enemy, the Fascist regime of Hitler.

  13. Now grandson President Bush is a professed Born Again Christian, which sets him apart from his family. But yet, his Administation is driving us towards becoming an Empire and away from being a Democracy. Our government has all the earmarks of imperial rule: a perpetual war, a privatized army with reason to protect its existence, a private sector that is rewarded by war, the loss of citizen rights before the law, Congress giving the President [the right] to go to war and even use nuclear weapons without their consent, I forget the rest. But clearly the protection of corporations smacks of fascism.

  14. It seems to me that god gave this power to Bush because he was the best available in the aftermath of 9/11. But Bush has gone too far, and now it is time for god to take it away from Bush and restore democracy in the USA.

  15. Please tell him for me. I can see his purpose, in giving Bush the election. And I can see him undermining Bush with the dealings of the likes of Cheney. So, please tell me that the guy upstairs is ready to create some balance and truth, scientific truth, in our politics. We could be world leaders. But we are just getting the whole world, other than those we bribe, to hate us.

  16. That's what I think.


    (Father Jerome responds)

  17. Ha, Ha, Richard, and I am not laughing at your comments but something that they are reminding me of. Yes, it is as you have described it and it is a tragedy. But neither you nor I, individually, can do anything about it EXCEPT by Living In The Moment (in the Positivity of that Guy Upstairs) and working/doing what one can In The Moment, through the 'guidance' of Him/Her, in one's Mind and Consciousness! But, let me get back to that subject again in a moment.

  18. Other than that (which I have just said and will address more fully shortly), it behooves us to keep a low profile, because, as you may have noticed, Science and the POWER of Science (as a Social Value!), are being USED AGAINST US! I am reminded of such interlocking power relationships (which I have written about on the QUFD website, if you haven't as yet read the Book of Jerome or its followup/continuation at: Qualia III and the underlying 'Father Jerome's DICTIONARY of PSYCHOSOCIOLOGICAL Phrases/Words', at: Social Dictionary or the 'Ideal Society' (Utopia) and the story therein of how it came about at: Qualia IX) every day almost because of what your comments about Bush reminded me of. As you know and as we have spoken of briefly before, you and I have both been homeless in our lifetimes and we are now living our Lives somewhat better than that unfortunate situation, which, unfortunately, is yet the case, for not only many Americans but many, many people worldwide, such as refugees in Rwanda, Uganda and wherever! I think you do, and I most certainly do, sympathize with their plight, but we also realize that we cannot do much of anything when actually IN such a 'state' of being and existence! (Although, I myself, was able to not only start and continue work on this website, but to also help others in need in my community, even though I had nothing!)

  19. So, I don't know about your specific case but, I myself, am grateful, for what the Guy Upstairs 'provides' to me, in my Life, BY and THROUGH the auspices of the... GOVERNMENT! Yes, when I have lived many years with NOTHING, but the clothes on my back and the pieces of food that strangers might give unto me, and the abandoned/junkyard cars and public-park benches that I have slept in/on... THEN I can be Thankful unto Him/Her Upstairs and the 'instrument' of His/Her 'generosity', the Government (actually, the 'People'!), who, via certain 'programs' and 'affiliations' (H--- No, I can't say what!), allow me to now 'Live' my Life most satifactorily, yet simply and modestly, with any and everything in my Life (housing, food, travel, bank/credit card accounts, online financial services for worldwide 'services', dining at fine restaurants, going to see movies, and anything else, of a relatively simple, yet 'full', Life!), provided FREE, by the Government! And since such free 'services' do not, according to governmental (IRS) rules and regulations, constitute 'income' to me, nor do I have any other sources of personal or private 'income', therefore I have NO 'income' whatsoever, and am yet living within my Vow of Poverty (to the Ancient Order), and am thusly able to GIVE of my own personal 'Services' to others and All, entirely FREE! ("Do Unto Others, as You would have Others Do Unto Yourself!") Even my website has free copyright!

  20. So, Richard, I am grateful for whatever Positivity exists in my Life, and yet I am most 'aware' of the Negativity that exists BEHIND some of the most benign Positivity! To get to what I was originally laughing about, when you mentioned President Bush, I am reminded of those interlocking Power relationships quite personally and closely! Because the penthouse apartment that the government provides to me for free (I have a 'lease', as anyone might, but the funds therefor come from the government!), has some most interesting information to be found when one reads those 'lease' papers thoroughly enough! It seems the 'owner' of the entire building (apartments, offices, restaurants, businesses, etc.) is a gentleman with an Islamic name, but, not only that, his 'financing' for the building has been provided by the largest Real Estate Investment Corporation in the world, the Bin Laden (Saudi Arabia)-Bush (Texas) Investments Corporation, Inc.

  21. So what, if anything, could or would, I do about such a situation, to my own detriment? And that is the same situation for all of us! Individually, we can do nothing! BUT, en masse, together (as I have written!), COOPERATING together, we can Change The World! (As the Germans did, when they 'marched' upon the Berlin Wall!)

  22. But, to get back to Science, and the POWER relationships within Society (in the four links, to the QUFD website, that I have provided hereinabove), it is most interesting that Dr. Bourdieu's academic 'analysis', of the 'structure' of Societal 'Power' (via both Lucifer's 'philosophia perennis', in the Qualia3 and Book of Jerome documents, AND Dr. Bourdieu's personal 'definitions' OF such Power 'relationships', in Father Jerome's DICTIONARY of PsychoSociological Phrases/Words), gives a most intriguing basis for the 'position' that Science and scientists hold in Society! According to Dr. Bourdieu, the Educational System (ALL Universities/Colleges/and Grade Schools!) is 'rigged', just enough, so that ONLY the children OF THE RICH, are the students who get the scholarships and appointments to the prestigious Schools and Courses where they learn, and become 'indoctrinated', to 'take over the Rule of Society' from their parents! Added to that, Society itself is also 'rigged', such that the 'powerful', and rich, also add their 'influences' to the Rule of Society BY the Rich (i.e., Bush, Kennedy>Schwartzennegger, etc.) And it all starts within the Educational System, where the 'rich' kids are 'routed' one way, 'technical and scientific' kids are 'routed' another way, and all the poor and the rest of the kids, are 'given' whatever 'scraps' Society can dig-up for them, to 'feel good', in whatever 'dead-end' jobs they can get! But, the point here, especially as to Science and scientists, is that 'Science and scientists' are a 'second-class-citizen' kind of 'educational-routing', as it has always been in both the old Soviet Union and the modern U.S.A., where scientists (who are societally 'controlled' BY and through their educational-governmental-and-scientific-organizations-affiliations!) are provided 'privileges' and 'funding' and more, AS LONG AS they 'understand' THEIR PLACE in the societal structure, they DON'T ROCK THE SOCIETAL BOAT, and they let the Rich People of the World, and their 'connections/relations'WITH scientists, dictate and tell scientists 'what to do'! And if a, or some, scientist/scientists, perhaps don't have ANY Rich-Person 'connections'... Well, that's just too bad! 'Cuz if'n ya ain't got the "Show Me The Money!"... ya ain't got nuthin, Bro!'

  23. For such reasons alone, Richard, Science, and scientists, are not going to get anywhere... "You can't fight City Hall!" Oh, Yeah! Science, and the 'advance' of scientific 'knowledge', SLOWLY 'advances' Society, from day-to-day, AS LONG AS Science 'plays the Game', and allows the Ruling Rich to 'determine' WHAT is 'acceptable' in and by Science and 'scientific-determination'! In other words, NOTHING in Science, will be 'allowed', IF it, whatever it is, might 'rock-the-boat', of the Rich-Man's-Rule-of-Society (actually, Lucifer's 'Rule'!), as 'endorsed' and condoned BY Science!

  24. So, IF Science were to actually 'investigate', the Duality OF Positivity versus Negativity in the world, they might find that such Positivity/Negativity was actually at the very heart of 'social relationships' ACROSS the entirety of Society! And such 'social structures' are the very HEART of what makes Society 'tick'! AND THUSLY, the Rich and Powerful... WILL NEVER let Science even come close to rendering a factful, and Truthful, 'Indictment' OF such very BASIS OF SOCIETY! Power 'enables', and Power corrupts! Any 'scientist' who attempts to define and describe REALITY, as it actually IS, is surely 'doomed' to getting NOWHERE, and losing everything!

  25. BUT, we cannot be pessimistic, in the light of Society's 'failures' to 'uphold the common Good'! Because there is always HOPE, and specifically the Hope THAT... IF enough people can come to understand the TRUTH... the fundamentals OF those NEGATIVE Power Relationships that are the very basis of Society... And IF, WITH SUCH KNOWING, such fundamental 'understanding', not only scientists everywhere, BUT ALL OF HUMANITY... just might Come Together, in Oneness and Cooperation... to OVERTHROW those Negative Societal Structures, to 'bring down the walls' of oppression, of everyone except the RICH! It can be done, by 'Living In The Moment', where ALL of humanity might, some day, be singing, "We Shall Overcome, some day! In Our Hearts, we know, that We Shall Overcome, some day!" (Sermon 5).

    Aum, Peace, Amen

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