Posing the Question: Can the Annihilation of Humanity Be Prevented? From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUFD!

Posing the Question: Can the Annihilation of Humanity Be Prevented?

Exploring QUFD Principles,
from the QUFD website,
at: http://go.to/QUFD

By Father Jerome

  1. Quantum Physics, as detailed in QUFD Principle and scientific fact, can enable human consciousness to see the Future. But the one single answer, to the Question here posed, I do not want to see, and the Man Upstairs, thankfully, has not deigned, so far, to 'show' me the answer. But He has 'commanded' me to write about it, to detail the issue, that all might so then understand the issue and hopefully enact, at the behest of all of mankind, the 'right' solution thereto the issue.

  2. And what is the issue? Well, I could say that it is all the Negativities which do exist within the pantheon of human existence: wars, animosities, hatreds, divisiveness, adversarial proceedings, judgements, competition, adverse relationships, dictatorial relationships, hierarchies, and on and on. But, to 'boil it all down' and to simplify the matter, let's just say that the issue concerns one thing: that dichotomy, that 'Duality', which exists in the Cosmos and within humanity itself - Good versus Evil, God versus Lucifer, AS EXPRESSED BY HUMANITY!

  3. Yes! Positivity versus Negativity! And what can we, humanity, do about it? Well, first of all, I need to explain that we - humanity - are/is the 'solution'! Yep! It is the very 'thing', or reason, that we, each and everyone of us, have/has been 'created', born. To do that which it is our Destiny to do - to 'eliminate' Lucifer - actually, to eliminate the Duality, of Good versus Evil! And how are we to do this? By bringing Positivity and Negativity TOGETHER AGAIN (Hey! The 'slogan' OF the QUFD website, is "Bring Us Together, In Peace and Love!"), in Wholeness, in Oneness, in Completion, of that ancient Yin-Yang 'Oneness' which did exist before Lucifer was relegated to the Nether Regions, from which he today enacts his nefarious Negativities upon all of us!

  4. And that is the Second Problem to be overcome here, in fulfillment of Man's Destiny - that we are, all of us, CORRUPTED, influenced, by Lucifer's Negativities, in that, as 'Prince of this world' (in reality, as that Negative 'dimensionality', which does so intrude upon the normal, nominal, functioning of the human Mind and human Consciousness, as so explicitly detailed by quantum physics and QUFD Principle), his 'fingers of Negativity' do so affect and influence almost everything that we do, IF one cannot 'Live in the Moment'!

  5. As QUFD has shown (and even, incidentally, as numbers of philosophical, psychological, psychiatric and other writers/authors/researchers have likewise shown, in the extensive literature on the subject of 'Reality' and its application to the human individual), the ONLY 'place' where the human individual can be 'secure' IN the Positivity of Christ, of Infinite Consciousness (God) and of the Holy Spirit IS 'In the Moment', in the Present Moment of Time, where Past, Present and the Future are ONE - in Christ, in the Positivity of Infinite Consciousness!

  6. But, unfortunately, that is NOT where we are, the majority or even the Mass of humanity. Some of us may occasionally 'Be There', but the Mass of humanity is yet genetically (in our genes, as detailed by QUFD) 'corrupted', by Lucifer's Negativities.

  7. So what are we to do, about such a situation, which, if the Negativities were to continue, as they do today, may result in the annihilation of Mankind, BY him/herself, UNintentionally? But, if we do not destroy ourselves (and our propensities for Negativity!) in wars, cataclysms, bio-destruction or whatever, PERHAPS we shall CONSCIOUSLY, and conscientiously, destroy ourselves INTENTIONALLY!

  8. YES! Rationality and logic, reason and scientific fact, do present the 'writing on the wall', to those of us who can see, comprehend, that 'writing'. Humanity cannot continue to 'destroy' him/herself and his/her world, and thrive, progress, go forward, AT THE SAME TIME! In the words of the old song, "Something's gotta give, something's gotta give!" SO, the purpose of such INTENTIONALITY being to 'eliminate' ALL Negativity, in the human Mind and Consciousness, may be admirable ("Hey man! I just voted to 'kill-off', 'decease', ALL of Mankind, including myself, as the ONLY WAY to bring Peace to this world!")......

  9. Well, it may be admirable (WHO would 'do' such a thing, but ALL OF US?), but there is yet a fallacy to the proposal. And that fallacy IS, that some few of us WILL SURVIVE, to start over, to start the new human civilization. And therein lies the problem, because within each of us YET EXISTS the 'seeds of Negativity', those Luciferian 'fingers of Negativity', IN OUR MINDS! (Hey, remember the last time we started over, with our present civilization? There was that one guy, who 'drew that line in the sand', and said, "This is mine, and that is yours!" And ever since we have had land and property 'ownership', and all the squabbles, wars and Negativities that go with it! So I say, RIGHT ON, John, when he says, "Imagine no possessions......"!) We have NOT 'eliminated' Negativity but temporarily! As the eminent Historian/Anthropologist Dr. Joseph Jochmans has written (quoting from my Lecture Number 1, "A Comparative Introduction to Human Evolution"):
    "Man has always remained essentially 'man' throughout his existence. His physical appearance may have changed from age to age, but his capacity for intelligence, for the creation of advanced civilizations, and for the production of sophisticated technologies, has always remained the SAME. The history of man reads as the story of his constant struggle to understand and overcome the catastrophic forces in Nature, in the Cosmos, and within himself, which have repeatedly destroyed man's high civilizations and technologies, reducing him to levels where he had to begin an upward advancement AGAIN AND AGAIN! This cyclic history of continual advancements and destructions can be demonstrated through the geologic record as extending back THREE BILLION YEARS, to the very beginning of the known fossil record. Man has passed along the SAME road of civilization that we travel TODAY perhaps as many as a HUNDRED THOUSAND times before!" In closing, all I will say IS, we HAVE been here before!"
  10. So, the question is so far moot, as to resolution, as to a solution. BUT, there IS a 'key' TO a solution, contained within the very nature of ourselves, and it has something to do WITH the aforenoted 'idealization' of human Life as 'Living in the Moment', with Christ! Because, as scientific fact and QUFD Principle have so detailed, 'Living in the Moment' IS being Positive, living and doing Positivity, and NOT being 'under the influence' (of Negativities, of addictions, etc.) of Lucifer's 'fingers of Negativity'!

  11. Now, before I quote this magic 'key', I must also say, in all honesty, that it will take not only the 'key' BUT MORE as well! And the reason for this is that, as I have already mentioned earlier herein, the 'solution' also involves genetics - human genes! Because what humanity NEEDS TO DO is to ACTIVATE humanity's genetic MATURITY OF MIND! The current level of the human Mind IS IMMATURE (and I am not going to go into Maturity versus Immaturity here, in that I have already done so elsewhere in these webpages. See the QUALIA Series.) And it is Immature BY the very existence OF Lucifer's 'fingers of Negativity' pervading all that we do, IN the quantum realm of Consciousness and the human Mind, as detailed by quantum physics and QUFD. And this quantum 'situation' is a result OF our genetics, the human gene pool that 'creates' the human Mind HAVING NOT YET been 'activated' to actualize Maturity of Mind (i.e., MINUS Lucifer's 'fingers of Negativity'!)

  12. So what we have currently is Immaturity of Mind, corrupted by Lucifer! BUT, back to the 'problem'. WHAT does it take to ACTIVATE Maturity of Mind IN OUR GENES? Well, it takes the COOPERATION OF ALL OF HUMANITY (AS enabled by that 'key' that I have mentioned). Remember, IF any one person SHALL YET EXIST with Immaturity of Mind, so shall Lucifer's Negativity yet exist! And that is why PEACE and the Happiness of Mankind depends ON the 'coming-together' of ALL of humanity IN COOPERATION, NOT COMPETITION (a Negativity, an 'evil'!), without ANY of Lucifer's Negativities, AS SO WILLED BY ALL OF HUMANITY!

  13. SO, WHAT is the 'key', that shall enable such? It is LOVE! "What the world needs now, is Love, sweet Love, that's the thing there is just too little of!" LOVE, among ALL of us, all of humanity, is the one thing that will 'turn-on' mankind's gene pool for Maturity of the human Mind. NOT 'sexual' love (although included), but primarily a Love, a Caring, for others and for ALL of humanity. A 'realization' (a Reality!) THAT EVERYONE MATTERS! It doesn't matter whether you are a rich man or a refugee on a miserable African road to nowhere, EVERYONE COUNTS! And when each one of us, can TRULY FEEL LOVE for one and ALL - THEN we shall be able to 'activate' MATURITY of Mind, accessing our SOUL, and becoming 'aware' OF All That Is in the Cosmos. THEN, Mankind will NOT be 'living' for the annihilation of one another, BUT for PEACE and LOVE throughout the Cosmos, AND LUCIFER SHALL HAVE BEEN VANQUISHED! Such shall yet BE Mankind's Destiny!

  14. One more thing. Imagine all of the world's resources, that are, with the Immaturity of the human Mind, currently engaged in war, competition and other Negativities, instead of cooperation and Love. THEN, imagine ALL of the world's resources (of ANY kind) engaged in Positivity! And finally, "Imagine all the people, sharing all the world, You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one, I hope some day You'll Join Us, and the World can be as One!" (John Lennon)

Aum, Peace, Amen.

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