A Formal Book Proposal
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The book proposal

The author

Please give full details of yourself, including a short (200 word) biography, which will also help us in promoting your book. Please list other books you have published, and any review articles in this or related fields. If you have co-authors, give their names and affiliations only at this stage; all correspondence will be with you.

Full name and qualifications:

Nelson Jerome Ra-U
Father Jerome, OA/OWB, D.Th.(In Esse-The Theology of Reality), D.Sc.(Quantum Physics)
An Ordained Member of the Most Ancient Order of the OA/OWB

Provisional title of proposed book:

KNOWING: The Quantum Physics of Consciousness, Life & Reality!

Full mailing address:

(Provisional mailing address only, not residence)


None available


None available



Date of birth (to be used later for cataloguing):


Nationality (needed later for customs purposes):


Present appointment:

Priest-Initiate of the OA/OWB, confirmed (3/23/82) by the Ecclesia Collegium of the Third Graduate Institute of the OA/OWB.
None otherwise presently.

Other recent appointments:

(Feb. 1990 to June 1995) Visiting Scholar/Professor/Lecturer (part-time), at the Freedom, Independence and World Democracy Institute (OA/OWB), in the OA/OWB's non-secular Spiritual dimensionality of London, England.
All appointments since 1982 have been non-secular and extra-dimensional (in the spirituality of non-secular consciousness, as described by the principles of Quantum Unitary Field Dynamics - QUFD, in which all quantum dimensions and temporality are unitary and the Past/Present/Future are one, as explained in the Work, "KNOWING: The Quantum Physics of Consciousness, Life & Reality!).
Prior to 1982, I have had extensive secular appointments in various fields, including; telecommunications (Senior Telecomm Systems Analyst and others); economics/financial (International Financier/Broker and others); aerospace technology (NASA); and government (not disclosable).

Other books and reviews published (append as separate list if necessary):

No prior books. All monographs, treatises, dissertations, research papers and syndicated commentaries were published and disseminated in the non-secularity of the OA/OWB and are not authorized for secular release and disclosure. However, certain articles of the commentaries have been approved for secular release and are currently posted to this author's website.

Scientific and professional societies of which you are a member:

Since 1982, I am a Confirmed Member of the Most Ancient Order of the OA/OWB and several organizations and functions thereof, some contemporary and others perpetuitous. All, however, are non-secular and non-disclosable, except to the extent dispensationally granted by the OA/OWB and such as have received such authorization are accordingly mentioned in my Work, "KNOWING: The Quantum Physics of Consciousness, Life & Reality!" to the extent necessary relative to the subject matter under discussion.
Prior to 1982, my membership in various secular organizations was extensive, in technology, science, finance/economics, higher education and otherwise, which, however, considering the time-span involved, relative to this present endeavor, I feel to be inconsequential and not worthy of mention here. However, should a reviewer of this Proposal wish to peruse such prior affiliations, I do have an older vitae available (of approximately 32 pages), listing the details of my prior education, experience and affiliations, which can be provided upon request. Since almost all of my professional efforts and endeavors since 1982 were in non-secularity, these earlier secular records and information do have minimal relationship to the Who and What of which is this author at this time AND of what has been proposed here.

Please remember to attach a brief biography of yourself.

Jerome is a Scientific and Societal Systems Theoretician who has lived and experienced Life in both its secular (corporeal) and non-secular (incorporeal) forms and dimensionalities, and who has, in this Book, attempted to report to the Reader on the realities, truths and observations of such research, that we might judge for ourselves the facts and verities thereof. Until 1982, Jerome did live mostly a nominal high-tech upper-middle-class personal and professional secular life, working (over the years) for NASA, GTE, scientific, telecommunications, economic, financial and other corporate entities, as well as certain top-secret research and defense agencies of the US government. In 1982, he embarked upon a "new life" of both secular and non-secular existence, since then exploring and researching the KNOWING of humanity, ranging across the entire spectrum of human knowledge and inquiry and beyond, presenting that research and its conclusions to us for our own personal and existential well-being, as only we, ourselves, can so judge and utilize. Further details, as to Jerome's life, his research and observations, and what such can mean, and give, unto mankind, are given in his Work, "KNOWING: The Quantum Physics of Consciousness, Life & Reality!"


Your proposed book

Please describe the subject of your book. Give as much detail as is necessary to give a good grasp of the scope of the book and the approach you plan to take. Please indicate any special or unique features.

Please outline the contents of the book in the form of a summary and a detailed list of contents.

This Book/Work presents what might be called a new perspective on Physics. In fact, it does present new perspectives on Quantum Physics, Biological/Neurophysics, Computer Science/Physics, Cosmological/Astrophysics, as well as Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Economics, Political Science, Geophysics, Anthropology, Paleontology, Theology/Religion, Spirituality/Consciousness, Existential (NOT philosophical existentialism) Reality and a number of other fields and disciplines of human investigation and knowledge.

Such perspectives derive from an approach to Physics, and the utilization of a source of information and knowledge, that some experts would say is new, but others would say is very old. In fact it is very old, traditional and even ancient. However, in the context of modern civilization, it is new. It is new, in that the blending (and identification of one with the other) of Science/Physics and Spirituality/Consciousness is new, in the actual reality of true scientific theorization, methodology and reporting, and historically reputable knowledge and truth, as compared to the pseudo-science and pseudo-realities of the attempts by psychic, metaphysical, new age, new physics and other paradigms, to so blend and distinguish such Science-Religion as science and "truth". But, it is also ancient, in that the realities and history of such approach does well precede our current civilization, its societies and its perspectives on human knowledge and KNOWING.

In accessing those ancient sources of knowledge, truth and history, this author has done no more than anyone else of us might do, given the fact that it is ultimately possible for any human being to do so, were one to unburden themselves of the societal, professional and evolutionary "programming" that does constitute what has historically been called the "Veil of Separation", or "Veil of Unknowing", which blocks our human access to such knowledge and KNOWING within ourselves. This author, who considers himself no more than an observer/reporter, has actually lived, travelled/sojourned in the realities of both secular and non-secular existence (one could say "worlds") and in this Book/Work does report on the observations made, the facts of history, science and reality made available for secular release (by Sacred Authority), the actual records of Sacred History viewed, the actual events of human history perceived, the actual knowledge and KNOWING learned, and the conclusions and truths of human and universal reality revealed thereby. This author does then give such information and knowledge an additional emphasis by also referring the reader to contemporary and historical secular works and writers who also have touched upon the KNOWING and/or realities discussed or who have at least presented such other similar perspectives and awareness to and of that which is discussed herein this Book/Work.

It is additionally pointed out in this Book/Work that such access to those ancient and permanent Records and sources of human knowledge and KNOWING is not only possible within the Mind of anyone of us, but is also now available to us through modern computer technology, with the computer-human Mind interface technology known as Holothetics, which is now at the cutting-edge of Physics and Neuroscience of today.

Of course, with regard to Physics and Neuroscience, a main impetus of the Book/Work is its detailed analysis and reporting of the actual physics and corporeal/incorporeal interactions and operations of the human Mind-brain interface, which, through the operation of the principles of Quantum Unitary Field Dynamics (QUFD), as applied to and enabled by human and Universal Consciousness, does provide the connection between the human entity and the ground-states/fields/condensates of all dimensions of consciousness, including Local Mind, Collective Consciousness and Infinite Consciousness. In relating these concepts and realities of consciousness, this author does go into extensive detail as to the realities of the various dimensions and QUFD condensate fields of consciousness, as well as the explicit details of the Quantum Physical operations involved in the direct interface between the corporeal brain and the incorporeal Mind of a human being. The author then goes on to further explicate the distinctions and realities of the various dimensions/levels of consciousness, placing such important ground-states as the Collective Consciousness and Infinite Consciousness within the totality of All That Is, as explained by the principles of Quantum Physics and Quantum Unitary Field Dynamics.

Then, in tying all of this erudition and explication together, the author details how the various elements thereof that which has been presented do, in actuality and reality, constitute an all-encompassing "Big Picture", a holistic accounting in which mankind and the Universe may be as One, in the Life of either and both, and in the possible interactions between the two.

Finally, this author/researcher/observer/reporter does consider this Book/Work complete and thorough in its present entirety. However, I am yet, even daily, adding to and updating the content thereof, as further observations, especially from and in the context of my now exclusively (again) secular existence, seem to necessitate such reporting.

As to the Contents within the Book/Work, in lieu of a detailed listing of contents (at present), this author has provided herewith (attached) a copy of the 19 page section/hypertext link of his webpage entitled QUERY LETTER/BOOK PROPOSAL (located at: https://www.angelfire.com/ca/sanmateoissues/query.html), which section is entitled FIELDS/TOPICS OF THIS WORK'S ERUDITION/EXPLICATION, and which is located at: https://www.angelfire.com/ca/sanmateoissues/fields.html (it is suggested that the Reviewer peruse the online version for the latest updated listing).

Please refer to the herewith Query Letter/Book Proposal, in the sections: "FINALLY..." and A BRIEF OVERVIEW OF THE BOOK (on pages 1 & 2 of the Letter); the section entitled, THE PRODUCT; and the section entitled, AN INTRODUCTION TO THE WORK AND THE AUTHOR, for additional summary and information regarding the Book/Work.

Please indicate the type of book (text, monograph, popular science) and the level (undergraduate, postgraduate, research, general).

Fundamental research; popular science; general; children to adults.

Please state briefly the purpose of your book and the way in which it will be achieved.

Please refer to the opening section of the Query Letter/Book Proposal herewith, pages 1 & 2.


The market for your book

The purpose of this section is to define as precisely as possible the intended audience of your book. Most scientific books serve well defined market niches. The more we know about the niche, the more effective will we be in reaching the intended audience.

Why do you believe the book is needed (for example, a growing research area with no book synthesizing research work to date, a field which is being covered in postgraduate courses but without a textbook, or even to improve public understanding of science)?

See page 1 of the Query Letter/Book Proposal.

Which learned and professional societies and organizations represent the intended readership, and what is the level of industrial interest in the topic, if any?

The intended Readership is noted on pages 1 & 2 of the Query Letter/Book Proposal herewith. As far as the level of interest in the Book/Work by the public, considering its range of erudition and explication and the many fields of industry, commerce, economics, finance, communications, psychology, bioscience, sociology, government, scientific research and other human activity involved (as well as the insights provided for any Reader to utilize in improvement of their life and society), this Book/Work does have the potential for significant societal impact, should the Book be given the desired maximal dissemination (through the free-distribution means suggested) and the mass of Readers thereof should eventually take action upon whatever realities and truths such Readers may find in the Work, as can only be judged by themselves, as to the import and significance to their lives that this Book/Work might make.

Which are the main conferences in this field?

None at this time.

Which are the main journals and other publications in this subject area?

None as yet.

Please list your main sources of information about this field, including newsgroups and lists.

Myself and my research of (primarily) consciousness, as well as secular and non-secular realities, organizations, published and Sacred works, and the scientific, historical and other investigations, as detailed in the Work.

Consider what other markets there might be for this book, such as supplementary reading in undergraduate courses, or adjacent subject areas for a monograph.

As noted on pages 1 & 2 of the Query Letter/Book Proposal, this Work is adaptable to any number of other forms of dissemination and presentation, enabling a maximum number of markets and marketability.


Is your book a textbook?

Textbooks are adopted for specific courses, recommended for supplementary reading, or available in the library for reference. To ensure appropriate marketing of texts we need precise information about level, course coverage and any geographical variations.

What level of background knowledge or qualifications would the reader need?

The Book is intended as a General Reference Textbook, requiring a Reader who possesses a nominally healthy and wide-ranging scientifically-inclined, inquiring, and open mind, who is minimally conversant and cognizant of "classical" American English (adult-useage-forms), which would thereby qualify any such person from 5 years of age to senior adults.

Which types of course would your book be appropriate for, in whole or in part?

Science, technology, computers, psychology, philosophy, religion, theology, sociology, economics, finance, political science, government, physics, geophysics, astrophysics, cosmology, paleontology and more.

Give as much detail as you can about courses on this subject being taught or planned, in your main intended markets. If it is immediately applicable to taught courses in only a few countries, suggest areas where it might become relevant in future.

Course-work would have to be developed from the content of the Work, probably necessitating the efforts of professional education experts who can comprehend and translate the realities and verities discussed into the appropriate course materials. Such course materials, desireably, would be available to all in need thereof, worldwide, without restrictions as to income-level, education, or status.

Similarly, if you know of lecturers teaching the subject at present, please give their names and affiliations.

None, that I know of, in secularity. (Non-secular cognoscenti are not available to secularity except to those individuals who can access such in consciousness.)

Which specific features make your book a textbook, such as worked examples and problems, chapter summaries, further reading lists, lists of software, etc?

Extensive analysis of the macro- and micro-realities of Quantum Physics and the Cosmos; extensive discussion of problems of reality in human life, and suggested solutions therefor; contextual overviews and summaries of the material discussed/analyzed, allowing a reader to grasp the "Big Picture" (as it might be called) of All That Is (scientifically, spiritually and otherwise), and further challenging the reader to find him/herself within that holistic accounting of Universal Life and Reality. In doing so, the author does range from scientifically and revolutionarily-important new information to that which is merely mundane, in presenting an overall context of such content which is sure to enlighten, empower and challenge all readers, in understanding and contribution of and to both personal and societal KNOWING, as to Who and What the individual and humanity is, has been, and may be.


The competition

With up to 2000 physics books being published every year world-wide, any new book has to prove that it has something distinctive to offer compared with competing titles. It is very important that you identify what these distinctive benefits might be.

Which books are available covering the same subject area at similar levels? (please give author, title, date, publisher and price, and any comments, wherever possible). Please give their strengths and weaknesses.

What distinguishing features and particular advantages has your proposed book over comparable and competing titles?

The Work is a comprehensive and complete view of Life, Reality, Science, Quantum Physics, Consciousness, Spirituality, History, Humanity and the Cosmos, as never before presented, with no known comparable works, either extant or proposed. Only one qualification does apply thereto such statement: this Work does not cover, nor detail or discuss, the nominal macro- and micro-realities of, what might be called, "orthodox" or "classical" science, Quantum Physics and such fields as scientists, physicists, historians, sociologists, psychologists and other orthodox and established "experts" might purvey and promulgate. In this respect, with this Work, the perspectives presented are "fresh" and unambiguous, in their views of reality and the other topics discussed in the Book, and the reader is enjoined to reach deep within themselves, in judging the merits of the Work, the realities expressed and their applicability to anyone's life and reality. Additionally, as noted in the Query Letter/Book Proposal, the Book/Work contains (at present) 68 pages of DISCLAIMERS, which point out the apparent and not-so-apparent differences and distinctions, in the many fields/topics discussed in the Book/Work, between "orthodox" context/content and that presented in this Book/Work, so the reader might judge accordingly as to the merits and verities of each.


Potential reviewers

Your proposal and final manuscript will be submitted to a number of reviewers for their evaluation. In addition to our own extensive contacts we would welcome any suggestions of the most appropriate people to offer an opinion on your book.

Please give the names and affiliations or addresses of between three and six people qualified to give an opinion on your proposal (Note that we shall not necessarily approach these people).

Since this is a seminal work of research and explication which has no prior genesis, I can give no other known or qualified secular reviewers to speak on its behalf. However, with adequate study and reflection, of and upon the Work, I do believe that any number of reputable and influential authorities should emerge, who should be able to see and comprehend the merits and verities of the Work (compared to their own expertise and knowledge) and who should then be able to "witness" for the Work, based upon their own personal and professional understanding and acknowledgement of the material and concepts presented therein.


Manuscript details

What is the approximate number of words required for your proposed book? (A word count from your word processor will suffice; note that a typed single sheet double spaced contains about 325 words.)

Please refer to the Query Letter/Book Proposal for current details of the proposed publication.

What special features are included:

Charts, graphs, drawings, 3 dimensional renderings, and video/audio content.

Approximate number of line illustrations:

To be determined.

Number of black/white photographs:


Number of colour illustrations:

To be determined.

Number of tables and other non-textual material:

To be determined.

Number of appendices:

To be determined.

Please list any other features that may require special treatment:

Special requirements are: digitizing support(conversion to digital form, by word processing and/or scanning technology, although this author's extremely small and coarse handwritten printed form of writing do make it most difficult for current scanning technologies to accommodate such); editing support (assistance only - I can do my own editing, Thank You - in executing editing decisions, using such means of doing so as may be available), graphics support, 3D rendering support, video support, digital and on-line presentation support, as well as additional legal, literary, scientific, technical, historical, and other research assistance as needed, for final confirmation/verification of specific details, of both the work-in-progress and its final rendering.

Are you able to submit the text in machine-readable form?


If yes please give details about the software package you use, the form of any mathematics output (e.g. coded characters, graphics), and your ability to supply the text as TeX source code.


What time do you require from signature of a contract to delivery of a final manuscript?  6 months  12 months  18 months  24 months

The final delivery date of this completed work is dependent upon the technical/scientific, personal and professional assistance and sponsorship as might be provided to this author and shall be determined thereby.

Please add any further information you think might be helpful to us in assessing the proposal.

See the Query Letter/Book Proposal for any further details.


Nelson Jerome Ra-U
July 29, 1998

Many thanks for taking the time and effort to complete this form. Please return it with a detailed synopsis and contents of your book and any sample or other material available that you think would help us assess your proposal.

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