Qualia XCVI: Religion versus Science: A Brief Overview of the Facts and the Truth! From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUF D

Qualia XCVI: Religion versus Science: A Brief Overview of the Facts and the Truth!

Exploring QUFD Principles,
from the QUFD website,
at: http://go.to/QUFD

By Father Jerome

(Updated 5/28/08)
(The following section of this document is copied and quoted from the Opening Page of The QUFD Textbook, and explains the Mission/Purpose of the QUFD website, as well as the topic of discussion herein this Qualia document, i.e. Science versus Religion!)

Well, here's a starter. For more, see the next section following here. But let's start with:

"The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit!" In other words, God, Christ and Consciousness, AS EXPLAINED BY:
Albert Einstein, Satyendra Bose, Carl Jung, and many other scientists, of both modern and ancient vintage, who have all contributed to
the QUFD Website, and the Science and Philosophy of Quantum Unitary Field Dynamics!

In other words, this website is about SCIENCE, and has nothing whatsoever to do with ANY organized 'Religion', and certainly NOT the Christian Religion! It is about God, Christ, Lucifer, human Consciousness, and so much more, but especially about REALITY - yours, mine, everybody's - our EVERYDAY 'Realities' (Truths), of human Life and existence, all explained in detail by SCIENCE and the accepted and well-known scientific Laws and Principles thereof, as discovered and made known to all of humanity by the most famous and eminently renown scientists of human history!

So there is actually nothing new here... nothing that a 5 year old child may not already 'know', if he/she is, indeed, the 'Mad Scientist' that many kids of today certainly are!

And yet the 'telling', or 'speaking', OF these very Truths and Realities IS NEW, because there are many 'vested interests', in Society, in the World, in Religion and even in Science, who do NOT want these Truths and Realities to be told! Many folks, and much of humanity, has been, and yet constantly IS, 'influenced', by Negativity (i.e., the Negativities of this World!), and that story, those Truths, of Lucifer and of his influence upon us all, is also told herein this 'textbook', in order that, by understanding ALL REALITIES (the 'good' AND the 'bad' - or evil!), we - ALL of us - might then SEE some 'means of ACTION' - a way to Change The World For The Better! THIS is the 'Challenge', of this QUFD 'textbook' - to Understand, AND THEN take ACTION - to Make This World A World of Peace, Love, Joy and Happiness, as we all would have it TO BE!

And so, or thusly, does this QUFD 'textbook', have a further purpose, or raison d'etre, for its existence: to not only 'BRING US TOGETHER' - ALL of humanity, in Peace, Love and much more - but to also Bring Together those THREE 'vital entities' of Society, which have 'too long been separated', to our obvious disadvantage - the CHURCH, the STATE, and SCIENCE! Reconciliation OF Church/State/Science, in an EQUAL partnership - NOT the present unequal separation - should certainly be in the 'Best Interests' of all! To such an end, this QUFD 'textbook' is likewise DEDICATED to the use of SCIENCE to rationally, logically, and factually, explain all and every pertinent fact of human Reality and existence, as to both the CHURCH (Religion, WITHOUT being, or becoming, 'a part thereof ANY specific Religion'!) and the STATE! Such that none of which should ever again, impose upon, sanction, or constrain, the other, as to such 'venues' and 'Realities' as may be 'authorized' for disclosure and KNOWING, by the polis and all of humanity!

For the benefit of the 'most surely unlikely soul', who might NOT be 'aware' of what I am referring to in the previous statement, let me most briefly state what is the STATUS QUO, as to the present 'reality' of Church/State/Science: "The CHURCH shall not interfere, impose or involve itself, in any way, with the legal and authorized 'activities' of either the STATE or of SCIENCE. The STATE shall not interfere, impose or involve itself, in any way, with the legal and authorized 'activities' of either the CHURCH or of SCIENCE. SCIENCE shall not interfere, impose or involve itself, in any way, with the legal and authorized 'activities' of either the STATE or of the CHURCH. 'Separation' of CHURCH and STATE shall be explicit - ""Render Unto God that which is..., Render Unto Caesar that which is... !"" 'Separation' of CHURCH and SCIENCE shall also be explicit, and shall be maintained and licensed by the STATE: ""The 'KNOWN' (physical, material, corporeal) shall be the 'venue' of SCIENCE. The 'UNKNOWN' (non-physical, incorporeal, spiritual) shall be the 'venue' of the CHURCH. Neither SCIENCE nor the CHURCH shall 'speak of' anything which is the 'venue' of the other. Anything which is 'KNOWN', shall be of SCIENCE and shall be properly 'licensed' to SCIENCE by the STATE. Anything that is 'UNKNOWN', shall be of the CHURCH and shall be properly 'licensed' to the CHURCH by the STATE."" Thusly, it is the 'obligation' of the STATE to keep SCIENCE and the CHURCH 'separate', to the disadvantage and 'unknowing' of the people, as to the 'realities' of both. QUFD, on the other hand, brings those 'realities' together, properly using SCIENCE to explain the Truths and Realities of the CHURCH (actually, NOT the, or any CHURCH, but, in reality, God and Lucifer!) and so much more, so that ANY 'knowing', understanding, human being, can take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for their Life, Actions, Deeds and Words, toward Making This A Better World for One and All!
See the further detailed explanation of this situation at: Symbolic Violence.

In the sense of this 'Declaration' (as to what this website is about), I Invite One and All to READ, and ENJOY, the QUFD 'Textbook'!

Father Jerome

  1. As the aforenoted link does so note, there have been periods of Human History where Religion and Science were one and the same thing, and, more recently, when they were not!

  2. I am of the earlier period, when Science and Religion were exactly the same thing, in explaining to the people, for their understanding, about such things, worlds and dimensions, as Corporeality and Incorporeality. In those earlier days, it was easier for folks to understand that there were both Realities and 'Realities', that had control and relevance in everyone's lives. People understood that Reality was the Corporeal World, of the physical, material and visible, in which they did exist. But they also understood that there was/were parallel worlds and dimensions, of 'Reality', that were Incorporeal, non-physical/non-material and invisible.

  3. Of course, just like today, there were always the religious charlatans and purveyors who, for power, control, money and greed, corrupted both the Realities and 'Realities' and the truthful scientific facts and details thereof, leading the people into misunderstandings and ignorance with regard to the Truths of Life, Reality and Existence!

  4. And thusly Religion and Churches, and the 'Supernatural', along with 'Gods' and Deities, were born, to attempt to explain to people, the 'complexities' and 'Realities', that they did not understand. And ever since then... Well, I think you know what I mean.

  5. My good friend (now deceased), the famous Philosopher and Editor-in-Chief of the famous Encyclopedia Britannica, Mortimer J. Adler, once described the situation to me thusly:
      "Everything that exists can, pure and simply, be described and detailed by Science, and the Laws and Principles thereof! However, should there be something that might escape the exacting purview of Science, then the logic, reasoning and more, of Philosophy may be brought to the matter, in order to invoke a semblance of understanding! And finally, should Science and Philosophy both fail to elicit the understanding of the people, then the supernatural balms and 'ointments' of Religion, religious creed and doctrine, are usually brought-to-bear, in order to provide at least a modicum of understanding for the people, via Belief, Faith and Spirit!"

  6. Well, as the opening link of this discussion did so note, it is now another day and another age, and the shibboleths-of-old are no longer valid or relevant, but merely causatory of untold desecration to and of our Lives and Reality! It is time that all of Humanity now recognize and understand, both the Realities and the 'Realities' that drive our Existence! That there is both a visible world as well as an invisible world, both of which contribute to that which we truly are! But, contrary to the balms of Religion, both worlds can expertly and explicitly be explicated, unto one and all, for the most detailed understanding and relevance of us all!

  7. Corporeality (the visible) and Incorporeality (the invisible) exist side-by-side and can be scientifically and factually detailed and explained, even to a 5 year old child! Without the 'holey-moley' of any religion or spiritualism, or any deity! Just good old-fashioned Science and quantum physics, which can truly be understood by one and all!

  8. And when people take the time and effort to truly understand such Basics and Fundamentals of Human and Cosmic Reality and Existence, those people can then 'Take Charge' of their Lives, and rid themselves and our World, of all of the Negativities (wars, conflicts, divisiveness, adversarial relationships and politics, competition and much more!), that have been brought to us merely by the misunderstandings and ignorance of all of us, which have thusly allowed the Negativities of such quantum 'Realities' to become ensconced within the Minds of all of us, to our travail!

  9. With Understanding comes Enlightenment, and finally concerted-action among all of Humanity (known as Cooperation, in replacement thereto and thereof Competition!), to throw-off and eliminate all Negativities of any and every kind, and to reclaim our World, as the Positive World that it was intended to Be, a World of Love, Peace, Joy and Happiness, for everyone!

  10. For further details and continuing links,
    see: https://www.angelfire.com/ca/sanmateoissues/becdic/quaaxpar.html

Aum, Peace, Amen

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