À l'Intelligentsia des célébrités.


Votre conseil intellectuel et humanitaire est par ceci sollicité dans ce communique!

To the Intelligentsia of Celebrities!


It is a solicitation for your intellectual and humanitarian advice and concern!


Dear Celebrity


Yes!  Please do not be offended by this message to a small number of  'intelligent' celebrities, but I merely wish to bring to your attention a matter of societal discrimination regarding persons of intelligent stature such as yourselves, with the request that possibly you may be able to do something with respect to such societal disadvantage.


First of all, however, let me briefly tell you what this is about and then let me give some detailed background about the matter.  Perhaps you might know that scientists, famous and reputable scientists, such as Albert Einstein, Carl Jung, Ilya Prigogine and many others of yesterday and today, using the established laws and principles of science and quantum physics, have, at one time or another, told us that we, humanity, mankind, the human race, and human individuals, DO CREATE OUR OWN REALITY!  And I'll repeat that in another way!  The established laws and principles of science and quantum physics can prove THAT WE CREATE OUR OWN REALITY!


Unfortunately, for most of us, perhaps not understanding the science and quantum physics behind such realities, we let Society and others 'tell us what to do' and consequently the 'realities' that we DO create may just be the worst possible realities for our lives.  And even if we do manage to 'create' some respectable and comfortable 'Reality' in our Lives, it is probably yet of such that we have actually 'created' a 'Cage' about ourselves and 'locked' our Life away in that 'Cage' of our own making!  It does NOT have to be like that though!


If we were to truly and actually 'understand' Who and What we are, and What we were Born to Be and to Do, and even to Know our Destiny...  Hey!  THEN, with such 'Knowing', we would BE the FREE and INDEPENDENT human beings we were Born to Be and we would be able to CREATE OUR OWN REALITY... a Positive 'Reality', NOT a Negative 'Reality'!


Let me give the background on this matter.  You are surely 'enlightened' enough to be 'open' to any and all of humanity, even to respecting and accepting those others who may have completely different perspectives and knowledge than yourself, of course holding your personal 'final judgement', as to 'dealing with' or otherwise relating to any individuals, until you 'know' and understand such others more completely.  Such is certainly true for most any of us.


However, there are certain 'discriminations' extant in the American 'media' and within the 'bourgeois populi', such that serious science and scientific research into anything 'different' than 'accepted' popular and conventional wisdom (i.e., 'common sense') sometimes has 'a hard row to hoe', to find acceptance with the media and the 'common man'.  The American 'way' of overcoming and bypassing such 'prejudices', is to, with appropriate and sufficient financial 'support', convert such unpopular 'sciencisms' into a 'story', preferably a story that can be a 'blockbuster hit', because that, it seems, is the only way that 'radical' and 'unfamiliar' (to the 'common man') concepts and realities can be accepted and expressed in American society (as well as 'overcome' the public's already overloaded and satiated 'senses', exposed as we are to all our daily 'stresses' and trivia).


To get more specific, let me get down to basics or fundamentals here.  Not alluding to yourself, but let me ask, of your societal 'awareness', just how many people that you 'know' or are aware of, who would NOT be enthused about a 'new discovery' of science if they heard the name Einstein, or Jung, or any of many other famous and respected scientists, as may be 'associated' in some way with such a 'new discovery'?  How many, I ask?  The 'reality', as to most folks and the media, is that most of American society (and a lot of the rest of the world too!) 'could care less' ("Ho, Hum!"), unless...  unless somehow that 'News' (if it WERE to become 'News'!) was, as I said already, converted into 'blockbuster hit' classification!


But therein we have a further problem.  How does such mundane scientific work become 'News', when it (the specific 'work') might have 2 'strikes' against it?  The first 'strike' is the nonchalance of the media and the public to anything that is of 'legitimate' scientific nature, meaning that the media and the public do not want to 'understand' such 'scientific concepts' and research, in the facts and truths of their 'realities' and existence, because... "Oh, 'science' is just too hard to understand!"... IF such scientific 'work' is CLASSIFIED as 'orthodox', or of a cut-and-dried 'orthodox' scientific 'reality'!


Of course, there ARE many who, say, can encompass the 'nebulousity' and fantasy of 'Sci-Fi', or 'science-wrapped-in-a-fictional-bathrobe', such as what is called 'New Age', 'psychic', or metaphysics!  IF such might become the 'classification' or 'reality', of our 'new science', then...  it just might be 'acceptable', to all those who don't understand the basics and fundamentals of legitimate science, but surely, of course, DO 'understand' everything there is to understand about the 'unknown', IF it can only be described as such ('unknown'), in some 'mystical', psychic, New Age, religious or metaphysical 'sense'.  As an example of such perspectives, I merely have to refer the Reader to such new and popular 'scientific' books by the popular science writer for Scientific American magazine, Mr. John Horgan: "Rational Mysticism: Dispatches from the Border Between Science and Spirituality" and "The End of Science: Facing the Limits of Knowledge in the Twilight of the Scientific Age".  Of course, if we 'wrap' our real science in 'mysticism' or 'Sci-Fi', then the 'realities' of such science that ARE presented, additionally do not even have to be 'understood' in a philosophical, psychological, societal or ANY OTHER way, other than just 'good, clean (non-understandable!) fun'!


And that 'reality' presents us with our further 'problem', the second 'strike' against our specific 'science' (which I will be detailing more fully soon)!  Because it seems that there are ONLY two ways that the American media/public can 'accept' anything 'scientific'.


First, that it be 'understandable' by the 'common man', i.e., meaning that it is 'unknown', as to the scientific concepts, laws and principles that 'describe' such 'science'.  Thusly, science fiction, fantasy, psychic, New Age and metaphysics take over here, replacing tried and true science, because the 'unknown' is really what the 'common man' understands best!  Thusly anything with 'vestiges' of orthodox scientific concepts, laws and principles, is NOT of any 'desirability', since such things are just 'too hard' for understanding by the 'common man'!


And this then leads to the 'second strike' against our new 'science'.  I've said that folks will accept anything that is 'understandable' as an 'unknown'.  The reality here is that such a definition applies two different ways.  It applies in regard to the first 'limitation' that I have mentioned: the 'common man' only wants to understand 'science' that is explainable as 'unknown', or beyond the 'understanding' of 'common folks'.  But the 'clinker' here is that the 'common man' ALSO wants any and all 'science' to adhere to the centuries-old established 'law' of 'separation-of-science-and-religion', as so postulated and maintained by 'the State'!  In other words, as the 'State' (i.e., government!), has so 'maintained' since the 1700's, when 'Science' and the 'Church' were amicably divorced or 'separated', with 'Science' being responsible for all that can be seen and touched in human Society, i.e., Materiality/Physicality/Corporeality, while the 'Church' became the exclusive venue of all that is 'unknown' or Incorporeal (non-physical)!  (As a Reference here, I refer the Reader to a most pertinent webpage that details this 'separation' of Science and Religion and the Symbolic Violence that has been, and is, the result thereof): https://www.angelfire.com/ca/sanmateoissues/SymVio.html


And thusly the 'common man', being (in most respects) scientifically 'ignorant', as well as religiously 'biased' (in whatever the individual 'religion', or even 'non-religion', may be!), does so desire his/her 'science' to be both scientifically 'unknown' AS WELL AS religiously 'unknown'!  And so the American 'contretemps' does exist, whereby most of American society can only, in their scientifically-religious 'catechism', accept such 'science' as is both scientifically 'unknown' and religiously 'unknown' (the term 'unknown' here implying 'not-understandable').  Americans (and many others throughout the world!) want their Science to be 'understood' ONLY by 'accepted experts', and their Religion to likewise be 'understood' ONLY by 'accepted experts'.  (Such 'experts' who, when the 'common man' needs to 'know', can 'tell us What To Do', so that we do not have to 'know' anything other than 'What we are Told'!)  The 'common man' is most comfortable when both Science AND Religion are 'unknowns', which, in his/her daily life of 'stresses and strains', are just two more things that he/she doesn't have to 'worry about'!  IF anything 'scientific' is other than of these 'requirements', then it is only acceptable IF Hollywood should put it into a 'blockbuster-action-Sci-Fi' format, in which the 'action' is what is 'understandable', if not the 'science'!


Of course, the 'escape-clause' here is the fact that Americans 'don't want to know'!  They will gladly leave any 'knowing', of anything, up to 'the experts', so they can merrily go through their Lives not 'having to worry' about anything other than what they have 'put into' their own personal 'cages', of their own 'making'!  Safe within one's 'cage', we can proclaim, "I am the Master of my Fate.  All that is (within this 'cage') is mine!  Anything else... I don't care about!  Let someone else 'worry about' so-and-so!  Or else let the 'experts' (doctors, lawyers, priests, rabbis, ministers, physicians, judges, teachers, professors, etc., etc.) tell them what to do!  Whatever it is, it is beyond my 'cage' and beyond my concern!"  Which, incidentally, also includes themselves!  If they WERE to 'accept' full and complete INDIVIDUAL 'responsibility' for themselves, that would mean that each and every individual would have to KNOW Who and What one 'was' and 'is', plus What one was 'Born to Be and to Do', and even ... "Heaven Forbid!" ... What one's 'Destiny' is!  Holy Mackerel!  THAT is just 'too much'!  That's more than any individual 'has a Right to Know' (in this day of consummate Lawyers, who might 'determine' such things!)  "Besides, 'responsibility' for such things is not mine at all!  That's what we have money, and the financial system for!"


Yep!  Got it right there!  Third-Party 'Agents of Responsibility', most notoriously the 'Dollar-Bill'!  Americans do not want to be 'responsible' for themselves much less anything else!  And so we have all kinds of 'representatives', who 'represent' our 'responsibilities', instead of ourselves!  American society is entirely based on 'representation', meaning that no one, no individual ANYWHERE, is 'responsible' for anything, and certainly not themselves!  If any 'action' or event or circumstance, should attempt to place any kind of humane or humanitarian, or just plain old human, 'responsibility' upon that individual, we, of course, would immediately refer such an onerous 'responsibility' to our 'representatives', our lawyers, priests, teachers, etc., or, finally, in some way, shape or form, the financial, legal, economic, political or religious 'system'!  We CANNOT 'accept' ANY 'personal responsibility' for anything, EVEN OURSELVES!  The 'Buck'... does NOT STOP HERE!


And thusly it is, as I say, that Americans 'do not want to know', but are only comfortable with that which is 'unknown', which they do not need to 'understand'!  AND THIS INCLUDES UNDERSTANDING THEMSELVES!  Ask any American to tell you Who they are, or What they are, or What they were Born to Do or to Be, or What their Destiny IS... and the only thing you will get is, "I don't know!"  UNLESS, that person has been so indoctrinated, so 'programmed', by the 'System', or someone (maybe a 'Make-Something-Of-Yourself' seminar-guru, or a religious guru, or such), who has 'told that individual' exactly what the 'teller' wants the individual 'to know', that the individual now DOES 'know' WHO/WHAT etc. he/she 'is' or was, and thusly is so 100% hyped-up about what they have been told ... "Hey!  Understanding/knowing something, anything, is better than nothing!  Just be glad there is someone to 'tell you Who you are', or you would be totally 'lost down the drain', with no life-vest at all!"  (Or so we might say!)


So what this really means is that Americans do NOT want to know the most important things in their Lives ... Who/What they Are, Who/What they were Born to Do/Be, and, most important, What their Destiny IS!  (Even IF such were 'created' BY OURSELVES!)  WE CAN'T HANDLE SUCH THINGS!  We don't have enough hospitals, sanitariums, mental health wards, psychologists, psychiatrists, etc., to handle such 'knowing'!  It is beyond us!  We leave such things to our 'representatives', to tell us only what we 'need to know', and no more!  Thusly, we can retain our sanity and not be overwhelmed by such a thing as 'Individual Responsibility - for one's WORDS, ACTIONS and DEEDS'!


Of course, such a mantra, or 'stigma', does reflect on our actions, words and deeds, not only with respect to ourselves, but unto others and All That Is in the entire world and human society!  And thusly we have the world the way it is, including the fact that we are most comfortable with the unknown and that we prefer to not even 'Know' ourselves!


And so, to finally get to the point of this communication, What are we (Americans) to do, when a 'new science' comes along, that not only wants us to 'understand' the scientific 'basics' and fundamentals underlying ALL REALITIES, but also to 'understand' THE REALITIES THEMSELVES?  And when I say 'Understand All Realities', I am not only talking about the individual 'understanding' him/herself, BUT ALSO 'understanding' the Who/What/When/Why and more, OF THE INDIVIDUAL's PLACE in Society... actually 'seeing' YOURSELF and that 'Cage' you have built!  Using, of course, such 'understanding', by actually 'seeing' the details... not only scientifically, but psychologically, philosophically, sociologically, historically and so much more!  OH!  And get this!  Not only 'understanding' oneself, the human Mind, human Consciousness, human Society, the world, the Cosmos and All That Is, BUT ALSO... fully and completely, and SCIENTIFICALLY, understanding GOD, and LUCIFER as well!!!  All detailed and defined by Science, Quantum Physics and such!  WHOA!  One thing more!  On top of all this, such a 'new Science' asks us to not only 'see and understand' all of the Negativities and Positivities that EXIST in individuals, human Society, in the world and in the Universe, but also... Guess What?  TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!   With such 'Knowing', with such an 'understanding' of All That Is!  In other words, TO TAKE ACTION!  TO 'EXERCISE' one's 'Individual Responsibility'... to BE RESPONSIBLE, for one's Words, Actions, and Deeds, AND IN DOING SO... TO CHANGE THE WORLD FOR THE BETTER!  NO, not only that!  To Change ONESELF, to Change human Society, to Change the world, and then... TO CHANGE THE COSMOS... for the Better, by Restoring Yin/Yang Harmony and Wholeness, ONENESS, to the Cosmos!  Bringing God and Lucifer back together again!  THAT is mankind's DESTINY!


So, when such a Science comes along, WHAT do Americans do?  Well, with the established 'prejudices' against any scientific or religious 'Knowing', or anything to do with Bringing Science and Religion together...  "Hey!  I'll not be a part of anything that would put Religion out of business!  Any 'Science' that actually explains the Realities would surely put Religion out of business, and I'll not have that!  We need... our Science AND our Religion, to be 'unknowns'!"


So what do you think, Oh, most venerated personality?  For more details of the 'Science' that I have been talking about here, see the following webpage for an Overview of the QUFD website:




Aum, Peace, Amen

Father Jerome