QUALIA LXXXI: Why We Are Obese in America! From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUF D

QUALIA LXXXI: Why We Are Obese in America!

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from the QUFD website,
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By Father Jerome

  1. Come on, now, America! We all know, already, exactly why we are obese! At least, anyone with a simple modicum of intelligence among us, can realize the why of it all because such people can see the obvious reasons all around us. As to the rest of us... those of less than a modicum of intelligence... (Yes! I must admit that there are such people, who are doubly-in-peril-due-to-obesity, because they cannot see and know, that which is obvious and thusly, even more so than those of us with the intelligence to see the realities of the situation and to know the difference, such people do also doubly need our help, the help of all of Society, to help them through this crisis!)

  2. And I am loathe to actually 'lay out' said Realities here, because, inevitably, merely Stating The Fact Of The Matter itself, is always controversial, with those people who always assume that they 'know' better, when they actually don't know, because they are 'In Denial', as to certain Realities of their Lives! But such people merely need to look down, and if they see an overweight bulge... they can now, finally, assure their 'Doubting/Denying Selves', that that 'bulge' has a certain reason, and that they are 'smack-dab, right in the middle' of that reason!

  3. And it doesn't matter whether you are a Doctor, a Lawyer, a Professor/Teacher, a Politician, a Supreme Court Judge, or anything less... because what I am going to say here pertains to All Of Us!

    All of Us Have Been 'Programmed'!

  4. Yes, 'Programmed', indoctrinated, mind-controlled, By The System! The American Politico-Economic-Religious-Family-'Values' System!

  5. Let me ask a simple question: As a person, do you, in your daily Life, both see and recognize... ANYWHERE (like on billboards along the streets/roads, or in newspapers/magazines, or on your computer, or on the TV, or anywhere else!) ... 'commercials', ads, marketing, and such, in any form???

  6. Of course! Such things are all around us! "So what?" you say. "I just ignore such ads!" Really, now? I said, in my question, "both see and recognize"! So if you are seeing and ignoring them, unconsciously you are still 'recognizing' those ads, and they are 'registering' in your sub-conscious! So, even though you have 'duly ignored' all those KFC ads, you have actually 'recognized' them, so when you are able to actually answer the question, "What is KFC?", not only does Kentucky Fried Chicken come to Mind, but also all of those pictures of someone 'biting into' a piece of KFC chicken!

  7. THAT IS THE SUCCESS, of the American 'Marketing' System, in Subliminal-Programming! Throughout the 'Market-Area' of any Product (or Service!), the Name and Images, of the Product (or Service!), are WELL KNOWN! And KFC, and Dominos Pizza (or Round Table, Pizza Pan, or ?), and Red Lobster, and The Olive Garden, and TGIF, and Safeway, and Burger King (or Jack-In-The-Box, Wendy's, McDonald's, or ?), are all Products (Services) that are not only on-the-tip-of-the-tongue, but also well-inscribed upon everyone's Minds!

  8. But it is not actually as simple as that (the Programming of the System!) Because there is another 'factor' at work here which is less self-readily apparent (and yet entirely obvious to intelligent Minds!)

    All the Effects Are Cumulative, Over The Years!

  9. Here's where 'Denial' really comes in, on many levels, not only with the Food and Marketing Industries (for 'causing' the 'problems', in the First Place!), but also with the 'Physical-Repair Industry', i.e., our Medical/Health Systems (for their 'botched attempts' to Repair-the-Problem) in the next place!

  10. In other words, if we can't 'see' the 'Denial', with the Food Industries, we certainly can't 'see the Denial' in the Medical/Health Industries! All of which is shown very clear to us (who have our 'Recognition-Caps' on!), when we see all of those 'drug-commercials' on the TV from the Pharmaceuticals Industries!

  11. Because, no matter what the drug-being-advertised (and many are for food-related health problems, such as allergies!), when the Drug Commercial is shown on TV, by Law, the advertiser is required to State The Side-Effects (which is usually done in a very quick vocal 'voice-over'!) But, at least here, the Truth-of-the-Matter is somewhat being shown. And I say 'somewhat', because in the case of these drugs, merely Stating The Side Effects IS NOT THE 'WHOLE TRUTH' OF THE MATTER!

  12. Because, as Science has long ago proven, those drug 'side-effects' ARE CUMULATIVE... each current drug's 'side-effect' ADDING TO the already innate/inscribed (within the cells of the body!) toxic 'side-effects', that have 'lodged' within the cells of the body, perhaps as many as 20 or 50 years ago! And all of those 'cumulative-side-effects' are the cause of the Medical 'Symptoms' of today!

  13. THE SAME REALITY EXISTS WITH THE FOODS WE EAT! Most all foods today have some kind of toxins, which are 'toxic', in some form, to our bodies, although such 'symptoms' may not appear for many years, and vary with individual Lifestyles!

  14. But again, ALL FOODS ARE CUMULATIVE, as to the effects upon our bodies, over the years! And here is where the 'side-effects' of foods, excel in what they do, as to our National Obesity Epidemic! Because the foods that you ate in yester-year, are certainly still with you (in your cells!), no matter what you might do to maintain your health!

  15. But the 'Reality' of this Discussion, as to the current 'Surge' in national obesity, is not so much these extant 'cumulative effects', but, on top of such 'Realities', the 'Abuse-of-the-Marketplace-and-our-Bodies', by the System! Because here is where the culprit lies! In a System that, in effect, is 'promoting-obesity-over-health', in order to 'Make Money'!

  16. Which brings-the-matter-back-home, right to the 'doors' of all the 'vested-interests', that run our Capitalist System! It is the issue of the 'Rich versus the Poor', as I have extensively discussed in the Second Part of my latest Book, "God, Lucifer, and You! A ScienceBook of Quantum Physics and Reality, for 5 year old Kids and Adults!".

  17. And make no mistake here, that what I have spoken about here, does not affect all of us, regardless of the intelligence of our Minds, and that certainly includes this Writer! Because there is also a Third Factor 'at work' here, that has, through the 'Magic' of American 'Marketing-Programming', duly Converted such 'Programming' into that 'Cash-Cow', that keeps Filling-The-Pockets of all the Rich People involved in bringing such Food 'Programming' to us!

    Our Food 'Programming' has been Converted to Addiction!

  18. Yes! We are now obese also, because of any number of 'Addictions', to which we have become 'addicted' and which are realized in the foods we eat! And for many Americans, it doesn't matter what the foods are, that we 'put-in-our-mouth', because they could just as well be raw-health-foods... the fact of the matter, is that we are 'putting-something-in-our-mouth', something which is not necessarily necessary!

  19. In other words, our Addiction-To-Foods has been created (again, By The System!), as a SUBSTITUTE, for something that The System has 'made unavailable-to-us' or which we cannot have, because of our situation-in-Life (usually because we are Poor!)

  20. I've already written about Addictions elsewhere on this website, as well as (specifically) the 'Addiction-of-the-Elderly', in quoting an eminent Article in 'The American Journal of General Psychology', which 'pins' a unique 'addiction-of-the-elderly' here in America, on the lack-of-sexual-contact in the Lives of Senior Citizens, where the normal 'sexual-urges' of the elderly, are 'converted' to 'urges-to-eat' ("Because that's all you're gonna 'get', at your age, Buddy!"), by the 'mechanisms' of both the Food Industries and 'The System' itself! So, regardless of the Fact, that all those 'horny' American Senior Citizens are still being 'turned-on' by all of the young Ladies-of-Today, the Fact is that the 'substitution-of-food' is the only 'Reality' for them, and it is here where the 'Addiction-To-Food' occurs, when what any Red-Blooded Man (of any age!) 'needs', is a Woman-In-His-Life! (Not to be 'biased' here, but the same goes for the Women, in the Reverse-Situation!)

  21. To 'get-a-bit-personal' here, such applies to this elderly writer as well, both as to sex and to food! Here it is, a Labor Day-weekend-National Holiday, a weekend of supposedly extreme and excellent Sociability and of conviviality with family, friends and such! (This applies to all the Holidays, as well!) For many of the Elderly, however, just like this Writer, they no longer have 'Family, Friends and such', but very limitedly! As a consequence, just watching-the-TV, as a Virtual-Social-Reality (when what you really need is Family, Friends and People, at such a time!), can 'get-an-Old-Coot-horny', what with all the sexy Gals on TV today! Of course, 'Sex' is just not available, in an Old Coot's 'situation', therefore it is one's 'attempts-to-lose-weight' that inevitably suffer! I had gone for 2 days on a food-fast, and I was into the 3rd day... But sex reared its beautiful head, and I was lost! I got on the phone and ordered Delivery, in 45 minutes, of a small Pizza and an Order of Fettucini de Mare! Actually, that was intended for Lunch and Dinner, and by evening, I was intending to Order Delivery of several Chinese Food items, for the next several days... but I felt so overloaded from the Pizza-Fettucini Order, that I somewhat regained my 'senses' and never placed the Order for the Chinese Food! All as a result of an 'Addiction' for Sex, that was 'converted' to an Urge-For Food... just as the American 'System' is supposed-to-do, to Keep the Rich Man 'Rich' and the Poor Man 'Poor', and 'Addicted'!

  22. Of course, there are all kinds of 'addictions', for both American Men and Women of any ages, and they can all be 'indulged', happily, in our American 'System'! But, is this what we really want our American Society to be... a Society of 'Addicts'! It tends to show negatively, when Americans can no longer 'Think-For-Themselves', but absolutely 'need' some kind of Leader, to follow, politically and socially! Or Priest/Minister/Pastor, to 'Lead' their Lives! Or Teacher/Professor, to Educate them, in 'Being' exactly What Society is 'expecting' them to Be, based upon their Class and upbringing (as either a Rich or Poor student!) Again, it is the issue of the 'Rich versus the Poor', as I have extensively discussed in the Second Part of my latest Book, "God, Lucifer, and You! A ScienceBook of Quantum Physics and Reality, for 5 year old Kids and Adults!".

  23. But, as I always say in my Works, Americans (and the World's Peoples!) DO have the Ability, Within Themselves, to Change The Extant Situation, from What It Is, TO... What It Could Be, in Making This A Better World For All Of Us! But it takes COOPERATION... not Competition, and the Willingness of All of our Worldwide Peoples and Societies, to Eliminate such Addictions and Negativities Among Us, as I have mentioned here and elsewhere on these webpages! Because, ONLY Together, can Mankind Make This A Better World!

  24. See The Welcome Page, for more important info!

  25. And finally, if the American 'Marketing' System can be a success, I'd like to see if just one, plain and honest Guy, a 'Sex-Addicted' American Senior Citizen of almost 67 years, can 'Market' himself, on this truly worldwide telecommunications 'Medium', the Internet, with any possible chance of success! Here I am, Ladies, yet looking for a Permanent Lady/Girlfriend/Spouse, who 'understands' my 'needs and addictions', and who would be willing for me to 'understand' her 'needs and addictions', "...'Til Death Us Do Part!" If interested, Contact me! (Hopefully, before I get too obese, substituting-food-for-sex, as per my American 'programming', and/or appropriately 'Kick-the-Bucket'!) In the meanwhile, perhaps this 'Old Coot' might be allowed one 'Fantasy'... Well, maybe more than one! The First One, would be... to be Seduced and Raped by Shannen Doherty! The Second One, would be... to be Seduced and Raped by Rose McGowan! (By then, I guess I would have been appropriately "Charmed"!) Next, would be to be Seduced and Raped by Scarlett Johansson! Following those, I guess any top-class Hollywood (such as Hilary Swank!) or International 'Starlet', Maven, or Person-of-Supreme-Intelligence, would do, but they'd have to be extremely Sexy, as well as totally understanding of the Mind and Incorporeality! After all, I can't be 'Walking-the-Red-Carpet' (maybe someday!), with someone who is not First Class, in Who and What they 'are'! (Okay, so I do have a 'bias', as to the kinds-of-people that I know!) But I can yet Accept and Respect One and All! ("What do you mean, I can't get 'Extra Credits' for Beyonce Knowles or Halle Berry or Rihanna?")

Aum, Peace, Amen

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