The Book of Jerome: An Epistle on Human and Cosmological Existence and Reality! From the QUFD website, at:!

The Book of Jerome: An Epistle on Human and Cosmological Existence and Reality!

Exploring QUFD Principles,
from the QUFD website,

By Father Jerome

See philosophia perennis

  1. In the Beginning, of this dimensionality of the Cosmos, of this particular Universe, all was......
    HEY! It WAS whatever it was! Let's skip all that and get to the relevant parts.

  2. So, sometime later (at least as far as this dimensionality/Universe is concerned), the Man/Lady Upstairs (Infinite Consciousness/God), and His/Her Chief Consort/Cohort, Lucifer, had a "falling out" of sorts, and Lucifer was banished to the Nether Regions of the Cosmos. Actually, this will further be described only as such a situation does so affect our Universe only, i.e., this dimensionality, but it is to be herewith noted that such a "falling out" and the consequences thereof did affect not only this dimensionality, but ALL dimensionalities throughout the Cosmos. Not only that, but as far as humanity is concerned, it did also affect all of humanity, THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE COSMOS, of every dimensionality and Universe!

  3. Okay, getting back to our Universe, at the time of this "falling out", humanity may or may not have as yet colonized/populated this Universe. For the purposes of this discussion, I'll let the Reader determine which was the case, as to humanity's coming to this dimension from another dimension - the Pre-Big Bang dimension!

  4. Anyway, the major point to be made here was the immediate consequences of that "falling out". (For the extended details thereof, related symbolically, I recommend that one read Milton's, "Paradise Lost!") And those consequences were that Lucifer, and his minions, were banished to the "Nether Regions" of the Cosmos.

  5. Now, just to be more accurate about what we are talking about, let's get down to the itty-bitty details of describing exactly what these "nether regions" did so constitute (and this is VERY important to our further discussion here!) Categorically, and literally, the nether regions, or the netherworld, are Hell, or the lower, or lowermost, regions of all existence, or even, as it is sometimes called, Hades (invoking a popular mythological term). But, the point is, that this, or these regions, became the abode of Lucifer and his minions, and thusly has since been known as the Luciferian Complex of dimensionality and Consciousness, in that the Luciferian Complex is the Negative side, or forces, of the singular ground-state condensate of Cosmic Consciousness, with Infinite Consciousness (God) being of the Positive side or forces of Consciousness. (Hey! Remember?...... "May The Force Be With You!")

  6. Now, getting a little more detailed, let's describe this region further. Because, what had happened in this "falling out", which Lucifer had with God, was that God had gotten tired of Lucifer's Negativity, in which Lucifer had evolved himself into such a Cosmic force by which he was affecting almost any and everything that was Good and True and Positive in the Cosmos, in a negative way, or negatively, turning Good to Bad, Truth to Falsity/Untruth, and everything Positive to Negativity, and the Cosmos was no longer whole, as in Wholeness, an equalized balance, of such forces, to the wellness of All That Is.

  7. In Quantum Physics, the quantum axion particles of Lucifer Consciousness are of a whole Negative integer-spin, whereas the quantum axion particles of God Consciousness are of a whole Positive integer-spin. And when Negativity interfers with Positivity, we have half-negative and half-positive integer-spin quantum axion particles of Consciousness, reflecting the "Cooper-paired" realities of Negative-Positive interactions.

  8. Now the further point here is that Infinite Consciousness (God), who had Created All That Is in the Cosmos in the first place, had also thusly Created Lucifer, who was, in effect, like family, or a twin brother, of some sort. And since Lucifer's powers had also derived from his birth or Creation, he thusly had immense power, almost as much as God.

  9. Now what this means, in Quantum Mechanical terms, is that Lucifer did share, almost equally, the very quantum forces and fields of the Cosmos from which he had been Created (and I am NOT going to go back to the "Beginning" again, where it is said that, "All was in Darkness, until suddenly, there was Light!")

  10. Anyway, Light, or Positivity (God), surpassed Darkness, but, for whatever reasons, Darkness was given Reality, or Existence, and was Granted "Being", on a par with Light, or God, and thusly Positivity and Negativity, Yin and Yang, existed in Wholeness and Togetherness and Oneness, for aeons and aeons, to the benefit of all.

  11. BUT, after the "falling out", Lucifer was banished and the Wholeness of the Cosmos was rent apart, into their separate regions of Positivity and Negativity, Heaven and Hell. And actually, since this did affect all of the Cosmos, this means that All That Is has since been laboring under this divisiveness or DUALITY, of Negativity and Positivity.

  12. Now this does also apply to human Consciousness as well. Because what we have had in the Cosmos, is this gigantic struggle between Good and Evil, God and Lucifer, Positivity and Negativity, with, historically (over the aeons), sometimes Negativity prevailing and sometimes Positivity prevailing.

  13. Now, to describe this a bit further, I need to emphasize here that all of the Cosmos was, in effect, divided-up, into the Positive upper regions (Heaven) and the Negative lower regions (Hell).

  14. And this did pertain to all of humanity as well, in that, just as Lucifer was, and is, a "part of" Infinite Consciousness (a part OF the very ground-state condensate of the quantum force-fields, of that Infinite Condensate, from which he did derive), so too is humanity, likewise, a "part of" that Infinite ground-state of Consciousness, of Existence and Reality!

  15. In fact, in that humanity has been Created, throughout the Cosmos, in God's "image", so, besides being a part of that Infinite ground-state, God has also challenged humanity with a Special Task and Destiny!

  16. And that Special Task and Destiny IS TO BRING GOD AND LUCIFER TOGETHER AGAIN, in WHOLENESS and ONENESS, throughout the Cosmos!

  17. Now, getting back to what I have already mentioned earlier, that we have already had, historically, periods in which Positivity has prevailed and periods in which Negativity has likewise prevailed. AND THIS WAS ALL A RESULT OF HUMAN ACTIVITY, and human SPIRIT, in overcoming Negativity, in such previous human civilizations of this world.

  18. BUT, we have NOT YET "reconciled" Good and Bad, God and Lucifer, as the ultimate Destiny of mankind has so been challenged. GOD IS COUNTING ON US! We are the "Chosen", to "effect" such a Coming Together, in Wholeness and Oneness!

  19. As to WHY humanity, in those previous civilizations which DID achieve Positivity of the human Existence, had not ALSO RECONCILED those DUAL forces of the Cosmos INTO ONENESS......Well, it seems that there was yet some aspect of human civilization that was NOT PERFECT, not yet Whole and complete, but was, yet Negatively inclined, shall we say. So, even though greatness and Positivity were largely achieved, it (human civilization) inevitably "failed" in its "Purpose" and it all came "tumbling down". In this, I refer to the latest "failure" of humanity, which was known as Atlantis, but previous attempts were also made by the civilizations of Mu, Orion and many others, going back aeons into our Cosmological human histories, not only here on Earth but elsewhere in the Universe and the Cosmos. In this Solar system alone, witness the destruction and/or barrenness that humanity has wrought: Mars, vacated by necessity, under threat of global destruction; Venus, vacated by the remains of humanity, AFTER its destruction; the Asteroid Belt, what remains of the Planet Vulcan, again destroyed by humanity; and on and on throughout the Universe and the Cosmos! We have ALMOST BEEN THERE, how many times, but have inevitably failed DUE TO SOME HUMAN FAILING! Yet, Lo and Behold, Infinite Consciousness (God) is YET WITH US! MAYBE THIS TIME......Well, "One more Time around the Mulberry Bush", and maybe......Just maybe, we might Get it Right, and Bring It All Together, or Get Our Act Together, and FIND OURSELVES, and......ELIMINATE THAT DAMN COSMIC DUALITY of the Cosmic Forces! BRING US TOGETHER, I say!
    Aum, Peace, Amen.

  20. So, that is our Challenge and Destiny, but let's now take a look at exactly where we are at the present time.

  21. Unfortunately, we are, in our current civilization of humanity on this world, in a period of NEGATIVITY, where the forces of the Luciferian Complex have again gained the upper hand. We are immersed in a Sea of Negativity and it surrounds us everywhere! After all, Lucifer has thusly been called, "The Prince of this World" and our world does now lie adjacent to those nether regions of the Luciferian Complex.

  22. Incidentally, it is to be noted here that the rest of humanity, throughout the Cosmos, for now, seems to be ignoring us, which I will not go into here. However, in Father Jerome's World Community Sermons section of this website, see Father Jerome's Sermon entitled "Are You Prepared for 2010 A.D.? - The Future-Realities of famous Physicist-Futurist Freeman J. Dyson!", in which Dyson, a most respected Physicist of Albert Einstein's think-tank, the Institute for Advanced Physics at Princeton University, relates his scientifically-reasoned prognostication (or Future-Prediction, based on SCIENTIFIC FACT and REALITY, rather than any nebulous Economic-Historical "seerage"!) of there being 5 Class-levels of human civilization in the Cosmos and he then informs us that WE ARE ONLY PRESENTLY A CLASS 0 CIVILIZATION! So, a very good reason for the Earth currently "being ignored" AND only a Class 0 Civilization, IS THAT THE REST OF COSMIC HUMANITY probably DOESN'T WANT ANYTHING TO DO WITH US and our Negativity UNTIL WE CAN GET RID OF IT, and "Grow Up" (from our present "childish" realities!), achieve our normal Mental Maturity of Mind, and THEN......possibly, we might be "ready", to JOIN COSMIC HUMANITY, once more, in Oneness of humanity throughout the Cosmos! Until then, we have "GOT to get our Act Together!" 'Cuz Cosmic humanity, AND Infinite Consciousness(God), NEEDS US, to help fulfill Mankind's Cosmic Destiny!

  23. The reason for this (Lucifer's Negativity) IS THAT HIS NEGATIVITY DOES AFFECT EVERY AND ALL ACTIONS, that we do undertake and that our Mind does so create, in reality and existence, each and every day!

  24. HOWEVER, we, humanity, have been Given, by Infinite Consciousness, A SAVING GRACE! And what is that Saving Grace, but our SOUL! It is our "connection", our LINK, to the Positivity of Infinite Consciousness, and our means of overcoming Lucifer's Negativity in our world and throughout the Cosmos!

  25. But, first of all, I need to detail the actual quantum mechanical COMPOSITION of that Soul, and of the individual human Mind of which it is a part thereof. In QUFD, the Formulation, I briefly noted that, at the present time, both the upper and lower Mind (i.e., Soul and self) are in a quantum "Cooper-pairing" with the surrounding Luciferian Negativity, causing the results and actions OF that human Mind to be distorted and influenced by Lucifer's Negativity.

  26. This QUFD definition is yet true and accurate, WHEN VIEWED from the corporeal brain-side of the interactions with the Mind, as evidenced by the results obtained therein and thereby. In other words, as stated in the QUFD Formulation, as to the corporeal results of all Mind activity, the Mind - the entire Local Human Mind, composed of both upper and lower Mind (Soul/Self and self) - is actually constituted of half-negative, half-positive (integer-spin) quantum axion particles of Consciousness, as described in the QUFD Formulation, again, WHEN seen FROM the side of CORPOREALITY (the RESULTS of Mind activity).

  27. HOWEVER, and this is the further detailed point to be made here, the entire Local Mind, WHEN VIEWED FROM INCORPOREALITY, of the ultimate ground-state Spirituality OF Infinite Consciousness (God), DOES YET PRESENT a Whole and Complete, and integral, Local Human Mind AND SOUL, OF WHOLE integer-spin quantum axion particles of Consciousness. In other words, from the Cosmic side of Consciousness, Infinite Consciousness (God) does yet view one's SOUL as WHOLE and POSITIVE, as to its part IN and OF the totality of All That Is in the Cosmos. In further words, in effect, God has not forgotten ANY individual, but is YET WITH US, IN one's upper Mind or Soul, which is that human Mind's INTERFACE TO the entire Cosmos and all dimensionality beyond the individual Mind. ALL it takes, and what is required, is our individual and societal ACTIVISM, or activating, or KNOWING - of our Soul! This means KNOWING oneSelf (the Self/Soul), KNOWING Who and What one IS, and BEING "in and of" that Soul, by being Who and What we were BORN TO BE! That takes, as QUFD explains, LIVING IN THE MOMENT!

  28. Which means, further, BEING IN THE MOMENT, each and every moment of one's Life, WHICH IS THE ONLY PLACE where the POSITIVITY of Infinite Consciousness is assured! Because, when one is "Being in the Moment", ALL THE QUANTUM FORCES, of Past, Present and Future, AND of Infinite Consciousness, ARE THERE WITH YOU, in that moment OF ACTION, no matter what the action may be! (Just ask Luke Skywalker, the Jedi Knight, whether the "Force" was with him, in his moment of need thereof!)

  29. Such IS THE ONLY WAY to escape that Sea of Negativity, in which we are all swimming, and to "breach" that Veil of Separation/Unknowing (which Carl Jung has called it!) and to KNOW oneSelf, or one's SOUL!

  30. Because, if an individual does NOT KNOW his/her Soul, then that individual is yet laboring under an IMMATURITY OF MIND, NOT KNOWING one's Soul, and not having one's Maturity of Mind gene pool so activated as to enable such Mental Maturity as is thusly enabled IN the Knowing OF one's Soul!

  31. Okay, let's temporarily look at the "actions", that are possible, WITH MATURITY OF MIND (and some of these are already detailed in the QUFD Formulation). Since the upper Mind, or Self (with a large S), or Soul, has the "attention" OF Infinite Consciousness, or the "connection" to ALL the quantum forces of which it is comprised, IN that ultimate ground-state condensate of Consciousness which is Infinite Consciousness, IT THEREFORE HAS ACCESS to any and everything, to any dimensionality of Consciousness, WITHIN that Infinite ground-state!

  32. In other words, "access" (via the Soul) to Consciousness, means access to the knowledge and wonders of the Universe, AND THE COSMOS, including Truth, Knowing, Wisdom and all such factual realities of the Cosmos (in that, within Positive Consciousnesss, it is impossible for Falsity or Untruth to exist). However, IF ONE SHOULD CHOOSE TO DO SO, one CAN "access" the Negative dimensions, and yet be protected, in one's "Being", BY Positivity! (UNLESS one "renounces" that Positivity, and becomes a minion, or a part of, Negative Consciousness!) Hey, remember Hercules and his travels to Hades and the Elysian Fields, to visit his deceased yet immortal wife. He was protected by his Positivity. And if you should travel there yourself, be advised that Charon has discounted the price of a boatride across the River Styx. Oh, also be aware that there is a Hades-Alert in effect. Look out for the Three-Headed Hell-Dog Cerberus. He seems to have gotten loose!

  33. Anyway, ALL of the "wonders" OF the Cosmos, are available AND accessible, TO one of Mature Human Mind. All it takes is BEING IN THE MOMENT (see QUFD)! Oh, one thing more. If one is NOT nominally OF a Mature Mind, one CAN yet access one's Soul AND BEYOND, by the mere "mechanism" of "breaching" those Luciferian "fingers of Negativity", or the Veil of Separation/Unknowing, as Carl Jung did call it. He said the means to "breaching" the Veil WAS TO KNOW ONESELF; i.e. to KNOW one's Soul, as to Who and What one "is" and has been "Born to Be". This can, obviously, be the result of Maturity of Mind, but it can also be achieved temporarily via the cutting-edge technology of Holothetics, the brain/Mind/computer interface technology. See my webpage on Holothetics.

  34. "Being in the Moment", for the individual, allows access to one's Soul, "breaching" of that Veil of Negativity (as defined in QUFD), and a TEMPORARY "turning-on", or activation, of that human gene pool OF the Mature Human Mind, within the individual.

  35. HOWEVER, for PERMANENT "activation" OF that gene pool, within ALL OF US, what is required IS "Being In The Moment" BY ALL OF HUMANITY! In other words, human gene pool "activation", for the corpus of humanity, AND THE ELIMINATION OF that Veil of Separation/Unknowing, and those "Fingers of Negativity" thereof, CAN ONLY BE ACCOMPLISHED BY THE FULL WILL, and action, and COOPERATION, of ALL of humanity, in the exercise OF POSITIVITY, to finally eliminate those "fingers of Negativity" that are there, in our Minds, at the present time. (Since we are ALL "swimming" in that Sea of Negativity, "breaching" OF that Veil, by individuals, can ONLY be TEMPORARY, as long as all of humanity, including any individual, is yet immersed IN such Negativity in one's daily Life, REGARDLESS of the Positivity that can be had BY Living In The Moment!)

  36. NOW, HOW are individuals and human society to so COOPERATE, and use their WILL, and POSITIVITY, IN THE MOMENT, to remove Lucifer from this world and from our Minds, and to ultimately restore WHOLENESS and ONENESS throughout the Cosmos?

  37. Well, you could almost say that such WAS IMPOSSIBLE, in the CONTEXT of today's world, driven as it is by Lucifer's Negativity. How are we, humanity, EVER TO COME TOGETHER, in Peace, Love, Togetherness AND POSITIVITY OF ACTION (Activism), in overcoming Lucifer?
    (Stand by, the song/anthem is now beginning...... "We Shall Overcome, We Shall Overcome......")

  38. "Well, just how is this to come about? Tell us, PLEASE!"

  39. Well, that's the damn problem, right there! Everyone WANTS TO BE TOLD WHAT TO DO! (See the "Summer Nites" Program Guide, about being told "WHO I AM" and more!) No one, it seems, can think for themselves any more, which, incidentally, is just as Lucifer wants it to be! We are all "locked-into" our CAGES, of our own making and creation. We are "running" Lucifer's "rat-race", and we DON'T KNOW Who and What we are, as humanity nor as individuals. We have been "programmed" and we are all "living the lie" OF that programming, which Lucifer has inflicted upon us. HEY, how did this happen, and what can WE DO ABOUT IT?

  40. Well, first of all, EVERYONE NEEDS TO TAKE AN INTEREST IN PHILOSOPHY! (See the previously listed "Summer Nites" Program Guide, in the PHILOSOPHY section.)

  41. "WHAT? What in the H--- are you talking about? WHY should I, or anyone, start to be interested in Philosophy - UGH?"

  42. Well, the reason is this. THE ONLY WAY EACH AND EVERY INDIVIDUAL OF HUMANITY, and all of human society, IS GOING TO GET OUT OF THEIR PERSONAL CAGES and become FREE and INDEPENDENT individuals, IS BY UNDERSTANDING THE BASICS, the fundamentals, OF WHAT IS, in the Cosmos! Of what the REALITIES, of Life and Existence ARE, at the very BASICS of each and every person's Life! Because, just like repairing your car, you cannot fix something UNLESS YOU KNOW HOW IT WORKS!

  43. And that is what we are talking about here. How the Universe, the Cosmos, AND HUMANITY, and human Consciousness......WORK! 'Cuz that's what it's all about! UNTIL one understands HOW SOMETHING WORKS...... you can't begin TO FIX IT! You can't "change the Cosmos", much less yourself, UNTIL you understand Who and What you ARE, and how YOU "WORK", or how you "fit in", with All That Is!

  44. And that's what we have been talking about here! So far, I've discussed CONTEXT - the overall context, or background, as to how and why we are where we are, which is, as I have said, "swimming in a Sea of Negativity"!

  45. SO, that is the CONTEXT. Now, however, next I am going to get even more specific in detail AND MORE PERSONAL! Because now I am going to describe the CONTENT of our Lives, to the best that I can, through the use of just about every daily example of the activities and programming OF our daily Lives.

  46. In fact, I'll call the next section, "Cultural and Negative Influences Upon Individuals and Human Society."

    "Cultural and Negative Influences Upon Individuals and Human Society."

  47. The most important thing that Lucifer DOES NOT WANT us, humanity, to "KNOW" IS...... that ALL the answers to man's questions and questings LIE WITHIN him/herself, in one's SOUL, IF one would but merely connect or access therewith one's Soul, which can access any and everything in the Cosmos!

  48. SO, in order to PREVENT the individual, and, consequently, ALL of human society, FROM LOOKING WITHIN ONESELF for the answers, Lucifer thusly has devised many and sundry ways to DIVERT that "questing" and to cause individuals to SEEK those answers OUTSIDE OF ONESELF, from others (third-parties), WHICH GUARANTEES that the answers/directions/learning/advice, etc. that one does "receive", ARE THUSLY NEGATIVELY DISTORTED and NOT of the ultimate TRUTH which one might so find by merely looking within to one's Soul!

  49. In other words, Lucifer DOES NOT WANT US TO THINK, to get in contact with that KNOWING, of the Soul of each and every one of us, which does lie within us!

  50. Lucifer PREVENTS such KNOWING by having us seek answers - Nay! ANY and EVERYTHING! - FROM OTHERS! How does he do this? By influencing us to rely on our "connections" with others, our (inter)dependencies, our normal, everyday NEEDS...... for interaction WITH other human beings!

  51. And since human interactivity is one of the biggest things that takes place in the human sphere of existence, we can say that ALMOST EVERYTHING that we do in our daily Lives IS CORRUPTED by Lucifer's Negativity!

  52. Going on here, I'm going to attempt to describe some examples, some "programming", which we almost all do engage in, that do promote his Negativity and prevent us from really thinking about those things which we should really give serious thought to. I've already noted some of these TOOLS and FACTORS of Luciferian influence and Negativity IN my Research Report, "An Evolutionary Maturity of the Human Mind", so what I will try to relate here are some additional Tools and Factors that I had neglected in the Report but which are of significance in our lives. (And again, as I do believe I have so mentioned in the Report, there are SO MANY WAYS by which Lucifer does influence our daily lives that it is almost impossible to render a complete listing, in that many of such are individually-oriented, designed to keep an individual "locked-into" his/her "programming", or that CAGE, which almost every individual has constructed about oneself and one's Life, which we lock ourselves into, saying, "This is my Life, AND THAT IS ALL THERE IS, and it's GREAT! Anything more is OUTSIDE of my Cage and therefore outside of my concerns. It doesn't affect me and thusly I DON'T CARE!"

  53. Okay, one of the biggest means of "locking oneself in one's Cage" is by CULTURAL CONDITIONING! Hey, whether one "grows up" Italian, Puerto Rican, Jewish, Black, Irish, WASP, Chinese, Korean or whatever one's cultural identity may be, YOU HAVE BEEN CULTURALLY PROGRAMMED! Your "tastes" in people, music, art, movies, radio/TV, marriage, religion, food and most anything "cultural", HAS BEEN NEGATIVELY INFLUENCED SINCE YOUR BIRTH! EVEN your "happiness", your joys, your cultural identity and "bliss" and such, IS NEGATIVELY BIASED, to keep you "locked-in" TO that cultural identity and its cultural programming! This even includes your cultural methodology of WORSHIP - of "religion", of belief and faith - ALL of it, PROMOTING NEGATIVE CONSEQUENCES, for the individual and that particular cultural milieu.

  54. ALSO, another great source of Negative programming is SOCIETAL "programming" - those things having to do with one's daily activities regarding one's job/employment, family/relatives, other relationships, business, financial, automotive...... JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING, involving how and why we INTERACT with others and society!

  55. In a little bit, herein, I will get into a discussion of a major influence of Lucifer's societal Negativity, from a historical perspective, as to the opportunities, resources and such OF SOCIETY, which may or may not be made available to us, depending on Who and What we are AND our relationship TO THE ESTABLISHED POWER STRUCTURES of society!

  56. However, before I do that, I am going to briefly attempt to give a number of specific examples of our programmed Negativities, coming from individual, cultural and societal "programming". Here they are:

  57. Okay, I've said that Lucifer does not want us to THINK, and when I say this, I mean reflectively, or what is known as DEEP, prolonged, reflective thinking, where one might spend hours, even days or more, just "thinking", and letting the muse, concentration and Consciousness WANDER WHEREVER IT MIGHT so do. Hey, IF you were to do this, YOU MIGHT START GETTING ANSWERS from within yourself, from your Soul, instead of from whoever you have been "listening to", or whoever has been "telling you what to do!" LUCIFER DON'T WANT THAT!

  58. SO, what he has done is to "program" society into thinking, believing, that the individual DOES NOT NEED TO THINK any longer than is "briefly necessary"! (Hey, check the popularity of TV Game Shows, where you are lucky to get 10 seconds to come up with an answer! Okay, so the questions, and thusly the answers, are mostly superficial anyway, so it don't really count!) BUT, for REALLY DEEP THINKING...... we do need TIME!

  59. So, what Lucifer wants is for all of us to "think", or "realize" (which is the programming), THAT...... if we don't come up with an answer in a few minutes, any more "thinking" IS NOT WORTH ANYTHING! We are programmed to come up with instantaneous answers! Better yet, we are indoctrinated to "believe" that the "faster" we can think - i.e., "thinking-on-our-feet", as it is called - the more VALUABLE is our TIME and our thinking! If we can "outthink" the other person, time-wise, we are supposedly better off. Well, here we have another Negative influence, that of MONEY versus Time, in this case, where the-faster-one-thinks-the-more-money-one-makes syndrome comes into effect. I have already discussed the Money-Influence Problem in the Report, so I won't go into it here!

  60. Okay, so deep-thinking is not allowed, which, of course, puts all of us Philosophers in the dog-house, making us "worthless", for "indulging" in such a thing as "thinking"!

  61. Okay, going on here, let's look at a cultural influence, say from the Black perspective. Now, due to Black/Afro-American history, the entire peoples of this cultural persuasion, from birth to death, certainly do have a cultural perspective THAT A BLACK PERSON IS SOMEHOW LESS THAN HUMAN, but is, instead, merely a "slave", or vessel, to be used accordingly!

  62. Now this "awareness" (whether culturally-conditioned from one's parents/upbringing OR from one's education/experience in life) does pervade a Black person's DAILY REALITY, whether one realizes it or not! IT IS A "GIVEN" OF ONE'S BIRTH!

  63. From the quantum mechanical perspective, this "awareness" is a PHYLOLOGIC "echo", or PHYLOGENETIC "input" (existing from birth, or genesis, of the individual or race), to the condensate ground-state "landscape" of that Consciousness of one's Mind, creating a mostly permanent "perturbation" or hill, upon that landscape of dynamic functional-decision-making, which does affect any and all decisions made BY that Mind THROUGH THE INTEGRATION OF that "awareness" INTO those decisions so made. Such are the dynamics of the Mind's "landscape"! For further info, read QUFD.

  64. This "awareness" IS ALSO A NEGATIVE INFLUENCE upon one's Life, because in any and all situations, of societal interaction, one will be aware of, if not outright looking for, the "tinges of condescension", or the "putting down", of oneself BY OTHERS, and the individual will be made to feel WORTHLESS (or otherwise), depending on one's SENSITIVITY TO such slanderings. If one's sensitivity is minimal, it will be overlooked and minimized (and YET, possibly, remembered, to accrue INTERNALLY, in Consciousness, as a further "perturbation" upon that landscape of Consciousness, to the detriment of one's health and well-being), OR, if one's sensitivity is heightened, THE INDIVIDUAL MAY REACT VIOLENTLY! In any case, there are many and sundry ways in which this "programming" can be the cause of Negative INFLUENCE AND REACTION in the individual's Life! I remember a very well-to-do Black politician voicing the statement, "I would never have made a good slave because......", whatever it was, disregarding entirely that particular thing she was referring to, but giving, in effect, "life", to her unconscious FEARS and underlying NEGATIVE CONDITIONING, with regard to those phylogenetic echoes of her racial memories, which are practically "etched in stone" upon that landscape of her Consciousness!

  65. Another example here shows how Lucifer wants us to feel about THINKING and THOUGHT, with regard to working physically or with our hands. Since he doesn't want us to think, therefore he has programmed us to think/believe that anyone who does not work with their hands or physically, IS NOT WORKING AT ALL, but is, instead, merely a "lazy bum", or "freeloader", living off of the hard-working efforts of everyone else who does, in fact, labor physically in their jobs. (LISTEN UP HERE, all you College/University "students" out there! The man's talkin' to you! Lucifer is saying, "IF you don't work with your hands, you're NOT DOING ANYTHING WORTH WHILE! You're USELESS! DO NOT even try to THINK! It is not to be allowed!") Of course, such "red-neck" biases do bring on their own forms of Negativity, when such biases accumulate in one's Life and cause problems elsewhere, as in relationships with other people.

  66. Of course, this is, again, the conflict between Classical Newtonian Physics (which says that the ONLY REALITY is that which can be seen, heard or touched!) and Quantum Physics, in which INCORPOREALITY (or Spirit-Thought) IS THE BASIS OF ALL CORPOREALITY! For those who think thusly, whether "stuck-in-the-mud" physicists or "red-neck" common laborers, being able to relate to something (their job!) physically, AS WELL AS the results thereof (the paycheck, the MONEY!), rather than some nebulous, complex "thoughts", MAKES THE JOB, as well as the PAYCHECK, a source of extreme Negativity in one's Life AND in their relationships with other people in their lives.

  67. Speaking of CORPOREALITY versus INCORPOREALITY, again there are those "stubborn", hard-headed individuals, for whom anything that can be seen, heard or touched (OR reported, or accredited, BY an "accepted authority", such as a renowned PHYSICIST or NASA!) is the ONLY REALITY, and that anything otherwise, especially of an incorporeal nature, is certainly NON-REAL and fictitious. Well, such is their Negativity, and the means by which Lucifer prevents them from ever getting in touch with their Spirituality and their own Soul!

  68. How about children? Oh, such are the many ways of Negativity, which are inflicted upon our kids, from birth to adulthood. Just think about this particular aspect of our lives, whether from observation or from personal experience, and I am sure the Reader hereof can surely come up with their own personal example of how kids - whether themselves or others one has known - have been Negatively influenced, by one's parents or others, at some point or many points, in one's Life. So I will not even go into this any further here.

  69. RELIGION? All the "deviations", and creeds, and dogmas, and different "perspectives", as to how to define or objectify/subjectify Spirit or God or ?, are but Negative corruptions upon the "purity" of Spirit, the Essence of one's Soul, AS Lucifer does so wish it to be! How many of the "faithful", the "religious", do realize that it is Lucifer himself who does lead them TO the pew and the altar, of their particular "faith", ALL IN THE NAME OF GOD?

  70. Next, as I have already mentioned in the Report, Lucifer does not want us to BE RESPONSIBLE for ourselves - personally, directly, RESPONSIBLE, for our every WORD, ACTION and DEED! So, he has created THIRD-PARTY-AGENTS-OF-RESPONSIBILITY! And, lo and behold, our "responsibilities" HAVE BEEN VESTED IN these "third-party-agents" of responsibility! WE ARE NO LONGER PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE for ourselves!

  71. Okay, what ARE these "third-party-agents-of-responsibility"? "HEY, if I'm NOT responsible for myself any longer, I WANT TO KNOW WHO TO BLAME, for all this 'mess' my Life is IN!"

  72. Well, I'll tell you who they are, but when you see who is to "blame", what are you going to do about it?

  73. Okay, THIRD-PARTY-AGENTS! First, POLITICIANS, and REPRESENTATIVES, of all kinds! Whether Congressional, Legislative, City Councilmembers, or even the Police, or the City Parks landscape "crew", or the Plumbing Department, or the Electrical Department, OR, your Insurance Agent, your Broker, your Banker, your Financial Investment Advisor......Hey, how about PG&E, PacBell, SPRINT, any and all utilities, services, companies, CORPORATIONS, and on and on! WHOOPS! Wait a minute! I left out THE BIGGEST third-party-representative-of-responsibility OF ALL! Guess what that is? MONEY! (And I'll just let you tote up the Negativity from here!)

  74. Another form of societal Negativity? "Hey," Lucifer said, "How can we further DISTORT any and everything throughout human society, from government, business, military, personal and family relationships, etc., etc.?" "Why," his minions said, "PUT EVERYTHING THAT HIS/HER MIND CREATES......INTO A HIERARCHY!" "What?" "Yes, a CHAIN OF COMMAND! Nothing will ever be normal! Just think of all the confusion, the bureaucracy, the lawyers and so on!" And Lucifer said, "That's a good one!" And so it was so influenced, by those "fingers of Negativity", in each and every individual's MIND!

  75. Next Lucifer said, "Okay, all these things are all well and good, and my fingers of Negativity in everyone's Minds will insure that everything that any human Mind creates or does will be Negatively corrupted. But I want MORE, MORE! Give me some more things in human Life to corrupt!"

  76. "Well," one of his minions popped up and said, "Let's create COMPETITION between humans. This will practically cover all of society, and will foster wars, animosities, adversarial proceedings, divisiveness, and even SPORTS, where humanity can even get TO WORSHIP OUR NEGATIVITY, in the games, the teams, and the Sports Figures, who will not only be rolling in Money, but also in our Negativity!"

  77. "Hey, that's real good," said Lucifer. "But lets take it a bit further. I've said that competition shall be humanity's bane of itself, i.e., the very antithesis of what it is to be human. Now, how shall we implement that very principle? I know how. We shall have every action, every reality, every deed, every consequence, and so forth, in human life - in EVERY human's life - BE THE RESULT OF ...... SOME FORM, some kind, OF COMPETITION! Life itself shall be competition - competition TO SURVIVE! Competition - just to EXIST!

  78. "Of course, then I'll have to 'authenticate' all of this, to give it some 'legitimacy', so I'll have to bring in some authority, some professor, scientist, expert, to give it a 'Name' and to write it all up and to define it all. Okay, I'll use this guy over here - he's sort of in my 'court' already, by birth - this Mr. Darwin, Charles Darwin, and he will give an everlasting name to my evil of 'competition in life'. He will call it EVOLUTION!

  79. "Okay, Yes, I realize that I have a problem here. 'Human Evolution' already exists, a result of that damn Guy Upstairs, but this is where I have an opportunity to reverse, or even eliminate that situation. MY 'Evolution', as shall be put forth by Mr. Darwin, will epitomize, and venerate, that very principle which I was just talking about - Competition! That damn 'Human Evolution', coming from that damn Guy Upstairs, epitomizes and venerates COOPERATION, damnit, and I just can't have that! I can't have these humans, in any way, realizing, via 'Human Evolution', that they have a God-damned SOUL, and that their Soul is IMMORTAL! We can't have that, at all!

  80. "SO, we'll just cut-off any such realization, any such knowledge, of humans for their 'humanity', for their Soul! I've already put it into place, within every human's Immature little mind, my Veil of Separation, my Veil of Unknowing (as the great Swiss Psychologist, Carl Jung, shall eventually call it), the quantum Cooper-pairing of the consciousness OF an individual's very mind, so that ANY and EVERYTHING which that damn Upper-Mind, the individual's Soul, shall do and execute, in supervision of that individual's lower-mind, the self, shall be 'corrupted', in some way or another, by MY NEGATIVITY, the Negativity of my quantum dimension of consciousness, with my 'Fingers of Negativity' blocking, and interspersed, between Upper and lower mind, in effect, almost controlling EVERY quantum action of ultimate sentience and guidance OF that lower-mind, the self!

  81. "And the result of that, shall be that NO HUMAN WILL KNOW THEIR SOUL! The very knowledge of one's Soul WILL BE UNKNOWN, will be 'blocked', and the only thing that an individual will be conscious OF ......will be the 'SELF' - 'Me' - the lower mind! ""I AM ALL THERE IS!"", people will say, and they will be right, 'cuz they WON'T KNOW their Soul! ""And if 'I am All there IS', well, I damn-well better 'get on' with 'getting' ALL THAT I CAN GET, in order to insure my survival!""

  82. "Okay, so I will have Mr. Darwin insinuate, 'educate', into those Immature-little-minds of humanity ...... Mr. Darwin will put words to, and BELIEF IN, my COMPETITION - competition OF THE FITTEST (None of that damn 'Immortal Soul' garbage!), and he will give it the Name of EVOLUTION! And Competition and Evolution will go together, like peas in a pod. Oh, it will be so great!

  83. "Okay, to get back to competition here - Evolution (MY Evolution, not that damned 'Human Evolution', of the Soul!) will become the 'religion', the framework, the Reference, of all of mankind, enshrined in Science and everything else, so I'll let it take care of itself. Getting back to competition, let's see here just how my 'Fingers of Negativity', that Veil of Separation/Unknowing, can effectively 'disrupt' the normal mental functioning of each and every human being.

  84. "First of all, I'll have to start out early, when humans are young, 'cuz if a human child should, in any way, remain 'aware' of itself, of its Soul ...... Well, then, I'd be in trouble, so I can't have kids realizing that there is their Soul and a 'God' and that they are 'connected' to both! I've got to START PROGRAMMING them early, so that the only 'soul' and the only 'god' they will ever come to know is THAT WHICH I TELL THEM to 'believe-in', or whatever. The point is, CHILDHOOD, this is the most wonderful time, in order to start 'indoctrinating', programming, training, this (as the parents might say) ""wonderful little being, into just what we want him/her to be"", or so I will have the parents say to themselves and their family. And they will start in, to do so, as soon as possible!

  85. "Now, I realize that I have an additional problem here, at this stage of a child's life, and that problem is that damned 'thing' from that Guy Upstairs - LOVE! Love, especially at this point in a child's life, is especially 'dangerous', in that it can, if it goes on for too long, permanently 'condition' that child to all the 'Good' things and attributes in Life - Love, Acceptance, Community, Family, Forgiveness, ETC., ETC., damnit, as well as that damn thing that I am fighting here - COOPERATION! I just can't have that!

  86. "SO, even though, I guess, I'll have to allow some small amount of 'Love' at birth (of course, every case will be individual, so I WILL have even those cases where there is NO Love, and the kid is 'thrown away', or disposed of, in some way), pretty soon thereafter (birth, that is), we have GOT to have the kid START TO FEEL the pressures OF COMPETITION! Now, this can start out in any number of ways (individual cases, as I have said). We can have the kid start to feel competition just for the very necessities of Life, as for food (""Will I be fed?""), as for care (""Will I be 'changed'?""), and, most importantly, for LOVE (""Am I Loved? Who Loves me? Who even cares? Why do I feel a 'tension', an animosity, from my brothers and sisters? Am I taking Love away from them, in my family? In fact, why do I feel 'tension' from my Mom, or my Dad, about me, or about something? What, you say there is such a thing as 'money', and for some reason, my parents can't pay their bills, and something has got to be done about it?"") Oh, the many and beautiful ways, that I can IMPOSE A DISFUNCTIONAL FAMILY, on just about any young child! In some way, shape or form, that kid can be 'programmed', by the parents, by the rest of a family, to FEEL the effects of competition, and to KNOW THAT, or to learn that, in order to survive, ONE HAS GOT TO COMPETE, NOT cooperate!

  87. "And we will continue this 'awareness' of competition, instead of cooperation, as the kid grows up. As the kid 'goes out into the World', to play with the other kids, to go to School, to go to Church even, and eventually to Society itself, a job, a spouse, a family, friends, associates, in business, in one's personal life - THERE WILL ALWAYS BE COMPETITION (and damn-little of that damned 'Cooperation!) - 'Winners', and 'Losers', and the kid, that child, now become an adult, will REALIZE THAT ...... ""Hey, I've GOT TO FIGHT TO SURVIVE!""

  88. "Yes! My programming will exist THROUGHOUT SOCIETY - after all, 'Society' IS my own 'creation', created BY the 'Powers' that I have 'vested' IN each and every individual therein my 'Society', OR the lack-of-any-power-whatsoever! SO, who has 'Power' and who does NOT have 'Power', will be important, and that kid-become-an-adult will now (by now) realize that Power, and COMPETITION (FOR Power!), is what it is all about! That kid-adult, will 'feel' the competition, when he is in school, in college, university - all the way - taking those Placement Tests, classroom tests, course final tests, graduate exam tests, physical-sports tests, or ANY KIND of test-exam-competition, having to do with one's job, one's education, one's LIFE, in any way! Competition will SUFFUSE EVERYTHING, and no one will get nary a chance to think about 'Cooperation', IN ANY WAY! If the very word 'Cooperation' is even brought up, everyone involved will be 'conditioned' to look at it in a competitive perspective, as to economics, finance, society, relationships, foreign affairs (they'll be talking 'Peace', but thinking, really, about how to get the advantage!) - HEY, everything! So, while my 'Policymakers' may be talking 'Cooperation', in reality, on the backburner, they will be preparing for WAR! Oh my, it is so lovely! Competition and War!

  89. "And 'bearing the burden of it all', will be the individual. Trained, and programmed, to COMPETITION, in every aspect of Life! (And here is where it gets better yet.) Because WHAT will all of this societal Negativity of mine have produced? Yes! An ALIENATED INDIVIDUAL, alienated from his/her parents, from family, relatives, friends, Church, job, government, and most everything about his/her society, who is also one who has no Love, no understanding of Cooperation, no compassion for others, no empathy for anyone, and on and on! In other words, a human being with 'deadened nerves', as the famous Critic Herbert Read has written:
    "If seeing and handling, touching and hearing, and all the refinements of sensation [including Love!], that developed historically in the conquest of Nature and the manipulation of material substances, are not educed and trained from birth to maturity ['training' here to imply the promotion of individual awareness of All That Is, including oneSelf, one's Soul], the result is a being that hardly deserves to be called human: a dull-eyed, bored, and listless automaton whose one desire is for VIOLENCE in some form or another - violent action, violent sounds, distractions of any kind that can penetrate to its deadened nerves."
    The Necessity of Art, by Herbert Read, in "Viewpoints", Edited by Burton J. Fishman, St. Martin's Press
  90. "And right there we have it, right back to one of my all-time-great-Negativities - VIOLENCE! So most any and every form of Competition WILL LEAD TO VIOLENCE, in some way, if but only symbolic violence, but it will still be VIOLENCE! Oh, this is so great! WARS, animosities, competition, violence - humanity will be 'eating out of my hand' AND THEY WON'T KNOW what to do about it OR EVEN know OF IT!

  91. "So far so good," said Lucifer. "But I want more!"

  92. "Okay," said another minion. "Let's create GOVERNMENT, and have the Laws, the Regulations, the Edicts, AND EVEN THE CONSTITUTION, be a source of Negativity, in all the issues that are thusly engendered!"

  93. "MORE," said Lucifer.

  94. "I got one," popped up another minion. "Let's go back in time and create a Negativity that will be so vile, so horrid, so evil, that it will PERPETRATE ON ITS OWN, increasing in hideousness and Negativity among humans so much that, as centuries and millennia go by, it will spread across the face of the Earth and not only people but nations will be at each others throats as a result of it!"

  95. "Sounds good," said Lucifer. "What is it?"

  96. "Well, like I said," said the minion. "Let's go back in time, to say about 17,000 B.C., and I will influence ONE MAN to think NON-COOPERATIVELY/UNCOOPERATIVELY, about his fellow human beings (and thusly rendering the concept of COOPERATION practically null and void, and eventually bringing it to a minimality!) And what I will have him do is this: He will DRAW A LINE IN THE SAND, and then he will tell his neighbors, 'This side of this line IS MY PROPERTY/LAND, and that side is yours!'" And so evermore, up unto today, LAND/PROPERTY/REAL ESTATE has been a great source of Negativity, fostering wars, possessions, possessiveness and all kinds of divisiveness."

  97. "Oh, also, we get even more Negativity here when land and developed properties, like homes, APPRECIATE tremendously in value, due to the scarcity, location, schools, amenities and such reasons, having nothing to do with any work or non-work that the land owners might do. With all the others being jealous of such 'good fortunes', we'll definitely increase the Negativity and hard-feelings among those who do not have, and cannot afford, such "luxury". And when such news, of such differences in property valuations across the land, is published in the press and media, even more discouragement and Negativity can arise among those who cannot afford such living, even though they might work just as hard or even harder than those lazy rich people."

  98. "Hey," said another minion. "I got another good one. Let's create different CLASSES, or CASTES, of people, and just by the differences in opportunities and access to resources, we'll have all kinds of Negativities, animosities, jealousies, hatreds, ethnic conflicts and other issues, such as refugees, the homeless, the disadvantaged and, on top of it all, THE RICH versus THE POOR!"

  99. "Hey," said another. "On top of that, let's create CRIMINALS, and people who prey on others and all. That'll be good for some mayhem. And then, even if they are apprehended by the Law, then they will become PRISONERS, who will live in relatively luxurious confines, given all their needs fulfilled, and not contributing hardly anything to society. Why, we could even increase the number of JAILS, and maybe someday we'll have more people IN JAIL than out of jail!"

  100. "Better yet," said another. "How about WHITE-COLLAR CRIME, where corporations and business is the criminal, ripping off, in mostly unknown ways, their customers and consumers?"

  101. "Hey," said another. "How about CONSUMERS themselves? Let's indoctrinate all the 'working stiffs', so that they will be 'programmed' to 'put in their time' (and that's ALL they would be intelligent enough to DO!) - at least 8 hours a day - Giving their labors to the vested Rich of society, for anywhere from peanuts (hardly nothing!) to some respectable (but insignificant!) salary. They will think that they are doing the world good and that they believe themselves to be the 'pillars' of society, when they will actually be serving their 'Masters' who employ them in their 'prostitutes' jobs (because they will be serving THEMSELVES primarily, rather than anyone else!) BUT, the best part is that they will be conditioned to do nothing more than WORK and PLAY and SLEEP - 8-8-8 - or 24 hours of WORK for money, PLAY/SPEND that money, and then SLEEP! What a wonderful ADDICTION! That way we get CONSUMERS, who will vicariously, and Negatively, be actively SEEKING OUT WAYS TO SPEND THEIR MONEY, and conditioned to SEEK ANY AND ALL 'BARGAINS' (thinking, of course, that anyone could REALLY get a 'bargain', while paying MONEY for whatever it is!!! Ha, Ha, Ha!), EVERY CHANCE THEY GET! CONSUMPTION, will be the pablum, or opiate, of the MASSES!"

  102. "Hey," popped up another. "With CONSUMPTION, COMPETITION, SPORTS, PROPERTY/LAND and all these so far, we're going to need mucho GOVERNMENT AND POLICE forces, just to keep 'order' among all that activity and commotion. THAT will surely create some more havoc. In fact, I'll start by having Buffalo Springfield do a song about the KENT STATE 'massacre':"
    "There's something happening here,
    And what it is ain't exactly clear,
    There's a man with a gun over there,
    Telling me I've got to beware!

         I think it's time we...... stop, children, what's that sound
    Everybody look what's goin' down!"

  103. "Okay," said Lucifer. "Youse guys have done pretty good! But, on top of all this mess, I'm going to place the ULTIMATE NEGATIVITY - POWER! Hey, POWER CORRUPTS, each and everything it touches!"

  104. "We'll start off gradually, with all the vested interests, politicians, bankers, rich aristocrats and corporate executives, maximizing their financial, political and economic POWER! THEN, going further, they will be able to 'legitimize' and normalize ALL OF THE NEGATIVE FACTORS of the society, which will be AUTOMATICALLY CONTRIBUTING TO THEIR COFFERS (Hey, the 'TOLL-man', or Toll-Hiway Toll-taker 'ploy!') as the years go by. After so many years, of the rich getting richer, the people will no longer be able to question the very mechanisms and operations of society WHICH ARE THUSLY MAKING THE RICH RICHER! These 'mechanisms' will have become accepted (like taxes!) BY THE PEOPLE and everyone will naively consider their 'contributions-to-the-rich', although HIDDEN (in everyday parlance, language, terminology, custom and activity), TO BE STRICTLY NORMAL - THAT WHICH CANNOT CHANGE (AND, on top of that, ENFORCED BY THE LAW!) Thusly, we will have created, on top of Financial, Political and Economic POWER, a SYMBOLIC POWER, that cannot be repudiated or voted out of existence, BECAUSE THE PEOPLE THEMSELVES BELIEVE IT IS VITAL TO THEIR EXISTENCE!"

  105. "Well," Lucifer said. "We've done pretty good. That Guy Upstairs is going to have a big job just trying to cope with all this Negativity! He might even GIVE UP on humanity, and I will be overjoyed! But, just to make sure, anybody got any additional 'topping' of Negativity that we can add to the mix?"

  106. "Well," said one of Lucifer's minions, "How about STRESS? With all the Negativity already, just for a human being to live one's Life, I think we need to throw in STRESS, to add the final ingredient which people will NOT be able to normally accommodate. If the individual stress gets bad enough, we can have people killing themselves, by jumping out of windows, overdosing on drugs, alcohol - ANYTHING, to relieve the stress!"

  107. "Okay," popped up another minion. "There you go! DRUGS, ALCOHOL - all such things can become ADDICTIONS, making people 'slaves' to their 'cravings', and totally ruining their lives. Oh, and then add in all kinds of other ADDICTIONS, like chocolate, power, sex, television - the list could go on and on, all of them detrimental to Life!"

  108. "Hey!" popped up another minion. "Boy, have I got a great one here! Bear with me while I explain the details. You know how people love to kill each other all the time (for one reason, because the whole world is just getting too crowded for most people, who really enjoy their living 'space', or space-enough-to-live-as-one-wishes-to-live, which, of course, would be on a many-acred ranch in a rural or primitive wilderness-area somewhere, yet, through technology, instantaneously available and accessible, to all the amenities and comforts of city-life and Society!) Anyway, people die of 'natural causes' (quakes, tsunamis, accidents, heart attack, etc.), but they are also already most adept at killing each other, mostly in wars and other animosities, but also in Society and it's functionings. However, in these societal venues, the people that one wants to 'dispose of' (for business, economic, ethical, religious, etc. reasons!), need to be 'disposed of' very indiscreetly, so that the rest of Society will think that their deaths are just natural and a normal-part of societal Life! In other words, that no one suspects that the 'deaths' of these people were 'engineered' and anything else other than ordinary and normal."

  109. "Wait a minute!" said another minion. "How can we keep such a thing as millions of deaths, per day around the world, secret and have everybody think it is just the normal conditions of Life?"

  110. "By having those deaths actually become a normal, every-day occurrence of every-day Life!" replied the first minion.

  111. "Okay," Lucifer popped up, "More details!"

  112. "Okay," the first minion said. "You know how modern-day humans are now forever running to their 'Doctor', for every little ache and pain! Yes, it is no longer as it was back in the old days, when people largely took care of themselves and each other, and reserved a Physician's 'services' for emergencies and necessities only! Nowadays, Physicians, AND THE DRUGS THEY DISPENSE, are an integral part of everyday Life for most people! And why is that? Because, as you already know, we have been pushing mankind for ages already, to quit looking inside themselves for answers (to their illnesses, questions, etc.!), but instead to seek those answers OUTSIDE OF THEMSELVES, from teachers, experts, and others... ANYONE but themselves! And, ESPECIALLY, from Society AND THE MEDIA! So today, all these modern humans, with their every-day aches-and-pains, ARE JUST LOOKING FOR someone to 'Tell Them What To Do'!

  113. "SO, here's where we come in again, to further enable their misery! All we have to do is to make sure that every one of the DRUG-PRODUCING companies, or Pharmaceutical firms, spends lots of 'marketing funds' ON TV-ADVERTISEMENTS for their drugs! OH, the TV-watching consumer (which is most everyone!), WILL BE INNUNDATED with commercials, every few seconds, for all kinds of drugs, vitamins, weight-loss-remedies, and all kinds of health and medical 'cures'... Yeah! True! All of which are just 'quackery' and 'snake-oil medicine', from the old-time Circus side-shows! BUT, it will work! The person watching that commercial on TV, for a pill to eliminate that big bulge-around-the-middle, or to clear up one's sinuses, or to relieve arthritis, or asthsma, or even more serious conditions, will all see those ads, and the next 'Doctor's appointment', will be 'pushing' the 'Doc' to prescribe that pill, to alleviate the 'problem'!

  114. "BUT, what that consumer, AND EVEN the Physician, don't know, IS THE LONG-TERM side-effects, of all those drugs! Oh yeah, the 'Docs' and the Drug Companies, and the commercial-advertising-firms, will be 'required' by law, to 'divulge' all known side-effects, so while you are seeing the commercial for that drug, they will have to tell you, as a part of the commercial, that by taking that drug, you may have a heart attack, nerve or gastrointestinal distress, diarrhea, or anything worse or less! But, while the commercial is telling you about such IMMEDIATE side-effects, the visual pictures will show people and families ENJOYING LIFE, supposedly as a result of taking that pill, such that the ordinary consumer, relying (as humans are wont to do!) more so on their 'visual perception', will totally disregard all of the verbal-caution of the side-effects, and will, of course, have their 'Doctor' prescribe that drug for them!

  115. "BUT NOW, disregarding all the insidious mayhem we have unleashed here already, NOW COMES THE BEST PART! First of all, ALL OF THE RICH PEOPLE in our human Society, WILL BE GETTING RICHER! The Doctors, the Drug Companies, the TV-Commercial-Marketing Agencies, AND EVERYONE associated with this 'Entirely-Humanitarian-And-Health-Concerned-Industry' (Yeah, sure!), who will be 'trying-to-D0-Good', for those 'sick people' out there! THEY WILL BE MAKING MONEY, hand-over-fist! And MONEY, is our BEST and foremost Negativity!

  116. "BUT there is MORE! Not only will the Rich people be getting Richer, at the expense of the Poor and everyone who is 'sick'... BUT THE SICK will actually be getting SICKER, and WILL EVENTUALLY DIE! BECAUSE, in all those DRUGS that are being 'prescribed', THE LONG-TERM SIDE-EFFECT (which is NOT divulged BY those TV-commercials!), IS... DEATH! YES! It may only be a matter of months, OR it may be 20 years later, BUT the accumulated long-term side-effects, of all those drugs (especially when taken with other drugs!), WILL BE DEATH, in some form or the other!"

  117. "Bravo!" said Lucifer. "And they won't even know that it is their Doctor who is 'killing them'! But I have just one caution here! Make sure that all consumers DO NOT become intelligent and knowledgeable enough to actally know the meaning of the word, 'Iatrogenesis', which actually means, "Illnesses and distress, caused by your Doctor!"

  118. "Okay," said another minion. "Getting back to STRESS, how about the stress of LIFE itself, when one is POOR, and has to wait in line for bread, for a Doctor, for food, for anything. And since the poor will beget more children, let the stress of CHILDREN be the 'bane of motherhood!' THEN, take away the FATHERS, as in ABSENTEE PARENTS......that'll create more stress!"

  119. Another minion said, "Okay, let's throw in some seemingly innocent things that will really "torque some people's jaws" Negatively, when they see this kind of everyday thing. It will "piss-off" these kind of people so much that they can get violent and almost kill the object of their wrath. And what would cause such wrath? Well, seeing another person walking down the street WEARING A BASEBALL CAP! And if that cap is on BACKWARDS, that's more of a Negativity YET! AND, if the person is wearing a WALKMAN or portable CD player...... Man, that "idiot" is bound to get killed by some "law-abiding" citizen!

  120. "Anymore?" said Lucifer.

  121. "Life!", "Running the Rat Race!", "Unpleasant People!", "Rudeness!", "Anger!", "Hate!", "Jealousy!", "Selfishness!", "Fears, of ostracism, of embarrassment, of 'losing face', of danger, of loss of status, etc., etc.", and so the list went on and on, INCLUDING EVEN SUCH SACROSANCT THINGS as Love, Happiness, Motherhood and even APPLE PIE, because, even though all such human characteristics/traits are nominally Positive, THERE IS YET the possibility that Lucifer can also corrupt and Negatively influence these things in some way, IF ONE DOES NOT LIVE IN THE MOMENT and their mental functioning is yet locked-into that state of IMMATURITY of the human Mind which presently befalls most of humanity.

  122. Lucifer then said, "I have one final consideration, as to the overall influence that I can wreak upon Mankind, in bringing my Negativity to this world of humans, who came here as 'Representatives' of that Guy/Gal Upstairs and are supposedly 'Instruments' of His/Her Love and of All Things That Are Positive and Beautiful! Well, Mankind has created, with my 'Help', their ultimate denouement, something that is absolutely necessary for their very survival, but which, through my 'influences', has been so corrupted, of its Good and Necessary 'existence', that it is now the Primary 'Instrument' OF MY Negativity... NOT His/Her Positivity!"

  123. "And what it that, Sire?" asked his minions!

  124. Lucifer answered, "The ECONOMY! Mankind EVERYWHERE, in this world of mine, use and rely upon the worldwide Economic System! But, what they don't realize, is that instead of being based upon the fair and efficient exchange of resources of all kinds worldwide, IT IS, instead, BASED UPON MONEY, my NUMBER 1 'Instrument' of Negativity and corruption! And so, Mankind has an Economy, THAT IS over 90% NEGATIVE, with all of my corruptions and other Negative 'Influences'!"

  125. "Great!", he said. Lucifer was satisfied. Everything that mankind could, or would, think of, as a result of his Mind and mental functioning, in its present state of IMMATURITY, would be 'filtered' through Lucifer's 'fingers of Negativity', the Veil of Separation/Unknowing, between the self and the Soul, the lower and upper Mind, of EVERY human being, and thusly ALL THOUGHT would be Negatively corrupted!

  126. "YOU HAVE ONE PROBLEM," said a great booming voice from ON HIGH, coming down to Lucifer's netherworld. "As long as any individual shall LIVE IN THE MOMENT, in GOODNESS, in RIGHTNESS (rather than Wrongness!), in LOVE and in TRUTH, he/she shall be enclosed IN MY POSITIVITY and your Negativity SHALL NOT PREVAIL!"

  127. Hesitantly, after a pause, Lucifer said, "Okay, I can live with that. Humanity can't even find their Souls, much less LIVE with their Souls IN THE MOMENT! So, let them try. I don't think they'll come up with a pile-a beans!"

  128. And thusly Lucifer sat back, in his smugness, and left it up to humanity to find a way out of his Negativities.

  129. AND SO Lucifer and his minions DID, and DO, exercise their Negative influences upon ALL OF HUMAN SOCIETY AND CIVILIZATION! And what can humanity DO ABOUT IT?

  130. Well, remember, as I have written a few times already, IF YOU KNOW YOURSELF - your Soul, and Who and What you ARE, and Who/What you were Born to Be/Do, AND YOU CAN LIVE IN THE MOMENT...... Well, then it is impossible to change yourSelf, contrary to the old aphorism that says, "You can't change the world, only yourself!" Well, IF you KNOW yourSelf, the REALITY IS...... that you CANNOT change yourself! The only thing you can do, AND the easier thing to try to do, IS TO CHANGE THE WORLD, or, better yet, THE COSMOS!

  131. Incidentally, I realize that most of this Epistle has been discussion about the Negativities in human Life and I apologize for seemingly dwelling on such excessively. But, the Reality IS, that unless one is AWARE of BOTH the pro's and the con's OF ANYTHING, that one actually realizes the Negativities involved as well as the Positivities, one may just be living a "sheltered' and ineffective Life, unable to make any real Change for the Good. The Truth IS, everyone needs to be aware of the Good AND the Bad of ANY ISSUE, and ONLY THEN can one's actions bear fruit!

  132. And finally, I want to remind our Readers of "What It Is All About". Barbra Streisand's anthem says it best:
    "What the world needs now,
    Is Love, Sweet Love,
    That's the only thing
    That's there's just too little of......"
  133. As a start, READ QUFD and understand WHAT IS in the Cosmos and in YOURSELF! And then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

Aum, Peace, Amen!

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