An Excerpt from "Holothetics Technology and Realities"

Many people, in secular society today, including many eminent scientists as well, believe that it is NOT in the best interests of human society to attempt to "breach" the "Veil of Separation", that individual AND collective "barrier", of NOT knowing Who and What we are, and What we have been. And it is true, that there are dangers, and risks, to actually knowing the truth, about not only each one of us, individually, but also about all of us, collectively, as to WHAT humanity IS, and what it has been, over the aeons. The truths and the wisdom, that accomplished persons (those who HAVE found, and KNOW themselves, and thusly can access the Collective DIRECTLY, within their minds) have found, IN THE COLLECTIVE, IS what has brought humanity to where it is today, in RESTORING human society TO the level of an advanced, productive, knowledgeable (if not yet truly WISE!) civilization (see my comments, in the OA/OWB Chapters, on the numbers of past Members of the OA/OWB, who, throughout the recorded secular history of this current civilization, have made their valuable contributions to the progress of human society). Also, in this regard, I am reminded of the closing comments that I once made, in one of my lectures on the subject of Human Evolution, in which I quoted the famous Anthropologist and Historian of Human Civilizations, Dr. Joseph Jochmans. Rather than attempting to discuss it further here, I will merely quote herenow from those closing remarks:
"Now, to summarize this talk on Human Evolution, I'd like to read a quotation from Dr. Joseph Jochmans, the eminent Historian and Anthropologist, with HIS thoughts on Human Evolution:
"Man has always remained essentially man throughout his existence. His physical appearance may have changed from age to age, but his capacity for intelligence, for the creation of advanced civilizations, and for the production of sophisticated technologies, has always remained the SAME! The history of man reads as the story of his constant struggle to understand and overcome the catastrophic forces in nature, in the cosmos and within himself, which have repeatedly destroyed man's high civilizations and technologies, reducing him to levels where he had to begin an upward development AGAIN and AGAIN. This cyclic history of continual advancements and destructions can be demonstrated through the geologic record as extending back over THREE BILLION YEARS, to the very beginning of the known fossil record. Man has passed along the SAME road of civilization that we travel TODAY perhaps as many as a HUNDRED THOUSAND times before!"
So, in closing, all I will say IS...we HAVE been here before! Thank you and good evening!"

So, the Collective DOES have TREMENDOUS value, in the knowledge and wisdom therein, that can be utilized to educate humanity, as to the truth, and realities, of human existence, past/present/future. We do, today, as a technological society, use technology to educate our children (witness the increased use of the secular Internet, by our children especially, in their search for access to knowledge and understanding, of LIFE, of the conditions of our existence, and for the very MEANING, of it all!). ARE we to deny our children AND OURSELVES (adults), the ultimate access, to the truth, the facts, and the VERY reality, of our existence? THAT is what some people would do, in preventing the use (even the very creation!) of Holothetic Communications.

Actually, let me digress here at bit at this point, and explain, briefly, exactly what Holothetic Communications would accomplish (and this comes from the already extant, and considerable, research on the subject, ranging from the discoveries of Satyendra Bose/Albert Einstein, et al {as noted further in the Quantum Physics Chapters of this book}, to past and present investigators, from Carl Jung to myself). At the level of technological sophistication and knowledge extant today, a child, OR ANYONE, could sit down, in front of their computer or interactive TV, placing a neural-pickup headpiece, similar to a baseball cap, on top of their head, activate a special interactive program, on their computer/TV, and begin to explore their own thoughts, their own consciousness, AS WELL AS that of ANYONE ELSE, whether living or dead, in the PAST, the PRESENT, OR the FUTURE! Because, IT IS ALL THERE, in the Collective Consciousness of Humanity! Whatever ANY human being, ANYWHERE, AT ANY TIME, has, or WILL, experience, is there, in the Collective, ONCE the barrier of the "Veil of Separation" is overcome, and access is obtained. The ACTUAL HISTORY, the ACTUAL EVENTS, the actual INDIVIDUAL experience, of ANY individual, and of ALL of humanity, is there......WITHIN the individual Mind, of ANYONE of us! What ANY human being, has EVER, or WILL have, experienced, does IMMEDIATELY become a part OF, not only that individual's PERSONAL consciousness and sub-conscious (their unconscious, volatile memory), BUT ALSO imprints upon the self-ordering, coherent, zero-gravity condensate mass-field/ground-state of Infinite Consciousness, which perturbs INTO, and suffuses, the biological Brains of every one of us, and which does constitute the ground-state of the Collective Consciousness. (For more detailed drawings and graphics, of all of the various levels and operations of the human Mind/Brain interaction, and a thorough analysis thereof, see the Chapters entitled, "The Quantum Physics of the Brain/Mind functionality".) ANY input, to that AGGREGATE mass-field, from ANYWHERE, Past/Present/Future (temporality is UNITY, in the zero-gravity of the condensate mass, as has been definitely proven, in the Quantum Physics principles of Quantum Unitary Field Dynamics {QUFD}), registers (perturbs the unitary equilibrium), and becomes self-ordered and coherent, and adaptively complex, as a self-created LIFE-FORM, in the energy-less, vacuum-like environment. Quoting from current Quantum Mechanical research data: "Thus, the existence of LIFE, of any kind, does require a cancellation between different contributions to the vacuum energy, accurate to about 120 decimal places. As such, the condensate field, which can be said to extend to INFINITY, is energy-less, with the Weak Nuclear Force, and the Strong Nuclear Force, as well as the ElectroMagnetic and Gravitational Forces, finding a thermodynamic equilibrium, as a unitary ground-state, that is "anticipatively ready", for all phase-space transitions." THEN, any INPUT, from wherever/whenever (from ANY localized individual human consciousness), does create a phase-space transition IN that INFINITE condensate mass, that affects, and coherently-orders (organizes), with a quantum-level "charge-state", THE ENTIRE MASS, of that unitary ground-state, NO MATTER WHERE or WHEN any portion of it may be! Thusly, your thoughts, your experiences, are "registered", become "one" with, and a part of, that unitary consciousness, the Collective Consciousness of Humanity (AND, by infinite extension, Infinite Consciousness). ANY person, anywhere, has within themselves, within their "mind", a COMPLETE AND ACCURATE COPY, of YOUR entire history of thoughts, feelings, experience and knowledge! That individual, YET INFINITELY-EXTENDED, "perturbation" of the condensate, is thusly "recorded", on the ENTIRE MASS of human consciousness.

This, incidentally, is the actual reality, of that historic, and long-told-of, ancient "storehouse", or repository, of human knowledge and wisdom, that has been sought for across the ages, by mystics, poets, scientists, philosophers, and all kinds of explorers......the great "Hall of Records", the "Akashic Records", and other names. But, it is NOT buried under the Great Pyramid, or in a cave in the mountains of Tibet, or anywhere else! IT IS WITHIN US! The Collective Consciousness IS that repository, and, foregoing all the mystic "mumbo-jumbo", which has been spoken of it over the ages, MODERN science, and especially Quantum Unitary Field Dynamics (QUFD), HAS discovered it, defined it, and, as of today, preliminarily explored it (with, of course, no doubt, able assistance from a number of researchers who are, like myself, Members of the OA/OWB, who are already able to access the Collective DIRECTLY, in their Minds!) Anyway, the point is, it is now accessible, through modern technology, TO ALL OF US, with but a little bit more of technological and societal development and implementation, SHOULD such be allowed by society and authorities.

BUT, what do we DO with it? As I have mentioned already, education, knowledge, wisdom, history, and PRESCIENCE, are all there, AS WELL AS the terrors, the dangers, of catastrophes, of disasters, and of man's "inhumanities" to man. Instead of viewing a documentary film of, say, the Challenger Space-Shuttle Disaster, one could actually "be there", actually LIVING that event, even to "being" in the mind of Christa McAuliffe, in her last moments of existence! THAT event, and ALL events, are there, within us all, in the Collective. How about "being" with Jesus Christ, on the Cross?......YES, definitely! In fact, you can certainly imagine the knowledge and wisdom, that a person becomes aware of, when, in their OWN EXPERIENCE, with your OWN FEELINGS/EMOTIONS (and terrors, of course!), one can be privileged to "be there", experiencing IN PERSON, that event......whether it is with Christa or with Christ. THAT is a POTENT learning experience, let me tell you (as I HAVE, already, experienced).

BUT, as I said before, can we, WILL we, bring such a potent mechanism, for change, for advancement of society, into existence? As I said, many people would say, and ARE already saying, NO! But I, along with many others, say YES! TRUE, the basic requirement already exists, that does enable DIRECT ACCESS to the Collective, from within the Mind of any one of us. THAT requirement IS "knowing oneself", in order to "breach" that "Veil of Separation", MENTALLY, within the human mind of the individual, and there are, presently, over 135 million human beings (OA/OWB Members) who can do so.

BUT, what about the rest of humanity, who are, in effect, still "children" (in the sense of Human Evolution), who do NOT "know" Who and What they are, much less what the world, humanity AND LIFE, is REALLY all about (other than what they have been told or "programmed" to "know", by their peers, parents, educators, society and "vested interests")?

My personal inclination is, as many folks have said, "Bring us together!", especially in LOVE! I truly dislike discrimination, segregation, and divisiveness of any kind. Equal OPPORTUNITY for all, in a truly PARTICIPATORY world democratic society, which allows each one of us to "be" the FREE and INDEPENDENT person of INTEGRITY (and so much more!)that we were born to "be". Of course, that's NOT the way it is, with all the "vested interests" of this world, who refuse to allow people to be "responsible" for themselves - DIRECTLY responsible, for their EVERY word, action and deed, without a "third-party AGENT" of responsibility - a REPRESENTATIVE, to take the "responsibility" FOR US, such as lawyers, legislators, politicians, and, of course, that ultimate AGENT of our NON-responsibility......MONEY! Okay, maybe I'm "rattling-on" here. Anyway, if there are so many "children" in the world, who do NOT "know" themselves, DO WE NOT HAVE A MORAL RESPONSIBILITY (YES! I know! It is "vested" with our "representatives"!) TO EDUCATE THEM, so that they will NOT cause untold harm to others and this world, in their ignorance, as much of humanity HAS ALREADY DONE, over the aeons. In this, I am reminded of the Master's (Christ's) words, "LOVE one another, as I have Loved You!"

Okay, back to the point of this missive. SHOULD we bring into existence a technology, that would enable them (those "children" of us) to BYPASS that "barrier" mechanism (the "Veil" of NOT knowing, WHICH, one might say, was put there by GOD/Infinite Consciousness in the first place, FOR A REASON, the reason being that, until one DID "know" oneself, according to Human Evolution, one was NOT "mature", aware, knowledgeable and conscious enough OF Life, Reality and Existence, to be able to make the important decisions, to take full "responsibility", FOR OURSELVES, our world, and the Universe, as Infinite Consciousness would have us to do so), merely by sitting at their computer and accessing an interactive program, that would enable them to LEARN about, and of, the ENTIRE WEALTH of human experience and WISDOM, BEFORE they are mature enough to even "know" Who they are, as an individual? Can such persons handle that immense responsibility? Apparently, NOT as long as there are "representatives", to tell one what one can and cannot do!

Well, as I've said, that is the issue. Some folks say NO, and others say YES! TRUE, it could be ABUSED, as well, by people in power, or by the government (that's why it is still classified TOP SECRET, by certain government agencies, who, of course, will deny everything!) YES, we DO remember "Big Brother", and this would not only be Big Brother "watching" us by TV, but, instead, watching us WITHIN our own Minds! But, think of the positive aspects. Not only worldwide education and "enlightenment" (as well as correction, of much of the "pseudo"-history, and other false information, that exists, such as the patently false concept of humanity as "evolving" from the apes, generally known as Darwinian Evolution), but also PREPARATION and PREVENTION, for any and all disasters, catastrophes and such, that have imperiled humanity for aeons. As an example, are we REALLY READY, for the next geomagnetic reversal of the Earth's poles? Well, sit back and just watch (on your computer/TV) what ACTUALLY happened, on May 5th, 9654 B.C., when the last pole reversal occurred, WHICH, in secular geologic history, according to the U.S. Geological Survey and other scientific agencies, is known as the Gothenberg Double Event. It WAS a double event BECAUSE......Oh, heck! Forget it! I'd be writing another book, almost, if I were to relate all of the actual happenings of that event. (If you are interested, there is plenty of info in the Collective, AND you can also read more about it in the science Lecture included in this book, entitled, "Remembering!", which goes into more detail about the scientific and historical realities of Atlantis, the Flood, and so on.) Suffice it to say, at this time, that it is called a Double Event (which had NEVER occurred before, in ANY of the previous known reversals), because, after the Flood waters had been taken up, at the poles as ice, such a drastic realignment of our planet's geomorphology DID cause another reversal of the poles, approximately 10 years later, in 9644 B.C., that did restore the positive polarity status of the poles, from the negative polarity that occurred in 9654 B.C.... OR, shall we watch (on our computer/TV), and learn, EXACTLY what happened, to the Maya of Mexico? OR, how about watching the NUCLEAR WAR, that took place across the entire Upper Ganges-Indian sub-continent, 63,000 years ago? How about "being" there, when Neil Armstrong walked on the moon? OR, instead, how about "being there", when Man (still) walked on MARS, 1.75 BILLION years ago? Watching the passing of civilizations, can be VERY enlightening! Shall we deny such awareness, to ourselves and our children? Can we handle that responsibility? Can we use it (that wisdom), to make a better "go of it", this time around? Can mankind survive, this latest civilization, that he/she has brought forth?

Well, I say YES, but it will ONLY BE IF we use, what our own creativity, as an integral part OF the Cosmos, the Universal Mind (of which the Collective IS BUT A sub-part of) other words, GOD, our Creator, who has made us, and, in turn, who has entrusted, IN US, the CARE of HIS/HER Creation, within our purview......IF we would but use, that which we have been "given", for BETTER, rather than worse. We HAVE been "given" the "choice", and, as Christ has been trying to tell us, for over 200,000 years now, it's up to us!

(End of this Excerpt)


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