“Get Out of The Way, President Bush!”


January 28, 2008


As I watched President Bush this evening address the Congress, the Nation and the World, with his last State of The Union Address, let me herewith voice some of the thoughts that passed through my Mind, as he made his Presentation.


1.      Somehow, even though there were a number of ‘urgings’ within his Speech, for the innate ‘Humanity’ within All of Us, to ‘Come Forth, and To Resolve All Our Woes, By Letting Mankind Just “Do Its Thing…”’… somehow, inevitably, all I kept hearing from the President, was about, and of, ‘The People’ (i.e., Congress, Business, Government, Agencies, Institutions, Experts and such!), Who Were Eminently Qualified (in his estimation!), to ‘Fix The Situation’, and Will Be ‘Charged’ (by the Government), to Do So!  In other words, he (President Bush), was constantly ‘Telling Mankind What Was Needed To Be Done’… just as Teachers/Pedagogues/Professors, of our institutionally-installed Educational System, have forever been ‘Telling Us, What To Do’!  So, here as well, was President Bush, ‘Telling Us What To Do’!  A case of, “The Government Has The Solution…”, to everything!

2.      And the ‘Laudatory Remarks’ in his Speech, all of which singled out groups and/or individuals, of ‘Noteworthy Claim’, who have been doing exactly that, i.e., ‘Telling People What To Do, Worldwide, whether here in the U.S. or in Iraq, or elsewhere, and ‘Making Progress’, On-The-Road-To-Democratization-and-a-World-Community-of-Representative-Democracy (where EVERY Individual is ‘Represented’ BY a Governmental ‘Representative’!  Never mind that such a Third-Party-of-Responsibility, might be corrupt!  The more important point being… that everyone is ‘Represented’… totally insuring that NOT ONE SINGLE Individual ANYWHERE, would be able to Truthfully and Realistically, ‘Claim a FULL and DIRECT, Individual RESPONSIBILITY… For ALL of that Individual’s WORDS, ACTIONS and DEEDS!’  NO INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY WHATSOEVER!  ALL ‘Responsibility’… to be ‘Vested’, with the Third-Party-Agents-of-Responsibility… who, as President Bush did so declare, have been ‘charged’ with, ‘Telling Us What To Do’!

3.      And as I sat there, viewing all of those ‘Agents’, sitting there in that Congressional Room… All I saw was the various conflicts, wars, disagreements, animosities, etc. (Gee!  I wonder why all the people in one half of the room were standing and applauding, like ‘Good, Little Soldiers/Citizens’, while the other half of the room sat there in silence!)  ALL of this immense ‘Body’ of Government… unable to get ANYTHING under its Control, and the Deficit increasing, and a greater-and-greater-loss of human and natural resources, and the very planet itself, starting to fight back, against Mankind’s centuries of depredations upon itself!

4.      Thusly, the biggest thought that came to Mind, as I listened to President Bush telling us all, exactly What Government can/could/will do, to fix it all…  What came to Mind, was… “GET OUT OF THE WAY, and Let Mankind Do What It Needs To Do!”



January 29, 2008


I happened to be watching the venerable PBS-TV’s MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour today and the program had apparently convened about a dozen Legislators (both Republican and Democrat) and other Pundits, of the State of Minnesota, in an attempt to ‘sort-out’ the Present Situation within that Great State.  Nearly all of the convened pundits and legislators agreed that their State, as well as American Society as-a-whole, was “In Trouble”, that ‘Something Was Wrong, and That Something Needed To Be Done!’  BUT, Lo and Behold, the ‘Solution’ APPEARED… in the voice of one of the People-Convened-In-The-Room… and it was a woman who was a Republican Legislator!  She said, “Government NEEDS TO GET OUT OF THE WAY, and Let The People Do It!”




“GET OUT OF THE WAY, and Let Mankind Do What It Needs To Do!”



And exactly What Does Mankind Need To Do… besides Cleaning Up Our Biosphere and World, Eliminating Each and Every Form of Negativity in this World (wars, conflicts, animosities, divisiveness, adversarial relationships (i.e., politics, nations, legislatures, groups, individuals, etc.), and somehow ‘Bringing On’ a World Society, of Peace, Love, Cooperation and Unity, conducive to Joy, Happiness and Fulfillment, for Each and Every Individual!


(See my commentary elsewhere on this Website regarding ‘Participatory Democracy vs Representative Democracy’)


Although I am loathe to venerate but few ‘Institutions’ that have been ‘created’ by Mankind (see Part Three of my online Book), which have inevitably pitted the Rich against the Poor, to the detriment of all of Mankind, there is but one new Institute that I feel would certainly be worthy of ‘creation’.  And the reason for this is… that each and every Criteria and Principle, on which the Institute might be Founded, is in Direct Opposition to Those Causes/Realities Which Do Currently Result In All Of The ‘Troubles’ That Presently Exist In Our World!

In other words, IF a World Society should exist which encompassed each and every one of such Criteria/Principles, that World Society would therefore be the Complete Opposite of that which we have today… A World of Peace, Love, Joy and Happiness, and so much more!


Following hereinbelow are the Basic Criteria/Principles of such an Institute.


But, first of all, I think it needs to be Stated, that each and every one of said Criteria/Principles, does seriously need to be Endorsed BY ALL 2008 Presidential Candidates, as Being those very Basic and Fundamental Principles, which are needed to Direct The Attentions of Our Government-of-the-Future!  AND IF… there Be ANY Candidate that cannot, in all Conscience and Reality, so Endorse such Criteria… then I would say that such a Candidate’s very sanity, mentality and humanness, might be called into question!


Here is the Listing of Criteria/Principles.  Think seriously about each one, and, in all Reality, everyone will surely see that the Very Opposite thereof, is but One of the Reasons FOR the ‘Troubles and Situation’ that we have in the World today!  It shall be Noted, that the Existence and Reality, of the Very Opposite of each and every one of these Criteria, are the very things that currently give rise and sustenance to each and every one of the Negativities of Our Modern Human World of Today, i.e., wars, pestilence, conflicts, divisiveness, famine, genocide, adversarial relationships (political, national, groups and personal), murder, competition (instead of cooperation!), greed, money (and all forms of financial intrigue and corruption!), prostitution and much more!


Institute for a Human and Societal World Utopia,

of Peace, Love, Joy, Happiness and an Egalitarian Independence and Individualism of One and All!


  1. Elimination of all Personal Homes and Housing Ownership by All of Civilization.  The Totality of the World and its Biosphere Shall Inure Equally Unto One and All of its Peoples Everywhere, and therefore the Entire World Shall Be Every Citizen’s ‘Home’, with each and every Individual Equally Welcome Everywhere at All Housing Facilities!)
  2. Elimination of all Ownership of Land and Properties Everywhere.  As Noted previously, the Entire World Shall ‘Belong’ to Each and Every One of its Inhabitants, with a Mutual Respect for All of Both Parties!
  3. Elimination of all Children, within All Personal Contexts.  Upon Birth, every child is immediately remanded to the State, to spend the next 18 years of its Life being indoctrinated to Give and To Receive Love, Unto One and All Worldwide!  (As it has been said, “Teach a Child To Love, and That Child Will Spread That Love Around The World!”) All children shall then be officially returned to Society and their Parents at Age 18.  Such a Situation would Give the Government millions upon millions of job-employment for all such specially-trained ‘Bureaucratic Employees’, who would be Eminently-Qualified and Certified, to not only Be Teaching Love, but all Compassion and anything else relating to the ‘expression’ and Reality of Love, whether unto Individuals or between Groups-of-Individuals worldwide!
  4. Elimination of all Families and Family Structures (throughout All of Society!)  A Totally Loving-and-Devoted-and-Contributing Family, Shall Begin at the Age of 18 for Every Individual!  Before that Time, all Children will be inculcated fully in the Needs-of-Societal-Love, as well as the Basic and Fundamental ‘Knowledge-of-the-Universe’, so that, at age 18, every Child will be Ready to Make Their Individual Contribution to Society and Our World!  During such time, the Parents of all Children, will be Free to Devote All of Their Energies to the Peaceful Progress-of-Society, in whatever Manner said Parents might chose to Do So!
  5. Elimination of all Individual Education, at All Levels.  Education to be the Responsibility of the State, allowing Full and Maximal Individual Opportunity for Personal Development Consonant With An Individual’s Destiny!  (Such Shall Apply at All Ages!)  No more Rich vs Poor ‘Educational Institutions’ and Systems-of-Egregious-Inequality!  All Children and Adults will Equally have the Opportunity to Explore and Realize, and then Choose, their ‘Life’s Work’, without the coercions and judgements of institutions and/or individuals making such ‘judgements’ at the behest of ‘vested insterests’!
  6. Elimination of all Money (and monetarily-based Assets and Financial ‘Mechanisms’ of All Forms!)
  7. Elimination of all Mechanisms and Relationships of Power and Advantage (Egalitarian Opportunity for Everyone throughout All of Society!)
  8. 100% Efficiency, in the Total Use of All Worldly Resources, both Manmade and Natural (making any and all Resources of any kind immediately available to every individual worldwide as best as possible!)
  9. Elimination of all worldwide Prostitution, making the Safe, Legal, and Free, Fulfillment of All Normal Sexual ‘Needs’ of Every Citizen, a Societal Reality (as well as providing millions upon millions of legal ‘jobs’, for all such-inclined Citizens everywhere!)
  10. Elimination of all Churches and All Religions (making All of Human Society truly One and Whole, in Everyone’s Togetherness and Scientific, Factual and Real Understanding, of the Basics and Fundamentals of Reality and Existence, as to God, Lucifer, the Cosmos, the Human Mind, Consciousness and Incorporeality!
  11. A Truly Worldwide Society of Peace, Love, and Participatory Democracy!

All valid further Contributions hereto are Welcome!


Father Jerome