EXCERPTS and other content from the Book,
for Review in conjunction with this Query Letter.

This author has selected, for your Review, 6 Chapter excerpts from the existing manuscript draft material AS WELL AS additional content from the author's Internet Website, all of which is to be included in the Book. The additional material is the "Lectures", "Sermons" and "Syndicated Articles" that were noted earlier in this Query Letter in the "Consisting Of:" section (detailing the total page numbers of each type of content in the Book.)

To Review those Excerpts and Website material, which have been arranged in a convenient sequential series ordering, the Reviewer is hereby directed to click on the Link entitled QUERY REVIEW LINK below, which will take you to the first review piece. At the end of that piece, look for and click on, again, the QUERY REVIEW LINK. (Do NOT click on any other links, as the review sequence of links will be disrupted by doing so.) At the next and each subsequent review piece, again look for QUERY REVIEW LINK at the end of that piece.

Following such Link sequence will provide the Reviewer access to each content piece, with a final link enabling RETURN TO THE POINT in the Query Letter at which this Excerpt Review sequence began, allowing the Reviewer to continue reading therefrom in the Query Letter.

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