Quantum Unitary Field Dynamics (QUFD), A Quantum Mechanical-Theological FORMULATION of Consciousness

A text-only (NO graphics) Science Education website for 5 year-old "Mad Scientists" (who can be expected to have their first Doctoral degree by age 10!), which explains in detail what the human MIND is and how CONSCIOUSNESS works, using established Quantum Physics, Psychological, Philosophical and other scientific principles, in a Philosophical discourse which promulgates both a new Unified Field Theory of Quantum Physics (QUFD) and a new Psychology-of-Consciousness Theory.

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Be advised, although this is the Main Formulation Page of this Website, certain of the details presented herein may be subject to misinterpretation as to the Context implied. In other words, it is suggested that the Reader hereof thoroughly investigate both the 'Complete Book' noted hereinabove, as well as the Documents and Monographs of the QUALIA Series of this Website, and other Documents herein, for a clearer and more accurate explanation and details of both the Realities and 'Realities' presented in this Document, as to the most accurate Context thereof. What has been put forth in this Document can still be qualified as true, but, most importantly, the Context relating thereto MUST be considered, in order to be absolutely accurate! In any other supposed Context, such may be inaccurate, especially with relation to either Corporeality or Incorporeality, wherein there may or may not exist a spacetime and/or other factors!

of the major items of interest to everyone,
as contained within Jerome's Works.

NOTE: A SIMPLE, detailed scientific explanation (from "A to Z") of Human and Cosmic Consciousness (as to WHAT the MIND is and HOW it works), BEGINS FOLLOWING the section hereinbelow entitled "The Philosophy of QUFD".

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In fact, Timmy passes on this helpful tip, "Look for many words to their roots." In other words, like the word "arcanery", which can be broken down into its two root words. What are they? Well, Timmy says he found them this way. The first root word is quite apparent and is "arcane", meaning obsolete, hidden, esoteric, and understood by only a few. For the second, though, Timmy says he had to look within himself, to see what his inner KNOWING might have to say. And, lo and behold, he instantly KNEW that the second root word was "chicanery", implying, in conjunction with arcane, that the object (in this case, mathematics) was an arcane practice that can be subject to extensive chicanery, or useless and unnecessary manipulation, trickery and sophistry, of the info/data in question.

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NOTE: Although this document and website use Quantum Physics and Einsteinian Laws and Principles to explain the workings of Consciousness, the Christian (NOT referring to the 'Christian' Religion, but instead referring to the famous Physicist-Scientist Christ, and certainly NOT such Religions as 'Scientology' or 'Christian Science'!) Theology of Reality is also used to explain the realities of Consciousness. In this case, scientific 'Spirit' is distinguished from 'Religion', in that this website has NO religious affiliation NOR does it promote ANY religious viewpoint or doctrine, and neither does it espouse nor condone any of the so-called "New-Age" money-scam frauds or psychic-fantasy nonsense. "Just the facts, Ma'am! Just the facts!", as Sergeant Friday used to say. Pure, unadulterated scientific and historical fact. That's all, folks!
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(In translation, Raphael Hythloday's name has been translated, "God heals [Heb., Raphael] through the nonsense [Gr., huthlos] of God [Lat., dei]."
Also see other translations in Milton's Paradise Lost and the Book of Tobit.)
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Quantum Unitary Field Dynamics (QUFD)

A Quantum Physics-Theological FORMULATION of Human and Cosmic Consciousness, based upon Quantum Physics, the Christian (NOT referring to the 'Christian' Religion, but instead referring to the famous Physicist-Scientist Christ, and certainly NOT such Religions as 'Scientology' or 'Christian Science'!) Theology of Reality, Jungian Psychology and certain extra-secular Historical Records of humanity, as derived from the Electronic-book (E-book) by Father Jerome entitled, "KNOWING: The Quantum Physics of Consciousness, Life & Reality!"

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A few NOTES to the Readers of this Document:

Before beginning your review of the content and substance of Jerome's FORMULATION of QUFD herein this document, if you have not already reviewed Father Jerome's COMMENTS on the current state of modern Brain/Mind Research, perhaps you may wish to do so as a background to the present status of Quantum Mechanics and Jerome's interpretations thereof.

Gather 'round, all you 5 year-old "scientists"! Professor Jerome is going to tell you about "All That Is", in the Universe AND YOURSELVES! As Sergeant Friday, back in the old days of television, used to say, "Just the facts, Ma'am. Just the facts!" Well, that's what we are presenting here - Just the facts, Ma'am! Read on, enjoy, and hopefully you will find WITHIN yourself, that KNOWING which allows you, the Reader, to understand those realities OF "All That Is" which are related hereinthefollowing.

(For an additional OVERVIEW of this document, presented as a lecture to students, yet, in actuality, being A Video Documentary PROPOSAL, see WELCOME to the Physics of Reality 101!

NOTE: The SIMPLIFIED, detailed explanation of Consciousness (as to WHAT it is and HOW it works), in steps "A to Z" (actually, Items 1 to 303), BEGINS FOLLOWING this Preliminary Philosophical section, if the Reader should wish to skip this "Philosophy of QUFD" section for now. (Actually, these same Philosophical implications are repeated IN THE TEXT near the end of this document.)

Some Preliminary Quotes and Thoughts on the

This document is a PHILOSOPHICAL FORMULATION - NOT a Mathematical Formulation. I'll leave that - Mathematical Formulation - to such other Scientists of the Quantum who may feel the need to indulge in such arcanery.

"Consciousness is what consciousness does. And what does it do? It performs a dual role in the universe. In the world of the quantum, it is both the awareness and the creation of experience. It is the Being and the Knowing of experience. With the stroke of the twentieth-century quantum eraser, the dividing line between Ontology [the theory of Being] and Epistemology [the theory of Knowing] is rubbed out."

"By Remembering itself, a character known as the self arises as if it pops out of the vacuum like a magician's rabbit from an empty hat. The Soul-reality creates the self-illusion. The character takes on a life of its own. The story applies to every one of us. The writer of the play vanishes as his or her characters speak their lines pouring from the writer's fingertips. Everything seems okay if the writer and his characters remember their connection: Who they really are! We are like the characters in a play written by God. The danger in the confusion of the story of our lives is that we forget the Soul. We tell and sell ourselves to the world. We separate self from Soul. We become self-consciousness."

Theoretical Physicist Fred Alan Wolf

[A paraphrased, up-dated and re-interpreted quotation from PLATO]: "Art imitates Life, therefore Art, as a mere copy of Life, is not real at all but is, in fact, an illusion - a "corrupted copy" of Life, corrupted by the illusion-delusions of Satan's Veil of Separation. Art is a "representation" of Life, and as a representation, it is suspect of not only the truth but of reality itself. Thusly, we can say that, in fact, Art is "pseudo-reality". As such, we can include such "arts" as politics, management and on and on."

SOCRATES taught that ANY answer to any question, to any KNOWING, was within our memory banks, within our Souls, already. That such KNOWING did already exist within us, Socrates inferred that such knowledge as we did need to realize at any time did already exist within us. All we had to do in order to KNOW was to look within ourSelves. In such a way, both Socrates and Plato did espouse the fact that the Soul is immortal and lives on forever.

Consciousness, Spirit, the Soul and incorporeality ARE objective, as object-realities, but one must "go-into" the Mind, into consciousness, into Spirit, in order to objectively perceive these realities. THEN, all corporeal subjectivity, when viewed from the incorporeal side of the Mind, becomes objective and definitely REAL! This can ONLY be accomplished within the human entity BY one who so possesses that hallmark of the evolutionarily mature human being - that of our innately human birthright, MATURITY of the HUMAN MIND! That birthright is called KNOWING, for with it in active operation, one so possessed can "know" All That Is, in the Universe and beyond, including that ultimate Source of consciousness, Infinite Consciousness (God). THEN one can say, as Carl Jung reportedly did once say, when asked whether he believed in God, did so reply, "I don't need to believe in God. I KNOW Him!"

KNOWING - knowledge, objectivity (corporeal AND incorporeal) IS the "observer", the observation, in Quantum Physics, which resolves any and all issues of uncertainty, as to BOTH/AND EITHER/OR possibilities of any and everything. KNOWING "creates" REALITY! And, in this quantum mechanical world, "reality" CAN BE corporeal OR incorporeal! Reality IS what "reality" does, or is that which is "created", HOWEVER and in whatever manner. Thusly, the fact of the matter - "Just the facts, ma'am!" - is that, in Quantum Physics AND QUFD, that reality which is "created" IS REAL and OBJECTIVE, in its actuality, existence, factuality and REALITY! And this is all the result of the MIND - the conscious Mind. When knowledge - KNOWING - occurs, the "buck stops", right then and there, and consciousness - KNOWING - has now "created" REALITY, BOTH corporeal AND incorporeal, EITHER corporeal OR incorporeal. The facts, the realities, MAY BE "any of the above"! Thusly, subjectivity BECOMES, and "is", objectivity. What IS, "is"! No question about it! Corporeal OR incorporeal, what "is" is REAL! As the old C&W (Country & Western) song goes, "Ah'm a walkin' contradiction, a study in opposites...". KNOWING does that, because KNOWING is INDIVIDUALISTIC - no one Mind can ever KNOW that which is fully "known" by any other Mind. We (humanity) are all individual and unique Minds - each one of us KNOWING that which one "knows". And that is the beauty, and the UNITY, and the wholeness, of all of us - that "jig-saw puzzle" which I have written about - meaning that we, humanity, can ONLY be "whole" and complete WHEN we are individually THAT WHICH we are, and were so "born to be". The REALITY of Life is that each piece thereof (the "jig-saw puzzle"), in acting together and in UNITY - as ONE - maximizes, and utilizes, with utmost efficiency, that individuality which has been so consecrated into each one of us and our individual consciousness.

In order to KNOW what one IS, one must BE. In order to BE what one knows, one must KNOW. Total questioning in our living is the key to being. The responsibility of man is to question himself on the meaning of his being. What really defines and shows us a MAN is his RESPONSE and RESPONSIBILITY to his existence. RESPONSIBILITY properly means to respond, to answer, the questions that one asks of oneself in order to BE. (And response, and responsiveness, to ANY existential input does NOT imply, or relate to, ANY such "formal" response as may be evinced by, or from, any "programming". In other words, TRUE response is free and natural, and IN THE MOMENT, being the singular result of our awareness and ATTENTION TO that moment). We must be FREE IN and OF CONSCIENCE enough that our consciousness shall KNOW that its purpose in being is NOT to forever ANSWER the questions of others, but instead to answer one's own questioning. In such a way can one come to KNOW oneself and THEN to KNOW HOW, WHY and WHOM to Serve, in order to truly Serve those others who DO need one's Services. Arising from BEING, such Service and the one who does thusly truly GIVE, has asked the question and then answered it FROM, and THROUGH, one's BEING. And thusly do we ask that ONE question throughout our Lifetimes - from our first question to our last - "WHO AM I?" And in the end, there can be but one answer - "I AM THAT I AM!"

There will come a day in the near future when the first criteria of any medical or psychological diagnosis, as to whether any individual is of sound mind or not, will be whether that individual does present MATURITY OF THE MIND, no matter what the age of the individual may be. And such criteria shall certainly be predicated upon whether the individual can see REALITY BEYOND the corporeal entities of materiality and the human body, which we shall define here as the mark of a MATURE HUMAN MIND.


(Also see Father Jerome's DICTIONARY for the listings "philosophy...(et al)" and "sociology of science".)

Quantum Unitary Field Dynamics (QUFD)

  1. Being as current theoretical formulations concerning the explication of human consciousness are, for the most part, insufficient to satisfactorily explain the actual realities of such, this researcher has taken it upon himself to remedy such situation.

  2. In doing so, this researcher and theoretician does, most humbly and respectfully, merely present that which does already exist, as extant in both human and cosmological venues, and as has been shown to this researcher (in various ways) from several distinctive, but correlated, sources:

    DEFINITIONS, Quantum Functionalities and Systemics

    Quantum Particles, Forces, Fields
  3. Initially, it shall be necessary to make several distinctions and definitions, and I hereinthefollowing do so:

  4. BY DEFINITION, I do so identify the basic and necessary Particle of Universal Consciousness as being the Quantum Axion Particle, a microcosmically quantum unit of four predominantly differing "flavors":

    • A Positive Particle of positive half-integer spin.

    • A Negative Particle of negative half-integer spin.

    • A Positive Particle of positive integer spin.

    • A Negative Particle of negative integer spin.

    • Additionally, a Particle of any one of the "flavors" MAY have ANY combination or variation OF such quantum spin.

  5. BY DEFINITION, all particles do, individually and collectively (NOT conjunctively, but by distinctive grouping ONLY), constitute
    • Electric
    • Magnetic
    • Weak Nuclear
    • Strong Nuclear
    • Gravity

  6. The effect upon such forces/fields (thereof), by said particles, is to cause the following:
    • The first four forces - Electric, Magnetic, Weak Nuclear and Strong Nuclear - find their fields to be equal and unitary (however defined).
    • The Gravitational force field is found to be zero and unitary with the other forces.

  7. Together, all of these effects and occurrences do constitute the reality which is effectuated ONLY in the operation thereof (although NOT the "Essence" thereof), that quantum "element" - SPIRIT. The "Essence" of Spirit, as "infused" throughout such defined "element", comes from that Source OF All That Is in the Cosmos, Infinite Consciousness (God), and shall remain undefined and unknown.

  8. Quantum Dimensions
  9. BY DEFINITION, the Cosmos consists of infinite numbers of "coda" (a Quantum Mechanical term/definition - see Quantum Mechanics for the definition thereof) or Dimensions, such Dimensionality to further be defined as consisting of three parts:

    • The quantum "element" previously defined - "Spirit".

    • The second "element" being "Temperature", in which the nominal principles of Quantum Thermodynamics are hereby invoked.

    • The third "element" being "Density", in which existing Quantum Mechanical principles are duly invoked, AS WELL AS such additional principles as shall be noted further herein.

  10. Such "dimensions", as are hereby noted to be infinite in quantity, MAY be further defined as follows:

    • One way of conceptualizing Universal/Cosmic "dimensionality" MAY be to consider the Universe/Cosmos to be "divided" into 360 degrees (or "coda", as current quantum terminology specifies). Now I certainly realize that there is a problem here, in that, by just specifying "dimensionality" to be infinite, how can I then restrict "dimensionality" to a finite number of degrees (or "coda")? Well, whether the number of degrees are 360, 720, 1000, a million or a quad-zillion or whatever, whether infinite OR NOT, the concept here is to merely, at this time, differentiate one "dimension" from another. (And I am NOT including our nominal classical, NOT QUFD, three "dimensions" of heighth, width and depth).

    • And since the three previously noted "elements" define any ONE "dimension", how do we, therefore, differentiate any one dimension from another? Why, by the quantum relativistic means of phase-space-shift differential, whereby each "degree" of the Universal/Cosmic condensate-field ground-state of consciousness is described by a phase-space-shifted self-ordering of that Universal/Cosmic ground-state, with each "phase-space-shift" (OR otherwise "?-shift") producing a different degree-dimension of consciousness. And, again, I realize that we have a finite-infinite conflict here again, because "phase-space-shift", or whatever, implies a finite number of "phase-spaces" (or whatever), rather than an infinite number. Again, the intent is to differentiate and not to define the maximum "number" of anything as infinite or NOT infinite, but finite. However, by this theoretical construct, I am, so far, specifying an infinity of dimensions. I leave this for some other scientists of the Quantum to resolve, as to the "number" or quantity that may or may not define "infinity".

  11. Of course, in the preceding I have defined a "dimension" (or "coda") by noting that it is a ground-state (defined as an individual "state" or SYSTEM, entirely comprising itself and its operations or functions, as any living "thing", such as a human being or an ant, is an entire "living" ground-state of existence). Further, it is a ground-state OF that "living-entity" of Sentience-consciousness which IS a QUFD condensate-field of consciousness, as further defined herein this document.
    (For further definitions of the terms "Sentience", "consciousness" and "condensate-field", look for such terms, as well as the term "Bose-Einstein condensates" and other definitions, IN Father Jerome's DICTIONARY of KEYWORDS, available in the POP-UP WINDOW which appeared at the top of the opening page of this document and which you MAY have either minimized to the Status Bar at the bottom of your screen OR kept open at the top of your screen. IF you did not do so, in order to access that DICTIONARY, you may have to Click your BACK BUTTON several times, to return to that opening page, in order to re-open that POP-UP WINDOW and then keep it available by either minimizing it or letting it remain at the top of your screen.)

  12. Minimally, I will herewith DEFINE Sentience as ANY ground-state which is "aware" (see the listings for "Sentience" and "aware" in Father Jerome's DICTIONARY) of itself and its moment-to-moment existence and functioning AS a "living" entity, and which does incorporate such "Essence" as previously described, in and of its existential "reality". However, the further concentration of this document will next be on defining a "condensate-field", AS the individual ground-state OF that "dimensionality" which has been hereinbefore defined.

    A QUFD Condensate-Field of Consciousness
  13. First of all, whether by classical Newtonian physics definition or by quantum mechanical definition, a "condensate" is a sort-of "soup", of chemicals or other particulate elements (if the Reader hasn't done so already, perhaps a referral to Father Jerome's DICTIONARY - at the bottom or top of your screen perhaps, IF you have made it readily available - should give you a background definition of the various terms, "condensate...(et al)"). A "condensate" is, further, a condensed version of that chemical-soup, meaning that such factors (of the chemical-soup) as the temperature and density of the "soup" have been condensed, or compressed, yielding a "condensate" that exists within its defined borders AS the "soup" of such temperature and density which does so define that "condensate". This shall suffice for my "classical" definition of a "condensate".

  14. At the quantum level, however, we may replace those molecular, AND corporeal, chemical elements (NOT the same meaning, as the "elements" referred to previously herein this document, these just mentioned elements being of the "classical" definition, whereas our previous "elements" were of a quantum particulate-nature, rather than classical) with such quantum "elements" as we have already described earlier in this document in our discussion of the definition of quantum axion particles. And, as described previously, those quantum "elements" can, and DO, include the quantum forces: Electric, Magnetic, Weak Nuclear, Strong Nuclear and Gravity. In and of the inclusion of the quantum forces, our "soup", or "condensate", has now become a "condensate-field", of the quantum forces AND their fields, as well as the previously mentioned (and defined) quantum particles, the quantum axion particles, which are the primary "Essence" of the "soup" that we are now calling a "condensate-field".

  15. Actually, our "condensate-field", confined within the limitations OF its borders, does now constitute the "ground-state" which we defined earlier. SO, within those "borders" (which actually may be either finite OR infinite, depending on the actual realities of that particular ground-state), the following characteristics pertain:

    • The condensate-field exists at whatever the AMBIENT TEMPERATURE of that ground-state may be, and such temperatures may range from the infinitely cold (from 0 K, even) to the infinitely hot. However, each particular ground-state is defined, as to its CORPOREAL "dimensionality" (previously defined), BY whatever its particular temperature may be. It is to be further noted that this temperature "element" ONLY applies to defining the functional-activity POINT OF INTERFACE (or "dimensionality") WITH the CORPOREALITY of such dimensional-entity as is being described. In other words, beyond that corporeal point of dimensional interface activity, temperature MAY BE OTHERWISE than such specified CORPOREAL ambient temperature, in defining the extended INCORPOREALITY of said condensate-field. Thusly, the temperature of a defined ground-state is ambient AT such point of corporeality (IF extant), but may be otherwise in its incorporeality, without affecting the functionality OF such incorporeal aspects of said ground-state condensate-field.

    • The condensate-field also exists at whatever the AMBIENT DENSITY of that particular ground-state may be, and such densities may range (however relationally or relativistically defined) across a wide spectrum of densities, from that of gases and quantum particulates to the densities of the most intense Cosmic scale. Each "dimension", of Cosmic existence and reality, exists as a ground-state AT whatever its particular density of the condensate-field of consciousness may be. And we are talking here of both the CORPOREAL and the INCORPOREAL - and especially of the density of an INCORPOREAL condensate-field ground-state - WITHOUT which there would be NO CORPOREALITY, NO actuality, NO reality, NO existence, OF the physical, material, macrocosmic-entity, which such ground-state of consciousness does so enable. Of course, there ARE also such NON-corporeal, non-physical, and microcosmic entities, of reality and existence, as do exist outside OF the limitations, boundaries, or definitions of CORPOREALITY, and such ground-states are certainly included herewith.

    • The condensate-field also exists by reason of that third "element" of "dimensionality" - SPIRIT, in the form of those quantum particulates previously described, QUANTUM AXION PARTICLES. Spirit, as also previously noted, provides the "Essence" AND the "Sentience" OF that ground-state of consciousness which we are considering. And Spirit comes from, or is derived from, the fact that ANY and ALL time, place, phase, space, dimension (or whatever other measure) IS AN INTEGRAL PART OF, and a component thereof, THAT UNIVERSAL/COSMIC ground-state, of such infinite magnitude, which is known as Infinite Consciousness (God), which does pervade the Cosmos and All That Is.

  16. Additionally, by reason of the existence of the aforenoted and defined "elements" OF a "condensate-field", such a ground-state of existence and reality does further have the following characteristics:

    • TIME is ATEMPORAL, or INTEMPORAL, or non-linear, or unitary, WITHIN the ground-state OF such condensate-field, AS TO its INCORPOREALITY, but NOT its CORPOREALITY. However, by and through the WILL (defined in Father Jerome's DICTIONARY and elsewhere) OF that individual ground-state of consciousness (referring ONLY to that ground-state of consciousness OF the human "dimension"), in certain instances OF the operation OF the MATURE human mind (to be defined later herein), CORPOREALITY MAY BE TRANSCENDED, and the INTEMPORALITY of such a ground-state may pertain. See my further discussions of such, however, later in this document.

    • Such a "condensate-field" is SELF-ORDERING, meaning such a "soup" MAY "self-order", or organize, itself, as it may be so inclined to do, in response and reaction TO those various "inputs" which it does perceive and become aware of, in and through the realities OF its very existence. The enabling "factor" here is, of course, Spirit, as the "Sentience"-contributing part of the dimensional "elements" comprising such a "condensate-field", such "Sentience" being "aware" of not only itself, but of its "inputs", "outputs", operations, functions and other such realities of its "LIFE", as the individual MIND (and at this point we can certainly call such a ground-state by the term "Mind", when referring to the human dimension of existence and reality) itself may become "aware" of.

    • Such a "condensate-field" is COHERENT, meaning that the quantum axion particles AND "elements" thereof, are "unitary", and "one", in its "Life" and purpose, and in the basic configuration OF that ground-state which it is. However, with reference again to the human "dimensionality", such "coherence" MAY BE disrupted, or distorted, in its "beingness" (see Father Jerome's DICTIONARY for the listing "being"), BY such other "dimensionality" of influence upon said ground-state as is known as the Luciferian Complex of spiritual dimensionality, AS such "dimension" MAY "intrude" upon the functions of a human-entity ground-state. Futher discussion on such a situation may be found later in this document. See Father Jerome's DICTIONARY for the listings "dimensionality", "God", "Infinite Consciousness (God)", "axion particles" and "Luciferian Complex".

    • Such a "condensate-field" is ADAPTABLE, to ANY and EVERY input, from its "environmental" situation, "environmental" meaning NOT the physical, corporeal environment, although such may be included, BUT referring to the TOTAL surrounding "conditions-of-existence" OF that ground-state, both CORPOREAL and INCORPOREAL. In other words, IF the human mind is mature (referring ONLY to the human "dimension" again), which "MATURITY" shall be defined herein subsequently (however, see Father Jerome's DICTIONARY for the listings "matur...(et al)"), ANY "input", from either corporeality or incorporeality, as such may be made aware of by the "Essence", or Spirit, OF that ground-state, SHALL ELICIT a response which shall purposely ADAPT, or change, by "self-ordering", the constitutional reality OF that ground-state IN WHATEVER MANNER SHALL BE NECESSARY (within any limitations of that ground-state's existential realities). This topic will likewise be addressed further later in this document.

    • Additionally, certain other characteristics may apply, as defined further herein this document OR as defined by such extant principles of Quantum Mechanics as shall apply.

    TIME - Temporality and Intemporality
  17. I have previously noted that TIME, within a "dimension" of condensate-field reality, is TEMPORAL within the CORPOREAL realities of such a "dimension", while it is INTEMPORAL within the INCORPOREAL realities of said "dimension". Since this Formulation is primarily addressing the INCORPOREALITY of the (QUFD) "dynamics" of the condensate-field ground-state being discussed, I will hereby let it suffice to say that, within any and all CORPOREALITY, of such a "dimension", nominal and classical principles of temporality shall pertain. Also, again, as previously noted, it is to be stressed that NO corporeality (of ANY "dimension", human or otherwise), can exist WITHOUT the INCORPOREALITY of such a dimensional ground-state of reality.

  18. Continuing, in addressing the INCORPOREALITY of any ground-state of consciousness, in that, as defined earlier herein, the quantum forces, including gravity, are "unitary" within such a condensate-field. Therefore, inasmuch as the gravitational field is postulated as being "zero", such a condition shall affect TIME as to cause it to be INTEMPORAL.

  19. Intemporality, within the incorporeality of any ground-state dimension, shall cause any and all probabilities/possibilities, of past, present, future, to be "realizable" upon "observation-actualization" BY any "observer-creator", who shall "create" any such "reality" as may be "created" thereby such "observation". However, if no "observation" occurs, such potential "realities" DO YET EXIST, in INTEMPORALITY and INCORPOREALITY, but are not "brought-into" the PRESENT, or the linear "moment" of TEMPORALITY, that such "observation" would so "create". (For a simpler, more extemporaneous, presentation of this concept, see the Lecture, "The Quantum Physics of Time", in Father Jerome's Science Lectures on this website.)

  20. However, as to the CORPOREALITY (actually, the incorporeal-corporeal INTERFACE "point", where the incorporeality of that "dimension" - say, the human Mind - MEETS, and effects control OF, the corporeality OF said "dimension" - in the case of humanity, the human brain, etc.) of any "dimension", intemporality shall pertain ONLY in-the-moment, or in the (continuing) present-moment, of such temporality as does prevail AT such interface point of corporeality-incorporeality. What this means is that, at such an interface "point" (or points, with reference to the human brain, there being trillions of such "points"), at ANY "instant", of in-the-moment "reality", in which the corporeal human entity MAY ACCESS (a TWO-WAY "access", at that) INCORPOREAL "reality", such "access" shall provide the corporeal dimensional-entity WITH "access" TO any and ALL "dimensions", and ground-states of consciousness, AS such "access" MAY facilitate. This is one requirement for the evolutionary "maturity" of the human Mind and KNOWING, as shall be further defined later herein. Also, as is discussed in my E-book, "KNOWING: The Quantum Physics of Consciousness, Life & Reality!", such "access" TO the dimensions of consciousness beyond the self IS DEPENDENT upon the degree, or level, of KNOWING, of oneSelf, as to Who and What the person "is", and the amount, or level, OF maturity of that human Mind.

  21. BY DEFINITION, "living" (referring again to the human dimensional-entity, but also pertaining to ANY "dimensional-entity") IN-THE-MOMENT, means that one's "consciousness", and awareness (see the listing for "awareness" in Father Jerome's DICTIONARY), are "fixed", and concentrated, IN the present-moment of one's existence and reality AT ALL TIMES, allowing such "access" TO intemporality and incorporeality (as previously defined) AT WILL. Of course, IF the entity (the person) should "step-out-of" the present-moment, THEN such "access" shall be broken, and linearity of past, present, future temporality shall pertain. See Father Jerome's Lecture, "The Quantum Physics of Time", for further simplified details of "living-in-the-moment". Also, "in-the-moment" living is discussed more fully later herein this document.

    The Human Mind, as a condensate-field of consciousness
  22. BY DEFINITION, the human Mind is a ground-state condensate-field of consciousness, of INCORPOREALITY, which "interfaces" with the CORPOREALITY of the human-entity-dimension within the human brain, spinal cord and ganglia of the human body. This INTERFACE, between corporeality and incorporeality, will be further detailed later herein this document.

  23. BY further DEFINITION, the human Mind is defined as the individual local mind (see Father Jerome's DICTIONARY for the listing "individual mind"), relative to all other dimensions and ground-states of consciousness. The individual local mind is further divided into two sectors, the upper local mind and the lower local mind, which consist of differing particles of consciousness-Spirit (the quantum axion particles, defined earlier herein), depending upon whether "maturity" of that human Mind has been "activated" or not, and the degree to which they are "separated" in their conjoining (which, as noted earlier, relates to the degree of KNOWING that one has achieved).

  24. Nominally, and ideally, under the condition of "maturity of Mind" (also called KNOWING), the upper and lower local mind ground-states exist as positive quantum axion particles, of positive integer-spin, conjoined into a composite "whole" (the individual local mind, in its mature state), which interacts with each other (upper and lower) by way of the nominal "perturbations" (of consciousness), the "ripples", or self-orderings, which are "felt" BY each portion of the two ground-states ALONG the common "borders", or boundaries, of both these condensate-fields of consciousness. These "perturbations" of consciousness will be discussed more fully and in more detail in the sections to follow later herein. For now, these "perturbations", or interactions, between upper and lower mind, are nominally a two-way "operation", and enable both portions of that individual local mind to work together with the utmost of efficiency, the lower local mind "supervising" the actual interface with the corporeal human brain, and the upper local mind providing the overall "management", conceptualization, reasoning, memory and "Sentience" OF that individual local mind.

  25. BY DEFINITION, the lower local mind is known as the self, and is the immediate, local "mechanical consciousness" (see the listing in Father Jerome's DICTIONARY for "mechanical consciousness"), which is "aware" of the moment-by-moment daily activities of the corporeal human entity whose brain, etc., is being "supervised" BY that lower local mind (acting sort of like a computer "memory-cache", in its operation).

  26. BY DEFINITION, the upper local mind is known as the Self, or Soul, and it is the integration-facility for all of the activities and individual functions of the lower local mind, the self. In other words, the Self/Soul provides the overall "coordination", "Essence", and "Sentience" OF that individual local mind, acting BOTH in CORPOREALITY through the lower mind's "supervision" OF the human brain, etc., AND INCORPOREALITY, of the upper mind's (the Self/Soul's) INTERFACE WITH any and all "dimensions" of consciousness BEYOND that individual local mind, INCLUDING that Cosmic ground-state from which such Sentience-consciousness (of the Soul) is so derived in the first place - Infinite Consciousness (God).

  27. As noted previously, the nominal, ideal constitution of the individual local mind is as a WHOLE MIND (a "whole person" - see the listing for "whole person" in Father Jerome's DICTIONARY), operating in tandem-efficiency, with upper and lower portions (self with Self/Soul) harmoniously working in mature "synchronization" (IF it might be called such, in that such "operation" is primarily being carried out in the INTEMPORALITY of the incorporeal "mind"), IN each and every "moment" of reality-existence thereof. (AND "accessing", in-the-moment, any and every "dimension" of consciousness BEYOND its local Self/Soul, AS it MAY "will" to do so!) HOWEVER, such is NOT the nominal situation for most of humanity today. In the following, I shall describe what IS the nominal situation which does prevail at the present time.

  28. In actuality, the "boundary-layer" between the "self" (the lower local mind) and the Self/Soul (the upper local mind) has been further widened, or "separated", BY the "incursion" OF another "dimension" of consciousness, the NEGATIVITY of the ground-state of consciousness known as the Luciferian Complex of dimensionality, or, in more familiar terms, the "Prince of this world", Satan, the Devil. This "separation", between upper and lower local mind, is known as the Veil of Separation, or the Veil of Unknowing. See Father Jerome's DICTIONARY, for the listing "Carl Jung".

  29. BY further DEFINITION, what has occurred, in and of such an "incursion" of negativity (and the nominal quantum axion particle OF such negativity IS a negative particle of negative integer-spin) IS that BOTH "parties" to the interaction have been so affected as described in the following:

    • The nominal positive integer-spin OF the quantum axion particles OF the two portions of the local mind ARE NOW "influenced" to CHANGE their spin, resulting in two ground-states (upper and lower local mind) with HALF-POSITIVE integer-spin.

    • The nominal negative integer-spin OF the quantum axion particles OF the "incursioning" negative ground-state are "influenced" (by the positivity of the "targeted" ground-states, the local mind) to CHANGE the spin OF the "incursioning" PORTION of that ground-state ONLY, to a HALF-NEGATIVE integer-spin.

    • The quantum consequences of such a change in the spin of these particles IS:
      • The composite positive-negative local mind configuration (actually, positive-negative-positive) MAY be comparable to that composite quantum mechanical entity known as a "Cooper-pair", in its configuration, with the negative half-spins balancing the positive half-spins.
      • The "incursioning" negativity, although immediately of a negative half-spin, does not change, nor affect, the source ground-state of that negativity, the Luciferian Complex, which retains its fully negative integer-spin. (And which, incidentally, completely encloses, and surrounds, that positive individual local mind.) See Father Jerome's DICTIONARY for the listing "dimensionality". Also, with respect to the existence of this negative "dimension" of consciousness in the Universe, see the additional listings in Father Jerome's DICTIONARY for "Lucifer...(et al)", "axion particles", "condensate(s)...(et al)", "dimension...(et al)", "form of spirit", "negative spirituality", "pervades the Universe", "Prince of our world" and "spiritual dimension...(et al)".
      • The individual local mind, although now a positive-negative "pairing" (if it may be called such), does yet retain the positive integrity of the Self/Soul, in such a ground-state's (actually dual ground-state) relation to any and all other ground-states beyond itself (it still "presents" a positive-integer-spin wholeness-integrity, in "representing" itSelf, that combined individual local mind, TO any and all other dimensions of incorporeal consciousness).
      • HOWEVER, at the CORPOREAL level, of the human-entity, the positivity OF the upper local mind IS NOW INFLUENCED, "filtered", or screened, THROUGH the negativity OF that Veil of Separation, in its interactions with the lower local mind. Although all nominal autonomic-functionality is not normally affected (although, in certain medical cases of disease and such, those autonomic functions MAY be affected), the more "conscious" functions of daily existence and life ARE now adversely affected BY that Veil of Separation. For further discussion of this situation, see Father Jerome's Research Report, "An Evolutionary Maturity of the Human Mind".
      • The further consequences of the above noted changes in the operations between upper and lower local mind are such that the lower local mind NO LONGER KNOWS OF, or is aware of, its relationship WITH the upper local mind. It (the lower local mind) now "envisions" itself as all that there "is" (the self, alone). This is the other effect of that Veil of Separation, in this instance known as the Veil of Unknowing. Such topic is discussed quite extensively in my E-book, "KNOWING: The Quantum Physics of Consciousness, Life & Reality!".

  30. The upper and lower mind, as a composite-whole-pairing, completely surround the human body, the INCORPOREALITY of such ground-state more directly "adhering to" the CORPOREALITY OF those physical organs so interfaced with, the brain, spinal cord and ganglia. For a more detailed "picture" of this ground-state, as it exists in its peripheral-association with the human body (which, in the old days, and by some "psychic" practitioners, of such "New Age" or otherwise "nonsense", was known as the human "Aura"), see the discussion later in this document under "PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER......The Big Picture".

  31. Now that I have laid the groundwork, for the basic understandings of consciousness, as to its quantum particles, forces, fields, dimensions, condensate-fields, spins, temperature, density, Spirit, negativities and positivities, and the individual local mind itself, let us now go on and see exactly WHAT HAPPENS in this "magical", quantum INTERFACE, between INCORPOREALITY and CORPOREALITY.

    The Quantum Incorporeal-Corporeal INTERFACE within the Human entity of Sentience-consciousness.
  32. BY DEFINITION, the quantum incorporeality of the aforementioned Spirit and Dimensionality of the condensate-fields of consciousness does interface and interact with the corporeal reality of human existence within the human brain IN those cellular entities which are known as Glia.

  33. At the "heart" of all neuroglia, within the nucleus thereof, the three "elements" of quantum dimensionality, as a functional process of that condensate-field ground-state of consciousness which is that quantum dimensionality, do exist and act as a microcosmically LOCAL "supervision" center FOR that neural cell-synaptic junction WHICH the individual glial cell surrounds and encloses. However, as the LOCAL CONTROL CENTER for that individual synaptic-junction, the surrounding glial cell, at its nuclei center, IS YET the "focus" OF that incorporeality of dimensionality which is the consciousness OF that individual local mind.

  34. In other words, looking at the situation on a slightly larger scale, of the trillions of synapsial junctions (of axon-dendrite neural cells, or neurons) which make up the human brain, spinal cord and ganglionic extensions thereof, each and every neuronal "junction" OF those anatomical functions, IS ENCLOSED WITHIN its own individual glial cell, which, as stated previously, is the LOCAL CONTROL (supervision) CENTER for that individual synapsial junction. The nucleus of the glial cell is where the INCORPOREAL MIND exerts its individual, local control over that single CORPOREAL synaptic-junction of the human brain (OR spinal cord, or ganglia).

  35. Looking at this another way, the glial-synaptic-neural-junction IS THE INTERFACE, where the INDIVIDUAL LOCAL MIND (of incorporeality) "meets" the HUMAN BRAIN (and its extensions) of CORPOREALITY! And since we are talking here of trillions of such synaptic "junctions", we therefore are also talking about trillions of "meeting points", OR local "supervisory" control points, which INTERFACE that particular, individual neuronal "junction" (of whatever CORPOREAL function of the brain, spinal cord, etc., that it - the individual junction - is part of), WITH the INCORPOREAL local mind, AS enabled BY and THROUGH the individual glial cell (actually, its nucleus) that does enclose that synaptic junction.

  36. Okay, back to the microcosmic scale (and this author, with expertise merely in the INCORPOREAL, is certainly NOT qualified to expound upon the intricate, and CORPOREAL, "workings" of the human brain. I leave that to more qualified experts in such than I. What I merely do herein my writings is present the INCORPOREAL realities ONLY!). WHAT HAPPENS, within these two entities - the glial cell nucleus, where the quantum forces of the incorporeal dimension, or ground-state condensate-field of consciousness, OF that individual synaptic junction, ARE FELT, AND the neuronal pairing of the axon-dendrites OF that individual synaptic junction (the axon being the transmitting end of the neuronal cell that releases the trans-synapsial chemicals - neurotransmitters - which flow across the synaptic junction and are received by the dendrites of the receiving neuronal cell), which constitute the individual CORPOREAL entity-function that is being "supervised"? Again, WHAT HAPPENS here?

  37. First of all, we are yet talking about the quantum "dimension", when we ask what is going on in the nucleus of that particular glial cell, AND we are talking about the CORPOREAL microcellular processes that are "going on" IN those synaptic neurons OF that individual "junction". At the quantum level - remember? - we have the three "elements" of "dimensionality" - temperature, density, and Spirit.

    • Temperature - as we all know, within the "dimension" of human-entity-existence (of the Universal/Cosmic scale/range of possibilities of existence, of all Sentience), is 310.15 K, or 98.6 F. If the temperature is anything else, from the infinitely cold to the infinitely hot, we are then talking about a completely different dimension of Sentience-consciousness - NOT of humanity! Of course, density and Spirit must also pertain, to further define such OTHER dimensionality of Sentience.

    • Density - according to those scientists of the Quantum who have so "specified" such (in current secular research as well as non-secular research), is (-)minus 120 decimals of condensate (however referenced). Of course, such a "measure" is so infinitesimally microscopic (and quantum), that it is, as yet (with modern technology), unmeasurable (as is, likewise, the "density" of those quantum axion particles of those "dimensions" of consciousness which pervade the Cosmos - commonly called the cosmic "dark matter"). Again, if we are referring to any other "measure" of density, we are, again, talking about a completely different dimension of Sentience-consciousness - NOT of humanity. Infinitely smaller densities to infinitely larger densities pertain to other NON-human Sentience-consciousness, ranging from the quantum particles, such as leptons, to amoebas, to ants, to trees, to rocks, to the biosphere, to a planet, to a pulsar, to a galaxy, and on to Infinite Consciousness Him/HerSelf. Again, temperature and Spirit must also pertain to such other dimensions of consciousness.

    • Spirit - and the quantum axion particles thereof, which infuse and pervade the Cosmos, IS the controlling (or supervising) factor here, as to the human brain/mind INTERFACE of which we are noting herein this Formulation (and since we are NOT including nor defining Spirit, IN THIS DOCUMENT, as the "infusion", or Sentience factor for NON-human Sentience - which it certainly IS, I leave such to be defined by other scientists of the Quantum).

  38. And Spirit IS the "Essence" OF the human mind (the individual local mind) AND its "supervisory" control OF those quantum microcellular processes of CORPOREAL functionality, which take place within the axon and dendrite OF that synaptic junction we are talking about. SO, in order to see the details of exactly what Spirit is accomplishing IN that synaptic junction, we will next have to define the FEEDBACK LOOP functionality OF that synaptic junction.

    The Quantum Feedback Loop, within the Glial Cell-Synaptic Junction Interface
  39. First of all, this time, in describing the glial cell-synaptic junction feedback loop, I'm going to start at the CORPOREAL level of the axon-dendrite pairing of the synaptic junction. Actually, there CAN BE more than one axon AND dendrite within any, or some, synaptic junctions, so we are talking about control of multiple "pathways" in such cases, rather than a single "path". However, for simplicity's sake, we will refer to a single-path synaptic junction in this analysis.

  40. The function of the synaptic junction is to enable the transmission-reception of neuronal "signals" which are part of the functionality of the larger functional area (such as the medulla oblongata) of that particular part of the brain/spinal cord/ganglionic system, of which a particular synaptic junction is a part of. In doing so (processing, and "passing along", those neuronal "signals"), the individual synaptic junction joins, or is a part of, all the other synaptic junctions, which, as a whole, constitute the brain and its functions.

  41. However, what is to be noted here, in relating and defining the actions of the brain/mind interface, is that EACH glial cell (which encloses the individual synaptic junction) IS AWARE OF the "activity", or flow, of neuronal "signals" WITHIN ITS PURVIEW - or area of supervision - in this case, that individual synaptic junction. And, at the quantum level of the nucleus of that glial cell, SINCE that individual glial cell is a PART OF THE WHOLE of the individual local mind (actually, only the ground-state of the LOWER local mind), which is, as a quantum ground-state condensate-field of consciousness, a SELF-ORDERING (self organizing) "entity" of that Sentience, THEREFORE that ground-state (the lower local mind) IS AWARE OF, and "in control-supervision" OF, EACH and EVERY glial-cell "interface" that is a part of its ground-state nature. And since that ground-state of consciousness (the lower local mind) is aware of each glial-entity of itself, it thusly CAN ORGANIZE the "operation" - actually, the "firing" - OF each glial-synaptic junction, AS "controlled-supervised" BY the UPPER local mind. Together, the lower local mind and the upper local mind, through the very attributes OF that ground-state condensate-field of consciousness (self-ordering, coherence, adaptability, etc.), are able to conceptualize, rationalize, memorize and further enable the functioning of Sentience, which is the function of the mind and consciousness. And that function (Sentience-consciousness) is carried out BY and THROUGH the "supervision" (and "awareness" OF) each and every glial-synaptic junction IN the human brain/spinal cord/ganglionic system of corporeality.

  42. In other words, the mind KNOWS what each and every part of the brain, etc., IS DOING, and it "supervises" ALL of that "doing" (functions) by and through the individual, localized control OF the FEEDBACK LOOPS of each and all glial-synaptic junctions.

  43. SO, here is what happens at the level of the synaptic junction (the CORPOREAL level). The "transmitting" axon receives a "stimulation" (a signal) from the nucleus of the "sending" neuron, which, of course, has been triggered BY its interlocking configurational modality-functionality WITH those other synaptic junctions which it is connected to by the dendrites OF that particular neuronal cell (which is supplying the "signal" to its axon). Now, what would normally happen is that the "signal", coming down the axon, would "fire" the axon's VESICLES (gates, or doors), to release the synaptic-transmitter chemicals, to flow across the synaptic junction and be received by the dendritic "receptors" of the next, or receiving, neuronal cell which does then pass on the neural "signal" to the axon(s) of itself.

  44. HOWEVER, before those axonal VESICLES can OPEN and release those synaptic transmitter chemicals, THEY HAVE TO BE TRIGGERED TO OPEN, by the micromolecular "gates", a series of micromolecular chemical compounds of NH2, which is what determines whether a vesicle will open or not, and whether the neurotransmitter chemicals, representing that incoming neural "signal" (incoming to the synaptic junction), will be released across the junction or not!

  45. What "triggers" the micromolecular-series "gates" IS the "leading" compound, at the head of that series, which is the H2 portion of that leading compound. The H2 molecule CAN BE "on" - active - OR it can be "off" - inactive. Whether it is "on" or "off" determines whether the series of "gates" are "on" or "off" and, consequently, whether the neuronal axon's vesicle OPENS OR NOT! And the action OF that H2 molecule IS DETERMINED BY the quantum "supervision" OF the surrounding glial-cell CONTROL CENTER.

  46. In other words, the quantum consciousness IN the nucleus of the enclosing glial cell, TURNS ON OR OFF the H2 molecule (in the axonal "gate"), AS "supervised" BY that lower local mind ground-state of consciousness, working with the overall Sentience-control FROM the UPPER local mind.

  47. Hey! Wait a minute! HOW does the glial CONTROL CENTER (for that synaptic junction) KNOW that a "signal" is "coming down the pike" (the axon), to potentially "trigger" the release of those neuro-transmitters? HOW does the lower local mind KNOW (IN the glial control-centers) that a "signal" HAS BEEN PRESENTED (sent down the axon), and is THERE, AT the synaptic junction's axon, ready to be converted TO the neuro-transmitter chemicals that would be released across the junction? HOW does the glial-local mind KNOW that the "signal" is present, and that it (the local mind) needs to make a decision as to whether to release that "signal" across the synaptic-junction OR NOT? (Hey, even AND/OR gates don't "fire" until they are "triggered" to do so!)

  48. Well, the answer is this. When that "signal" comes down the axon (to become the potentially-ready-for-release neurotransmitters), the axon ITSELF provides the "feedback-info" (as to the signal's presence) TO the glial-control-center. HOW does it do this? Why, as the "signal" travels along the axon's MICROTUBULES, or microcellular pathways, those microtubules create an electrical "charge" along the length of the microtubules (after all, it IS an electrical "signal" that is travelling down that axon's microcellular pathways). THAT "signal", passing through those microtubules, ALSO creates a very low intensity MICROWAVE signal radiation, at radio frequencies, WHICH is "felt", or received (the radiation), BY that surrounding glial-control-center's nucleus. THIS is how the glial-local mind KNOWS that a "signal" IS PRESENT, and that it needs to make a decision as to release and pass that "signal" on or not! (As to HOW and WHY that "decision" is made by the local mind, see my discussion later herein on "The Decision-Making Process within a Ground-State".)

  49. Okay, NOW the lower local mind (and the glial-control-centers thereof), "coordinating" WITH the upper local mind, DECIDES, on the basis of ALL OTHER information and "inputs" thereto, as may be available, TO RELEASE that "signal" coming down the axon, and let those neurotransmitters flow across the synaptic-junction. Let's see exactly HOW that axon's vesicles are "operated", in order to pass on that "signal".

  50. At the "sending" neuron's axon, THE NEUROTRANSMITTERS (the chemicals) ARE RELEASED by the operation of the vesicle, which is "controlled" by the micromolecular "gates", which are, in turn, "supervised", at the quantum level, BY the quantum consciousness OF the glial cell's influence UPON the H2 molecule of the lead "gate" compound, AS DETERMINED BY that overall, conceptual and self-ordering Sentience OF the local lower and upper mind ground-state composite "pairing" OF that individual local mind. (See Father Jerome's DICTIONARY for further discussion of the composite-unity "pairing" of the upper and lower local mind ground-states, in the listings for "mind", "local mind" and "individual mind".)

  51. Okay, that explains how the neural "signal" is sent across the synaptic junction. BUT, HOW is it received, and WHY is it (the neural "signal") sent across that particular junction IN THE FIRST PLACE?

  52. Okay, we now have the neurotransmitter chemical "released". It "flows" across the "junction", and is taken up BY the "receptor(s)" OF the dendrite(s) OF the receiving neuron. The "receptors" (of the dendrite), in turn, stimulate the production of a neuronal electrical "charge" (signal), which flows up the dendritic "tenacles" of the receiving neuron, TO the nucleus of that neuron, to be "passed on" to the axonal configuration "connections" (synaptic junctions) on the "sending" side of that neuron.

  53. HEY! Wait a minute! So the quantum CONTROL CENTER, in the nucleus of the glial cell surrounding that synaptic junction, "triggered" the neural "signal" to be sent across the junction. BUT HOW does that CONTROL CENTER "know" that the "signal" has been "received" and is being passed on BY that receiving neuronal dendrite? WHY, here is where THE FEEDBACK comes in! And, after all, that CONTROL CENTER MUST have some kind of "indication" that the "signal" has been received, OTHERWISE there would be NO CONTROL! In other words, one cannot "control" something IF THEY DON'T KNOW that what they have "initiated" IS ACTUALLY "working" or NOT!

  54. SO, what happens (and this is where the FEEDBACK - to the CONTROL CENTER - comes in), is that, when the dendrite produces the electrical "charge" that flows toward the nucleus of the receiving neuron, that electrical "charge" is produced, developed, and "built-up", BY the actions of the micromolecular compounds WITHIN the MICROTUBULES OF that dendrite, AS such have been "stimulated" BY the neurotransmitter chemicals which were "received" (across the junction) BY those dendritic "receptors". While the MICROTUBULES are producing the electric "charge" (acting sort of like a CAPACITOR, capacitively "building-up" the "charge" along the length of the microtubules) which flows toward the nucleus, AT THE SAME TIME, that "charge" being produced ALSO creates a MICROWAVE SIGNAL - a radio-frequency, micro-energy, electro-magnetic "signal" - WHICH RADIATES FROM (along the length of) those dendritic microtubules, AND IS FELT (received) BY the surrounding glial cell AND its nucleus CONTROL CENTER.

  55. THIS IS THE FEEDBACK! The glial CONTROL CENTER has, first of all, "sensed" the presence OF the axonal "signal", THEN "initiated" the "firing" of the synaptic junction, and it has now "received" (in the form of the microwave radiation which penetrates to the nucleus of the glial cell) CONFIRMATION, that the neural "signal" has crossed the junction and been sent on its way, enabling THE INDIVIDUAL "working" OF that synaptic junction OF that particular brain function. Incidentally, these microwave signals are what is being "picked up" by CAT-scan and MRI medical diagnostic equipment, where the presence of these microwave signals is the indication of the actual activity-functionality OF that particular part of the human brain being looked at.

  56. IN SUCH A MANNER, does the glial-nucleus quantum CONTROL CENTER, as part OF the local mind ground-state of consciousness, SUPERVISE each and every synaptic junction of the human brain, spinal cord and the ganglia, the glial-nuclei "feeling" the "perturbations" of consciousness OF the ground-state condensate-field OF that individual LOWER local mind, and "reporting back" TO that ground-state, the "results" OF those "supervisory" actions so undertaken by the individual glial CONTROL CENTERS. Thusly, the glial-cell CONTROL CENTERS are the INTERFACE between the CORPOREALITY of the human BRAIN and the INCORPOREALITY of the human MIND, "supervising" and controlling EACH and EVERY function of that brain and providing that human being WITH the "consciousness" and "Sentience" which can only come from, and be of, that quantum ground-state condensate-field of SPIRIT, which is PART OF that Cosmological ground-state which is INFINITE CONSCIOUSNESS (God).

    Operational Functionalities of the Ground-State of the Human Mind
  57. Actually, as the heading of this section implies, what I will now be focusing on is the quantum operation of the ground-state of consciousness of a human mind. Later on, in a section entitled, "PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER......The Big Picture", I will detail a "picture" of Universal/Cosmic consciousness, as to how the individual human mind "fits together" with the framework of other "dimensions" of the Cosmos beyond that individual mind. For now, though, let's concentrate on the basics of how the upper and lower mind relate to each other and to the corporeal brain, etc., of the human entity.

  58. First of all, remember, as noted earlier herein, we are talking about a "dimension", or dimensional-entity (the human being), BUT we are now talking about ONLY the INCORPOREALITY of that "dimension", NOT the CORPOREALITY (although any and all corporeality follows from, originates from, and is "supervised" from, that ground-state of incorporeality which we will be discussing here).

  59. Also remember our earlier definitions, of the condensate-field OF any dimensional ground-state, such condensate-field being of the nature of a condensed "soup" (not necessarily Campbell's) which is self-ordering, coherent, adaptive and more (as defined elsewhere), and which is "infused" WITH those necessities of consciousness - SPIRIT, Sentience, and that unknown Essence, which "activates" it all! If the Reader has not already done so, it might be further of interest to review the Dictionary - NOT Father Jerome's DICTIONARY herewith, but, instead, a standard reference Dictionary - listings which are included at the beginning of Father Jerome's Research Report, "An Evolutionary Maturity of the Human Mind", such listings being the Definitions for ACTIVISM and SPIRIT.

  60. Also, consciousness which arises from the ground-state (which itself is consciousness, after all) is ACTIVE consciousness, which may be thought of as an ACTIVE form of Spirit, or Spirituality, as ACTIVISM is a Spiritual process. Therefore (as examples), the active consciousness of sight is visual consciousness; the active of hearing is aural consciousness; the active of smell is olfactory consciousness; the active of touch is tactile consciousness; the active of taste is gustatory consciousness; and the active of thought/ideas is mental consciousness. All these active-states are RIPPLES on the ground-state. Thus we define the entity of self, and the being, or beingness of the self. These actives thusly also constitute the quantum motion of the consciousness of the self - the actions and activism - that might correspond to the law of quantum mechanics regarding motion, or action.

  61. Next, in our DEFINITION herewith, we will need to "paint a picture" OF a ground-state of consciousness. What we can do, in "visualizing" such, is to imagine that we/one are/is standing on a relatively flat landscape, of slightly rolling terrestrial form, such as might be physically extant at any of numerous locations in our world. This can be our "ground-state", or basic "state" OF our dimension of consciousness, or of the SYSTEM which we shall be describing.

  62. Now, any condensate-field ground-state, being "sentient", self-ordering and such, has a number of operational "attributes", that define exactly what is "going on", in the "dynamics" OF that ground-state, WHEN it is in "operation". Hereinthefollowing I will attempt to list most of the relevant "attributes" which we will concern ourselves with (I leave it to other scientists of the Quantum to specifically "quantify" any and all other "attributes" as may pertain hereto).

  63. Generally, we have a number of "ATTRIBUTES", which we can say are "classes" of "attributes, in that they are the major "dynamics" of a ground-state's operation. In most of this listing, I will be generalizing, in that I am not an "expert" on the psychological phenomena of the human species, so I leave it to others to more adequately and specifically quantify such. The ones we shall list are:

    • ATTITUDES - such as cranky, sad, happy, mean, joyful, musical, etc. You fill in the rest! Most of these are somewhat related to the next item.

    • EMOTIONS/INSTINCTS - Emotions also relate somewhat to FEELINGS, which I will consider a sub-category thereof, along with a second sub-category, INSTINCTS.
      • INSTINCTS - we'll use the example here of "knowing" when someone is angry even though that person does not show their anger.
      • FEELINGS - and here we are NOT talking about "touch" sensations, which I list later herein. Feelings include fear, joy, anger, love, heartbreak, desire, lust and more.

    • Well, I might as well get SENSES out of the way. Sensory input includes TOUCH (pain, cold, warmth, sex and more), SMELL (flowers, sex, more), TASTE (food, sex, more), HEARING (sounds, dizziness - due to the "balance" organs being located inside the inner ear - and, of course, sex and more), and SIGHT (vision, sex again, and more).

    • Okay, the "biggie" - THOUGHTS. Thoughts range across a wide spectrum and include a portion of feelings and emotions, as well as understandings, knowing and knowledge(which are slightly different in meaning), enlightenment, self-awareness, movement, concepts, reasoning, rationalizing and so much more, including the next item.

    • PERCEPTIONS - Hey, what one "thinks" about someone or something, and more!

    • STYLE (of "being") - and I guess we could say this is related to attitudes, and is how one "presents" oneself most of the time - whether as a "cowboy", "redneck", "macho-male", "intellectual" or whatever.

    • Acquired CHARACTER - there are all kinds of character traits, which I will not even attempt to list.

    • Of course, then, we have all of the BODILY NEEDS, of the autonomic systems of the body, which are "supervised" by the brain and mind. HOW ELSE, do you think the body could "heal itself", given adequate time, if the mind didn't "know" what was "going on" in and with the corporeal body, as relayed to it (the mind) by the autonomic system, the nerves and otherwise? Of course, the body can be its own "Doctor", if we just wouldn't interfere with its natural healing functions.

    • Hey, another "biggie" - MEMORY, which entails BOTH the totality of the individual local mind AND the dimensions of consciousness BEYOND the individual local mind, INCLUDING the Collective Consciousness AND Infinite Consciousness (God). I'll have more to say about this later. 'Nuf sed, for now!

    • Then we have the GENETIC CODE, the basis for the body's corporeal existence. I'll have more to say about this later in the section entitled, "Activation of the Human Mind; The Three Stages - Implant, Birth, Maturity".

    • And lastly, PHYLOGENETIC ECHOES, which are, simply, those genetic "characteristics" which have been "passed down" from one's parents, family, tribe and race.

  64. Now, additionally, the ground-state of the human mind has a number of operational "attributes" which are specifically related to the functioning of the MATURE HUMAN MIND, which, however, I will discuss more fully in the later section, "Activation of the Human Mind: The Three Stages - Implant, Birth, Maturity".

  65. And one last listing of "attributes" of the ground-state of the human mind, which apply mostly to an IMMATURE HUMAN MIND, or one which has had its operations "distorted" BY the aforenoted "incursioning" OF that Luciferian Complex of dimensionality (which includes most of humanity at the present time, as long as Lucifer is "Prince of this world" - see the listing in Father Jerome's DICTIONARY for "Prince of this world"). Under such a condition, until maturity of the human mind can be "activated" (see Father Jerome's DICTIONARY for the listing "activation"), we have such "attributes" as: INTERFERENCE (and distortion, of many of the previously listed nominal "attributes" of that ground-state), and OCCLUSIONS (or "blockages", of any of those aforenoted "attributes").

  66. BOTH of these "states", or conditions, of the ground-state of the human mind - MATURITY and IMMATURITY - are discussed more fully in my Research Report, "An Evolutionary Maturity of the Human Mind".

  67. OKAY, now that we have defined the "attributes" of a ground-state, let's get back to detailing exactly what happens in the dynamics of that ground-state operation. As I said earlier, we can "visualize" that ground-state as a flat or slightly rolling landscape. Also, as I have said, the total operation of the human mind is a coordinated effort of both the upper and lower minds, with more of the higher-level operations, or self-orderings, such as thoughts and conceptualization occurring in the upper local mind and the more rudimentary operations such as the sensory inputs occurring in the lower local mind. (I might note, however, that there is one secular school of thought which feels, as most "religions" do, that ALL mind dynamics take place in the lower mind and that the upper mind is reserved exclusively for the more spiritual aspects of the Soul. Regardless of however defined, the upper and lower minds do constitute the individual local mind of the human entity.) From my own personal experience and knowledge, the dynamics are such as I will describe here, with any other variations or model-adjustments thereto left to such other scientists of the Quantum as may have valid reason to so modify my explications herein.

  68. NEXT, let's look more closely at that ground-state landscape. Now actually, since we have a condensate-field of consciousness (although, by our conjecture, in a flattened-out form), IF we were to have a self-ordering of any such "attribute" thereof to occur, that self-ordering would take the form of a PERTURBATION, which is a localized area of that ground-state AT WHICH all of the self-ordering OF that Sentience-consciousness, RELATIVE TO that "attribute" being self-ordered, would so "mound-up", or congregate (OR "condense" - Isn't that what a "condensate" is supposed to do?), or ever-so-slightly (through a miniscule phase-space-shifting) change the density and/or such other characteristics OF the ground-state AT THAT POINT of self-ordering. The WHY of such perturbation-creation self-ordering, by any ground-state, is discussed more fully in the later section, "The Decision-Making Process within a Ground-State".

  69. As just mentioned, miniscule PHASE-SPACE-SHIFTS also occur, as the result of any perturbation of self-ordering and adaptability OF that ground-state TO its various "attributes". However, major phase-space-shifts, as will be noted later in this document, can also occur and usually result in what is called a "dimensional" change, in some way, to be defined later.

  70. A variation of those perturbations are RIPPLES, in which the perturbations of the ground-state are felt dynamically ACROSS an expanse OF that ground-state, as certain of the "attributes" interact and re-inforce (OR deteriorate) each other. And since we are talking about "dynamics" here, any of these perturbations and ripples MAY BE instantaneous and short-lived OR longer-lived and more permanent, in the "life" OF such self-ordering "attributes".

  71. SO, perturbations, phase-space-shifts and ripples, are the major "dynamics" of a ground-state's operations of self-ordering, adaptability and more, in response TO those "attributes" so mentioned. And since this landscape which we are talking about, the ground-state, spreads across the entire brain, spinal cord and ganglionic locations of the corporeal human entity, ALL of those brain, etc., functions are thusly "covered" BY that ground-state and the glial-neuron-synaptic junctions OF those functions are thusly "supervised". And each and every function (of that brain, etc.) HAS ITS OWN AREA, or location, IN that ground-state landscape, where the "attributes" RELATING TO that brain function ARE LOCALIZED, and do "operate", IN the self-ordering "dynamics" OF that "attribute" which do occur.

  72. SO, what I am going to do now, in this "visualization", is "sit myself down", or park myself, right on top of one of those areas of our landscape, and see what happens at such a location, as an EXAMPLE of the "dynamics" OF THE WHOLE of our ground-state (and after all, with the trillions of synaptic-junctions in the human brain and the multitudes of "functions" of that brain, we can only examine one of our "attributes", and certainly not the whole of the brain/mind interface). Now, before I do so, I will point out one more important fact about these ground-state "dynamics". When I am talking about a perturbation, phase-space-shift or ripple, as may occur at any location on our ground-state's landscape (relative to the "attribute" which is concentrated at that location), I need to tell you that such a perturbation (as may occur) does occur ON BOTH SIDES OF that ground-state. In other words, of our flat landscape of, say, the lower local mind (using the lower mind ground-state as our example landscape), ANYTHING that occurs, relative to that particular "attribute", WILL PERTURB that landscape on BOTH the brain-side of the landscape AND the side which is coordinating with the upper mind. SO, that perturbation is "felt" (and dynamically operates) BY the glial-control-centers of the brain (for that "attribute's" brain-function) AND the appropriate localized area of the upper mind, which, "feeling" such perturbation, does analyze such, and then self-order itself accordingly, and finally execute its overall "supervision" (which are its OWN self-ordered perturbations) AS NECESSARY, which are then "felt" by the lower local mind.

  73. Okay - now we will pick a point, an "attribute", sit there, and watch what happens. The "attribute" I am going to pick is HEARING, one of the senses safely "attributable to", and localized on, the lower local mind's ground-state, which corresponds to the portion of the brain concerned with the aural sense-function of that brain, and, on the upper mind side, the thought, conceptualization, etc. processes, that will integrate that HEARING into the totality of the dynamics of that human mind's operation.

  74. SO, here I am, sitting at a hearing "node" (if we might call it that, in that we are concentrating on only ONE synaptic-junction point or control-area - actually, it may be even more than one synaptic-junction - OF the hearing "attribute). The "ground", or landscape, under my chair, is shaking ever so slightly (this we can attribute to the background level of relatively quiet random noise which our ears are hearing without any other sounds being picked up). WHOOPS! The "ground", and my chair, just rose a bit and tilted slightly, as a dog down the street barked at the mailman (raising the perturbation) and my perception functions, off to the left a bit on this landscape, rose up a bit at that location, in perceiving the distance reality of the barking (which tilted my chair due to the greater perception perturbation off to the left of my chair). Okay, we're back to rest-point again. WOO-WEE! A rolling ripple just passed under my chair, as a car with a loud muffler just drove by, triggering not only my aural senses, but also my emotions (I DON'T like loud noises!), my perception (the moving vehicle, from left to right - in the physical world, that is, however interpreted here in the incorporeal world), and a few other "attributes", which all caused my chair to really feel like I was on a roller-coaster-ride for a few seconds. But, all is back to normal again. WHO-O-A! Wait a minute! Something's happening! The "ground" is slowly rising. Oh, oh! Okay, now I know what it is. Something is happening (and I am NOT going to tell what!) which, in conjunction with several of my other "attributes", is going to raise the level of my chair (and the perturbation at this point), relatively permanently, at least for the foreseeable future. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to live with this new "bump" in my life. Actually, it's pretty nice, because I can now see (with my now, for some reason or the other, "enhanced" vision), further away (both here AND in the physical world), while sitting this higher "up", on my "perturbation". WOW! HOLY MACKEREL! Oh, oh! There's a whole lot-a shakin' goin' on...Whoops, that flew by pretty fast!...HEY! Watch out, there! Wheeee! Well, I won't explain any more, as to all of the "attributes" that are now being perturbed, but I'll tell you the reason. That good-looking, red-headed gal next-door just came walking up the street and I got lots-a things "on my mind" right now. See ya later! (So what does this have to do with hearing, you might say? Hey, you figure it out!)

  75. SO, roller-coaster-rides, flips, flops, ups, downs, WHATEVER - the "life" of a POINT on the ground-state of the mind CAN BE really "active", frantic and quite hectic. But, I think you get the point (no pun intended). And the point IS that any and every form of perturbation, ripple and phase-space shift CAN OCCUR at any location on a ground-state of the mind AS THE DYNAMICS thereof!

  76. And incidentally, I have been talking about a NORMAL, MATURE HUMAN MIND - one having NO "distortions" WHATSOEVER to its operations and "attributes", such that it can actually really enjoy "going-with-the-flow-of-life" (of that ground-state) and the living-in-the-each-and-every-moment-of-its-existence. HOWEVER, such is NOT the case for most of us, as I have noted earlier. The actual "reality" of Life, for much of humanity, IS the Veil of Separation, that negative "incursioning" which sits between the upper and lower minds (and ground-states).

  77. SO, what I am going to define next IS the conditions OF that "state" of most of our minds - the IMMATURE HUMAN MIND, which cannot get in touch with the Self, or the Soul, of itself, and does NOT KNOW Who and What one "is", except to the extent that one is "told" such, or "told what to do" (see Father Jerome's DICTIONARY for the listings "what to do" and "Who and What one is").

  78. Actually, in that I have already defined the quantum aspects of the IMMATURE HUMAN MIND previously, I will merely say at this point that the personal, individual, and societal, and worldly, consequences OF the existence and reality of such a ground-state "pairing" of consciousness, ARE TREMENDOUS, and extremely destructive, to the very existence of humanity on this world. I go into such things more fully in my Research Report, "An Evolutionary Maturity of the Human Mind".

  79. Next, I will provide some further details regarding the MATURE HUMAN MIND and the dynamic "operations" of that ground-state which CAN occur under such a maturity (which is defined herein as an evolutionary maturity of HUMAN EVOLUTION, NOT Darwinian Evolution - see Father Jerome's DICTIONARY for the listings "Darwinian Evolution", "Darwinism", "destiny...(et al)", "evolutionar...(et al)", "human evolution", "present...(et al)", "previous civilizations", "societal...(et al)", "three...(et al)" and "traditional"). The mature local mind, and the operational dynamics which occur across the incorporeal phase-space continuum thereof (perturbations, ripples and phase-space shifts), CAN INCLUDE the following as well:

  80. LINKS/BRIDGES, to other "dimensions" and ground-states of consciousness. LINKS are quite direct "connections" to other ground-states of one's immediate reality-existence, such as "bondings" to a spouse, children, family or others. BRIDGES, as the name implies, are more indirect "connections", to ground-states which represent other-than-familial, or professional, or humanitarian, or other "do-good" interests in a person's life (such as volunteering). Obviously, as a function of the higher-mind, the Spiritual mind, and, usually, of LOVE, for others and All That Is, LINKS/BRIDGES are definitely always OF the mature human mind, whether fully "activated" or not! And, as noted elsewhere in my Works, the individual CAN have varying degrees, or levels, of maturity (and KNOWING), and of "access" TO that KNOWING, which describes the mature human mind AND its access to the "dimensions" of consciousness beyond itself. See my Lecture, entitled "REMEMBERING - YourSelf and so much more!", in Father Jerome's Science Lectures, on this website.

  81. Another "attribute" of the mature human mind is its ability to TRANSCEND ITSELF. Although we all "transcend" ourselves in death (one way or another - see the listing in Father Jerome's DICTIONARY for "dimensionality"), in effect completely "divorcing" our consciousness from the human body, an individual with an "activated" maturity of mind CAN DO SO AT WILL, "going-to" another "dimension" of consciousness and reality, and even remaining there for some time (IN that dimension's time/temporality, which, in the present dimension of one's reality, may actually only be an instant of temporality), and then being able to return therefrom. This is what I myself have done, when I "visited" (actually, returned to) the OA/OWB's "dimension" of reality and Spirituality in recent past years for a 5-year sojourn there, as a Visiting Scholar/Researcher/Lecturer/Professor, at the Freedom, Independence & World Democracy (FIWD) Institute, of London, England (the London of THAT "dimension"). Again, any person of mature mind can certainly "travel" to "inner-space" and the "unconscious" (as Dr. June Singer has called it - see the listings in Father Jerome's DICTIONARY for "unconscious" and "Dr. June Singer") AT WILL, and this is a primary landmark OF the mature human mind. (For another perspective of TRANSCENDENCE, from a technological viewpoint AS APPLIED TO the IMMATURE HUMAN MIND, see the Excerpt from my E-book, "KNOWING: The Quantum Physics of Consciousness, Life & Reality!", the specific Excerpt entitled, "Holothetics".)

  82. A mature human mind can "effect" what is called a TRANSDIMENSIONAL TIME-SPACE WARP. Such a form of transcendence differs from transcendence in that it usually occurs NOT at the "will" of the individual, but, instead, at the "will" OF (OR as "allowed" BY) the receiving "dimensionality" OF such a transdimensional time-space warp (at least, such is my understanding, although the fact remains of the possibility occurring at the will of the "travelling" party, but, of course, such would be only to the ground-state of an immature mind). Anyway, such an occurrence was the situation of my own personal experience in "visiting", or "being there", in the very Mind of God (see the listing in Father Jerome's DICTIONARY for "the very Mind of God").

  83. HOWEVER, there is another aspect of the mature human mind which I will just mention briefly. And this is the SPIRITUAL Trans-Dimensional Time-Space Warp, which is also what I sort-of experienced in the just previously noted comment. Anyway, the additional factor involved here is that, IF a person's mature mind has entirely transcended itself, TO an exclusively SPIRITUAL dimension (as defined later herein), there is the possibility that such a person's mind could affect THE ENTIRE ground-state of a DIMENSION - shifting that dimension into or out of itself and other dimensions. This is also a factor of Trans-Dimensional Time-Space Warp.

  84. In all three of the aforementioned "attributes" of a mature human mind, the reality IS that one can ACCESS ground-states, and "dimensions", of consciousness BEYOND the self (such as the Collective Consciousness of humanity). And the means of doing so, obviously, is the ability of that ground-state of the mature human mind to PHASE-SPACE-SHIFT ITSELF. Of course, phase-space-shifting is the nominal modus operandi of all of the "attributes" of the MATURE human mind which have just been mentioned: LINKS/BRIDGES, TRANSCENDENCES and TRANSDIMENSIONAL TIME-SPACE WARPS. Phase-space-shifts have already been defined earlier in this Formulation, so 'nuf sed.

  85. Except for one more basic point of information. Currently, genetic researchers, compiling the identification and functions of the entire human genome (the genetic "make-up" of a human being) have discovered the fact that there are a large number of genes that apparently have no present operational functionality with regard to the currently known functions of the human physiology. As such researchers MAY find at a later date, many of those "inactive" genes ARE RELATED TO, AND INVOLVED WITH, the exclusive operations OF THE MATURE HUMAN MIND. In other words, all of the particular, and exclusive, functions, which I have noted herein this Formulation, with regard to the mature human mind......IF such has been "activated" within the individual......will be found to be "functions" OF those presently "inactive" genes, INCLUDING the two most fundamental genes required OF an active maturity of mind......the gene THAT TURNS ON such maturity (activated ONLY when Lucifer's Veil of Separation/Unknowing has been removed, and the quantum axion particles of the individual local mind have been restored to their whole-integer-spin state!) AND the gene that enables the most basic operational dynamic OF the mature mind - the ability TO PHASE-SPACE-SHIFT ITSELF, not only within the mind but also in the dimensional continuums beyond that individual local mind.

  86. However (getting back to our "attributes"), there is one other "attribute" of the mature human mind which pertains to, rather than "dimensions" beyond the self, the SELF itSelf! And that is the reality of REMEMBERING oneSelf. Actually, as the capital S of oneSelf implies, it is the SOUL which is being "remembered", in all of its incarnations of immortality. And part of the reality of this is the fact of being able to "access" the Collective Consciousness, and to realize, through actually "seeing" oneSelf IN other "times" and "places", one's IMMORTALITY of the Soul (Quantum Immortality, as Physicist/Author Danah Zohar has called it). Of course, part of "remembering" is actually BEING THERE, in one's "mind", AT such a time/place AS was (OR IS, if in the FUTURE!) the reality of one's immortal Soul.

  87. And finally, in this section, I want to describe what is the reality of a mature human mind as to the quantum realities OF those quantum axion particles of consciousness thereof. BECAUSE, when the mature human mind has been "activated", BY the REMOVAL of that Veil of Separation/Unknowing of Lucifer's negativity, that human mind IS ONCE AGAIN WHOLE AND COMPLETE! In other words, the upper and lower local minds are now intimately "joined", because the quantum axion particles have been REPOLARIZED, meaning they are NO LONGER in a "Cooper-pairing" state with Lucifer's negative particles, and therefore the spins of such particles have now been transformed from a half-integer positive spin to a WHOLE integer POSITIVE SPIN, as Infinite Consciousness (God) does so wish for all of His/Her "children" and creation - WHOLENESS and INTEGRITY of "being", in accord with His/Her LAW OF ONE (which, being of Cosmic Spiritual Law, I will not discuss here).

    A Brief Look at the Glial Cell Operation
  88. I want to briefly cover one last point with relation to the human BRAIN/MIND INTERFACE. I've stated earlier herein that the glial cell was the INTERFACE CONTROL CENTER between the lower local mind and the individual synaptic-junctions of the human brain. Let's just clarify one last point as to how that interface operates.

  89. An individual glial cell, enclosing an individual synaptic-junction, actually has three specific "points", where the INCORPOREAL consciousness of the lower mind, as "exercised"/executed BY the nucleus of that glial cell, meets the CORPOREALITY of the synaptic-junction.

    • The first "point" is when the sending neuron's axonal microtubules generate the microwave "signal" which is radiated TO the glial cell nucleus. At this actual "point", a specific area of the nucleus, does consciousness, i.e. the lower local mind, "receive" that low-intensity microwave "signal" and thusly, in the consciousness OF that lower mind's ground-state, duly recognize and acknowledge the "presence" OF that neuronal "signal" which is coming down the axon toward the synaptic-junction.

    • The second "point" is when the lower local mind, via the glial control center, RESPONDS TO the "presence" of that neuronal "signal" at the axon of the synaptic-junction. Here is where the CONSCIOUSNESS of the lower local mind "reaches out" and, FROM this "point", or area, of the glial cell nucleus, "extends" an INCORPOREAL "finger" (perturbation, actually), OF either "Yes" or "No", TO that H2 molecule of the NH2 leading compound of the micromolecular "triggering" chain for that synaptic-junction's vesicle, flipping that H2 molecule either UP or DOWN, and closing or opening that vesicle, to release the neurotransmitter chemicals or not!

    • And the third "point" is when the neuronal "signal" (in the form of the neurotransmitters) has been "received" BY the dendritic "receptor(s)" and does then generate, within the microtubules of the receiving neuron's dendrites, the microwave "signal" that is "radiated" to the glial cell nucleus. This third "point" IS SPECIFICALLY the area of the glial nucleus which "receives" that confirmatory microwave feedback "signal", and where the incorporeality of the lower mind, as "felt" AT that glial cell "point", does acknowledge that microwave feedback from the synaptic-junction, and thusly "register" (with the consciousness of the lower mind) the fact that the synaptic-junction's "firing" has been completed and that the neuronal "signal" was successfully "passed on".

  90. Thusly, does the INCORPOREALITY of the lower local mind INTERFACE with the CORPOREALITY of the human brain via the nucleus of each and every glial cell.

    Activation of the Human Mind: The Three Stages - Implant, Birth, Maturity
  91. We've been talking so far about the ground-state of the human mind AS AN ADULT. But, of course, we have to be "born", into this dimension and temporality/corporeality, in order to have that ground-state of the ADULT HUMAN BEING in the first place. So let's look at how our "beingness" comes about (and I am merely talking about our existence, as the (s)elf - which was the implication of the quotation regarding "being", with a small (b), in the QUFD Philosophy Quotes section at the beginning of this Formulation - NOT necessarily our "Beingness" when defined as the Spiritual "Being" of ourselves).

  92. First of all, human consciousness has to be "created", or derived from, OTHER ground-states of consciousness, which provide the "Sentience" and "Essence" OF that ground-state which we are to become. (After all, our glial cell control centers are NOT "created" out of thin air, as much as the ancient philosophers "noumenon" - the great unknowable Void, out of which all of Creation comes - implied as much). We have two SOURCES of our human ground-states of consciousness:

    • FIRST of all is Infinite Consciousness (God), of which the ground-state which we are to become IS ALWAYS (and remains) A PART THEREOF, that consciousness, and that INFINITE GROUND STATE (of which every quantum axion particle that exists IS thereof), which provides our Self/Soul with its reality. And, of course, the Self/Soul comes to us (our individual ground-state of existence) FROM those Heavenly "realms" which have so "dispatched" it to "return" to corporeal incarnation herein this new ground-state of existence and reality. (Of course, IF the Self/Soul IS NEGATIVE, coming from other than the Heavenly realms......Well, that's another story!)

    • Incidentally, I am reminded of several things with regard to this point. There is the philosophy of the "tunnels", being the two "tunnels" by which we enter and then leave this world. I have sufficiently described the exit "tunnel" in Father Jerome's DICTIONARY in the listing for "dimensionality", so I will not belabor that point further here. But, as to the entrance "tunnel", which is the "birth-channel", I'll have more to say about this following in a minute.

    • SECONDLY, our parents are the other source(s) of our consciousness and, as noted already, our new ground-state includes those phylogenetic and other geneticisms that are "passed-on" from our parents.

  93. Now, those two sources are "realized", or deposited (actually, the consciousness OF those two sources), by the means of IMPLANTATION, in the OVUM of the mother, where these two sources of consciousness (actually THREE: God's, the mother's ovary and the father's sperm), come together IN the DNA that is so "created" therein. And, of course, the DNA "codes" so produced, in turn "create" the cells and organisms of the body, including our brains and their most important affiliates, the glial cells. Incidentally, a mature human mind, being of the Soul itself, can "remember" being "born", because it is the Self/Soul that "travels" down that "tunnel" (which is not necessarily ONLY the "birth-canal", but also the entire process of "creation" of a new ground-state). I can "remember", myself, being in a "great room" with many other people (Souls, actually), that "great room" being of the Heavenly realms (that particular dimension of Souls). When my name was called, I exited that room by a certain "doorway", which opened to a great hallway which I travelled along until I came to one of the many "doorways" which were along the sides of that hallway. I then went through that new "doorway" and found myself in a "tunnel" (the "tunnel" being the combined "creation" of my parents).

  94. Actually, the "tunnel" is the fitness-peak perturbation, or transcendence, from the combined ground-states of my parents, which is rising to the peak transcendence point and creating the new ground-state of existence which I am to become. So, when I am "travelling" down (actually, UP) that "tunnel", it is my consciousness - the Spirituality, the quantum Soul, that I am - which is actually "travelling", or rising, WITHIN that perturbation of consciousness, to eventually, upon reaching its peak, spread out and become that new fitness-landscape, new ground-state, of simple-order, ready to receive "inputs" from its surroundings and environment. I "remember", as well, this part of the passage, up that "tunnel". The passageway gradually got smaller and smaller, as the peak was approached, and even got a little bit "bumpy" (imperfections of the perturbation) as I got closer to the end of the "tunnel". And what was at the end of that "tunnel"? LIGHT, a new world, of being "born", and of exiting TO corporeal AND incorporeal LIFE!

  95. Also, at times over the years, I have "remembered" that great "room" and the immediately-outside-thereof "hallway" and I have even explored the various other "doorways" leading off that hallway - to the various other "lives" which I (my Soul) has "been", before my incarnation in this dimension. This is part of that REMEMBERING which I mentioned earlier, but these are just temporary, or passing, "rememberings", as one's mature mind swiftly "passes over" such instances of one's Life AS the thought-processes are in operation, these phase-space-shifts being, as I said, just temporary. However, with more certitude, and a more concentrated ability of that mature mind, one can phase-space-shift TO another (previous OR future) "dimension" of one's Life, more permanently or, at least, for a longer period of time (which I will not discuss any further here, for, as I've said, "READ the book!") I will mention, however, that one brief instance of "seeing" an episode of one's future, was quite interesting. BUT, not here, will I discuss such.

  96. Anyway, getting back to the new Soul, now "resident" in the new DNA which has been "created". Of course, development of the DNA "strings" and the human body cannot procede and materialize until we are "born" (not neglecting pre-partum "development", of course). At BIRTH, the consciousness of our individual local mind and its ground-state has already been effected and our self (lower mind) and our Self/Soul (upper mind) do already exist. And one other important thing happens here. The (s)elf, or lower mind ground-state, IS GIVEN THE CHOICE TO "ACTIVATE" THE SOUL, or the upper mind ground-state (meaning that it is already THERE, but the self, or lower mind, is NOT "aware" of its existence). In other words, at birth, WE CAN BE BORN WITH MATURITY OF MIND already "activated" and operational, such that the self already KNOWS itSelf, or Soul! THAT maturity of mind (our Soul, and our "awareness" OF IT!), ALREADY EXISTS within us! Whether we "turn it on" OR NOT, is our "choice", as a newborn human being.

  97. Actually, it is not really "our" choice, but is entirely in the hands of our parents. Whether we "experience" those "fingers" of negativity, OF Lucifer's Veil of Separation/Unknowing, closing in upon us and between our upper and lower mind, "blocking" us, as a newborn "babe", from KNOWING our Self/Soul and Who and What we "are", as an incarnate human being, all DEPENDS ON OUR PARENTS! The "environmental situation", provided by our parents AND throughout our lives, determines whether we become an adult human being who is in "communication" with one's Soul OR NOT! For further commentary on the "programming" and "addictions", etc. that we experience throughout our lives, in addition to my Research Report, "An Evolutionary Maturity of the Human Mind", the Reader is also directed to a pertinent Excerpt from my E-book, "KNOWING: The Quantum Physics of Consciousness, Life & Reality!", the Excerpt being entitled, ADDICTIONS. Additionally, the Reader might find the following sections of this website interesting: Father Jerome's SERMONS and Father Jerome's SYNDICATED COMMENTARIES.

  98. This, of course, is the situation for most of humanity (of THIS civilization), with that constant "programming" and inculcation OF that Veil of Separation/Unknowing being the "reality" of our lives. And this means, of course, that the only way we can "activate" our MATURITY OF MIND is BY OUR OWN ACTIONS! Thusly, as I have said in my Works, it is UP TO US - humanity - ALL OF US, individually AND collectively, to remove those negativities OF that Veil which prevent the "activation" OF our mature minds.

    The Decision-Making Process within a Ground-State
  99. Okay, one more minor section I need to cover here, as to DEFINITIONS, Quantum Functionalities and Systemics. I need to DEFINE exactly what goes on IN a condensate-field ground-state WHEN it is "self-ordering" itself, in response to any and all "inputs", in ADAPTIVELY making the self-ordered "decisions" that it does so make, in the coherent, self-ordered, phase-space-shifted perturbations, etc., which are the Sentience OUTPUT of any ground-state.

  100. In order to do this, I will hereby be "invoking" the Quantum Mechanical principles of COMPLEX ADAPTIVE SYSTEMS, which require defining a few new "terms":

  101. ORDER - in relation to a condensate-field ground-state of consciousness, means a "state" of maximal coherence OF that ground-state, basically the "state" OF that ground-state when it is POTENTIALLY "ready" for any changes that might occur therein (known as "inputs"). Inevitably, maximal ORDER is, of course, the opposite of maximal disorder, or CHAOS. Order, in a ground-state, implies a "stagnation", or consolidation/congregation/aggregation, of all pertinent "activities" OF that ground-state AT a point-of-order, or point-of-organization, OF that ground-state. Such a point, or extended area, of order, may not necessarily evidence any change, relative to the constituent properties, or "Sentience", of the ground-state particulates congregating at that point, BUT, that "point", or area, is certainly "ready" to produce change.

  102. One further clarification, relating to order. We might say that the ground-state has a basic, SIMPLE ORDER, or STATIC ORDER, which is the "state" of "being ready" to produce FURTHER ORDER. Then, when the dynamics of the condensate-field OF that ground-state REACT TO any "input", the order which is so "produced" might more so be called the SELF-ORDERING, or FURTHER "ORGANIZATION", of that ground-state, to a HIGHER LEVEL, a more COMPLEX LEVEL, than the level of the simple, static order which does prevail WITHOUT the "inputs" which cause the process of ADAPTATION (to "inputs") that comes into operation.

  103. CHAOS, as we have just noted previously, is the opposite of ORDER. However, in that we are yet talking about the "dynamics" WITHIN a condensate-field ground-state, which is, of course, inherently "ordered", or coherent, in the first place, how can we then define chaos WITHIN such a ground-state? Well, being as it is the "inputs", or stimulations, to that "order" of the ground-state, which produce the changes, and potential "re-orderings", or disruptions, TO that ground-state, obviously we can then define CHAOS as stimulations, or "inputs", which have EXCEEDED the capacity, or abilities, of the ground-state, to produce a more, or further, "organization" of such "inputs". In other words, CHAOS is when the amount of "input" IS TOO MUCH, or there are too many input-variables, for the ground-state to effect an OPTIMAL, or satisfactory (RELATIVE TO THAT PARTICULAR "issue" being organized), peak-point of self-ordering. All "input" variables and stimulation, that exceed an optimal point of organization, do thusly constitute CHAOS. (It would seem this principle does also apply to almost ANY "organization", in the world-at-large of corporeality, as well!)

  104. ADAPTATION, is what is being accomplished, when the ground-state is analyzing any and all "inputs", organizing and self-ordering them, and then producing the optimal, or peak-fitness ordering OF those "inputs", as the perturbations and ripples of that ground-state which do constitute its output or "Decision-Making". Adaptation can also be called the process by which any ground-state system gets to a point of "criticality", to be defined following herein.

  105. We have already mentioned LEVELS. The basic static order of the ground-state is of a SIMPLE LEVEL. When the dynamics of the ground-state produce a higher and more complex "ordering", such a point-of-order, as a "fitness-peak", or perturbation OF that condensate-field, does constitute a COMPLEX LEVEL of order.

  106. Okay, earlier I used "visualization" to describe a "picture" of a ground-state as a relatively rolling LANDSCAPE of hills, bumps, mountains and all kinds of perturbations and ripples. We can logically apply the same reasoning and "visualization" to our description of a complexively adaptive ground-state. Suppose we again "visualize" our bumpy and rolling landscape. And if you will remember, that landscape had each and every "inch" (if we can so "measure" incorporeality with a ruler!) RESERVED (at least, in the lower mind landscape which we were looking at earlier) for those areas of the brain which corresponded TO the "attributes" which were being "supervised" BY those each and every areas OF our landscape. In other words, being as each and every "inch" of our landscape BELONGS TO whatever "attribute" is "localized" AT such a location, it follows therefore that when that landscape, and the "attribute" areas thereof, IS experiencing the "inputs" FROM those "attributes", that landscape will be quite "roiled", and rolling, AS it receives those "inputs" AND, in analyzing those "inputs" and attempting to "coordinate" any and all such "inputs" INTO an organized, or self-ordered, HIGHER-LEVEL of order, as a complex adaptation TO those "inputs", the OUTPUT of our landscape, i.e. the self-ordered perturbations or fitness-peaks, will depend ON the dynamic actions of that "Sentience" OF our landscape which is so attempting to self-order all of these "inputs". We can now define, and call, that "Sentience", acting adaptively within our landscape with regard to ALL "inputs", as FITNESS AGENTS.

  107. Now, remember, I have implied that, although each FITNESS AGENT (or area of "attribute" reaction and activity) of our landscape IS ACTING INDIVIDUALLY, they are, of course, AFFECTING EACH OTHER! In fact, we can say that the fitness landscapes (of each agent) are coupled together, so that as each agent adapts (or mutates), in response to its "inputs", it also changes the fitness landscapes (or POSSIBILITIES) of other agents. In other words, each agent, acting individually and personally (just as in CORPOREALITY!), DEFORMS the landscape (the phase-space INTEMPORALITY, of the condensate-field) of all the other agents.

  108. THUSLY, the entire fitness (fitness for GREATER ORDER) landscape of a ground-state ranges across a spectrum of criteria which does enable each and every FITNESS PEAK, or perturbation, or self-ordering, which does occur. In other words, all of the fitness agents, working together, and "pooling" their agent strategies, are thusly producing the self-ordered optimality OF that landscape AND of the fitness-peaks (perturbations) which do occur and so constitute the OUTPUT of our ground-state (the SPIRITUAL ACTIVISM, which results from the processes OF our ground-state, in response to all "inputs").

  109. Also, we can say that, when we have a process of all of our fitness agents working together, we have what is called CO-EVOLUTION, in that all agents are involved in evolving that landscape toward the accomplishment OF some "purpose" (which is a principle of HUMAN EVOLUTION as well!) We can also say that co-evolution is the result of the "natural selection" activities of all our agents, constantly pushing that landscape (at WHATEVER point thereon) toward "criticality", or the optimization OF our fitness landscape INTO a "fitness peak".

  110. Thusly, we now need to define CRITICALITY as the point at which maximum "fitness" occurs, or the point at which the self-ordering activities OF that ground-state, RESULT IN the production of a perturbation or fitness-peak.

  111. Now, of course, the fitness agents of our landscape are ALWAYS pushing our simple-order landscape TOWARD a more-complex-order, or toward maximum fitness or criticality. In other words, "Sentience", or the internal self-ordering dynamics OF our condensate-field, are always attempting to move our agents (localized areas of Sentience) TOWARD the edge of chaos, which is the optimal point of criticality. Of course, there are NO fitness peaks on the chaos side of that edge of chaos, because there is too much DISORDER there for any one agent to reach a fitness peak.

  112. So, if we say that, in order to achieve a fitness peak, of optimum criticality, we need to coordinate ALL of our agents, our CONNECTIONS or relations (with and between agents) together, then we can logically say that when there are too few "connections", we do not realize criticality, but, instead, remain within our coherently SIMPLE-ORDER, static portion, of our landscape. And when we have too many "connections", we wind up on the far side of that edge of chaos, well within chaos itself.

  113. SO NOW, that we have defined everything else, with regard to our adaptively-complex ground-state's landscape, we can now define that point-of-self-ordering as CRITICALITY. This is also known as COMPLEXITY, or self-organization, or complex "computation", or as the point of just-the-right-number of agent "connections". WHATEVER we call it, such is the point at which the OUTPUT, or DECISION-MAKING, of a ground-state occurs. Such a self-ordered peak of fitness, for most ground-state landscapes, is a phase-space-shifted perturbation, which, in turn, provokes, or produces, the desired actions IN either an adjoining ground-state OR in the corporeality OF whatever corporeal-entity the ground-state is associated with.

  114. One additional comment does certainly apply, to such a "point" of emergence OF that output of the dynamic activities of CERTAIN ground-states. We mentioned earlier that when these self-ordering fitness peaks are INCREASING, or pushing themselves toward maximum fitness and criticality (and this applies not only to our incorporeal ground-states, but also to corporeal ecosystems, economies, populations, star systems, molecules and organisms), they are raising themselves THROUGH the various LEVELS - from the level of a small, relatively simple fitness peak, at a simple level of order, TO a maximum, large peak of fitness, or criticality, at a HIGH LEVEL, a COMPLEX LEVEL, of self-ordering. NO MATTER WHAT THE SYSTEM, when that same self-ordered fitness peak, or criticality, has reached the OPTIMUM POINT (relative to ALL the agents of "selection" and fitness-for-being, which have "pushed" that peak to optimum)......THEN, we have the "creation" of a NEW LAW of Complexity - the LAW OF EMERGENCE.

  115. And what has "emerged", in that critical-perturbation "decision-made" output which has occurred? Well, actually, that perturbation has now turned itself into a LINK, and that LINK has produced A NEW GROUND-STATE of incorporeality AND (possibly) CORPOREALITY - or LIFE!

  116. LIFE is the result OF one ground-state "creating" another ground-state (OR contributing thereto, if that new ground-state is the result OF multiple ground-states - as, for example, when male and female ground-states of human corporeality "create" a new ground-state(s), their child(ren)), from all of the dynamics, and "inputs", and Sentience, OF that ground-state(s) which has produced that LIFE! In other words, the VARIETY of the "inputs" AND the dynamics of the ground-state's REACTIVITY TO those "inputs", has produced that LIFE! And that LIFE, or that new ground-state, IS, obviously, an aggregation, a "condensate-field", of ALL those "attributes" and "inputs" which have contributed to its "creation".

  117. In fact, let me backtrack here a bit, and review, and further clarify a few points. Actually, in that I have "made-the-point" already, with regard to the DECISION-MAKING PROCESS WITHIN A GROUND-STATE, by way of the DEFINITIONS, and "points" thereto regarding, which I have herewith put forth, all I need to do now is to tie a few loose ends together.

  118. First, an ORDERED ground-state, at a simple-level, does not necessarily imply "stagnation" or minimal order. Such a "state" of order may be highly ACTIVE and complex, BUT the "complexity" is related to OTHER than the "reason", the purpose, "object", or subject OF that "emerging" fitness-peak. In other words, the simple-order level, at such a point, is relative to OTHER "reasons", OTHER purposes, OTHER "attributes", OTHER "inputs", of our ground-state, NOT the one (purpose) which we are presently "working-on" at THIS point-of-criticality. Thusly, as in the sections just previously mentioned, the POINT-OF-CRITICALITY, where the fitness-peak perturbation EMERGES, represents either a NEW ground-state (of LIFE) OR a DECISION, which has been made BY that extant ground-state, relative TO all of the combined "inputs" which have been analyzed and THEN used in the "production" OF the critical-perturbation OUTPUT (decision) of that ground-state.

  119. Another final point, for this section. By now, the Reader has probably realized that perturbations and ripples (and decisions and LIFE), as the output of a ground-state, are the self-ordered, phase-space-shifts OF the coherence OF that condensate-field of consciousness. PHASE-SPACE-SHIFTS, in and of themselves, are also the self-ordered TRANSCENDENCES and INTER-DIMENSIONAL TIME-SPACE WARPS, mentioned earlier, associated with the activities of the MATURE HUMAN MIND, the results being changes between or TO other dimensions of reality and consciousness.

  120. SO, I do believe I have thusly shown, and the Reader does now surely understand, HOW a condensate-field ground-state of consciousness, does make the DECISIONS that it does so make AND "create" the LIFE which it can so "create". However, before I conclude this major section, I will throw in one more minor section.

    QUANTA - Ordered, Chaotic and Refreshed
  121. Okay, let me DEFINE, as one last definition for this major DEFINITIONS section, the term QUANTA. QUANTA is a quantity, of ANYTHING! Being as what we have been talking about herein this Formulation has primarily been condensate-field ground-states, we can say that the "quanta", of these ground-states, are the forces, fields and particulates which comprise these ground-states. So, keeping in mind that quanta refers to these just-mentioned components thereof, let's review a few other characteristics of a ground-state.

  122. In the preceding section, we talked about how self-ordering of a ground-state produces output-fitness-peaks, criticality, perturbations and such. And we noted that our fitness landscape ranged from simple, or static, order on one side (of criticality) to chaos on the other side of that peak. So now, as a means of bringing all of these "dynamics" of a ground-state operation to a realistic summary, let's look at some CORPOREAL results OF these "dynamics", by "putting-a-human-face" on these "dynamics".

  123. I've also noted previously that one of the defining characteristics of our "dynamics", as to HOW and WHY the output "decisions" of our ground-state are made (and the fitness-peak-perturbations are reached), is PURPOSE. When there is PURPOSE, in the LIFE of a human being, AND the ground-state which does create and continually manage/supervise that Life, THEN those fitness-peak decisions WILL ACCOMPLISH something, in that corporeal Life, whether of relative importance or not!

  124. Now, to put even more of a "human face" on our discussion here, I think I can say we all have known someone who, when all is "falling apart", or one's world is in a shambles (or IS a CONSTANT shambles, or "lack thereof", such basic necessities of life, as one nominally needs, which is, of course, the "reality" of Life for millions of humanity throughout our world today, whether in East Timor, Kosovo, Palestine, Rwanda, Ethiopia, or the slums of Chicago, Los Angeles, Moscow, Mexico City, or ANY city of our modern world!)......In such situations, we all have known someone who could CARRY ON, and "live" their Life, and DO, that which needed to be done, REGARDLESS OF the "mess" in their lives, or the shambles of their mïlieu. THAT IS PURPOSE!

  125. When one's PURPOSE is STRONG, it does not matter how much "chaos" is around such a one - THEIR "fitness-peak" WILL OCCUR, and the output-decisions WILL BE MADE! What is happening here, of course, is that this person's ground-state "dynamics" are operating IN, or ON, the CHAOS SIDE (more so) of our fitness-point-of-criticality. Actually, the point of criticality IS OCCURING deeply WITHIN the chaos "region" of our ground-state, far removed from the simple, static order end of our spectrum (which, in this case, WOULD BE "stagnant", and confining, to this person's reality!) In this case, the chaos IS THE CHALLENGE OF LIFE, which, for many of us, is the "beauty of Life!" Of course, here we have the "raison de 'être" FOR such a living-of-life AT one's "peak of fitness" - PURPOSE! When purpose prevails (FROM, and OF, WHATEVER our "inputs" may be!), one CAN, of course, "carry on", and "live" their Life, AS IT WAS SO INTENDED TO BE LIVED (which is "destiny" - see Father Jerome's DICTIONARY for the listings "destiny...(et al)"), regardless of the disadvantages, inadequacies, and the lack thereof, whatever anyone else might consider the true and proper "requirements" of a Life!

  126. Now, of course, all you philosophers, psychologists, physicists, etc. out there, can see the implications herein, with regard to the "texts of humanity" over the ages! (And I am NOT going to even attempt to "reference" such - which, where I come from, is NOT how one "qualifies" for their Doctoral degree - for I just don't "know" - in my self's "memory banks" - such "specifics", to even attempt a "bibliography" or footnotes of such notable "citations" - which is just another means of Satan's influences, where one "references" OTHERS, for THEIR "knowledge", rather than looking within ONESELF, for the TRUE KNOWING of whatever the concern may be. But, I do KNOW it is such, because my KNOWING, from all of my INCORPOREAL "sources" of consciousness, tells me it is "so", whether such "sources" be the Hall of Records OR THE COLLECTIVE itself!) ANYWAY, the point is, OUT OF CHAOS, comes the "order", and the "purpose", of our lives (AND, as some might say, even our own consciousness, our "Essence", of that which we are!) From various "religious" and Spiritual perspectives, matter and form "appear" from chaos, from the great "Void" (the "Noumenon"), which is the "repository", and source, of All That Is! INCORPOREALITY (Spirit) BEGETS CORPOREALITY (the physical world)!

  127. WELL, heck, IT IS TRUE! ALL of our "inputs"......AND all of our "possibilities" - our QUANTUM "possibilities" - are RIGHT THERE, in the CHAOS OF that ground-state which IS US - each and every one, and ALL, of us! BECAUSE, the very nature OF that ground-state IS the condensate-field OF which it IS! And what have I said, in definition OF a condensate-field ground-state??? If you refer back, herein this Formulation, you will see that I have noted that ALL quantum probabilities/possibilities, of the PAST, the PRESENT, AND the FUTURE, are inherent IN that SPIRIT - the SPIRITUAL REALITY - the particulate nature, the "Essence", OF those quantum axion particles, which comprise our ground-state of consciousness, and FROM WHICH (in and by the "outputs" thereof), does ALL "Life", and substance, and Purpose, etc., etc. - COME FROM!

  128. Okay, enough Philosophy. Going on, on the opposite side of our coin (the one with a human face), we have the opposite situation. Those persons, those people, WHO ARE LOST, in that chaos of their lives and their ground-states (HEY! THIS is what Ground-State Doctors/Physicians ARE FOR! WHERE are they?) - NO MATTER HOW MUCH "assistance" they might receive, from others and from society, and from those relief organizations and missions TO such people throughout the world. The reality of their lives is that their "inputs", in that ground-state of Spirit, of INCORPOREALITY, which is the reality OF THEIR CORPOREAL "lives", ARE TOO MUCH - too great, in whatever way or ways - for the very "Essence", the nature OF their Spirituality, the basic "state" OF their ground-state, that state of (simple) order, to "equalize", or to create a fitness-peak, FROM all of that chaotic-distribution which does pervade their fitness landscapes. SUCH PEOPLE are NOT "making it"! Their "lives" are a disaster (or, at least, going nowhere!) For these people, there is NO PURPOSE!

  129. WHY? Well, IF it (the reasons for such) - is not of their own doing (meaning, possibly, of their genetic nature and/or otherwise), THEN, the most obvious other reason, for such disruption of so many lives (and this DOES PERTAIN to much of humanity - our human face) - IS THE NEGATIVITY OF that Veil of Separation/Unknowing, of Lucifer, which does so pervade ALL our lives, in one way or another! THAT negativity - those negative quantum axion particles - AS they do so contribute TO, and enforce, or re-enforce, the chaotic nature OF our ground-states, is what has many of us NOT living our lives as we would so wish such to be! And the only solution, to such negative "incursioning" into our lives - IS to eliminate such in the first place! THEN, the balance, in the very nature of our ground-state - our INCORPOREAL, SPIRITUAL ground-state - of order versus chaos, will be MORE SO able TO achieve such fitness-peaks, of necessity AND of Life, as we do deem necessary TO our very existence, and as we do CREATE OURSELVES - NOT at someone else's "instigation", or "vested interest", or benefit, but that does so benefit OURSELVES, from and by our own creation (OF those fitness-peaks), which does THEN so enable us to GIVE UNTO OTHERS, AS we can NATURALLY DO SO, that which such other individuals do so need, AS DETERMINED BY THEMSELVES! See my Research report, "An Evolutionary Maturity of the Human Mind", in the section describing the "jig-saw puzzle".

  130. Okay, I'm waxing philosophical again. Getting back to our ground-state with a human face, there IS one other way, to re-balance the order-versus-chaos situation within our ground-state (for those in which chaos has gotten the upper hand). And even though I promised elsewhere in this Formulation that I would NOT divulge too much from my E-book, "KNOWING: The Quantum Physics of Consciousness, Life & Reality!", including certain info regarding the "refresh" process, I now find that I WILL have to cover certain aspects of such, in order to adequately finish this section.

  131. Infinite Consciousness (God) HAS GIVEN US the means to "re-adjust", re-balance, the order-versus-chaos disparities within our ground-states and our lives (whether our "lives" be our individual lives, our societies, OR our WORLD!) THERE IS a means of balancing our ground-state's Spiritual nature, when chaos has taken command, and we have lost our "composure", our "nerves", and our Souls (as it may be), TO those "excesses-of-input", which do constitute the very nature of chaos, as to the quantum axion particles which comprise our ground-state of consciousness. AND MAKE NO MISTAKE HERE! Those "excesses-of-input" MAY very well be the NORMAL challenges and opportunities of our lives, in which case such excess is just fine (especially for one of mature mind). BUT, for most of us (of immature mind), such excesses ARE A RESULT OF Lucifer's NEGATIVITY - those "fingers" of his negativity - that Veil of Separation/Unknowing, which is affecting, and distorting, EVERYTHING that we do!

  132. Okay, getting back to God's means of re-balancing our lives, it is called a TRANSFER OF QUANTA. What Infinite Consciousness (God) has made possible, for all of humanity, is the "transfer" OF positive quanta, FROM OUR order-side - the simple-ordered-side nature of our own ground-state, TO the chaos-side OF our own ground-state, WITHOUT reducing, or eliminating, all of those myriad "inputs" of our lives (AND our chaos!), which, after all, IS "our individual Life", AS we MAY have "created" it! SO, without "reducing" the complexities of our lives, God has now enabled us to RE-BALANCE our lives (our ground-state), BUT, at a HIGHER LEVEL of complexity - a level more "in tune" with that which we are! In other words, instead of experiencing the chaos which prevails at that LOWER LEVEL of complexity (which is not really "us", but which has just "gotten out of hand", DUE TO A LACK OF INTEGRATION of all your "inputs", resulting in chaos), by "transferring" some quanta from the order-side TO the chaos-side, we can NOW, AT a HIGHER LEVEL of complexity, BALANCE our "inputs" AND achieve those fitness-peak outputs which are so necessary to the living of our lives. Actually, what has happened, is that we have, in reality, SIMPLIFIED our lives, BUT AT A HIGHER LEVEL, which now allows us to go on and to achieve fitness-peaks of fulfillment AT HIGHER LEVELS YET!

  133. So, HOW do we "transfer" quanta, from order to chaos (and thusly re-order that chaos)? Well, God (Christ) has told us to "LOVE ONE ANOTHER, as I have Loved You!" The answer is LOVE, and the SEXUAL ACT of that Love, not only for the individual, but for all of humanity! And I am NOT going to detail the "dynamics" of the sexual act here, but I DO extensively in my E-book, so if you want the details, READ THE BOOK!

  134. Anyway, there is one additional problem involved here, in order to re-balance our ground-state by the transfer of quanta. And that problem is THAT WE CANNOT DO IT OURSELVES! It is our own ground-state which is out of balance (for whatever reasons), and IF we COULD rebalance our own ground-state, would we not do so? (Of course, this is NOT to say that some persons might so accomplish such, or the equivalent of such, BY REDUCING the level of chaos in their lives, allowing such folks to effectively manage their lives again, yet, surely AT THE SAME LEVEL as before! If it works, such may be acceptable for some folks, but this is really a SUBSTITUTE for the "real thing" and it does NOT rebalance one's Life at a higher level!)

  135. SO, the requirement IS, as God has so intended, that we "effect" the necessary quanta "transfer" BY engaging in the sexual act of Love WITH another - one who can TRIGGER the RELEASE OF that quanta to be "transferred"! And, of course, this "requirement" DOES require LOVE, as God has so intended, to be the impetus OF the quanta transfer, because WITHOUT LOVE, engaging in a sexual act, DOES NOT transfer quanta OR rebalance one's ground-state. (I will not go into a further description here of the sexual act, but will merely say that, by whatever sexual means, IF done IN LOVE, quanta WILL BE transferred!)

  136. NOW, one other requirement is necessary here, and that is a CORPOREAL-INCORPOREAL "transfer-point", for the quanta to be transferred. Well, God has made such to be, as well! IN the sexual act of Love, WHEN the orgasmic-climaxic "point" is reached, consciousness REACHES OUT, and extends itself, FROM the ground-states OF the two individuals, TO the genitalia regions, thusly providing a CONDUIT, or channel, FOR that quanta transfer! The necessary quanta "charge", for one individual, is "received" from the other individual, and the other individual, likewise, receives a corresponding quanta "charge" in return. (Okay, so this is called a mutual orgasm! In fact, just like in a car battery, the external battery charger actually equalizes, and transfers "quanta", from one side or region of the depleted cells of that individual battery to the other side or region, in effect "charging", and re-charging, those depleted regions, AS ENABLED BY the input-potential OF or FROM the external source - the battery charger.) In both parties, in the individuals, the quanta "charge" travels FROM the genitalia region, upward through the ganglionic and spinal-cord regions and then across the ground-state of the brain (the mind, of course, encompasses ALL these regions), REFRESHING the entire ground-state OF THE ENTIRE INDIVIDUAL LOCAL MIND, "sweeping across" the length and breadth of these expanses of one's ground-state, "wiping away the cobwebs" (as it might be said) and rebalancing the levels of order and chaos within the entire ground-state. THIS is the REFRESH PROCESS.

  137. And make no mistake here, and do not confuse CORPOREALITY with INCORPOREALITY, because, even though I am saying that the "refresh" process SWEEPS across the ganglia, spinal cord and brain, IT IS THE INCORPOREAL MIND which is being "refreshed" - your ground-state - that is being balanced and recharged. Because what is happening here is a REVERSE of what normally happens between brain and mind (with the mind, normally providing "supervisory" output, NOW "receiving" re-ordering INPUT).

  138. REMEMBER those glial cells that we defined and described the dynamics of earlier? IT IS those glial cells THAT ARE "TRANSPORTING" that refresh "charge" OF QUANTUM CONSCIOUSNESS, from the genitalia TO the brain, up the spinal cord! And as the "charge" passes from the genitalia to the first glia of the ganglia, and then from there up through all the glia of the spinal cord, and finally sweeping across each and every glia of the brain, it is that INTERFACE, between brain and mind, the GLIA, which are CARRYING that "refresh" charge (NOT corporeally, but INCORPOREALLY, from one glial nucleus to another).

  139. And since the glia, each and every one of them, IS the "basis" OF each and every INPUT TO that ground-state, which is being "oversupplied" WITH INPUTS, and thusly going into chaos......SO, each and every glial cell is "charged" and then, in turn, "recharges" ITS OWN AREA OF INCORPOREAL RESPONSIBILITY, on that fitness-landscape of your individual mind's ground-state of consciousness.

  140. THUSLY, the entire local mind is REFRESHED, with each and every "attribute" area OF that entire fitness-landscape, being rebalanced, and a new LEVEL of order versus chaos being established.

  141. I might mention, additionally, that this "refresh" process has had numerous "interpretations" throughout history, in describing what actually happens, depending on one's particular religious orientation. For the Hindus, it is "Prana" rising through the "chakras", to open the "Third Eye" at the forehead, leading to Enlightenment (and, Hey, don't we all feel "enlightened", and REALLY able to "see" the clarity of the answers or whatever we have been "seeking", AFTER the "cobwebs are cleared away"?) Other religions have had various other interpretations. Many people, of course, can "see" the quanta "charge", when it reaches the upper (brain) regions and, in sweeping across the brain, "activates" a neural response thereto in the ocular region, "firing off" the visual "explosion" of bright lights, which one might so perceive (the "opening" of the Third Eye?). However, and by whatever means, many people DO "experience" the instantaneous effects OF that quanta transfer and, of course, the desired after-effects, of the balancing of one's ground-state of consciousness.

  142. SO, such is the REFRESH PROCESS, which enables one's ground-state to be "equalized" or balanced, enabling one to re-charge their lives, when that individual ground-state has "deteriorated", for whatever reasons, from order to chaos. (Actually, there is ALSO a nominal "decay" of one's ground-state, over a pro-longed period of time, due to the old-fashioned "classical" Newtonian mechanism of ENTROPY, which I will NOT go into here.) For further info on this process, as I have said, "Read the book!"

  143. Since this is the extent of our major section, DEFINITIONS, Quantum Functionalities and Systemics, I am now going to go on to the next major section, PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER......The Big Picture, in which I will be exploring BOTH human AND Cosmic Consciousness, and analyzing WHAT HAPPENS, out "there", IN those venues of human and Cosmic Consciousness, with regard TO the condensate-field ground-states of consciousness that make up the realities OF human and Cosmic consciousness and existence.

    PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER......The Big Picture

  144. Although this website does not much indulge in graphics, fancy pictures and such, of necessity, this author is going to have to "paint a picture". It will be a picture WITHIN the Reader's MIND, as put together from both the details of this document AND from that KNOWING which resides within each and every one of us, in creation OF a "Big Picture" of finite resolution and detail OF that which IS! Because, again, as mentioned previously, this author, AND the Reader hereof, can do no more than "create" a BIG PICTURE of that which does ALREADY EXIST, both in the venues of human reality AND those of Cosmological reality.

  145. SO, let's get on with it! What I am going to do now is, first of all, concentrate on "painting the picture" of the immediate ground-states of consciousness OF an individual human being, and then I will integrate that "picture" into the further ground-states beyond that individual. And finally, I will integrate those ground-states INTO that ultimate ground-state of "All That Is" - INFINITE CONSCIOUSNESS (God).

  146. In "painting" this "Big Picture" of All That Is, in both human and Cosmological venues, I will be, of necessity, limiting my discussion here, to only those immediately pertinent points and concepts which are relevant to this document and the basic principles which are herein being Formulated. After all, there can be only so much discussion of the "basics" and then one's individual KNOWING must take over.

  147. Additionally, I certainly do not intend to "give-away" ALL of the content of my E-book, "KNOWING: The Quantum Physics of Consciousness, Life & Reality!", herein this document. Even though my intent IS to "give-away" that tom of erudition and wisdom as well (the copyright on the book allows FREE "copying" and distribution - see Copyright - and includes the copyright for this document as well), there is so much more detail contained therein, over and above the "basics" of this document, that I shall reserve such further details for the Reader who does seriously wish to investigate such details of human and Cosmic "Life" and existence.

  148. Okay, on to those "basics". First of all, in painting our Big Picture, starting with us, humanity, I'm going to ask the Reader to "visualize" the human body. You can see the physical, corporeal embodiment of that which is the human form, with the head (and brain therein) on top of the bodily frame and form.

  149. NOW, I'm going to ask you to "visualize" (which is the best that some of us can do, although some others of humanity CAN do better, as noted previously, in "seeing" the human "Aura") the INCORPOREAL MIND of that human being which you are "visualizing". What you are "visualizing" is the entire individual local mind, BOTH ground-states together, the upper and lower minds (which those "psychics", who can "see" such, call the "human aura"). The local mind surrounds the head/brain, extending all the way down the back and spinal cord, and even extending off the spinal cord, following such ganglionic extensions as are yet covered BY our very important neuroglial "control-center" brain/mind interface units.

  150. Now, one more thing, before I go on to those "dimensions" of consciousness beyond the individual human mind. Remember, as I stated earlier, ALL of humanity, each one of us, IS SURROUNDED BY that Luciferian Complex of spirituality - Satan's negativity. That individual human mind which we just "visualized" IS LIKEWISE surrounded by Satan's negativity, and that individual local mind probably has its "fingers" of incursioning negativity, between the upper mind and the lower mind, which is the Veil of Separation/Unknowing, that "distorts" any or all of the functioning OF that human mind (UNLESS it is a MATURE human mind, which has been "activated").

  151. Okay, to go on further, let's go to the next, or adjacent, ground-state(s) of consciousness. For many of us, this may be our spouses, children and immediate family. So now, we can "visualize" those individual ground-states OF FAMILY, clustered near-by our ground-state (OR wherever they may be, physically, in the world. Of course, if they are "deceased", then they are in another "dimension", BUT, those "links", IF strong enough, MAY yet be there). And, as also explained earlier, we can also probably see our LINKS to those other familial ground-states, such LINKS extending, like "fingers" or even "arms", TO those other ground-states (OR "dimensions", if deceased).

  152. By way of further explanation, let's define these LINKS. If the LINK is parent-child, the major perturbation of the "linkage" is FROM the parent(s) TO the child(ren) (after all, the parent ground-state perturbation(s) are what has "created" the child(ren)). The child-to-parent "links" are also probably there, but probably, as yet, a bit smaller and weaker than the parental "link" (although this could certainly be otherwise, as a LOVE "link" is ALWAYS strong, no matter where it may exist). Then we have the grandparent "links", and they are (usually) strong both ways - adult and child, to/from. And, of course, spouses, usually being exceptionally strong both ways - to and from each ground-state. (Of course, as in cases of ruptured and dysfunctional families, these "links" are certainly weaker and are probably also distorted, AND influenced, by the negativities of that Veil of Separation/Unknowing, as each and all such familial ground-states may be so influenced). THUSLY, we have the next immediate level of consciousness, to our individual ground-state - those other ground-states who CREATED US, and those whom we did CREATE - all known as FAMILY.

  153. Going beyond the interlinking perturbations of FAMILY (and actually, we might even say that these "links" are not even perturbations, but are actually EXTENSIONS, or new GROUND-STATES, OF the original "creating" ground-states thereof), we next have (for some of us, who MAY have such), the ground-state(s) of TRIBE - those more distant "kin" and others who do constitute our tribal heritage (IF we have such), from and of wherever in the world (AND the Universe, which I won't explain here!), we did "come from" (and this includes all those wonderful TRADITIONAL, and "nuclear" families......Oh, Oh! I can hear it again. Topol, up on the roof with his fiddle, from "Fiddler on the Roof"!). Again, we can "visualize" our "links" - our "connections" - TO those other ground-states of consciousness, no matter how strong or weak they may be (and such tribal "links" DO yet impose upon the health and well-being OF any individual ground-state).

  154. The next ground-state of consciousness that we can "visualize" is RACE. Our "links" to this basic ground-state are usually most strong and even affect, again, our health and well-being.

  155. The next ground-state of consciousness that we can "visualize" is GROUPS, and this includes organizations of any kind, whether church, fraternal, sports, work, military, government, business, etc., etc. Our "links" to these ground-states, again, are usually relatively strong, but, again, are also strongly susceptible to affecting our health and well-being. Well, that's our choice!

  156. The next ground-state of consciousness is actually a "Group", as just previously related, but it covers such a broad spectrum of "groupings" that I shall merely list it separately - NATIONS.

  157. NOW, before I go on here, I need to make one further distinction again. As I have already done elsewhere in this Formulation, the distinction is between those "dimensionalities" (or ground-states of consciousness) which are both corporeal and incorporeal (as the previous listings hereinabove were) and those "dimensionalities" WHICH ARE INCORPOREAL ONLY, which are ONLY Spiritual. SPIRITUAL ground-states include the most obvious, those Cosmic "dimensions" of Infinite Consciousness (God), otherwise known as Heaven, and that "other" dimension, the Luciferian Complex of spirituality, otherwise known as Hell.

  158. However, getting back to our human venue again, and "harking back" to our earlier definition of "dimensions", remember that I said that the major difference between dimensions is the degree of phase-space-shift between them; i.e., IF (as theorized earlier) there were merely 360 of total "dimensions", then, if our human "dimension", of THIS world, were located at 0......COULD we not say that EACH ONE of those other "degrees" WAS ALSO a "dimension" (assuming that the total number OF "dimensions" was merely 360)? This means that, HOWEVER YOU DEFINE IT, by dimensional "degrees" OR OTHERWISE, the plain, unvarnished FACT OF THE MATTER IS......when you phase-space-shift your mental consciousness (OF your MATURE MIND, which can certainly do so, as opposed to an immature mind, which cannot do so), YOU WIND UP in another "dimension", which CAN BE either corporeal/incorporeal (just like the ones previously listed hereinabove, of THIS world) OR it could be ONLY incorporeal (like Heaven, Hell, or any number of other exclusively Spiritual - OR (s)piritual - "dimensions").

  159. The point IS that there are any number of OTHER DIMENSIONS, other "universes", and other "realities", out there! And they - at least, the ones I am talking about right now - are BOTH CORPOREAL AND INCORPOREAL. And they are only a phase-space-shift away!

  160. Now, without going into too much discussion about other "dimensions", or "parallel universes" and such (I'll let the existing body of writers and experts on such topics speak up here!), I'll merely note one of those "dimensions" that I am quite familiar with, the OA/OWB's "dimension" of Spirituality, which is, as I have noted and written about elsewhere on these website pages (to the extent I have been Authorized to do so, by OA/OWB Sacred Authority), practically the same as our "world", except that lot'sa things are DIFFERENT! There is no violence, no war, and no negativity - it is peaceful, because there is NO Veil of Separation/Unknowing, NOR a "monetary" economy, which is a direct result OF that Veil! It is a COOPERATIVE society, in which the INDIVIDUAL "rules" - i.e., as I have mentioned in my Research Report, "An Evolutionary Maturity of the Human Mind", in the part about the "jig-saw puzzle", when individuals are given the opportunity to BE all they were "born to be", tremendous and wonderful things can happen, and in this "world", they DO! In fact, I write much more about the OA/OWB and the Freedom, Independence & World Democracy (FIWD) Institute, of London, England (of THAT world!), as well as the OA/OWB's Hall of Records, in my E-book (to the extent I am Authorized to do so!), including MANY PAGES about how a non-secular (non-secular to THIS world), Spiritually-oriented (AND constituted, BY its very existence, FROM positive Spiritual "particles") society and economy WORK with maximum efficiency WITHOUT MONEY, or any other form of "vested interest", other than the Golden Rule: "Do Unto Others, As You Would Have Others Do Unto You!" If you want to read more about the OA/OWB, the FIWD, the Hall of Records (except I do mention it later herein), as I've said before......"Read my BOOK!"

  161. Now, I've also mentioned that there are other "dimensions" out there, which are SPIRITUAL ONLY, or exclusively INCORPOREAL. One (of mature mind) can "access" these "dimensions" in the same way, by phase-space-shift. HOWEVER, there are additional variable factors involved in this, which is more of a subject than I will discuss in this Formulation. I do, however, talk about some of these things in my book. The only thing I will mention here is that it is MORE DIFFICULT to "access" Spiritual-only "dimensions" (whether individuals or Complexes) and any person of mature mind attempting to do so MUST have certain advanced skills and abilities to do so (UNLESS a "dimension", OF this "category", REQUESTS, or "allows", an individual of mature mind, to "gain access" thereto, as was the case when, as noted earlier herein, this author was "allowed access" to the very Mind of God).

  162. The one other Spiritual "dimension" which I will mention here is the AKASHIC RECORDS, or what is sometimes called the HALL OF RECORDS (not to be confused with the OA/OWB's Hall of Records - officially known as the Sacred Hermeneutical Histories of Humanity - which "records", automatically, much of what "transpires" in the Akashic Records, but merely in an interpretive format, and quite briefly, WITHOUT the inclusion of the actual "experience" of what is being "recorded"). The Akashic Records, or Hall of Records, IS THE SPIRITUAL DIMENSION OF THE COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS, where ALL of the EXACT EXPERIENCES, of ANY individual of humanity, are "on file", and can be "accessed" BY any mature mind which is adept enough to do so. If one wishes to RELIVE the EXACT EXPERIENCE of ANYONE of humanity, of ANY time and place, it is the Akashic Records/Hall of Records one must "access". I talk further about the Collective in the next listing.

  163. Now that I have listed most of the ground-states of humanity......You CAN "visualize" these ground-states, can't you? As those amorphous "blobs", that I spoke of earlier, surrounding ourselves, at different levels of involvement in our lives...... starting with your own personal ground-state; next, your parent's ground-state(s); next, combined with your parents and yourself, your family ground-state; next, your tribe's ground-state; next, your racial ground-state; next, the ground-states of all your groups; next, the ground-state of your nation or territory; and finally, the ground-state of all of humanity. You can "visualize" all of these Spiritual "blobs", surrounding and enclosing yourself, at differing levels and degrees of importance and involvement in your Life. Layer after layer, of one ground-state layer after another, ALL with interlinking "connections" to and with each other and all others, depending on the degree of importance in one's Life!

  164. And IMPORTANCE is the keyword here, because...Remember?...even though we are nominally describing the physical, corporeal "entities" (family, nation, etc.) which these ground-states are associated therewith, it is these INCORPOREAL ground-states which are MORE IMPORTANT!
    Because...Remember?...CORPOREALITY, and the actions and functions OF corporeality, CANNOT EXIST WITHOUT INCORPOREALITY! AND MAKE NO MISTAKE HERE! Even though it is HUMAN CORPOREALITY which I am primarily addressing here, EVERY OTHER form of corporeality HAS its own INCORPOREALITY or "Sentience". The corporeality-incorporeality of a rock, as an example, is just in another "dimension" of temporality-intemporality and existence (instead of its consciousness existing in nanoseconds of time as ours does, the rock's consciousness exists in millions of years of time), but it is no less real nor Sentient than us!

  165. It is these "globs", these ground-states, of INCORPOREALITY, surrounding us ALL......that MANAGE, and SUPERVISE, and CONTROL, each and every thought, action, word, deed, etc., THAT ALL OF HUMANITY does! Each and every one of us! THIS is the realm of our CONSCIOUSNESS - of that which we ARE - OUR MINDS!

  166. And lastly, on the human scale of consciousness (actually, the human "dimension"), we can now "visualize" ALL of the aforenoted ground-states as being part OF that totality of humanity - the COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS OF HUMANITY, the basic ground-state from whence we all did "come", or originate (from WHEREVER in the Universe!), and which does, in the incorporeal and intemporal realities of its existence, HOLD ALL THOSE MEMORIES, events, and experiences, and the knowledge, the wisdom, and the KNOWING, of ALL of humanity, whom have EVER EXISTED - Past/Present/Future! I discuss the Collective Consciousness more fully in my E-book, "KNOWING: The Quantum Physics of Consciousness, Life & Reality!", and a number of Excerpts from the book are available online at "KNOWING". (In fact, Readers hereof, who may have a further interest in the aspect of "exploring" OTHER MINDS - actually, ground-states of that Spiritual "dimension" of the Collective Consciousness, just mentioned above - may be interested in my Excerpt dealing with the modern computerized cutting-edge technology of "Holothetics", as well as my Lectures, "REMEMBERING - Yourself and so much more! and "The Quantum Physics of TIME!". Also see my listing for "modern computer communications" in Father Jerome's DICTIONARY.)

  167. ALL OF THESE ground-states, which we have mentioned, constitute HUMANITY, and the consciousness thereof. Hopefully, the Reader has been able to "visualize" all of these amorphous "globs", floating in space, wherever humanity doth exist. (Actually, a ground-state, as you already know, and as we have so defined such, is hardly "amorphous", but does, instead, have a definite "form" and reality, that being OF WHICH IT HAS SO BEEN "created".) In fact, in "aiding" the Reader's "visualization" of humanity, even though humanity itself does constitute the human "dimension", we can yet consider each and every individual as its own separate "dimension". Thusly, in "visualizing" humanity, we can "hark back" to our earlier definition of "dimensions", and "visualize" a 360 "entity", or WHOLE, having 360 (or much more!) "dimensions", all separated by a minimal phase-space shift differential between each "degree" or "dimension", or individual human being.

  168. Let me throw in another "visualization" here, and this will be a quite extended one. "Harking back", again, to our previous "visualization" of "sitting-on-an-attribute-point" of a ground-state, let's broaden that "view" a bit. We can picture-visualize our earlier "landscape" (of that ground-state of a local mind) as having lots of ripples, perturbations, bumps, hills, mountains, plateaus, depressions (lower levels), higher-level mesa and all kinds of GROUPINGS thereof, all resulting from the phase-space-shifting of the condensate-field of that ground-state as a result of all the self-ordering, adaptive, "decision-making" operations OF that ground-state, IN RESPONSE TO all of the "dynamics" of the "attributes" which it (the ground-state) is "supervising".

  169. NOW, as I mentioned earlier, this ground-state (like most ground-states) might be "viewed" as a "rumpled" pancake, which has TWO SIDES - an upper side and a lower side. And if we ignore all the corporeal interface aspects of our ground-state pancake (which are nominally PRODUCING the "rumples" on BOTH sides of that "pancake"), we can see that there are yet some other perturbations, etc. that are unaccounted for as to brain activities ONLY.

  170. On the "under", or bottom, side of our "pancake", we can now see a very large perturbation, OR perturbations, which are actually LINKS, from our parents, which "created" our individual ground-state in the first place. THUSLY, we can say that our individual ground-state is a uniquely self-ordered creation-extension OF our parents underlying basic ground-states in the first place. SO, for now, we can "visualize" ourselves as merely a "bump" (perturbation-link) ON top of our parents ground-states.

  171. NOW, on the topside of our "pancake", if we are parents ourselves, we likewise have the "bumps" which correspond to the ground-states of our own children.

  172. And, extending this "visualization" further, we can say that we, individually, and our parents, individually, are merely "bumps" on the ground-states of our grandparents. Throwing in the other members of our extended family, we now have bump-perturbation-links to and from any number of other people.

  173. Extending this further, let's add bump-links to and from our ground-state of a family unto our tribe, our race, our nation and any number of other groups, of all kinds, which we have LINKS and BRIDGES to and from. And all of these bumps, ripples and such, are just one big "landscape" ON that dimensional ground-state which is HUMANITY.

  174. And then, on top of all this, we can "visualize" the COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS as just one big collection of PERMANENT "ripples, etc." ON the condensate-mass-field of HUMANITY. Of course, the "Collective", as a Complex of dimensions itself, originating and deriving FROM all of the activities of mankind over the ages, is a PURELY SPIRITUAL, or incorporeal, dimension.

  175. And finally, for now (in this particular "visualization"), we can now "picture" Humanity itself, en masse, Past/Present/Future, as merely a "ripple", or perturbation-link, on that ground-state of "creation" for all of us - Infinite Consciousness (God). OR, as Physicist Danah Zohar has so stated it, "We are but a 'thought', in the Mind of God!" I'll address other Cosmological issues later herein.

  176. Another "visualization" might be to suppose that we have a room full of people. Now, in the center of this room we have some technological equipment that we are going to turn on. When we turn it on, all of a sudden the entire "space" in that room is filled with varying-color "clouds", or ground-states, above and surrounding each individual in that room. And if we "tune" the equipment slightly, the various colors and "clouds" can change their colors, as we phase-space shift the "field" that is, in effect, revealing our "auras", the ground-states, of our minds and consciousness.

  177. ALSO, don't forget the Luciferian Complex of spiritual dimensionality, which actually SURROUNDS ALL OF HUMANITY, each and every one of us, with its negativities of quantum axion particles and operant reality. (In that roomful of people just "visualized" in the preceding, the Luciferian Complex was all the "blackness" that you saw surrounding the entire room and those colorful individual ground-states.) UNTIL such day as mankind (WITH the WILL of God, as only we, humanity, can so "persuade" such to be! See Father Jerome's DICTIONARY for the listings "will...(et al)") can "get its act together" AND, through COOPERATION, and the WILL of ALL OF US, working together to eliminate that Veil of Separation/Unknowing, which does so influence each and every moment of our lives......UNTIL such day, that negativity will be there, surrounding ALL of humanity, each and every one of us! (Hey! If you remember Joan Baez's theme-song-anthem, "We Shall Overcome", check out my Sermon, "Getting Back in Control of Your Life!".)

  178. NOW, as one more means of "visualizing" humanity, and the human "dimension", I will herein, for the benefit of the technically-inclined Reader, give a brief description of INTER-DIMENSIONAL COMMUNICATIONS, as a further means of "visualizing", and differentiating, one "dimension" from another. In telecommunications technology, if one uses a "mixer" (an electronic circuit), to up-shift or down-shift a frequency (as in a transmitter, receiver or other electronic "gear"), such a "mixer" might work as such: if the mixer crystal frequency is 2 Mhz, and we "input" a signal of 3 Mhz, our nominal output will usually be 5 Mhz, the sum of 2+3. HOWEVER, mixers are certainly capable of giving us the DIFFERENCE (frequency) AS WELL, which, if modern technology (AND electromagnetic principle) were to "ignore" the zero-point-field, or basis, of the electromagnetic spectrum (which actually cancels, or eliminates, our "difference" product, at least in THIS "dimension"), we might nominally get a "difference" signal OF (-)minus 1 Mhz (which we could say is in ANOTHER "dimension")!

  179. Well, if we were to "visualize" the boundaries of our "dimensions", or ground-states of consciousness, as the actual UNITARY, and zero-gravity (zero-point-field) INTEMPORALITY, of the INCORPOREAL quantum force-field condensate-field which it IS...... then we might say that, IF we have an INCORPOREAL means, or technology, which could "pass through" the INTEMPORALITY OF that zero-point-basis of the electromagnetic spectrum (which, after all, is UNITARY, and zero, ANYWAY, between "dimensions"), THEN, in reality, we could "communicate" between those two "dimensions", that (-)minus 1 Mhz "signal" ACTUALLY being "received" IN THE NEXT "dimension".

  180. The Reader will note that, in these "visualizations", we have, in effect, presented our ground-states of consciousness as consecutive layers upon layers of "globs" with self-ordered interlinking perturbations of such condensate-fields. I'd like to point out that, without changing the fundamental concepts or dynamics in any way, that there is another way to "visualize" the BIG PICTURE of all of this.

  181. This other way is to "visualize" all of these "globs" as self-ordered "organizations" WITHIN EACH OTHER - at least to the extent of their interlinking correlations to each other. In other words, all interlinked ground-states can be looked at as merely self-organizations within the ground-state of each "parenting" ground-state, up to and including that ultimate "Parent-State" - which, of course, "pervades All That Is" - Infinite Consciousness (God).

  182. Well, this was only an exercise in "visualization", anyway. BUT, in reality, we DON'T HAVE TO "technologically" communicate between any two "dimensions" (although, for the IMMATURE HUMAN MIND, the modern computer technology of Holothetics sure comes close to doing it, in providing "access" to that consciousness of the Collective and other "dimensions" beyond the self). For the MATURE HUMAN MIND of an individual, WE CAN ALREADY DO IT WITHIN OUR MINDS, in the INTEMPORALITY, and the INCORPOREALITY, of the MATURE HUMAN MIND, which exists within each and every one of us, IF we would but merely "activate" it! As I have said, in my Works, Infinite Consciousness (God), IS WITH US! ALL we have to do, is WILL it to occur, and the FREEDOM, of the individual AND all of humanity, FROM the negativities OF that Veil of Separation/Unknowing, CAN BE OURS!

    KNOWING - In-The-Moment
  183. To wind up this section on the venue of HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS, I now need to talk about two of the major aspects of Human Consciousness - the ability of the mature human mind which is known as KNOWING, AND the other aspect OF that KNOWING which enables it and makes it possible - "BEING", and living, IN THE MOMENT.

  184. Since both of these two aspects are related to the "dynamics" of the MATURE human mind, I will have to also touch upon certain additional aspects OF that Maturity, over and above the "systemics" which I listed earlier herein. Actually, these aspects, or "dynamics", are systemics as well, but, just as we had simple-order versus complex-order adaptation of a ground-state, so we now have the simple systemics (which I have already discussed) and the more complex systemics, which I will now be discussing.

  185. The simple systemics of the mature human mind that I discussed earlier primarily had to do with those "attributes" of a ground-state that were so involved with the self-ordering OF that ground-state. NOW, the complex systemics discussed here will involve the relationship OF that ground-state (of the mature human mind) TO any and all other ground-states AND DIMENSIONS, of both human AND Cosmic consciousness.

  186. And, again, I do not intend to go into these matters extensively here, because I have covered such more fully in my book, "KNOWING: The Quantum Physics of Consciousness, Life & Reality!" But I will cover them here briefly, including some commentary and quotes regarding such from some other scientists of the Quantum.

  187. Okay, first of all, before I get to more discussion on KNOWING, I will go into being IN-THE-MOMENT. And actually, BEING is the keyword here, in that when one is "Being", one is actually in touch with that Spiritual nature of themselves, their SOUL, and THAT Spirituality of oneSelf MEANS that one IS "living", or "Being", in touch with one's Soul IN-THE-MOMENT. Let's throw in a few quotes and comments here about "Being-in-the-moment", and then I will describe the exact quantum processes involved.

  188. EUPSYCHIA is the DESIRED "state of mind", in which the mind is "aware", "attentive to", and "seeing" OF, that which it is DESIRED to "see" - whether such be GOD, or aspects OF God, or "creations" of God (as "created" by mankind, as to history, science, technology, societies, civilizations, emotions, thoughts, faith, trust, love, religion, knowledge, wisdom, self, prayer, etc., etc.) All such, in such a state of mind, are a result of "Being-in-the-moment"!

  189. In such a "state" (as just described), the individual is at ONE with oneSelf AND God, and one can, within such a "state", ACCEPT, and RESPECT, and LOVE (and much more!) ALL THAT IS, in both human and Cosmological venues.

  190. GNOSIS (the early Christian-humanistic philosophy-religion of KNOWING - similar to the Spiritual KNOWING herein described) can ONLY be attained in a specific "state" of consciousness - which is the same as the BEING IN THE MOMENT discussed here.

  191. The ground-state of consciousness - BEING, at-One-with-God, UNITY with Infinite Consciousness - is what is achieved by the individual BY "Being-in-the-moment", having a "purity of heart", an "emptiness", a selflessness, a non-selfness, in which the individual, in such a state of Unity with All That Is, is now ready to CREATE, to bring into BEING, a NEW ground-state of consciousness, which shall EXIST, and BE, the "manifestation" OF that thought, that purpose, that REALITY, which did so create it! This state of BEING - this ground-state of human, individual CONSCIOUSNESS, IS the human SOUL.

  192. And the "creation" of the human SOUL, is actually the act of "activating" it, of gaining "access" to it - otherwise known as MATURITY of the human mind! MATURITY, in our human existence, is NOT a mere social "adjustment" or normalization, but is, instead, the attaining of "free will", of individual and independent autonomy, by which the ego, or self, feels free AND simultaneously RESPONSIBLE, for its words, actions, deeds, and for its choices, its results and its proximate destiny.

  193. BEING - is also LOVING, unconditional Loving, of All That Is - IN THE MOMENT - in the "here and now" (AS such "is" OR may be!), as God does so wish it to be!

  194. In contrast to such "Being-in-the-moment" (defined as ONENESS with All That IS), we can say that almost ANY OTHER "state-of-mind" which is NOT "in-the-moment", is therefore "living" in the Past or the Future (NOT the Present), and is therefore susceptible TO, or experiencing, the thoughts, emotions, stresses, strains and "distortions" of Life, AS they are so "influenced" BY Lucifer's Veil of Separation (separation from REALITY!)

    CREATION - "BE-ing", in the present moment
  195. So now, I will describe the "mechanics" - the quantum mechanics - of CREATION, of that "Beingness", which I just described AS "living-in-the-present-moment". Now, remember, earlier I defined one's Self/Soul as that part of the individual local mind (the upper mind) which has "access" TO any and all dimensions BEYOND itSelf. This is because of the very nature of incorporeality itself - the UNITARY FIELD of that condensate-field of consciousness, that ground-state which actually does include your lower mind as well. However, it is one's upper mind, one's Soul, which does the "interfacing" with such entities as do exist BEYOND the Self, on behalf OF the entire individual local mind.

  196. Remember our earlier definitions, regarding Temporality and Intemporality? In a UNITARY FIELD (of the quantum forces), GRAVITY is ZERO, and therefore ALL INCORPOREALITY, all Spirituality, EVERYWHERE, is NON-LOCAL. See Father Jerome's DICTIONARY, for the listings "suspend, transcend and negate time", "beyond time", "gravity", "in the moment", "intemporality", "quantum waves of probability" and "relativity". In other words, all time, and any event, experience, etc. IS UNITARY, meaning the Past/Present/Future ARE ONE! SO, what does it take, for such to be so (as to an individual person)? It takes LIVING-IN-THE-MOMENT, and here is how it "works".

  197. If you have already reviewed my Lecture (which I referred to earlier already), The Quantum Physics of Time, then you will have an idea of what I am going to present next. But, just to clarify the matter, I will herewith repeat the essential details of that Lecture.

  198. In order to CREATE REALITY, one must BE in the present moment, because THAT is where the INTEMPORALITY of those quantum force fields of consciousness are UNITARY. Now, what the reality is, is that, here, in-the-present-moment-of-time, the quantum waves of probability (of ANY and ALL probabilities), known as QWIFFIAN WAVES, DO POTENTIALLY EXIST! And when I say "potentially exist", I mean that, not only do such qwiffian waves of the PRESENT "exist" in the here-and-now, BUT ALSO any corresponding (in quantum mechanics, the term is "correlation") qwiffian waves from the PAST and the FUTURE!

  199. In other words, say that, in the PAST, we have ANY and ALL "Past" qwiffian waves (probabilities) of "reality", numbered "Reality 1", "Reality 2", "Reality 3", etc., on into infinity. THESE waves include ALL POSSIBLE PAST REALITIES, which are related (correlated) TO EACH and EVERY possible "reality" OF THE PRESENT MOMENT!

  200. Likewise, in the FUTURE (again, ANY and ALL "Futures"), we have the same numbered qwiffian waves of "reality" - "Reality 1", "Reality 2", "Reality 3", and on and on. Again, these qwiffian waves (of probability) represent the CORRESPONDING FUTURE REALITIES of each and every PRESENT MOMENT!

  201. NOW, IF we "observe" (observation, the quantum mechanical requirement, for the "creation" OF "reality") - or select - IN THE PRESENT MOMENT (of our INCORPOREALITY, WITHIN that Unitary-Field of consciousness, which IS OUR MIND!) - in-this-instantaneous-moment-of-TEMPORALITY, in the corporeality of our LIFE (which IS, as I have just said, INCORPOREAL, as to one's MIND - and remember, INCORPOREALITY "creates" CORPOREALITY!)......THEN, whatever "reality" we have now "selected", COMES INTO EXISTENCE, IN THE PRESENT (it did NOT exist before, except in probability). SO, if we have "selected" - IN THE MOMENT - "Reality 3", we have now "created" that "reality", IN THE PRESENT MOMENT!

  202. BUT, additionally, because of quantum non-locality and correlation, those SAME REALITIES - "Reality 3" - in the PAST and the FUTURE, have NOW ALSO come into EXISTENCE! In other words, by the act of observing-selecting #3 reality IN THE PRESENT, we have now CREATED (brought into existence) the PAST, the PRESENT, and the FUTURE, of that #3 Reality!

  203. THUSLY, we have "created", with our MATURE HUMAN MIND, operating IN the "dynamics" OF that INTEMPORALITY of that Unitary-Field ground-state of our MIND, by the mere "mechanism" of "living", and "being", IN THE MOMENT......we have "created" the Past, the Present, and the Future, OF WHATEVER it is that we have "responded-to", and "made-a-decision" with regard to, IN that Present-moment-of BOTH corporeal AND incorporeal TIME!

  204. Okay, so this is a DEFINITION of BEING, as that which occurs in-the-present-moment-of-existence, the results thereof reaching unto infinity (IN the zero-gravity non-locality OF our Unitary-Field of consciousness), and "creating" that which is so "created" - the REALITY, of that instant of time!

  205. BUT, WHAT does this have to do with KNOWING? Hey, remember our earlier comment, "GNOSIS (or KNOWING), can ONLY be attained in a specific state of consciousness: by BEING, IN THE MOMENT?"

    KNOWING - for all its worth
  206. Okay, in explication of KNOWING, I will be using a number of sources, as well as my own instantaneous KNOWING: quote and commentary, from myself and other scientists of the Quantum, AND several charts and drawings, from my E-book, "KNOWING: The Quantum Physics of Consciousness, Life & Reality!". First of all, let me try to detail one of my drawings, which is a "visualization" of KNOWING.

  207. We have two axes - a vertical Y axis, and a horizontal X axis. Both axes extend to infinity, on both sides of their center crossing point, in the middle of the drawing.

  208. The horizontal X axis represents TIME, or temporality. To the left of center, extending unto infinity, we have PAST TEMPORALITY. To the right of center, extending unto infinity, we have FUTURE TEMPORALITY. And at the center-point of our X axis, at the Y axis junction, we have the PRESENT MOMENT, of temporality AND INTEMPORALITY!

  209. Now, the Y axis represents CONSCIOUSNESS, and almost all points ABOVE the horizontal axis are UNCONSCIOUSNESS, or unawareness, of anything other than the self. Likewise, almost all points BELOW the horizontal X axis are the same - UNconsciousness.

  210. NOW, here comes the important part. Being as we have UNconsciousness above and below the horizontal axis (representing Time), and our vertical Y axis is representing Consciousness (awareness), we therefore have consciousness extending BOTH WAYS, into the Past AND into the Future, ONLY AT the horizontal axis! Now, that is a bit limiting, of course, to have consciousness merely (and ONLY) at the horizontal X axis, and NOT extending anywhere above or below that X axis (which, after all, on the Y axis regions, above and below the X axis, represents UNconsciousness, or non-awareness).

  211. HEY, wait a minute! We are missing one important thing here! IF we look one more time, we can see that our Consciousness DOES EXTEND TO INFINITY, both above AND below the X axis......BUT, it is ONLY AT the Y axis! The Y axis represents BEING IN THE MOMENT, at that present-moment-of-time, at the center-point of our X axis, WHERE, in reality, our CONSCIOUSNESS DOES EXTEND TO INFINITY, into BOTH the infinite PAST and the infinite FUTURE, and all regions in between, WHEN one is IN THE MOMENT!

  212. Consciousness - IN THE MOMENT - makes temporality INTEMPORAL, because, at such a point, Past/Present/Future are UNITARY, and "one", or zero, as to temporality! This is the point of INCORPOREAL KNOWING! Our Consciousness at this point can be defined as our AWARENESS of ANYTHING that shall or should be necessary and required at ANY instant of Time (OF the Present-moment). Besides, this "visualization" shows that an individual CAN "access" INFINITE CONSCIOUSNESS (God) WHEN one is "living-in-the-moment", at which point INFINITE CONSCIOUSNESS (OF which we, everyone of us, IS a part thereof) IS EVERYWHERE!

  213. Okay, so much for that drawing. I hope you were able to get the "visualization". I'll try just one more chart-drawing (from my book) and then I'll go on to quotes and commentary. This chart is sort of a Jungian chart of consciousness and memory. From top to bottom of the chart, it shows the various levels of human consciousness, ranging from the self, or personal "mechanical consciousness", at the top-most-level of the chart, followed next by the personal subconsciousness of the Self, and going down the chart through all of the levels which I have already mentioned earlier: family, tribe, race, group, nation and winding up at the Collective, at the bottom of the chart (actually, the Collective INCLUDES all those levels above as well).

  214. Across the chart, we only have 4 divisions, or distinct areas of reality. The first three are three separate individuals. The fourth area, or column actually, extends fully from the top of the chart to the bottom of the chart, across the entire width of its "column", with its "column" further divided into three sub-columns, labelled Past, Present, Future. This major column (the fourth one) represents ALL OF HUMANITY, Past, Present, and Future, whose Consciousness AND KNOWING, CAN BE a two-way "medium" of "knowing", FOR those of MATURE MIND!

  215. At the minimum, this fourth column shows us that ANYTHING that "happens", occurs, at ANY TIME - Past, Present, Future - IN any level of consciousness (from the top to the bottom of the chart) WILL BE KNOWN -"knowing" - or will be "recorded", ON the COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS of Humanity (the SPIRITUAL AKASHIC RECORDS, or Hall of Records, as noted herein earlier). WHETHER that two-way path of KNOWING is "active", FROM the Collective TO the individual (from the bottom to the top of the chart) DEPENDS ON whether the individual possesses an active MATURITY of mind, to so enable that KNOWING!

  216. As to our first three "columns" of individuals, let's check them out now. The first individual does NOT "know" oneSelf (does NOT "know" Who or What he/she "is"), and therefore their consciousness (or awareness) extends down the chart no further than the first level of "mechanical" self-consciousness. Our #2 individual PARTIALLY "knows" him/herSelf, so his/her consciousness level extends down at least to the level of family. Our #3 individual KNOWS him/herSelf and MUCH MORE, his/her Consciousness extending ALL THE WAY to the deepest levels of the Collective, all of Humanity, AND the Universal Mind, at the bottom of the chart.

  217. The point of the chart is to show, in such a "visualization", the levels and degrees of "access" TO KNOWING, by individuals of humanity. The further point IS, that the Veil of Separation/Unknowing, becomes easier to PENETRATE (breach), to the next and successively "deeper" levels of the Collective and consciousness, AS ONE KNOWS oneSelf, others and all of Humanity! In other words, AS one becomes "aware", OF All That Is, that Veil "falls away" and one gains KNOWING. (This, of course, is primarily a Jungian perspective, rather than quantum mechanical.)

  218. Okay, so much for chart and diagram "visualizations". On to quotes and commentary. Back in my COMMENTS - Father Jerome's COMMENTS, on the state of modern Brain/Mind Research - I commented on certain research papers and points made by Professor Henry Stapp, of the Department of Theoretical Physics at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories. The following further COMMENT refers to some of the points of Dr. Stapp's "theorizations".

  219. How can Dr. Stapp explain such "knowings" of an individual which have NO precedent in any prior knowings of that individual? (This is with regard to the current quantum mechanical "theory" of consciousness, held by a number of researchers, that any "knowing", or knowledge, of an individual, is merely the "accumulation" of "imprinting", upon the neuronal pathways of the human brain, where subsequent and similar events are "recognized" due to their prior experiencing by the human entity and brain, placing such "awareness" - as it might be called - fully within corporeal processes of that brain, and identifying the source of human "Sentience" as mere corporeality.) If such "knowings" (referring to those which have NO precedent) are NOT within that individual's personal ground-state S (referring to a QUFD ground-state, such a Formulation as has NOT, apparently, been considered by the good Dr. Stapp!), then they (such KNOWINGS) must be BEYOND that S and be a part of C, the Collective "state" of which that individual is a part thereof. And if the individual can "access" C, the Collective "state", it can also be assumed that the individual can "access" U, the Universal "state", IF there is a mechanism which allows "access" to consciousness and "knowing" BEYOND the individual state S. Such mechanism can be called Cosmic Consciousness (which I will discuss later herein).

  220. And since KNOWING is "knowledge" of the TRUTH, I include herewith two quotes by San Francisco State University Professor of Philosophy Dr. Jacob Needleman (from his book, Lost Christianity):
    "Deep in man, at the core of his being, there exists the need for experiences of TRUTH."

    Well, as I have quoted from Socrates, at the beginning of this document (in the Philosophy of QUFD section):
    Socrates taught that ANY answer to any question, to any KNOWING, was within our memory banks, within our Souls, already. That such KNOWING did already exist within us, Socrates inferred that such knowledge as we did need to realize at any time did already exist within us. All we had to do in order to KNOW was to look within ourSelves.

    Continuing with Professor Needleman's second quote (in Lost Christianity, quoted from Fr. William Johnston, in The Cloud of Unknowing):
    "A man is humble when he stands in the TRUTH with a knowledge and appreciation for himself as he really is."

    Sounds like KNOWING to me!

  221. HEY, whether in religion or on TV, we all have run into the term DHARMA, meaning the essential quality and character, as of the Cosmos or of one's own nature. Sounds like KNOWING to me!

  222. Speaking of religion
    (and I do NOT speak of religion much, in that "religion" is OF and BY man - NOT of God, Christ, or Infinite Consciousness, OTHER THAN INDIRECTLY! As I have written elsewhere in my Works, ALL "religion" - Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Tao and everything else - comes to us FROM that Spiritual "wellspring" of ALL "religions" - SPIRITUAL CHRISTIANITY, meaning OF Christ, from over 46,000 years ago, which IS the Source of the Most Ancient Order of the OA/OWB (founded, of course, BY Christ), as THE oldest existing Christian Spiritual Order extant today - AS "interpreted", and "corporatized", and "mythologized", BY the individual "founders" of each "religion", i.e. the Prophets or whoever, who have since been replaced by the "bureaucrats" of today, who really "run" the religious "corporations" of this modern world),

    I have here another quote, however author unknown:
    "The overwhelming problem with religion today is one of attachment to the 'teaching' itself; the 'love' of one's own religion (whatever it be), is SPIRITUAL EGOISM."

    I discuss such subjects, relative to humanity and human society, further in my book, "KNOWING:...", so I will not belabor the subject here, other than to note it, as I have just done, in relation TO what one KNOWS of oneSelf, as to Who and What one IS (whether as a Spiritual person, in touch with one's Soul, or as a "religious" person, possibly unknowing of one's Soul).

  223. In this regard, I will also repeat another quotation-thought from the Philosophy of QUFD section at the beginning of this document:
    "Consciousness, Spirit, the Soul and incorporeality ARE objective, as object-realities, but one must 'go-into' the Mind, into consciousness, into Spirit, in order to objectively perceive these realities. THEN, all corporeal subjectivity, when viewed from the incorporeal side of the Mind, becomes objective and definitely REAL! This can ONLY be accomplished within the human entity BY one who so possesses that hallmark of the evolutionarily mature human being - that of our innately human birthright, MATURITY of the HUMAN MIND! That birthright is called KNOWING, for with it in active operation, one so possessed can 'know' All That Is, in the Universe and beyond, including that ultimate Source of consciousness, Infinite Consciousness (God). THEN one can say, as Carl Jung reportedly did once say, when asked whether he believed in God, did so reply, 'I don't need to believe in God. I KNOW Him!'"

  224. Speaking of Carl Jung, all that I have related herein, as to the instantaneous, moment-by-moment DYNAMICS of the human Mind (as to the DECISIONS, fitness-peaks, criticalities, complex ordering, ripples, transcendences, and all of the other myriad operations and functions which a ground-state does execute, in relation TO all of the various corporeal and incorporeal INPUTS TO that ground-state which IS THE HUMAN MIND......ALL of these "operations", and DYNAMICS, are "gist" for ALL OF THE PSYCHOLOGIES, or psychological sciences, which have ever investigated, and tried to explain, exactly HOW the human mind WORKS, in its RELATIONS and interactions, with others of humanity and with its environment, from one's birth unto one's demise. And the Lord knows, there have been numbers of psychologies, psychologists, psychiatrists, philosophers and other investigators over the ages, from before Plato unto our modern times. This little listing lists merely some of the major psychological investigators, including the aforementioned Carl Jung.

  225. The point is, ALL of these investigators HAVE BEEN TRYING TO DEFINE THE "DYNAMICS" of the human psyche, of the human Mind, IN THE CONTEXT OF our present civilization, our present environmental situation......INFLUENCED as it is, as we are, BY Lucifer's VEIL OF SEPARATION/UNKNOWING. In other words, they have been studying THE IMMATURE HUMAN MIND, the one which has been corrupted and distorted BY Lucifer's FINGERS OF NEGATIVITY! They have been trying to understand all of the negativities and machinations which Lucifer HAS IMPOSED UPON the human Mind and its relations with any and everything else in Life, and that has been an almost impossible task, with all of its variations and negative "influences", as thrown into the "societal pie" BY Lucifer, THROUGH OURSELVES, in the very "creations" of society, culture, government and everything which humanity has so created and brought into existence IN our current human civilization.

  226. The further point IS, as mentioned earlier in this document, that there exists an entire gene pool, of genes (of the human genome) WHICH HAVE NOT YET BEEN ACTIVATED, because they are primarily concerned with THE MATURE HUMAN MIND. WHEN, and IF, these genes are "activated" - when the mature human Mind IS TURNED ON - whether individually or collectively (as to an individual or human society)......THEN we might as well throw all our old "psychologies" OUT THE WINDOW, because, influenced as they were by Lucifer's negativity, they probably will NO LONGER APPLY to ANY human situation. In other words, IT WILL BE A NEW DAY, a new dawning, of the MATURE PSYCHOLOGICAL FUNCTIONING of the human Mind!

  227. That new GENE POOL, of genes concerned with the DYNAMICS OF THE MATURE HUMAN MIND, will certainly necessitate an entire new spectrum of psychological sciences as well as many other scientific disciplines, to deal with, and understand, the WORKINGS OF that mature human Mind. That will be something to look forward to, because such CAN ONLY HAPPEN IF...... Lucifer's VEIL OF NEGATIVITY has been eliminated BY the concerted AND COOPERATIVE actions of ALL OF HUMANITY! In the meanwhile, hopefully these pages, and this document, can suffice AS A BASIC UNDERSTANDING OF the actual fundamentals, the actual dynamics, OF exactly what the realities OF a mature human Mind MIGHT BE when "activated".

  228. Oh, My! A late note, just in. Word has it that four well-known gene researchers have decided to try to determine (of all of those unknown genes in the mature human mind gene pool) which one of those unknown genes IS the actual "phase-space-shift" gene, responsible for the most important function of the mature human mind. Well, good luck, gentlemen! And IF your maturity of mind WAS really active, you'd know which one it was easily, by merely accessing the Collective and finding out from the Historical Records of Humanity DIRECTLY! Perhaps it is just a publicity stunt. Oh well, anything for publicity! OR, maybe it is some governmental agency, attempting to find that all-important gene, again for nefarious purposes. Which, of course, is just another of Lucifer's "machinations". WE HAVE GOT TO GET RID OF THOSE FINGERS OF NEGATIVITY, corrupting everything that we do, for Lucifer's nefarious purposes!

  229. On the other hand, I'd say that it sure sounds like a case of immature minds attempting to "know" that which is only "knowable" BY MATURE MINDS! And here I will make a distinction, with regards to the MATURE HUMAN MIND......And this applies to all those who would purport to "know" ANYTHING! Disregarding, for now, those of immature mind who do pretend to "maturity" of mind (in whatever way, shape or form), I will here and now state one more important fact with regard TO maturity of mind.

  230. A person of ACTIVATED maturity of mind KNOWS WHEN that person NEEDS TO KNOW (something, anything!), and when that person DOES NOT NEED to know! In other words, one of mature mind REALIZES that one does NOT need to "know" everything in the Cosmos that is "knowable" - ONLY THAT which does so pertain TO that individual Life!

  231. After all, with maturity of mind, access to Universal "Knowing" is possible AT ANY TIME one needs to know something. Therefore, the necessity of "storing" knowledge, in one's "memory" (one's LOCAL mind memory, the memory "caches", of the local self - i.e., the lower mind - and thusly rendering the importance OF that lower mind - the self - GREATER than it actually needs to be), is obviated! Actually, storing more "knowing" in one's lower mind memory banks, which is a common thing in society today, what with all the pressures of "knowing" (whether in school, academia, on the job, or merely in order to exist!), contributes TO the stresses UPON that lower mind (the self), to "perform", and to utilize such imposed and programmed "knowing", in support and operation OF those NEGATIVITIES OF SOCIETY which have been inculcated upon human society BY LUCIFER!

  232. And the explanation here is simple. When the self, the lower mind, thinks that it IS ALL THERE IS, as to the individual human being (it, the lower mind, being cut off FROM the upper mind, the Self/the SOUL, of oneSelf, BY Lucifer's fingers of negativity - the Veil of Separation/Unknowing), THEN that self will DO ANY AND EVERYTHING TO SURVIVE......INCLUDING doing any and everything that has been "filtered through" that Veil of Separation and which is "instructing" (telling one what to DO!) that individual self AS TO HOW TO LIVE one's Life! In other words, this is the self (the lower mind, ALL BY ITSELF), TELLING ITSELF what to do! NOT the entire individual LOCAL MIND, including the SOUL, which is one's Spiritual "connection" TO Infinite Consciousness (God), and the POSITIVITY thereof! But instead, ONLY the self, influenced BY Lucifer's continual "programming" (as filtered through that Veil of Unknowing), telling the individual "what to DO"!

  233. SO, again, to repeat the fact just stated, one of MATURE MIND KNOWS WHEN ONE NEEDS TO KNOW and when one does NOT need to "know", knowing that whenever knowledge should be needed, it IS easily accessible, WITH the mature mind, FROM THOSE POSITIVE REALMS of Spirit OF the SOUL AND BEYOND! THIS is what is known as TRUST - the ability, the knowing, to TRUST in oneSELF, in one's SOUL, AND IN OTHERS, and, of course, in Infinite Consciousness (God), that when one NEEDS SOMETHING - IT WILL BE PROVIDED! WITHOUT that TRUST, from and IN one's Self/SOUL, there can be, and is, NO "trusting", in anyone OTHER THAN the (s)elf, the "me-ism", of today's world and human society, AS INFLUENCED BY Lucifer! In fact, as a further thought here, it can surely be said that the most knowledgeable statement that can be made by a KNOWING individual IS, "I don't KNOW!" Since true KNOWING is "in-the-moment", that is exactly what it takes - BEING in the moment, as well as dynamically relating TO whatever the instantaneous "need" OF that moment may be, AS the individual MAY be so evidenced and/or justified to do so. Any other definition of "knowing" is NOT "action-in-the-moment", but is merely the lower mind - the self (AND surely Lucifer!) - indulging itself in aggrandizement and pomposity, as many scholars and laymen today are certainly wont to do!

  234. Thusly - getting back to our "researchers" OF, possibly, immature minds - we can say that, IF they WERE entirely "knowledgeable" of the CONTEXT of such "knowing", as they do purport to be investigating, they would realize that attempting to "discover", or isolate, that individual phase-space-shift gene, WITHOUT placing such a "function" of human genetics WITHIN THE CONTEXT OF THE WHOLE of the functioning of ALL of those genes of the mature human mind gene pool, is, in actuality, merely attempting to place "the cart before the horse". In other words, WHEN that individual gene (for phase-space-shifting of the human mind) is NEEDED, to be "known", to be analyzed, etc., IT WILL BE......IN THE CONTEXT OF THE WHOLE of that entire pool of genes.

  235. This is another fact - and basic principle of Life! THAT, UNLESS individual "functions", realities, truths, etc., are looked at, or "realized", WITHIN THE CONTEXT OF THE WHOLE - they are certainly susceptible TO......distortion, misstatement, corruption, and such - AS those Luciferian influences would so do and produce, to the detriment of all of mankind!

  236. THUSLY, it can be said, that ANYTHING, nominally, NEEDS to be "viewed", looked at, analyzed, REALIZED - IN THE CONTEXT OF THE WHOLE, in order to CORRECTLY ascertain the TRUTH, and the REALITY, of that which it IS - no matter what the content OR context OF the matter may be! And such is the case FOR one of MATURE MIND - NOT immature mind - doing so and such (as the researching of those genes of the mature human mind gene pool). Otherwise, the results, and the half-truths thereof, will merely be more MAYA and illusion/delusion, for mankind and our world of today!

  237. Also, back in that Philosophy of QUFD section, I quoted Theoretical Physicist Fred Alan Wolf:
    "Consciousness is what consciousness does. And what does it do? It performs a dual role in the universe. In the world of the quantum, it is both the awareness and the creation of experience. It is the Being and the Knowing of experience. With the stroke of the twentieth-century quantum eraser, the dividing line between Ontology [the theory of Being] and Epistemology [the theory of Knowing] is rubbed out."

  238. A further quote:
    "In the principles of quantum physics, all the 'noises' of the world, Life and the Cosmos, MUST BE ACCEPTED, recognized, and respected (awareness-KNOWING), before the mind (theorized as an infinitely massive-parallel 'computer') can detect and recognize (receive) the minute signal and communication that is desired to be heard, as the distant muezzin's Call to Prayer is faintly, but unmistakenly, heard through all the tumult of the modern world, IF one can but ACCEPT 'All That Is', and unconsciously let the Mind 'sort out' the fleeting, yet instantaneous, 'energies' of time and space which make such QUANTUM MECHANICAL COMMUNICATIONS possible."
    See my Excerpt (from my Book, "KNOWING:..."), entitled AANL/BANL Technologies, for a further perspective.

  239. ATTENTION must constantly be directed toward one's (an individual's) KNOWING, and SEEING, of one's existence AND the whole of existence, RATHER THAN (just) the RESULTS thereof (the "experience", the lasting memories, the understanding, of what was realized). THIS is what is meant by constantly BEING "in-the-moment"! ONLY in the moment (as has been scientifically explained herein this Work), can one BE! Anything else is MAYA, distortion, and unreality, INCLUDING the RESULTS OF that "Being" (in that "results" are "after the fact", and thusly NOT "there" - IN THE MOMENT).

  240. This Work does also (in addition to its scientific explanations and definitions of mankind, consciousness and God) address a very sad and tragic fact of human existence in today's world: that man him/herself has NO knowledge, NO awareness, NO understanding, of the very fundamentals of his/her EXISTENCE! Human beings CANNOT say "I AM (Who, What)!". They can only state "I AM NOT (this or that)!" Humanity's ONLY reference of oneself is to the mechanistic, material conceptualizations and systems of thought and hierarchical organization that permeate and predominate this "pseudo-reality" in which we live and, supposedly, exist. EVERYTHING IS, and has been, A SUBSTITUTE, for human EXISTENCE (the REALITY, the ACTUALITY, of BOTH the INCORPOREALITY as well as the corporeality). EVERYTHING does merely say that, "I (whoever I am, or hope to BE) DO NOT EXIST!" As such, the Luciferian Complex DOES, through such MAYA and ILLUSION (of non-KNOWING), actually and truly "rule this world" and our lives.

  241. What humanity has needed is a REFERENCE for its existence. In this Work, hopefully I have provided, NOT an ABSOLUTE "reference", but instead, a quantumly relativistic reference, to Who and What he/she (humanity) MIGHT BE, were mankind to "get its act together" and to "make it so" (as Capt. Jean-Luc Picard would say).

  242. Humanity has, for most of this civilization's existence, lacked a language and a true science, of explanation and definition OF mankind him/herself and of his/her inner nature and operation. May these Works be a first feeble attempt to correct that defect of ours.

  243. To close this section on KNOWING, AND this venue on Human Consciousness, I'll repeat two more of those earlier thought-commentaries (from the beginning Philosophy of QUFD section again) which sort of summarize what KNOWING is (and is not):

  244. KNOWING - knowledge, objectivity (corporeal AND incorporeal) IS the "observer", the observation, in Quantum Physics, which resolves any and all issues of uncertainty, as to BOTH/AND EITHER/OR possibilities of any and everything. KNOWING "creates" REALITY! And, in this quantum mechanical world, "reality" CAN BE corporeal OR incorporeal! Reality IS what "reality" does, or is that which is "created", HOWEVER and in whatever manner. Thusly, the fact of the matter - "Just the facts, ma'am!" - is that, in Quantum Physics AND QUFD, that reality which is "created" IS REAL and OBJECTIVE, in its actuality, existence, factuality and REALITY! And this is all the result of the MIND - the conscious Mind. When knowledge - KNOWING - occurs, the "buck stops", right then and there, and consciousness - KNOWING - has now "created" REALITY, BOTH corporeal AND incorporeal, EITHER corporeal OR incorporeal. The facts, the realities, MAY BE "any of the above"! Thusly, subjectivity BECOMES, and "is", objectivity. What IS, "is"! No question about it! Corporeal OR incorporeal, what "is" is REAL! As the old C&W (Country & Western) song goes, "Ah'm a walkin' contradiction, a study in opposites...". KNOWING does that, because KNOWING is INDIVIDUALISTIC - no one Mind can ever KNOW that which is fully "known" by any other Mind. We (humanity) are all individual and unique Minds - each one of us KNOWING that which one "knows". And that is the beauty, and the UNITY, and the wholeness, of all of us - that "jig-saw puzzle" which I have written about - meaning that we, humanity, can ONLY be "whole" and complete WHEN we are individually THAT WHICH we are, and were so "born to be". The REALITY of Life is that each piece thereof (the "jig-saw puzzle"), in acting together and in UNITY - as ONE - maximizes, and utilizes, with utmost efficiency, that individuality which has been so consecrated into each one of us and our individual consciousness.

  245. In order to KNOW what one IS, one must BE. In order to BE what one knows, one must KNOW. Total questioning in our living is the key to being. The responsibility of man is to question himself on the meaning of his being. What really defines and shows us a MAN is his RESPONSE and RESPONSIBILITY to his existence. RESPONSIBILITY properly means to respond, to answer, the questions that one asks of oneself in order to BE. (And response, and responsiveness, to ANY existential input does NOT imply, or relate to, ANY such "formal" response as may be evinced by, or from, any "programming". In other words, TRUE response is free and natural, and IN THE MOMENT, being the singular result of our awareness and ATTENTION TO that moment). We must be FREE IN and OF CONSCIENCE enough that our consciousness shall KNOW that its purpose in being is NOT to forever ANSWER the questions of others, but instead to answer one's own questioning. In such a way can one come to KNOW oneself and THEN to KNOW HOW, WHY and WHOM to Serve, in order to truly Serve those others who DO need one's Services. Arising from BEING, such Service and the one who does thusly truly GIVE, has asked the question and then answered it FROM, and THROUGH, one's BEING. And thusly do we ask that ONE question throughout our Lifetimes - from our first question to our last - "WHO AM I?" And in the end, there can be but one answer - "I AM THAT I AM!"

  246. And lastly, I humbly offer my own personal example of KNOWING, for the Reader's consideration - this document - this FORMULATION!

  247. ACTUALLY, one thing more. The one other concept that I wish to include here is that I want to "stress" a by-now obvious fact. In all of these "visualizations" and Formulations which I have presented herein, I have postulated our "dynamics" as being of the nature of CORPOREALITY being "created" by INCORPOREALITY - or a DUALITY - corporeality versus incorporeality. AND, besides these two "dynamics", and even included WITH both of them, I have postulated an exclusive THIRD "dynamic" - that of SPIRIT.

  248. SPIRIT is, of course, defined as that "Essence" which "infuses" and pervades All That Is, INCLUDING corporeality and incorporeality. SO, in explanation thereof, we thusly have a Cosmic "Duality" - of corporeality and incorporeality, BOTH of which are "created" by, and infused with, SPIRIT.

  249. Now whether one can say that this is a Cartesian "duality" or not, I'll leave that up to the philosophers. It IS, however, as I have said, a COSMIC DUALITY, which also has the characteristic of infusing the Cosmos WITH OPPOSITES, rather than Oneness. And this "situation", of opposing forces instead of Oneness, is NOT to God's liking, at all! BUT, that is what IS! At least, until something can be done about it.

  250. Now, WHAT IS to be "done" about it? Well, God has left that UP TO US! YES! Up to us! "Bringing the Cosmos TOGETHER" - Humanity, All That Is and God Him/HerSelf, IS the DUTY, and the DESTINY OF MANKIND!

  251. SO, mankind's "challenge" - our Destiny, our Future - is to GET RID OF that Veil of Separation, eliminate negativity, and to help God restore POSITIVITY and WHOLENESS throughout the Cosmos - in humanity, in the quantum world, in the macroworld and in All That Is!

  252. HEY! What would ONENESS, of incorporeality-corporeality-Spirit, be or look like? Answer: WHOLENESS - maybe that completed "jig-saw puzzle" that I mentioned earlier herein. Whatever the case may be...... Go figure! Eliminating DUALITY! THAT IS an admirable challenge for mankind. CAN we do it? Well, as the realities of Quantum Physics have shown - what the Mind of man can conceive, so can it be done! So BE IT! Let it be done!
    Aum, Peace, Amen!

  253. One last NOTE here, about DREAMS and DREAMING: In one's sleep, dreams are the MATURE MIND's way of telling the individual that, "I AM HERE! I DO EXIST!" The dreams that one experiences are RANDOM "accesses" TO the Collective and "dimensions" beyond the self, with the MATURE MIND of the individual (actually, the Self/Soul) randomly, of its own accord, with no conscious "direction", PHASE-SPACE-SHIFTING that individual's local mind and consciousness INTO such other times and places (dimensions) as such "dreaming" does present. This is the SOUL "speaking" to its "owner", and letting us know that we DO HAVE a maturity of the human mind, IF we would but "activate it", and learn how to use it properly to "access" those realms beyond ourselves, which are ever-so fleetingly shown to us in our dreams.

  254. One more comment: "The TRUTH is out there......"(compliments of The X-Files) Now, the question might be asked, "With all this KNOWING about the human mind and consciousness, isn't there the possibility that such "knowledge" could be used to "modify", or otherwise change, the normal self-ordering "dynamics" of an individual's (OR - Heaven Forbid! - an entire "dimension", say ALL of HUMANITY!) ground-state, to "program" that individual for nefarious purposes?" OKAY, WHOA, Wait a minute! That's going WAY BEYOND the purposes of this document and I am NOT going to address such here (although I HAVE "touched upon" such already, in several sections of my E-book, as to what the "government" MAY ALREADY BE DOING with such cutting-edge knowledge and technology as I have presented here). Anyway, if one wants to "speculate" as to such possibilities......Well, there is always "The X-Files"......"The TRUTH is out there......" Actually, the only thing I will say, in regard to such, IS THAT IF we "eliminate" that Veil of Separation/Unknowing, then we won't have to worry about any such thing!

    THE BIG PICTURE (continued)......Cosmic Consciousness
  255. Now that we have defined the HUMAN VENUE of consciousness, let us go on to define UNIVERSAL and COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS, and continue the "painting" of our BIG PICTURE.

  256. Beyond the human venue, Universal consciousness consists of any and all consciousness throughout the entire Universe, from the quantum particles to the most immense cosmic "entities", and every form of conscious, sentient "Life" thereinbetween. In my E-book, "KNOWING: The Quantum Physics of Consciousness, Life & Reality!", I have extensive charts, diagrams and pictorials OF these cosmic "realities", showing the entire range of CONSCIOUSNESS and LIFE, from the smallest to the largest.

  257. One other note I will make here before I go on, and that is that ALL of these "dimensions" which I have mentioned so far - human, the Collective (and the sub-divisions thereof), Luciferian and Infinite Consciousness - are all "dimensional" COMPLEXES, in that each one of these "dimensions" consists of one or more sub-dimensions, or "dimensionalities", in and of themselves.

  258. Of course, by this DEFINITION, INFINITE CONSCIOUSNESS is the most basic, original COMPLEX, in that it does include any and all ground-state condensate-fields of consciousness, thusly comprising ALL THAT IS. Contained within this COSMIC ground-state of Infinite Consciousness (see Father Jerome's DICTIONARY for the distinctions between "Universal consciousness", "the universe", and "Cosmos"), is the Luciferian Complex of dimensionality, which contains ALL of the negative dimensions associated therewith (commonly known as "Hell" or "Hades") and which is comprised of those negative integer-spin quantum axion particles which we mentioned earlier herein, which are in opposition to the positive integer-spin quantum axion particles of Infinite Consciousness (God).

  259. Next, I need to differentiate between dimensional COMPLEXES that are BOTH incorporeal AND corporeal, and those which are exclusively INCORPOREAL and SPIRITUAL.

    • Infinite Consciousness (and the positive realms thereof - HEAVEN) and the Luciferian Complex (and the negative realms thereof - HELL) are SPIRITUAL COMPLEXES of incorporeality ONLY! I will discuss SPIRITUAL "dimensions" later herein with regard to those individuals who permanently transcend their own dimensionalities.

    • All other dimensional Complexes, from A UNIVERSE (our Universe OR any other), to galaxies, to stars, to planets, to humanity, and any other dimensional "form", are BOTH corporeal AND incorporeal, their incorporeality (Spirituality) "creating", and maintaining their corporeality!

    • Now, I suppose I could include herein, although more of an individual dimensional-entity than of a Complex-entity (although "groupings" could be considered a Complex), the QUANTUM PARTICLES of the Cosmos. I guess if a particle has "mass", then it is "corporeal". If it doesn't have "mass", then it is only incorporeal.

    The Trail of Consciousness
  260. In continuing on here, I will next go back to another pictorial from my E-book, "KNOWING:...", in order to sketch, or "visualize", a backdrop for our explanation of COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS......

  261. Actually, this "picture-visualization" looks like a wavy clothesline hung across the page, from the upper-right corner to the lower-left corner of the page. And spaced (hung) equally along the waves of that clothesline are many lengths of drapery-ends, the narrow end-sections of the draperies that hang inside most living room windows. These drapery-ends are squeezed together at the point where the fabric is "hung" on the clothesline, being hung there with only one clothes pin. As the fabric "flows" away from the line, wafted away on both sides of the line by the prevailing winds, the fabric rises into the air and gently spreads out, the entire, yet narrow, width of these fabrics flapping in the breeze as though they were wings attached to a bird or something at that line which stretches to infinity......

  262. Well, so much for the "visualization" of our picture. I trust, in the Reader's "minds-eye", you were able to "see" these colorful "fabrics" blowing in the breeze, all attached to a line of something that is stretching to infinity. Now, let's briefly explain this picture.

  263. The title of the picture is "The Trail of Consciousness through the many Spacio-Temporal "fabrics" of the Universe and the Cosmos". And these individual "fabrics" of time and space ARE - Guess what? - our by-now-already-familiar DIMENSIONS, of individual time and space! And tying them all together (and really surrounding them all), is CONSCIOUSNESS, that ultimate condensate-field ground-state of Spirituality, which is INFINITE CONSCIOUSNESS (God).

    The Cosmic Scale of Consciousness
  264. Okay, on to our next pictorial, with the philosophy of all this to follow in a bit. The title of our next "visualization" is, "The Cosmic Scale of the quantum forces and the Cosmic Condensate-Mass-Field of Consciousness". This is merely a pictorial of ALL THAT IS - from the smallest, most infinitesimal, to the largest, most infinite. The "Scale" starts from a point at the lower-left corner of the page, rising linearly to the upper-right corner of the page, the bottom point of this linearity being the smallest infinitesimality and the top right corner being infinity. The horizontal X axis is labelled DENSITY and the vertical Y axis is labelled TEMPERATURE. Therefore, on the X axis, the range of DENSITY is from the most minute (and feathery light, if we can call it such) to the most intense density (of tremendous compacture), from left to right along the bottom of the page (actually all across the page). On the Y axis, the range of TEMPERATURE is the smallest (coldest) to the largest (hottest), from the bottom to the top of the page.

  265. NOW, rising along our linear line, from the lower-left corner of our Scale to the upper-right corner, we have CONSCIOUSNESS and LIFE, expanding as it rises, to indicate the increasing temperatures and densities OF anything that lies along that linear-rise OF those quantum forces AND that Condensate-Mass-Field of Consciousness.

  266. Now, defining our Scale a bit further, outside of that centrally-rising-and-expanding expanse (or width) of Consciousness and Life, from both "sides" (or limits) of that incorporeality (we're talking about a ground-state here folks, which, after all, has "limits", or maximum "points", of its condensate-field of reality - EXCEPT, of course, for that ground-state of Infinite Consciousness), we have (on both sides) an infinite number of rising linear "lines", the "lines" below our central-expanse of LIFE rising ever-so-slightly along the bottom width of the page, from left to right. On top, or above, our central-expanse of LIFE, we have "lines" also, rising dramatically and vertically along the Y axis at the left-side of our page. SO, we have "lines" on BOTH SIDES of LIFE (which I will actually re-define shortly - LIFE, that is), these "lines" being above and below LIFE, along the Temperature Y axis and the Density X axis.

  267. And why I said I would shortly re-define LIFE, is that, in reality, the ENTIRE SCALE IS LIFE! NOT just the central-expanse! Because - Remember? - I said that the central-expanse of the Scale was actually CONSCIOUSNESS, Spirit, intemporality and incorporeality. And those "lines" OUTSIDE OF (and on both sides of our ground-state of consciousness) are actually OUR COSMIC FABRICS, which we just met in our previous "visualization" of the Cosmic "fabrics" of Time and Space. So, in reality, our Cosmic "fabrics" are our old-familiar DIMENSIONS of Cosmic reality, each "line" being a different "fabric" or "dimension". And these "dimension-fabric-lines" ACTUALLY take up the whole Scale, IF we were to look at our Scale in a third (or BETTER) dimension, just as our central-expanse of LIFE would also take up our entire Scale, IF we were to "visualize" it from more than just the two dimensions of X-axis-Density and Y-axis-Temperature. (BECAUSE - Remember? - the THIRD COMPONENT of consciousness, of "dimensionality", is SPIRIT, that incorporeal "Essence", of the quantum axion particles, which pervades All That Is!)

  268. So now, I am getting back to that one fact-of-Cosmic-Life that I mentioned earlier - DUALITY. Because, what we have here, which could only be shown in a 3-D "visualization" of our Cosmic Scale, IS THE DUALITY OF LIFE, in that all "dimensions" of Life, ARE BOTH INCORPOREAL AND CORPOREAL - or, as the two sections of our Scale indicate (the central-expanse section versus the side-sections of "fabric-lines") - DIFFERENTIATED RELATIVITY versus UNDIFFERENTIATED RELATIVITY.

  269. The "lines" of our Scale are the DIFFERENTIATED RELATIVITY, the corporeality, and the backdrop Cosmic "fabric" of Time and Space, the "warp and woof" of Cosmic relativity, which are our familiar spacio-temporal "dimensions". In other words, Time and Space are dimensional continuums that are shown here as a single aggregate - in the third-dimensional "in-and-out-of-the-page" perspective. Time and Space (differentiated relativity) are actually more so like intertwined Cosmic "blankets" of infinitesimal to infinite construction.

  270. The "central-expanse" of our Scale is UNDIFFERENTIATED RELATIVITY, or the Cosmic condensate-mass-field of Cosmic consciousness (the Cosmic, or Universal Mind). The Cosmic-condensate-mass-field permeates throughout ALL those dimensions of Time and Space, adapting to and penetrating ALL energy-mass-gravity force-fields of temperature and density (AND of the QUANTUM!), from the infinitesimal to the infinite.

  271. Okay, one last addition to our "visualization" of the Cosmic Scale of LIFE and Consciousness. Let's put our individual-entities OF LIFE on that Scale, and show where they are located on that Scale, relative to Temperature and Density (the "Essence", or SPIRIT, as the third "element" of "dimensionality", has already been thoroughly discussed, although there IS more to come about such!) First, being as we are talking about temperature and density, somewhere toward the bottom end of our rising central-expanse of Life and Consciousness, near the left-bottom corner of the Scale, at low Temperature (relatively) and minute Density (relatively), we have the microscopic "speck" of the COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS, humanity and the human "dimension" of Life. Further up the scale, of increasing Temperature and Density, we have the consciousness and the reality of our planet, EARTH. A bit further up the Scale, with higher Temperature and Density, we have the consciousness of our SUN. Rising up the Scale further, we come to the consciousness of our GALAXY. And then, not to leave out everything else of importance in the Universe/Cosmos, but merely to limit the number of Life-entities that are so-labelled and shown here, we now come to a Life-entity of EXTREME Temperature and Density - the BLACK HOLE, which I will return to shortly.

    "HEY! WAIT A MINUTE! What about the rest of US? Don't we 'count' TOO, in this 'census' of intelligent LIFE in the Universe? After all, I myself, I do quite important things, here in this world called Earth. I and my siblings, we work hard, all day long, to 'feed' and care for our 'Mother', back in our hive. And the things we do......WHY, if it wasn't for us, this world just wouldn't be the same! After all, I AM ANT!!!"

    The DUALITY in the human being
  272. And that completes our "visualization" of the Cosmic Scale of Temperature-Density-Spirit, or LIFE. Now, I want to return to two things that I have already mentioned - LIFE and DUALITY. In fact, briefly, our next "visualization" is of an individual human being, actually dividing that Life-form-reality into the separate components OF that reality. Down the center (actually across the center, from left-bottom corner to top-right corner) of our "pictorial-visualization", we have, coming FROM the Collective Consciousness of humanity (from the top-right corner, off the page), a PHASE-SPACE-SHIFT EXTENSION, a "perturbation", OF that Collective Consciousness - the ground-state condensate-mass-field of such "Complex" - as the SOURCE OF an individual local Life-form OF that Collective - A HUMAN BEING. To one side, the lower right side, of that PHASE-SPACE-SHIFT "perturbation", we have CORPOREALITY, or MATERIALITY - the brain, the body and all physical human functions. To the other side, the top left side of our phase-space-shift "perturbation", we have INCORPOREALITY, or SPIRITUALITY - the MIND and all the local administrative and cognitive functions OF that human being. Thus we have the DUALITY - of Spirituality versus Materiality - of the human "dimension". I'll have even more to say about DUALITY again later herein.

    BLACK HOLE/WHITE HOLE "dynamics"
  273. Okay, I mentioned a bit earlier that, in exploring the consciousness of our Cosmic-entities, I would return to the Cosmic-entity of a BLACK HOLE. Actually, what I will be doing, in describing this next "visualization", will be detailing the "dynamics" of the (or a) BIG BANG, or the "creation" of a Universe, or a Universe-dimension, ground-state of consciousness. In doing so, I will be using the "dynamics" of BLACK HOLES and WHITE HOLES. (Okay, true, BLACK/WHITE HOLES are forever - maybe - but BIG BANGS are BUT ONCE! But, as you will see, the "dynamics" are the same, so by explaining the Consciousness of a BLACK/WHITE HOLE reality, you will then understand the Consciousness of the BIG BANG reality, which I will explore shortly.

  274. NOW, as we all know, BLACK HOLES "inhale", or gather-up (some would say, "suck-up"), cosmic matter, and WHITE HOLES "exhale", or "spit-out", cosmic matter. So, a WHITE HOLE is merely a BLACK HOLE in reverse! Actually, it is a magnificently tremendous PHASE-SPACE-SHIFT, from the Consciousness of the BLACK HOLE, and the Universe which that BLACK HOLE is within, TO the Consciousness of the WHITE HOLE, and the Universe in which that WHITE HOLE exists. In other words, from one ground-state, or "dimension", or Universe, of Consciousness, TO another ground-state, or "dimension", or Universe, of Consciousness. The WHITE HOLE is the REVERSE of the BLACK HOLE, just being IN ANOTHER DIMENSION, in another UNIVERSE!

  275. Okay, to the mechanics. In both BLACK HOLES and WHITE HOLES we have a "point" - or an area of operational "dynamics", where the characteristics of the "dynamics" CHANGE! Such a "point" is known as the EVENT HORIZON (the "event" being the BLACK/WHITE HOLE). In the BLACK HOLE/WHITE HOLE dichotomy, the EVENT HORIZON is a "point" either BEFORE or AFTER the "Big Bang" point, or the actual cross-over "point", at which the actual PHASE-SPACE-SHIFTING occurs. For long-term BLACK/WHITE HOLES, the EVENT HORIZON is a "point" located at 10-34 S, or seconds, of TIME (temporality, of either Universe), BEFORE or AFTER the phase-space-shift cross-over "point". For short-term BIG BANGS (which I will note here now, rather than later), the EVENT HORIZON is 1010123 S, or seconds of TIME. In fact, quoting Roger Penrose, the eminently known Mathematician/Physicist/Professor, of Oxford University, England,
    "1010123 S is the degree of special "uniqueness" that was apparently needed (according to the Laws of Physics) for the "Creator" (God) to initially "create" our extant Universe in the exact form(s) in which it does apparently exist."

  276. Okay, here are the "dynamics" - the "characteristics" - of what happens, BEFORE and AFTER those EVENT HORIZONS. Actually, this pertains to the "characteristics" of consciousness, BUT AS "enacted", OR "operated", BY and THROUGH the "dynamics" OF THE CORPOREALITY OF that "event" - or BLACK HOLE/WHITE HOLE/BIG BANG (after all - Remember? - there CANNOT BE any corporeality WITHOUT incorporeality!) SO, even though it is CORPOREAL "dynamics" we are noting here, the INCORPOREAL "effect" IS - underlying it all - a PHASE-SPACE-SHIFT, from one condensate-field TO ANOTHER!

  277. On the BLACK HOLE side, BEFORE the EVENT HORIZON, the "characteristics" of our "dynamics" ARE: there is a POSITIVE ATTRACTIVE FORCE (Pressure), acting on the Cosmic material in a TRUE VACUUM, and the CONTRACTION of such material is (relatively) FAST. As the material passes through the EVENT HORIZON, AFTER the EVENT HORIZON the "characteristics" ARE: there is a NEGATIVE ATTRACTIVE FORCE (Pressure), the matter is in a FALSE VACUUM, and the DEFLATION/CONDENSATION is VERY SLOW. Once the material (if we may call it such, at this point) reaches and passes through the BIG BANG or cross-over "point", we now have the WHITE HOLE "dynamics", and the "characteristics" BEFORE the EVENT HORIZON (of a WHITE HOLE) ARE: we have a NEGATIVE REPULSIVE FORCE (or Pressure), acting in a FALSE VACUUM, causing INFLATION/DECAY that is VERY SLOW. Once we have reached the EVENT HORIZON of our WHITE HOLE, the "characteristics" AFTER the EVENT HORIZON ARE: we have a POSITIVE REPULSIVE FORCE (Pressure), acting in a TRUE VACUUM, on material that is undergoing EXPANSION at a FAST rate.

  278. HEY! That is the CORPOREALITY of it! Like I said, the INCORPOREALITY is merely a PHASE-SPACE-SHIFT, and one second you're in one Universe, the next you're in another Universe! In fact, NOW we will look at our "visualization", of BLACK HOLE/WHITE HOLE/BIG BANG, from the BIG BANG "perspective".

  279. First of all, let's "visualize" our infinite ground-state, condensate-field of consciousness, as a GIGANTIC, and infinite, OCEAN, which we will call the ground-state OF THE COSMIC MIND! Now, on that "ocean", that underlying ground-state OF the Cosmic Mind, we have a PERTURBATION, a THOUGHT (which is what a perturbation IS - Remember?). THAT "perturbation-thought", of the Cosmic Mind, is a BLACK HOLE, but, actually, it is a BIG BANG-form of BLACK HOLE! And paired with this BIG BANG/BLACK HOLE we have its corresponding BIG BANG/WHITE HOLE! And, of course, both "events" have an EVENT HORIZON, both BEFORE and AFTER the "event", or cross-over BIG BANG "point".

  280. Now - Remember? - back in the earlier parts of this document, I defined CRITICALITY as that "point", on the FITNESS LANDSCAPE, at which all the self-ordering "dynamics" OF that ground-state, have thusly produced a PHASE-SPACE-SHIFT, or "perturbation", ON that fitness-landscape. WELL, what do you know? We have the same thing here, but on a COSMIC SCALE! Our EVENT HORIZONS (of BEFORE and AFTER a BIG BANG) are situated WHERE??? Why, ON THE SURFACE of our "ocean" of CONSCIOUSNESS, of the COSMIC MIND! SO, such a point, corresponding to a point of "criticality" OF that Cosmic Mind's ground-state, ON the "surface" OF that ground-state "ocean" of Cosmic Consciousness, is called an AREA OF SURFACE FITNESS MOTILITY (and remember, "motility" is WHERE THINGS HAPPEN!). THIS is where "the action takes place", where the "motion" (from one Universe-dimension to another) occurs, where the "spontaneous transformation" takes place - WHERE the PHASE-SPACE-SHIFT (in this case, of the COSMIC MIND - NOT yours......besides, your phase-space-shifting, of your mind, cannot occur UNTIL you "activate" that MATURITY OF that mind of your's......until you KNOW Who and What you are, and you KNOW your SOUL, and so much MORE!) happens! THIS is the area BETWEEN those two EVENT HORIZONS, the one EVENT HORIZON lying within the BLACK HOLE of the Cosmic Mind's ground-state, and the second EVENT HORIZON lying within the WHITE HOLE of the newly-created BIG BANG Cosmological ground-state, OR that new Universe-dimension, which has just been "created", AS A THOUGHT, on that "ocean" of Cosmic Consciousness.

    Cosmic Consciousness
  281. Okay, I've said we have an OCEAN of Infinite Consciousness, stretching to infinity. On that "ocean", we can say that we have WAVES and WAVES of Cosmic Consciousness (of higher dimensions of reality). And on the "surface" of our ocean of consciousness, as the previous section just detailed, we have lots and lots of BUBBLES ("Tiny Bubbles, In the Wine......"). Now these BUBBLES are singular, local, instances of CONSCIOUSNESS - or individual, complete, self-contained UNIVERSES, or "dimensions" of reality, SUCH AS OUR UNIVERSE, looked at as a WHITE HOLE/BIG BANG BUBBLE-THOUGHT of the Cosmic Mind. And across the "surface" of our "ocean", we have all those other "bubbles", which are merely other THOUGHT-CREATIONS OF that Cosmic Mind!

  282. Okay, one other thought here, before I close this "visualizing" and get to a bit of philosophizing. On the surface of our Cosmic "ocean", if we could imagine that we have lots and lots of LINKS (and actually, I am NOT talking about the "attribute" LINKS, as defined previously herein, but instead, TRANSCENDENCES, as I HAVE described previously herein), between many of our "bubble-thought-universe-dimensions". We can explain such AS: the "links" are shown as TRANSCENDING, or passing through, the surface motility barriers of a fundamental ground-state Universe, which is a result of the expanding mass-field of KNOWING (of ALL individuals), which allows an individual to TRANSFORM one's REALITY OF EXISTENCE, FROM a fundamental, materiality-producing, CORPOREAL/INCORPOREAL ground-state, TO a higher-dimensional, SPIRITUAL ground-state, which is, in actuality, another Universe, another thought-creation ground-state OF that Cosmic Mind!

  283. Okay, I'm going to throw in here one more "pictorial" from my E-book, "KNOWING: The Quantum Physics of Consciousness, Life & Reality!". This "visualization" relates to what I just said hereinabove about the SPIRITUAL TRANSCENDENCE of individuals TO higher-dimensions of reality. Remember, earlier, I have described that FITNESS LANDSCAPE of an individual human being as looking like an earthly terrain, with lots of hills, mountains, valleys, etc.? Those "hills", those "mountains", etc., were RIPPLES, Fitness Peaks, and Perturbations OF CONSCIOUSNESS, relating TO those thoughts, attitudes, characteristics, etc., which were DYNAMICALLY "going-on" IN that human mind, and thereby producing those output perturbations thereof.

  284. NOW, again, just like we did earlier in this document, say we were to "sit down" ON that "landscape" somewhere......say on top of this "hill" right here, which represents all of the combined "goodness" of ourselves - our volunteerism, our helping of others, and so on - the combined ATTRIBUTES of that "characteristic" of ourselves - which, through the self-ordering OF that ground-state of our INCORPOREAL MIND, has so produced this "criticality", this "fitness-peak-perturbation", which we are finding ourselves ON TOP OF!

  285. HEY! WOW! Would you look at that! From here, on top of this "hill" of our "goodness", we can see a GIGANTIC MOUNTAIN, over there to our right! It's as big as Mount Everest! Well, Lo and Behold, what do you think that "mountain" IS? WHY, it is no less than YOUR SPIRITUALITY, of which that "hill" on which you are sitting, IS MERELY A FOOTHILL, to such a tremendous aspect of yourself! Now, when I say SPIRITUALITY, I am really meaning that SPIRIT of yourself, that Consciousness, that Conscientiousness, AND SO MUCH MORE, which may or may NOT include any "religiosity", or "religion", of yourself. It is your INTEGRITY! THAT which you ARE!

  286. Now, guess what? Whether you are on top of your "foothill", OR on top of your "Mount Everest", OR on top of ANY OTHER "thought", attitude, ripple, or perturbation, OF that "landscape" of yours, let it be known that you can TRANSCEND YOURSELF, as I have already mentioned herein. You can PHASE SPACE SHIFT that consciousness of yourSelf - that ESSENCE, of Who and What you ARE - TO another "dimension", another ground-state of Consciousness, another Universe, another "Thought-Creation" OF that Cosmic Mind! In other words, TO AN EXCLUSIVELY SPIRITUAL ground-state of Consciousness!

  287. And you can do this FROM ANY hill, mountain, peak, or other "aspect" of yourSelf, WHICH, of your OWN doing, your own "creation", you have so MADE A SPIRITUAL PART OF YOURSELF! By phase-space-shifting your MATURE human mind, AT that unique "location" thereof, you have now "created" a CONNECTION, a "link", a SPIRITUAL INTERCONNECT - TO a higher-dimension of REALITY, TO a Spiritual ground-state of consciousness WHICH IS a "Thought-Creation" OF the Cosmic Mind! You have TRANSCENDED yourSelf! You have BECOME ONE with Infinite Consciousness (God).

  288. One last precaution here, however. That Luciferian Complex DOES YET EXIST, and it can certainly "protrude", and exert its potential "influences" - EVEN INTO THE SPIRITUAL REALMS! So, WHAT is your "safety net", your protection, against that negativity? As I said just a bit ago, transcendence is the result of the expanding mass-field of KNOWING of ALL of humanity! THAT IS YOUR PROTECTION! KNOWING - What you KNOW, Who you ARE, What you ARE - any and all KNOWING - is what will "get you there" (to those Spiritual "dimensions") and what will keep you there (protect you)!

  289. HEY! Just think about it! WHERE the H*** do you think all of PAST and FUTURE humanity IS? YES, some of them ARE in HELL, the negative dimensions (and sub-dimensions) of that Luciferian Complex. BUT, lots'a others are in those OTHER, POSITIVE "thought-creations" of the Cosmic Mind - in HEAVEN, and the various POSITIVE "realms" and "dimensions" thereof. Remember? Past/Present/Future ARE ONE, IN Infinite Consciousness (God), in that Cosmic Mind, of ALL THAT IS! (For further thoughts about this, the Reader is advised to re-read the earlier sections of this document dealing with ACTIVATION of the Human Mind, as well as checking the listing in Father Jerome's DICTIONARY for "dimensionality".)

  290. Okay, to finish this off, let me wax philosophical here for a bit, and I'll be brief and non-specific. In other words, "rambling", but that's exactly how I feel at this point! Also see the listing of the TOPICS/FIELDS, or "Content", of my E-book, in TOPICS/FIELDS.

  291. Some folks may belabor this Formulation (Nay, ALL my works!) as being bereft of PROOF of that which has been stated. Again, I will repeat, or restate, the primary VENUE of which I report upon, and such is...... INCORPOREALITY!

  292. All PROOF - other than within the individual mind, and the individual frame of reference, and the individual context of one's Life - IS CORPOREAL! Within the mind, all reality IS INCORPOREAL! Without of the mind, any reality, any objectivity, requiring proof, IS CORPOREAL! And yet, as I have said, the basis of all corporeality IS incorporeality! I have stated, herein this Formulation, INCORPOREAL FACT, which is nominally NOT CORPOREAL, and therefor NOT PROVABLE! But it IS, however, YET FACT, and yet THE TRUTH! Should someone absolutely require proof, in order to validate their corporeal conceptualizations of reality......well, that is their problem, NOT MINE! If you want proof, which is of corporeality, you must provide that yourself! My realities, of which I have spoken, are of INCORPOREALITY, and DO NOT PRETEND to "provability"! (At least by this researcher! This is not to say that another Scientist of the Quantum MIGHT, in some way, "prove" that which is incorporeal! I leave such efforts up to those who might so attempt to do so!)

  293. DUALITY exists in the Cosmos (mankind; religion; society; science; positive-negative; differentiated relativity-undifferentiated relativity; etc.). Infinite Consciousness (God) wishes to BRING IT ALL TOGETHER, in WHOLENESS (God's LAW OF ONE!). ONENESS, as a WHOLE, can only BE, when each individual piece thereof is WHOLE and complete (free and fulfilled) ITSELF!

  294. I've said earlier, and elsewhere, that God has presented His "children" - mankind, humanity - with a challenge. And that challenge IS TO CHANGE THE VERY NATURE of what God has "created" - what IS! God wishes for US - humanity - WITH OUR WILL (cooperatively, together - the WILLS of ALL of mankind)......WITH THE WILL of God, TO CHANGE the very nature OF GOD Him/HerSelf! After all, we ARE PART OF Infinite Consciousness (God) OURSELVES! If we do change our own consciousness, WE CHANGE God's CONSCIOUSNESS. (QUFD Principle: Consciousness IS INFINITE AND EVERYWHERE. What "changes" AT ANY LOCALITY - non-locality - "changes" THE WHOLE! The COSMIC condensate-field ground-state of consciousness IS "All That Is", and it is NON-LOCAL and everywhere!)

  295. SO, IF we IMPROVE OURSELVES, and make ourselves WHOLE and complete (WITHOUT Lucifer's Veil of Separation/Unknowing, and WITHOUT those negative quantum axion particles)......THEN, we are ALSO IMPROVING our Universe, the Cosmos, AND Infinite Consciousness (God). THIS, is what God wishes for us! TO UNIFY ourselves, to UNIFY the Cosmos, to UNIFY those disparate "elements" OF Infinite Consciousness Him/HerSelf - God and Satan! BRINGING negativity AND positivity TOGETHER, again, AS ONE! Bringing into REALITY, throughout the Cosmos, God's LAW OF ONE!

  296. AND REMEMBER, as Christ has, for untold aeon's been telling us, "God is WITH YOU!" SUCH IS KNOWING - KNOWING not only of oneSelf, BUT ALSO of God! For IN that KNOWING, each and every one of us shall KNOW that "God is WITH US" and we shall, each and every one of us......KNOW GOD!

  297. Okay, one last comment here. ALL of this document, as well as most of my other Works (on this website), have to do with one important subject - KNOWING. KNOWING oneSelf, as to Who and What one IS, is important, but there is more to it than that. KNOWING, such as I have presented herein this Document......KNOWING, that goes BEYOND the self, to the Self/Soul, and then to OTHERS of humanity, and then to other forms of consciousness (other LIFE......HEY! CAN you appreciate, and CHERISH...... an ANT???) But more than that, KNOWING goes beyond ordinary LIFE, to the "dimensions" of ALL THAT IS! And remember, each and every "dimension" IS CONSCIOUSNESS, and is a vital, living part OF All That Is!

  298. And THIS is the best part of KNOWING. Because once you KNOW - understand - ALL THAT IS (no matter WHAT!), and you can ACCEPT and RESPECT ALL......That IS!......THEN you can start to think about HOW TO CHANGE IT!!! Remember? THAT is what God WANTS US TO DO! To CHANGE THE UNIVERSE...... To change the VERY NATURE OF "What Is"! TO ELIMINATE the "dualities" of the Cosmos! To BRING US TOGETHER! To Bring On WHOLENESS, and ONENESS, throughout the Cosmos, in accord with God's LAW OF ONE! Instead of positive and negative quantum axion particles, how about ONENESS of quantum axion particles? Instead of ORDER versus CHAOS, in the quantum realms, COULD THERE BE Unity, and ONENESS, of All That Is? Instead of Heaven and Hell, COULD THERE BE ONENESS, of the Spiritual realms? And this certainly includes US! How about humanity? COULD THERE BE a Wholeness, and Oneness, of humanity and human society? NO wars, NO animosities, NO divisions, NO "representatives", but instead, PARTICIPATION......by one and all, IN All That Is! Hey, as I mentioned once already in this Document, that song, from Walt Disney's The Lion King II: Simba's Pride, sure sounds good......"We are ONE......". But so does, "WE ARE THE WORLD!" And how about, "It's a Small World, after all!" And so on. Such songs touch the Heart, and the Soul! But so does KNOWING! KNOWING oneSelf, Others, All That Is......and Infinite Consciousness (God)!

    Aum, Peace, Amen!

  299. One additional precautionary note here. I have related herein this document the quantum mechanics of how both black holes, Big Bangs and human beings accomplish a "change" from one "dimension" of consciousness-existence to another - by the simple expedient of phase-space-shift. Now, of course, a black hole or Big Bang, in accomplishing such, is dealing with and processing matter and corporeality on a tremendous scale, whereas when a human being accomplishes such, it is nominally only in consciousness - NOT in materiality, but only incorporeality, and therefore there is no great effort or magnitude of "work" accomplished that is anywhere near that of a black hole or Big Bang.

  300. HOWEVER, as I have occasionally noted herein, any and everything IS POSSIBLE with the human mind and consciousness. Because - Remember? - that quantum ground-state condensate-field of consciousness IS NON-LOCAL and infinite - everywhere (Hey! This IS a Formulation for a Quantum Unitary Field, after all!) In other words, any MATURE human mind, at ANY LOCALITY within that infinite condensate-field, HAS ACCESS TO the TOTALITY OF that condensate-field! So, it IS POSSIBLE, that ANY mature human mind COULD ACCESS the full and total quantum forces OF that infinite condensate-field! Let me simplify this statement. ANY individual does thusly have access to THE ENTIRE POWER OF THE UNIVERSE! This shows that the ability of the human mind to phase-space-shift itSelf, has AWESOME POTENTIAL, in that such phase-space-shifting does take place within that infinite condensate-field, of which it is, by and of one's very creation-birth, a part thereof -Infinite Consciousness (God). Be careful, what one does with such power!

  301. In this respect, I might mention that such is one of the reasons why I always use the ancient Vedantic-Sanskrit "mantra" as part of my closing - Aum, or Om - meaning "May the Power of the Universe (God) Be With You!"

  302. In this Formulation, I have merely stated the OBVIOUS - that WHICH IS, already extant - NOTHING NEW - and which each and every one of us - ALL of humanity - ALREADY KNOWS, deep within our Souls, within our MATURE MINDS......IF we would put aside that Veil of Separation/Unknowing, in order that we might KNOW of that WHICH IS WITHIN US! That we might ALL - open up, our HEARTS, our SOULS, and our MINDS, to that WHICH IS! And in so doing, and in such KNOWING, we could then all say (as I have already said before herein)......"I AM THAT I AM!", whatever such may BE (of our own "creation"), in our individual ONENESS, WITH Infinite Consciousness (God) and ALL THAT IS! (At this point, not having sound provisions in this document, the Reader will just have to imagine that he/she is HEARING the song, from Walt Disney's motion picture, "The Lion King II, Simba's Pride", in which everyone is singing that song, "We are ONE!)

  303. Incidentally, with regard to KNOWING and this Formulation, I have written this document especially for a number of 5 year old friends who have interests in such things, as I certainly do imagine that others of such age might also find this material of interest. Of course, all of my 5 year old friends will most certainly have their first Doctorate by the time they are 10 years old! But then, I guess we could say that such is just another perogative of KNOWING and maturity of the human mind, at ANY AGE! And perhaps you, too, most erudite and esteemed Reader of this document, might someday also meet my young "friends", on one of your own mental "travels" to Dr. Singer's "Inner Space". You could all compare notes on the latest discoveries about the Xeres people in the Xanadu "dimension" (or wherever)......that is, before you all decide to adjourn for pizza and Pepsi ("The Choice of a New Dimension...'er, Generation!")


    Life wings its way throughout the Cosmos on the feathers of Consciousness - the quantum axion particles of Spirit - that Cosmic "dark matter" which no one can see but which IS, nevertheless, the very "Essence" of All That Is! Praise God, from Whom all Blessings flow, including that "flow" of Cosmic Consciousness. May we be One with that One which IS, that we might truly say, "I AM THAT I AM!"

  304. Hopefully, this FORMULATION has given the Reader something to "think about", and hopefully, YOU, as the Reader, can find that KNOWING within yourself, to DO that which YOU can do, in CREATING a better world, for one and all! Because the new "world" of the MATURE HUMAN MIND, awaiting mankind, is no stale utopia, but neither is it a world of violence and animosity. It is a world of CHALLENGE, of OPPORTUNITY and much more! But, especially, as I have so written in my Works and in this FORMULATION, it is a world of KNOWING - oneSelf, All That Is and Infinite Consciousness (God). May we ALL realize that KNOWING which does exist within us, and in doing so, make this world, AND THE COSMOS, what WE, and God, have so intended it to BE! May we, each and all, find and KNOW - and BE - our DESTINY!

Aum, Peace, Amen!
-33- (a typographical, numerological and Spiritual "closing")

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Father Jerome's SPECIALIZED DICTIONARY of KEYWORDS/PHRASES pertaining to Bose-Einstein Condensates of Non-Matter and Incorporeality, as used in his Works, in QUFD Physics and in the 'QUFD Textbook' Website

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