Father Jerome's Vitae

(Actually, this page only notes Father Jerome's primary accomplishments over the last 20 years. For further details of during and before the recent 20 year period, see the additional Background LINKS at the bottom of this page.)

Nelson Jerome Ra-U
Father Jerome
, an Ordained Christian Priest-Initiate/Member of the Most Ancient Order of the OA/OWB
(known commonly and generally in secularity only as "the Ancient Order", the actual name of the Order being Most Sacred, and not speakable in secularity, as well as being of an ancient language that is over 46,000 years old).
D.Th.(In Esse-the Theology of Reality), D.Sc.(Quantum Physics), both OA/OWB
(Exclusive accreditation can be provided from the OA/OWB's Senior Accrediting Representative, Monsignor Ralph Dunbyay, Office of Secular Liaison, to any inquiring Party who possesses the requisite maturity of Mind as to be able to access the OA/OWB's non-secular dimensionality of consciousness. Such OA/OWB accreditation, being from the Most Primary accrediting Authority in existence - the OA/OWB itself being over 46,000 years old - certainly does provide substantiation of an individual Member's credibility and accomplishments, over and above any other agency or authority of any lesser age of existence. For further AUTHORIZED information - authorized for secular release by OA/OWB Sacred Authority - see Father Jerome's website page, OA/OWB Notes.)
I was Confirmed (in my Ordination and Graduate Degrees) by OA/OWB Sacred Authority on March 23, 1982.
The actual and original Ordination and Graduate Proclamation and Rite, culminating my 12 years of intensive graduate studies, occurred on March 23, Pol 7149(13,653 B.C.), at the OA/OWB's Third Graduate University.
A Scientific and Societal Systems Theoretician, Theologian and Writer/Commentator/Analyst.

"KNOWING: The Quantum Physics of Consciousness, Life & Reality!"
"An Evolutionary Maturity of the Human Mind"
OA/OWB Notes
Father Jerome's background
Father Jerome's World Community Sermons
Father Jerome's Syndicated Commentaries
Father Jerome's Science, History (and so much more) Lectures!
For all of you Information Technologies "geeks" out there, here is an access page to this website which emphasizes Information Technology FUTURES NOW, by exploring the cutting-edge technologies of HOLOTHETICS, the computer-human mind interface technology, and BANL, the advanced communications technology that relies on Quantum Physics and Interferometry techniques for its reliable operation.
Also, I do operate one of the largest websites for the homeless on the Internet, providing education and inspiration FOR homeless persons of INTELLIGENCE and INTEGRITY, who are absolutely clean of any substance abuse (of ANY kind, including coffee and tea), and who are mentally sound and of an intellectual persuasion (including numbers of degreed professionals and otherwise), who have found themselves to be homeless primarily through and by the extant societal and economic mechanisms. (See my commentaries in the Works above regarding such "societal" transgressions.) This website, for the homeless person of TRUTH, TRUST & Human INTEGRITY, can be found at: TRUTHTRUST.
Additionally, I have a webpage addressing my local Ministry in San Mateo County, California: SanMateoMinistry.
The Homeless Quantum, a website by and for the intellectual homeless person.

E-Mail: I may be contacted at: fatherjeromeusa@fiwd.org.

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