QUALIA LVII: A Societal Reality Check: Prisons and Recidivism! From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUFD

QUALIA LVII: A Societal Reality Check: Prisons and Recidivism!

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By Father Jerome

  1. Just happened to catch the last half of the Oprah Winfrey Show today, which featured National Geographic Reporter Lisa Ling's 'venture' into the top California maximum-security penal facility (jail) for murderers, rapists and the like! (Which will also be reported in full in the pages of the next issue of National Geographic, which I think is an admirable medium for such 'Reality-news'!) It was a most interesting 'expose' (Isn't that what Oprah's shows usually are?), but I'd somewhat known of and about such 'statistics' previously, although I don't readily have the numbers of how many millions of men and women are 'in jail' here in the United States, but from what I have heard... it's a lot!

  2. And one can surely hear on the daily news everyday, about these people, the inmates who are eventually paroled (or not!) but then found themselves 'right back home', in jail, shortly after their release into Society, because, for some reason, they 'just can't make it, out in the world!' Lisa Ling told of a man who'd been in jail since he was 14 years of age, who had never had a girlfriend or a date, had never heard of the Internet, and a number of other very important 'considerations', who was finally released into Society at age 35! Needless to say, he was right back 'home', within a very short time! Or the drug-dealer, who vowed to not be back, who was released right back into his drug-infested 'home-neighborhood', where everybody knew him and what he was 'good for'! Needless to say again, he was shortly 'right back home', into jail! And then there is such as Eric Laccroixe (I probably spelled the name wrong!), the Los Angeles "Night Stalker" and multitudes of other rapists and sex-offenders, of just about any and every stripe! Including the poor guy who was a child molester in Marin County, served his 'time', and has been released, but cannot find a 'home' anywhere on the 'outside', because no neighborhood wants him living in their neighborhood! So, even though he has not done anything wrong or against the law since his release from jail, he still cannot find a place to live (or even try to fit in!) because the law requires him to 'Register' with the local authorities as a sex-offender and thusly, he gets 'run outa-town' everywhere when the 'good citizens' immediately hear that he is in their neighborhood!

  3. Which brings me to the point of this discussion and this Essay! I certainly do not consider the statement that I am about to make, to be 'opinion' or anything less than the Absolute Truth-of-the-matter! But there is but one 'major Reality', regarding the multitudes of inmates who are incarcerated here in the U.S. (male AND female, but mostly concerning the males!), AND the reason that they cannot 'adapt' when and if they are paroled or released, into American Society! The fact of the matter IS... that American culture, society, laws, and Reality, absolutely 'discriminate' against these men, because... they are SEXUAL!

  4. Yep! THAT is the Reality, and it is WHY they are locked-up, because... WHAT happens to a normal human being (MALE OR FEMALE!), when that person is denied their sexuality? Is denied ANY Reality of 'satisfying' their normal human sexual NEEDS and Realities??? THAT person, is no longer, after a minimum period of such enforced abstinence, a HUMAN BEING! That person is turned, BY SOCIETY (including their friends, parents and relatives!), into an... ANIMAL! And that is exactly what you see, and what we have, in our prisons of today... ANIMALS, NOT human beings, who are so deprived of the one thing that would enable them to remain human, their sexuality, that they are, accordingly, NO LONGER HUMAN... but are just another 'predator', as any animal might so be in the same situation, as it tries its best, to find and engage another person, or female, of one's species, in order to obtain that 'inner nourishment' of Mind, Soul and Psyche, that we all need in our daily lives, but which many of us find denied TO us, by that very Society of which we are a part thereof!

  5. Without denigrating or reviewing all of the atrocities of the situation any further, let me present what I feel is the only rational and reasonable 'solution' to the situation. And, Yes, such a 'solution' will, of course, have its 'detractors' and neigh sayers, but such a 'solution' does have historic 'precedence', as a 'civil solution' to such similar atrocities-of-Society, in past ages, in the Greek, Roman and other 'civilizations', so, apparently, the 'citizens' of such earlier societies must have, likewise, found such a 'solution' to be not only rational and reasonable, but also sound and realistic, considering all the individual and societal factors. And what was that historic 'solution', to enable the recidivism of inmates??? It was to... allow each and every inmate, to be provided their own personal... Prostitute!

  6. Yep! A 'prostitute', or woman-of-service, to 'attend to' those sexual and psychic 'needs' that were usually missing from that criminal's Life, which, in Reality, did cause that person to thusly become a 'criminal'! Yes! Many folks might 'protest', a number of nominal 'scenarios' here, so let's discuss them.

  7. First, it might be 'protested' that, any criminal, who commits an economic 'crime', or one involving the theft, larceny, etc. of monetary or financial 'valuables', has nothing whatsoever to do with any sex or lack thereof in their Lives! Okay, let's examine such a case. I seriously think that there could only be two (2) possible 'realities-of-Mind-and-predisposition' here, one of which proves the 'criminality' of the individual, while the other actual exonerates the individual of any 'criminality'!

  8. The first 'reality' relates to the person's 'predisposition', or, in this case, their 'psychic-programming', as such was probably provided by that person's parents, or familial, or environmental, or societal, or work, or relationships... situation, as that person was 'growing up', and has thusly 'developed' the current 'Mind-set', which is anti-societal, anti-community and much more, in it's Reality, and which has thusly been the 'perpetrator' of the criminal 'activities' that have landed that person in jail! In this case, that inmate does surely need the 'services' of a professional 'Woman-of-Service', in order to 'straighten-this-guy-out'! And what better way to do so, than by truly and fully 'nurturing' all those 'needs', that have apparently been missing from the poor guy's 'makeup' for most of his Life!

  9. The second Reality here, relates to the 'criminal actions' that the person is presumed to have done, as an anti-societal 'crime'. Here is where the 'professionalism' of our 'Ladies-of-Service' really comes in! Because, here it is to be determined, eventually, by the 'Lady-Professional', that the 'criminal-actions' which have been 'attributed' to the inmate, were, actually, human, humane, humanitarian, egalitarian, and in some way, entirely deserving and respecting of commendation, EVEN THOUGH such an action(s) might have been 'judged' a 'criminal activity'! In this case, after such a 'determination', the Penal System should, most appropriately, have a 'remedy' and 'solution', for those inmates who are thusly 'determined' to actually NOT be the 'criminals' that Society has so 'judged' them to be! CAN the Penal System find such a 'solution' for such persons, in contradiction to the 'judgement' of the Societal Justice that has sent that person TO the Penal System? And can it be a 'humane-solution', respectful of both the individual and the established System?

  10. Okay, next, a 'criminal' who is 'judged' to be a terrorist! Again, I'd have to say, that it should be left to the 'Lady-Professionals' to determine exactly what the actual situation is! In this case, and in many other kinds of such cases, the 'Professionalism' of the Lady, will very much come into question, as to the various facets of the inmate's Life and Reality that will be addressed!

  11. In fact, without going into any number of other supposed 'criminalities', let me say that, here it will most absolutely be shown, that the Lady's 'Professionalism', WILL BE THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR, as to and in the incarceration of ANY individual (assuming also, that there will be Male-Professionals also, for female inmates!) The point is, that the Mental-and-Emotional-Evaluation work that these people will be doing, should certainly justify their 'compensation', which should be of the highest in Society, in order to attract 'dedicated' individuals to this 'line-of-work'!

  12. Of course, many other things about Society itself, will have to change, in order for the necessary Realities of both the 'Ladies-of-Service' AND the inmates-they-serve-, to become Reality! The Education and Training, of the Ladies-of-Service, say, as to being able to even 'relate', say, to a terrorist, of another culture, ideology, religion, society, familial-identity, tribe and so forth, are just some of the challenging aspects that would be required of such Professional 'Ladies-of-Service'! And so many aspects, of their even being able to 'provide' their 'services' TO the chosen/dedicated inmate, will require changes within the Penal institution itself! Such as, until the actual 'psychic-reliability' of the inmate him/herself shall have been determined, in order to 'protect' the 'Professional', AT ALL TIMES, day and night, that inmate and his/her Professional-Companion, will be surrounded by Prison Guards... even during EVERY MINUTE that they (the 'couple'!) are actually having sex! Because, if anything, murderers, rapists and sexual-offenders, will have to, of necessity, LEARN exactly what is 'acceptable-sex' and what is not, with a care that enables the inmate to 'learn' while, at the same time, 'protects' the vulnerability and person of the Professional him/herself!

  13. On the other hand, the necessity of such a 'profession' to become the most respected and highly-paid 'Service-Profession' in America, should itself impel the necessary changes to the laws and Society itself, here in America! Becoming a 'Professional Prostitute', should not only provide for one of the greatest of Societal 'needs' here in America, but should also be the 'instrument' of putting millions of men and women 'back-to-work' here in America, at the same time necessarily 'upgrading' their skills and education, in order to meet the 'challenges' of the future, IN their specific job!

  14. Of course, again, societal laws and cultural, ethical and religious 'attitudes' would have to change also! As an example, when a 'criminal' is incarcerated, the Law will, of necessity, require that the 'criminal' be immediately divorced from any existing spouse and not allowed any contact whatsoever with such former spouse! That will certainly be hard for both parties, the inmate and the former spouse! But societal Law will have to provide for just such a necessity, providing economically and more for the spouse and family, as necessary, and likewise providing the requisite 'isolation' and 'involvement' with a specifically-chosen-and-matched 'Lady-Professional', in order that the administration of such Professional-Services might proceed, without ANY 'visits' or interventions by the former spouse! In the course of such 'professional-work', it might be determined that the inmate's former spouse (and family!) were actually a highly-contributing-factor TO the onset OF the 'criminality' with which the inmate has been charged! Accordingly, once that finding should have been 'found' and noted, and, over time, the inmate is duly recidivated, by and through the one-on-one Professional 'work' of the 'Lady-of-Service' (to whom. perhaps, through Legal necessity, the inmate shall have become legally married to such Professional!), then the 'realities' of the inmate's former Life, having been 'exposed' to him/her, that inmate and their new Professional-spouse, might someday leave the Prison, in order to 'make a new Life' somewhere, without the 'addictions' and 'problems' that were inherent of the inmate's former Life! Of course, such a recidivism shall have, of necessity, been so 'complete', as to completely 'remove' the former-inmate of any 'urge' whatsoever, to 'contact' former associates, family, parents, etc., the very people who had led him/her TO his/her downfall and criminality, in the first place!

  15. BUT, HOW does one legislate such a 'breakup' of a family, or other past relationships? And how does a Society, humanely and compassionately, rather than via a 'Big-Brother-is-Watching-You' reality, enact such a necessary Reality into Law and actuality? One might say that such is an impossibility! But surely, any intelligent and humanitarian citizen, would surely see the humanity in such a necessity! Or would they?

  16. BECAUSE, the Reality IS, that not one person, Male or Female, in our Society of today, cannot possibly feel 'Free', to Act and Be Oneself, UNLESS ALL others of Society are likewise, Free to be the human beings that they might Be! IF there is one other person, who might, in some way, harm another... there can be NO Freedom for Anyone!

  17. Actually, the very idea of 'marrying' Professional Prostitutes, to inmates, as the-means-of-recidivizing those inmates, is so replete with antagonistic 'responses' that, in current Society', such could never be! But I sincerely feel that such a thing will, one day, have to be! But then, at such a future date, the necessity of doing so, would be as much to enable the very demise of the Penal System itself! And THEN, once the Education and Up-Bringing of One-and-All throughout Society, has progressed to such a 'state', that the very 'action' of a 'criminal-action-against-the-People-themselves'... shall have become an impossibility! In such a Future-Society, such a Utopia, there will be no need whatsoever, for Prisons nor inmates, when All People Everywhere, can both "Love One's Neighbor As Oneself!" and 'Do Unto Others, As One Would Have Others Do Unto Oneself!"

    Aum, Peace, Amen

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