QUALIA XXXXVII: In the Tradition of Einstein... From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUFD

QUALIA XXXXVII: In the Tradition of Einstein...

Exploring QUFD Principles,
from the QUFD website,
at: http://go.to/QUFD

By Father Jerome

  1. Although this Website, the QUFD Textbook, has been written in the Legacy of Albert Einstein, as to the content and context thereof with regard to his discoveries and philosophies of Physics, Society, the human condition and more, I have not actually touched upon the 'How' of Einstein, as to how he did accomplish that which he did! With this Monograph, I do believe I shall be correcting that oversight, by examining the Tradition of Einstein and the How of it all!

  2. Actually, I have already several times on this Website discussed this very subject, not necessarily applied to Einstein but, in Reality, applied to myself. But the Reality is, that all successful and renown persons of human history who have been able to concentrate and apply themselves sufficiently to their 'task' and to thusly 'Be of Service' to their fellow-man in some way, have all, including Einstein, 'availed' themselves of two very basic 'Realities' that I have already discussed numerous times herein these pages... Living In The Moment and thereby gaining access to the Collective Consciousness of Humanity! And such was certainly the Reality also with Albert Einstein, as is most apparent to anyone who is knowledgeable about such!

  3. I was reminded of this recently via a Segment of the daily McNeil-Lehrer News Hour in which a famous Writer of Children's Books was being interviewed. During the interview she said that a 'key' to her ability to write such as she did was the ability to find 'quiet time' and aloneness-by-herself, wherein she was thusly able to concentrate on what she was doing and to 'reach into her Soul' for inspiration (more or less quoting her, although not necessarily per se!) In other words, she was able to 'get away' from children, family and others, in order to find that 'aloneness' which is, apparently and according to her, so necessary for writers!

  4. Well, Lo and Behold, Guess What? That is exactly the 'definition' of Living In The Moment, although the truth Be, that it can also be accomplished in the midst of one's job, family and crowds as well! Because 'Living In The Moment' is the means by which one is able to sufficiently 'block out' or escape from all of the noise, turmoil and attention of daily life and turn one's attention and thoughts inward, to concentrate exclusively (no matter how long it takes!) on 'that which comes from within', from one's Soul! Such is exactly what I am doing right now as I write this, but with one further 'quality' that is actually (and probably!) a 'correlation' to exactly How Einstein 'did it' as well! And that is that I am 'writing' these words without 'knowing' one second ahead of writing them, as to exactly 'What' I am going to write! In other words, just as Einstein did so also probably do when he was 'In The Moment' and just 'letting It Flow', so am I now 'writing' exactly 'What' comes to me, from the Soul and it's 'access' to the Collective and all the 'wonders' of Incorporeality and Spirit beyond the individual Self!

  5. Let me comment briefly and sufficiently here a bit more about 'Living In The Moment' (actually, there are several QUALIA Documents in this Series already that touch upon 'Living In The Moment'!) It is not only the 'quality' of 'aloneness' with oneSelf but also the 'quality' of 'aloneness' WITH OTHERS, by 'Living' in such a way WITH any and all others (work-mates, family, anyone!), that you can 'Be There', with those others, in instantaneous 'Response' to their immediate and long-term needs and requirements, sufficiently to truly and fully 'respond' TO those needs, etc., and yet do so BY and THROUGH 'Being In Touch' with your Self and your Soul! AND, I might add, WITHOUT 'Losing Your Self', or your Soul, in the process, to whatever 'Trials and Tribulations' that other person might be involved with!

  6. THIS, of course, means 'Knowing' Who and What You ARE, and 'Knowing' exactly What You Have Been 'Born' to Be and to Do, as well as 'Knowing' Your Personal 'Destiny' and the Destiny of all of Humanity! Well... Maybe all of that last statement might be a bit much! BUT, IF you can 'Know' any of it (even sub-consciously!), you are at least part-way there! And the more that you 'Know' such, the stronger will be your 'Resolve' and your ability to 'handle' anything that 'comes your way'! Of course, all of this is while 'Living In The Moment' (of God's Positivity and Protection!), because, if not... Well, Forget It!

  7. What I mean is that, as numerous other Documents in this QUFD Textbook have already pointed out, IF you are 'living' in the Past or the Future... OR, someone has 'influenced' you (such as Lucifer!) or has 'slipped' you 'out of the Present', by and through their 'wiles' or whatever upon you... THEN you, yourself, may also be totally 'lost', because that is the Reality of anyone 'living' in the Past or the Future! (See my Lecture, 'The Quantum Physics of Time) But, the more you 'Know' yourSelf, with 'access' to your Soul, the stronger you will be, as to your Positivity and your Self, in any 'dealings' with others!

  8. The other 'quality' that Einstein embraced in his accomplishments was... 'access' to his Soul and thereby 'access' to the Collective, by 'Living In The Moment'! (And right now, 'Living In The Moment', for me, means that I can take a 'break' here, in what I am writing/typing, for however long the necessity of that 'break' might be, and return to this 'writing', perhaps hours or days later, and easily resume exactly where I left off... Of course, yet 'knowing' NOT, as to What is to come next!)

  9. (I'm back!) Actually, before I go on here with further comments regarding the Collective, let me finish up one aspect here of 'Living In The Moment'! And I've also said this many times already on these pages, but I feel the necessity to repeat myself again! And that IS, that when you Know YourSelf (totally or as much as possible!), AND are 'Living In The Moment'... there is one Reality that is very important about yourSelf, IN such a 'situation'... And that is, that IF you truly 'Know' YourSelf, YOU CANNOT CHANGE YourSelf IN ANY WAY, because attempting to do so, would be You Being UNTRUE to YourSelf! THE ONLY THING YOU CAN DO IS... to Change The World For The Better! (Which is WHY we are All Here in the First Place!) And anyone, or any 12-Step Program or any other program or person, that/who tries to tell you otherwise, is just Lucifer trying to 'do you in'! ("Change Yourself" and anyone "Telling You What To Do", are just more of Lucifer's Negativity in this world, trying to prevent you from 'Looking Inside YourSelf' and getting your own Answers from your Soul!) (See the 'Book of Jerome' and the 'QUALIA III' Documents for details about this!)

  10. Okay, enough about 'Living In The Moment'! If you need more, there is lots more elsewhere in this QUFD Textbook! Back to the Collective now!

  11. One interesting fact about Einstein and anyone who can 'access' the Collective 'In The Moment', is that they do not need to rely upon 'memory', or the 'databanks' of the personal, conscious and unconscious mind, which is actually, in Reality, only the lower mind of the individual Local human Mind. In 'Reality', this 'functionality' of the lower mind ('memory'), is intended, within a Mature Human Mind, to only be a 'temporary cache memory', like in a computer, storing only repeat-access-data rather than having to go all the way (through the 'layers' of Incorporeal condensates of an individual's Incorporeal 'Reality'!) to the Collective Consciousness Condensate, each and every time the 'computer' of the Local Human Mind needs to 'access' a bit of data.

  12. But, of course, in the present Immaturity of the human Mind, where the lower mind does not 'know' it's Upper Mind or Soul, being 'blocked' from such 'Knowing' by the famous 'Veil of Separation/Unknowing', which is actually Lucifer's 'Fingers-of-Negativity' within all of our Minds, the lower mind therefore has to assume that it - the lower mind - is 'All There Is' (as to 'Mind'!) and therefore the 'memory' functionality of that lower mind has been called upon to do 'double-duty', and to 'Be' the 'Entirety of Mind' of the individual, absorbing all kinds of teaching, learning, info and data, beyond what it nominally was designed to perform! And thusly, not all individuals are equal and anyone relying exclusively upon that functionality of the lower mind (the self!), has limited 'mental ability' and even loses it all upon one's ageing and demise! (Of course, in the World of Today, this 'Limited Mental Ability' IS the 'Norm', rather than a disabled-exception, for all of mankind that does rely upon the lower mind exclusively, not being able to 'access' their Upper Mind (except perhaps sporadically in dreams!), as a result of Lucifer's 'Fingers-of-Negativity'!

  13. But Einstein, and anyone anywhere and in any Age, who was and is 'Living In The Moment', could 'access' the Collective (as it has been called by the great Swiss Psychologist Carl Jung!) directly, through one's Soul (in whatever manner, considering that ALL of humanity is actually under the 'influence' of Lucifer's 'Fingers-of-Negativity', INCLUDING those who can 'Live In The Moment' where, however, 'Living In The Moment' DOES allow that person to only temporarily escape Lucifer's 'Fingers-of-Negativity'!)

  14. Einstein, by 'Living In The Moment', thereby meant that his 'mental processes', as long as he was to Be 'In The Moment', of BOTH Upper Mind and lower mind, could reliably 'access' (via his Soul!), that Collective Condensate which lies beyond all of the individual, group and grouped condensates of all of humanity (exceeded only by the Cosmos and Cosmic condensates, as well as the Ultimate Condensate of All, Infinite Consciousness (God)). 'Access' to the Collective (via 'Knowing OneSelf', as Carl Jung had so discovered!), meant that Einstein (and his Peers!) did not need to rely upon the 'limited mentality' of his 'local memory', but could, instead, directly 'access' the permanent 'Records' of the Collective itself!

  15. Of course, Einstein, like all of us, with our individual Minds being so 'incursioned' by Lucifer's 'Fingers-of-Negativity', could not and cannot actually 'directly access' the Collective, whereby the 'accessing' Mind should freely be able to Search and Research any and everywhere within that gigantic Hall of Records of the Past, Present and Future! Such an 'Unlimited Search Capability' is a 'benefit' of a Mature Human Mind, but NOT of our currently genetically-disabled Immaturity of the human Mind! (However, OA/OWB Members do have access to the OA/OWB's 'Hall of Records', which is a more limited Abstract-form of the Collective which is not 'complete' in the sense of the Collective itself, even though the Collective, bordering on the OA/OWB's condensate of Incorporeality itself, has all Records therein Full and Complete in every sense!)

  16. So, what Einstein (and all of us who can 'access' the Collective!) have had to do is to be satisfied with 'Directed Access', in lieu of truly Direct-Access! 'Directed Access' means that our 'Intentionality' has to be quite strong, as to What it is that is Intended To Be Known, because it is God Him/HerSelf who is actually doing the 'access' and consequently providing ONLY that 'info' which we have Intentionally 'sought' (whether we actually 'knew' it or not, that we were 'searching' for a specific fact, data or knowledge!) Thusly it is, that What We Seek (IF God does so Will It!), does Come To Us, and so it was with Einstein, as realized through the proverbial 'means and mechanisms' of contemplation, reflection and more, all of which meant that 'God (or His/Her 'Agents', such as a Personal Angel!) Was Delivering The Goods', at a Time, Place and Means of His/Her choosing!

  17. And so it has been, down through the History of this current Civilization, as long as the human genome pool for the invisible Mind of all of Mankind, has been 'blocked' by Lucifer's 'Fingers-of-Negativity'! However, as I have noted many times already, IT IS UP TO US, to remove those 'Fingers' and that Negativity-of-Lucifer within our World and Society, and thusly RESTORE Full Genetic MATURITY of the Human Mind, by eliminating Lucifer's 'Fingers-of-Negativity' FROM OUR MINDS and also getting our World, Earth, out of Lucifer's 'Nether-Regions'!

  18. May You, the Reader hereof, Be Instrumental IN thusly Changing Our World For The Better!

    Aum, Peace, Amen

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