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News Items:
  1. That the operation and actual dynamics of the human mind and consciousness can be specifically and absolutely scientifically detailed, using existing scientific principle and law, without invoking any religious, psychic or New Age hocus-pocus, nor trying to "ram-rod" or psychologize the incorporeal, spiritual mind into the corporeal, physical functions of the human brain, as many classical Newtonian researchers today are yet attempting to do!

  2. That the interface operations/dynamics, between the corporeal human brain and the incorporeal human mind, can be scientifically described in detail, using existing neuroscience and neurophysics principles and knowledge.

  3. That the actual dynamics (and mis-dynamics, or maladies) of the human mind, can be scientifically and analytically seen and diagnosed, as a reality of the practice of modern medicine by modern physicians.

  4. That the supervision and control, of the corporeal human brain by the incorporeal human mind, can be absolutely and quantitatively described and detailed, as to any and all functions thereinbetween, explaining such personal characteristics and traits as anger, love, emotion, hate, and much more!

  5. That Jerome, many years back, had read the book, "How Things Work", describing how material, corporeal things (refrigs, cars, vacuum cleaners, etc.) work, in the corporeal dimensions of reality. Now Jerome has written about HOW THINGS WORK in INCORPOREALITY! The detailed description of all the incorporeal workings, of the incorporeal dimensions of reality, which underlie and are the basis of ALL CORPOREALITY, of everything that does exist in materiality and in Life!

  6. That the sizeable pool of human genes, recently reported by Human Genome Project researchers, as being inactive and not providing any known functions within the human body, are actually genes that depend upon and enable an advanced maturity of the human mind - a higher-level of mental-functioning - than is normally possible within most of humanity today!

  7. That Human Evolution - not Darwinian Evolution or Creationism - is the dominant and pre-eminent genesis of the human species, and has been for billions of years, both here on Earth and throughout the Cosmos!

  8. That the quantum axion particles of consciousness, of the individual local minds of most of humanity today, are currently "Cooper-paired" in a positive-negative-positive pairing, with both the upper and lower mind exhibiting half-integer-spin dynamics of such particles to each other, rather than the normal whole-integer-spins that should prevail. Such a Cooper-pairing is the result of the incursion of negative consciousness (of negative whole-integer-spin quantum axion particles, from the negative dimensionality of consciousness), effectively separating the two positive halves of the local mind (of nominal positive whole-integer-spin particles, into, instead, positive half-integer-spin particles), producing what is known as the (Jungian) Veil of Separation/Unknowing, between upper and lower mind, causing the lower mind to be unable to recognize the upper mind to which it is innately bonded, and which further results in what is known as the immaturity of mind of that person, effectively preventing wholeness-of-mind of that human mind and entity. Such wholeness of mind can only be achieved by activation of the mature-human-mind genes of the mental-maturity-gene-pool within the human entity (see the next point following), which result would be the elimination of that Cooper-pairing "incursion" of negativity, integration and maximal-functioning of upper and lower mind together, realignment of the quantum axion particles of both upper and lower local mind into positive whole-integer-spin particles, and the consequent wholeness of mind and entity necessary to enable full functionality of the mature mind and access to all levels of consciousness beyond the individual human entity.

  9. That, however, advanced maturity of the human mind, cannot be "activated" until mankind can agree to cooperate and willfully resolve to remove all vestiges and operants of negativity from the collective human experience (willful removal of such negativity)!

  10. That mankind does actually create its own reality, according to science and quantum physics principles, which means that, although humanity has actually created its own "mess", mankind can also create the solutions to its current problems, using its advanced maturity of mind to do so!

  11. That any and all solutions and answers, to mankind's problems (and negativities), are to be found within him/herself, as Socrates had so taught millennia ago, rather than outside of oneself, in books, teachings, etc., as most of humanity does so seek today.

  12. That it is ordinarily and commonly possible, for a human being with an activated maturity of mind, to easily phase-space-shift one's consciousness/awareness into another or any other dimension of existence and reality (that access to consciousness beyond the individual)!

  13. That through the mature mind's ability to "travel to" (access) other dimensions of reality, one's possibilities of KNOWING, of wisdom and knowledge, as obtained and experienced from/in those other dimensions of consciousness, increases tremendously!

  14. That with an operating maturity of mind, the individual can "remember" one's previous lifetimes as well as one's future, in that the individual can now access past, present and future realities and ground-states/dimensions of consciousness!

  15. That, according to QUFD definition, each and every person/sentient being is itself a "dimension". Therefore, since the mature human mind can access other "dimensions", it is a mere phase-space-shift of the mind, for one mind to be "in" another dimension (another ground-state), i.e., the mind of another person!

  16. That, since access to another dimension of consciousness is actually a spacio-temporal (time-space) shift, it is not only relatively easy to "be" in the mind/consciousness of another person, but also another entity of sentience, such as an ant, the Earth, our galaxy, and even the "mind" of Infinite Consciousness (God) Him/HerSelf!

  17. That access to other dimensions of consciousness, in that a ground-state of consciousness is a zero-gravity condensed-state field, therefore such access may be at any chosen spacio-temporal "instant", including the past, the present or the future, enabling one to be in another's mind, for example, at certain "times" (in that other dimension, such as Christa McAuliffe's "mind", at the instant of the Challenger Space-Shuttle disaster, or with Christ on the Cross)!

  18. That universal and holistic Oneness, throughout the Cosmos, is possible, rather than the Cosmic and societal dualities that exist today (Church/State, science/religion, Republican/Democrat, rich/poor, good/evil, etc.) and that creating such Oneness - "Bring Us Together!" - IS mankind's DESTINY!

  19. That the lower mind - the small self (the one that gets us into trouble, with its me-ism and selfishness, as a consequence of the present immaturity of mind) - can be supervised and cleansed of its negativities, by and through that supervision of the upper mind, the Soul, if we would but activate that wholeness of mind, mental maturity, integration of both upper and lower mind, into one operational entity!

  20. That the Soul, and Spirit, of an individual and of all dimensions of Consciousness, can be scientifically described and detailed, WITHOUT regard to any religious, psychic or New Age hocus-pocus or fantasy.

  21. That the result of QUFD shall be a new perspective and practice within the fields of medicine, psychology and psychiatry!

  22. That the result of QUFD shall be a new reality and recognition of the dynamics of operation of the incorporeal condensed-states of the quantum forces and fields, the very quest - a Unified Field Theory - that Albert Einstein had sought before his passing!

  23. That QUFD and Jerome's works "break new ground" in numerous disciplines/fields of science: anthropology, astronomy, astrophysics, neurophysics, medicine, psychology, psychiatry, philosophy, history, paleontology, geophysics, cosmology, condensed-state physics, sociology, physiology, theology, economics, political science, biology, technology, communications, interpersonal relations, societal dynamics, disease and physical maladies, international and intra-state conflicts (war, aggression, etc.), law (international, corporate, domestic, societal, etc.), evolutionary science, genetics, and many other disciplines!

  24. That, even though Jerome's works "break new ground" in numerous sciences, there is actually nothing new but the "view", the perspective, the actual reality - of "what IS"! Because all these "discoveries" have already been known and extant, in and by modern science. Jerome, merely as the humble scientific "reporter" that he is, has done nothing more than to show the "forest" - the Big Picture - from all the individual "trees" of extant science and knowledge. Yet such KNOWING, as to the Big Picture of "All That Is", hopefully, might someday enable mankind to peacefully resolve its problems and differences and create that much improved society, world, Cosmos and future, that is humanity's Destiny! Such is Jerome's wish!

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