QUALIA LI: The Physics of the Capture of Time & Space Within the Quantum Axion Particle. From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUFD

QUALIA LI: The Physics of the Capture of Time & Space Within the Quantum Axion Particle.

Exploring QUFD Principles,
from the QUFD website,
at: http://go.to/QUFD

By Father Jerome

  1. Actually, perhaps I am being a bit 'backward' here, or 'round-about', in that, as I have noted numerous times upon these webpages, the quantum axion particle is the 'Source' of Time & Space in the first place! But my intent here is innocuous, in that, in this Qualia Discussion, I merely have intended to look at, what might be called the 'secondary qualities' of the quantum axion particle, i.e., those which permit it to 'gather-up' Time & Space, such as for the purposes of 'delivering' it (Time & Space!) elsewhere within Incorporeality.

  2. However, let us review some 'Basics' here, real quick, before I get to the 'point' of this discussion. Unity, or the quantum unitary field, of any Incorporeal condensate of Consciousness and 'Reality', exists as the basic 'characteristic' of the fundamental existence of the quantum axion particle, and all quantum axion particles, simultaneously throughout the entire Cosmos (and even beyond!) This is the result of the 'containment' within a single quantum axion particle (which is the ONLY particle of any kind that exists within Incorporeality!) of ALL the Corporeal quantum forces, fields and gravity. Therefore, Time & Space, and Past, Present, Future, are also 'contained' within that single quantum axion particle! Further therefore, in that a single, and each and every, quantum axion particle, exists everywhere simultaneously, therefore that Time & Space, and that Past, Present and Future, 'contained' within that single and unitary quantum axion particle, also exist simultaneously and unitarily everywhere in the Cosmos and beyond! (Note: In this instance, it is also presumed that gravity, likewise therefore existing everywhere, is zero, as a pre-requirement for the existence of any single instance of Time & Space to 'exist' everywhere! In other words, within a quantum axion particle, gravity is zero. Without of the quantum axion particle, gravity exists as it might in relation to the specifics of Time and Space within any particular 'dimensionality'!)

  3. Okay, so much for the Basics. What I wish to discuss further here, are the 'characteristics' of the quantum axion particle that permit it to 'be a part thereof' the 'dynamics', or functionalities, that occur within Incorporeality and within condensates of Incorporeality!

  4. First of all, and most important of all the 'characteristics' of the quantum axion particle, is the fact that it is the single and most important 'Source' of the 'Sentience' and 'Decision-making' (and much more!), that pre-cludes any and all 'dynamics' and other functionalities of any condensate of Incorporeality!

  5. Next, the very fact that the quantum axion particle, of both Positive and Negative 'flavors', is the 'basis' or 'floor', or 'ground-state', of all Incorporeal condensates everywhere, is a significant start!

  6. Then, the fact that any subsequent and lesser condensate of Incorporeality (lesser than Infinite Consciousness, the Cosmos or God!), further requires both 'flavors' of our quantum axion particles, within the 'borders' of that purpose or reason-for-existence OF that particular condensate, in order to 'create' the 'ground-state' OF that condensate, wherein Order (Positivity!) and Chaos (Negativity!) are the main 'Characters' that 'impel' and further 'constrain' all of the subsequent 'dynamics' OF that condensate!

  7. Then, those actions-of-the-condensate themselves, the 'dynamics', in relation-to and 'response' thereto, all of the 'inputs' TO that condensate, relative TO the purpose and reason-for-existence OF that condensate, does further draw upon those magnificent 'powers' of the quantum axion particle, in that the 'processing' of any 'dynamic' might require the temporary, momentary and instantaneous 'release' OF those Corporeal quantum forces, fields and gravity, contained within the quantum axion particle, in order to adequately 'process' any specific 'dynamic' to conclusion!

  8. Whoa! Wait a minute here! I'm getting ahead of myself here, as to the logical-order of functionality of the quantum axion particle! Because, before any condensate's 'dynamics' can 'do their thing'... that condensate, and the Non-Local Point-of-Location within that condensate, AND the 'dynamic' that MIGHT APPEAR thereupon that Non-Local Point-of-Location, ALL REQUIRE that there be 'INPUT' thereto!

  9. AND, our quantum axion particles (and waves, in the here-and-now!), are the 'means', whereby those 'inputs' are delivered TO any particular 'dynamic' that might occur within our condensate! Of course, in this case, and functionality, of the quantum axion particle (AND waves!), the 'Sentience' OF a particular quantum axion particle, that is 'providing' a particular Non-Local Point-of-Location within the condensate we shall be considering here... that 'Sentience' KNOWS the basic reason-for-existence and purpose OF that condensate (as well as the 'specifics' OF the Order and Chaos that contribute to the 'ground-state' of that condensate!) Therefore, that particular quantum axion particle (via it's waves, of Past, Present, Future!), can 'Search', throughout the entire 'breadth and width' of its everywhere 'existence', for any and all OTHER Non-Local Point-Locations that might have any 'relationship' (Relativity!), TO that original Non-Local Point-of-Location within our original condensate! In 'searching' FOR any and all such 'possibilities/probabilities', the 'Sentience' OF our particular quantum axion particle does ALSO take into consideration the Past, the Present and the Future, OF EACH 'possibility/probability', as to whether that 'possibility/probability' is 'snap-shot' (like a camera!) and then 'forwarded' (via the 'waves' of that particular axion particle!), TO that original Point-of-Location, for 'inclusion', as an 'input', TO that 'dynamic' that is now 'appearing' AT that Non-Local Point-of-Location within our original condensate! Again, to repeat here, Past, Present and Future, everywhere, are 'searched', via the axion WAVES, of our quantum axion particle, and 'deliver' their 'findings', as 'inputs', TO the 'dynamics' that are appearing on that particular Non-Local Point-of-Location upon the 'ground-state' of our original condensate of Incorporeality! Also, such 'inputs' might come not only from anywhere-in-the-Cosmos via Incorporeality, but might also come from the associated Corporeality OF our condensate of Incorporeality, as 'realized' via the human 'senses' of that Corporeal condensate, which are 'felt' or 'known' within the lower-mind (the self!), and thusly 'picked-up' at a Non-Local Point-of-Location within that lower-mind condensate, for 'transmission' to the Upper-Mind (Soul!) as an 'input' thereto that particular condensate of Incorporeality!

  10. Whew! The quantum axion particle sure does 'get around'! More so yet, beyond the 'dynamics', that the axion 'contributes TO... As I've said, the axion particle can 'release' the Corporeal quantum forces, fields and gravity, temporarily, as a part of the instantaneous functioning of any 'dynamic'!

  11. The Corporeal quantum forces, fields and gravity (and therefore Time & Space!) can also be 'released', again temporarily, as a means of 'communications', of any 'output quality', between two condensates of Incorporeality, where each condensate has a differing reason-for-existence or purpose, and therefore requires such 'communications' to enable 'phase-space-shift' transfer OF such 'high-level' (Determined!) 'communications'! (IF the particular 'info-data' had been 'resident' at the 'lower-level' of Unity itself of Incorporeality, i.e., at the 'ground-state' level, it could have been an 'input' to the 'dynamics' of that condensate! But now the 'info-data' is at a much higher Level-of-Order and complex 'state' of existence, that of a 'Decision-output' or perturbation, or criticality, OF a completed 'dynamic', therefore it requires a higher-level of 'communications' than at the 'ground-state' Level of a condensate of Incorporeality! NOTE: Basic, fundamental, Levels and functionality, within any 'ground-state' of a condensate of Incorporeality, are Unitary, and of Undifferentiated Relativity! Higher-level, 'processed' outputs of the 'dynamics', perturbations and criticalities OF a condensate, are complex and of higher Levels of Order, and thusly are of Differentiated Relativity... even though yet resident within a condensate of Incorporeality!)

  12. Okay, 'communications', and more! Of course, the quantum axion particle is also 'there', to 'deliver' the BIGGIE... LIFE, as the 'Emergent Law' OF a condensate of Incorporeality, when both the twin-condensates of Corporeality AND Incorporeality, OF a new 'Life-form', are being 'Born-into-our-World'! Because, in this case, it is Incorporeality that 'begets' Corporeality, and that new Corporeality IS a condensate or 'dimension', of Existence and Reality, and therefore it requires the 'release' of the Corporeal quantum forces, fields and gravity, AND Time & Space, WITHIN the 'boundaries', or 'borders', OF that new condensate/dimensionality of Corporeality, in which Time & Space (and all the molecules, atoms and organs thereof!) exist for the purpose and reason-for-existence OF THAT new Life-form... that human Being!

  13. Okay, what else? I guess I've covered the 'snap-shot', camera-like 'capture', of the Past, the Present or the Future, of any Time & Space, at any Non-Local Point-of-Location within the Cosmos, by the waves of a quantum axion particle, for 'transmission' to a relevant Non-Local Point-of-Location within a condensate of Incorporeality elsewhere from that specific Non-Local Point-of-Location! One might ask the question, "What is to prevent another quantum axion particle (and it's waves!), from also 'picking-up' the same 'input' FOR the same original condensate of Incorporeality?"

  14. Well, here is another wonderful 'aspect' of the 'Sentience' of all quantum axion particles! That 'Sentience' seems to KNOW what each and every quantum axion particle, is doing, EVERYWHERE! So, IF a quantum axion particle MIGHT have the 'possibility' of 'picking-up' the SAME 'input-data', that 'input-data', OF that specific Non-Local Point-Location is rejected, so as to not interfere with or duplicate that already-existing quantum axion particle that has the exact same 'input'! This is not to say that the exact same 'input', OF that particular remote Non-Local Point-of-Location, might yet be 'delivered' elsewhere, to another condensate of Incorporeality! OR that 'input', from a higher-Level or from a lower-Level, on that same remote Non-Local Point-of-Location, might be 'delivered', as 'input', BY a different quantum axion particle, TO our same original condensate! In such case, of course, it would be 'contributing' to the 'input' of a different 'dynamic', of a later or other 'instant' of 'processing'!

  15. And, as I have noted elsewhere on these pages, such wonderful Cooperation, between ALL quantum axion particles, might just be an 'Example', of the Guy/Gal Upstairs, giving us a 'Clue', as to What To Do With Our Lives! I'm going to reprint those Comments herein the following:
    "(Wow! Would that this, most Egalitarian and Cooperative 'Reality' ALSO APPLY to the Whole of Corporeal Mankind itself! What a Wonderful World such would Be! Actually, I have already mentioned such a 'Possibility' already in the pages of the QUFD Textbook, with reference to the widely known and Religious/Theological/Philosophical 'concept' of the gigantic 'Jig-Saw-Puzzle' of humanity, wherein each and every 'piece' of that gigantic 'puzzle' (a 'piece' representing an individual human being!), might be compared to our very-egalitarian quantum axion particles, as so described here! One might wonder whether such 'similarity' is but another 'Clue' from the Guy/Gal Upstairs, to humanity, as to What Is Required, for not only individuals but also the Whole of Mankind, to Achieve Their 'Destinies' in Life!)"

  16. Well, I guess I've just about covered everything that I needed to say here. Quantum axion particles do also 'exert' their 'powers' way beyond the few 'Definitions' that I have offered here, but such instances are entirely within and with, inter-rationships between condensates of Incorporeality exclusively, at 'Levels' or 'Spiritualities' beyond what I am prepared to discuss here (the 'Higher Planes of Existence'!) So, I will forego any further discussion of such things!

  17. Except for one brief discussion, in Conclusion of this Document. The Collective Consciousness of all of Humanity IS a condensate of Incorporeality ONLY, within which, however, ALL of our 'twin' Incorporeal condensates of Ourselves, DO EXIST, such that any and all 'experiences' and 'Realities'/Realities, of every Moment of our everyday Lives, IS RECORDED PERMANENTLY, in that great 'Hall of Records', or 'Akashic Records'! This means, therefore, that the quantum axion particles, of YOUR OWN particular Self/self condensate (Upper Mind/lower mind!), DO CONTRIBUTE, instantaneously, within Incorporeality, TO the 'Input' TO that gigantic condensate, the Collective Consciousness of Humanity, such that ALL of Mankind's 'Experiences', of each and every Momentof our Lives, of ALL of Us, are constantly being 'Recorded' THERE, in their ENTIRETY and completeness!

  18. This is NOT talking about one's individual 'Memory', of the 'data-banks' of the local lower mind of the individual human being, wherein all of your 'learning', data, and 'memory' may reside! THAT 'memory' is but temporary and ceases to exist when you die! However, each and every such 'experience', of every human being, Past, Present and Future, IS THERE PERMANENTLY, in the Collective Consciousness of Humanity, which can be 'accessed' BY any Mature Human Mind, and the Soul thereof, IF that human being can but 'access' their own Soul!

  19. I've talked extensively about the Soul, the Collective, Maturity and Immaturity of Mind, and of what Humanity needs to Do, in order to Enjoy such 'Access', elsewhere on these pages, so I will not do so here. But, I merely point out here, that 'Access', for instantaneous 'Input', or for 'Output', is yet another wonderful 'Power' of those wonderful Quantum Axion Particles of Consciousness and 'Reality'!

    Aum, Peace, Amen

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