A Simple Proposal for World Peace
By Father Jerome, OA/OWB
D.Th.(In Esse-the Theology of Reality), D.Sc.(Quantum Physics)
The Freedom, Independence & World Democracy (FIWD) Institute, London, OA/OWB

"You say you want a Revolution,
Why don't you free your Mind instead?"
Revolution, by John Lennon

  1. FIRST: Being as it is now and presently within the purview of Mankind's knowledge and technology to change the extant conditions with regard to the Basics and Fundamentals of Human Society and all societal transactions between human individuals, it is consequently Proposed:

  2. SECOND: Inasmuch as all human conflicts, animosities, adversities, legalities, etc., as well as any and all differences regarding matters of Fact, matters of Value and matters of Judgement, are the eminent result of differences of Opinion, therefore let all Opinion be forever banished from human society. (See The Truth and Reality About Truth!

  3. THIRD: Inasmuch as all fundamental Values and Facts are Universal, Incorporeal and nomothetical (meaning of general, universal scientific knowledge and Law), therefore all Truth does lie within such realms of Incorporeal Knowing and Knowledge, rather than of Corporeal venues (where all is subject to the negativities of the Veil of Separation/Unknowing of the immature human mind); (See QUFD, for the details of, as John Lennon has said, how to "free your Mind"!)

  4. FOURTH: Inasmuch as it is presently within Mankind's capabilities to have every individual of humanity to possess access to the Knowing, Knowledge and, ultimately, Truth, of the Mature Human Mind;

  5. FIFTH: With such access to the Maturity of the Human Mind, therefore all matters of Fact, all matters of Value and all matters of Judgement, instead of being unreasonably and unreliably considered as matters of opinion (and thusly subject to violence, etc.), when perceived and considered from the Incorporeality of the Mature Human Mind, can be reasonably considered as any and all possibilities/probabilities OF FACT AND TRUTH, which can be eminently and reasonably resolved BY such Mature Human Minds, in consideration OF all such Facts so brought forth BY those of Maturity of Mind, in Resolution OF any and all matters and issues so addressed by such eminently capable and reasonable Minds.

  6. SIXTH: Let all of Mankind so Possess that Incorporeal Knowing, of the Mature Human Mind, which is now Universally available and which can, in negating and obviating all differences and classes of humanity, Bring Us Together in Acceptance, Respect and Love, for one and all:

  7. SEVENTH: With such Knowing, and in Execution of such Knowing, and in Cooperation, Will and Volition, among all, Bring into Existence and Reality, that Participatory World Democracy, Of The People, By The People, and For The People, which shall be Unto the Benefit of all and shall inure ever after to all the Heirs thereof.

  8. EIGHTH: "Imagine all the People, Living Life in Peace. I hope some day you'll Join Us, and the World can Live as One!" John Lennon

  9. NINTH: http://go.to/QUFD

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