Qualia VII: Father Jerome's Ramblings - Christmas and a World Where People Matter. From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUFD

QUALIA VII: Father Jerome's Ramblings - Christmas and a World Where People Matter.

Exploring QUFD Principles,
from the QUFD website,
at: http://go.to/QUFD

By Father Jerome

  1. Okay, the Reader hereof is going to say, "Oh, Oh! Now he's gone and done it - flipped his lid! Going maudlin and sentimental, in thinking that there could be a world-wide society of all of humanity, in which each and every person counted, and was valued, respected and accepted, for Who and What one was, and yet, more than that, was TRUSTED and LOVED, by one and all, for that which one IS - a human being! Hey, that Guy Downstairs is never going to allow such a thing, no matter what all of us might do!"

  2. Well, I don't care, how many pessimists might step forward! I still say that man CAN CHANGE HIS WORLD and make a world OF the desires of all, for Peace, Love, Harmony and so much more. Here it is, Christmas Day, 2001, and the media is full of 'the Christmas Spirit'. But my question is, "WHY can't it be Christmas ALL YEAR 'ROUND?" IF mankind can, WITH a little bit of KNOWING - 'Knowing' Who and What each person of humanity IS, and was Born to Be, AND 'knowing' the BASICS, the fundamentals, OF WHAT IS - What makes the Cosmos, AND each and every human being 'tick', at the most basic levels of Reality - INCLUDING Spirit, and not only 'the Man/Lady Upstairs (God)', BUT ALSO the Truth about that 'Guy Downstairs (Lucifer)', and how he is able to disrupt and corrupt human society and lives......IF we should ALL come to know such TRUTHS, about what REALITY 'is', in this world of ours, AND THEN, using our innate and inborn human 'attributes' of WILLPOWER and COOPERATION......using such potent 'attributes', humanity CAN CHANGE what 'is' - the here and now - INTO WHAT MIGHT BE, a wonderful, Loving and Peaceful world, of Positivity, NOT Negativity! A world which is NOT 'ruled by the Prince of this World', but is, instead, a Participatory Democracy, 'Of the People, By the People, and For the People', WHERE EVERY INDIVIDUAL COUNTS! Where, with the elimination of Lucifer's prime 'Representative' in human society - MONEY - mankind can then create a society and a civilization WHERE PEOPLE MATTER, rather than the 'bottom line' of the account ledger!

  3. Maybe Scrooge is all of us, needing to see all of the "Ghosts of Christmas Past' - the wars, the animosities, the divisiveness, the hatreds, the ethnicities and so much more - that might bring a 'tear to the eye', which, in doing so, might REMIND US that, deep down inside, of each and every one of us, we DO realize that WE ARE ALL PART of something greater than ourselves and our own petty 'me-isms', no matter what they might be (recognizing that everyone is different)! BUT, we DO have a COMMON HERITAGE - our human Spirit, and our ONENESS, with All That Is in the Cosmos!

  4. IF humanity could 'reach down inside oneself', and FIND that 'connection' WITH THEIR SOULS, find that, and those, ANSWERS, that ARE THERE, within each and every one of us, to and for our each and every 'problem' of LIFE and Living, AND THEN MAKE THAT VITAL DECISION......the decision TO DO THAT WHICH IS RIGHT - to forego 'wrong', AND to embrace 'Right'......

  5. CAN'T YOU JUST SEE IT NOW? Just imagine, ALL OF HUMANITY, standing there, in that 'CHURCH' - of ALL of humanity - the Church of ONENESS, with Our Creator, and SINGING, Praising the Lord, CELEBRATING, the Love, the Positivity, the Wonderfulness, and so much more, OF WHAT MANKIND, WITH that SPIRIT OF Infinite Consciousness (God) WITHIN US, did so accomplish! Mankind ROSE UP, in Unity and ONENESS, of our Souls - of each and every individual of humanity - and said, "THERE WILL BE NO MORE NEGATIVITY IN THIS WORLD and in this COSMOS!" And then mankind did 'Make it So', as Captain Picard might say. Mankind, IN UNITY, did create a World Government and/or Society, 'Of the People, By the People, and For the People'! Mankind did so create the conditions FOR TRUST, among all, by eliminating money and all 'Representatives', OF ALL KINDS, such that each and every individual was able to ACCEPT the TRUTH and REALITY that......EVERYONE WAS enjoying the 3 S's - 'Safety, Stability, and Security (ALONG WITH that one most important 'Constant' of the universe -CHANGE!), and that such was all possible BY......each and every individual ACCEPTING FULL and COMPLETE RESPONSIBILITY for themselves, for their every Word, Deed and Action - RESPONSIBLE, not only to oneself, but ALSO to every OTHER individual of humanity! In other words, Mankind did so create a human society IN WHICH EVERYONE CARED about one and all! And Lo and Behold, it was thusly Declared, THAT EVERY DAY shall be CHRISTMAS DAY!

  6. And guess what? IT WAS ALL POSSIBLE, because even LUCIFER WAS INCLUDED! "WHAT? Include the Devil?" Well, yes and no. For in taking ACTION to eliminate DUALITY in the Cosmos - Negativity versus Positivity - Mankind, in 'actualizing' our Destiny, did not only eliminate the Nether Regions - Hell/Hades, the Negative Dimensions of Existence and Reality - BUT DID ALSO 'reunite' Lucifer WITH GOD, IN ONENESS, such that Infinite Consciousness (God), as the Infinite Dimension of All That Is, is now ONE, as it originally WAS, in that Yin-Yang 'relationship' of Oneness, Maleness and Femaleness, OF POSITIVITY, that was Lucifer's true relationship with God before they split up millennia ago!

  7. So, what this means for humanity, is that there is NO LONGER a 'Cooper-pairing' in the quantum realms of the human Mind, with the Negative dimension of consciousness and reality interposing its 'fingers of Negativity' between the layers of each and every human mind. NO longer, are human actions and human society, BEING INFLUENCED AND CORRUPTED by Lucifer and his 'fingers of Negativity', the Veil of Separation/Unknowing. NOW, each and every individual of humanity KNOWS Who and What one was BORN TO BE, and people ARE NO LONGER AFRAID of the 'unknown', of that which did lurk outside of their 'cages', AND THOSE 'CAGES' NO LONGER EXIST, in a human society in which, just like the theme song for the TV series "Cheers" used to say, "A Place where everyone knows your name!" Meaning that each and every individual CAN KNOW, and TRUST, everyone else, that each person can be Trusted TO BE, and to DO, and to SAY, THAT which is consonant WITH their DIRECT, PERSONAL, RESPONSIBILITY, in and of Being that which one has been so Born to Be - a human being OF MATURE MIND!

  8. And guess what? With TRUTH, TRUST, RESPECT, ACCEPTANCE, CARING, and all of humanity's other wonderful 'attributes', came LOVE - not only Love for oneself, as one was so created (however that might have been), but also Love for ALL! Negativity no longer 'reigns', but instead we have total POSITIVITY! No more wars, no more divisiveness, no more animosities, NO MORE NEGATIVITY! And MANKIND DID CREATE IT ALL - with a little help 'from one's friends', from above, from SPIRIT! And thusly, Mankind, and the World, and all of the Cosmos, could justly say, "MERRY, Merry Christmas, to One and All!" And so it was, throughout the Cosmos, and so did it come to BE - in that Land Far Away, when the People DID REALIZE, that the 'FORCE WAS WITH THEM', deep in their Hearts and Souls, and that all they had to do was......to get off their lazy 'butts', GET THEIR ACT TOGETHER, and then "MAKE IT SO"! May such a 'fantasy' YET BE the REALITY for all of us!

Aum, Peace, Amen!

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