A Brief Synopsis of Incorporeality, QUFD and the human Mind. From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUFD!

A Brief Synopsis of Incorporeality, QUFD and the human Mind.

Exploring QUFD Principles,
from the QUFD website,
at: http://go.to/QUFD

By Father Jerome

  1. The following commentary on Incorporeality is adapted from a recent personal correspondence document with regard to the creation of a new university-level graduate course.

  2. Let me attempt to briefly describe the context and content of said Course Proposal. Although it may not be possible to adequately and briefly do so to the satisfaction of a layperson's understanding, let me attempt to do so via the presentation of such postulates by which the material of this subject is known.

  3. The subject is QUFD - Quantum Unitary Field Dynamics, which derives from the eminent and respected research of Albert Einstein as well as Carl Jung and many other scientists and philosophers of both modern and antediluvian vintage. I shall qualify that statement further by noting that such research as has just been mentioned IS AS INTERPRETED by THIS researcher, and thusly QUFD - the result, the Formulation, the context and the content - does so constitute the Life Work of this philosopher-scientist, AS RECOGNIZED AND HONORED BY the world community!

  4. Let me further state as to 'where I come from', as to my qualifications and expertise. My two degrees are in Theology and Quantum Physics - D.Th.(In Esse-the Theology of Reality), D.Sc.(Quantum Physics) - as so Ordained and Consecrated in this Cleric of the Ancient Order (the Most Ancient Order of the OA/OWB) by the Third Graduate Institute of the OA/OWB. I shall note herewith, incidentally, that the Doctoral degree was/is (at that time - of my Graduation/Ordination - and now) the lowest, or first, degree awarded by the Institute, there being only two 'levels' or degrees to be awarded, with most graduates receiving doctoral degrees in their specific fields of study and research. The higher, or highest, degree is the Masters Degree. However, to the present epoch of this civilization (since 9654 B.C. and the occurrence of the Gothenburg Double Geophysical Event, as so identified by the U.S. Geophysical Survey and scientists everywhere), the Institute has only awarded 27 Masters Degrees, to individuals of exceptional caliber, erudition and Consciousness (Christ Jesus was a Master, in this civilization, however during the over 47,000 year history of the Institute, there have been many more Masters Degrees awarded).

  5. To get to the point, we are talking here of INCORPOREALITY, and when it comes to QUFD and Quantum Physics, we need to distinguish between the fundamentals, or foundations/basics, of Reality and All That Is (Cosmology) in the quantum realms, VERSUS CORPOREALITY, or Classical/Newtonian Physics, and the physical/material 'manifestations' THEREOF such 'quantum dynamics' IN the 'material' world. And that is where QUFD comes in!

  6. Because QUFD is not only an exploration of the quantum and incorporeal realms (using established scientific Laws and Principles), it is also a 'handbook', a textbook, a 'How-To' book, of Incorporeality, IN RELATION TO Corporeality, or the physical/material world! Just as an old and famous book (and one of Stanford's Courses) describes "How Things Work!" - IN THE physical/corporeal world, so QUFD describes "How Things Work" - IN THE INCORPOREAL realms! In the physical world, you might learn how your refrigerator works, as a facet of corporeality. QUFD, however, DETAILS and describes EXACTLY, the quantum dynamics of what is going-on in the quantum, non-secular, spiritual and incorporeal realms of consciousness - THE QUANTUM MECHANICS - of WHY: 1. you let the dog out at 6:15 this morning; 2. you picked your child up at school today at noon instead of 3:15 PM; 3. you love your spouse so much that today, for the first time ever, you hit him/her; 4. your friendly philanthropist/foundation, today decided to award their annual grant to a Little-League baseball organization, instead of a world-wide humanitarian charitable group; 5. the Democratic (or Republican) Party Candidate for-political-office was voted-into-office by the U.S. polis/voters; 6. a recently 'liberated' nation (Afghanistan, Iraq, or ?) has 'fallen' to anti-democratic 'forces'; 7. your employer has recently instituted a drastic organizational 're-structuring'; 8. your priest/minister/rabbi or ? has resigned in disgrace; 9. your medical doctor has informed you that you have a most serious medical condition; AND ON AND ON!

  7. QUFD 'relates' TO reality - YOUR Reality, societal Reality, human Reality, world Reality, Cosmological Reality ("What is the possible 'quantum mechanism' at work both in your Mind and in a Black Hole?") - AS YOU experience AND CREATE such Reality YOURSELF! And thusly there are many psychological, sociological and other 'dynamics' TO YOUR REALITY (or anyone's Reality!), BUT they are all based upon AN UNDERSTANDING of the quantum mechanical 'dynamics' of QUFD and the Principles thereof!

  8. And where do these Principles, Laws, Realities and scientific facts/truths COME FROM? Why, from the likes of Albert Einstein, Satyendra Bose, Carl Jung, Roger Penrose, David Deutsch and on and on. The Principles, and the facts, are the same, WITHOUT, however, the Mathematics! QUFD is a PHILOSOPHICAL 'adaptation' of Einstein's and other's Works, without the MATH, written for children and adults, to enable understanding of the basic concepts and Realities of the Universe, Consciousness and human nature! Einstein DID FIND his long-sought-for Unified Field Theory, but Philosophically ONLY, NOT Mathematically! The APPLICATION (of QUFD) IS to that which Einstein therein has contributed TO - the 'realization' and description OF a Unitary Field, of both human and Cosmological reality and existence (Cosmic 'dark matter' AND Infinite Consciousness-God, as Einstein did so 'envision' such!) - which describes ANYTHING a person (OR Wilhelm Schroedinger) might 'create' or conceptualize and more! But more than that, it (QUFD) describes THE CORPOREAL REALITIES - the 'results', the physical/material 'results', OF those INCORPOREAL 'dynamics'!

  9. But that is where the process ends! QUFD describes the 'Realities' OF physical/material Life and Existence, by detailing the Neurophysics OF the quantum 'dynamics' that take place AT EACH AND EVERY SYNAPSE OF the human Brain, but that is where the explanation ends, AS TO Classical Physics! Because we are talking about the human MIND, and WHAT the consequences OF 'mentality' ARE ...... IN the physical/material/corporeal 'world' OF AN INDIVIDUAL'S LIFE!

  10. As to the 'mechanics' OF THE BRAIN ...... Hey! It (the Brain) merely 'executes' those dynamics OF the human MIND, as supervised BY that Mind FROM INCORPOREALITY (the quantum realms!) So I leave it to other researchers to 'describe' "How The Brain Works!" - in CORPOREALITY! I ONLY detail INCORPOREALITY - the Incorporeality of the Mind - and the quantum dynamics THAT CREATE, in the quantum realms, those Realities which each and everyone of humanity experiences IN our daily Lives!

  11. So, leaving Corporeality (and the Brain and its functionalities) to Classical Newtonians, I join with Albert Einstein and others in exploring the Incorporeality of the human Mind AND the Cosmos! And all this in relation to daily Life and Existence! Thusly, these Works (QUFD) can be conservative, traditional, as well as academically radical! But apparently there must be some TRUTH here somewhere, because the World seems to like what they read in QUFD - especially as to HOW it (what they read) AFFECTS, or touches, THEIR LIVES!

  12. QUFD - the 'textbook', as a Website on the Web - is presently listed in the TOP 1% of Multidisciplinary, Scientific, Philosophical and Cosmological Websites on the Web, and is also ranked (by the VOTE/RANK organization) in the TOP 100 Websites across Europe. The QUFD Website has received hundreds of awards from around the world, in Science, Philosophy, Psychology and more (including from the European Space Agency, the Community Psychology Network, the University of Kansas Philosophy Department, the United Nations-UNESCO and much more!) Accolades have arrived from thousands of people worldwide, describing how QUFD relates, in some way, to their Lives and Realities.

  13. And the QUFD Website continues to grow. Just a year ago, a French Search Engine (which I had never heard of) listed over 1000 QUFD webpages. Recently Google, a Search Engine for students and Librarians, listed 1610 QUFD pages. It is listed in almost all Web Directories and Search Engines as well as all Portal Pages, such as MSN, Netscape, AOL and such. Speaking of QUFD webpages, the Main QUFD document-page takes 37 hours to read and many other pages are likewise lengthy in their details.

  14. Anyway, [xxxxxx], may I suggest that you check this 'textbook' Website, at http://go.to/QUFD, to determine the suitability of such content for your [xxxxxx] Program. Incidentally, this is pure science and is NOT 'New Age' or such in any way, even though I will admit that, because of the holistic and Spiritual 'content' of the Website, numbers of other websites have copied QUFD webpages TO their websites as well. So, even though QUFD is listed in scientific, philosophical, psychological and other Web listings and databases, its humanitarian and eminently human perspectives have also found resonance with people everywhere, as a perusal of the Awards Page will verify. For additional 'accreditation' of QUFD, also check the WebRings Page, of scientific, philosophical and many other disciplines, of numerous world-wide WebRings of SPECIFIC disciplines, which have evaluated, accepted and integrated the QUFD Website into their world-wide 'Ring' of websites OF such specific topicality (Brain-Computer-Interface Ring, NeuroPhysics Ring, Medical Tutoring Ring, Philosophy of Mind Ring, World Peace 2000 Ring, Systems Engineering Ring, Ring of Student Resources, Thoughts of Wisdom Ring and lots more!)

  15. Enjoy your perusal of QUFD.


Father Jerome

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