This author has added one more piece to this series of Excerpts provided for Review. It is actually a page from this author's website, which is provided herewith because it summarizes a number of aspects and points OF the Work, "KNOWING: The Quantum Physics of Consciousness, Life & Reality!"

The context of this piece IS actually this author's website and the needs thereof the website in finding and "employing" qualified persons to co-create and maintain the content and quality of the website. However, the Reviewer is asked to read this page IN THE CONTEXT of this author's Book/Work instead, and to note the examples made in this piece OF the stated, and shown (in the Book/Work and in this Query Letter/Book Proposal) PRINCIPLES, concepts, realities AND POSSIBILITIES, for humanity, in the utilization of the talents, abilities and WILLINGNESS, of ALL "classes" and categories of people (INCLUDING the homeless and disadvantaged), to DO, and to BE, that which they might "be", and do, GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY and resources (and means) to do/be such.

Such ARE very important points which are made in the Book/Work and this additional piece exemplifies those points and their possibilities most practically, IN the context OF the "employment" offered, AND in this example of those values and merits OF the Book, WHEN viewed in the context of that Work.


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