Qualia III: The Quantum Physics of Societal/Sociological Existence and Reality and the Fundamental Negativity Therein As Created By the Human Mind. From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUFD

QUALIA III: The Quantum Physics of Societal/Sociological Existence and Reality and the Fundamental Negativity Therein As Created By the Human Mind.

Exploring QUFD Principles,
from the QUFD website,
at: http://go.to/QUFD

By Father Jerome

See philosophia perennis
    "A field is a structured social space, a field of forces, a force field. It contains people who dominate and others who are dominated. Constant, permanent relationships of inequality operate inside this space, which at the same time becomes a space in which the various actors struggle for the transformation or preservation of the field. All the individuals in this universe bring to the competition all the relative power at their disposal. It is this power that defines their position in the field and, as a result, their strategies. Economic competition between networks or newspapers for viewers, readers, or for marketshare, takes place concretely in the form of a contest between journalists. This contest has its own, specific stakes - the scoop, the 'exclusive', professional reputations, and so on. This kind of competition is neither experienced nor thought of as a struggle purely for economic gain, even though it remains subject to pressures deriving from the position the news medium itself occupies within a larger set of economic and symbolic power relations. Today, invisible but objective relations connect people and parties who may never meet - nevertheless, in everything these entities do, they are led, consciously or unconsciously, to take into account the same pressures and effects, because they belong to the same world!"
    "On Television", by Pierre Bourdieu
  1. NOTE: This QUALIA Monograph, in exploring more fully certain QUFD Principles, continues the discussion put forth in The Book of Jerome: An Epistle on Human and Cosmological Existence and Reality!

  2. "Wait a minute," Lucifer said. "That Guy Upstairs (God) said that, among other things, as long as humanity shall 'live in the moment', all individuals doing so shall be 'clothed in His/Her Positivity'. I've got to do something about that! I'm sure I can perpetrate my Negativity further, to overcome such an idea as 'Living in the Moment', which is a Positivity that I just cannot allow to occur, because anyone doing so will, of course, be getting in touch with their Soul and thusly God, and I just can't allow that to happen!"

  3. "Okay, here's what we'll do," he said to his minions. "We'll institute a process among all of humanity that will guarantee that no one will be 'living in the moment' and it will spread throughout society and will be used to even run or operate all of society's functions, so humanity will not be able to live without it!"

  4. "What is this process, Master?", asked one of his minions.

  5. "PLANNING," replied Lucifer. "The very existence, examination and execution OF PLANS, and planning, will be the force that drives society and which will result in the spread of my Negativity EVERYWHERE!"

  6. "And since planning is one of my own Negativities, invoking the putting of oneself, as to one's thoughts and actions, into either the Past or the Future, rather than the Positivity of 'Being in the Present Moment', let's see if we can spread this evil force of Planning by doing some planning here ourselves. In order to spread my Negativity by Planning, what we are going to have to do IS TO PLAN THE VERY STRUCTURE AND FUNCTIONS AND DYNAMICS OF THE ENTIRETY OF SOCIETY ITSELF! Okay, this looks like a big job, but I'm just going to love doing this planning and then executing the results of these plans within every human being's Immature little mind. I'll beat that Guy Upstairs yet! He won't be able to find a human being anywhere who is not tied up in a plan of some sort and is, instead of such, willing to 'Live in the Moment'! I'll get Him yet! Let's get to it!"

  7. And so Lucifer and his minions sat down to PLAN the entire functioning of human society and civilization and thusly his Negativity was spread throughout the lands. Okay, continuing on here, with our 'hidden camera, or really, microphone' in Hades, we are going to listen in on Lucifer as he plans human society and see exactly what his Negativity has imposed upon humanity and human society.

  8. "Now," Lucifer said, "We'll need a mechanism, or means, of implementing these plans......Hey! Wow! Dig this! I'm talking like a PLANNER! Boy, this'll be easy! Okay, where was I? Yeah, we need a means of making, and forcing, all plans to work, and I know just what that mechanism will be! We got it in action already, so it's already there. The mechanism will be MONEY! Money will 'juice' or lubricate the flow of plans and it will help keep out any Positivity that might try to intrude - EVEN in Churches! - making sure that ANY PLAN, for ANYTHING, that humanity can devise, will actually advance my Negativity across the world!"

  9. "Okay, we got plans, and money and lots more. But let's get this all in order, or organized. And that will be another of my Negativities - USING the VERY BASIS of that Guy Upstairs' Positivity, 'Order', by which HE 'orders' the various ground-states of His condensates throughout the Cosmos! Anyway, we'll use 'Order' NEGATIVELY, or in a Negative 'manner' (as befits the 'polarity' of MY dimension of the Cosmos). So we'll call my Negativity ORGANIZATION, or ORDER, and also throw in a corresponding Negativity, that will always go along with my organizational Negativity - HIERARCHY!"

  10. "But, wait a minute! We need some special 'tensions' here, in order to exacerbate my Negativities, and I think we already have the basis OF such 'tensions'. It is the RICH versus the POOR; those privileged few, who will 'have it all', versus the rest of humanity who will just be struggling to exist! Yeah! And then we have to give it a 'structure', a framework, a hierarchical order, and we will call it - SOCIETY!"
    "The ruling ideas, in every age, are the ideas of the ruling class, but also that the ruling ideas themselves reinforce the rule of that class, and that they succeed in doing so by establishing themselves as 'legitimate', that is, by concealing their basis in the (economic and political) power of the ruling class.
    These propositions and analyses presuppose a theory of 'classes' and 'dominant groups' (fractions of classes or elites), both in the sense of a general conception of the division of societies into such groups and classes which results in the imposition of a 'culture' and in pedagogic action as symbolic violence, and further presupposes the establishment and maintenance of a society based upon such hierarchical power structures."
    Pierre Bourdieu, in "Reproduction in Education, Society and Culture"
  11. "Now, a Social Order needs to have a continuing, historical, element to it, one that will live on, from age to age, no matter what, and it needs to be a way of making the disparity between the Rich and the Poor INTO AN INSTITUTION, a 'fixture' of society, that is at once accepted by all and accorded the LEGITIMACY of its 'existence' and function - which is keeping the Rich rich, and the Poor poor! And the 'legitimacy' of its existence will be the MERE FACT of its existence, and the means - MONEY - which enables its existence! I'll call it NOBILITY, or the ARISTOCRACY, and it will be 'legitimate' by the very fact that the Nobility and Aristocracy WILL HAVE MOST OF THE MONEY! Wow! That'll be REALLY Negative!"
    "Our magistrates have understood this mystery [of the consecration of societal power in the upper classes of any age]. Their scarlet robes, the ermine in which they swaddle themselves, the palaces where they preside, all this august apparel was most necessary; and if doctors had no cassocks and scholars no four-cornered caps, no spreading, four-pieced robes, they would never have fooled the world, which cannot resist such authentic display. Only men of war have not disguised themselves in this way, because their rule is indeed more essential: they establish themselves by force, the others with airs and graces."
    Pascal, in "Pensees"
  12. "Okay, we need something further here, because I can see a time or a point where, over the aeons and centuries of society and civilization, that the citizenry of my little world here, will begin to get tired of fighting all the wars and such (as nice as they are, but they will ALWAYS be there, with humanity, I can assure you!) over Money, possessions, land and the Rich versus the Poor. Mankind will eventually, or always, try to establish ORDER, and with Order, as another of my deceitful Negativities, where one thinks Order 'produces' something good (NOT in MY Negative world!), when it actually merely consolidates, or institutionalizes, my Negativities, but in another form, which humanity WILL NOT be able to see! Because the additional thing that will be needed here, IS TO HIDE, to CONCEAL, all of the structures, the relationships, AMONG all of the Rich, the Nobility, the Aristocracy, the businessman and such, THAT ENABLE the Social 'Order' and the very existence OF THAT ORDER, which is, of course, based on a simple principle: KEEP THE RICH RICH, and the Poor poor!"

  13. "Okay, so we have got to hide the fact of the very means by which society functions, in order that all of humanity will think THEY ARE CONTRIBUTING TO SOCIETY for their own and others benefit, but, in reality, they will merely be REPRODUCING and maintaining a Social Order that, in reality, ensures the protection OF THE RICH and their MONEY, while, at the same time, making the rest of society think that they have a 'good thing' going, even though they will still, and always, be relegated to the lower or under classes of society!"

  14. "Now, the means of doing this - hiding the money trails and relationships, reproducing the Social Order, passing the riches from generation to generation (by keeping it all in the family!), keeping the poor at bay, and making them (the poor) think that all is well and good, and much more - the means of accomplishing this......BOY, am I so PROUD to be a PLANNER! The means of doing this, will be......AN EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM, a School, to 'teach', and 'select', the children OF THE RICH, and to reject, or route to a different (NON- money-making!) way, those poor students who might think that they are going to get somewhere, in a supposedly 'democratic, egalitarian' Educational System!"

  15. "Yeah, an Educational System, and I got lots more ideas of how to implement such a wonderful Negativity, but first, I'm going to need some special assistance from one of you minions out there. YOU...... you, the fat guy! I know you'll be just perfect for this. Let's see, your name is Beelzebub, right? Yeah, and you can really talk and write the 'lingo', like any scholar. You can put all of this into scholarly, legal terms, to record it all for posterity. So that is exactly what I am going to have you to do - record, and put it all in writing! And if I, or anyone, needs to see the legal, scholarly, explanations of what I am talking about and what will make this Negative 'Social Order' of mine TICK, or work, I will merely refer them to you, PROFESSOR BEELZEBUB, and they can read all about it in your DICTIONARY!" (In other words, whenever the Reader hereof shall see the name 'Professor Beelzebub', all one has to do is to Click on that name and the Reader will be taken to a Special Dictionary, 'Father Jerome's PSYCHOSOCIOLOGICAL DICTIONARY', for further scholarly info in confirmation and explanation of that which is being discussed herein this Monograph document.)

  16. "Okay, getting back to an Educational System, Professor Beelzebub, let's have some basics on the terms, meanings, functions and so on, of an 'Educational System', which I have already put forth!"

  17. "Now that we've got a handle on the basics, let's do some more PLANNING! OH, I just LOVE this! Okay, now let's assume that we have an operational, functional, Educational System - School - set up and 'legitimated' - Professor Beelzebub! - legitimated, BY THE RICH - in other words, given the MONEY, by the Aristocracy, to set up an institution, to teach, and pass on to, the children OF THE RICH, as students, that which they will need to know in order to inherit the money and estates OF the Rich, the Benefactors OF the 'School', AND TO KEEP THE DAMN 'working classes' OUT!"
    "But first there came a hierophant who arranged them in order; then he took from the knees of Lachesis lots and patterns of life, and mounting upon a high pulpit, spoke as follows: "Hear the words of Lachesis, the daughter of Necessity. Mortal souls, behold a new cycle of mortal life. Your genius will not choose you, but you will choose your genius; and let him who draws the first lot choose a life, which shall be his destiny (......) The chooser is answerable - God is justified.'"
    Plato, in "The Republic"
  18. "Actually, we probably won't be able to keep those damn working class kids out, because, after all, the School will be marketing/advertising, throughout society, that 'education', teaching (i.e., being 'told what to do', and to be, and to learn - ANOTHER OF MY NEGATIVITIES!), and learning, ARE THE KEY TO OPPORTUNITY - to 'getting ahead'! Yeah, it is the 'key' alright, to being 'selected out', by failing the key tests or requirements and then being 'sidelined' INTO a career THAT TAKES ONE NOWHERE, at least NOT out of one's social class, where all the 'working stiffs' of that class will just enjoy being! (Hey! How many of you kids wanted to be 'somebody', somebody who would do some real good in the world? But what are you doing now? Yeah, you're a 'mechanic', or something like that!) AND THAT IS THE KEY! Because all these low-class students WILL THINK they have 'achieved something', when all they have done is achieved INTEGRATION INTO those jobs, that work, which IS their classes' 'lot in life', AND NOTHING MORE!
    "What you know, you don't need to learn; what you don't know, you can't learn, because you don't know what you need to learn."
    The Euthydemus
  19. So, the Educational System will SELECT, and further 'catagorize', or classify, ALL STUDENTS, and thusly LEGALLY, with the 'legitimate authority' - AS so 'legitimated' BY SOCIETY (actually, the Aristocracy, but let's hide that!) - OF THE School, legally 'ordain' the UPPER CLASS kids into that which they need to know and become in order to 'inherit' the 'mantle' of the Social Order, AND 'select', or sideline, ALL OTHER students, MOST HAPPILY, into their appropriate 'nowhere' careers! (OH, don't forget! We'll throw a few 'guidance counselors' and such, into the mix, just to make sure these lower-class kids 'get their heads on straight' as to Who and What they are to become!) Oh sure, some of these 'nowhere' kids MIGHT 'strike it big', say in Hollywood or entertainment (Britney Spears, a little kid from Louisiana?) or whatever, BUT it will NOT be in the POWER RELATIONSHIPS that 'run' society, UNLESS they finally make it to the 'top' of their 'heap', and actually DO BECOME A MONETARY POWER! THEN they might be accorded some 'relationship', ONLY as to the degree OF THEIR POWER, within the structure of society! Incidentally - Professor Beelzebub - a few definitions and explanations here, of some of these terms and phrases that I have put forth!"

  20. "Okay, let's get down to the details here, as to how the interlocking relationships and hierarchies of POWER and MONEY, between the Educational System and all other sub-systems of the Social Order, AND THE ARISTOCRACY, are going to work!"

  21. "First of all, let's address one of my favorite Negativities - POWER! And Power, of course, is based on MONEY, as to who has it and who don't, which, in effect, determines the STRUCTURE of the SOCIAL RELATIONS and the SOCIAL CLASSES, all based on the HIERARCHY of POWER! Now, of course, we will have several kinds of POWER, and they will all be FUNCTIONS of the interlocking Economy, or structure, which has to do WITH THE USE OF MONEY and the PRODUCTS, or Services, that such an Economy produces. WOW! And ALL of this 'functioning' WILL BE NEGATIVE, producing an Economy that will be perpetrating and perpetuating MY NEGATIVITIES!"

  22. "Now, I said we will have several kinds of POWER. The first one, of course, directly related to the use of MONEY - will be ECONOMIC POWER, or financial Power, or any such Power having to do with the production and distribution of Goods and Services - a Power, as I said, directly related to the use of MONEY!"

  23. "Next, we will have POLITICAL POWER, which will be any kind of GOVERNMENT, and the 'agents' and bureaucracies thereof! Political Power will be indirect, as to the use of Power, and what will be indirect about it, especially in a REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY, is that THE PEOPLE, the 'citizenry', the public, WILL THINK THEY HAVE THE POWER and are 'telling' their 'Representatives' WHAT TO DO, and how to run the government! BUT, it will all be a big JOKE! Because one of my special Negativities is REPRESENTATION, where ANY 'Representative' IS A THIRD-PARTY AGENT OF RESPONSIBILITY! So, guess what......the individual citizen IS NO LONGER, or is NOT, RESPONSIBLE, for his/her WORDS, ACTIONS or DEEDS! NO ONE is 'responsible', EXCEPT my third-party 'Agents' OF RESPONSIBILITY - my REPRESENTATIVES, of which the biggest 'Representative' of IRresponsibility WILL BE MONEY!

  24. "And since ANY third-party 'Agent of Responsibility' - INCLUDING MONEY - will be but another one of my 'Agents of Negativity', ALL REPRESENTATIVES will be CORRUPTED, by my Negativity, and NO INDIVIDUAL WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYTHING! Everyone will say that 'Responsibility' belongs to 'the other guy' - WHOEVER, in the heck, THAT MIGHT BE! No one will even attempt to claim responsibility for themselves, because they will know that the minute they try to do such a Positive thing, THEY WILL GET 'shot down', by all the 'legalities' of society that will legally PREVENT individual, personal, RESPONSIBILITY!"

  25. "Okay, so the Politicians and the 'movers-and-shakers' of the Economy, WILL HAVE THE POWER! Now, I also want to point out that this will apply ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, not only in a democracy. The most remote tribe in, say, Afghanistan, or the farthest reaches of Mongolia, WILL ALL HAVE their 'shamans' and holders OF Political and Economic Power, ALL BASED ON MONEY, and, in some of those less democratic 'bastions' of my world, perhaps GUNS and firePOWER and violence! But it will all be but 'forms' of an INTERLOCKING STRUCTURE - no matter WHERE - called 'Society'! Hey, Professor Beelzebub, a few more definitions here, for the benefit of the Readers!" (In fact, the Reader might, just as with Father Jerome's other Dictionary on this website, KEEP this Psychosociological Dictionary OPEN, but 'minimized', at the bottom of your browser's screen, ready to refer to, for the further definition OF ANY Term/Phrase used in this discourse.)
    "Needing other people is a character flaw, a mark of immaturity!"
  26. "I want to mention one other power that I will be making sure that each and every human being has, and that is RELATIVE POWER. And it will be relative because it will be related, or relative, or coincident, to one's class. It is that power which you will be able to exert upon your class, and all lower classes, but none higher. If you have the power (and the MONEY!), you can exert your power upon your peers and lower, i.e. as a banker, or a C.E.O., can flex their 'power' quite a bit. But if you are a refugee or a homeless person in a homeless shelter, you will have practically NO power and there is no way in my Hades that you will EVER have any power but that which is RELATIVE to your class - the homeless, refugees, the dispossessed, etc. In other words, NOTHING!

  27. "And this brings up another class - the people or agencies who are 'there to help you'! Yeah! What a misnomer! Because these people and agencies will still be operating under my restrictions and limitations - monetary, of course - of RELATIVE POWER! They won't be able to do, to HELP (those in need), ANY MORE THAN the relative power of their class (or classes) might allow. Homeless workers and agencies will be able to come up with nothing more than the lowest common denominator allows, which, of course, is government, and the public funds that provide for local, state and federal programs of assistance to the poor. So, in effect, such 'help' will be no more than the minimal which such agencies and public-relief programs might provide.

  28. "And refugees might have their world-wide 'relief-agencies' and their Good Ship Hope, but the millions of dollars that might find their way to these 'relief-organizations' WILL BE INSIGNIFICANT, RELATIVE to the constant influx and new refugees that my wars, animosities and other Negativities will constantly be unleashing across the face of the Earth! In other words, I will make sure that the DEMAND, or need, for relief, ALWAYS EXCEEDS the supply - another RELATIVE POWER - relative to those insignificant classes of humanity. Oh my, these POWER relationships and Negativities of mine......Oh they're just so wonderful!

  29. "Okay, where were we? POWER! Yeah! So, we got Political Power, Economic Power and other Powers, all spread throughout Society, in the SOCIAL RELATIONSHIPS that enable the various hierarchical functioning of the SOCIAL ORDER, between ALL THE RICH PEOPLE who have the MONEY! And the rest of Society? Why, the lower-classes ARE MERELY 'doing their thing in life', which means that, in one way or another, they are CONTRIBUTING TO THE RICH getting richer and the Poor getting poorer!"
    "We give mankind Clint Eastwood, as a rugged, individualistic icon-hero, to emulate."
  30. "Now, of course, nobody wants to hear that their entire life is all for nothing but making the Rich man richer! SO, we have got to HIDE that fact, and make the lower classes and the Poor THINK that they are enjoying 'a wonderful Life', FULL OF OPPORTUNITY and possibilities for 'making something of oneself', BASED ON ONE'S MERITS! (Oh, let's make sure that all the TV stations play that silly Hollywood movie, "It's a Wonderful Life!" at every Christmas time. No matter what good is espoused in that movie, it will just help all the lower classes to more readily 'accept their fate' in life!) SO, all we have to do is TO GET RECOGNITION, accreditation, FOR ONE'S EFFORTS, no matter WHAT THEY MIGHT BE! Just imagine, wouldn't YOU BE HAPPY, if all of Society acclaimed YOU - THE NUMBER 1, hip-hoppin', jivin', music-makin' TRASH-HAULER, in the world! Yeah, man! But you'd STILL BE a trash-hauler, BUT YOU'D BE HAPPY, with what little money and power, IN YOUR OWN CLASS, that such a big 'recognition' might afford! But, the further point IS, you'd be, in NO WAY, jeopardizing the BIG POWERS that actually RUN THE WORLD! In fact, every once in a while, some BIG POWER, say in Entertainment, might 'stroke the back of your neck', by 'sponsoring', or otherwise putting you 'in the Limelight', in FAME, in the movies or TV or something, ALL TO JUST MAKE SURE TO KEEP YOU, and such lower-class 'activities' and 'Fame', IN THEIR PLACE!"

  31. "Now, as I said, we have got to HIDE all these TOP-LEVEL POWER RELATIONSHIPS, including the societal Power Relations that keep the lower classes HAPPY and UNAWARE of the fact that THEY HAVE NO MONEY AND NO POWER! How do we do that?"
    "Possessiveness in relationships is an illness."
  32. "Well, by getting back to that 'bastion of Negativity' that I mentioned earlier - the School, or the EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM! The School or Educational System has already been 'legitimized' BY SOCIETY, by, in reality, those 'Big Boys', who have the Power and the Money, already bringing the Educational System, and the Schools thereof, INTO EXISTENCE, in order to TRAIN the kids OF THE RICH in the ways and means OF INHERITING POWER in Society, AND, by the very fact OF 'reproducing' the 'Producers' - THE POWERS-THAT-BE - throughout Society, the Educational System WILL BE 'CONSERVING', or continuing, the Basic Principle of Society - for the RICH TO REMAIN RICH, and the Poor to remain POOR! This FUNCTION, of the Educational System, we will call its ESSENTIAL FUNCTION, which will be to INCULCATE, reproduce, train, and continue, BOTH 'Rich-Class Students' AND the very SOCIETY, and its POWER STRUCTURES, that they will INHERIT!"
    "That an individual possesses the Bachelor's Degree may or may not prove that he knows, or once knew, something about Roman History and Trigonometry. The important thing about his degree is that it helps him to secure a position which is socially or economically more desirable than some other position which can be obtained without the aid of this degree. Society has misgivings about the function of specific items in the educational process and has to make atonement by inventing such notions as the cultivation of the mind!"
    E. Sapir, 'Personality', in "Selected Writings of Edward Sapir in Language, Culture and Personality"
  33. "SO, by 'legitimating' the School, the Educational System, BASED ON POWER AND MONEY, the School, in turn, THEN LEGITIMATES THE SOCIETY which the Rich Students will inherit, by the very fact OF QUALIFYING (by way of Degrees and Diplomas!), and PLACING (by reason OF such high-level ACADEMIC 'Certification') these Students, IN SOCIETY, IN the 'PLACES OF POWER', such that these very Students WILL CONTINUE to 'run' Society, AS THEY HAVE BEEN TRAINED and so 'Placed' IN THEIR 'Proper-Destiny' Positions - inheriting the MONEY and the POWER by which the very structure and functioning of the Social Order DOES EXIST! Professor Beelzebub!"
    "The task of the teaching profession is thus to maintain and promote this order in people's thinking, which is just as necessary as order in the streets and in the provinces."
    G. Gusdorf, in "Pourquoi Des Professeurs?"
  34. "But, and here is the MOST IMPORTANT 'requirement' OF the Educational System! WE HAVE GOT TO HIDE, to conceal, THE FACT that the most ESSENTIAL FUNCTION OF an Educational System IS TO REPRODUCE 'Richness' and POWER and the Social Order that RUNS BY THE EXERCISE OF that very Power and Money! But, that shouldn't be too hard. All we have got to do is NOT mention, or at least bury somewhere, THE ACTUAL POWER RELATIONSHIPS which actually give impetus TO the functioning OF the Educational System and, in turn, the Social Order. We can easily 'cover-up' such relations, BY HAVING ALL THE AGENTS (teachers, staff, etc.) OF THE SCHOOL......What? Why, to THINK that they are PERFORMING A DEMOCRATICALLY EQUAL, or egalitarian, SERVICE, where, supposedly, EVERYONE IS TREATED EQUALLY, based on MERIT AND ABILITY! And so, ALL PEDAGOGIC WORK, Pedagogic Communications, and Pedagogic Authority (between Students, Teachers and the School) - Professor Beelzebub! - WILL BE 'covering-up' the REALITY of the POWER RELATIONS in Society, AND THE VERY TEACHERS THEMSELVES WON'T EVEN KNOW IT!"
    "From our best qualities come our worst
    From our urge to pull together comes our tendency to tear each other apart ("Familiarity breeds contempt!")
    From our devotion to a higher good comes our propensity to the foulest atrocities (In the Name of God)
    From our commitment to ideals comes our excuse to hate."
    -Evil's Ability to Don a Selfless Disguise-
  35. "In fact, since the Educational System begets the Social Order and vice versa, EVERYONE will THINK they are performing a 'Social Good', no matter what their job may be, BUT, IN REALITY, they will merely be CONTRIBUTING TO the conserving, and reproduction, OF THE SOCIAL ORDER (Rich versus Poor!), AND THEY WON'T even know it, because it will BE HIDDEN, in the 'public relationships', that are 'shown' IN all kinds of 'transactions' between the Social Order AND the Educational System! In further fact, the Educational System WILL SEEM to be AN INDEPENDENT, AUTONOMOUS entity, that 'goes its own way' and adaptively responds, IN THE PUBLIC'S INTEREST, to all changes and improvements throughout Society! In other words, the Educational System WILL BE THE VERY MODEL of an Egalitarian, democraticly-functioning Institution, BEHOLDEN TO NO ONE, and PROVIDING EQUAL OPPORTUNITY TO ALL...... Ha, Ha, Ha! ...... when in reality, the mechanisms (tests, examinations, policies, processes, etc.) WILL ALL BE DESIGNED to inculcate Rich-kids and the Powers of the Social Order, WHILE 'selecting-out', rejecting, and sidelining, ALL LOWER-CLASS KIDS into 'alternative' fields of education, such as technical, engineering, and whatever IS REMOVED FROM the actual 'levers' of Power in Society! Professor Beelzebub, a bit of Academic-ese here!"
    "The skeptron is passed to the orator before he begins his speech so that he may speak with authority (......). It is an attribute of the person who brings a message, a sacred personage whose mission is to transmit the message of authority."
    E. Benveniste, in "Indo-European Language and Society"
  36. "SO, the Educational System will be performing, actually, a number of functions. I've already mentioned the ESSENTIAL FUNCTION, but we will also have the SOCIAL FUNCTION, which will be to maintain the Social Order BY SELECTING-OUT those students who are not desirable for the Social Order. And everything will be entirely LEGITIMATE, above-board, so that you will be most happy to wind up as an Engineer, in the Middle-Class Engineering Profession (WOW!), while your classmate Bob, son of a corporate executive, goes on to become CEO of Bank of America!"
    "In any given social formation the cultural arbitrary which the power relations between the groups or classes making up that social formation put into the dominant position within the system of cultural arbitraries is the one which most fully, though always indirectly, expresses the objective [vested] interests (material and symbolic) of the dominant groups or classes."
    Pierre Bourdieu/Jean-Claude Passeron, "Foundations of a Theory of Symbolic violence",
    in "Reproduction in Education, Society and Culture"
  37. "Now this brings up another POWER, surely one of my finest Negativities yet - SYMBOLIC POWER! And it is 'symbolic' by reason of the fact that NO ONE IS AWARE OF IT (except the 'Big Boys', who surely enjoy its functioning!) And no one is aware of it BECAUSE IT IS THE SUM TOTAL of all the MONEY and POWER relationships WHICH ACTUALLY CAUSE SOCIETY TO OPERATE! Therefore, everyone THINKS everything IS NORMAL, and 'okay', as for example, when they pay their taxes to the I.R.S. (while the Rich Man pays ALMOST NOTHING!) But, in reality, all of Society (except the Rich!), IS EXPERIENCING THE SYMBOLIC POWER of all the relationships in Society THAT ARE STRUCTURED AGAINST the middle and lower class individual, and which cause all of the lower classes to experience the SYMBOLIC VIOLENCE OF that functioning of SYMBOLIC POWER in Society! Professor Beelzebub!"

    An example of Symbolic Violence,
    with regards to Science, Religion and Government.
    "But a breed of so-called men of genius (apes of genius, rather) has insinuated itself under that sign [of the universitie]: speaking the language of minds exceptionally favoured by nature, they declare painstaking learning and research to be mere bungling, and claim to have grasped the spirit of all science in an instant but to dispense it concentrated in strong doses. This breed of men, [pronounciamento from their tenured chairs], like the race of quacks and mountebanks, is very deleterious to progress in scientific and moral culture when, from [its] the chair of 'wisdom', it dogmatizes on religion, politics or ethics in incontrovertible tones, like an adept or potentate, and so contrives to mask the poverty of its mind. What is one to do against them, except laugh, and continue patiently on one's way, with diligence, order and clarity, without glancing back at those tricksters?"
    Immanuel Kant, in "Anthropologie in Pragmatischer Hinsicht (1798), "Sammtliche Werke", Leipzig, Voss, 1868
  38. "Okay, I've mentioned Political Power, Economic Power, and Symbolic Power. And I've noted the Educational System functions of ESSENTIAL FUNCTION and SOCIAL FUNCTION. Now I want to throw in here one more function, which interlocks and relates back to a number of things that I have mentioned already, and this is the IDEOLOGICAL FUNCTION of the Educational System. Basically, the IDEOLOGICAL FUNCTION allows, again, the School to maintain its independence and autonomy, supposedly, FROM any and all levers of Power in Society, while, in reality, NOT doing so, but merely hiding or concealing the true Aristocratic relationships and functions. Also, the Ideological Function KEEPS EVERYONE HAPPY, because the School winds up PROMISING, AND DELIVERING, THAT which the individual student (referring to the lower class students) ACTUALLY 'selects', and 'realizes', OF ONE'S OWN DOING - whether by 'failing' such tests as for the 'higher-levels' in Society, OR by actually 'giving-up' such advanced aspirations AND THUSLY, OF ONE'S OWN ACCORD, relegating one's future to something less, more in line WITH ONE'S SOCIAL ORIGINS, i.e., as a lower class person. IN OTHER WORDS, the IDEOLOGICAL FUNCTION of the Educational System PERFECTLY ALLOWS ONE TO FIND THAT SOCIAL POSITION, in the Social Order, AS JUSTIFIED BY ONE'S SOCIAL CLASS!"

  39. "And since ACADEMIC HIERARCHY (as to the Degree, Diploma, Certificate, etc., that one receives) relates to SOCIAL HIERARCHY, the Educational System, by ACTUALLY 'TELLING' people what to do (via tests, examinations, guidance counselors, psychologists, self-assessment, etc.), HAS THE STUDENTS THEREOF THINK that they have 'self-determined' THEIR LIVES, where, in reality, the IDEOLOGICAL FUNCTION has merely allowed them to 'place themselves' IN the job/career and social-class-position IN LIFE SUITABLE TO their social origins, social class and upbringing, AND ONLY REMOTELY RELATED TO their merits and abilities! Of course, by the same token, the 'system' will, and does, show that they HAVE, supposedly, ACHIEVED their 'Position in Life', by reason OF MERIT AND ABILITY! Thusly, all reality, all relevancy, IS HIDDEN, and concealed, and the individual IS MOST HAPPY - living in that CAGE, behind the BARS, OF ONE'S OWN CONSTRUCTION! 'Hey, I am a self-made man, or woman! THIS is my Life (my CAGE!) Everything I have or want is right here (IN my CAGE!) ANYTHING OUTSIDE of my Life (i.e., my CAGE), IS NOT OF MY CONCERN! I DON'T CARE, about anything but that which I am IN CONTROL OF! (Here in my Cage!)'"

  40. "Beautiful," said Lucifer. "Just as I would have it! My Negativity has put all of mankind IN THEIR PLACE, in CAGES of their own making, AND THEY LOVE IT! And what is important, is that everything IN THOSE CAGES is guaranteed TO KEEP THEM BUSY......WHERE? In the Past and the Future, worrying about past/future taxes, payments, and all sort of financial obligations - HEY! MONEY! - AND NOT in the Positivity OF any such thing as 'LIVING IN THE MOMENT'! Hell, they CAN'T 'Live in the Moment', when they have to deal with all of the pseudo-realities of their CAGES! They won't be able to get in touch with their Souls - certainly not in those cages!"

  41. "Okay, I've gotten down to the fact that most POWER and MONEY relationships in Society will be hidden, concealed, so that most of Society, especially the lower classes, will not know who is actually running Society, with the control of Society being in the MONEY and POWER influences that are so exerted IN those everyday societal functions and dynamics that shall occur. So, as I think I've already said, this entire functioning and dynamics of the Social Order will be called......the ECONOMY! And it will be one of my special Negativities, because, even though throughout the Economy there will be some nice, humanitarian and good things that will be occurring, especially in Services for the Poor, ALL OF THESE FUNCTIONS WILL ACTUALLY BE A COVER-UP, for the MAIN function of the Economy, WHICH IS TO PERPETUATE MY NEGATIVITIES of Power and Money!"
    "Jealousy is a character defect."
  42. "And who will be perpetrating my Negativities? Why, of course......'the Butcher, the Baker and the Candlestick-Maker'; the ER Doctors and Nurses and the Ambulance Paramedics; the Fireman and the Policeman; the Mayor, the Congressman and the President; the Economist and the Banker and the Investment Broker; the Teacher and the Professor; even the Park Ranger and the Astrophysicist; and don't forget......the PLANNER! Hey! EVERYONE IN SOCIETY, in the Economy, will be contributing to my Negativity, BECAUSE, in the 'cover-up' of supposedly HELPING OTHERS, by and through their economic actions and duties and jobs......YES! JOBS!......they will actually, in reality, be SERVING THEMSELVES, by 'garnering unto themselves', what little MONEY control and influence that they might be achieving! So, in effect, instead of, 'DOING UNTO OTHERS, AS YOU WOULD HAVE OTHERS DO UNTO YOU!' - Man, I just can't stand that 'saying', from that Guy Upstairs! - anyway, instead of such 'garbage', everyone working at a 'job' in my Economy will, actually, BE SERVING THEMSELVES! Me-ism! 'Doing for ME', in order to 'get ahead', 'make something of myself', 'learn a trade', OR WHATEVER! But it will be for THEMSELVES! So, guess what I am going to call it? What do you call a worker, someone who is PAID FOR THEIR SERVICES (which any 'employee' surely will be)? Why, a PROSTITUTE! PROSTITUTION! Another of my Negativities, and it will exist THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE ECONOMY! Oh yeah, there MAY BE a few people out there who are willing to work, and to SERVE OTHERS and humanity, 'Doing Unto Others......', WITHOUT BEING PAID, i.e., Volunteers......Yeah, there may be some, but we'll get them eventually somehow! In fact, I know one way TO INSURE THAT their 'hearts' ARE NOT with that Guy Upstairs, but are, instead, WITH ME! I'll let them volunteer, donating their time and services, AND EVEN MONEY, as 'Charitable Donations', BUT THEN......Guess what? THEY'LL WRITE IT ALL OFF ON THEIR TAX RETURNS, as 'Donating to Charity', THUS MAKING THEMSELVES RICHER and using MONEY, and taxes (another of my special Negativities!) AS THE MEANS OF DOING SO! OH, my MONEY will PERVADE the Economy, and NO ONE will escape it! It will create all sorts of 'troubles', in all kinds of ways, through the interlocking hierarchies OF the Social Order! SO, even though there will be some ongoing, slow, PROGRESS in Society, the Economy will, instead, FOSTER CHAOS, and trouble - MONEY trouble - largely, even though it will be AN ORDERED CHAOS - 'ordered' BY MY PLANNING! GAD, am I a good PLANNER! And I'll even have one special 'corps' of persons, to 'lubricate' my Negativity, and to keep the dissensions, tensions and conflicts 'roiling', and that 'corps' will be LAWYERS! And Lawyers can become POLITICIANS! And Politicians - i.e., Government - can beget SOLDIERS, and ARMIES, and WARS! Oh my, IT IS SO LOVELY! All this PLANNING, and ALL THESE Negativities!

  43. "Oh, and another thing I'll do, is to put it into every human's Immature little mind, that the only things worth striving for are FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE in Life, for themselves and those family members that they care about, BUT NOT FOR OTHERS and the world and human society! ME-ism! Let others take care of themselves! And what will be the means of 'insuring' THAT individual FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE in each person's mind? MONEY, and lots of it - the more the better (HA, HA! But it still won't be no more than YOUR CLASS, or position in society, ALLOWS you to have! Ha, Ha!) So the only thing, really, that mankind will be thinking about, as to any and all 'good things' in Life, will be MONEY, my special Negativity! In fact, the trading, borrowing, loans, investments, jobs, markets, buying and selling of all and anything involving MONEY will be SO TIME-CONSUMING that these pitiful humans of mine WILL NOT HAVE TIME for much of anything else! So it will be practically a guarantee that whatever 'Good' - Freedom, Independence and more - an individual wants in Life, the means to getting such WILL BE MONEY, and my special Negativity of Money, and all of the concerns therewith and therefor, WILL FOREVER PREVAIL, bringing corruption, greed, animosities, wars and all of my Negativities TO MANKIND! Oh my, what a beautiful human and existential FALLACY I will have created!

  44. "Oh, I just remembered something else I can throw into this wonderfully Negative brew. That Guy Upstairs has said that when any human being KNOWS themselves, or KNOWS Who and What you are and What you were 'Born to Do and to Be', in other words, KNOWS their Destiny, THEN (according to that 'Guy Upstairs') such a person CANNOT change themselves, and cannot change that which one 'IS', BUT such a person CAN DO NOTHING ELSE but to do that which is easy to do (for such a person) and which IS that person's Destiny!"

  45. "But Master," said Lucifer's minions. "What is mankind's Destiny, that an individual cannot change him/herself, but can only do that which is their Destiny?"

  46. Lucifer replied, "Well, that Guy Upstairs seems to think that mankind's Destiny IS TO CHANGE THE WORLD! Not only that, but man is supposed to CHANGE THE COSMOS, to 'Bring Negativity and Positivity' - our famous Cosmic Duality - TO AN END, and, instead of Duality, to have Togetherness, or ONENESS - as it originally WAS, before He 'kicked me down here' and brought on such Duality! Well, I kinda like doing my own thing now, especially 'screwing up' all of his humanity, SO such thinking IS FOR THE BIRDS, as far as I'm concerned! So here's what I'm going to do."

  47. "Instead of His 'Change the World, Do Not Try to Change Yourself' garbage, I'm going to turn that 'saying' around, so that, instead, here's what we'll have: 'If you have any problems or troubles in your life, of course they are NOT the fault of the 'system', but are YOUR OWN FAULT! So, what you have to do, is to CHANGE YOURSELF, because you surely can't change the world!" THAT'S IT! And humanity will BELIEVE this, because, with all the troubles and problems that my wonderful Negativities will have created in the world......WHAT ELSE could they believe? HOW COULD ANYONE even think about 'Changing the World'? HA, HA! The ONLY THING any human can do, realistically and logically, is 'to Change Yourself', because your troubles 'are your own fault' anyway! HA, HA! Boy, Is this great!

  48. "But 'Change Yourself' will be nothing more than 'Pie-In-The-Sky' dreaming! It will be a 'religion', a 'hope for the future', that cannot be, BECAUSE NO ONE WILL TAKE ANY ACTION to change themselves. They'll just enjoy getting together in all those 12-Step groups and 'commiserating' about their lives and worshipping fantasies about what they might do and be. But they'll be going nowhere, because they'll be concentrating on themselves (Hey! Another form of my ME-ISM!) and not concerning themselves with others, humanity, the world or the 'Big Picture' (as they WOULD be doing IF they were trying to 'Change the World' instead of themselves!) So they won't be trying to help anybody by 'Changing the World' - they'll still be locked in their Cages - worrying only about themselves - 'ME-ism'! Oh my, this is so lovely!

  49. "So, my Negative influences shall be felt ALL ACROSS HUMANITY, in Education, in Society, in Culture, and in everything that man might do. BUT ESPECIALLY IN CULTURE! Everything about and in 'Culture'(music, film, religion, art, and so on), that anyone loves and enjoys, WILL ALL BE PART OF MY NEGATIVITY! And the thing is, everyone will be perfectly happy and comfortable with my Negativities and living in those Cages which I have enclosed everyone in! They will think it is all perfectly NORMAL, that such Negativities are a normal, everyday 'Reality' of their Lives, and no one will even bother to think of anything different, much less that a Positive Life with that 'Guy Upstairs' - such as Living In The Moment? Ha, Ha! No one WILL CARE! - would even be possible! Everyone will think that my Negativities ARE NORMAL and, Guess What? IF anyone WERE to even remotely suggest that Positivity, and a Positive Life of 'Living In The Moment' WAS EVEN POSSIBLE......Why, such an idea would be RUN OUT of town IMMEDIATELY, by all of the Patriotic, flag-waving, God-fearing (Ha, Ha!), 'citizens' of my thoroughly Negative world! Professor Beelzebub, let's have a final rundown and Academic Certification OF ALL THAT I HAVE PLANNED!"
    "Mankind can control his own universe."

    "A mature individual is a self-contained person who creates their own well-being."

    "A healthy soul has an indestructible sense of self-worth."

  50. "WELL," said a booming voice from On-High, coming down to Lucifer in his Nether-Regions. "You may think that you have beaten me, but, in your own 'parlance', the 'Bottom Line' IS WHAT COUNTS! As long as I can find ONE SOUL, among humanity, who can REJOICE IN MY POSITIVITY, in 'Living in the Moment', in Love, and all the other virtuous attributes of POSITIVITY, YOU SHALL NOT HAVE WON! Because one Positive Soul can beget another and another, until my LIGHT SHALL ILLUMINATE THE UNIVERSE WITH POSITIVITY AND ONENESS! You, and all DUALITY, in the Cosmos, WILL BE VANQUISHED! Mankind WILL RISE to my Challenge, and their Destiny, to Become, and to Restore, Wholeness and Oneness throughout the Cosmos! No 'ifs', 'ands' or 'buts' about it! IT WILL COME TO PASS!"

  51. After a pause, Lucifer said, "Well, we'll see." And so, today, Lucifer 'controls' this world, in and through his mechanisms and processes and influences, while somewhere, are those human beings who are NOT 'planning' a revolt or any such thing, but merely 'LIVING IN THE MOMENT', doing what they can do, and awaiting the 'justification' OF their Positivity IN 'the Bottom Line' - a world to come, and a Cosmos, that will be a real Utopia, of Peace, Love and Positivity! Peace be with them!
    "......There is a kind of circular, repetitive quality to these games that is hard to interrupt. And in explaining how to stop a psychological game, Berne [Eric Berne, "Games People Play"] spoke one of the only two great truths I know that is not a paradox. He said that the only way to stop a game is to stop. That sounds simple, but in fact it is extremely difficult. Just how do you stop?

    Remember what it's like to play Monopoly? You can be sitting there and saying, 'You know, this is a really stupid game. We've been playing it for four hours now. It is really childish. I've got many better things I ought to be doing.' But then you Pass Go and say, 'Give me my two hundred dollars!'

    No matter how much you might complain about it, as long as you keep collecting your two hundred dollars when you Pass Go, the game goes on. And if it is a two-player game, it can go on forever unless one player gets up and says, 'I'm not playing anymore!'

    The other player might then say, 'But Joe, you just Passed Go. Here's your two hundred dollars.'

    'No, thanks, I'm not playing anymore.'

    'But, Joe, your two hundred dollars.'

    'Didn't you hear me? I'm not playing anymore!'

    The only way to stop a game is to stop."

    M. Scott Peck, M.D.,
    "Further Along The Road Less Traveled"

  52. Speaking of Eric Berne and his book, Games People Play, I (Jerome) remember what my first wife told me about 40-50 years ago. She had read the book and came to me and said, "You're in the book!" Well, not having read the book yet myself, but having gotten an impression of what it was about ('Games-playing'), I immediately had concerns for my sanity or whatever. But my wife reassured me. She said, "You're in the last Chapter of the book!" Well, it turned out (as I seem to remember) that the book was 17 Chapters long, and the first 16 Chapters told about the 'Games people play'. But in the 17th Chapter, which was only about one paragraph long, the author said something to the effect, "Now that I have told you about all the 'Games' that people play, I need to be really honest with you and also tell you that there are some people in the world WHO DO NOT PLAY GAMES. They have what is known as 'AWARENESS'!"

  53. PERIOD! End of book, and the start of the 'Hippie Era', the Love Generation, and 'Awareness', all of which is now long gone, as recent national, world and human events have proven! Did we lose something, or did we, maybe, NEVER REALLY FIND IT - our SOUL, our 'awareness', of WHAT REALLY 'IS' - the basics, the fundamentals, of All That Is, including Who and What we actually ARE, and our part IN All That Is? Maybe it's time we took a look again, and really saw the realities, and the 'games', THAT HAVE BEEN INFLICTED UPON US. THEN maybe we - ALL of US - CAN STOP THE GAMES, and the GAME, that Lucifer is playing with us!

  54. (Update/Revision, Dec. 11, 2004) In line with what I have just said herein the previous paragraph of this Qualia Document, I have just witnessed the very same 'expression of sentiments', this day, Dec. 10th, 2004, via the Media's coverage of the Acceptance Speech for the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize by the Winner thereof, Professor Wangari Maathai, a Black Woman of Kenya, Africa! So impressive and Truthful and far-reaching were her Words (as I later read the complete speech), that I am going to include her wonderful comments here as the closing paragraphs of my own personal words herein this document, as to what Lucifer is doing to us All and as to What We Need To Do About It! In inclusion of her words here, I will also include, the similarly expressed comments of the 1991 Nobel Peace Laureate, Aung San Suu Kyi, yet a 'detainee' to-this-day, in the prisons of the Burmese Government! These excellect 'Words', from both of these Nobel Laureates, I think, should also 'impel our actions', to do, in the World and Circumstances of Today, 2005... That Which Needs To Be Done!
    Here is Aung San Suu Kyi's Acceptance Speech, of Dec. 10, 1991:
    And here is Wangari Maathai's Acceptance Speech, of Dec. 10, 2004:
    Professor Wangari Maathai, quoted on "The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer", 1/25/2005:
    "Privitization of resources is contrary to Democracy and democratic principles. Empowering People is making those resources available to All!"

  55. (Update/Revision, Dec. 25, 2004) One last addition here! My own words above... "That Which Needs To Be Done!" I cannot but feel remiss here, in Conclusion of this Personal 'Effort' to 'Change The World For The Better', if I did not conclude with my own words, as to How I See, "That Which Needs To Be Done!" To do so, I leave the Reader with two further References to two of the existing Webpages of the QUFD Textbook/Website! The first Document is an original Document of over 10 years ago, which expresses my words, I think, quite completely and satisfactorily (for that day and age!), however without the Quantum Physics of my other 'Interpretations' of those 'Realities' which I usually address. The second Document from my Website, is actually and primarily the Thoughts and Work of a great Writer of days-gone-by, which has, however, been modified and emphasized throughout the original Writer's text, BY THIS Author, Father Jerome, to underscore the similarity of that Writer's content and context TO THAT OF the very same Principles, content and context, as has been expressed within the QUFD Textbook! If the Reader shall continue his/her Reading here, from one Document to the next, I shall Most Gratefully feel that the Reader has most fully and justly been apprised of my own thoughts with regard to all that has been Presented herein this Book and within the accompanying Video-Documentary PBS TV-Series. (Referring to the pending Book, "God, Lucifer and You!", and the PBS TV Science-Documentary-Series from the Book!)

  56. Here, from my Website, is the first Document, "An Evolutionary Maturity of The Human Mind!" (https://www.angelfire.com/ca/sanmateoissues/Evolut2.html),
    followed by the second Document, Qualia IX: Utopia Revisited - Examining a Positive Mature-Mind Society from the Future-Past. (https://www.angelfire.com/ca/sanmateoissues/Qualia9.html)

Aum, Peace, Amen!

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