Qualia XXXI: The BASICS (continued): Non-Spacetime Point-Locations within the Mind and Incorporeality! From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUFD

Qualia XXXI: The BASICS (continued): Non-Spacetime Point-Locations within the Mind and Incorporeality!

Exploring QUFD Principles,
from the QUFD website,
at: http://go.to/QUFD

By Father Jerome

  1. I've already discussed previously herein this Qualia Series that within Incorporeality time and space (spacetime) do not exist, as well as the fact that there are 'differences' between incorporeal 'condensates, while at the same time (linguistically-speaking, not speaking of spacetime!) there are no differences existing anywhere within Incorporeality at the basic quantum-level of the ground-state of all incorporeal 'landscapes' because all is of an undifferentiated, unitary and coherent 'state'. In this Qualia document, therefore, I need to point out how one is to distinguish the 'differences' between incorporeal 'condensates' as well as specific point-locations of specific points of any 'landscape', relative to the operational 'dynamics' and functionality of any 'condensate', when we do not have an extant spacetime to correlate such exchanges and interactivities between 'condensates'.

  2. First of all, let me attempt to synchronize (here in Corporeality, however, where there is spacetime!) the context of our discussion here. I have also stated previously that all quantum axion particles of Consciousness, which comprise the very basic levels of every incorporeal 'condensate' in the entire Cosmos, thereby do duly exist anywhere and everywhere in the Cosmos simultaneously, again because all 'condensates' and the particles thereof are unitary, coherent and undifferentiated!

  3. "So, if this situation might suggest that everything in the Cosmos is everywhere nothing but one big gigantic 'blob' of Unity, how in the heck does anything get done?" Well, here is the 'trick' to it all, and this is very important as to context and content of anything that might ever be discussed regarding an incorporeal 'condensate'. The 'trick' is... that, since the quantum axion particle, and the waves thereof, is the ONLY quantum particle existing within the Incorporeality of the entire Cosmos, in effect, it is the 'workhorse' of the Cosmos, not only 'bringing together' all that needs to 'come together' in Unity, but also 'instigating' and 'vitalizing' the very 'dynamics' that define the 'differences' between 'condensates'. And the reason for this is that each and every particle... that very same particle that finds itself eminently 'rooted' in the very unity of any 'condensate', is also the very same particle that 'evolves itself' into a wave, as the very Sentience and functionality behind EVERY 'dynamic' that is 'created' or self-ordered, and subsequently 'matures' into whatever that 'dynamic' should become, as a function OF that specific 'condensate'. In other words, it is the quantum axion particle that is responsible for ANY and ALL of the very basics of ANY 'dynamic' that should occur within the 'landscape' of any incorporeal 'condensate. And those 'basics' might, if necessary, include the Past, the Present and the Future, of any self-ordered 'dynamic', because the Past, the Present and the Future are likewise 'rooted' in the timeless unity of the very basic levels of unity of any 'condensate'. At the same time, that very same quantum axion particle, possessing not only Spirit (coming from Infinite Consciousness, or God!) but also Sentience (coming also from God!), has the ability to self-order itself and its 'complexity', into a quantum axion wave (or waves!) of complexively-adaptable-ordering-and-decision-making, all relative to the various 'inputs' and phylogenetic 'exigencies' that such a newly-created 'dynamic' might find within its overall 'raison d'etre' and which (such 'inputs'!) do thusly form the 'reasons' to which our self-ordering and Sentient 'dynamic' will respond thereto and consequently produce an 'output' therefrom that incorporeal 'condensate'. So, the 'trick' here, is simply the very 'nature' of any and all quantum axion particles, in becoming 'waves' of 'dynamic functionality', in response to all 'inputs' from anywhere and everywhere, and then delivering the appropriately formulated output-in-response-thereto such 'inputs'!

  4. Thusly, to get back to the main point of our discussion, point-locations within incorporeal 'condensates', such and all point-locations are relative to the context and content of the actions and 'dynamics' of the quantum axion particles and waves of Consciousness. So, if the Reader hereof now has the context of our discussion correctly ascertained, I can proceed to identifying our specific point-locations relative to the actions of our quantum axions within any 'condensate's landscape'.

  5. On the Cosmic scale-level, since we are yet within Incorporeality as to our discussion, we are thusly yet within the borders of Undifferentiated Relativity on the QUFD Scale of Life, with all of the fundamental basics and the resulting 'dynamics' thereof, which do actually 'create' and 'give birth' TO 'Life', so occurring within Undifferentiated Relativity on that Scale of Life, and the resulting Life so created then appearing in the Differentiated Relativity section of the Scale. In other words, the corporeal relativity of any extant Life (no matter of what Life-form!) exists within the spacetime of Differentiated Relativity (Corporeality!), while the incorporeal relativity of that Life-form exists within Undifferentiated Relativity where we do not have spacetime but instead point-locations of individual function.

  6. So, yet on the Cosmic scale-level, and now back to 'seeing' within Incorporeality, we actually have, at any specific point-location anywhere, a range of 'realities' appearing and co-existing at said point-location. And the overall 'reality' is that some of these 'realities' will 'know', or 'be aware', of each other (and the important thing here is 'perspective', i.e., what one is 'seeing', in the Mind's 'eye'!), while all other 'realities' will NOT 'be aware' of each other! And the 'differentiation' herewith is... the quantum level of Incorporeality, that one 'perceives', of one's 'perspective'!

  7. "So, does that mean that there is another 'scale' of some sort, superimposed upon the QUFD Scale of Life?" Well, here I can be nothing but 'nebulous', in answering Yes and No! Because, again, as I have pointed out in previous Qualia documents relating to this content, the determining factor herewith is... 'perspective'! So let's (let us!) try to 'view' both the context and the content of our 'perspectives' here, and then I believe the Reader hereof will also begin to 'see' and understand the relativity of 'point-location'.

  8. First, context! We are within Incorporeality, so no matter what we will talk about, including 'differences', is yet occurring within the unitary 'state' of Undifferentiated Relativity, or Incorporeality, where all is 'one', or Oneness! THAT is the basic 'nature', of the context which I am attempting to describe here! And yet, WITHIN that basic 'nature', as a result of the various 'inputs' thereto AT ANY SPECIFIC point-location, the 'dynamics' that shall occur at that point-location, shall result in a differing 'landscape', of EACH incorporeal 'condensate' ALSO appearing at that very same point-location! (Remember, EVERY and ALL 'condensates' of Incorporeality do exist everywhere and anywhere in the Cosmos simultaneously!)

  9. What this means, is that as we 'rise-up' the 'totem-pole' of that specific point-location, from the unity of Oneness to higher levels of 'complexity' (actually, adaptive-complexity!), we could say that we actually do have a Scale of Complexity, which ranges from Unitary at the bottom of the 'pole', to Extremely Complex at the top of the 'pole'! And this QUFD 'Scale of Complexity' is yet extant within both the QUFD Scale of Life AND within the Undifferentiated Relativity section of that Scale of Life!

  10. So, lets look at our 'totem-pole' here, and 'see' what we might 'see'! At the bottom of our Scale of Complexity is... Unity! EVERY and ALL point-locations, within the entire Cosmos, start at Unity! (And thusly, the basic 'contribution' TO each specific point-location of the entire Cosmos, IS the basic 'qualities' OF such Unity and Oneness, that do exist EVERYWHERE in the Cosmos!) Now, however, above the basic level of Unity (and remember, the 'context' OF our discussion here, is the quantum axion particle AND the waves thereof, as do appear and do 'dynamically' function, at each and every level of our QUFD Scale of Complexity that we are discussing here!), our specific point-location begins to 'feel', as part of the 'self-ordering' nature thereof the quantum axions, the effects of the various 'inputs' that do so appear at this specific point-location.

  11. Now, however, it might be asked, "How does a specific point-location, of any 'condensate', 'feel' any and all 'inputs' thereto???" Okay, back in the Main QUFD Formulation page, I mentioned some of the 'sources' of these 'inputs'. Let me re-list those 'sources' here:
    1. Many inputs are of the various human and psychological sense-mechanisms and attributes, of the nominal human Life-form entity, such as the experiencing of Love, Hate, Rejection, Acceptance, Affiliation, Challenges-of-Life, Family, Intimacy, Sex, Romance, Children versus Adults, and the myriads of other facets and attributes of Life, as the individual does so experience such. Refer to the Main QUFD document, for further attributes that might so contribute to 'input' to any specific point-location of Incorporeality. An additional note here: With regard to such 'inputs' FROM Corporeality, the mechanism-of-transfer, FROM Corporeality TO Incorporeality, is the 'feedback' mechanism of the human Mind (described also in the Main QUFD document!), whereby any and all somatic or physical/material bodily-and-mental experiences, of the human brain and body AND the functions thereof, are also 'felt' and 'known' within the human Mind, as 'inputs' which have been transferred from brain/body to Mind, across the brain-Mind glial-synapse junctions via the 'feedback mechanism' thereof, as described in the Main QUFD document! 2. Some 'inputs' are phylogenetic or hereditary, existing within the Mind, and at a point-location, from previous spacetime 'inputs' and experiences of Corporeality! 3. Many 'inputs' to Incorporeality also come from the Mind's, or Soul's, 'access' TO other 'condensates', including that all-important 'condensate', the Collective Consciousness of all of humanity, wherein ALL the experiences of any human being who has ever, or will ever, have lived, do exist as a permanent 'record' of all of humanity and its 'experiences'! 4. Other 'inputs' might come from other 'condensates' of Incorporeality, including that Most Important 'Condensate', Infinite Consciousness (God), either by Living-In-The-Moment (in order to 'access' the Positivity of God!) or by direct 'Invitation' therefrom God Himself! 5. However, the most important 'inputs', to any specific point-location of incorporeality, actually come from that specific point-location itself! And the reason for such is that, since every 'condensate' of Incorporeality (of whatever its specific reason/purpose for existence might be!), not only exists everywhere in the Cosmos, therefore our specific point-location IS PART OF every 'condensate' in existence! And therefore, ALL 'dynamics' and complexities, in the entire Cosmos (at whatever 'level' of 'complexity'!), are 'felt' SOMEWHERE on our 'totem-pole' of complexity, and thusly 'contribute', as an 'input', to ALL 'condensates' EVERYWHERE which likewise have a 'presence' ON that Scale of Complexity OF that specific point-location! SO, the higher up on our QUFD Scale of Complexity, of ANY specific point-location, the more that all the 'dynamics' of any other 'condensate', AS MIGHT BE SO 'related' TO the reason/purpose-for-existence OF ANY other 'condensate', will thusly be an 'input' to that 'condensate'! Again, this ONLY happens AT the specific point-location, of any point-location in the Cosmos!
  12. I might also note here, that it is the functionality, within context, of the quantum axion particles AT ANY specific point-location, that do so contribute TO the 'complexities' that do so occur AS one 'rises' up that Scale of Complexity, with the quantum axion WAVES, and the 'dynamics' thereof their ACTIONS and ACTIVITIES, that are, in effect, CAUSING the 'dynamics', AND the 'inputs' TO such 'dynamics', as are thusly occurring in ANY 'condensate' and at any level-of-complexity upon that QUFD Scale of Complexity OF that specific point-location! (This is, of course, to thusly say that, Yes, EVERY point-location in the entire Cosmos, HAS its own QUFD Scale of Complexity!)

  13. And with that, I think I have quite adequately explained the 'realities' of point-locations in the Cosmos! Now, however, I need to additionally explain specific point-location 'realities' with respect to the 'landscapes' of the individual human Mind. And please remember, that everything which I have put forth previously herein with regard to point-locations of the Cosmos, does yet most certainly apply to any and all point-location of the human Mind and its 'landscapes' as we will now be discussing!

    Point-Locations of the 'Landscapes' of the Mind!

  14. The local individual human Mind, as I have previously elsewhere in this Textbook discussed, consists of two incorporeal 'condensates' which comprise the Mind and which interface with the human brain via each and every glial-synapsial-junction of that brain, spinal cord and ganglia system. For the detailed operational 'mechanics' of the brain-Mind 'interface', see the "Feedback" section of the Main QUFD document as well as several of the "Basics" documents in the Qualia Series of this Textbook.

  15. Now, as to specific point-locations within the Mind, I will start with the 'landscape' of the lower mind which interfaces with the brain. Since the primary function of the lower mind is to 'map' and 'know' the exact functions of the human brain, as to the exact and specific glial-synapsial-junction which controls any and all functions of brain operations, we might correctly surmise that there is an incorporeal 'point-location' associated with every corporeal glial-synapsial-junction that exists in the human brain!

  16. Other 'functions' of the lower mind include conscious and immediate 'memory' and all incorporeal 'dynamics' related to the nominally autonomic 'self' or psychogenetic 'me', as that somatic 'entity' which the individual human brain is minimally 'aware' of. If the human individual does not 'know' the Soul of itself, then the lower mind, the (s)elf is the only 'me' that it 'knows'! Accordingly, all rote and taught learning, accumulated from outside the corporeal self, i.e., as 'formal' and 'incidental' education, is thusly lodged in the memory-banks of the lower mind, on top of the lower mind's basic 'mapping' of the human brain's glial-synaptic-junctions and the 'awareness' of said junctions in overall brain function, and thusly such 'on-top' or excess 'functionality' imposes a 'stress' upon the nominal 'functioning' of the lower mind's primary duties, resulting in a slow loss of such 'excess' memory-banks and their 'data' over time! I will not concern myself with any further analysis of such lower mind 'functionalities' of the 'self' over and above the supervisory 'functions' of the lower mind with respect to the brain. Any Reader hereof who might wish to so investigate further lower mind 'function' will not find such here, because I am more concerned with the permanently-recorded 'memories' and 'experiences' of the individual as so 'recorded' instantaneously and permanently in the Collective Consciousness of humanity, via the human Soul of the individual.

  17. Incidentally, as I have elsewhere noted in this QUFD Textbook, there is a 'layer' of Negative consciousness, known as Lucifer's 'fingers-of-Negativity', presently 'incursioning' between the lower mind and the Upper Mind (or Soul!), resulting in the current 'Immaturity' of the human Mind, so it might be asked, "Why does Lucifer's 'incursioning' not also affect the moment-by-moment 'recording' of the individual's 'experiences' in the Collective, since such 'incursioning' certainly does affect all other 'interactions' between Upper and lower Mind?" And the answer to that question is simple. Lucifer's 'incursioning' is meant to affect the Corporeality of the individual and NOT the Incorporeality thereof, in that there is just no point in trying to affect or change anything within the Positive Consciousness of Incorporeality and Infinite Consciousness (God)! Therefore, such 'incursioning' ONLY 'affects' the transactions between Upper and lower Mind IN ONE DIRECTION, toward the brain/body and Corporeality of the individual. In the other direction, from Corporeality to Incorporeality (and one's Soul, as well as the Collective!), there is no impediment whatsoever! Such a situation also insures that any and all 'experience-inputs' from Corporeality are immediately 'input' to the Upper Mind and Soul, for immediate analysis and reaction thereto as appropriately 'decided' by the Sentience and 'dynamics' of the Soul!

  18. Getting back to our point-locations 'analysis, it could thusly be further pointed out, with respect to what I have just mentioned previously, that such 'experience-inputs' from Corporeality, as 'translated' by the lower mind from the individual glial-synaptic-junction 'feedback', to an overall 'awareness' of the global 'Big-Picture' of that individual's 'participation' within the Corporeal world, as such is 'realized' within the lower mind... that then such a 'realization', of the overall 'Big Picture', as 'realized' BY the individual through those 'experience-inputs' TO that lower mind, does accordingly cause such 'experience-inputs' of the incorporeal lower mind to IMMEDIATELY appear on the specific point-locations of the true 'dual-landscapes' between Upper and lower Mind, and thusly, by so appearing on any specific point-location thereof the human Soul, such 'experience-input' not only is contributed to the 'dynamics' of that individual Soul, but also appears instantaneously in the Collective Consciousness of humanity 'condensate', where it is instantly recorded moment-by-moment forever!

  19. Continuing with our discussion of the 'interface' point-locations of the 'landscape' of the lower-side of the lower mind (that 'landscape' which 'interfaces' with the brain!), the Reader hereof will remember that the 'feedback' between brain and Mind has two distinct 'functionalities'... that of 'sending-to' the specific glial-synapsial-junction, and the second thereof, that of 'receiving-back' from the specific junction. (Actually, the actual 'interface' is a combination of corporeal-function and incorporeal-function, via the nucleus of the glial cell surrounding that specific junction, as was so described in the Main QUFD document!)

  20. However, here, within the 'feedback mechanism' between brain and Mind, we also have some specific 'branching' going on, relative to our discussion of point-locations of the 'landscape' of the lower side of the lower mind! We basically have the basic, normal, 'feedback', involving the axon-dendrite pair of our specific glial-synapsial-junction, wherein the lower mind 'sends' an incorporeal signal to the axon's vesicle-opening corporeal molecular-chain-mechanism (which responds thereto such incorporeal 'signal'!), to open the junction's vesicle and 'send' the neurochemical-transmitter across the junction to the dendrite's receptors. Upon 'receipt' thereof, the dendrite's molecular-tubular passage-ways capacitively create a microwave-signal which is 'felt' by the glial nucleus, as 'verification' of receipt-of-signal by that specific dendrite-junction, which does so constitute that junction's 'feedback' to the lower mind and Incorporeality! It is here where the 'branching' also occurs!

  21. Because the incorporeal 'send-signal', as routed via the 'supervisory' mapping-mechanism of the lower mind to the appropriate glial-synapsial-junction, comes from the specific point-location of 'receipt', of the 'landscape' of the TOP of the lower mind, and therefore that received 'signal' (from the Upper Mind/Soul!) and its point-location MAY BE 'questionable', as to its 'accuracy', for the following reason. That 'send signal', as a 'perturbation-of-Consciousness' AND as an 'output-decision' OF the Upper Mind/Soul, appeared at the appropriate and specific point-location of the 'landscape' of the lower side of the Upper Mind, to be 'transmitted' (via 'phase-space-shift', within the 'spacetime' created by Incorporeality in the 'interstices' between the lower-side 'landscape' of the Upper Mind and the upper-side 'landscape' of the lower mind!) TO the very same specific point-location of the lower mind, for supervisory 'processing' TO the appropriate glial-synapsial-junction of the brain! However, as also noted elsewhere in this QUFD Textbook, that 'send-signal' has to also pass through the Negative-layer-of-consciousness of those 'fingers-of-Negativity', which lie between the 'landscapes' of the Upper Mind and the lower mind, thusly allowing that 'send signal' to possibly be re-routed to a completely different point-location-of-receipt on the 'landscape' of the upper side of that lower mind, as so re-routed and 'corrupted' BY Lucifer! Such is the possibility at any time! But the point here is that such 'send signal' is a result of the specific point-location-of-receipt on the 'landscape' of the TOP of the lower mind!

  22. However, the incorporeal 'receive-signal', from the receiving glial nucleus (which automatically converts the received microwave-signal from Corporeality to Incorporeality, via that nucleus's reality-of-existence-within-the-incorporeality-of-the-lower mind!), is 'branched' at this glial-nucleus 'point', because each glial nucleus also exists on an incorporeal and specific point-location of 'send' (within the lower mind!), TO the Upper Mind and Soul! Such a 'send-signal' (of the Corporeal 'experiences' of the human individual, as so 'perceived' and translated from the human brain and body!), finds itself on a point-location going the OTHER WAY across those 'interstices' between the TOP of the lower mind and the bottom of the Upper Mind (with, in this case, the lower mind's incorporeality 'creating' the spacetime within the 'interstices' which enables passage of the 'send-signal' to the Upper Mind!)

  23. "WHOA here! Didn't you say that both lower mind and Upper Mind are incorporeal, and therefore any point-location of either one should appear also in the other one? So why, then, does either 'signal', going in either direction, need to pass through the spacetime and 'interstices' between the two 'condensates'? Isn't that signal on the same point-location in both 'condensates'?"

  24. Well... to 'let the cat out of the bag', here is where we have a 'problem' of genetics, as to the composition of the individual local human Mind! And since genetics is the 'problem', I will reluctantly have to tell you what genetics has presently 'created', which is known as our present Immaturity of Mind, versus what genetics DOES CREATE AT THE BIRTH of any and all human individuals, versus what MIGHT BE CREATED, as the 'Maturity' (or SUPER-Maturity!) of the human Mind! (Yes! At birth, EVERY human individual does possess the 'possibility' of a Mature human Mind, as so determined from the human gene pool that 'creates' the invisible human Mind! But that Reality is almost instantly 'aborted', in our current civilization, when the genes-for-creation-of-Maturity-of-Mind, come into 'conflict', as we shall call it, with the 'incursioning' Negativity of Lucifer's 'fingers-of-Negativity' and are thusly 'disabled' or 'repressed', in their natural 'flowering' into a normal 'state' of Maturity-of-Mind!)

  25. So, to get back to the discussion of specific point-locations of our 'condensates' of the human Mind, what we actually have, even though both the Upper Mind and lower mind are both 'condensates' of Incorporeality, is that, in reality, the lower mind IS A sub-'condensate' OF THE Upper Mind! Which means that, even though the 'basics' (of unity, coherence and Oneness, of the essential basic 'landscape' of the lower mind!) of incorporeality are 'there', extant, within the lower mind, since the lower mind is sort-of a 'sub-set' of the Upper Mind, it really 'takes-its-cues' FROM the Upper Mind exclusively, which means that any and all point-locations of the lower mind actually 'report' ONLY to the Upper Mind, or Soul, AND TO NO OTHER 'condensates' anywhere! This also means that it is exclusively the Upper Mind's (the Soul's) 'function' to 'represent' THE ENTIRE individual local human Mind, to the Cosmos and anywhere beyond the individual! (Thusly the reason for the word 'local' when used with local individual human Mind, as opposed to the very non-locality of the Upper Mind/Soul itself!) In other words, there is a 'semi-non-locality' and 'semi-independentness' OF the lower mind, as an operation 'adjunct' OF the Upper Mind or Soul!

  26. Which means that the two point-location 'realities', of the specific point-locations within both our 'condensates' of Mind, are really independent-and-unique of each other (as point-locations!), and that it is ONLY WITHIN the Soul, or Upper Mind, that any point-location does truly 'access' any other point-location of any incorporeal 'condensate' of the Cosmos! (Actually, the very same 'problem', of sub-sets, of primary-secondary 'condensates', may also apply to any number of, however unknown, other Life-form-entity 'condensates' in the Cosmos, such as pulsars, dual-binary stars and whatever! In such cases as well, it is ONLY the primary 'condensate' which has point-locations which interact with other 'condensates' throughout the Cosmos!)

  27. So, the point is, that the 'send-signal' point-location (of our lower mind!) ONLY goes one way, and the 'receive-signal' likewise only goes one way, and they do NOT interact with each other at any 'point-of-complexity' above the basic level of unity, and thusly the QUFD Scale-of-Complexity for any point-location in the Cosmos, does NOT apply to the lower human mind but ONLY to the Upper Mind or Soul! Thusly, we DO have the need of the 'creation' of spacetime to facilitate 'communications' between the Upper and lower Mind. But, we do also yet have point-locations within the lower mind, but, as I have said, such point-locations are separate and unique in their functioning and direction.

  28. Let me also mention one thing more here, as to this discussion of the genetic Maturity-of-Mind of the individual human being! I've noted that such Maturity of Mind is currently 'repressed' or turned-off, and thusly Lucifer's 'fingers-of-Negativity' create our present Immaturity-of-Mind! However, previous human civilizations have already proven that removal of Lucifer's 'fingers-of-Negativity' (through worldwide cooperation among all of humanity and the conscientious and concerted removal of all vestiges of Lucifer's 'negativities' throughout human civilization!) can remove such 'repression' and 'turn-on' our normal genetic Maturity of Mind! However, it has also been 'recorded' (in the Collective Consciousness of humanity, or the Hall of Records, or the Akashic Records!) that a human individual SUPER-Maturity, of the individual human Mind, is theoretically possible, wherein the specific point-locations of the lower mind NOT ONLY have direct 'access' to the Upper Mind, BUT ALSO TO ALL 'condensates' BEYOND the Soul, which also means that 'phase-space-shifting', of either Consciousness OR 'communications' between 'condensates', WILL NOT REQUIRE the 'creation' of a corporeal spacetime! In other words, with a SUPER Maturity of Mind, the individual human being (AND ALL of humanity!) would be able to DIRECTLY 'ACCESS' the Cosmos and its unlimited potentialities!

  29. Okay, let me return to the mundane 'realities' of the Present, in order to close this discussion of point-locations between 'condensates'. I think I've made clear the 'realities' of point-locations on the under-side of the lower mind, where the interface between brain and mind is both corporeal and incorporeal! As to point-locations on the top-side of the lower mind, as I have said, they are very specific and unique, as to the 'qualities' and 'signals', of the 'communications' which are 'phase-space-shifted' between Upper and lower mind. Anyone wishing to pursue further details hereof (as well as a possible Doctorate of Ground-States Analysis, for the Medical 'treatment' of diseases and illnesses of the human mind and body, as I have already so mentioned in WELCOME to the Physics of Reality 101!.), will, of necessity, have to intimately acquaint themselves with the myriads of human psychological 'attributes' and 'qualities', as so detailed in the appropriate psychological and medical 'treatises' thereupon, which is beyond the quantum physics 'realities' that I have intended to discuss herein this Textbook!

  30. So, as a brief summary of point-locations, we have truly non-local point-locations, which exist everywhere and throughout the Cosmos as well as within every primary 'condensate' of Incorporeality, and thusly any point-location could be the source 'input' to any other 'condensate' anywhere! However, within sub-sets of 'condensates', such as the sub-set of the individual local human Mind, we have the lower mind as a localized 'sub-set' of the Upper Mind or Soul, which is the primary 'condensate' that might interact with any other 'condensate' in the Cosmos, on a point-location basis!

    Aum, Peace, Amen

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