Qualia XVIII: "Who Ya Gonna Listen To, Lucifer or God?": The Quantum Physics of Revelation & Society! From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUFD

Qualia XVIII: "Who Ya Gonna Listen To, Lucifer or God?": The Quantum Physics of Revelation & Society!

Exploring QUFD Principles,
from the QUFD website,
at: http://go.to/QUFD

By Father Jerome

  1. I had a 'run-in' the other day with two of Lucifer's most influential forces in keeping his 'control' over mankind, as 'the Prince of this World'! And those two 'forces' are, first of all, the 'means' by which he (Lucifer) exerts his control over us, primarily through the 'powers' and 'power relationships' and Money (see the QUALIA3 Monograph in this series) of the very Rich folks who run Society as they wish it to 'Be', but also, at their behest (i.e., as 'directed' by said Rich folks), those who, in effect (however unknowing to these people themselves!), provide the 'law enforcement' and 'conformity' required by the 'powers-that-be'! In other words, I'm talking about the 'Collectivity of BIG BROTHER... Who is Most Certainly Watching Us!

  2. And Who, exactly, IS 'Big Brother'? Well, behind 'Big Brother' (BB) is, of course, all the hidden and nameless faces of the Rich and Powerful (and BEHIND them, of course, is Lucifer!) But, following the 'directions' (i.e., culture, customs, traditions, etc.) of the American 'culture' and Society, are the 'minions' of BB, who are the lower ranks and echelons which have been 'educated' and 'certified' BY the Educational System of this Society and have thusly, with all the appropriate 'Bells and Whistles', been indoctrinated and confirmed as the 'Administrators and Enforcers' of the 'Law' or Culture, and prominent among such 'Enforcers' are the Medical profession of Doctors, M.D.'s and especially Psychiatrists! Yep! If BB doesn't think that you are conforming to the established 'dictates' of Society, inevitably some 'power relationship' is going to seek to have you 'certified', or classified, as some 'mental derelict', among the 'trash bin' of humanity's 'cast-offs'! (See one of my earlier Works, "Dr. Bugaboo's Ramblings" and his article, "THE PSYCH/PSYCH THOUGHT POLICE!")

  3. And the second 'means', by which Lucifer exerts his control over us, as already mentioned hereinabove, is the Educational System, by which I shall include and mean as well, Society itself and anything and everything that shall be known as American 'culture'! Now the effects of culture, customs, traditions and values (societal and community) can be very imposing and constraining upon the individual, but I am not going to open that 'bag of worms' herein this Monograph. Suffice it to say that such is so and then I will go on to the biggest 'means' of Lucifer's control, the Educational System.

  4. Actually, I have already quite thoroughly presented an 'Indictment' of said Educational System, both in my QUALIA3 Monograph and in Father Jerome's PSYCHOSOCIAL Dictionary, so I will merely refer the Reader back to those documents. What I really want to discuss here, in this Monograph, is the actual Quantum Physics of 'Who' a person is 'listening to' (i.e., allowing one to 'direct' another's Life!), be it Lucifer or God!

  5. And, in order to get to the Quantum Physics and the actual scientific basis of such matters, I will refer the Reader back again, to the QUALIA15 Monograph of this QUALIA Series. Because, the fact of the matter is that, if we are going to discuss 'Knowing' and 'Truth' and such (as such relates to both God and Lucifer), we will certainly have to place such topics within the respective contexts of their 'Realities', which are, again, the differences between Albert Einstein's 'differentiated relativity' versus 'undifferentiated relativity' (or Corporeality versus Incorporeality)!

  6. And, to simplify the discussion, I will state, as I have numerous times already in other documents in this Textbook, that 'Truth' and 'Knowing' are ONLY possible in the MIND of a human being, the quantum realms of Incorporeality and 'undifferentiated relativity'... NOT in Corporeality OR in human Society. Because human Society, and humanity itself, and all Corporeality relevant thereto, are the realms of... Lucifer, and the Luciferian Complex of negative consciousness and dimensionality, AS EXTANT within the human mind! (Note that, in referring to the 'human (M)ind', I use either a capital M or a small m, in denoting whether I am referring to the Upper Mind of an individual local Mind, the Self/Soul, or the lower mind, which is known as 'me' or myself.)

  7. So, again, it is the context of the quantum 'reality' that is important, as to Knowing and Truth! When the Mind is deliberating issues and deciding what decisions and actions to take, that Sentience and Spirit of Consciousness of the individual is performing such 'dynamics' of the condensate ground-state of Consciousness within the Upper Mind or Soul/Self, which is intimately and Consciously 'accessible' TO any and all dimensions and realities of Consciousness within as well as beyond that individual local Mind! In other words, such 'dynamics' as are taking place in that Soul of the Mind, are taking place in Incorporeality, in the quantum realms of 'undifferentiated relativity'. THIS is where Truth and Knowing are found, in the unqualified POSITIVE Consciousness of the quantum axion particles of both that individual local Mind AND of Infinite Consciousness (God), which are both 'at-One' or unitary with each other (as such can be said of any such 'entities' that are part of the Whole of 'undifferentiated relativity'!)

  8. So, the point being made that, Truth and Knowing, deriving from wherever IN such state of Incorporeality, ARE, in fact, True and of correct Knowing or Knowledge, by the very reason that such does exist in 'undifferentiated relativity' or within the human Mind (Soul). I might mention that such is also true when that individual local Mind is, in effect, 'Living in the Moment', where one's Consciousness is 'at-One' and attuned to the POSITIVITY of Infinite Consciousness (God)!

  9. Now, by comparison, all of physical, material, corporeal 'reality' is NOT of 'undifferentiated relativity' but is of 'differentiated relativity' and that side of the human mind includes the lower mind and the brain, which are thusly and directly 'influenced' by the 'fingers-of-negativity' of negative consciousness (from the Luciferian Complex) which are 'sandwiched' between Upper and lower mind and consequently influence and corrupt any and everything that passes between Upper Mind and lower mind of a person of Immature mind!

  10. And so, as a human Society, presently, of Immature minds, we are all eminently 'controlled' by the 'Prince of this World' by the very means of our mental genetics. As I discuss further in several of the other QUALIA Series documents regarding Immaturity and Maturity of the human Mind, it will take some 'doing' as yet for all of humanity to come to a point of worldwide and universal Cooperation and Participatory Democracy, suitable for the elimination OF those 'fingers-of-negativity' within all our Minds and the realization of Maturity of Mind! That genetic Maturity will then allow all of our Souls to access and 'listen to' Infinite Consciousness (God), IN THE MOMENT! Until then, the Truth of the matter is, that IF you, the individual, are 'listening to', or being 'told what to do', by anyone else... in reality, it is Lucifer whom you are 'listening to' and living your Life accordingly!

  11. So, it is most refreshing to see, and to Know, that there is yet some 'good' amongst humanity and human Society! Those who hang on to those precious 'slivers' of 'good' and so do and try to 'make a difference in the world', Positively and in a Positive manner, are to be Commended for all their efforts. In this vein, it is both comedic and inspiring to see the latest version of such efforts to grace our television screens, a weekly series with the noble name of "Joan of Arcadia" (a take-off on the famous Joan of the Arc!) Anyway, it is both quite inspiring and funny to believe, as the series does purport to show, that God might be just another person among us, trying to make His Way Home on the train or the bus, and dispensing necessary and fortunate wisdom along the way, to one who might be an 'instrument' of His Works, in this case a teen-age girl named Joan! And the various installments of the Series can be most dramatic and tear-jerking, in the realization of what one person might do in this world, to prevent untold tragedy and loss! In this respect, I refer to one particular 'installment' where God tells Joan to befriend the school 'psycho', even to 'inviting' him to take her to the school dance! Joan accordingly has a moderating effect upon him, such that when he does grab a gun and threatens to 'let go', it is Joan and her father who are able to defuse the situation and save the day. At the end of the show, Joan, yet in a questioning mode as to 'why' she had to do what God had her to do, meets God as an ordinary janitor in the school hallway, who points out to Joan all of her classmates passing by her there in that hallway who would not 'be there' if it had not been for Joan's actions in following and 'listening to' God! (They would have been shot and massacred by that school 'psycho'!)

  12. So, I guess the story here IS, one person CAN 'make a difference'... IF that person is 'listening to' the right 'source'!

  13. But also, don't, in no way, think that 'talking to God', IF that is what you are doing, is anything to be nervous or conscientious about! It is those who are 'listening to' Lucifer who are 'judging you' and if you 'play their game', you might as well be talking to Lucifer directly.

    Aum, Peace, Amen
    Father Jerome

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