QUALIA XXXXII: The Societal Consequences of the Scientific Reality of Worldwide Immaturity of the Human Mind and the resulting Negativity: Analyzing American Culture and Tradition: Stan Kenton and his Big Orchestra, playing <i>"Ambivalence!"</i> and Masonic History, both as Felt at the Personal Level of our Lives as Americans; i.e., How Power, Money and Competition Have Changed the Face and the Reality of America and the World! From the QUFD website, at: http://go.to/QUFD

QUALIA XXXXII: The Societal Consequences of the Scientific Reality of Worldwide Immaturity of the Human Mind and the resulting Negativity: Analyzing American Culture and Tradition: Stan Kenton and his Big Orchestra, playing "Ambivalence!" and Masonic History, both as Felt at the Personal Level of our Lives as Americans; i.e., How Power, Money and Competition Have Changed the Face and the Reality of America and the World!

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from the QUFD website,
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By Father Jerome


  2. Let me start this discussion by noting herewith to the Reader, that the very word 'Tradition' has quite a few interpretations to this individual! One of those 'traditions' was spending every New Year's Eve dancing to the Big Band 'Sounds' of Stan Kenton and his Big Orchestra with my first wife and friends (and even enjoying it most immensely when Stan dropped by our table during Intermission to say "Hi!" and shake hands all around!) And one of those 'renditions', of the over 3500 that Stan either composed himself or his composing team assisted with, in composing for that big over-40-piece orchestra, was one of the many that were so musically advanced and of such tremendous power and complexity, that very few other orchestras since then have even been able to master these wonderful instrumental pieces! The Kenton instrumental-piece I am thinking of was "Ambivalence!", another one of which was 'titled' by the Master himself, from wherever and however he did find attribution therein his music! The word itself means 'mixed feelings and emotions' and you can perhaps imagine the 'Power' that the Maestro brought to his rendering of such a word! And I use it here in the same sense and the same evocation as Stan did, in applying such term to my analysis of American Culture and Tradition! (And I refer here to my later discussions herein on the consequences of Power, Money and Competition upon the very nature of the human Soul!)

  3. Because, the unfortunate Reality is, that we actually have created, and do have, the 'Good' and the 'Bad', of American Culture and Tradition (somehow also evoking memories of the iconic American film, "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!"). However, in that I have already extensively discussed 'Culture' on these pages elsewhere, I intend to more so focus on 'Tradition' in America and, only co-incidentally, whatever aspects of Culture might so be involved therewith!

  4. Before I get into discussion here regarding the 'Bad' aspects of American Tradition (I don't know that I am even qualified, as an entirely objective observer and scholar, to even attempt to discuss the 'Ugly' aspects of American Tradition!), let me state and reiterate here, the very fact that it is the 'Good' aspects of American Tradition, including those vital human attributes and qualities of Love, Home, Family, Respect, Acceptance, Compassion, Service Unto Others and so much more (including the aforenoted excellence and certainly human qualities, as evidenced and evoked by my friend Stan Kenton!), that these Works do Celebrate, Venerate and so strive to Protect, herein these Writings and this QUFD Textbook!

  5. However, the fact-of-the-matter is that many Americans (with Lucifer's most gracious 'assistance'!), do surely and most assiduously, abuse those very attributes and qualities, and actually turn their 'evocations' and realities of such, into something that is both base and even anti-Traditional and anti-American, in its conception, execution and Reality!

  6. I think I can say with absolute certainty that any 'knowing' or knowledgeable, intelligent person, of any mature age in these United States of America, has either personally experienced or at least realized, the 'symbolic' abuse-of-power, when it has been 'vested' in those who would 'abuse' it not only for it's own sake, but also in the Name of God, Country/Nation and all of humanity! (See my definitions and discussions of 'Symbolic Power/Violence' in Father Jerome's PSYCHOSOCIOLOGICAL Dictionary, the QUALIA III document, and the Essay on Symbolic Violence!)

  7. In the 'old days', it was said and agreed that America was a 'Melting Pot', of opportunity, respect and acceptance for All, in the creation of a multicultural and multiethnic Society where everyone existed in 'Oneness' with each other (to a great extent!) But, in all frankness, I must say that that 'Melting Pot' has mostly 'gone by the wayside' nowadays, and, rather than immigrants and long-time residents, new and old, doing any 'melting', it seems that the predominant reality today is divisiveness!

  8. Yes! Divisiveness, not only in neighborhoods, but city-by-city and block-by-block and nationwide! True, Americans yet mostly accept their neighbors, of whatever race, nationality, ethnicity and religion, although now a bit more grudgingly than in the past and surely with a lot less respect than before!

  9. If anything, a new term, with Latin roots, is the word-of-the-day, in describing the Reality of 'relationships' among Americans and in relation to other world cultures! And that new term is American 'cabals', whether house-by-house, street-by-street, neighborhood-by-neighborhood, city-by-city and across our lands! Cabal means, "A cabal is a number of persons united in some close design, usually to promote their private views and interests in church or state by intrigue; a secret association composed of a few designing persons; a junta."(OneLook Dictionary)

  10. Because, further, Americans have turned into the quintessentially inscrutable Oriental, a person who must always 'Save Face', no matter what the cost and to whom! 'Saving Face' means 'protecting' your immediate relationships, i.e., cabals, and those relationships, whether personal, familial, business, investment, career and, inevitably, financial, have become the most important thing in our typical American's 'Life'!

  11. Such a situation and Reality would not normally be something to question nor scrutinize but such does become so when it is to the exclusion of one's humanity, integrity and very Being! Because it is a Reality that becomes the very expression of "Me-Me-Me, All For Me!" In other words, one's relationships of Power and Money have supplanted any other Realities of Life that might engender expression of anything remotely suggesting 'humanity', EXCEPT as an 'expression' in defense of one's 'Face'!

  12. The late artist Mark Lombardi made fascinating 'Art' out of all such relationships, in his "Global Network" drawing-art-piece (expanding the concept to the level of world-wide 'exercise', which IS the actual 'Reality', beyond the merely American-level of which I am talking about here, but both 'Realities' are the same!), which artistically tracks and identifies but mere 'root causes' of the world-wide obsession within the ranks of the Rich and Powerful, the Money and Power 'relationships' (cabals!) that actually 'run' the world today (even beyond the level and controls of governments or the United Nations!) and are the ultimate cause of all wars, animosities, divisiveness, adversarial relationships of any kind and so much more! Just a section of one of Lombardi's drawings hits close to home for this person. He shows the exact and intricate financial relationships that exist between the Bush family of Texas (Preston, George Sr. and W Jr.) and the Bin Laden family of Saudi Arabia (Sheik Salim bin Laden, Osama bin Laden's brother!), in their very profitable worldwide financial 'dealings' over the years (as with any cabal, i.e. normally secretive and quasi-legal!) But, as does so benefit Lombardi and his art, the 'records' of such manipulations of world-wide resources and treasures (via Lucre!) are inevitably public-records, both for Lombardi AND for this individual as well. Lombardi may need to do his research in the Public Library but I only have to dig out the Lease for the penthouse apartment that a certain governmental agency provides for me (for which I am most Grateful!), to find written thereupon the name of the Lease Owner's financial Investor, in the real estate complex of the entire commercial-residential building in which I live! The 'Investor', who has provided the financing for the entire building, is none other than the largest Real Estate Investment firm in the world, the Bush (Texas) - Bin Laden (Saudi Arabia) Real Estate Investment Associates, Incorporated!

  13. Anyway, the Reality is, that the Power and Money relationships which I refer to here, truly do encompass and surround the world and are, unfortunately, what makes this world 'tick' (just like a bomb!) And many of those 'relationships' are enabled by... Hey! I wonder just where this most famous 'expression' came from? ... 'Old School Ties'! (The Reader hereof has probably already read the earlier-referred-to pages of this website, the QUALIA III Document, etc.) Yes! Those 'ties', or relationships, between the Rich and Ruling-Classes of the world, as established by their Progeny, at and through the Educational Institutions which they attend, and which are 'in-business' (such educational institutions!) to consecrate and confirm such 'progeny' into and with the 'mechanisms-of-Power-and-Money' that will enable the continued 'Rule' of the World BY such Cabals of the Rich and Powerful and their families! In this regard, let me insert here one more item of recent News. A recent CBS "60 Minutes" program had a segment about the very-secret Association of certain Yale University Alumni members, many of which have been U.S. Presidents, leaders of Industry and other 'Rulers' of American and World Society! The organization is the Yale University 'Skull & Crossbones' Society and, of course, every male member of the Bush Family of Texas has been a Member of the Society!

  14. This reminds me, incidentally, of the legendary story, or history, of the worldwide Masonic Society of Free-Masons, another legally-protected-by-governmental-law 'Fraternal' society (via IRS law and Regulations!), of society's Rich and Powerful Alumni, who are supposedly and legally in existence to 'Do Good Unto Others' (whether they do or not is unknown, in that most of their 'club-like' activities are most secretive, even to the IRS!) Most of their known relationships and history has been 'inspired' by Christianity and especially the Roman Catholic Church! Such is because the Society itself can trace its origins to the Knights Templar, the very Order of Knights (not of the Roundtable, however!) which was (for a while!) responsible for Protection of the Pope and which was very involved in the Medieval-era Holy Crusades to wrest the Holy Land (Palestine) back from the Islamic Infidels of the Ottoman and earlier Muslim Empires! ("Are you talking about today?" No, but there is sure a similarity, with the yet continuing Middle-Eastern strife, which is yet again a 'struggle' over Power and Money!)

  15. Let me insert here a more-qualified and academic reference-link, about the history of the Masonic Order/Knights Templar Order and the Holy Crusades, compliments of:
    Steven Kreis (guide@historyguide.org) and his excellent 'History of the Holy Crusades' at:
    Additionally, just to quickly summarize the point here, I will include hereinthefollowing one very pertinent quotation from Steven's website:
    The Crusades, like so much of the modern conflict, were not wholly rational movements that could be explained away by purely economic or territorial ambition or by the clash of rights and interests. They were fueled, on all sides, by myths and passions that were far more effective in getting people to act than any purely political motivation. The medieval holy wars in the Middle East could not be solved by rational treatises or neat territorial solutions. Fundamental passions were involved which touched the identity of Christians, Muslims and Jews and which were sacred to the identity of each. They have not changed very much in the holy wars of today.
    ---Karen Armstrong, Holy War, 1988
  16. Anyway, as history tells it, the Order of the Knights Templar became one of the richest organizations in the world (as the Roman Catholic Church is today, on the heels and efforts of the Knights Templar!), so much so that it created enmities and enemies, not only within the Church but across all the Empires of those Medieval times, which eventually led to a downfall of the Order, an excommunication from the Pope and the Church and a pursuit by its enemies with intent to annihilate the Order! But, like all such cabals, there were some crafty and resourceful people in the Order and the Order survived assassination! France was the Order's most prominent regime other than Italy but the Order lost favor with the French Emperor, and he sent his assassins to annihilate the Order. But many of the Order's members escaped by ship in the early morning hours before the assassins arrived, from a French coastal seaport-town, carrying off their booty and sacred treasures!

  17. From here, the history is more vague, but traceable nonetheless! (And I will relate here but three more items of the Masonic/Templar history before I go on with my intended 'analysis' of American Tradition!) The first further item of history of the Masonic Order/Order of the Knights Templar, is the worldwide sea-faring reputation that those ships of the Order did so garner over the subsequent years and centuries of worldwide human history! Because, the Order's symbolism had two very important 'symbols', that bedecked and made be known any ship on the high-seas, as a ship of the Order! Those two symbols were, first, the symbol that was worn into land-battle by all Knights of the Order, on their armor-cloth and on their steeds, which was a large Red Cross on White background, which also appeared on all the Order's land-utilized battle flags as well as the sails of most ships of the Order! Such are the pictures that one sees today in the history-books, of the Order and the Red Cross that any so-pictured Templar does show! (Note: the Red Cross, as far as I know, has no relation to the International Red Cross, which might, however, have a relationship to the other prominent Order of Knighthood in the days of the Knights Templar, which was the Order of Hospitallers.)

  18. The second item of history of the Masonic Order/Order of the Knights Templar, other than the Order's use of the Red Cross on both land and sea, was the second symbol of the Order itself, and that was its high-seas 'Battle Flag', the flag that was flown upon the high-mast of all Battle-Worthy and Ready brigs of the Order, and that was... the White Skull and Crossbones on a Black flag! Yes! The Battle-Flag of Piracy and pirates, and of the Yale University Skull & Crossbones Society, IS the very symbol of the Order of the Knights Templar! Talk about 'Tradition' and the continuation thereof!

  19. Okay, let me close this brief History of the Order by relating how the Order transformed itself into the Masonic Order of today! When the Knights Templar occupied Jerusalem in the Holy Land during the Crusades, the Knights, acting upon secretive pre-knowledge, secretively dug up the original Holy Temple of King Solomon (it was at that time located in the catacombs underneath the solid stone-construction 'flooring' of the temples which had been subsequently rebuilt over the original site that was situated on a mountaintop!), wherein the Knights supposedly found the sealed crypt containing the Most Holy Ark of The Temple or, more commonly known as The Ark of the Covenant, which supposedly contains the original stones by which God imprinted thereupon the Ten Commandments which were delivered to Moses and the Jews. (Yes! The very same Lost Ark that 'Indiana Jones' has been looking for!) Over the years and centuries, possession of the Lost Ark and other immeasurable and untold antiquities and treasures (supposedly also including original Essenic scrolls of Christ Jesus's very own handwriting and other 'Lost Books' of the Bible!) made the Order very rich indeed as well as most secretive! When the Order was forced to flee Europe, these treasures were aboard ship and made their way to England and Scotland. (Of course, numerous 'histories' of the Knights Templar and Freemasonry, of these 'exploits' and their details, can be found on the Internet today!)

  20. Today, Rosslyn Chapel (here is a Web 'blurb' about it: Rosslyn Chapel, the official website. Rosslyn Chapel is a 15th century medieval chapel rich in unusual carvings and masonic symbolism. It is situated in Midlothian, Scotland.), in Scotland, exists as one of the 'Founding Points' of the Masonic Order, in Dedication to the Selected Stone-Masons who were selected by the Last Knight Templar, a Lord Rossmire, to build the Rosslyn Chapel, on his estate in Scotland. (Historically, Templar-sponsored expert stone-masons, of an earlier Masonic Order affiliated with the Knights Templar, supposedly also constructed many of the magnificent Gothic Cathedrals of Europe, so the Order not only had expertise but history in stone-work.)

  21. But, there are some most unusual aspects to the very existence of the Rosslyn Chapel. First of all, it is not at all built or constructed as any other Christian or Roman Catholic chapel would be, nor did it have (originally) any symbolism or imagery relating to the Catholic Church or Christianity even. It does not even look like a chapel. In fact, for anyone who might have ever seen the Most Sacred inside-Sanctuary of a modern-day Masonic Temple or Lodge (or even, perhaps, Yale University's peculiarly-shaped Temple of its Skull & Crossbones Society!), the insides of Rosslyn Chapel, with its 'Great House' or 'Great Sanctum' and the two giant basilica-like Pillars at the Entrance thereto that immense 'Great Sanctum', exemplify exactly the requirements and Initiation-procedures that exist today in the very Rituals (and architecture!) of any modern-day Masonic Lodge!

  22. However, the uniqueness of Rosslyn Chapel goes even further. The Chapel itself has been designated a 'Historic Building' by the Scottish Government. But, in addition, it seems that the Scottish Government not only has Laws protecting the building itself (and a Corps of Guards!), but also, anyone found to be 'desecrating, destroying, demolishing, or removing any stones or facades of the building itself', will be subject to the utmost severities of the Law! Let me tell you why!

  23. Because the Rosslyn Chapel is an EXACT REPRODUCTION of Jerusalem's Most Sacred Temple, the original Temple of King Solomon, which had been destroyed by early conquerors and had been rebuilt by the Jews as the Second Temple (although not quite the same as originally built by King Solomon!), only to again later be destroyed. Then, in the time of Christ Jesus, the Temple was again rebuilt as King Herod's Temple, but today this entire site in Jerusalem, where even Herod's Temple once stood, is now occupied by the Mohammedan mosque called Kubbet es-Sahkra, i.e., the "Dome of the Rock," or the Mosque of Omar. This mosque covers the entire original site of Solomon's temple, on the one side of which is the most famous remnant of the earlier Jewish Temple, the Sacred Wall that is known as 'the Wailing Wall'! Incidentally, in the early days of the Knights Templar, the Knights were assigned residence-quarters in Jerusalem (during the period of occupation!) to the partially-destroyed areas and stables over King Solomon's Temple, whereby they became known as the 'Order of the Poor Knights of King Solomon's Temple' or the Knights Templar!

  24. However, getting back to Rosslyn Chapel, the similarity to the original Temple of King Solomon is amazing! There is an Outer or Great Court (where the Jewish people assembled to worship God!) Then there is an Inner or Priest's Court. These courts actually surround the building itself. The Chapel itself has several Chambers, about the Temple, on the southern, western and northern sides. The east Entrance, or Porch, of the Temple, has the two famous columns or Pillars, called Jachin and Boaz (and other names!). Inside the Temple is the Greater Sanctum, or Outer House. And then there is the Inner Sanctum or the Inner House, which is known as the Holiest of All! Such is the exact description of both King Solomon's Temple (circa before 500 B.C.) AND the Rosslyn Chapel (circa today!) Which means, apparently, that the 'selected' stone-masons, who built Rosslyn Chapel for Lord Rossmire, had to have had 'access' to, and the use of, the exact same architectural documents, that were used to build the original King Solomon's Temple!

  25. "So what? So what are all the laws and guards about anyway?", an unknowing soul might ask.

  26. Well, exactly like it was in Solomon's Temple, and exactly as Masonic Ritual does so emphasize and venerate in their Ritual-Practice today, on the wall of the Greater House, inside of the Pillars of Jachin and Boaz, is an unusual protruding niche with a very unique stone, that points exactly to the Entrance to the Sealed Crypt (a great stone in the floor of the Greater House) which was the Inner Sanctum or "Holiest of Holies"... where the Ark of the Covenant once resided! So, who is to say, today, that the Ark of the Covenant does not yet reside there today? No one will say, but it sure does influence Tradition (and secretive Ritual!) as well as governmental Law and Policy, across these many centuries!

  27. The further point of all this History (and subterfuge!), is that the Aristocracy and Feudalism, of the Rich and Privileged, and the Power and Money relationships that exist between themselves, in guarantee of their fiefdoms and the poorer classes thereof, does certainly yet exist in our world of today, however egalitaire and democratic one might think this world to be! The point then is, that "Man does NOT Learn the Lessons of History, and thusly does constantly Repeat Those Histories, again suffering the consequences!" As an example, in the early days of the Return of the Judeans from Babylon to Palestine (circa 331 B.C. more or less!), there was a battle fought between Alexander The Greek and his Macedonians, and Darius of the Persian Empire, near the City of Mosul, of Assyria, where many died on both sides, as Alexander finally defeated Darius to become Ruler of the Persian Empire of that time! Today, the City of Mosul, in northern Iraq, where many Muslims, Arabs, Kurds and Christians live now, has experienced terrorist-militant attacks that killed over a hundred people (as reported just this day by BBC World News!) Mosul is today an oil-rich area and, of course, Power and Money, and the warfare that goes with such, are yet 'at play' in this area!

  28. But there are further points to all this, having not only to do with Power and Money relationships in the world (involving both (1.) the advocacy of such 'relationships' by the Aristocracy, but also the (2.) adversity and opposition to certain such 'relationships' by other powerful Aristocracy... think here of President Bush versus Osama Bin Laden!), but also the essentially basic opposition thereto by (3.) the common-man himself (who usually gets caught in the middle of the previously-noted 'hostilities' between the warring-factions of the Aristocracies, and their Power-Money-Competition 'relationships', as well as their Ideologies!) Therefore, in that most aristocratic and privileged scions today do surely realize that they must protect their assets and their very 'Estates', from the raucous claims and societal pressures of the lower classes as well as the competition from other Aristocracy, such Aristocracy everywhere have thusly 'created' the means to alleviate themselves of such problems!

  29. Thusly, in the demagogic and authoritarian, non-democratic, regions of the world, the use of Nationalism and Ideology (including Religion!), is the 'means' whereby all the lower classes are subjugated to the 'wills' of the aristocratic 'Rulers' of such fiefdoms and thusly exert their 'energies' (of the lower classes!) against 'outsiders' and 'unbelievers', and actually venerate their well-off and elite Aristocracy!

  30. In the 'democratic' regions of the world, the Aristocracy has created 'institutions' of perpetual Life (existing forever!), such as Government, Educational Systems, Courts of Law and so forth, whereby such claims and 'pressures' of the lower classes are, in effect, meliorated out of existence (or probability/possibility!), and the common-folks (i.e., the 'feudal' lower classes!) happily think that "All That Is Possible in the World, Is Theirs!", whereas, in reality, they have been 'duped', and are deceivably 'content', to live out their miserable lives just as they always have, with the Rich getting Richer (at the expense of the Poor, who don't even know that they are getting poorer, but are just as Happy as ever!) and the Poor getting Poorer! But the very 'Magic' inherent in all these 'Institutional Functions', of such things as 'Representative Democracy' and the Politicians, Schools and Courts, etc. thereof, is that when a poor person loses a 'case' in Court, it is a 'Just Verdict', because it has been egalitarianly administered 'By The Law', regardless of the fact that the Rich Man gets Richer as a result of that legal 'decision'! (And if there is any 'question' whatsoever, about a 'Rich Man'... Well, it is either settled-out-of-Court, or somehow otherwise, the Rich Man does NOT go to Court! Or else, he pulls an 'O.J. Simpson'!)

  31. In other words, when the judge, the lawyer, the policeman, the teacher, the professor, the administrator, the secretary, and each and EVERY person of Society, who conscientiously 'Believes In' the 'Job' or work that they Most Happily do (Well, maybe not always!)... DO THEIR JOBS, such that there is NO COMPLAINT whatsoever about anyone's 'Job' (disregarding the occasional person who has 'problems', whether work-related or whatever!)... Guess what? THE RICH MAN GETS RICHER and THE POOR MAN GETS POORER! Such is inevitable, BECAUSE THAT IS THE WAY THE LAWS AND THE INSTITUTIONS WORK... to keep the Poor HAPPY (and ignorant!), with the status quo, while the Rich Man gets Richer, and the Poor Man DOESN'T EVEN KNOW IT, so he is thusly Happy with what he has (and even Grateful for it!) Because the very 'Riches' OF THE RICH, mean that what little money that does 'trickle down', over time, TO the lower classes, actually is enough to keep the lower classes HAPPY and actually continuing to 'progress', in their Lives and livelihoods, and yet remain 'ignorant' OF the much vaster sums that the Aristocracy is so harvesting and 'raking in', in no proportion whatsoever to what the lower classes are making!

  32. Actually, regarding the much lesser 'Wealth of Society', which the lower classes actually 'see' and have access thereto, giving them the impression that such is 'All There Is', this 'façade' is actually, again, created by the very 'Institutions' of Society (in this case, involving the IRS and the Banks, but actually even going beyond the purview of the IRS and Financial Institutions!), who are involved in a gigantic 'Double-Bookkeeping' enterprise, so enormous that even any Member thereof (not even the World Bank, the IMF or the UN!) is not the least bit aware of its 'reach' and immensity! (In other words, the "Global Economy" almost 'runs itself', uncontrolled by anyone, but all the 'Cabals' do surely 'participate' therein!) BUT, any and all Aristocracy, who 'Play the Game', are certainly aware OF the benefits of their 'participation' IN 'the Game', whatever it might be, that they do so continue to Endorse and 'Play' its 'machinations' and subterfuge, not at all realizing the extent of what they participate in, only knowing that they do surely benefit from 'the Status Quo'! And so, 'Protection' OF that Status Quo, becomes one of the most important aspects of 'Tradition', for any of such Aristocracy!

  33. And so it is, that the much greater and actual 'Wealth of the World', actually goes unknown and unrealized, even beyond the overwhelming and surreptitious sums being realized by the Rich, over and above even that which is known to the lower classes! And there is but one reason for this, which brings us to the Third Member of our essentially irreputable Triumvirate... Competition!

  34. Because, it is not only the exercise of Power and Money relationships in the world, but also the exercise of Competition, that keeps the Rich Rich and the Poor Poor! And the Rich are 'Rolling in the Dough', while the lower classes are 'Rolling in their Ignorance'! (Which is, at least, the Most Favorite 'form' of Competition... that between Rich and Poor!) So much so, that, in order to 'Save Face' (regarding their ignorance!), that Ignorance itself has thusly become the most important thing that the lower classes will surely 'fight for and protect' (especially the 'Ignorance' of Ideology!), in order to keep what they do have, regardless of the fact that it is so little compared to what they might have, if the rest of it all was not actually going to the Rich!

  35. Let me make one last comparative statement here, regarding the actual 'Wealth of Nations' (of the entire World, actually, and certainly NOT Adam Smith's infamous "Wealth of Nations"!), that has been conservatively estimated (Re: Professor Freeman J. Dyson, of Albert Einstein's original 'Think Tank', the Institute for Advanced Studies (I.A.S), at Princeton University!) as the possible 'Total-Output' of all the Resources of mankind in this World! Ignoring completely ALL of the total and currently existing resources of this World, whether man-made, natural, OR financial, all of which might be presently accounted for as to PRESENT resources of mankind... Now, take that amount, whatever it might be, and quadruple it quadruply AT LEAST! THAT alone, is the value and amount of the most immense and as-yet totally unrealized Resource that humanity does have within its Possession... the Resource of the Full and Undivided COOPERATION OF ALL OF HUMANITY, toward making this a World of Peace, Love, Joy and Happiness for One and All!

  36. In other words, what prevents such a beautiful realization from ever occurring, is that very Triumvirate which I have been talking about here... Power, Money and Competition! Those three things, and the very institutions and societal 'mechanisms' or functions, which have so been created thereby, do thusly keep the Rich Rich and the Poor Poor, and an inegalitarian 'State' of our World!

  37. But, to get back to my analysis of American Tradition, the worldwide effects of such a situation, have definitely also 'come home to roost' here in America! Because America is no longer the 'Melting Pot' that it once was! And we might ask, "Why is it not?"

  38. Well, the reality was, back in the early days of our nation, that America was then yet 'the New Frontier', an unspoiled and untamed 'Land of The Free', where not only the Rich Man but also the Poor Man, could find 'redemption' as well as enterprise and opportunity, in the Westward-expansion of our New Nation! So it was, that those attributes and realities did so extend from the frontiers, even backward into the young Society that this Nation was 'a-making', allowing the realization of that 'Melting Pot' that America did become!

  39. But today, there is no 'Frontier', of opportunity, freedom and enterprise, 'for the taking', as it was back then! (Today, we might say, such is available ONLY 'for the making'!) No matter where one might go in America today, every inch of America is OWNED by someone... either government or private! Even to pitch one's tent in the most remote wilderness, one has to purchase a permit to do so from the Government! (And, as the homeless usually find, to 'pitch one's tent' ANYWHERE... is surely a 'No-No' and usually illegal!) And to do anything more, as to opportunity, enterprise and freedom (of religion or whatever!)... one has to conform to the existing Rules and Regulations that abound all about oneself! (You say, "What was that old Western-Cowboy song?" Yeah, I know the one! "Give Me Land, Lots'a Land... And Don't Fence Me In...")

  40. So, the Reality IS... that ALL of America and American Society, is 'Divided-Up' (as is, of course, the entire World!)... i.e., 'divisiveness', whereby all the 'Cabals', of the Aristocracy, are the 'fiefdoms' containing all the rest of us, i.e., the lower classes, and which are being 'jousted about', by and within the Competition, for the Power and Money relationships of the World, that goes on daily between the Scions OF those 'Ruling Classes'! (Most interesting, that one of the newest luxury cars on the market today, is named the 'Scion'!)

  41. Anyway, to get back to my final analysis here of American 'Tradition', let us ignore all those underlying worldwide Negativities (of Cabals, Power, Money and Competition!), which we have been discussing, and even Rosslyn Chapel and Masonic History, however such 'realities' might so be influencing our daily Realities! Actually, as I have already said, I am not here, in this discussion, to further belabor the 'Realities' of the worldwide existence of such Cabals! What I want to more so discuss, and which I herewith do so return to, are the personal and familial 'realities' of this situation, as so expressed here in America BY typical modern-day Americans and their 'traditions'. Of course, not so co-incidentally, it is those very Societal, National and world 'relationships', of Power and Money and Competition, that 'bear upon' and so unduly influence each and every American, in most everything about our typical American Lives, which are thusly 'corrupted' and so 'changed', from the harmonious, beneficial and wonderful Lives that they once were (and yet might be!), to the Lives of Negativity and divisiveness that they largely are now, exactly as Lucifer would have such to be!

  42. I don't intend to get into very many 'specifics' here, as to what I am talking about (there are, Oh So many, of which all of us have our own examples!), but the situation is pervasive and does permeate to the very roots of society! What I will try to do, rather (and hopefully quite briefly!), is to merely, as Lombardi has done in his 'Art', show the 'generality' of the 'relationships' and the nexus of the consequences which those 'relationships' have for how all of us, as Americans, do now 'go about our Lives', day in and day out!

  43. I mentioned earlier, that the former days of this nation were, largely, free and full of opportunity-for-all, Rich as well as Poor! Until the Nation actually became 'established' (by the Rich and Powerful, who could implement and execute the Laws and 'Societal Functions' that were so 'established' BY those Laws!), most any person and family had a chance of 'making something' for themselves and their families, usually cooperatively with one's neighbors (but not always!), in Respect and Acceptance of those human 'values' that eventually became known as 'the American Way of Life'! That 'Tradition', i.e., the 'American Way of Life' was actually 'handed-down' from our forebears and forefathers, and became 'institutionalized' by and through our efforts and hard-work, AS Americans, living-out those very Traditions and Principles, in the very humanities that do endure yet to this day and of which our Great Nation nominally yet 'Stands For'!

  44. And yet the 'constrictions' and 'tightening-of-the-arteries', of our aging and now divided Nation, are now upon us! Those Cabals, of Power, Money and Competition, exist everywhere around us, in everyone and everything that we do, AND WE ARE UNDULY INFLUENCED THEREBY!

  45. Instead of doing our daily or weekly grocery shopping at the old Mom-and-Pop Store down the street (which isn't there any more!), we go to Wal-Mart or such a place! Instead of worshipping at that "Little White Church In The Wildwood" (with that nicely traditional white spire!) with a few hundred neighborly 'Brethren', perhaps we now worship-via-TV, in that immense 'Crystal Cathedral' of the Airways, or some other such local 'Cathedral', where there are not hundreds, but many thousands, of 'worshippers', come to 'worship' at the Altar of the Almighty Rich and Powerful 'One', who provides the 'abundance' we have today (if we DO have such!) We no longer went to school in a one-room 'Little Red Schoolhouse', but much larger 'institutions', where the classrooms were probably crowded and all the School's staff were worrying about 'the Budget', as to anything provided to or for the 'Students'! Movies no longer cost a quarter's admission, but more like $10 or more! And no matter where students and family might go today, in their towns and neighborhoods, they are probably driven there, either by school bus or parents, to insure that they might safely get there, amidst all the societal violence and dangers that are extant today everywhere! And I guess I could probably go on and on with examples of the 'changes' that American Society has endured! But, as 'The Man', Bob Dylan, has sung, "Oh The Times, They Are A-Changin'!"

  46. But, of course, most folks might say, such is merely 'Progress'! But, are Americans really better off, than they were before? Depending on who you ask (and their age!), you might hear either "Yes!" or "No!" And I certainly don't want to get into any kind of time-and-space related 'examination' here, as I most certainly have my own scientific reasons for having 'reservations' about folks who might be 'hung up', psychologically, socially and mentally otherwise, in either the Past or the Future, rather than the Here and Now of the Present Moment! (Which I have already discussed extensively elsewhere on these pages!)

  47. But, regardless of the fact that the 'times change' (and that people do too!), as I said earlier, there is a proliferation across America, of 'relationships', among all of us, that some will say is the very reason FOR the 'Progress' our Nation has made! Yes! I will not deny that, nor the fact that maybe it is better to get your daily plastic-gallon bottles of milk downtown at the Mall, rather than have your milk delivered every-day to your door, in glass quart-size bottles, by the Milk-Man! (But it was nice!) But, somehow, all the 'improvement' and Progress, also means that we just have to be 'getting around' more, which also seems to bring on more 'stresses' in our Lives! (I won't even go into how Lucifer really appreciates our daily 'busyness', which then prevents us from doing certain things that we used to do more often but which he does NOT want us doing at ALL! I'll let you figure out what such things might be!)

  48. But, getting down to just the very aspect of 'Family' and interpersonal 'relationships', whether for one's Family, or one's Job, or one's Home, or one's Finances, or one's Schooling (past, present or future!), or such other things as Driving-the-Family-Car, or dealing with Bankers, Lawyers, Mechanics, Salespersons, Merchandisers, Police and Court Officers and Officials, and all the myriads of other possible and necessary 'relationships' in one's Life... The point is, that Life has become much more 'complex' today, than it was in the past! And, pure and simply, the reason, more than anything else, is the existence of those 'Cabals', of Power, Money and Competition, of the Aristocracy, which are 'jousting us all about', in their 'operations' and 'functions', of making those Rich folks richer, and leaving the rest of us actually poorer than we were!

  49. Because, getting down to actual Reality here, it is our personal Lives as Americans (and Citizens of the World!), that have actually suffered, as a result of all the Negativities that have been unleashed upon us, by and through all these 'Cabals' of Power, Money and Competition, as so influenced and brought on by Lucifer! I've examined already most all, or at least many, of Lucifer's 'influences' upon us, in the Realities which I have spoken about in my QUALIA III Document, so I won't belabor such any further here!

  50. But I do want to Summarize and point out the Realities of our Lives today, under the 'confinement' and limitations, of all those 'Cabals' that surround and immerse us every day, and are even realized by the Mother who daily drives her children to School or Church or Sports or wherever! And when I say 'realized', the meaning of such is the most important thing about the final point I am herewith making. Because such a 'realization' MEANS that that Mother, or anyone else of American Society, is 'realizing' the 'actions, events, deeds, and even words', OF THEIR LIVES... In Situ!

  51. In other words, IN THE PLACE, SITUATION, or CIRCUMSTANCE, in or by which, their Lives are unfolding! AMERICANS ARE BEING 'led about', BY THE NOSE and by their CIRCUMSTANCE-IN-LIFE... NOT of their own 'choosing', or volition, BUT OF SOMEONE ELSE'S 'causation'! WE ARE RESPONDING, TO that which impels us, and drives us, AND WE DON'T EVEN KNOW, or 'realize', WHAT IT IS! (I.e., 'realize', meaning to KNOW, as opposed to 'realization', meaning to REACT, WITHOUT KNOWING!)

  52. In further words, THERE IS NO RESPONSIBILITY, any longer, among Americans! And I am referring to Responsibility FOR one's words, actions and deeds! The ONLY quasi-responsibility we have (which is NOT really 'Responsibility', in any way!), is the dollar-bill! But it is merely a Third-Party 'Representative', of the actual Responsibility that is held BY... the Aristocracy, the Power-Money-Competition 'Cabals', which, as I have said, surround and immerse us, IN those very nefarious and daily 'activities' OF such 'Cabals', on the National and World Stage!

  53. I have also written extensively elsewhere on these webpages about Responsibility so I will not go further about such here! I will merely conclude that, SOMEWHERE within the Heart and Soul of each and every American, IS the 'Realization' (i.e., KNOWING!), that it is OUR RESPONSIBILITY... our Personal Responsibility, TO TAKE BACK THAT WHICH IS OUR BIRTHRIGHT AND OUR INHERITANCE... our Personal, Direct, Responsibility, for our Words, Actions and Deeds, AND FOR OUR LIVES! Such that we might all, some day, again Say Those Words, as Martin Luther King, Jr. did once upon a time:
    "FREE AT LAST! FREE AT LAST! Thank God a'mighty, I'm FREE AT LAST!
    FREE AT LAST! FREE AT LAST! Thank God a'mighty, I'm FREE AT LAST!"

    (For further Inspiration, let me refer you to Father Jerome's World Community Sermon Number Five!)

  54. THEN, as American Society is supposed to BE, we might All finally regain our BirthRight, as humans and as Citizens of The World, which COULD BE, not only an America (and a World!) "Of The People, By The People and For The People", but also a World of Freedom, Independence & World Democracy, OF and FOR One and All!

    Aum, Peace, Amen

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